BECOMING AN EMISSARY OF LIGHT – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

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Beloved masters, as surely as you live and breathe, you are helping to create either Heaven or hell on Earth—or many of you may possibly feel that you vacillate somewhere in-between the two.  No matter what you believe or how you interpret the ancient teachings, Heaven is a state of mind/consciousness, and not somewhere “out there” in the higher dimensions. It is not a final destination or a place you may be eligible to go to when you transcend and leave your present physical vessel.  It is a state of consciousness that you create and exist in no matter where you have been, where you are now, or where you are going in the future. You came from a heavenly place, and you brought Love/Light with you, along with the ability to create a heavenly environment, no matter what dimension, world or reality you have chosen to experience.

Hell on Earth is what many of you have been experiencing over these many thousands of years since humanity’s fall into a semi-conscious state. You have been living in an unreal world whereby you are steeped in fear, superstition, feelings of shame, guilt, and of not being worthy of love or abundance.  You have allowed others to tell you how to think and act, and you have allowed those you thought were wiser than you to take away your power and control your lives.  A maelstrom of negative thought forms created by the masses has kept you imprisoned in a world of illusion.

Your real world was designed to be crisp, clear, free-flowing and harmonious, whereby you would traverse the middle path with a few obstacles and challenges in your way: a beautiful world of peace and plenty where you would be free to cocreate in cooperation and harmony with your fellow brothers and sisters on the journey;  a place where you would be connected to all levels of consciousness while attuned to all the Facets of Creation within the first Four-Dimensional levels; a place that was designed to provide a Heavenly existence on the material plane.  Remember, your mission was to experience the realm of physicality so that the Creator could also experience this wondrous Facet of Its creative process.

The miracle of these times is that the masses are awakening in greater numbers every day. You, the vanguard, have opened the way, and you have set the stage for the monumental transformational process that is sweeping the world.  Through your tireless efforts, you have anchored the higher frequencies of Light upon and within the Earth, thereby making them available to all those who are ready to open their hearts and step onto the path of heightened awareness and Self-mastery.  Each person has the ability to create their own unique Heaven on Earth. That is the miracle of these unparalleled times in which you are living.

You are stretching your spiritual muscles, and you are tapping into the vast resources which have been awaiting you for these many ages.  You are beginning to reclaim the elements and characteristics of your real world—a world that all of you helped to create in the beginning. Down through the multiple Dimensions each of you brought with you, stored within your Diamond Core God Cell, all the attributes, virtues and qualities of the twelve Rays, a precious gift from our Father/Mother God.

In the beginning, you used your abilities to create many magnificent and wondrous things until, over time, your abilities became diminished, distorted and imperfect because of your fall into the illusional negative environment of the lower dimensions. Thus, you began to create and live in an unreal world, a hellish place of your own making.

The Supreme Creator knows only perfection, and our Father/Mother God parents want only the very best for all Creation. They do not punish.  They do not take sides.  They do not know anger or fear. They are filled with and radiate only Love/Light, which is comprised of compassion, joy and harmony, as well as all things good and righteous. It does not matter what religion you are. It does not matter if you are an atheist, an agnostic, or whether you say you hate or deny God. You will never truly die; you only change form. You are immortal. Remember, you are a refracted Light/Spark of the Creator. You see through a lens made up of vibrational frequencies, which are composed of thought forms, intentions and actions, resulting in an unique picture of reality you have created over many thousands of lifetimes. You are in the process of reclaiming your higher truth, refining your thoughts, and clearing your vision. As you do so, the veils of illusion are slowly dissolving, while you gradually build your new version of paradise /Heaven on Earth, which will gradually blend and meld with the visions of your brothers and sisters on the journey with you.

Throughout the centuries, there have been predictions and prophecies that there will be a New Age of evolution on Earth and within humanity, which have been termed as a passage from instinctual, physical/human Beings to INTUITIVE SPIRITUAL/HUMAN BEINGS, or a return to your true nature as Divine Sparks of the Creator.

One galactic cycle takes approximately 26,000 years to complete, and the Earth along with all sentient Beings are being affected as humanity emerges from the darkness into the new Light and a new Cosmic Day. It has been designated as a new Golden Age, and it is truly so, for a wondrous new Golden Galaxy will be formed, incorporating the vibrations/frequencies of your experiences/successes and the wisdom garnered throughout your many sojourns on the earthly plane, along with a new Divine Plan sent forth from the Heart/Mind of the Supreme Creator to our Father/Mother God of this Universe.

During the night or dark cycle of past Ages, you sank into density, and your Life/Light Lines to your Higher Self and our Father/Mother God were greatly diminished.  You were left to your own devices in hopes that you would awaken to your Inner Source (resources) of spiritual power. The Divine Plan did not call for you to experience lack, limitation and fear; however, you had to suffer the consequences of your free will actions—the discordant energies you projected out into your world.

We have spoken many times before about the laws of cause and effect, or “for every action there is a reaction,” which results in what is known as negative or positive Karma. For many ages, you, as the enlightened ones, have been working diligently to bring into balance your personal karma, ancestral karma and race karmic influences.  That was a major part of the game of duality and polarity, returning to balance and harmony in all Facets of your Beingness.  You have struggled with the cross of matter for many ages, and it is wondrous to watch as you slowly returned to harmonious frequencies the discordant energies that have kept you off-balance for so long.  As you heal and transmute the thought forms that have kept you captive in your hellish environment of the past, you are once more becoming a Pillar of Light, and the cross you bear is a Cross of Light that radiates forth from your Solar Power center via the front and back portals of your Sacred Heart.  Thus, you are creating a column of Light from which you are beginning to experience the “fruits of your labor,” as you reclaim your heavenly heritage as an Emissary of Light.

Many of you are wondering what will happen now as the winds of war, conflict and destruction swirl like a dark and heavy cloud around the Earth, touching and affecting everything and everyone.  It depends on what you are feeling and thinking, dear ones, what is on your mind and in your heart as to whether you will stand firmly in the Light or add to the negative karmic thought forms that are being created each and every moment. Again we ask you, are you contributing to the liberating vibrations of Heaven or to the discordant frequencies of hell?  We are asking you to no longer sit passively by the wayside and do nothing. You are being asked to stand up and be counted, for your dynamic Life Force energy is needed now as never before. You are much more powerful than you can imagine, my brave friends—you are playing an important role in attaining a peaceful solution to a very unsettling world situation.

The energy you are radiating forth from your heart center has just as much an influence on the outcome of the devastating conflicts around the world as those who are on the “front lines.”  You, too, are on the front lines, so to speak, for you have the ability to tap into the pure, unmanifested Adamantine Particles of Divine Light, and to mold them into powerful thought forms and actions that can overcome any adversity.  As we have stated before: “The brave Souls who have been called to the battlefield, no matter which side they are fighting for, if they are doing so with a desire for true justice for all, and with compassion of Spirit for their fellow human beings, instead of hate, a desire for revenge and to enslave or control others, then they are functioning as righteous warriors, and the forces of Heaven are with them.”

Many around the world are asking, “Why can we not have leaders with integrity who are Spirit-inspired instead of those who are self-serving, seeking power and who do not have the best interests of the masses as their predominant goal?”  It is also a sign of the times, beloveds. The great changes that are slowly taking place must begin in the hearts of the people. As your beliefs change and gain power and force, you will build a new thought form, and you will insist that your leaders be accountable, that they have integrity and are true valiant heroes and champions of the people. Your leaders reflect the mind set of the masses, and an important part of your life’s mission is to radiate unconditional love to ALL humanity and to the Earth.  Remember, we have told you that when you do so, your loving energy is added to the collective whole, and it is then used for the highest and greatest good of ALL. When you are do so, you are in alignment with the Creator’s Divine Plan and you stand with my Legions of Light as warriors of peace.

When we say you should seek that which is your passion, and that which brings you the greatest satisfaction and joy, many of you do not have the slightest idea what that is. We ask you to begin by eliminating those things that are stressful in your life, that which brings you pain and which you dread. You did not become the way you are in a day, a week, or a year, but you can transform back into your empowered masterful self much more quickly than you can imagine.  We have offered you many tools, techniques and information over these past years, but you must make a commitment and prove for yourself that what we offer you are the “magical tools” you have been seeking.

We have said many times, you must turn knowledge into wisdom, or you must come to the realization that something is true and achievable. Realization is when something becomes crystal clear in your mind, and you “know” that it is your truth—then you must put that truth into action. Knowledge /wisdom, overlaid with love/compassion, and focused intent/action create the power that holds the keys to the universal storehouse of unmanifested potential—potential that is just waiting for you to mold it, and to create anything you can envision. That is what is waiting for you in your new heavenly world of tomorrow.

It is a time of integration and moving back into harmony in all things. Of paramount importance are the reunification and balancing of the Father/Mother God Forces on Earth, and within each of you. This reunification process will speed up your personal return to balance and harmony within yourselves. You will, once again, embody both the masculine and feminine attributes, qualities and virtues of our Mother/Father God. You will no longer be fractured and warring within yourselves, but empowered through the combined forces of your Divine Self.

The celestial winds of change are sweeping throughout this Sub-Universe, and they have been bombarding the Earth for a number of years.  No longer can you ignore the fact that your world is changing moment by moment.  You feel that time is speeding up, but it is really your Earth that is racing through space at a faster pace. You are moving into a reality where time is fluid and space is malleable.

Great Beings of Light have come from the far reaches of the Omniverse to observe and assist you in these epochal times of momentous change.  We can inspire, direct and assist you, but you and you alone must take the action that will result in the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Watch for the signs in the sky; notice the beautiful clouds and sunsets that the angels paint for you; be sensitive to the nudgings and whispers we send your way; and be aware of all the miracles, large and small, that we arrange for you. We are not “out there.”  We are only a thought and a heartbeat away.  I surround and enfold you in my auric field of love and protection.  You are loved beyond measure.  I AM Archangel Michael.


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Sar’h Reveals Her Truth by Sar’h (Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene) via Natalie Glasson



Sar’h Reveals Her Truth

by Sar’h

(Daughter of Jesus and Mary


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 30th September 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greeting, I am Sar’h, Daughter of Christ and Keeper of the Holy Grail Ascension Codes. It was my purpose to be born upon the Earth to continue the light and ascension achieved by my parents, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, as well as retaining the high vibration all obtained and experienced in that lifetime upon the Earth. I, Sar’h, am known now upon the inner planes as the Keeper of Truth or in fact, sacred secrets. My purpose as a soul was to receive a great volume of codes, energy vibrations, light, love and wisdom, safeguarding them within my being and sharing them appropriately so the truth could be remembered by all. Although I was not physically present for much of Jesus’ lifetime, I held within my being and soul all of the ascension shifts Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Christed Beings and Disciples of that time experienced. I retained all the knowledge discovered concerning the Christ Consciousness energy. I held wisdom about how to heal instantaneously, the teachings of the Goddess and memories of every aspect of the time when Jesus walked upon the Earth.

From the moment I was conceived, I began to absorb wisdom, light, memories and consciousness. I was in my mother’s womb during the crucifixion of Jesus; I accepted the ascension codes all received at that time. When I was born, I downloaded further wisdom and light vibration of that time. My mother, Mary Magdalene, soon realised how sensitive I was. My character and inner power were strong as I was a synthesis of my parent’s energy and truth, yet Mary Magdalene gradually realised my powerful ability to absorb energy. As a baby, if she left me with another while she rested, when she came back to me, even if it was only after a few minutes she would find that I then held the energy of that person. It was not that I took energy or consciousness from others, more so it was that I became a reflection of them, as if I had made copies of all that they were and embodied it myself. My mother realised the full extent of my unique ability when she allowed a woman who was a friend to hold me; she observed me change from a happy baby to experiencing heartbreak, saddened by the loss of romantic love and experiencing excruciating pain throughout my being. Upon realising that I had embodied the women’s energy and especially her heartbreak, she quickly realised that in order to safeguard the wisdom and codes imparted to her child from herself, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness and the Creator she needed to surround me in pure vibrations. Otherwise, my heart would become quickly darkened by the pains of humanity, a burden that one soul cannot carry on their own.

My mother surrounded me with people who had reached a high level of ascension, who had moved through powerful healing processes releasing any pain of their past and who focused upon their connection with the Creator. She carefully assembled souls of the highest vibration around me who would mirror back to me my truth so I could begin to explore the truth of my being. She realised that if I was constantly being bombarded and influenced by the unconscious thoughts of others, their pains and illusions, then this would always cloud my perception of my truth. It is because of my ability that we moved to the south of France to live in a cave with the High Priestesses of the Goddess Isis Temple, this way my energy and truth would be safeguarded remaining pure.

I never considered myself special, my energies were safeguarded because as an adult there would come a time when I would marry a man of equally high vibration. I would then share all the wisdom, light, love, consciousness and holy grail ascension energies with him and the children I would give birth to. This would be a symbol of allowing me to give all the energies which had been safeguarded within me to the consciousness of humanity for all to absorb. As a child, I longed for that moment because I knew that the vibration of the entire planet would rise and accelerate. I knew all the wisdom I held would be shared with humanity energetically, creating a major awakening for all as well as completing a Christ Consciousness awakening and initiation which my father had begun. I realised that after I had imparted my consciousness and light to humanity my ability of embodying all energies would decrease and so I would be able to live a normal life in a community while still explore the great volume of powerful consciousness within me.

As a child my mother taught me how to heal the pains of others I absorbed, she also guided me to recognise the powerful blaze of light within me using it to support and empower myself. There were times when the energy I was embodying in preparation for delivering it to humanity was so powerful and luminous within me it felt uncomfortable and unbearable. As a soul I already knew closely and recognised my truth, my purpose was not to explore my soul, more so it was to synthesis my soul with the energies which had been anchored into the Earth and my being by the inspirational people of my past.

In the years following the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus there were some dark times upon the Earth, it was as if the Earth and humanity went into a depression. Immense volumes of love and ascension codes had been anchored into the Earth and humanity causing fear and pain to come to the surface to be released. It was a period of purging all that was not love which had been instigated by the love of the Creator touching the hearts of many. Another reason for the depression was that humanity required time to synthesis with and embody all they had received from the Christ Consciousness. They needed time for it to merge with their thoughts, actions and reactions so all could emerge into a greater experience of love. My mother use to tell me, ‘Let go of your fear of darkness because when there is darkness you know that profound love is on its way.’ She knew th at the presence of any form of fear or challenges was an indication that love far greater than you could possibly imagine was about to emerge and blossom from within you, filling your being and reality with profound bliss.

There were times when the fear embedded within the consciousness of humanity become so heavy that even protected by my mother’s energies I would feel its presence as a burden upon my being. I would cry and scream in pain and suffering. My mother would call in more light and protection holding me as she emanated her light into my being. However, she knew I was releasing the energy on behalf of humanity and that once the process had been completed it would pass and I would return to my normal self.

I, Sar’h, am sharing this information with you because I feel you may be interested to hear a little of my life and purpose as Sar’h. Although predominantly it is to support you in recognising that even as an individual upon the Earth you can support and assist such tremendous shifts and transformation for the Earth and humanity. Just because you may see yourself as an individual focusing on achieving your ascension, may feel helpless or powerless, please know your ascension process and journey is so valuable to all upon the Earth. The changes and shifts you experience as you move into a greater space of love and enlightenment may seem personal to you and as if they do not impact others, however, they do, more than you could possibly imagine. Every small shift you make awakening your being from illusion supports others in achieving the same. Just because the Earth may seem so big and impossible, this is not the case. You have a power within you which like me is a synthesis of powerful energies which you can draw upon and use as your power. It is not for you to consciously change the world or dictate to others what their actions should be, to do so is to try to create change from a place of weakness. When you allow yourself to recognise and observe all the beautiful energies, light, love, codes and consciousness you were brought to the Earth to embody and share, letting go of the outside influences which may cause confusion within you, then you will be achieving all you need to on the Earth. You will receive the beauty, power and healing within you while recognising the energies which are not your own discarding them back to where they came from. You will find all you need to do is safeguard that beautiful energy within you by retaining the focus of your mind on your truth and alignment with the Creator. There will then come times when you fee l empowered and inspired to let your light shine brightly, simply feeling the energy flowing from your being. It will be at the appropriate divinely guided time that you will allow the precious energy and consciousness you express to merge with the consciousness of humanity creating tremendous ascension and greater love. This is the most powerful gift and ascension service you can give to all.

Please know I am with you, supporting you in being your truth upon the Earth,



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“The Compass of Love” – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson @ Personal Pathways of Light


Amitabha Rainbow Buddha


“The Compass of Love”

September 2016


This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light. Today, we wish to discuss the compass of Love.

Many energy shifts are continuing to reach your planet. Any time there is a change in the energy, the existing energy field is changed to accommodate the new energy. The old pattern is adjusted to fit the new energy. These shifts may bring up situations and issues for you to examine.

This is part of your ascension process and is not to be feared. It is rather an opportunity for you to examine, transmute, and release those things that you do not wish to carry with you as you move forward on your ascension path. It is examining qualities and patterns of action to see if they are congruent with who you are at the moment and where you want to be. It could be compared to looking at an item of clothing to see whether you wish to keep it.

The issues that will arise in this process will depend on the individual and what you came to learn in this incarnation. It may range from qualities that you wish to release, such as fear or anger, or it may include qualities that you wish to enhance, such as compassion or understanding. It may include ways in which you respond to situations or goals or ways of being. Your personal situation will determine what rises to the surface for examination.

There are many ways to examine these qualities. One way to consider is to use the compass of Love to assist you in moving in the direction of your heart’s desire.

Love is a universal vibration and is of the highest frequency. Because it is a vibration, it is a universal code of Light. It does not require words for it to be felt and understood. When you radiate universal Love, you emit a frequency that is felt and understood by others without speaking a single word.

When you use the compass of Love, you set your internal compass to a position of Love. Your intent is to radiate Love. This becomes your benchmark by which you base your decisions and actions. Each thought, word, and action is measured against your internal compass of Love.

Focusing on a point of Love involves both inner and outer factors. Setting your intent to live from a point of Love is the first step. This sets your internal compass to Love.

Then your focus shifts to your thoughts. Thinking kind and Loving thoughts about yourself sets the stage for having Loving thoughts about others. It is hard to radiate Love to others if you do not first feel Love for yourself. This is not a boastful kind of thought. It is recognizing that you carry a Divine Spark within your heart center and that it is composed of Love.

You may wish to spend some time each day focusing on your Divine Spark. The more you focus on it, the stronger it will become. Your internal compass of Love will glow with beautiful Light. It will cancel out any less than positive thoughts or feelings you may have about yourself. You will recognize yourself as the beautiful Being of Light that you are.

When you focus on Loving yourself, you will be gentle with yourself as you learn from life lessons. You are then able to examine which qualities and patterns of action you wish to carry forward and which ones to modify. You are using your internal compass of Love with yourself first.

This Love will then radiate out to others. Because you have filled yourself with Love, it is natural to want to share this with others. You will have kind thoughts about others, and this will translate into kind actions. Thinking, feeling, and acting from a point of Love will be your default state on your internal compass.

As you focus on Love, you will have a desire for highest good. You want the best for everyone. It is not a case of either / or. It is a state of raising each other up through Love.

You feel Love for yourself through your Divine Spark, and this Love radiates to others. You recognize the Oneness that occurs throughout Creation, and you reflect this Oneness through Love.

As this occurs, the consciousness begins to rise to higher levels, and everyone benefits.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are setting your internal compass to a point of Love. You are a Divine Spark of Light, and you are radiating a beautiful glow across the Universe.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst along with a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:



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Lord Metatron Shares a Message about the Equinox of September 2016

~ Integrative Channel Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Dearest Comrades of the Light,

I Am Lord Metatron, here to speak about the Equinox of September 2016.

As I speak in this moment, the Equinox has fully arrived around the world. It does not matter which hemisphere we are speaking about, it represents the entire earth and all her inhabitants.

As we stand at a very important precipice of time upon this planet, changes will create a new reality to be birthed unto your world. It is a time of standing at the edge, ready to go forward into the next creation of your life or to stay within your present conditioning as the world crumbles around you.

Since 2012 the world has been in a state of turmoil. Each of you are part of that creation with every thought, every feeling, and every action that you have experienced. Every soul upon this planet is going through some kind of upheaval within their four body system. The sad part of it is that many individuals do not realize the potential they have to make necessary changes within their world.

Each of you stands at the center of the earth, you are fully learning to see things differently as everything changes around you. Some of this movement is in a positive direction and for others it may seem it is not going as well as they had hoped. It all depends upon the individual consciousness of every living being at this time.

The Equinox of September is that cliff – the movement of stepping off into the unknown and allowing faith to be your guide. It is happening everywhere around the earth. Many people are waking up to the control, to the darkness, to the elements that have held this Earth in bondage. It is now time to allow the awakening to happen in various degrees to all souls.

Each of you has chosen to be here at this time, but yet there are so many thoughts that come into the consciousness of the all that truly do not understand how it is occurring right here and now. But yet each soul is responsible for the changes that are experienced. The collective energies that are felt is a mixture of both the dark and the light. But yet, many of you, the awakened ones are tired of the same energy occurring over and over again. You look to the Spiritual Hierarchy, to the Inter-Galactics, and to the Inner Earth Beings of Agartha and Telos to give you the answers.


And the answer is not within your Lower Mind, it is not within your experiences of the duality of this earth; it is within your Higher Consciousness, it is within the Divine Beingness that each of you are a part of.

Presently, what is occurring is that your prayers are being answered. What have your intentions represented in the last quarter since the June Solstice? That is your answer.

As now within this period of the Equinox, you stand upon the mountain. You are ready to move forward or are you? That is a very important question that can only be answered by you.

You see, the energy that is occurring presently is allowing everything that you have been working upon, within your lower and higher consciousness to become your reality. What you have asked for, what you have been releasing, what you desire to manifest is right in the next step of your pathway. All you have to do is take one step forward away from the reality that has bound you for eons of time to fully embrace the next movement of your desired awakening.

Now this advancement into the New You can come in varying degrees depending upon where you are within your mastery pathway.

It can be part of your four-body system, the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, or the Mental body. It is an area in which you truly need the most healing that will take you into a different part of yourself than you experienced previously.

It could be a study of mastery that you have been delving upon within your life and taking those principles into a deeper part of yourself.

It can also be the desired effect of your intentions to allow them to become your physical reality.

It all depends upon who you are as an Initiate and the level of experience that you are bringing forth into your physical life. It is a time when the desired effect of your consciousness become your true reality.

This movement is allowing the Earth to receive these energies so that she can also do her part. Every cell and particle within Gaia and each of you is being challenged to be more than the previous cycle. This is allowing every soul an opportunity that has not been acknowledged previously, mainly because the time was not right.

