Before the Holiday: The Aim of My Writing – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Horses on Beach

ART : Sand and Sea Horses by Sandra R Cutrer


Before the Holiday: The Aim of My Writing

Typewriter 329My writing is primarily pitched at the experiential level of knowledge.

I grant that writing itself is an intellectual activity, as is reading, mostly.  But within that inescapable limit imposed on anyone who takes up the pen … errr, tablet, I direct my writing to the experiential level.

On the road to ascension, I’m talking about the impact of vasanas as I emerge from my own residue of ages. I’m describing my conditioned responses, the last remnants of the vasana energy blockage system, if you like.

I’m recording what transformative love and bliss feel like.  And any other higher state I’m privileged to visit. The impact of inspired messages. What I’m discovering. The outcomes of the energies generally. All from the inside out.

My aim is to move, inspire, and motivate.  I haven’t spent enough time at the realizational level to speak from there. Nor have any of my realizations remained at my fingertips, what with normal, Ascension-related 3D memory loss.

If those realizations hadn’t been written down (“System Restore” is an example), they’d be lost to me.  And that would not happen with permanent realization. (2)

Besides, even if I were capable of speaking from realized knowledge, the majority of lightworkers have not come here to listen to it. There’s another group who came for that – the lightholders.

Lightholders are more meditative and contemplative, the reflectors. They include philosophers, monks, and students and interpreters of life.

Their service directs them inwards; our service is directed outwards.

They’re more contemplative, the observers; we’re more active, the doers.

They’re the teachers; we’re the builders.

Among lightworker/builders are humanitarian philanthropists, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) activists, healers, artists, inventors, dreamers, and explorers. Anyone who has an itch to get going, to level the playing field, to build Nova Earth is probably a lightworker.

The way I operate is by making distinctions. I aim for clarity. I opted for transparency so long ago that it’s become transparent to me.

Making distinctions involves defining and classifying, systematizing and analyzing. All my dictionaries on enlightenment, the afterlife, and ascension are illustrations of this tendency.

Clarity comes from truth-telling in a way that doesn’t allow for confusing alternate meanings; that is, that’s clear from first reading. That involves the use of tight parallelism, correct punctuation (which – contributes – to, comprehensability), the elimination of pronouns without apparent antecedents, etc.

Transparency means sharing what’s right there in front of us, what’s here now, with only as much censoring as is needed to prevent harming the other. (3) Harmlessness precedes transparency in a world that works for everyone.

I recognize that writing takes three forms.

(A) The biographical, which is rooted in the moment: What John Doe did on a particular date. The biographical includes histories and narratives.

(B) The structural, which is like a snapshot in time, with each part of the process explained. It looks at classes of phenomena like society, groups, economies, or clans, and says how they operate.

(C) The evolutionary, which is a series of structural snapshots through much larger swathes of time than the here-and-now present or biographical. The evolution of banking. The rise of women’s rights. The expansion in the meaning of humanness since the (alleged) dawn of civilization. (If it did expand. Sometimes I wonder.)

I work primarily with the structural, with a little time spent in the evolutionary when I need to draw themes together.

There has to be a division of labor.  So we have horizontal divisions of labor like lightworkers, lightholders, and loveholders. (4)

We also have vertical divisions of knowledge: intellectual, experiential, and realized.

And we have our choice of communicational approaches: the biographical, the structural, and the evolutionary.

So that’s how I write and what I write. Why I write is because I have a deeply-felt need to be fully self-expressed and received. There’s something about communication which endlessly attracts and fascinates me. I see the sharing between two people as potentially powerful enough to carry both to ascension, if both are willing.

That having been said, folks, I’m a little tired and going to take a week’s break. I need to soak in the sun a while and rest.

Nothing mystical about it. No relation to the Reval. I’m retreating into nature and meditation.

Suzi Maresca will be sitting in for me. (Thank you, Suzi.) If you need info, please “Contact Us.”

If you have the time to research, then the three databases on the site may contain the info you need. (5)

I’ve selected some enjoyable past articles for you in my absence. See you next Monday!


(1) Primarily lightworkers to join together and build the new world.

(2) Permanent realization is what Ramana Maharshi would call “Sahaja Samadhi,” our natural state. It happens, not in the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension, but a little farther on.

The same can be said of the afterlife. A person can land on the Mental Plane (Fifth Dimension) and not enter it fully until what afterlife commentators call the “judgment,” an extensive full life review and the “second death,” the complete shedding of the astral form, which forms the dividing line between the first and second subplanes of the Mental Plane. See “The Second Death” at

(3) All human rights end where our behavior promises to harm another.

(4) The loveholders include the saints, spiritual teachers, avatars, etc. While I see lightworkers and lightholders as alternatives, I see loveholders as a position attained by evolutionary development or unfoldment.

(5)  These three – First Contact, New Maps of Heaven, and From Darkness Unto Light – can be reached here:   Other databases can be found there as well.


Horses on Beach

ART : Sand and Sea Horses by Sandra R Cutrer

Before the Holiday: The Aim of My Writing

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