Many individuals feel that this means the New Earth has arrived; I am sorry to share with you that we still have a very long way to go; but this Equinox is allowing the energies to move in a direction that has never been experienced before.

If you will recall, during the June Solstice we stated that the 22nd Ray of the Golden Etheric City of Havalanchiee was emitting particles of light into Mount Shasta, California (it resides above this area). This was bringing forth the Feminine and Masculine Divine energies more physically into Mount Shasta so that it could be emitted through all of the Majestic Mountains around the Earth.

I am happy to share with you that this energy started it first journey around the Earth to assist each area to be infused with these light frequencies but more importantly, for each soul to start to experience change within their creation. The activations that took place during the months of June, July, and August has allowed more infractions to be put into place within Gaia and each of you.

Now what has occurred is an opportunity for more to happen. This is what this Equinox represents – it is a parting of the energies so to speak as the Feminine and Masculine Divine comes into balance it helps each soul to go more deeply within themselves to see what needs to be changed.

It is a moment in time when each soul has the ability to be more to themselves (the physical essence) than they have been previously. It is the splitting of the dark energies from the light and jumping into the abyss of unknowingness but having full Faith and Trust that you are in the Right Time, the Right Space.

We have been awaiting this time to occur and each of you have done the same. It is a time of letting go of the past in order to see the future and it is all based on your previous intentions from the Higher Self, from the I Am Presence, and from the Source of Light.


The entire planet is going through an upload of more light within her system. Each soul upon the earth is going through the same upheaval; for some it may represent their present consciousness they have been dealing with or it can mean COMPLETE REVIVAL OF THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

It is truly a moment in which each soul must decide –

“Will I move forward with what I have acquired or will I stay in the same energy I have been dealing with?”

The element of Free Will now comes into a new perspective than ever before as it is becoming a Physical Reality and not just a statement of the souls of humanity. It becomes a conscious effort of every person upon this planet.

Now this is just a raw beginning but it is a movement that needs to be experienced in order for this Earth to accelerate into the level of a higher dimensional frequency. It represents looking at the 4th dimensional self of duality and saying to yourself, “I no longer desire this experience so I will step over the cliff and allow my Free Will to take me into another paradigm of light that I desire to create.”

This portal of light is open right now and will continue through the entire season until the December Solstice. It will be an open-ended condition of allowing the continuance of light to come into each soul – it is a time of great reflection, of seeing the inner self from the perspective of the dark and the light, and then choosing to be that light.

This period of time will be powerful for each of you; it will allow you to step into the processes you have been trying to create for some time as long as you allow yourself to have faith. When your lower mind comes into play, then that will stop the movement and you will fall back into your duality.

It will not be easy for some individuals; for others that have walked the pathway of master for a longer time, it is the moment that they have been asking for, working towards by allowing themselves to step into a higher level of consciousness.

This cycle is going to help the planet immensely. There needs to be an internalization of every soul upon the planet to go through this doorway. It is not being given, it is to be earned. It is not a quick fix for the Earth, it is an opportunity to be and do more for humanity, for Gaia, and for your eternal self.

Many will be feeling ill effects within the physical body or the emotional and mental levels. It will come in waves and for different types of individuals. Those that have been upon the pathway for several years will find that more of their crystalline energies are being accepted. The physical body will feel the effects. Others may need more psychological balancing within their subconscious minds to find the balance they need. One thing is sure is that each of the four bodies must be in full alignment so if there are elements that you are dealing with in any of those bodies, they need to be healed and changed. So there will be challenges physically, emotionally and mentally as your Etheric Body catches up with the other three.

Take time to reflect upon what I have shared. It is not an easy time but the results will be tremendous. Be diligent with yourself; reflect upon your past mistakes so that they do not occur again. Then, and only then is when you will know that you have the Faith to move forward in your journey. Without this element in place, you will not be able to achieve the results you desire as all needs to be released unto the Light.


The Light Infractions of the Fifth Dimension cannot be held within the body until all four bodies are in alignment within each other. This means that in order to raise your light quotient continually you must work through these issues that you are experiencing. Many times the physical body will e the last one to go through this process so physical ailments can result within the system. Many times they are not acute just elements from the Etheric Self that are arising so they can be healed. This time period will be a huge forward movement for the acceleration of healing to occur especially for the ones that are beyond the Planetary Ascension and well within the Cosmic Level. But these souls are a very small minority; very few on the planet have reached this level of ascension and been able to ground themselves to stay within the body.

That is now changing with the higher energies coming into the planet. The bodies can become Crystalline in the higher initiations within the Cosmic Levels. This process is absolutely necessary in order to be fully grounded. Otherwise, the New Earth will not be able to occur.

It is a Doorway of Light with Great Opportunity That is Now Upon this Earth and Each of You.

I walk with you as all of us doing within the Spiritual Hierarchy of the 144th dimensional state of reality.

I Am Lord Metatron, at your service.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

Walking Terra Christa provides several opportunities to be apart of these important New Earth vibrational teachings while learning more about your own pathway. We also offer a free New Earth Frequency Divine Light Language Mastery Code Transmission(sm) of the EQUINOX INITIATION by LORD METATRON and LORD SANAT KUMARA.

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Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage! Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


unknown artist


Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage!

Again, in researching another article, I came across this superlative discussion of sacred partnership, by Archangel Michael, from
An Hour with an Angel, late 2013.

“Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage,” Golden Age of Gaia, Nov. 8, 2013

Linda Dillon, channel, Council of Love

Archangel Michael: As you have discovered, as you have been filled with the higher frequencies, with the endless downloads, it is not a matter of a download here, a download there, a frequency adjustment and attunement. You have been penetrated 24/7 for years, and it is only increasing. It is only going to continue to increase. The clarity gift is one of many. So yes, get ready.

Steve Beckow: That’s amazing.

AAM: But what it is doing is you are recognizing that there is a heart’s desire that you may not have even recognized before, because you kept those pieces of yourselves hidden, that you are allowing to come to the forefront. Can I be so romantic as to, say, fall in love? There is nothing above or below that is more wondrous, more joyful than the expansion of love. And how this is happening is in the recognition of sacred partners.

In very sometimes unusual circumstances — and they are going to become even more unusual as your star brothers and sisters appear, because you have allowed the truth of your multidimensional, hybrid self to come forward — you are seeing your mission and purpose and you are understanding that, not only can it not be completed in isolation, that it is not desirable. It goes back to that expression of joy, to that experience of joy, to that yearning for joy.

So there is this clarity about wanting to create and to co-create, first and foremost, union with another. And so, one of the first parts of these new forms, shall we say, of union is coming together and understanding, through standing etherically naked, the points of conjunction on which you come together.

Where do you mesh? Where do you unify in joint forces to achieve something, tangible or intangible? Where do you act as a support mechanism, and the lead mechanism, to achieve something? How do you come together where two have always been much stronger than one? Even to start with you are four, and then more. [Two twin flames plus the Mother and Father God.]

So it is more mission-driven than simply an ideation of what a partnership or a marriage is about. This notion — and it has been a human notion, and we could spend a great deal of time talking about how the power structures of union and marriage have evolved and shifted — but these unions do not require a set form. And that is new. It is original. It is how it is on this side. It is how it was in the very beginning.

But there is a decision between the two souls on that form, depending on what you are working on, what you are achieving, what you are dreaming, what you are creating, how you are playing. And then the form follows the creation and the desire, rather than setting the form and then making everything fit the form. That is how you ended up with institutions that don’t work. So, you aren’t repeating that error. You have grown.

And the form that these partnerships will take, or can take, by choice, will shift and morph, again, depending on what you are dreaming, what you are desiring.

But the key to this is freedom, complete liberation, and the acknowledgment, not in lip service, but on the deepest soul level, of the freedom of the person that you are joining with the sanctity — yes, the sanctity! — of their path, of their choices, of their desires, of their decisions. So there is no push and pull. It is the ebb and flow. It is the infinity. It is the tide.

Look at the rhythm that Gaia has set for you. She is in union — no, not sacred partnership, but certainly in union — with her kingdoms, and there is a rhythm. And in many parts of the world there are seasons, and there is this ebb and flow, depending on whose time it is to flower, to change, to die, to leave.

So, the crux of the new sacred union energy — and I am pleading with you, because this is a sacred beginning for all of you, whether you think that you are in sacred union now or not — this is the new way. It’s freedom and liberation, and it is love.

And it is the freedom to say to each other, “Is this love? Are these words love?” “Are these actions love? Are these feelings love? Are they the demonstration of purity and clarity? Do they lift me up, even when I am looking at something that perhaps I have avoided, or evaded? Does it lift me? Does it liberate me because I am free to look at this not in a threatening manner, not in a way of punishment and brimstone, but because I am cared for and cherished and seen for who I really am?”

This is a reflection. It is the anchoring — you have that expression, “Heaven on Earth”? — it is the anchoring of how union works, certainly on our side, but certainly in the higher dimensions and in the more evolved civilizations.

We have talked often, and certainly from time to time this channel has spoken, of experiences with your star brothers and sisters and what relationships and family and freedom of relationships looks like with your star brothers and sisters. And sometimes you think of it, or have thought of it, in terms of sacrifice. But it is not viewed that way.

So, for example, we have talked to you about having many, many star beings on the planet — not starseeds, star beings, your star friends, your family — on Earth in this moment preparing for the next step. And that has included the separation of sacred partnerships, of unions. But never is there a word of saying, “You can’t do that. You can’t leave me. I will be so lonely. What will I do?”

No. Because there is the knowing that even in that separation, to do the mission, the telepathic and the heart connection does not fade in the slightest. If anything, it is strengthened, because that is what is drawn upon. And it endures, and it is solid and it is nourishing. And there is a knowing that nothing, nothing, can interfere with that love, with that soul commitment that has been made to join together in this mission and purpose.

Now, previously, most human beings did not understand that. There were exceptions in terms of religious mission, but the only other true example has been akin and related to war — “Well, you must go off to war, and I will continue to love you.” But that in itself is an aberration.

So, you are learning how to extend your energy field to each other, to dance in the ethers and tap dance on the Earth together, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, not always as mirrors or twins, but as points of conjunction on your mutual grid that you are sharing.

And you are learning, you are starting to learn about how to play with this, so that you can slide along that grid and enter into another’s sacred space, your sacred partner’s space. And similarly you can allow them to slide into yours.

You do meld in a very new and different way, because the fear element is going. And then you take each other’s hands and hearts and you travel throughout the universe, you multi-locate to whatever planet or dimension you want to explore. You play. Because that feeds your creation and your creativity. You don’t put parameters around what is possible with your sacred union. And there is a willingness, a determination, a drive to explore it all.

It is what the Mother had in mind — mind! — when she created this movement, this attraction of one to another. It is a gift, and it is beautiful. So, do not resist, my friends. Allow this beautiful dance to begin.

SB: Well, you take my breath away, Lord, truly. How is the Company of Heaven bringing people together? In other words, should people be looking? Should they be going onto meet-up sites? Or is this all going to happen in a slow and — well, not necessarily slow, but — gradual unfoldment?

AAM: No, it is not gradual. Each person has the choice of their timing. But what we are asking you to do is to listen to your hearts. And if your heart is yearning, yes, we are coordinating it! It is a gift from the Mother. It is the gift of sacred union.

First, the union with yourself, the union with the Divine, and the union with your partner. For some of you, because your personality — we do not wish to destroy delightful personalities! — so, for some of you it is on meet-up sites, or meet-up occasions. But when you feel the urge to go and do something, then do so! Do not say, “Well, that’s ridiculous. I’ve done this before a million times and nothing ever happened.” Or do not say, “I’ve never done this before. I’m not going to start now.”

No! Listen to your heart. You are being divinely guided and inspired. You have asked us for the tools. Well, this is one of them.

Now, there will be many, what you would think of as simply synchronicities and meetings. For those of you who are aware and open to it, that is how it occurs. And it is occurring every single moment, all over your planet. Because you have said “Yes” to love.

Many times you have said to me, “Michael, how will we get 6, 7 billion people to ascend?” And I say to you, through love, through freedom, and through the desire to travel together. So, yes. Do not avoid each other. Engage as you see fit, and please, your guides, your guardian angels are working to bring you to your lover. Yes, your lover!

You all have choices, but some are more perfect than others, and this is the time of perfection and freedom.

Archangel Michael: I See You! I Love You! I Will Engage!

Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

About the Staff

Steve-at-Horseshoe-Bay-200x200Steve Beckow

Steve Beckow is founder and editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia(formerly the 2012 Scenario) and several other websites. He’s a member of the InLight Universal team and lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

He attended the University of British Columbia, McMaster, Carleton, and the University of Toronto, graduating with a Masters degree in Canadian History. Steve is a member of Mensa Canada.

He studied in three Ph.D. programs but was uncomfortable remaining within disciplinary boundaries or paradigms. One dissertation was rejected as being outside his chosen field. Another proposal (on enlightenmment as the purpose of life) was rejected as being outside the university’s paradigm of empirical materialism. Steve decided to remain with the study of enlightenment and leave the university. He’s never regretted that decision.

He began his career as a Cultural Historian for the National Museum of Man (now the Canadian Museum of History) where he published articles redefining the fields of cultural history, popular culture, and artifact studies. He finished his working life as a Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, his chief interest being gender issues.

Steve has written numerous books and perhaps two-thousand articles, many of his earlier works being pseudonymous. His websites are on enlightenment, the common ground of spirituality, life on the spirit planes, global gender persecution, automation, the truth of 9/11, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the Ascension scenario.


All his books and articles are available without cost and may be reposted freely. Copyright is declined.

His spiritual disciplines included Gestalt, encounter groups, spiritualism, the est Training, rebirthing, Zen, Vipassana meditation, and Enlightenment Intensives.

In 1977, Steve had an out-of-body experience which dissipated the fear of death. In 1987, he experienced a vision of the total journey of an individual soul from God to God, which demonstrated to him that the purpose of life was enlightenment. Steve does not consider the vision to have been an enlightenment experience. It was written up here. It took nearly 20 years to fully express in words what he saw in eight wordless seconds that day.

More recently Steve had a heart opening on March 13, 2015, which enabled him thereafter to periodically (not continuously) experience transformative love and bliss.

Steve is apparently from Arcturus and has lived on Earth eight times: as a non-dual monk in Atlantis, a community leader in Biblical times, a formulator of mathematical principles and sacred geometry, a warrior, the founder of a religious order, and a helper in the development and spread of the printing press. This lifetime he works as a communicator serving Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother.

(He is not an aspect of Archangel Michael, as has been suggested. He wishes he were!)

His assignment is “to go up with everybody” and write about it. Today, Steve lives a life of voluntary simplicity and research as a non-denominational “urban monk.”

His earlier writings can be found at The Essays of Brother Anonymous.  The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment is located here. For additional material on the Ascension scenario, see First Contact.

New Maps of Heaven, on life after death, is here. From Darkness Unto Light, on enlightenment and the nature of Reality, is here.

Favorite Music: Time to Say Goodbye, Vivo Per Lei, and Pachelbel’s Canon
Most Influential Books: The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination, The New Testament, Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi.
Favorite Destinations: Florence, Italy, and Kovalam Beach, India
Favorite quote: “I want to be all used up when I die.” George Bernard Shaw

Manifesting Divine Energy – Rachel @ Living Light – Stirring The Deep


ART : A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose


Manifesting Divine Energy

All my being (body, mind and soul) is yoked by divine energy that vibrates from the eternal Source of life within. It’s the vibration of vitality, regeneration, love, and eternal life.  

~ Awakened Divine Self

All is energy. Matter is the illusion. When we awaken to this higher plane of understanding, our understanding expands expotentially.

Energy’s vibrations are shaped by our state of consciousness. Our shadow-self (directed by a self-directed consciousness) exudes a low frequency energy that eventually breaks down (i.e., death) because of its disharmonious thought-forms. The Divine Self (directed by the divine consciousness) exudes divine energy that eternally expands (i.e., life) because of its harmonious thought-forms. This latter energy frequency is formed by theunhindered and unceasing divine love flowing between the Creator and the soul (in a giving and receiving relationship), and the soul and Creation (again in a giving and receiving relationship). These aren’t just ethereal thoughts I’m sharing, but the very genesis of eternal life. 

Various soul conditions manifest this divine energy within our mind, body and soul. Below I share four significant ones.

1. The soul’s singular desire to seek the “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

When the soul desires above all else to seek the reign of the divine consciousness in all of its being (“to seek the kingdom of heaven” and the Lord and Mastery of the Christ consciousness in the soul, mind and body), then the soul is awakened into a state of oneness. In this desire, the soul willingly lets go of all other contrary pursuits for this high calling so that the sublime oneness it possesses in the spiritual plane may manifest upon the plane of the senses. Through this union, divine energy manifests in the soul, mind and body which bring these three into life (immortality).

2. The soul singularly follows the Master Teacher within.

When the soul exalts the Master Teacher within (the Christ consciousness) as its foremost teacher then it is able to learn and grow in all the ways necessary to prepare its soul, mind and body for the expression of the Divine Self. The inner Teacher utilizes everything in the soul’s reality to instruct and teach, thus the soul is a student of all in humility and mindfulness. If the soul exalts anything or anyone outside of itself above this inner Teacher, it stifles the soul’s ability to gain and develop the necessary thought-forms required to express the Divine Self and manifest this higher energy of eternal life.

3. The soul’s release of the shadow-self.

The purpose of the shadow-self is to create an understanding of divine love; which is accomplished by the soul learning from all of the shadow-self’s “imperfections”. Once the purpose of the shadow-self is finished (signified by the soul’s consuming desire for divine love to motivate every desire, thought and action), then the shadow-self and its self-directed consciousness are consumed by the rising light of the Divine Self (divine consciousness) within. The shadow-self fades as the Divine Self finds expression in the mind and body through the portal of the prepared soul.

Because this transmutation occurs within the soul’s consciousness, the soul intimately experiences every gyration and “earthquake” of this letting go and renewal process. The soul enters a place of “non-being” (i.e., selflessness, emptiness) as all it once knew is stripped away and it awaits its new garments of divinity. It encounters the battle between the self-directed will and the divine will as one reign is usurped by another. It witnesses the victories of the sovereign Spirit as it makes its home in the soul.

During this metamorphosis, the lower frequency energy of the shadow-self is transmuted into the higher frequency of the Divine Self. This higher energy within the soul, mind and body brings forth immortality into all the soul’s being and expression (resurrection). Divine love can only be expressed by the Divine Self. Thus, as the Divine Self finds expression through the soul, mind and body so does divine love find expression in Creation. In its expression, divine energy flows into Creation.

4. The soul resurrects into the Divine Consciousness (Christ consciousness).

The soul engages the Christ consciousness through diligent meditation, prayer, and heeding the Spirit’s instruction until the divine consciousness becomes the soul’s permanent resident. As this higher consciousness lifts the soul, it lifts all of creation with it, for what is done in divine love is done for all.

 “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” John 12:32

Once the soul awakens to this higher consciousness, the soul becomes filled with divine energy that flows into its mind and body, yoking the three in unity. The soul then ceases to function by the self-directed consciousness (which is bound to the plane of the senses), and instead operates from this higher dimension that is sovereign over the senses. Thus all of Creation is lifted into one harmonious whole with the Creator.

Divine love comes through the Divine Self. Its energy is the vibration that creates life (immortality) and awakens the soul from its dream and into the glorious eternal present of the eternal presence.



ART : A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose

Your Nightly Visits @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Preparing 4 First Contact–Sharman, Your Nightly Visits-through Sue Lie



By Sharman the Pleiadian—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 25

We Welcome Your Nightly Visits


I, Sharman, wish to remind you that if you awaken feeling tired or feeling as if there is something that you can’t quite remember, please consider the possibility that you were busy on the Ship the night before.

You will usually forget those experiences, except when you “document them,” because the knowledge of being in a reality which is completely safe and totally loving makes it very difficult to return to a reality that often appears to be on the verge of the latest disaster.

Fortunately, many, but not all, of these “disasters” are yet another brainwashing technique that is sent out via low frequency/fear-based energy patterns. There are actually vans that drive through neighborhoods looking for those who are resonating to the fifth dimension.

Once they find someone with a higher dimensional consciousness, they send a low frequency beam of directed fear, sorrow, and anger in an attempt to lower those persons’ consciousness. If you are in the process of reminding people that they are ALL higher dimensional beings, you may be being targeted.

However, we your Pleiadian, Arcturian, Antarian, Sirian and Venusion friends and family members, (“family members,” is what we would call you on the Ship) remind you that you, as all of our “away team” to Earth, are surrounded by constant, higher dimensional protection.

This protection is amplified by Gaia’s operating system of, “energy out is energy back.” When one sends out energy that comforts, teaches and educates, that is the energy field that returns to him or her.

Also, please remember that the energy field that one sends out is amplified when it is returned to them. On the other hand, those who send out fear and anger will receive the amplified return of that negative message.

All planetary “operational systems” are programmed into the Core Crystals of each planet, just as the human operating system is implanted into every human. Planets can be abused, such as Gaia has been greatly abused by Her inhabitants, just as humans have be abused. By “abuse” we mean that a fearful, angry and/or sad energy field is being sent to a person or to a planet.

Personal trauma is best healed if it is brought to the surface so that one can participate in their personal healing. If someone else were to “just heal them” then they would have lost an important opportunity to fulfill their Birth Contract and clear old karmic issues for themselves.

In the same manner, Gaia, who is a living being that has evolved into being a planet, is in the process of healing Her planetary self. Gaia has learned, through Her very long life of habitation by third and lower fourth dimensional humans, that there are those humans who cannot be healed and who will not turn towards the Light.

Gaia has waited for Her humans for a long amount of what you call
“time.” But now, she has made the decision that there are those who resonate to a lower frequency who will not be able to ascend in their present incarnation.

Most of these humans are the “dark Illuminati ones,” and some of them were from the darkness before they took this incarnation and have not been able to heal themselves, nor does it seem likely that they will be able to embrace the Light within the “time” left before Gaia’s transition.

Therefore, Gaia has decided that she will no longer wait for these lost ones, as they have little chance of turning towards love, much less assisting with planetary ascension. Because of this decision, she will begin a slow “releasing process” of darkness, as well as the dark ones who created it.

Those that have served the Darkness will not be able to have a return incarnation on Her planet. Because, it will take more “time” than She wishes for a total clearing of the darkness, she has called for assistance from the higher dimensions.

Together with Gaia, we of the higher dimensions have created a plan. We have learned that our higher dimensional instructions to the third dimensionals are only effective for those who can expand their consciousness into the mid-fourth dimension and beyond.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix of power over others, or the 3D Matrix of being a victim to those who hold power over them, will be taken into a sub-frequency of the fourth dimension. We have made this decision because third dimensional Gaia is extremely wounded and needs to come to our higher dimensional “hospital.”

All the third dimensional ones who have served Gaia will be called on to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into Gaia’s Core Crystals to best amplify her innate planetary, healing abilities. The “unconscious” humans on Earth who are unable to serve their planet because they are still learning how to survive, will be taken to a fourth dimensional realm in which everything seems the same to them.

Since they were “unconscious” to the true reality of the third dimension, they will remain in the mid-fourth dimension until they are able to expand their consciousness enough to perceive, and hence inhabit, the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.

Those who are locked into the 3D Matrix will only be able to shift into a fourth dimensional holographic projection of a third dimensional reality that will slowly expand into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension.

Since these humans were “unconscious” on third dimensional Earth, but are good and loving people, they will be able to play out the remainder of that incarnation in the fourth dimensional matrix that “appears” to be the same as their life has always been.

If they chose to expand their consciousness, they will be invited to enter the threshold of fifth dimensional Earth. If they are unable to perceive that invitation, as they have not been able to expand their consciousness beyond the third dimension, they will be sent to another young, third dimensional planet to continue their process of awakening.

Basically, these humans have not noticed what is really occurring in their present incarnation. Therefore, they will not be aware of what is occurring during their slow, sequential shift into a slightly higher dimension. It is because so many humans on Earth fall into this category that we, the Galactics, decided to volunteer to wear an earth vessel on physical Earth.

Since many of us had not had any third dimensional incarnations, or had only taken incarnations during Peak Societies to assist with the blooming hope of peace and love on Earth, most of us had no idea what we were signing up for.

Yes, we were briefed about the conditions on Earth during your present era, but we had never experienced such an intensely polarized reality where the dark energies had so much power over those who were attempting to live within the frequency of love and light.

We need to tell you that we “take our hats off” to you for your great courage and commitment to find love and peace in a reality so infiltrated with fear, deceit and war. It is for this reason that we are creating this collective message from all of us on the Fleets of Starships who are waiting to assist you.

Because of Gaia’s operating system of “individual choice,” we can only reveal ourselves to those who have sent out a desire for personal contact. Even then, we only have clearance to give hope and promise, as it could be dangerous for them to know too many details of our plan.
Also, as a protection for the grounded ones, we must stay within the resonance of the fifth dimension and above, or the dark ones could perceive us, which would cause great havoc in your world.

The dark ones could not harm us, but their attempt to harm us could create problems in your third dimensional reality. Also, we must keep our conversations with the grounded ones at a high enough frequency range that the dark ones cannot intercept our message.

We clearly perceive, and totally understand, why the awakened ones are anxious for the shift into a higher frequency. However, there are many inhabitants of Earth that are “on the cusp of change,” but need assistance from their fellow earthlings.

There are also those of you who are totally ready for the process of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional gamma waves. There are also many of you, more than you might expect, who have already calibrated your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond.

As you may have discovered, daily life within the myriad lies and illusions of a third dimensional reality, while your own consciousness is fifth dimensional, can be quite difficult. It is for that reason that we invite those of you who have been able to awaken to your fifth dimensional consciousness, to communicate with us and visit our many Ships that surround dear Gaia.

In fact, many of you are visiting us within your NOW, but the deceleration from a fifth dimensional reality, back into a third/fourth dimensional reality, makes it too difficult for you to remember. Hence, we are assisting you to remember your nighttime visits to our Ships.

One of best ways for you to remember your visits is to close your eyes while your write or type your experience. Your vision has the habit of determining “real” from “not real.” Therefore, if you read what you are writing, your may fall into doubt and/or limit your transcription.

You can always “edit” your writing at a later date. Also, as you become accustomed to allowing your hand to do the writing, while your mind focuses on staying connected to the higher dimensions, you may be surprised as to the amount of information that you receive.

As we stated before, you eyes are “in charge” of determining “what is real.” You can turn that monitoring off by closing your eyes while you type or speak into a recording device. Then, when you are editing what you have documented, your vision will be able to encompass the entire message and be less likely to “judge what you are writing.”

As you all know, judgment is another common component of your third dimensional reality. Most of you have some judgments against you as a child, and have learned to be careful about what you share with others. Fortunately, after a few visits to our Ships, you will return to Earth with greater confidence in your “higher dimensional perceptions.”

Please remember that, “the reality you perceive is the reality that you live.” It is for this reason that next-door neighbors could be experiencing totally different realities than you. Also, as we said before, there are many, many frequencies of reality.

Each of these frequencies of reality offers you different situations, perceptions, and communications. We ask you each to allow your own process to guide your path.

As you remember to surrender into the FEEL of the higher dimensional energy waves that are increasingly entering Gaia’s ascending planet, your body will resonate to higher and higher frequencies.

Then, your two eyes will be guided by the visions of your Third Eye, and your hearing will be directed to that which feels like unconditional love. In other words, you will begin to focus your attention on the NOW when a higher dimensional message is coming into your consciousness.

You can then honor that information by taking the responsibility to document it and share it with others whose personal resonance matches the frequency of that energy field.

As you move deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension, you will care less and less about the myriad third dimensional distractions and remember more and more of the birth plan that you chose before taking this incarnation.

As you “live the life” that you chose before your birth, you will remember more and more about your own higher dimensional expressions. As you remember your SELF in the higher dimensions, you will be able to create a “bridge to freedom” between the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions and into your innate fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Blessings to you all,

We are ALWAYS with you because WE are YOU

Recording of the message HERE

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:21 AM

Self Observed: From Self-Important Entitlement to Gratitude – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art-gratitude-painting-by-melina-del-mar at Fine Art America

ART : Gratitude – Melina Del Mar @ Fine Art America


Self Observed: From Self-Important Entitlement to Gratitude

Sacred 333As we creep up ever more closely on the release of funds, I’m going through many spaces.

The one that I fear most is a triumphal return of the ego, with the Reval.

I see the ego as coming back through one of two back doors: one marked “Self-Importance” and the other, “Entitlement.”

If you need a short form for it, then “I want.”  Unbridled desire, without stop, restraint, or consideration, feeding myself with an endless array of gadgets and status symbols will only fan its flames.

Andrew Cohen once said that the reason we feel blissful when we buy an expensive car is not because we now own the car of our dreams but because desire has momentarily ceased. That could very well be.


The tsunami of abundance may sweep many people off their feet. It’s a time to lash ourselves to the mast if we want to avoid being swept away.

We can be swept away by self-importance – easily. In fact it’ll take discipline to avoid it.

Most of us seem to be invested in our self-importance. Almost everyone – including me – seems to want deep, deep down (way, way down) to be seen as the hero of the story, the savior of the world, the Fifth Element.  That’s almost a universal, though clandestine, longing.

I don’t think there’s any way of getting rid of it until God takes it away. Until then, the best we can do, I think, is sit with it, aware but neutral, until it decides to leave. If I give it no sustenance – if I don’t feed the ego wolf – it does go away at last. That’s the whole foundation of the upset clearing process we discussed some years ago.  And an important practice in meditation.

It works to acknowledge when something like self-importance is up. “I’m feeling self-important. No, I think it’s arrogance. Yes, that’s it.” After a while of being transparent, what was so embarrassing to say in the beginning is a hoot now. “Yes, I’m arrogant. Next?”


Entitlement springs out of self-importance. I’m such a poobah that I deserve better treatment than I’m getting. I behave self-righteously, arrogantly, insensitively. When I act that way, most people usually just want me to drop dead.

Entitlement violates a delicate web of social relationship, a refined dance that most of us do. We don’t try to obligate the other or force them to do anything. We negotiate what is given and received; we agree on terms; we keep the terms of our agreement. Or at least that’s our common standard for behavior.

If we try to obligate or force someone into doing something they may not want to, we violate that standard. Entitlement is a missed step in the dance of freely giving and receiving with thanks.

We can choose self-importance and entitlement and devolve a couple of hundred years. The ego would be satisfied.

Or we can choose to show that we haven’t just passed time all these years, but demonstrate that we can do the job that’s been handed to us. We can do this job. Not the ego, but the illumined  will.

We can irrigate society. We can see to the needs of those in crisis and emergency. We can set young hearts free to dream and old hearts free to reminisce and advise.

As Werner Erhard said, we can be so big as to take responsibility for the condition of our world and take action.

“We can choose to be audacious enough to take responsibility for the entire human family. We can choose to make our love for the world be what our lives are really about.

“Each of us now has the opportunity, the privilege, to make a difference in creating a world that works for all of us. It will require courage, audacity, and heart. It is much more radical than a revolution – it is the beginning of a transformation in the quality of life on our planet.” (1)

Out of that wonderful bond of freely-shared personal responsibility for the condition of our world, we can begin to plan together what we’re going to do about it.

Typically we don’t take action unless we can and do take responsibility for the shape of our world.

With our combined resources and an enlightened leadership, we can transform this world.


Instead of being entitled, the really amazing, powerful demonstration, coming from the new handlers of wealth in society, would be gratitude.

Gratitude that the Mother trusts us enough to allow us to play a challenging role in Ascension.  Gratitude that she allows us to play an important financial role via the GCR. Gratitude that we’re being given the opportunity to really make a difference in our world.

The act of thanking another must be the antithesis of the assertion of entitlement. The former recognizes the other’s existence, rights, and offering; the latter demands, obliges, and takes. Very few people emerge from the latter exchange feeling ennobled, empowered, and fulfilled.

After the Reval, let me practice and express gratitude with every gift. Thank you for using me, Mother.

Oh, look. Here is love, following in gratitude’s steps.


(1)  Werner Erhard, Graduate Review, February 1980.


Self Observed: From Self-Important Entitlement to Gratitude

Third Wave Gateway – September 26-29 – Adama of Telos through Asara


ART : Adama of Telos – unknown artist


Adama of Telos:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

You have moved through the joyous Fall Equinox, which is always a great celebration for us here in Telos.

Dear Ones, it is time to acknowledge all the profound strides you have made in your Spiritual Evolution, this year.

You have let go of many things that where tied to the 3rd dimension and you have integrated the new Light codes and energies of the 5th and 6th dimension to various levels.

With the Third Wave Gateway opening on September 26th to 29th you will integrate the 7th dimensional frequencies into your physical vehicles, as well. 

This means that you are now residing mostly in the higher dimensions while you are in your physical experience.

Some of you might have hoped that there would be a big event that would indicate your Ascension into these dimensions.

But in order for you to ascend, while staying in your physical bodies, this process has to happen gradually.

You might say, “If we have ascended, how come there is still so much going on in the world that is of a lower dimension?”

You see, it is possible to reside in the higher dimensions while observing other, lower dimensional experiences from time to time.

This is how all higher dimensional civilizations such as Telos is able to observe humanity’s journey, while remaining in the higher dimensions.

The key is not to focus on the lower dimensional experiences for too long, so it doesn’t affect your vibrational frequencies.

We celebrate your journey and it is time for you to enjoy the harvest of you spiritual work.

Celebrate, love and enjoy your momentous accomplishment!

Welcome home.

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.”

~~~~Thank You, Adama! 🙂

Archangel Michael on Accepting the Mother’s Bounty – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Dorina Costras @ Kai Fine Art.


Archangel Michael on Accepting the Mother’s Bounty

I went back and forth on whether I should post this. It sounds self-serving.

But, as I confirmed with AAM in this same reading, I’m being used as a (willing) subject and so I can’t excise the news of success because I’m worried about sounding self-promoting.  If I do, the whole ethnographic account won’t be there and its value goes down accordingly.

Perhaps hear it, if you would, as if it were addressed to you because he says here repeatedly, if indirectly, that it is. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: Welcome. Welcome to you, my beloved brother of blue, radiant by the way, this day and most days. Yes, there are little hurdles here and there but, by and large, my sweet friend, you are doing well!

And it is important, both above and below, that you not only acknowledge that, but that you give yourself the credit for that. Yes, you are filled with the radiance of the Mother, the Father, the One, but we all are. (1)

There is a curiosity that sometimes – well, often actually – occurs among the human realm and that is the gifts, the bounty, the wonders of the Mother are literally laid at the doorstep, above [and beyond] the penetration that is happening to all.

But though the bounty of the Mother is laid at the doorstep of many human beings, rather than opening that door and bringing in the gifts that are offered, many simply say, “Oh no thanks. Not today.”

You do not do that.

Steve: Well, I’m hungry for the gifts.

AAM: Yes, you are and when you walk, (2) when you lie upon your bed, (3) when you write – when we write – (4) what you are saying is let the gifts flow and you open your heart to receive and, my friend, you are receiving more than even you know.

Yes, some of it anchors within what you think of as your conscious, the variations of consciousness within you, and some of it doesn’t and that does not matter.

Because the open heart is all that really counts, because that is the doorway. That is the portal. That is the realm by which all of these gifts become part of you.

So even though you think that perhaps things are not happening quickly enough (and I would agree with you there by the way and we’ll talk about that), you, my beloved brother, are going forth and transforming. Now I do not say this in any way [of] self-interest or that this is only about you. Because as you well know; it is not.  (5)

But when you open the portal to your heart, when you say, I accept the gifts with glee and grandeur, then what happens is you are helping to set the new paradigm for human beings. So you are sending an alert, as it were, to all those human beings who say, “Oh no thanks, not today.”

You are changing the energy field, the fabric, the tapestry, the design of the human collective. So do not underestimate the work you are doing, not only in what you think of as the seen or the tangible realm, but also in the unseen realm.

Now, where do you wish to begin?


(1) Notice him drawing attention away from me and onto all of us. This is the first indirect comment that persuades me that he wants this posted and that its domain of applicability is widespread among lightworkers, lightholders, activists, etc.

(2) I’ve taken to the practice of walking very slowly – a philosopher’s pace – along the streets I live on at the moment, which have huge umbrageous firs on both sides, like a cathedral. AAM’s naming of this is evidential, to any who may be skeptical of who is speaking.

I’m put in mind of two things he’s said to me: (1) “Dear heart, do you know who it is you’re speaking to?”  (2) And on another occasion: “If I can’t protect you, nobody can.” I fall asleep and have to keep waking up to who it is I’m speaking to.

(3) I spend a lot of time lying on my bed contemplating. Again he shows he knows this.

(4) That’s interesting. AAM has just confirmed that “we” write. That builds confidence.

(5) So what he is saying about me could be said about many, many lightworkers.



ART : Dorina Costras @ Kai Fine Art.

Archangel Michael on Accepting the Mother’s Bounty

The First Three Rays – Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek & Pleiadian Light Network


ART : Karl Bang @ Maher Art Gallery


The First Three Rays

What I wanted to share in this article is very much related to our personal and collective experiences of remembrance and awakening and imbalances that may occur along the way through an understanding of the first three rays. The rays can be described as vibrational frequencies of Divine Unfolding Light emanating from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. They bring with them particular qualities, colors, and sonic vibrations that are integrated within our various energy bodies, and allow us to be conscious of ourselves as these magical Beings of Light. They further assist in the activation of the dormant DNA, and the awakening to our multidimensional memories.

Now, in our journey to earth, we come through predominately through the energy of one of the first three rays which remains as our signature ray throughout our Life, either the first ray of Will and Power, the second ray of Love/Wisdom or the third ray of Divine Intelligence. As the majority of Light workers come through with a predominant energy of the second ray of Love/Wisdom, I will start with this ray in the “awakening” process.

For many Light workers, working from the second ray of Love/Wisdom, their “awakening”, that moment of making the breakthrough into their multidimensional memories, of the veils being lifted and truly feeling and experiencing the Company of Heaven and a deep sense of Love for all Life is one of the most incredible experiences of Unity Consciousness – through your dedication and commitment to your Spiritual evolution, you have reached a point of being the “innocent child” again – loving all Life, laughing, being joyful and just seeing the positive in everything around you – this feeling of being deeply connected to God and others may only be a moment in time, it may be some months, it may even be some years, but occasionally there comes a time when disillusionment and/or depression set in. For often in this initial awakening, you are not yet in your power, you are still escaping your body or experiencing Soul fragmentation, and have not yet reclaimed your guardianship as a custodian to this planet. You may make bad business decisions, or find you are unable to manifest and create abundance in your Life, or will be taken advantage of, financially, emotionally and so on. Perhaps you want to spend most of your time meditating, chatting to your Angel friends, spending time alone and in nature; and these are all wonderful gifts you give yourself. However, there is a balance. For in rapidly developing your sensitivity and your natural clairaudient and clairsentient abilities for example, with no grounding on this physical three dimensional plane, you may develop an oversensitivity to people, to your environment and often to the world at large. You may feel you will be “contaminated” by others, and develop a “them and us” or more likely, a “me and them” attitude. For in your “perceived isolation”, you have often not connected with other Light workers, and can also feel very lonely and misunderstood. Or you feel other Light workers are contaminated too. Taken to its extreme, you could start to feel you need to “Live on Light”, as an example, imagining you need to completely purify your body to purify your Soul, and stop eating, develop compulsive-obsessive behavior, or become completely paranoid. ( I have no judgment against the “Living on Light” concept, but strongly believe we are here to enjoy our form side, enjoying food, making love, living in joy and experiencing the delights of the physical side to our nature). Or you may just oscillate between having good days and days where you feel completely depressed and/or disillusioned and struggle to get through the day – addictions, physical and Spiritual may also develop as well as judgments against yourself and others.

Now this may not be the experience of most Light workers but for some, some of these imbalances will be recognized. So, how do you create the necessary changes to integrate your Self within this dimension? For it is very easy to exist on the fifth dimension, or the mountains in the Himalayas, but to be around “the consciousness of the ordinary man” everyday, now that is a challenge.

What you need to do first, is reclaim your power. Get in touch with your masculine energy. Find your voice, and find your feet, so to speak. Speak up when you are upset or angry about something, voice your feelings and communicate clearing. Work with the energy of thefirst ray of Will and Power, Overlighted by Master El Morya. Being a Light Worker is not about being sweet and loving all the time. It is about expressing your Truth, and being the empowered warrior, while communicating from the heart.

Work with protection and grounding – Your sensitivity to people and energy in general is a double-edged sword. Regardless of whether or not this is one of your gifts, creating a bubble of protection around your energy field and shields of Light, will keep disharmonious energies outside of your energy field and is a very useful tool. Also grounding yourself into the energy of the earth, or imaging a vortex of Light below your energy field, or seeing strobes of Light connecting your energy to the energy of Mother Earth, is a way to feel grounded on this dimension. We have created a protection coning, which is a very powerful way to protect your energy field working with the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, Archangel Michael, the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ and St. Germain. (This protection coning is included later in this article). You may also like to consider “blowing roses”, a technique you can use in the evenings prior to going to sleep. Visualize a rose of any color of your choosing outside of your energy field, and fill it with the images of those you have seen that day. Allow the rose images to dissolve into a vortex of Light above your energy field.

Work with Soul retrieval meditations – Soul fragmentation occurs in each lifetime and also goes back into past lives/parallel realities, forming an energetic matrix around the energy field that you bring with you into each lifetime (as well as being stored at a cellular level). This template further contains parental and ancestral imprinting going back seven generations, as well as seven generations into the future. So often you continue to play out old contracts and negative patterns with family and friends, as this forms the basis of these karmic contracts. Usually too at these times of perceived trauma, you may also have made old Soul contracts of survival and you often perpetuate these patterns of survival in each lifetime, so it is important that you bring back these pieces of your Soul that have left and fragmented as they have been unable to deal with the incredible loss or pain experienced at specific times. If you do not bring back these fragmented Soul pieces, you will never truly be grounded and in the Now, and will often find yourself avoiding perceived confrontation or feel unable to deal with many of life’s perceived challenges as they will keep coming up for you until you change your patterns and false beliefs. And further to this, the loss of Soul pieces can also cause you to feel depressed or experience a lack of joy or Love and so on, in your life. Sometimes this Soul fragmentation can occur early in life, particularly if there was abuse as a child, whether physical, emotional, sexual and so on. Unable to deal with this trauma, the Soul fragments and the child escapes his or her body, so to speak. Also, for many people, realities in which they have been burnt at the stake, buried alive, killed by hanging, drowning, war, torture and so on, created vows of poverty, experienced betrayal by loved ones, parents and carers etc., creates Soul fragmentation. Often going back to these traumatic events and speaking to this Soul piece, letting it know it is safe with you in this Now, and asking it to please come and join you, is enough for this Soul piece to come back into your body and energy field. What is important too is canceling these old Soul contracts and making new ones based on Love and harmony and joy and so on. Once you have gone back through these timelines, which are connected through your Higher Self of the Light and extend backwards from this Now, as well as forwards into future probable and possible realities, you can call upon your future Higher Self of the Light to take you into the timeline of the best possible future for you. (I have included a basic meditation on this below).

Dense your frequency – now, many Light workers are trying to lift their frequency, and I am suggesting that you do the opposite – sometimes, when you accelerate your Spiritual growth to a level where you are unable to function within the “mass consciousness” of this planet, this dimension, you need to slow down. Eat animal protein if possible, watch TV occasionally, hang out with those having a different frequency to yourself and just relax and enjoy life. The key to understanding frequencies is not to feel you are being “contaminated” by others, but having the ability to experience a wide range of octaves within your own frequency, so you can understand others when you look through your Master eyes. For believe me, they are certainly not about to understand you, so you need to come down to their wavelength for that meeting, that moment in time, and make them feel that you are completely on their wavelength (more about frequencies another time).

Shift out of the “them and us” scenario – this only creates separation and a “lesser than and better than’ consciousness – we are all created Divinely equal, the only thing that differs is the level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness from one person to the next.

Recognize and remember you are here to uplift the consciousness of all Life, and the way to do this, is to be a custodian to this earth plane. Reclaim your birthright as a Master Being of Love and Light. Know that you are this incredible, deserving Being of Light with a Life purpose of Service in Love, to assist all Life to shift into Unity Consciousness, to assist all Life (within the Cosmic Law of Free Will) to ascend with this planet and to experience the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Know that you are a guardian to this earth plane, and that means being the nurturer and protector to this planet, and to all Life on this planet. What this means in essence, is that you never go into overwhelm with the energies of others, and while you may choose, with discernment, not to be around the energy of particular individuals or groups, you know that you are firmly anchored here, (as well as on the higher dimensions) through Service in Love.

Look through your Master eyes at all of Life around you. Become the observer and listener, and hold the nurturing energy of the Divine Mother principle – when you are expanded in Love, when you are in your power, and when you have the wisdom of the higher mind, you are unstoppable as a force of Light. You literally hear the orchestra of the Company of Heaven in your mind’s eye all the time, and you become the co-creator to the Company of Heaven. You understand too you have legions upon legions of Light around you all the time, assisting you from a personal and planetary perspective.

Focus on creating abundance manifestations in your Life. If you are reclaiming your power, you are half way there, and now you simply need to bring a focus to what it is you would like to create and hold that focus. Your buddies of the Light cannot assist you if you keep changing your mind, deciding one moment you would like to do this, another moment you would like to do that. You will never gather momentum in this way. Believe in yourself and the power of your manifestations and step out of any illusionary manifestations (like those perpetuated by “The Secret” for example) into a place of integrity and focus through Service in Love, and the Universe will give you back tenfold what you put forward. Doing nothing and imagining that the Universe is going to land you with the perfect job is unrealistic. You need to propel this energy through your actions in order to magnetize what you would like into your reality. And remember, the first few times, it may not be perfect – the Universe may present you with some “stop points” along the way, leading you to where you next need to go.

There is another type of patterning often perpetuated in the “awakening process” by some Souls who travel through on the third ray of Divine Intelligence – this is the Light worker who has a moment of “experiencing the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God” or a deep sense of Love for all Life. This person suddenly feels like they know much more than anyone else, and develops a sense of arrogance, of “lesser than and better than” consciousness and in men, this may also appear as the “Messiah complex”; feeling they need to “show their seeds” with as many women as possible who will be blessed by such an encounter with them – or workshop facilitators who sleep with their students. There are often many underlying power issues at work here in addition to the heart chakra being blocked. Addictions are very common, mostly smoking, drinking, recreational drugs and so on. Soul fragmentation is also very common. This Light worker may also feel drawn to experiencing amphetamines or similar drugs, which in turn can create portals to higher dimensions in which they leave aspects of their Soul consciousness and are not able to retrieve these aspects of themselves, or they make take chemical drugs or be drawn to rituals and magic, possibly exploring both the Light and the dark. These Light workers often struggle too in holding down jobs, changing jobs regularly and having abundance and financial issues. They are intellectually very gifted and often very creative. Also common here is the Light Worker who feels they need to tell you how many past life’s you have had together, where you may have meet in a previous incarnation, the things you did to them (usually you did something unpleasant to create a karmic connection) and so on. Often this is just the imaginings of a fine mind.

Work with clearing the emotional body – and general clearing work such as implant and entity clearing, the severing of fear and anger based etheric cords, the removal of the seals placed on the chakras, karmic clearing and so on.

Give up your addictions – easier said than done. But you have a choice, and you need to make it. There is not a single drug, natural or chemical, that will take you into experiencing the Heart and Mind of Mother/Father God long term.

Open your heart to Love and find compassion for yourself and others– as the heart is often blocked, look at patterns in your Life that may have caused disillusionment or a build-up of anger and resentment in your Life. It is also common here to imagine that others have more than you, and to feel resentful of others. Rather appreciate everything that you have at this moment, and take some time everyday to connect to your heart – visualize a beautiful blue flame, coming through from the second ray of Love-Wisdom and Overlighted by Master Kuthumi. Let this flame of Love surround you and each cell in your body, while expanding your heart through the frequency of Love (invocations and affirmations to the second ray are below).

Feel the connection to your Higher Self of the Light and let this be your guiding Light rather than your negative ego. The nature of the negative ego is like that of a little child, running amuck and just doing whatever suits him or her, and also feeling that something bad is going to happen if someone else takes the reins (You, the Soul consciousness, and your Higher Light). You need to give the negative ego a name and chat to him/her and let this aspect of yourself know it is very safe and that nothing is going to happen to it (almost like dealing with a sub-personality aspect to yourself). Then connect your Higher Light with your negative ego and let them get to know each other. When you feel the negative ego starting to take over, breathe deep into the body, letting go of the fear, anger, perceived injustice and so on, and connect with these two aspects of yourself. You need to put your conscious awareness into this to be aware and vigilant of the negative ego.

Work with the Soul fragmentation meditation – (this meditation is included in this article).

The third type of experience pretty common to Light workers traveling primarily on the first ray of Will and Power is a feeling that they are getting no-where in their Spirituality, as they cannot see the outward results and may not yet be able to feel or sense their connection to the Company of Heaven or be able to channel their Guides, Angels etc. or have developed other gifts that they really wanted. These Light workers generally like to be in control, but needs to develop a sense of trust and surrender – surrendering to the Divine Will of Mother/Father God, and trusting in themselves and the Universe. The “workshop junkie” may also fall into this category, going from one workshop, one teaching to another, without any grounding, or without taking the time to assimilate the knowledge received. Power issues may also come into play here, particularly in personal relationships and the inability to trust your partner or people in general. The heart chakra may be blocked, and disillusionment and disheartenment are common. These Light workers may also carry a lot of the eco-warrior energy and can be confrontational when they perceive it to be necessary.

Trust your intuition – you are at the place that is perfect for you in this moment, and you need to simply slow down from your busy lifestyle, take time out for yourself and start to listen to your heart and not your head. Get into nature more and really start to live in the moment without worrying about tomorrow.

Know that we all have different gifts and that they all manifest differently – believe me, you have many incredible gifts. Some Light workers will be able to feel or sense their Guides, and others just need to trust in this process. Some Light workers may be able to channel and receive information from the realms of Illumined Truth and others just have to trust in themselves and the messages they receive through the books falling on their heads, the people they bump into that may mention a particular workshop for example, or a life changing experience they may have with another. These are all gifts; these are all ways that the Universe is talking to you.

Look at your issues of control or your inability to trust in your relationships – it is reflected into the Universe and the inability to trust the Universe and the gifts you may receive. Have a look at patterning that may go back into the early years of your Life, Father issues and inner child work.

Work with the third ray of Divine Intelligence and the second ray of Love-Wisdom. The third ray will assist you to lift the lower mind into the Mind of God and to experience the Illumination of the Higher Mind and to trust in the wisdom you receive and your own intuition. The second ray is a wonderful ray to work with through the energy of the heart and can take you into deep and powerful meditations (invocations and affirmations on these rays are detailed below).

Work with the DNA Reading and Clearing eBook – this is a very powerful tool to take you into past life/parallel realities and genetically inherited memories that are blocking you from moving forward. In this eBook, you are given the tools to see when these patterns may have been created as well as clearing the original Divine eight-cells and the related two strand DNA of these core memories.

Collectively, we are all in the place where we need to be at this moment, and the puzzle pieces are coming together more rapidly now. We are connecting more with each other, finding our Soul groups again, and working on this dimension and alternate realities and dimensions simultaneously. This is the nature to our multidimensionality through the understanding of being these precious Beings of Light, whether starseeds, Light workers or walk-ins. And the Universe always answers, always supports us and always gives us the direction and guidance we need; even when it seems like life is completely crazy or we are in an eternal moment in time where nothing seems to be happening. There is so much movement collectively and at a higher Light level, and this is gathering in momentum month after month. You, my sweet friends, have chosen to be here, to make a difference and to connect all Life in Love. Now, isn’t that a wonderful gift to give to yourself and others.

Soul fragmentation meditation

I have included a meditation for bringing back the Soul fragments from this and other realities using the seven main chakras in the body and the Overlighting of the seven main Archangels.

Get yourself into a comfortable and relaxed space and call in your Higher Light, your Master Guides and Guardian Angel and all other Beings of Light that you personally acknowledge. You are now going to call upon the seven Archangels, their Divine feminine counterparts and their legion of wonderful Angels to assist you in retrieving the parts of your Soul that left in shock, in shame or pain, or perhaps just to have a different experience. You are going to invite those parts of you that left to come back and be part of you again. Be willing to Love and nurture those Soul parts of you that have fragmented so you may be complete and whole again. You are going to ask for the assistance of each Archangel and their Divine Counterpart to bring in their gifts of Love and Light, joy, warmth, compassion, humility and understanding, so that you may become these qualities and so that your Soul pieces that left may join you in this new Love and Light.

Now call upon Archangels Gabriel and Hope, Keepers of purity, joy, hope and discipline so you may fully embody these qualities.

Archangels Gabriel and Hope now reach out and touch the base of your spine, your base chakra, and as they do, you experience a lifting of any dark energy that fills this particular area. You see this base chakra area fill with Light and Love in a beautiful white ray, the symbolic color of Archangels Gabriel and Hope. Archangels Gabriel and Hope ask you to release all negative thoughts and feelings that you might have in this particular area, to give them up to the host of Angels that are working with Archangels Gabriel and Hope, to allow them to be transmuted into higher frequencies of Love and Light.

Feel the Love of Archangels Gabriel and Hope and their legion of Angels as they fill your base chakra with the qualities of purity, joy, hope and discipline.

You see a beautiful white ray fill this area as your base chakra now starts to spin with your Love and the Love of the Archangels and Angels. All the Archangels and Angels are smiling and singing in the most beautiful way as they send you these rays of Love and Light, as they bring in these wonderful qualities of purity, joy, hope and discipline in the white ray of Archangel Gabriel and his Divine feminine counterpart Hope.

Now ask that your fragmented Soul piece that is missing from your base chakra and did not want to belong come and join you. You are willing to Love this Soul piece and you let your Soul piece know that it is now in a loving and nurturing environment. Feel your fragmented Soul piece enter into your base chakra and in these high frequencies of Love and Light, in these qualities of purity, joy, hope and discipline, your Soul piece becomes whole again. It has finally come home in the white ray of Archangels Gabriel and Hope.

Now focus on your sacral chakra, which is two to three inches below the navel. Feel the wonderful violet ray of Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst enter into the sacral centre.

Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst bring with them the qualities of freedom, compassion and forgiveness and you allow yourself to experience your compassion and your forgiveness. You feel an exquisite sense of lightness in your sacral centre as you allow yourself to release all negative belief systems or judgments from your sacral centre. You transmute all these lower energies into frequencies of Love and Light through the violet ray of Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, as you bring in the qualities of freedom, compassion, and forgiveness. You fill your sacral centre with Self Love and the Love of all the Archangels and Angels.

Ask that your fragmented Soul piece that is missing from your sacral chakra join you now. Tell your Soul piece that it is now safe and protected, that you will Love and cherish this Soul piece, this part of you that so desperately needs your Love, your Light. Your Soul piece that is missing from your sacral centre now joins you as you breathe deeply into this violet color and as you become the qualities of freedom, compassion and forgiveness. Welcome your Soul piece back to its rightful home in these wonderful qualities and frequencies of Love and Light.

Now bring your focus to your solar plexus centre, which is found two inches above your navel. You lightly feel this chakra being activated by Archangels Uriel and Aurora who bring the qualities of peace and service through a deep rich purple ray. Allow yourself to release all negative images that need to be released from this particular area. Feel exquisite Light and Love enter into your solar plexus centre as you reclaim these qualities of peace and service. Now ask your Soul piece that has left from this particular place to return. As your Soul piece returns, welcome it with open arms and feel the connection and strong ties that bind you together. You are feeling more complete and whole within yourself. You breathe a rich wonderful purple color into your solar plexus centre as you allow this piece of your Soul to experience your Higher Light in the qualities of peace and service, Love and Light.

Now you move up to the heart centre and focus on opening your heart centre to Love. Archangels Chamuel and Charity now activate this heart area with a wonderful pink ray and bring with them the qualities of Love, creativity and beauty. You welcome these wonderful qualities and this powerful feeling of Love as you open your heart in these frequencies of Love. Release all negative feelings of Self-loathing or non-acceptance that you might hold in your heart centre. You experience your richness, you feel your Love for yourself, your friends and family and finally for this entire planet. You feel a universal sense of Love.

As you bask in this beautiful Light and newfound Love, ask that your Soul piece that is missing from this area join you now in this communion of Love. Breathe deeply into the rich pink colour as you see your Soul piece enter into your heart centre as you open your heart centre in Love and to the magic of the Archangels and Angels and all of life around you. Allow yourself to be filled with Love, creativity and beauty for all of Life and for yourself.

You now move up to the throat chakra as Archangels Michael and Faith activate this point for you. Archangels Michael and Faith bring with them the qualities of power, faith and protection through a beautiful sky blue ray. You feel your vocal vitality and the knowledge that allows you to express yourself freely in Divine truth, for Archangels Michael and Faith bring with them the qualities of power, faith and protection.

Allow yourself to fully release all negativity that is harbored in this area. Now call out to your Soul piece that is missing from this area to come and join you, to experience your Higher Light, your Divine expression and Love through the qualities of power, faith and protection. You see or feel your fragmented Soul piece, the part belonging to these experiences, come back to you as you breathe in this beautiful sky blue ray. You embrace this part of your Soul that is rejoicing in this reunion with you as this wonderful Higher Light.

Now bring your attention to your third eye where you feel the light, soft and warm touch of Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary as they bring in a rich green ray. Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary bring with them the qualities of truth, abundance and healing and you feel these qualities moving through your third eye, becoming part of you.

Allow yourself to release all patterns and perceptions held in your third eye that no longer hold true for you as you now vibrate at a higher frequency. Feel the wonderful Love of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary as you breathe the rich green ray into this area. Ask your fragmented Soul piece that left this area to come back to where it is safe and protected, where it can experience the qualities of truth, abundance and healing. Your fragmented Soul piece that is missing from this area now returns on this wonderful green ray as you let this Soul piece know that you will look after it, Love it and nurture it.

Finally, bring your attention to your crown chakra at the top of your head. Archangels Jophiel and Constance activate this point and as they do they bring in a beautiful yellow ray and the qualities of wisdom, insight and understanding. The last part of your fragmented Soul that is missing now enters through your crown chakra on this beautiful yellow ray to become this Higher Light, to become part of you in your wisdom, insight and understanding.

You are feeling much more complete, much more whole now. You have brought your Soul fragments entirely back into your being and you now feel all parts of your Soul, all parts of yourself. You feel your Soul stir deep within your Soul Matrix, deep within your heart centre, as you open your heart centre to this wonderful feeling of Love. Welcome each part of your Soul that has come back to be with you as your Higher Light, in the frequencies of Love and Light.

And now, take a few minutes to cancel any old Soul contracts you might have, with yourself, family, friends or those people that you perceive have caused you pain. These contracts might be the belief that you have to experience pain and suffering in order to truly experience Love and compassion, or the belief that this is how you learn best or survival based contracts in which you felt you had no choice. These are old Soul contracts, and in this reality, you can choose to experience your lessons in Love and joy and harmony. See these old Soul contracts, one at a time, and see yourself signing this contract and another person signing this contract, if they are part of this contract. And now, take a big red rubber stamp with the word “cancelled” and just cancel these old Soul contracts, one at a time. Now tear up these old Soul contracts and see yourself burning them in a big bonfire. And now state aloud: I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation and all my incarnations across space and time and parallel realities, and all dimensions. And now, create new Soul contracts of Love and joy and abundance consciousness.

Now, just take the time to chat to these newly found Soul pieces of your Self and create a deeper bound of trust, Love and mutual support. What is important is also to change the way you perceive your reality, to ensure that these newly found Soul pieces do not fragment again. When you do this exercise, try to feel into the source of the “original wound”, mostly from parallel realities, as this will assist in shifting your Consciousness in this Now, and bring your awareness to some of the old patterns and false beliefs you may be perpetuating in this reality. And lastly, bring your focus to the steams of Light from your Higher Light connecting you the timelines of the best probably future for yourself. Ask your future Self of the Light to step forward and to make this connection with you to this future and to bring through the people and events that can take you into this destiny.

Now, thank the wonderful Archangels, their Divine feminine counterparts and their legion of Angels.


First Ray of Will and power

Ray Master: Chohan El Morya Overlighted by Archangels Michael and Faith, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.

Key word: Empowerment

Qualities: Will-to-good, individuality, vitality, singleness of purpose and clear vision.

Color: Red

Chakra Center: Crown

Magical Images: Hermaphrodite. A mighty warrior on his chariot.

Archetypes: Addict, judge and warrior.

Visualization: I call forth the energies of Master El Morya, Archangels Michael and Faith, and Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, to bring through a beautiful red flame, and to surround my energy field in this dynamic red flame. I now request that Master El Morya anchor and activate the first ray qualities of will-to-good, individuality, vitality, singleness of purpose and clear vision through my crown chakra.

Invocation to the first ray of Will and Power

I call upon the Chohan El Morya

To actualize the first ray of Will and Power,

And to take me in my Spiritual Body of Light

To the Ascension Seat in Shamballa.

To align my will to the Divine Will of God

And to guide me in my Sacred Contract.
I call upon the Chohan El Morya

To assist me with clear vision

And to imbue my energy field

With vitality and singleness of purpose.

As I surrender to the Divine,

As I trust in my Self and others,

As I open to receiving with clear boundaries,

As I take on the mantle of leadership through dynamic right action.
I Am a Master Being of Light

I Am All That I Am.

Affirmation: I am an empowered Being. I take back the power I have given to others and my sub-conscious mind, as I step into my own power, bringing with it self-worth, self-respect, dignity, honor, and the understanding of the Divine Equality of all Life. I call forth my Christed Overself of the Light to strengthen my will, and to give me courage as I step into a deeper level of trust, surrender, and union with the Divine. (Repeat three times).

Second Ray of Love-Wisdom

Ray Master: Chohan Kuthumi, Overlighted by Archangels Jophiel and Constance, and Elohim Apollo and Lumina.

Keyword: Love

Qualities: Strength, patience and endurance, intuition, clear intelligence, radiance and faithfulness.

Color: Blue

Chakra Center: Heart

Magical Images: Beautiful naked woman. Mighty crowned and throned king.

Archetypes: Beggar, magical/innocent child.

Visualization: I call forth the energies of Lord Kuthumi, Archangels Jophiel and Constance, and Elohim Apollo and Lumina, to surround me in a beautiful blue flame. I now request that Lord Kuthumi bring through the second ray qualities of strength, patience and endurance, intuition, clear intelligence, radiance and faithfulness, and anchor these qualities through my heart center.

Invocation to the second ray of Love-Wisdom

I call upon the Chohan Kuthumi

To actualize the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

To take me in my Spiritual Body of Light

To Lord Melchizedek’s Golden Chamber

Ascension Seat in the middle Earth,

And to activate the key codes of Ascension and Resurrection.
To allow me the experience of wholeness,

through Love, creativity, strength and intuition.

To experience the magic of Life

through the Flame of unconditional Love.

To become the magnificent precious Being of Love that I Am.
I open my Heart to my Self and others,

I surrender my Self to Love.

I Am unconditional Love

I Am Wisdom

I Am Light

I Am the magnificence of Creation through Service in Love.

Affirmation: I am a magical and loving Being of Light. I embrace myself and all Life through the Divine Flame of Love. I am compassionate, wise and creative. I am inspired by Life, and the Love for my Self and others. (Repeat three times).

Third ray of Divine Intelligence

Ray Master: Chohan Serapis Bey Overlighted by Archangels Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora.

Keyword: Wisdom through Knowledge.

Qualities: Mental illumination, capacity for concentration on philosophical studies, clear-mindedness, sincerity of purpose, and patience.

Color: Yellow

Chakra Center: Throat

Magical Images: A beautiful naked man, very strong. A child. A sacrificed god. A majestic king.

Archetype: Advocate

Visualization: I call forth the energies of Chohan Serapis Bey, Archangels Chamuel and Charity, and Elohim Heros and Amora, to bring through a beautiful yellow ascension flame, and to surround my energy field in this beautiful yellow flame. I now request that Master Kuthumi anchor and activate the third ray qualities of mental illumination, capacity for concentration on philosophical studies, clear-mindedness, sincerity of purpose, and patience, through my throat chakra.

Invocation to the third ray of Divine Intelligence

I call forth Ascended Master Serapis Bey

To actualize the third ray of Divine Intelligence

And to surround me in his Ascension Acceleration Flame,

Clearing remnants of my negative ego,

And allowing me to experience the Wisdom of Mother/Father God.
I call forth Ascended Master Serapis Bey

To take me in my Spiritual Body of Light

To his Ascension Retreat in Luxor, Egypt

To the Temple of the Ascension Flame,

So I may integrate my Highest Light

In the I Am Presence That I Am,

So I may become Wisdom, and Truth

And connect to the Higher Mind teachings through the realms of Illumined Truth.
In All That I Am

I Am Wisdom

I Am Truth

I Am a Divine Expression of God in embodiment.

Affirmation: I am a Light Beholden unto God. I am wisdom and Love, clear intelligence and creativity in action. I recognize the Divine Equality of all Life. I choose the Path of Service and Love. (Repeat three times).


Protection Coning

On this journey of Love and Light there are going to be challenges and times when you feel very vulnerable and disorientated as you release your blockages and clear your issues. During these periods, it is good to work within a protection coning. As the name implies, this is a coning offered by specific Light Beings to protect you within your environment and within your space from negative and foreign energy so you may work in a harmonious and loving environment.

For this protection coning the appropriate members are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ. You will also be including your Higher Self of the Light. As a free will zone, no other energies, unless specifically invited into this coning, will appear.

Let us now open a protection coning, as you allow yourself to be nurtured within this loving and protective environment

State your intent to open a protection coning

Ask to be connected to the appropriate coning members

Ask to be connected to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Ask to be connected to St. Germain, keeper of the violet flame

Visualize yourself stepping into a huge violet flame.

Ask to be connected to the Christed One and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Ascended Ray of Christ

Visualize yourself surrounded in the white Light of the Christed One
Ask to be connected to Archangel Michael, Keeper of the Sword of Holy Truth

Visualize a “Sword of Holy Truth” and place this within your heart area.

You ask to be connected to your Higher Self of the Light

Wait a minute for the coning to be fully activated.

Make sure you are fully grounded and again surround yourself in your golden bubble of Light within two to three feet of your body in every direction. Place a wonderful rose outside of your golden bubble with the stem going deep down into Mother Earth.

In all of these conings, you call in your Higher Self of the Light. However, when you disconnect from a coning you do not disconnect from your Higher Self of the Light. You are only disconnecting your Higher Self of the Light from the other coning members within the coning.

You may repeat the following affirmation: I accept only Divine Love and Light. All else is illusionary and will not be allowed within my sacred space. I am centered, mindful and aware of my environment and the energies with which I choose to interact.



ART : Karl Bang @ Maher Art Gallery

About Anrita

Taking Responsibility for the Future of the Earth – Natalie Glasson


ART : Koto Wari.


Taking Responsibility for the Future of the Earth

by Commander Ashtar

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 23rd September 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Let the peace in your heart and soul develop igniting a space of pure truth within your being. I am Commander Ashtar; I oversee the members of the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters, known as the Airborne Ascended Masters because they travel throughout the Universe of the Creator upon a spaceship being of service. I am Commander of the spaceship and overseer of the work of the Ascended Masters dedicated to this service. It is our mission to be in tune with the divine inspiration and guidance of the Creator, so we may understand where within the Creator’s universe the most tremendous ascension shifts and transformations are taking place, what is required to support the evolution of the Creator and how we can be of service. We are present at every major transformation where a being, community, country or even civilisation is shifting into greater embodiment of light. We support each moment by lending our energy, anchoring appropriate light codes given to us by the Creator and healing any stress or strain that may surface due to the awakening taking place. We also have a purpose of travelling through the Universe of the Creator to deliver wisdom, information and sacred truth to whoever comes into our awareness as guided by the Creator. We are a healing team, an awakening team of the truth of the Creator and a team which supports the deliverance of sacred knowledge. The light tools we hold upon our spaceship are immensely powerful. However, they can only be used to support the evolution of love. Some of the information we hold is concerning the light technology of the future of the Earth and the inner planes.

If you wish to understand the future light technology of your world, then you can ask during meditation to visit us upon the Galactic Federation Spaceship. We will assist you in accessing the light technology, sharing information of how it can be recreated upon the Earth as well as supporting your protection if you wish to bring the light technology into the earthly reality. We will not tolerate those who wish to misuse the light technology and light technology plans we safeguard. When a soul wishes to visit our spaceship or access the sacred information we store, their soul is evaluated to ensure their intentions are pure and that their greatest desire is the evolution of the pure love of the Creator. We invite you to visit our spaceship in meditation if you wish to view and perceive a glimpse of the light technology which will be used by all upon the Earth in the future, as well as understanding the future ascension of Mother Earth and humanity.

Light technology is very different to the technology you experience upon the Earth now. Light technology can manifest in physical forms, semi- physical forms or energetic forms. Whatever form it takes it is formed from light and holds the purpose of creating more light. Light technology always has a purpose of acting as a support for the spiritual evolution of all, aiding unification with the Creator and mastery of all dimensions of light. Light technology supports, inspires and empowers only. Crystals act in a similar supportive way to light technology, for example, a crystal can awaken your inner healing energy, store wisdom for you so that the same wisdom can be reactivated within you when you need it, as well as supporting the strengthening and empowerment of sacred qualities within your being. The crystal never does the work for you, it will never overpower you so that your intentions or inner power are no longer needed, the purpose of light technology is the same; tools that aid your ascension rather than achieve your ascension for you.

Each individual upon the Earth taking responsibility for their own existence and ascension process is the future for humanity. There are many light tools and technology which will be gifted to humanity, however, there is a need for humanity to step into their power in order for the light technology to truly manifest upon the Earth. Taking responsibility is not solely looking after yourself and your needs. Taking responsibility for your existence and your ascension is accessing the power within you, by this, I mean recognising how powerfully present the qualities of truth, love, peace, harmony, unity, understanding, generosity and expanded consciousness are within you. Realising that when you are in align and attuned to the sacred energies of your soul, you are in your power, you become the creator of your reality. This means that negativity, pain and harm no longer exist unless you choose to consciously or unconsciously welcome the experience into your reality to support your evolution. When you take responsibility you rely on your inner energies, abilities, power and wisdom to support you. Therefore you do not need or require anything. That which you do require can manifest into your reality with ease and perfection from your empowered thoughts. When humanity takes responsibility, they will recognise that the energy or source they are is present within all beings. To harm another only harms yourself by lowering your vibration and dampening your connection with the Creator. When you harm, you are believing in separation, and this impacts your soul causing chaos within many of your systems. Humanity will realise that experiencing unity within with the Creator and all aspects of the Creator will actually empower their presence and existence upon the Earth allowing the victim consciousness that many hold to be released. Victim consciousness is not only being negativity targeted, you are also a victim when you give your power away to those in positions of authority in your world who may not have your best interests at heart. To become the opposite of a victim, an attacker, also gives your power away. It is only when you align with your truth, your inner power and sacred wisdom creating that which you wish to see, feel and experience using your powerful mind, feelings and energy, you will take responsibility and see the changes you wish to upon the Earth.

To transform the world around you from within your being rather than taking physical action may seem a strange concept or it may be something you wholeheartedly believe to be true, however, have yet to experience evidence that it actually works. To take responsibility is to trust in yourself, to be guided by your inner knowledge, which is the voice of the Creator within you, and to recognise your energetic powers even if you have yet to experience them.

‘I take responsibility for my existence upon the Earth and my ascension process by aligning my entire being with the truth, power and essence of my soul. I create the reality I wish to experience from the wealth of Creator vibrations and power within me. I support the transformation of the Earth and negative creations of humanity by recognising the truth within me and projecting my light filled with wisdom and love into the world. The reality I create within me forms my physical reality around me. I now recognise the power and strength of my mind, the expansive knowledge I hold to see beyond illusions and the potent light I can emanate which with my intention can create anything I wish. I am in my power, aligned to my truth, I take responsibility for being my sacred essence upon the Earth. Commander Ashtar and the Galactic Federation I invite you to support, heal, inspire and gu ide me now. Thank you.’

When humanity takes responsibility technology will seem pointless, and light technology will be gifted in its place, empowering the truth of each being. You will then begin to realise how intelligent you are as a human being because your soul and mind will merge, this will create tremendous expansion within your mind which will encourage your mind to contemplate and accept light. Within light is such advance, valuable and illuminating information, knowledge and wisdom. Each person will be able to access this wisdom and will become expansive, open-minded, highly intelligent and profoundly spiritual beings. This is when illusions will fall away and truth will be available for all to access. The world would then transform dramatically. However it all begins within you.

I, Commander Ashtar, wish to share with you that at this time we, the Galactic Federation are gifting souls upon the Earth with a pod of peace which will act as an activation of peace within your being as well as sharing wisdom of peace. We wish to share this with you to support you in awakening peace within, enhancing your experience of inner peace as well as creating peace in your relationships. Whether it is your relationship with yourself, others, a past lifetime, a fear, in truth whatever is needed. The energy we provide will act like a puzzle piece restoring peace where it is necessary to aid your further acceptance of yourself and inner transformation. Simply call upon my energy, Commander Ashtar and invite me to deliver to you a pod of peace to activate peace within your being, to share the wisdom of peace and to aid peace within relationships of all forms.

We are supporting every ascension and empowerment step you take,

Commander Ashtar

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ART : Koto Wari.

Archangel Michael on Hoarding – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Eng Tay.


Archangel Michael on Hoarding

Rumors fly back and forth of temporary bank closures and the need to survive for a period of x weeks on stocked-up supplies.

I asked Archangel Michael in my last reading with him through Linda Dillon, Sept. 2, 2016, if we needed to hoard.

Steve: The notion that we need to stock up on living necessities for a month, is that accurate?

AAM: It is not accurate. This is the fear….

You are seeing the old patterns come up to the forefront. What you are witnessing is those who have very clear memories, current and long histories, of enslavement, saying the “masters” – and that takes many forms, cabal, Illuminati, those in power, those I don’t agree with – are going to do nasty things to me and so I have need to enter into a realm of extreme protection so that I can hide away.

Now at the same time you and we are saying there is massive change. Spring has already come. The floodgates are open.

The new paradigms are anchored. People’s hearts are expanding.  Your systems are shifting. You are awaiting blessings of all kinds.

There is a dichotomy here that is of the old duality polarity. So there are people who are saying, “Yes, we are engaging in the new and by the way I am really afraid and I am going to go away and hide.”

That is not the job or the path of lightworkers.

Are there shortages in certain areas of your planet. Yes, and there have been for a very long time.

But the purpose of these changes that we are very actively speaking about and that we are all with you working upon – you as the implementation team, we as your backup – are positive. [You are not meant] to be cowering in the corner hoarding. That is of the old.

So the opening of those floodgates means the wherewithal, and the political wherewithal – and I use that in the small ‘P” political – to make sure that food is available for everyone.  A very practical example.

So when you hoard, what you are doing is that you are reinforcing the old – that you are in need, that you cannot create, that you cannot bring forth.

It is always wise to keep water and some food on hand, simply in case you want to spend the day in quiet reflection. But to hoard makes no sense. It is not our guidance. It is not what is needed.


ART : Eng Tay.


Archangel Michael on Hoarding

Imagineering – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia




I was contemplating how I could possibly supervise four large organizations and continue to write, after the Reval.

And I was building org charts in my mind, playing with this concept and that, and talking to my assistant.

And I suddenly saw us carrying the same vision and playing with it. Teasing something out of it here and adding something to it there. Fleshing this part out and recalibrating that part.

But fundamentally we were carrying the same vision.

This was realizational knowledge. I saw the matter in a flash and after that it was a settled question: Just express the vision well and unequivocally and ensure that everyone who comes on board can support that vision and bring it into reality.

Let me give an example of a vision.

Let’s take one of the four organizations – the Lightworkers Congress. (1) The function of the Lightworkers Congress is to channel lightworker’s contributions into collectively-funded, globally-focussed efforts to end world problems like hunger, drought, homelessness, pestilence, lack of sanitation, disease, etc.

That’s its purpose and I saw a number of us all carrying the same vision and working toward the same end.  That’s how we’d accomplish our task – by working with, refining, extending, and elaborating our shared vision.

I asked myself what word represents what it is we’re doing when we work this way and the word that came to mind was imagineering – not my word, but Walt Disney’s. We’re using our imaginations to engineer the end of global unworkability together.

We’ll soon have the equipment and then it’s our turn at bat.  Our turn to show what we can do. Our turn to turn this world around.

Just like the imagineers in my contemplative vision, we need to carry the shared idea with us that we can turn this world around, that we have the knowledge, the foresight and (soon) the means to transform the circumstances of our world such that life works out for everyone.

Holding that shared vision is the foundation upon which we generate and project our collective will to eradicate the global problem or condition of unworkability in question.

There has always been more than enough gold for global transformation in all areas of life and soon the first of the more-than-adequate funds to work our transformation will begin to flow.


I’m having a minor spiritual experience as I write this. It started earlier this afternoon and is beginning again, as I write.

I walked to the store and asked myself as I began my walk, “How can I make this walk contribute to world peace?” And I began waving the magic wand of my awareness around myself,  affirming, “I surround myself in peace.”

And I could very palpably feel it. Surprisingly so.

This sense of palpably feeling it was brand new to me. Oh, this was peace! Oh!

Then I lost my awareness of it in shopping.

Now here I am writing and that same palpable peace has come knocking again. It grows when I take the wand of my attention and circle my body with it.

Just like the energy bubble I built the other day when guidance suggested it, this is a peace bubble and it’s even more profound in its impact.

Peace is much more than a mere cessation of hostilities. It isn’t even a void of any sort or a subtraction of something.

It’s full of something so substantial, right, and profound that I cannot find words to describe it.  There’s nothing to compare it to. But then I say that about each new divine state I visit.

As with bliss and love, one can go deeper and deeper into peace and the deeper I’ve gone, the more incredible is the sense of solidity and certainty, appropriateness and fulfilment.

I’ve only had brief glimpses of a peace that deep. But it’s changed my mind on the subject. I feel like an ingenue, saying “I never knew….”


(1) The other three are: the Golden Age of Gaia, the Michaelangelo Fund, and the Gender Equality Fund.



Fresh Focus – Jamye Price


Fresh Focus

Blessed Being, your awareness and focus are a powerful catalyst of creation. Your consciousness is a vehicle of Life, and as you perceive life, you conceive it. What expectations do you have that set you on a path of recreating patterns from the past? As you open your heart and mind to a Fresh Focus, you allow a new creation to form more easily.

We want to take you beyond just thinking positively, for as you have observed it is not a complete system of change. It is important to use your mind toward positive focus, but you must find vibrational resonance with it on a foundational level.

Rather than just thinking positively, begin to think in possibilities and potentials.

For some, positive thinking will create a pattern of avoidance as they avoid making internal and behavioral (external) changes. Rather than find forgiveness and peace with a situation, they will avoid change and try to focus the mind on positive thoughts about it. This creates a pattern of internal control that seeks to manipulate an expected outcome with the power of thought. This is a pattern of avoidance of personal change. Life will always call you toward growth.

Potential and possibility are what the future offers. The future responds to your present vibrational resonance, the core and the totality of your vibration. Therefore a vibration of avoidance creates a response to bring balance to what is being avoided. This is Life calling you toward growth.

When you think with possibilities, you are creating a Fresh Focus.

You are allowing a fluidity to the structure or boundaries of creation, and new potentials can form. You are softening the fears that create a survival mechanism of seeking to avoid a challenge. You are opening to the ease of natural law. You are becoming patient with change for there is no fear creating resistance with a moment. You are creating a strength of flow that shapes life to the path of least resistance, creating a cascade of beautiful power flowing forth.

Positive potentials become form through your Fresh Focus.

With effort (internal action) you create new neural pathways that continually support your Fresh Focus, new possibilities in your life. Your openness to potentials creates different chemical cascades within your system. Your physical mechanism creates new reactions within. Your physical system begins to flow with new ideas, new energy, new endurance. It is most often subtle at first, so you must support your own path of change with an openness to your possibilities. Your potential is infinite.

Allow the path of least resistance to show you more ease, even through change. The water does not resist the rock, it merely responds to the change in direction and patiently reshapes the rock as appropriate. That which is fluid and soft can change a rock by mere flow with the possibilities.

Think in Possibilities by Jamye Price

Dear one, Fresh Focus is what you offer to Life. You create a new pathway for Life to flow through. It begins within you more easily as you are less rigid with change.

To enhance your Fresh Focus and flow well with change, you are creating an openness to the challenges of Life. It is easy to flow when things are easy, continue that flow. But when Life seems to resist you, seek the path of least resistance within. It is a strength of knowing your ability to reshape life for the best flow. Not dominating Life into compliance with your will, but enjoying the flow of discovery that Life seeks through your joy, your creation. Your Fresh Focus is the nourishing water that supports growth. What seeds are you nurturing into creation?

As we sit to Blast Fresh Focus, we are healing resistance within by letting go of fears and dramas that that bind us to past patterns. We are flowing easily with our path of Life, knowing that change occurs with our balance of acceptance with the present and focus of the future. We are releasing resistance to opposition and focusing Love on creation, as we shift direction or pause to find a new resonance within. We are boldly Loving Life, emanating a resonance of peace that weaves change into the fabric of the future of humanity. Blast on!

Cultivation of The Light – Altair Shyam


ART : Trilochan @ Trika Yoga Kala Kshetra Ashram Society


Cultivation of The Light


Remember Einstein? He solved the mysteries of the universe by paying careful attention to the light.

I am going to guide you, here and now, into the Universal mystery of the One Light, your Light Body, the Temple of the One Chakra, through loving, kind observation of the light within you, like the genius alchemical scientist you are.

I also need your help because like good scientists I am exploring this with you and would dearly love your feedback on your experience after listening to this.

The MP3 is large so please email me at
to receive it.


Cultivation of the Light means paying attention to something that is within us and all around us that we are constantly distracted from.

We are, in essence, the stuff of stars, the pure Light of Being, yet how often do we give our full attention to the Self, Consciousness, the Light of God within us?

Let us start, together, with the Light meditation.

Take a prism or crystal and place it directly in the path of a light source like the sun or a torch.

Bring your face close to it so you can observe it closely.

Absorb the light in through your eyes as if this is the first time you have ever seen the light.

Let go of what it is called, see it as nameless, in its fullness, so that nothing separates you from the light.

Notice it’s energy, color, shape.

Perhaps you bisect the path of light with your hand so that you become one with the light.

Bring to mind the origins of the light and that you and the light are connected to a much larger whole.

As you breathe, absorb the light through your eyes as if the breath were also light, and each breath illuminates you, filling your body with light.

Close your eyes and sense the presence of light. The strong, deep inner knowing that you are not separate from all this.

Feel the light. You know that light, like the sun, brings warmth, so feel the inner light of the body bringing warmth to your inner energy body. Feel the light sweep like a wave from head to toe.

Sense the light at the tip of your nose. What would it smell like? Feel the light traveling up the nasal passages and down to fill your lungs.

Sense exactly where it is now. Follow it deeply, surely, confidently, as it traverses the blood and tissues, the organs and skin, the bones and meridian pathways in your body.

Allow the in breath to bring the light in.

Allow the light to enter.

Be deeply aware of the attention you are bringing to the light within and the light around us.

Stay present with seeing the light. Touch the light gently with the fingers of your compassionate heart.

Stay really in the light from moment to moment. If you lose your way or get distracted, simply return to breathing in the light.

Take your attention to your ears. What quality of sound does the light bring? The cosmos itself is conspiring in this very moment to help you remember the Self. Listen closely, gently, with the sweet compassion of your beautiful heart.

Let the light spiral in your consciousness. Turn it around, allow it to open like a flower, a lotus within you, as it reveals the secrets, the radiance, of the universe within.

Whatever happens keep bringing your awareness and attention back to breathing in the light and allowing the light to enter the fullness of your body.

Gradually bring the light in and down into your heart.

Notice how your heart already knows how to do this.

When you were a baby in the womb and in your first days of life, you were intimately connected to the light, the Womb of Being, and you are going there now. Into the Heart of Light, the One Chakra.

Before you touch the light to your heart notice what is going on in your heart.

It may be beating faster or growing warm or humming or glowing.

It is clear that there is a sense of anticipation as if the heart knows already what it is about to receive.

Notice that the light hasn’t fully come into the heart yet so the mind is anticipating eagerly the birth of light, like the Grail, it is wisdom that is already within you, a sacred flame that KNOWS how to be lit when you allow the light to enter.

This is alchemy. The heart is actually emitting a frequency to assist the light to synthesize, blend and merge with you, to come home.

This is the mind heart body soul working together within you to birth the inner light.

You are the light of the world.

Imagine the light entering the heart.

Imagine it entering.

Allow it to enter.

Open your heart.

Allow the light to penetrate deep within your heart.

Allow the light to enter.

With great gentleness and kindness, with the sweet compassionate sensitivity of a lover bring the light into the heart.

Notice how it comes into the heart. Notice how the mind body heart and soul work together to bring the light into the heart.

Notice how the light fills the heart and how the heart embraces the light fully in receiving it.

Hold all this in your awareness.

You are divine mother holding her child, you, in her arms.

Feel the fullness of that embrace.

Feel the wisdom and intelligence in the heart.

Let the light wash over you like waves. Like water from the ocean.

Feel how the heart is so perfect a partner for the light.

Allow yourself to breathe deep in the heart, three light breaths, while you remain open, still, silent, present.

Be open to seeing hearing touching tasting feeling the light in whatever form or formlessness it comes within you.

Be silent now.

Slowly breathe.

Be the light.

In this moment.

And this moment.

Moment by moment by moment by moment.

This is a direct experience of the light.

Beneath all your thoughts here you are.



Light of Being.

Now become aware of the intention to return to the world.

Bringing with you the light of the world.

Rest in the awareness that the light is you.

Allow your eyes gently kindly every so sensitively to open just a little at a time.

Feel how you feel in this moment.

Follow your consciousness as you take in the world to expand, to include your light body and the world around you as a whole.


Open hearted.


Light filled



In this Being

This awareness

Feeling how things are

Right now

In this moment

In the Temple of the One Chakra

The heart

Feeling how it is in the heart and mind

The body and soul

Resting here

Outside of time

In the present moment.

Not needing anything to happen

Being here now

Feel free to go about your daily activities

Being with each moment

In the light

Be the knowing

Be the light

Be the Knower

The Light of the World

As your day reveals itself

In all its magic


Embodiment – Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

female harp

unknown artist



Pamela channels JeshuaDear friends,  I am very pleased to be with you and to have my energy commingle with yours.

You are radiant beings of light and you have no idea of the strength and beauty that you demonstrate daily in your life. Even though the outlook is dark at times, and sometimes you feel exhausted from trying to move forward in your life, you are ever courageous. You need to be aware of the incredible courage and power that you demonstrate day after day. You continually bring more and more light on to Earth just through your being here. By anchoring yourself in your body, you spread your light on Earth. You are the living light on Earth, and your body is part of that embodiment.

You incarnated here with a purpose, with a deep intention. You are here for yourself, to bloom inwardly, and to deeply experience and know every part of yourself. But you are also here for the Earth, for this planet and to inspire and nourish her with your angel light. Your body is composed of the same elements as the Earth and the kingdoms of the plants and the animals. That is what you share with them; you are not separate from the life around you.

The body is a wonder in itself. Consider all those tiny cells in your body and how they know their separate roles as well as how to work together as a unified whole. They give expression to a higher power, and that higher power is you, the soul that lives in your body. Your soul is the inspirer and giver of your life. Thanks to your soul’s choice, the body it has chosen for this lifetime has come into being: this particular body with everything that gives you pleasure, as well as all that is painful and burdensome.

We will now take a look at this body, and feel the wonder of being embodied, although experiencing this embodiment is not always easy for you. And one of the reasons why it is difficult to experience the wonder and the beauty of the body is that your culture is the result of a tradition that has become alienated from the body. It is not commonplace in your culture to view the body as a living intelligence, as a field of consciousness with which the individual soul is intimately connected. There are many reasons why this view of the body has not been taught to you, and one of those reasons goes back to the time before Christ.

It began in the time of the Greeks, when a way of thinking emerged that you would now call rational thinking. There emerged a way of looking at the world where the ego became central, the ego that sees itself as something other than what it perceives. Nature, and with it the body, then became slowly objectified and seen as something that exists independent of you. What is external to you could then become the subject of study, and this is the beginning of the development of science.

Later, in the Western tradition of the 17th century, modern science emerged, and the dualism between ego consciousness and the world of the body and of nature increased even further. There emerged a dualism where matter was seen more and more as something lifeless, the body as a piece of clay, as it were, something that does not possess a living consciousness.

The emergence of medical science was only made possible through objective study. The soul, or the individuality of the person, was thought to be irrelevant. It was thought to be not important, because the body was seen as a material entity that is the same in everyone. This objective view of life makes it possible to classify types of illnesses and to invent medicines. A complete science can be developed on such a dualistic world view. I do not say that this view is wrong, only that it has become a tradition in your culture, and it still exists.

In modern times, you can also see that tradition in a very different way in your cosmetics industry. Look at how beauty is experienced in your culture; it has become something objective. There is a certain image of beauty that can be measured: such and such dimensions are ideal for a female or a male body. The complexion and texture of the skin, and the facial features, even when they change over time, are always subject to objective evaluation, something outside you, upon which you should rely for judgments.

Disease and health are also judged in such terms. If a body is ill, there must be something wrong with it and therefore it should be made well. The body as here viewed is like dead clay, or a type of mechanism. You are thus living in a dualistic tradition, and what is most near to you, what you reside in day in and day out – your body – is no longer something with which you are naturally and intimately connected. You have become alienated from it.

There were earlier times on Earth which had a quite different view. Seen through modern eyes, people then lived in a kind of mythical era in which they believed that everything was connected to everything else. You could talk with trees or animals or plants, and all those non-human creatures were carriers of something that was meaningful. Nature itself was full of meaning. There was a flow of life that went through the animals and the trees and the plants and they were all interconnected.

However, there were also disadvantages to that naturalistic view, because people who believed in it could sometimes fall prey to what we now call superstition and fear: the fear of the forces of nature and the gods who were hidden behind and within nature. It was an earlier tradition, and science, and the rational way of thinking that is the foundation of the sciences, has put an end to that tradition. Unfortunately, the scientific, objective view has led to a very unnatural schizophrenic split in your culture and in your perception of yourself.

Just think how different is the view that you are able to continually experience your body from within. How does it feel inside; is it hungry or thirsty; does it feel fine or tense; does it feel pleasure or pain? There is a constant inner sensing of what the body feels. From the opposite point of view, you look at and judge your body from without, of what it should be according to an image of the body that is perceived externally. What should the body be able to perform, where should it be now in its development, what should it look like? Does it fulfill those external standards that are imposed upon you?

Usually, if you are dealing with illness and complaints, you go to a doctor who represents the scientific, objective tradition of dualism. A doctor who can tell you what is wrong with you, what medications are available, and what the prognosis is based on the type of complaints you have. However, all this is done without you having made any connection with the energy field that is your body.

The doctor also does not pay attention to that energy field and does not connect with it. He merely looks at the symptoms and diagnoses them, then classifies and determines where they fit into a bigger picture he has acquired so he can take the necessary action based on that knowledge. At the same time, your body gives continual signals that are unique to you, and they sometimes do not fit with the general rules and ideas you get from outside yourself, such as from a doctor.

It is extremely important for you to again awaken to your body from within, and to allow your body to be the yardstick for your actions relative to it. If you are sick, or have physical complaints, you need to go inside yourself, and from there find the basis of how to handle these complaints and symptoms. Only afterward should you look to the outside world where something can be of service to you, say a doctor, or an opinion, or something you read.

However, those outside inputs come only secondarily. What comes initially is the inward connection with your body, and to do that, you need to first believe differently than what the culture tells you. You need to let go of the whole idea of the body as a mechanism, as matter without consciousness. You should come to really believe that your body can be your guide; that it can give you answers; that it has in itself a natural intelligence and wants to be of service to you; that it is divinely inspired.

I want to ask you, at this time, to take a moment to intimately connect with your body. And you can do that by paying attention to your breath, to feel how it flows through your chest and into your abdomen, and then direct your attention to your feet. Take your awareness to the soles of your feet, and feel how they touch the ground. Feel not only the bones and skin of your feet, but feel the energy field in and around your feet. This energy field is not readily perceptible, but you can do it. Perhaps you feel a little tingle, or maybe something else, but whatever you are able to sense is helpful.

Then observe your hands with the same attentive awareness. Imagine that your hands are full of consciousness, made perceptible by your attention. Let your awareness extend to the tips of your fingers, and feel there is something more to your hands than just their material form. Feel a vital, energetic presence in and around your hands, and you may also see or sense a soft glow.

Now, I ask you to allow your attention and awareness to extend throughout your entire body. But do not make this into too much of an effort – this is not a mental exercise. It is a bringing of your attention to something that is already there. A living body is notsomething you have to acquire, and it is not something you have to earn. Simply feel, from head to toe, the living field that alreadysurrounds you. Try to sense and feel the totality of your energy field and body as a living entity.

Imagine that this silent flow of energy, which is always there throughout your body, wants to tell you something. The first thing your body wants to tell you is that it is consciousness, the living light that wants to serve you. Your body is there for you. It gives you the ability to express yourself, and it would like to be at your service. And if you are suffering from pain or illness, then let us look at how that has come about.

The body itself always strives for balance. All the cells in your body are oriented toward that end: they work and build toward balance. Even as you get older, and your body loses its vitality, all cells are focused on creating balance. It is possible to be older in a very gracious way, without a lot of pain and effort. This is possible from the body itself even when the body is genetically taxed. There is such an incredibly powerful, vital energy present in your body that allows it to heal and bring itself into balance, even when imbalance has been extreme.

Have faith in your body’s ability to balance and heal itself; the forces of nature are very strong. Just look around you at the sea and the sun. Know that your body is built from the same living matter and the same consciousness as those natural elements. Just think of the ocean, feel the eternal rolling of the waves, and the inexhaustible renewal in that movement: the self-cleansing power. Or an old big oak tree that has withstood everything: wind, rain, sunshine. Your body is also very strong, for it is made of the same elements.

Now, it is true that a human is a very complicated being. You, as a soul, have had a vast amount of experience in the earthly reality, some of which has resulted in negative emotions. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, pain, anger – you name it. These emotions can act on the body, and over time the body gets out of balance. Emotions are also very powerful forces. Their energies are very strong and can act upon the body where they may create blockages at an energetic level. The awareness of your body that I mentioned earlier serves you there, however, because the body awareness sees the soul as its master.

When the soul is experiencing constant anger, or some depressing emotion, the body will eventually absorb it into its awareness and give way to it, so to speak. The emotions can then take hold of the body and take the form of complaints or disease. The body is still doing its best to restore the natural state of balance, but if the emotions are all-pervasive, and a person does not have the ability to feel through and transform those emotions, then illness may be the result.

It is important to note that the origin of a disease is almost always emotional. What creates the most havoc with the body are the emotions you experience in life, the spiritual pain that you gather. And there are reasons for this. It is not that there is some external judgment about the emotion and your reaction to it, but rather that it is important for you to know your emotions from within so the body can help you deal with them. By connecting again with the natural awareness of your body, which strives for balance, you can detect which emotions are depressing you, or blocking you.

I want to ask you to now do just that. Earlier we connected with the living energy field of the body itself – the undercurrent that is always there – and with the natural intelligence of the body. And now imagine that you also have an emotional body. In the esoteric tradition, the body consciousness has been called the etheric body, whereas the emotional body is called the aura, or the astral body, and is something that extends beyond your physical body.

Let us now imagine, for a moment, that there is an energy field around you, and it is composed of the energies of changing moods and emotions. Imagine that this energy field around you extends outwardly about three feet from your body. I am going to ask you a few things about that field, so try to hold on to the first impression that comes to mind without thinking about it.

You are in the middle of that energy field. Is it peaceful or is there tenseness within it? And if there is tenseness, where do you feel that tension located in the energy field? Is it before you or behind you? Allow your attention to go to that spot in your emotional body where you feel tense because of pressures from external events in your life, and simply allow it to be. You need not attempt to fix it, just know where it is.

Then go to a place in your body where it is quiet and calm. Find that place in your energy field where you are peaceful. Perhaps happy memories arise spontaneously from a time when you felt relaxed, or from a situation where you felt joyful. Feel that energy for a moment.

Finally, imagine you are a magnificent angel. You stand behind yourself and you encompass, within your light and your wings, both your aura, your emotional body, and your physical body and the etheric field it contains. With loving respect, the angel-you embraces your entire being. And because this magnificent angel who you are, is filled with wisdom and compassion and strength, you therefore feel understood and loved and supported.

The embodiment of your soul – your body – wants things to be well with you. It strives for equilibrium and for balance and, in a sense, it is also your guide. And from the other side, there is the angel-you who cherishes you and who is unconditionally there for you. This angelic being is your higher self – this is you. And in between the two is your astral body, in which emotions can become stuck or blocked.

Try to accept right now as it is; just allow now to be as it is. And have respect for who you are, because you are the brave ones among the angels. You have taken this journey for yourself, although not only for yourself. You have come here and have descended into the deepest darkness, so convinced are you of the light that bears everything in the Cosmos; the light that infuses all. The smallest branch and leaf of a tree, the smallest beetle and blade of grass, are imbued with living light.

Feel that both the forces of nature, as well as the spiritual powers of heaven, are with you to support you on this path: the road of transforming heavy emotional moods into light and knowledge and understanding. You are not alone, we are right beside you. And remember that your body is your friend, your ally, and along with the angel-you, wants to help you to bloom. Accept what is the truth: that you are brave; that you are mature; that you are a beautiful being. Believe in your own wealth and the treasures available to you, and you will find you experience more light-heartedness and relaxation in your body. There is healing for you, believe in it.


© Pamela Kribbe


female harp

unknown artist


September Gateway ~ Bye to the old, welcome the new! Reviewing your programs – Meline Lafont


ART : Woodland Goddess by Mara Diop


September Gateway ~ Bye to the old, welcome the new! Reviewing your programs

September 20, 2016

Méline Lafont

Beloved Tribe of Beings,

We continue to focus on centering, on balance and on the inner journey as we enter this September Gateway. MAJOR things are shifting in each one of us and this means that your limitations may disappear but simultaneously the setting of your boundaries may exceed. With a firm “NO” to things you are no longer resonating with, that you are no more choosing to participate in.. and a clear standing up for yourself as a Being.

This acceleration in Light frequency brings you pass the borders of Illusion and what is illusion? Well that is something that will be different for each one of you as you come to find yourself and find out. You are fast standing up, awakening out of many sleep forms and stepping out of old layers. This does not mean everything is clear and shiny, happy and cozy instantly… This acceleration awakens you out of a deep sleep or state of consciousness that may rock your confidence, your world and all of your perceptions of SELF. It asks for a plain and deep Review of ALL of yourself. To review and question is not a bad thing, it allows you to open and receive, see what has not been able to show itself before.

Please hold yourself centered when it comes to reactions. Every soul on this planet is going through what you are going through, only in a whole different way because of perceptions and your own frequency. Be compassionate, gentle and understanding with each other. Respect each way and Being and follow yours only. Listen to your heart and feeling only. You are your own Master of creation thus if you want to make a change, make it.

Moving through a new portal of time and space. A new adventure, a moment of expansion and exploration. Each wave brings new awarenes and a new journey to dive deeper within. The eye is like a deeper knowing, holding so much knowledge. Moving through the eye is a portal of knowledge. Allowing yourself to be guided through it brings forth a greater knowing. Welcome to the portal of knowledge this month! The separation of worlds is starting.

I am in a major shift like many are, and it is the deepest and longest ever. I experienced a total changeover in the area of my work which leaves me at no longer being able to perform some spiritual work. It’s simply over and done with and the energy is used up. There is a “time” when you stop being what you are and this is the case for me. Since I work in the “spiritual” area, this reflects in my work as well. It is a deep review on all levels and a serious roller coaster it has been! I could not move forward or in any direction, this energy just kept me in my empty space of silence and inner retreat.

I have experienced much in the physical on the physical realm, and many experiences were emotional things. But it brought me closer to myself and this is where I started to stand up for myself and Love myself even deeper and stronger. I questioned everything, even my life here on Earth, my work, my spirituality, my task… Everything but my children and family life. I cried to stop being here and wanted to go off planet. I’m done and it’s done. Familiar to many, I know from your emails to me. My soul trembles within the body and wants to leave, my heart aches physically. I went very deep.

Now I see and feel I’m doing a tremendous profound shift. I jumped from a 5D- to 12D level to a 8D to 15D level on this Earth. Suddenly when I do my grounding I can no longer ground in the dimensions under the 8th Dimension. It is gone, erased. I feel my Spirit starting embodying and meeting matter. ME meeting matter. Wow, now it makes sense as to why I felt so physical lately. But this shift brings along that I discontinue some tasks and move on as I see fit.

So I came to the knowing and the conclusion that I can no longer perform readings/channelings and as soon as I made this decision all these new things suddenly came about very quickly in 1 day. It is as if a heavy weight fell off of me. New ideas came in abruptly and so am I investigating and working on new ways of doing sessions that will no longer be channeling Masters or Angels. See it more as a Solar way of working, it is more Galactic and Universal. I can’t say much about it now as first I need to investigate some things to be able to perform this. It will be based on frequencies.

This is a note I put up to some of my clients:

“As you know I have been taking some time to retreat as to where my inner guidance brought me to this momentum of staying where I AM. Where I AM at this time is in a space of huge review and transformation for 4 weeks now and this has triggered a lot of things concerning my spiritual work and how to proceed. I have been explaining in my newsletters over the past year that I had a feeling that soon readings would stop and no longer be present in the current form I am performing these. Well now being in this huge transition I have reached a point where I cannot perform these any longer at this time. To explain it as simple as possible there are 2 major reasons for it: words/communication and the mental aspect is something I cannot perform at this time as it feels outgrown and difficult to do. It does no longer feel natural to me. The second reason is that you all are ready now to find it within yourselves as well and retrieve the information from your Being as a Source and no longer from outside realities or Sources.

I am thus sorry to say that I find it very difficult and even impossible at this time to perform something I am not resonating with any longer and this being the readings (words, mental, information). This is how it presents itself NOW, I do not know for how long my feeling and decision concerning this will last and if it is definite. But for now I am unable to and that makes it even more difficult. After 4 years reading work and channeling work I have hit a huge changeover in this area and for sure will the readings no longer continue to be like they are now in this format.

I strongly suggest to take the “Channeling course” or “connecting to self course” which lays the foundation for a good “get to know yourself deeper” experience and which brings in balance as well. http://www.melinelafont. com/#!courses/xqfn0

Now that the third wave is awakening, you are all ready to do it on yourself without exterior help or dependency. This course will help you with this and has more value that information given to you in a reading. It brings you the gift of finding your own answers by yourself and within yourself at all times for free. This is priceless to me. You can take this course at your own pace if you like as each module is available separately too

With Love and care
Méline “

I emphasize the part of you all being Master in your own right to do it yourself and to get it out of you very strongly! It’s been said for a while now by many, not only me. You are ready and graduated now in that sense to do it on your own now. Please know this. You do not need me nor anyone else, be your own teacher and learn from yourself. Explore your beautiful energy and Being, and enjoy those moments. You learn best by being inside of you and the best teacher is your own world/self.

The time of letting someone else do the work for you is over and done with. It is part of the outer reality perception and exactly this outer reality/world is no longer present nor existing any time soon. I prefer to use the word NOW because you are already seeing and feeling it happening. Once you have read the book, all that is left is to do it from then on.

So back to this “doing it yourself”. During the final eclipse season of this month I offer a discount of -50 Euro on the course. It stays available for 1 week! This offer is limited to 10 courses; when those 10 courses are booked the discount code will be disactivated.

To use the discount code, insert it in the “add coupon code” in my webshop when choosing for the Channeling course.:

Typed readings and Merlin readings are no longer available on the website but I do perform 1 hour one on one skype sessions for guidance/energy work (not a channeling) and energy healings, Oracle card readings, chakra reading + the channeling course or “connect to Self course” guidance. During healing sessions there is short information given as well of what comes in as vision, intuition and message.

Blessings and love,


Let the Truth Grow and Flow – Jennifer Hoffman @ Enlightening Life


The truth is the foundation of your reality, the collection of beliefs, thoughts, and actions that allow your reality to take form. As you grow in your understanding of yourself as a divine being this truth grows and a new truth flows in. It is the action of growing and flowing which ignites the process of be-coming divine, whole, joyful, and congruent. There is no single truth which is true for each of you, individually and collectively, all the time. The truth is a living being which grows and flows to support your ascension path, as you allow new truths to become true for you and you expand into a greater awareness of your divinity, your energetic awareness expands and grows and you rise to new levels of wholeness, enlightenment, divinity.

The truth you believe in any moment is what allows you to be aligned and in a state of wholeness in that moment. What is true for you in one moment may no longer be true in the next moment, as truth expands awareness. The ascension path acceleration ushers in new truths about your potential, possibilities, and light that you can align with and integrate, once your can allow your truth foundation to grow enough to accept these new truths as ‘true’ for you. Can you envision your own divinity?

Are you able to see yourself as empowered in your energy? Are you ready to release the burden of the Martyred Healer and embrace the new role of Christed joy-is-your-purposeAwareness and Empowered Mastery? This is part of the growing truth and new energies that flow to the earth.

Do not seek to find the truth; instead, be open to receiving the flow of new truths that support your power, divinity, joy, peace, love, and abundance. Let the truth of your divine connection lead you to the possibility of a truth you never considered before – that your purpose is a joyful one and divinity is your destiny. The sadness and trauma of the past is released with each new expanded truth you allow to flow to you.

As you embrace these truths you become integrated with them and they become the foundation for your expanded reality. The truth is not what frees you, allowing the truth to grow and flow creates the freedom to expand your awareness so you become free to explore new potentials and possibilities. You are the divine ones, the promise of the Christed paradigm, and the bringers of heaven on earth. Ascension is a path of truth that grows and flows to the truth of your divinity and that is the only truth you need to embrace now.

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

~ Riding the Wave into 2017 ~ A New Place for Humans to Go @ Beacons of Light


ART : Carol Heyer.


The Beacons of Light
September 2016

~ Riding the Wave into 2017 ~
A New Place for Humans to Go

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
transcribed and posted here each month.

Riding the Wave into 2017

A New Place for Humans to Go

Greetings Dear Ones.

With your game well in progress, we join you this day to share more about a wave of energy coming in. It is actually more than one wave but you have so many energetics arriving from different parts of the universe. We find it fascinating that recently you have discovered another Earth-like planet in the star nearest you, right in the Goldilocks Zone. It is perfect for supporting life and almost about the same size as your Earth. Exploring the night sky and looking for all this information, people are actually looking for a new place for humans to go and you will, trust us. At some point you will also go to Mars, which is one of the new pieces. We tell you, dear ones, that you will find your own footsteps in some way as you have been there before. Mars used to have life, a thriving life, and you were there. That is why we find it so fascinating when you come up with these ideas about Martians with the two little antennae coming out of the head and always green for some reason. We find it wonderful!

Multiple Perspectives on Your Life

Dear ones, the energetics you have experienced on planet Earth, especially during this current year, have felt on the edge for quite some time now. This has been somewhat of a challenge, because it resets a lot of energies and that is exactly what this is. As you move to higher vibrations, all of those things that you have set up for yourself and done—whether it is a belief system, family or relationship—all of them have to withstand the scrutiny of a higher vibration. Now why is that? Well, because when you change your perspective, you change your vision. It is that simple. Take a look at something from here, but the moment you view it from over here, you have a different perspective. Basically, that is what is taking place for all of you now, which allows you to see events from multiple perspectives of your own life.

Quite honestly, you have had so many waves of energy coming in that you are learning to swim in these energetics and move from different levels very rapidly. Frustration is being experienced by so many on planet Earth, and a few are actually trying to  harness it. The frustration comes from not being able to see your own creations, as well as from being a conscious creator who sometimes cannot create or witness their effect on the world. This creates a great deal of internal frustration, which will eventually work its way to the outside in some way.

What is this? What is taking place?  Let us explain, dear ones.

Watch the Wave of Energy Arrive

When you have a wave of energy or light coming in,, you also have its direction. The wave only goes from one direction to the other. However, if you have another wave of energy coming in from a different direction entirely then it affects the harmonics of the wave. Dear ones, do not become overly concerned if you are not following all of this. Toward the end of September of this year, there is a wave arriving that will join up with another one very quickly. The wave that is coming in is actually from a Quasar, which is a total collapse of a star that has exploded. When that happens, the energy goes out in the universe and sometimes travels eons before landing upon its intended target. Earth is the intended target in this one and when that energy reveals itself, the wave will be combining with this energy to quickly move the evolution of humanity forward. Well, normally you would think this is wonderful. We are evolving to our next stage of evolution and do not have to take much time to do it, right? That is excellent! It also means that all those things that you set up with the perfect imperfections will now suddenly be revealed. Because of the rapid movement and escalation some of those systems, such as the economic ones, will have challenges. There are many places where this can actually create challenges, and since the United States has been teetering on the edge for quite some time it may very well start there. The critical part of this, dear ones, is that you do not have to go through any of that difficulty. That is what we would like all of you to hold in your hearts, as you go through this wave.

September 27th – January 17th: Waves of Moving Forward, Back, then Forward Again

The wave comes in first on September 27th, but it has been traveling fir quite some time so it is no longer as defined of as a wave as it once was. For this reason only highly sensitive people will feel the early changes.  Shortly after, the wave then combines with another one to bring in the capabilities of evolving very quickly to another level. You have done this before, of course. Now you are just getting past some of the ripples, because humans simply did not know how to move that swiftly into a whole new set of understandings. This time you will, for you have actually done quite well with this already. When we look at the timeline, dear ones, we can tell you that you have already been wildly successful at this. We must put you back into the Now moment, for you still have it in front of you. Know that we are incredibly proud of the work you are about to do, because you will ground a great amount of light. Many of you are on this planet to be here at exactly these moments. Now, let us speak about what typically happens to humans as they jump up very quickly and need to adjust everything that was supporting them. In the past, dear ones, you even adjusted many of your laws, and your collective agreements on your planet that reflect this.

Of course, what takes place is there is always a backlash. Everything is in waves, so as long as it moves forward, back and then forward again, you still continue to make headway. You will still continue to evolve all of humanity in that way, so do not get discouraged when the backlashes come. Toward the end of September this will begin and carry you throughout the entire year; it will put you into a level space about January 17th. The connection and that energy of next year will open the doors for much of what is to come, for the planning stages have been done through your connections, hopes and dreams. Those who came in left your wings at Home and pretended to be a human in this incarnation.

Creating Home

You are doing well, dear ones. Many of you experienced extreme separation anxiety when leaving Home to come play this game of pretending to be a human. You opened your eyes in a physical form, then looked for Home but were not able to find it. Ahh, but you are not going to find it because you will create it and that time is closer than you know.

The wave of energy which is arriving will last for several months; it is coming in by contract and that is unusual. Every human has the opportunity to jump to new levels. We also tell you, dear ones, that there is a bandwidth of your own vibration. If you were to compare the highest vibrational level existing in humanity with your lowest vibrational level, that would be your bandwidth of the collective of humanity. The bandwidth not only moves very rapidly in evolutions of this kind, but it also tends to elongate a little bit. The higher vibrations become a bit deeper, and a little bit further apart than the deep vibrations of the low. That is of great concern and something that we watch here. As you start to separate yourselves on planet Earth it becomes challenging, and that is where many of these restrictions, frustrations, and the general anger occurring on planet Earth right now. The dis-ease, which is present for many people, is because you do not always have that connection for creation. Dear ones, we ask you to prepare for this and get ready to use your dreams. Connect with your channelings and your own spirit to start bringing this together. Why are you here? What did you come to do? Where are your passions? What is the puzzle piece that you brought? Most of you already have a very good idea of what this is, and many are well on the path to claim your magnificence in this game of free choice. The magic is already set into motion, so we ask you now to step forward and carry this light. You can fear or you can love, but you cannot do both at the same time. So, how much love can you bring to this planet? Can you see how much beauty is all around you and share it with those around you? That will be paramount in the times ahead, for humanity has been hoping to raise its level of vibration for quite some time. You have been on a slow, steady course, but now it is jumping ahead quickly almost as if it is on an exponential track. Dear ones, it is perfect for what you have in mind.

There Are More Opportunities than Doors Closing

Most humans do not like to move at these rapid paces. It creates ripples, affecting other people around you, which you must deal with. Start working with it now and begin by opening those possibilities with your friends and family. What would happen if something really big took place? How could we be part of the solution, rather than of part of the problem? Will you slip into fear if something suddenly collapses or does not work right? You can simply look forward and say, “This is part of the most incredible change that is taking place to all of humanity.” Then step into it. We promise you that there are more opportunities than doors closing, by  almost two to one, so enjoy the journey. And as you start moving through it, if you have not found that space before it will become known to you now. As you move into these higher vibrations, your perception changes and you can see on a much wider scale and larger aspect. In that, you will understand that you hold part of the key. By grounding that light and holding the love, you start to change the world one heart at a time. That is the best way that it can be accomplished, dear ones.

We applaud you on your game. Your changes and all the evolutions that have gone before and even those that are just beginning right now. The connections are amazing. Your energy is here right now and we love you more than you know.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are looking yourself in the eyes and play well together, dear ones.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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ART : Carol Heyer.


God and the Godhead – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


unknown artist


God and the Godhead – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)

The gunas – aka the Trimurthy – are identical with the Mother’s energy. Her energy has been called “Aum.”

Let’s look at the significance of the word “Aum” from this angle. (We could look at it from many other angles.)

Aum can be visualized as a sine wave, composed of an upward incline, a plateau, and a downward incline.

  • Akar is the upward incline: Rajas, creation, Brahma.
  • Ukar is the plateau:  Sattwa, preservation, Vishnu.
  • Makar is the downward part: Thamas, transformation, Shiva.

Sine wave 33

The Divine Mother doesn’t create only this universe using the gunas, but all the universes of the multiverse.

The Divine Mother is herself a direct emanation of God, beyond universes and dimensions.  I think we sometimes associate her only with this one universe, when she is the author of all.


Let me include the third Member of the Trinity now. Just very briefly. However, even from a short treatment, one does begin to see the picture the puzzle pieces present – the perennial philosophy behind the world’s religions.

Take the divine spark of the Father (the unconditioned Brahman or Godhead) and introduce it into the temple provided by the Mother – namely, the human body and in particular the heart – and you have the third member of the Trinity: us, the Divine Child.

However, when discussing the Trinity as referring to the levels of reality, sages usually ignore the physical body that the spark is housed in and consider the spark alone as the third member of the Trinity.

Speaking only of the spark, Jesus called it the “Christ.” Hindus call it the Atman or Brahman-within-the-individual. Our eternal essence is flame of the Divine Fire, a lamp always burning on the altar of the heart, a firebrand plucked from the burning.

It’s the task of the individual to descend into unknowingness of its essence and then to emerge into knowingness again, returning home to the One from whence it came.

used to think that that was the end of the drama until the Mother disabused me of that notion, informing me that souls issue forth again from the One, after returning. She was talking about the emanations of archangels and masters:

“Now, your question to me is, are there millions of emanations? And my answer, sweet one, is no, there are not. They are very specifically placed in what you would think of as universal or global roles, and they are positioned to do the work that the specific archangel or master has chosen to do, decided to do, committed to do — for me — throughout eternity, or until such time as they return. In which case they will begin again, regardless.”  (1) [My emphasis]

Mike Quinsey’s source says the same:

“You may ask what is the ultimate goal of all souls and to put it quite simply it is to return to the total perfection of the Godhead, until you are sent out again for a new set of experiences.” (2) [My emphasis.]


Why does the Godhead (ultimately) or the Mother (operationally) assume various forms? Sri Ramakrishna explains that it’s to offer something attractive to each seeker:

“The mother cooks different dishes to suit the stomachs of her different children. Suppose she has five children. If there is a fish to cook, she prepares different dishes from it — pilau, pickled fish, fried fish, and so on — to suit their different tastes and powers of digestion.” (3)

I said earlier that I shied away from studying the personal God and the transcendent Godhead because of my aversion to my earthly Father.  Fortunately the Godhead has provided other forms for me to worship; in my case, the Divine Mother.

When I interviewed her on An Hour with an Angel in 2012, the Divine Mother confirmed that the Trimurthy/gunas was an example of her providing different forms for her children to worship.

Divine Mother: [The Trimurthy] is much the same as we have been speaking of. It is a way in which my beloved children can come to know me and to have that experience. It is formless, and yet it is form.

It is a way of connection, and it is a way of understanding and entering into a higher vibration of being. So it helps the emergence into my energy.

Steve Beckow: Sort of like stair steps?

DM: That is correct.

SB: Okay.

DM: And you have all been climbing! (4)

If we can grasp the larger picture, we can see, at least conceptually, what the world’s religions are wanting to tell us: They want us to know that the plan for us is to go up the stair steps of enlightenment the Divine Mother is describing (Jacob’s ladder of consciousness), to complete our journey home to God. (5)

When we restrict our vision to Third Dimensionality, at each stage of our ascension from it, we’d ordinarily realize another level of the Trinity.

First we realize the Christ or Atman in fourth-chakra enlightenment; then the Mother or Holy Spirit in sixth-chakra enlightenment; and then our first experience of the Father or Brahman in seventh-chakra enlightenment.

(I’m not sure if this process is being followed in our Ascension or whether the gradually-rising energies are doing the same work for us without us needing to have these discrete events.)

Life’s purpose is for each of us to realize who we truly are – God. God’s purpose in creating life was to have the pleasure of meeting itself in a moment of our enlightenment.  When any one of us realizes who she or he truly is, God meets God.

In my view, deciding to know about them  – and, later, actuallyknowing them – launches us on one of the most rewarding adventures we can embark on in life. The deeper we know the Trinity, the deeper is our bliss, happiness, joy, and fulfilment.


(1) “The Divine Mother: Each and Every One of You Carries Divine Might – Part 1/2,” June 19, 2013, at

(2) “Mike Quinsey: A Message from My Higher Self,” June 10, 2016, at

(3) Sri Ramakrishna in Nikhilananda, Swami, trans. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 81.

(4) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at The stair steps I refer to are: Choosing a form of God, worshipping that form, seeing its form in a moment of enlightenment, and knowing its formless aspect in another moment of enlightenment.

(5) Because very few people are familiar with the term “Godhead,” I’m returning now to the everyday use of “God” to mean the “Godhead.”

God and the Godhead – Part 2/2

God and the Godhead – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


unknown artist


God and the Godhead – Part 1/2


How do we distinguish between “God” and “the Godhead”?

The question arose recently. Let me expand on my answer here.

I ask that we remember that I’m not an enlightened being and am simply expressing my opinions – based on research, rather than personal experience. (1)

After discussion of the difference, let me briefly bring in the two other members of the Trinity (Divine Mother or Holy Spirit and the Christ or Atman).


The words “God” and “Godhead” have been given various meanings by enlightened masters.

One common version of the difference between the two is to say that “God” relates to the personal God, God in form, what Hindus call the conditioned Brahman, and the “Godhead” relates to the impersonal God, God beyond form, the unconditioned Brahman.

The Godhead is often called the Supreme Being, Prime Creator, Transcendental Void, and the One. These names could not be used of “God,” as narrowly interpreted here.

That having been said, I find the term “Godhead” cumbersome and unfamiliar to readers.  After this discussion, I intend to resume my everyday practice of talking about “God” when I actually mean the Godhead.

The Godhead is void of anything and everything material and does not speak or move. About it, nothing affirmative or negative can be said. Though it cannot be known with the mind or senses, it causes everything in the world to come into creation.

Krishna expresses the mysterious relationship between the Godhead and the world:

“This entire universe is pervaded by me, in that eternal form of mine which is not manifest to the senses. Although I am not within any creature, all creatures exist within me.

“I do not mean that they exist within me physically. That is my divine mystery. You must try to understand its nature. My Being sustains all creatures and brings them to birth, but has no physical contact with them.” (2)

The minute the Godhead moves matter in this temporary dreamworld, we call it “the Divine Mother.” When at rest, we call it the Godhead.

The mystery of the Godhead, like so much else, cannot be realized with the mind. If anything, as we all know, the mind has to be quiet before realization can occur.

Movement in the mind is like a breeze on the lake; it prevents us from accurately (internally) “seeing” the reflection of the Moon. And it is “seeing” it that causes recognition or realization that what we are seeing is who we are.

Apparently each universe in the multiverse has a God who watches over it. The God of this universe has often spoken through channels, most notably Suzy Ward.

Here for instance is a passage in which Matthew distinguishes between God and Godhead, the latter of which he calls “Creator”:  “Creator established the cosmic laws and God, by whatever name one calls the Supreme Being of this universe, must honor those laws in this universe.” (3)

I confess that I haven’t studied the God of this universe very much. I’ve been told in readings that it was because of my aversion to my Father. That combined with my unimpeded love for my Mother made it natural to turn to the Divine Mother as my chosen ideal.


Let me now briefly discuss the two other members of the Trinity: The Divine Mother or Holy Spirit and the Christ or Atman.

The Divine Mother, the second member of the Trinity, is called by Christians the Holy Spirit. “She” (4) is the Godhead’s creative energy and power expressed in form.

The Mother expresses the Father’s wishes – which, because they are One, are hers as well (5) – into form; that is, into matter,mater, Mother.

She does so by willing creation, preservation, and transformation, at all levels – the basic level of the cell – and below – on up to us – and beyond.

Hindus gave names to these three powers, calling them the gunas or cosmic forces. Creation is rajas; preservation is sattwa; and transformation is thamas.

For Eastern readers, I might relate that I asked the Divine Mother to confirm for me that these three cosmic forces or gunas are what are personified as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and she concurred.

Steve Beckow: [I’d like] to know if the gunas, the cosmic forces which are called rajas, sattwa, and tamas, are the same as the Trimurthy [Triad] of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

DM: Yes. We are the same as that triad.

SB: All right. And the Trimurthy of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is a subset of the Universal Creative Vibration that you are at your essence. Is that correct?

DM: That is correct. (6)

(Concluded in Part 2.)


(1) With the exception of the vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987, which showed me the total journey of an individual soul from God to God and identified for me the nature and process of the Trinity.  See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

(2) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 80.

(3) Matthew’s Message, Nov. 12, 2004, at An instance of the God of this universe speaking through Suzy Ward follows this article or can be found here:

(4) “She” is not a female; “He” – the Godhead – is not a male.  The Company of Heaven retains that way of referring to the divine couple, probably for its usefulness as a teaching device.

(5) And our will too, since we are also the Godhead.

(5)  “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

Sri Shankara also confirmed it in another Hour with an Angel:

Steve Beckow: Let me ask you: … what is the connection between what Hindus call Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the gunas or the cosmic forces of rajas, sattwa and tamas?

Sri Shankara:  I can answer this very quickly. There are no differences. …

You do not have to change your language or your reference points, because they all end at the same place [Brahman or God]. They all begin, travel and end at the same place. (“Sri Shankara: Everywhere You Look will be a Monsoon of Love,” June 26, 2013, at

God and the Godhead – Part 1/2




Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of the 2nd Flame of Love and Wisdom brings forth his essence on the present Moon cycle of Pisces in the Sun Sign of Virgo with a Lunar Eclipse.

Integrative Divine Light Language Codes(sm)
by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden. 

This cycle represents great beginnings that allows for the old energies to be released to make room for the new essence that we are becoming to be within ONENESS.

Specifically, it is time for more of the Spiritual Self (Higher Essence) to become more involved in the Physical Self (Lower Mind). As Pisces brings forth the water sign of movement it is a flowing energy that can come within us with grace and gentleness to allow the Physical Mind to accept the changes that have been brewing within the subconscious to occur. Sounds easy, right?

Well, as each of you know, it can be a huge challenge especially if the Lower Ego wants to stay intact and not move with the tides of change that are being shown with this cycle of the moon.

First of all, we have to consider the Lunar Eclipse which represents relationships changing. When you couple that energy within Mercury Retrograde, it is a very intense period of adjustment. Looking at how you are trying to change the way you do things as the Earth is changing within these elements you can be in a state of not knowing how to get through the process. You want change to happen but yet it can be a block that occurs within your subconscious mind.

This is where the energy presently is assisting so greatly, because the Piscean energies bring forth the ecstatic movement of light with love like feeling a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. It is a movement that allows an individual to move into a new part of themselves. So the only element that is important is to fully step within that flow, allow the change to happen, and trust that you will arrive at the destination you desire.

Your lower ego is not your friend; it will give you the parts that you don’t like, it will make you dysfunctional, it will give you pleasure but only of the Physical Self and not the Spiritual Self. This part of you is dying during this cycle. You can go through it kicking and screaming, but that will deter you from your truest purpose.

As the Piscean energy becomes more powerful, it allows the Lower Ego to drop the control so that the true Self can fully be revealed.

Through this cycle the Feminine Divine of your Emotional Body is being ignited. There will be a charge of electrons running through your Heart Center as you become more involved within your own feelings than anything else. This is really important to play close attention to what is occurring for you. As the Feminine Self becomes more involved in the process, she goes through stages of wanting to show her true essence. Your intuition will become more acute, nature will speak to you as you become more aware of your senses and allowing your energies to flow instead of being stuck in having to know each moment what you are supposed to be thinking or doing in your life.

The Lunar Eclipse is allowing the Feminine essence to become more involved in the process as it represents the relationship you have had with yourself.

The most important element I can share is that the connection you have within your four body system represents your map of how to navigate through the changes upon the earth.

When you become healthy within your physical – etheric – emotional- and mental bodies then you will relate differently in your existence upon the earth. The reason you are affected by certain elements coming into your life is that one of your body parts is rejecting the essence of Love that is you.

This is a perfect time to accept that allowance of all parts of yourself to become One but it has to start first and foremost with in the Emotional Body. Every person must feel the energies to become part of the process. The Masculine essence has been too much a part of this earth; it causes other elements to take control and then the Feminine is lost in the process.

Now it is time to allow your Feminine Essence, your Emotional Body to ignite the power of love. She is the INITIATOR within you – are you going to take heed and allow this part of you to be in the driver’s seat. She then asks the Masculine Divine to ground all the energies that she is initiating.

This is when the true growth occurs.

So then the Lower Mental Mind becomes an integration of the Higher Mind. The challenges that you will experience will be different as then your full body system is working in conjunction with all the others.

The Feminine Self is now ready to assist all parts of yourself, but you have to surrender to the process. You must allow your Emotional Body to heal from the deepest part of your Etheric Self igniting all the past elements that have held you in bondage.

It is a time of great releasement as there is an opportunity to have a deeper healing process within yourself, but you have to be ready to look at all aspects that is impeding your psychological process to be a Divine Being of Light.

My Mantra For This Month Is:


This statement represents that you are a child of God, your raw beginnings come from the essence of Divine/Mother Father God. You have come into the body to reflect this essence. So now the adult human you have become must pull upon that energy of Love that comes from the Heart of God to be ignited into your four-body system to allow it to heal in so many ways.

This then brings forth the Love that you are into Humanity just by being in your own presence.

It is as simple as that.

Endings are happening as they are part of the process of Re-Birth; your body will adjust as your emotions heal from the pain. This will then bring forth the Divine Love that You Are.

The Piscean Moon with the Virgo Sun is assisting in this transition that is occurring. The Lunar Eclipse is helping you to heal all parts of your relationships to the self and then, in turn, allows you to see your truth. The outer relationships then are adjusting to this element.

We also have to pull upon the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon which represents the Rebirth Experience. Please remember these cycles last for six months.

I know you have been coupled with a lot of change through August and now September, but isn’t it time that you fully accept your new self to be born?

It is a process and can only occur in small increments. This does not mean that you will be completely healed but you are on your way to the next stage in your journey. Embrace it as it is a beautiful time to fully become more than you were yesterday.

My blessings and love to each of you,

I AM Master Djwhal Khul


To better learn about how to incorporate these energy shifts, our monthly classes on the Universal Laws are available via MP3 recording. Please check out our last class on The Art of Perpetual Transmutation – with Master Thoth and Lord Saint Germain.

© 2016 The Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery. by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).
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NEW Earth Support System Overhaul: Non-Linear Receiving Realities and Reciprocal Realities Are a Vibrational Response – Lisa Transcendence Brown

PictureMany are going to be going through huge re-calibrations regarding “support”…. 

As our souls awaken, our realities start to change. One of the areas that continually gets re-worked is “support”. How we support ourselves, what support means, how we support each other, where we lack support, where we try to over-support, where we do/don’t support, where we don’t realize what support truly is, how our gifts are to support us as we move into service fully…. where others do/don’t…. and it’s a continual process of understanding and changing how we function in these multi-faceted capacities of support….Judgment, separation, fear, lack of faith/trust, lack of intentional focus/commitment, non-belief, lack of connection inside, survival mode… with our own SOUL/the Entire Universe/Source….

All of this is overhauled as inner/higher connections are opened back up. At first we have to learn to DO freely, without needing anything in return. This moves us out of linear receiving and into a non-linear receiving world. This non-linear is vibrational and proportionate through energetic ratios & equations. Non-Linear receiving is a responsive reality. Eventually, all come to understand how human aspects do not hold the capacity for these things yet…. it’s up to us…. every bit of it… AS higher selves, AS Souls in physical form, as the entire Universe again.

The physical body and physical reality are continually upgraded, re-configured, re-calibrated, re-coded, re-constructed according to CHRISTED/UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… so where all is not yet in alignment with this, it will be….

Each starts to understand as they “need” something, as they CROSS THAT BRIDGE, as it affects/touches their own world/reality, where it means something to them. Up until then…. it’s just not important… Now, everyone’s lives are to be “touched”…

These vibrations completely affect/touch every aspect of all’s realities now. Everything being brought into alignment AS SOULS, all things of human lack/separation… this becomes visible for being resolved… As all open up their grip, their hard-fast-hold on separation, and allow UNITY, coming together, REMEMBERING why we are all here, what we are here to BE/DO… everything changes…

Many do not realize where they hold back on being supportive, on contributing, on not stepping-up…. It takes something to show each…

There is a part of this journey, where you have given/done, freely, unconditionally and from your own heart/soul, contributed endlessly, as love… and you look around you at all of those who keep asking for more, taking more … yet do not reciprocate…. and you will have to resolve this within you… I had to do this years ago too, and continually, based upon each individual experience/observation….

You will have to decide what is balanced, what you desire to keep feeding your energy into… especially when you move into larger roles to work with many/groups/thousands/hundreds of thousands/billions… you will have to decide where you focus your precious energy and you will have to allow/require certain things, in order to fulfill your own purposes/missions here….. and let the lack mentality realities go…

Many will go through huge anger phases, as you start to see where others don’t yet understand/appreciate/do what it takes yet… You will have to let all of that go and move on, by focusing your own attention/energy on what is important, what is in-alignment with your own higher consciousness existence… and you will have to transcend the judgment of all of those still holding others to their own limited judgments…. for this is their limit, not yours, unless you allow it to be.

AS HIGHER SELVES/Embodied Souls…. we see human’ness, often blatantly and loud…. these amplification frequencies do this… the difference is WE ARE NOT HUMAN anymore….. WE are SOULS… here to reach/affect/trigger/activate/inspire/assist/guide… all through light, back into PURE DIVINE LOVE and POWER again. We are not here to feed the old programs, we are here to transcend them… we are here to make a difference, BE THE WAYSHOWERS…. moving completely out of lack, out of limits, out of separation, out of need…..

As all move further INTO FULL SERVICE, you will come to realize how much of this is totally in response to you…. what you DO, what you HOLD, what you allow/require and what you believe/create to exist in your own reality/world. If your life lacks, then you are not open, you are not sharing what’s important, you are not stepping up and you’ve disconnected inside from the PURITY/SOURCE of who you truly are….

Physical world abundance…. all that you desire and DESERVE, not as an entitlement, but because of what you CONTRIBUTE with all that you are…. Everyone moves into INFINITE ABUNDANCE… as they step up and become all that they ask of others to be… It’s a deserving because you have come to find your own worth, through trans-versing through your own judgment/unworthiness beliefs/energy… It’s a part of the Value System Overhaul that we all go through…

As humans, we put everything on someone else, we waited for others…. as WayShowers… it’s all the opposite… we do not wait for others, they do not affect what we are here to be/do…. We release the judgment, we don’t care about separated limits, we step up and we stay OPEN to RECEIVE all as it comes TO US…. in response to this….

This is just one way we JUMP QUANTUM STYLE, as we upgrade in light… WE become the Light Houses, the Light Keepers, the Light Bringers, the Light Anchors… WE HOLD realities/the NEW Earth Gridwork in place… from inside and with our whole body structures…..

Each will be challenged, because challenges show us what we could not see before. They help us clear the energy we held… to move on…. The challenges diminish as you move through them, deal with them, release them, transcend them from within. As you become Energy, all becomes energy too… Everything is easy again… as we do. ♥

Limits are abound… words, beliefs, thoughts, actions… Limitless is too….. The reality we exist in, is the one we create, believe, choose…

WE have moved on…. we continually do…. pay attention, observe, see what really goes on with you… and what you are allowing/choosing/committed to…. More than committing your energy, you actually have to DO… as you MASTER BEing (Divine Feminine), you will come to MASTER DO’ing too (Divine Masculine, as you MASTER Creation (Divine Birth/Child/Creator)… all comes fully into balance, everything sacred, pure, exquisite, amazing, awesome, blissful, magical, peaceful, supportive… this returns for you.  ♥

Conscious Anger is important… it shows you what you could not see before. It moves your energy in a different direction, more in-alignment with your own soul….. for it releases all of the compromise that was suppressed and held inside. It assist you with stepping up and moving on…. in a new direction… to do/be more of who you truly are….As you stop compromising your own soul, you won’t get angry anymore, because you won’t be creating the vibration to experience anymore.

Sacred honor, sacred respect, sacred love, sacred integrity, sacred contribution…. deep profound everything … this is your soul speaking, feeling, being…. PURITY RETURNED. ♥

I love you! Keep shining, sharing, supporting…. open up, step up… for this is what you are creating to experience. Your entire reality is a response to what you are transmitting/doing fully now. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Keeper, Oracle, Sage, Scribe, Author, Transformational Speaker. Coach/Teacher/Guide

InterBeing – Altair Shyam


Buddha and The Bodhi Tree painting by Amulya Jayapal @ Behance



Altair Shyam

Today we celebrated my young daughter Maia’s second birthday.

And my wife Sumire had very serious nausea.

She was lying on the couch.

In my continuing explorations into the nature of consciousness, healing and interBeing, she is my continuing barometer of Presence and connectedness.

As I placed my hand on her nausea she said she felt the nausea suddenly lift out of her stomach and into my hand.

At that same point of time I was being mother to both her and the thoughts and feelings in my head and heart, allowing them the space to rise, be and then dissolve, holding them all in my embrace, until the mind and heart sink into Divine Mother’s Ocean of Being, the silence and stillness where all healing and transformation takes place.


At the exact moment that my wife felt the nausea lift out of her, there was a pulse of electricity like an energy charge that moved out of the heart crystal in my left hand, through my arms, heart and into her. We both connected with the intention of healing the nausea, which in essence, like the thoughts and feelings, rose, was allowed to be and then dissolved.

“That was amazing!” she said at the end.

“I thought I was going to be sick all night, it was so severe!”

“I had so many anxious thoughts…I might have to call the ambulance and go to hospital!”

“While the pain is still living inside my body I can’t really stop the thoughts. I can watch it, I can shift it, but because I’m anxious about what is going on in my body, the thoughts keep coming.”


I considered more deeply what this truly means.

It is a truly remarkable profound insight.

It means we share Presence, connectedness, the Ocean of Being, with each and every living being.

As if they were our mothers.

Or fathers.

The elements, deities, all that arises in creation, is, like thoughts and emotions arising, in our awareness.

So to connect with this awareness we only need to be totally present with the object of our attention. In my case it was my wife and her nausea, in your case it is whatever you bring your attention and awareness to.


Pure Silver Chenrezig Chengrezi Shakyamuni Thangka Thanka Painting @ Nepal Art


Later that evening my wife and I were discussing interBeing.

My wife asked me if I was willing to look at her sciatica which has been giving her trouble for several weeks.

Strangely, just an hour earlier I had been working in the garden and felt a twinge in the same area, like hot burning.

I applied the same intention, attention and awareness to her sciatica and part way into the process the twinge I had been experiencing disappeared and she immediately said “My pain is at 0!” We usually measure awareness of our pain on a scale of 0 to 10.

This was further confirmation to both of us of our interBeing. That the entire cosmos had worked together to bring us to that point of awareness where there could be instantaneous healing for us both at the same time.

To attune ourselves to anything, to connect with aspects of creation, which itself becomes our teacher in the moment, we apply our intention, attention and awareness.

My own experiences with samadhi, sartori, manifestations, of extraterrestrial craft and beings, with communications with dolphins, divine oil, the pearl, sounds and light, healing miracles, inter-dimensional travel, past lives, are really just signs of the power of awareness and presence, which we all have, and the cultivation of simplicity, compassion and love, which is our one true nature.

When we bring intention, attention and awareness to something, whatever manifests, in whatever form, is uniquely us, and can never be compared to anything or anyone else.

To me, being able to bring a smile to my young daughter’s face is the greatest miracle of them all.

That evening Sumire came down with a high fever. She was sweating, coughing and had heavy flu symptoms. I used the same intention, attention and awareness with her head and heart for some time. She fell asleep. When she awoke she said

“I feel fine”

The fever broke at the exact moment I saw two bodhi trees, as clearly as I see you, one silver and one fire-red-gold, either side of her.

As I explore the vast vistas of the Self and Being I realize how little I really know and how all-knowing the wisdom of the Self is.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother


Buddha Red Thangka Painting by stasia14 @ DeviantArt.


The Annointing – Rachel @ Living Light – Stirring The Deep


ART : Engel – by Escume @ DeviantArt.


The Anointing

Anointing = the possession of the subconsciousness by the divine consciousness (Christ consciousness). 

Our anointing is the inner work of our Creator. He is pouring himself into and through us, and into creation in order to manifest himself. Our anointing follows the preparatory work of our soul that creates a deep awareness of the nature of divine love that in turn creates an all-consuming desire to give this love to all always. This desire is authenticated within our soul by situations in which we previously withdrew our love but now we desire to be an outlet of divine love.

The anointing at this deep creative level of our being is experienced on the conscious level as stages of movement into a higher consciousness. We advance through these levels by A) receiving their instruction from the Spirit within, B) desiring to follow the instruction with all our being (desire creates an open door for the Spirit of God to work freely in us), and C) our circumstances providing a means to integrate the instructions into our consciousness.

Conscious Examples of the Anointing:

We become aware that every occurrence in our life serves the purpose of manifesting divine love by presenting us opportunities to give this love. Thus where we perceive a lack of divine love, we consciously exude it.

We exalt ALL in equanimity and as do we lift all into this higher consciousness and exalt the Creator who is all in all.

We experience the methodical dissolution of the shadow self (become self-less) and all it has manifested (i.e., personalities, past and future imaginations, current reality, purposes, desires, expectations, limitations, etc.) as it is supplanted by the one Divine Self, which was hidden beneath our lower self. We desire to manifest the Divine Self and no longer a contrived separate self.

We cease to perceive life in separation and begin to see oneness in all things. Thus, we no longer consider our Creator as separate from us (or anything else), but an integral part of us as there is only one Divine consciousness that fills all in all.

We perceive that the creative power moves from within us out; thus all transformation and regeneration comes through our soul, which when self-less is an open door to the divine consciousness.

We perceive that through our connection to the divine consciousness we have access to all knowledge and wisdom. These flow into our awareness through the mechanisms of remembrance and intuition.

We constantly experience alternations in our thoughts as our mind now serves the Christ consciousness and no longer the self-directed consciousness of the lower self.  Thus, our decisions and actions are altered by it.

We creatively rise above the limitations of time and space into the realm of the eternal present.

These and many others are transitions we experience on a consciousness level during our sacred anointing of the Spirit. As this eternal presence expands in our soul, we are delivered into the kingdom of the Christ consciousness and we become living expressions of divine truth and love.

Because the transition is happening in our consciousness (which is a creative mechanism), as we shift from one created reality to another we are constantly experiencing the sensational exchange from the land of illusions to the kingdom of the Christ consciousness. Thus we go through the mental gyrations of letting go of one and engaging of the other, which create struggles or battles in our mind and soul. Our lower self “fights” against this transition. During the initial manifestation of the divine consciousness, we are surrounded by the residual creation of the lower self. As we are changing inwardly in our awareness, these outward manifestations counter what we are experiencing inwardly, thus a battle is felt within our soul between what is within and what we perceive without.

To facilitate our transition, the Spirit instructs us to focus on the transformative nature of divine love and not on the world of senses. As we do, the creations of the lower self subside and the manifestations of the Divine Self find creative space to take form. During this transition, we are called to greater times of A) meditation, B) prayer in which the desires of our Creator are made manifest through his consciousness in us, C) reflective thought that opens up our conscious understanding to facilitate our transformation, and D) listening to the Spirit for instruction and counsel which guide us into the manifestation of the divine consciousness.

Though we experience these disruptions, the work is the Creator’s, for we are his perfect workmanship from beginning to end. However, as we’ve experienced the challenges of transformation, we also will experience the ever-expanding glories of eternal growth, and the latter far outweighs the former.

Divine gratitude (gratitude for the divine truth as known through the lens of divine love) is a significant tool in this transformation. Because this is the work of consciousness, what we focus on expands. When we are sincerely grateful for the elements of divinity that we perceive in truth and spirit, then those elements expand and become manifest in our reality; as the outer is a reflection of the inner. When this creative act is consistently done it facilitates the manifestation of the divine consciousness into our expressed reality.

This anointing is the manifestation of our soul as an eternal outlet to the Spirit of God. It creates an ever-expanding beauty, abundance, harmony, sublime oneness, divine love and joy that touches every part of creation from within us. It is the freedom and victory in all things for us and for all.



ART : Engel – by Escume @ DeviantArt.

The Anointing

Archangel Metatron – Illumintion is mine, expansion is thine – Shanta Gabriel


ART : Sky Garden – Frank Howell


A Message from Archangel Metatron

Illumination is mine, expansion is thine. Through these teachings, your Earth plane becomes enlightened with the pure Source energy.

The fields of Transcendent Thought are a reality that can bring new levels of Harmony and Joy into your life. As you access new fields of high-frequency connection, your evolution as Source Energy Ever Expanding into the New Dimensions of Earthincreases.

Through your personal work in aligning the chakras, you have been growing more deeply connected to the spiritual core of your being. This then allows you to use this focus on the chakras as a meditation tool to bring more alignment into every area of your life.

When you open yourself to the currents of Divine Light from Source energy through your Crown chakra in meditation, you prepare your body to receive greater frequencies without damage or upheaval to your nervous system. In fact, meditation with Light is one of the most soothing general tonics you can use for an overstimulated nervous system, which so many of you energetically sensitive souls are experiencing.

The gifts you receive from this ancient and angelic form of meditation are far greater than they appear in the moment. You are tapping into levels of Divine Grace that you have never experienced.

Far more transcendent awareness becomes available when you allow yourself time to sit in these beautiful fields of Golden Light. It is the realm of the Angels working in your life to bring Divinity into your daily practice and uplift your life on all levels.

This daily immersion into Light through your meditation will bring new dimensions of Grace into your life. It is important to remember to call forth Divine Grace into your world so you can live in a field of Grace and Ease at all times.

Know that the River of All Creation flows through you in mighty currents and provides all the energy you need. With this awareness you can access greater levels of Love and Intelligence through the power of Divine Light as it flows into your energy system, greatly enhancing your life. Not only is this empowering for you, but through this activity you become a blessing to the world.

Even though you are seeking Illuminated Consciousness from the Source, we also want to take you back to your roots. We mean this literally, because accessing the wisdom of Infinite Intelligence requires a Grounding System that allows you to bring it into conscious awareness. The grandeur of Exalted Consciousness is too expansive to become a permanent fixture in your earthly life without the momentum and anchor of a root system that assists you to bring these exalted states back to human awareness.

You can live in wholeness when you keep a rooted system of connection to the Earth that allows you to stay clear and to live in greater Harmony with all aspects of your self. The provisions you have been making to open the channels through your chakra system ignite the frequencies necessary to spark inspired action in your life.

Creation of new life requires accessing your Divine Potential and Expansive Insight. Using the pure descending current of consciousness through your physical form anchors these higher frequencies on the Earth. This descending current is what allows your light body to develop. Through your conscious awareness of Divine Light, you are creating the power of Divine Development. Accessing the wisdom of Infinite Consciousness is a goal many are seeking outside of themselves, when in truth this attunement is only possible within the refined current of your being.

The melding of Divine Consciousness with human awareness is an inside job. The pressure you feel to achieve these states is only the Infinite Presence working in you, spurring you on to greater heights of understanding so you can create ordinary ways of life that are sparked with Divinity on all levels. We say ordinary because that is how you think, but from our perspective, there is nothing ordinary about human life on Earth. Your life is an extraordinary adventure. It would help you if you only would believe this were true, because from our perspective it is.

Allow Divinity to pour through you from the highest Source energy bringing Divine Light through every aspect of your life. Whenever two or more are gathered, as it is said, an opportunity to bless all of humanity and Earth with the high frequencies of Creative Solutions and over-arching grandeur takes precedence. We are partnering with you to bless all of life.

Use this opportunity to change the world and bring Heaven to Earth. Spread heavenly Grace and Divine Love throughout all humanity. Uplift the frequencies of your life so all humanity may know they also have the gifts they need to thrive in greater ways than they imagine possible. Use the power of your blessing to impulse a new wave of consciousness that can bring forth all that is required for Harmony within all beings and throughout all life. Loving care of the Earth is only a blessing away.

Your ability to access these higher states of consciousness creates the responsibility to bring them to Earth so all may thrive in awakening of new more conscious way of life.

We have said that all humanity now has a chance to awaken in ways that were only possible for a few in other generations. Whenever new life is required on Earth, new openings into the gateways of Heaven occur. This is that time.

Access the Portal of All Possibility through your focus of awareness and bless the Earth with an exalted Breath of Life. You are the masters of this new time, and it is through your blessings that a new Golden Age on Earth is born. It is why you chose to be here now — to usher in a new age from the realms of chaos. You are here to establish a foundation that empowers the proverbial Phoenix to rise out of the ashes of the old paradigm and creates Light Fields that allow Harmony, Well-Being and Peace to prevail on the Earth.

And most of all, you are here to anchor the Divine Love that you are on an Earth that is parched, and needing to be fed and nourished by what only your Love can give. New life awaits your blessing. Give it freely and you will receive in ways you have never known.

Above all remember that all is well and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Metatron
September 15, 2016


Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity by Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel – Natalie Glasson


Mother Mary by Lily Moses.


Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity

by Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 16th September 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel share our love with you which cascades as beautiful bubbles of love over and through your being. We come forth with the gentleness, grace and compassion of our energy gifting this to you now so you may gift the same to yourself and others. We ask you to accept us with an open heart as we accept you into the depths of our beings knowing our oneness and eternal connection with you.

In this time of powerful ascension shifts and awakening, many beings of light upon the inner planes are sharing, downloading and gifting their energy to those upon the Earth, to encourage all to move through ascension with ease and perfection. There are times in the ascension journey when it becomes immensely powerful, impactful and transformational while other times simply offer gentle shifts which continue a calm awakening of your Creator awareness. We are now entering into and existing in the period of powerful transformation which signifies there is a need for your mind, thoughts and intentions to be profoundly clear as this will allow you to navigate your ascension transformation with ease and perfection. A wonderful statement to affirm is:

‘My mind is clear, filled with clarity and a deep understanding of my ascension process. My intentions remain pure and aligned with my truth in every moment.’

We, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, are present to offer our support and assistance to all. However we also wish to focus on the children of this ascension period. Souls born upon the Earth in 2017 will be born without numerous illusions which have previously been embedded into their consciousness from the consciousness of humanity. Many souls will choose to be born with a new perspective of clarity and understanding of the truth of the Creator. This will remain with them throughout their lifetime supporting them in creating and instigating powerful changes upon the Earth which many have been waiting to experience. As many upon the Earth now prepare to adopt a new perspective of truth through the process of their soul and physical aspect or personality merging, those born in 2017 will naturally already embody this new perspective. This is not because the beings born 2017 and beyond are more evolved spiritually, it is due to the transformation of the consciousness of humanity. When you were born upon the Earth, you anchored as if from a well or source a download of information which was created by previous generations and had been stored within the energy field of all of humanity. Powerful spiritual information was downloaded into your being as well as negative, limiting and fear creating programming.

As humanity evolves and generations move beyond fear recognising the Creator more fully as a truth within their being, the consciousness of humanity evolves transforming, and the information imparted to newly born souls upon the Earth changes as well. Therefore, souls are able to enter into a physical body without adopting shrouds of illusion, which means that generations can develop an understanding of the truth of the Creator enhancing peace, love and divine wisdom within all. It is the dedication of previous generations and lifetimes, each individuals focus, which shifts the consciousness of humanity from illusion into love and allows souls to be born with a greater sense of freedom to explore the Creator within and around them.

In the coming months and as we move into 2017 you will adopt a greater perspective of your soul. This will mean you will be able to see, sense and acknowledge yourself, your life and others in new and inspiring ways with a deep-seated sense of knowingness. As you accept your new conscious awareness and deliver the high vibrations of your soul into your being and reality, you will be synthesising the same with the consciousness of humanity. As more people achieve this all over the world, each person’s soul energy will become more physically present. Then each person’s soul energy will begin to merge within the consciousness of humanity.

This source or well which holds and retains energy and information will transform from holding illusions to holding the purpose, light, wisdom and truth of each soul. Souls will be able to merge within the consciousness of humanity, grounding and anchoring the consciousness of soul groups due to the synthesis of souls. Great power and light will flow into the consciousness of humanity filtering into the energetic fields or auras of humans and into those newly born upon the Earth. This will instigate experiences of deep oneness, unity and connection between people. Focus on separation will gradually dissolve allowing many to feel aligned with the Creator, being of service and moving through spiritual evolution with greater awareness and ease. This shift in the consciousness of humanity will make it so much easier for souls upon the Earth to achieve their goals, accelerate their ascension, embody their purpose and recognise their peace within because each person will be supported by and able to access the divine wisdom of all souls through the consciousness of humanity. Souls will be able to work together with perfection to manifest necessary divine experiences; there will be an advanced experience of synchronicity which will expand your awareness and develop further evolved perspectives born from truth.

Everything that you are, experience, achieve, the way you act and react, think and even feel will manifest with a greater percentage from your soul into all that you are and your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind will gradually shift to hold the beliefs of your soul, your conscious mind will be influenced by the wisdom of your soul, and so you will experience yourself as a greater embodiment of your soul. Thus, everything around you will be perceived by you with a new awareness and understanding. You will be able to see beyond the earthly habits, emotions and limiting thoughts which support numerous creations upon the Earth and in your own reality. Souls entering the Earth as newborn babies will already experience the synthesis of their soul with their human being, actions and reactions, therefore, they will be able to bring new wisdom, love and insights forth grounding new energ y into the consciousness of humanity for all to benefit from. It is for this reason that there is a need to honour souls being born upon the Earth because it is as if they are bringing missing puzzle pieces of the divine to humanity for all to benefit from. It does not mean that souls being born in 2017 will be spiritually evolved and act in this way in their realities. Their simple birth allows them to impart sacred and necessary wisdom, codes and light which need to synthesis with energies already present within the consciousness of humanity, thus creating a merging of the Creator to bring forth heightened states of awareness. This is also why some souls are choosing to be born into the earthly reality but pass over after a short time or even in the womb. They were simply going through the process as much as was necessary so that energy, light, love, codes and wisdom could be grounded from their soul into the consciousness of humanity and will, therefore, exist within the energetic fields of humanity as a whole and individuals.

We, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, are supporting souls being born into the Earth in delivering their light to the consciousness of humanity while also receiving the high vibrations and wisdom beyond illusion which is already anchored into the consciousness of humanity. We are supporting the synthesis of souls within the consciousness of humanity and even the downloading of essential soul group energy to aid further transformation. We are supporting, as are many, those already upon the Earth whatever age they may be, in accessing a new perspective born from their soul, living with greater embodiment as their soul upon the Earth. We are creating powerful and beautiful bubbles of love for each person to exist within which will almost act as incubators enhancing the love you have already downloaded from your soul and the Creator into your being while surrounding you in supreme love s o the love of your soul is drawn into your entire being to allow a new perspective to dawn. Please accept our bubbles of love created from our love as guided by the Creator.

‘Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, I accept with an open heart, mind and being your love bubbles as guided by the Creator. I allow myself to exist within your love bubble as if I am surrounded in a cocoon or incubator that nurtures and nourishes my soul and love. May your bubble of love enhance and magnify the profound and deep love I already recognise within my being as my truth and essence. May your bubble of love support me in creating a safe, beautiful and loving space to draw and download my soul into every aspect of my being, synthesising with my current embodiment to aid the dawning of a new perspective which is harmoniously aligned with the truth-grounding from the current ascension energies.

Thank you, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, please be with me supporting me in becoming the truth of my being and the Creator so I may live this upon the Earth. Please support all upon the Earth especially new born babies and children by surrounding them in your bubbles of love. Please continue your sacred work with the consciousness of humanity. Let me feel the benefits of the positive and enlightening shifts occurring within the consciousness of humanity now. Alert me to any service I can provide to aid the ascension pathway which is unfolding now for all to see and understand. I am one with you, we are one with the Creator, this is my reality now. Thank you.’

In eternal love and support,

Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel

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Mother Mary by Lily Moses.

Free and Clear – Jamye Price


Free and Clear

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Weekly LightBlast |

Blessed Being, your path in human form has its moments of clarity and its moments of uncertainty, where even the direction of the path has not yet formed. These two opposites complete a circle, a spiral of flow. The dual sides of the same coin.

When you are well with both clarity and uncertainty, you flow easily through change. Change is constant in this experience. It occurs infinitely in each moment, the fractal flow expanding and contracting.

You are at an exciting point in your evolution where change feels accelerated and intensified. You are at the point in the spiral as it spins faster and faster, nearing an unknown culmination. For some, the change creates fear. For others, excitement. These two close cousins determine your friction with a moment of change.

There is a turning point, an escape velocity that releases the bindings of time and space (form). It is at this point that what seemed fast becomes slow, what seemed solid becomes soft, what seemed distinct becomes blurred. Within this blur is a clarity—where the details of form give way to your understanding.

These moments of understanding come in many ways. For one person, it is a physical experience where the body and the physical senses amplify. You may hear, see, taste, touch, or smell in great detail. The blur gives way to physical sensory clarity, even if only for a moment. For another the experience is emotional, creating a heightened sense of Love, connection, or empathy. For another, the experience is mental, initiating an understanding of Time, cosmic connection, or the nature of experience.

Perhaps you recognize these moments of clarity from a vision, a meditation, or a dream? Some seek these with the aid of plants for the chemical assistance that initiates the bridge of release from dense focus. Yet your body is capable to create this bridge as your vibrational resonance attunes to a higher frequency. Even your environment on Earth responds to assist this opportunity. But rather than focusing on the end result of wanting the experience, your focus on the catalyst within you will be what determines your experience.

When you feel free, you are in a resonance of peace and excitement rather than fear.

Within excitement you may notice some fear, but the dominant resonance is excitement. Excitement is passion, creativity, wonderment with Life. Do you feel this? Observe yourself and foster that resonance within. Excitement is a catalyst.

In a moment of uncertainty, find your bridge to knowing that creation has not yet formed, but its birth will bring great change. Find your bridge to the peace within the chaos, understanding the structure of Life is bound by Love. You will notice that you have touched the bridge by the slowing that you feel—the blending of excitement and peace. This blending of duality creates the bridge, the connection. Density gives way to release. You are Free and Clear. Even if for only a moment.

To become Free and Clear, merely observe your authentic emotions. Allow yourself to feel and think freely (your sovereign domain) and you will recognize a clarity of your dominant resonance with Life.

Let Excitement Become Stronger than Fear by Jamye Price

Prepare yourself within. Let the excitement of the unknown become stronger than the fear of the unknown, for all is known within your core. When you are Free and Clear, you feel safe, loving, creative, capable, supported—even in a challenge. It may not feel perfect or easy, but you will feel a resonance of capability within.

To obtain this, soothe your fears into an understanding of safety. Soothe your fears into a feeling of openness and ability. Soothe your fears into peace with the unknown. For Life knows you. Life responds to your vibrational resonance with unconditional Love. A challenge? Life knows your capability. A triumph? Life knows your infinite value. Neither is a punishment or a reward, merely a response. Soothe your fears. They are an opportunity for change, for new freedom and clarity.

As we sit to Blast Free and Clear, we are observing our authentic thoughts and emotions with a nurturance that soothes change. We are becoming stronger within such that the pace of the outer world moves around us, frictionless, as we observe with detached compassion. We are creating waves of Love that penetrate deep into the density of humanity, for we are exciting particles of possibility into the heart of Life. We are the magnetic core that shapes change, feeling free to Love and clear with direction. We are the change, changing the human experience from within. Blast on!