Your energetic “reboot” has been completed as of September 9th, 2016 -Asara – Founder of The Telos Channel


Art by Uemura Shoen


The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light:

“We are here now.

We love you.

We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

Dear Ones, your energetic “reboot” has been completed as of September 9th, 2016.

Your connection to the Higher Realms is returning now and you are getting back “online” with us, the Angels, Ascended Masters and Inner Earth Civilizations.

The September 9th, 2016 date in your calendar has created
the 9-9-9 Portal for the integration of the Higher Dimensional frequencies on your Earth plane.

This means that you are now more easily moving between the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional energy fields, while in your physical bodies.

Every moment of your day, you are moving between these dimensions and when you pay attention to the way you feel vs. what is happening around you, you will begin to shift more to the dimension you wish to reside in, at will.

You can do this, while you are having your physical experience here.

This process of you remaining in your physical body and experiencing the higher dimensional energies is part of your soul agreement of anchoring the higher vibrational frequencies here on this planet. 

As this is taking place, your 12 strands of DNA are being activated more and more and your higher dimensional abilities are becoming stronger and stronger.

With that we are referring to your ability to see, feel and experience and experience us on more and more tangible levels.

You see, we have been around, on and within this planet in our crafts for a very long time and as you are shifting upwards in your vibrational experience, you are able to see us more and more. This means that more in person interactions with us are more and more frequent.

As you begin to invite our presence more and more, we are allowed to re-unite with you, as we are your Galactic Families of Light.

The cosmic 3rd wave of energy is now picking up intensity and we invite you to bring your awareness as much as possible to your Divine Inner Being and be as kind and gentle as possible with your self and others.

You are loved beyond measure.

We are with you… always.

We love you.

We are you.


Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light!
Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light!

With much Love and Light

Adama of Telos, Archangel Michael
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light
and ~Asara~

See you on the other side. 🙂

Founder of The Telos Channel
Trance-channel for
Adama of Telos
Archangel Michael and
The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

Re-Vamping Everyone’s Value System: Huge Upgrade & Overhaul Phase Now… Lisa Transcendence Brown


Re-Vamping Everyone’s Value System: Huge Upgrade & Overhaul Phase Now… 



Lately I’ve re-focused my own energy on what truly important right now, observing the re-vamping of everyone’s value system, the cleansing of all that was held in separation, created out of separation, the evolution of HU-man-kind… to a whole new existence….

I’ve pulled away to focus on my own SOUL EMBODIMENT completion phase that I am in now… I saw to block off the rest of the year, through mid-January and to only DO that which supports what I am here to BE ,DO, share… and I have…

It’s been liberating to let everyone do their own thing, experience however they choose and to assist those ready, truly ready and truly committed to their own process here. It’s been freeing to refocus … knowing all is perfectly in alignment exactly as it is… to observe the codes and sequences as everything re-configures continually now.

These higher vibrational existences… these make all visible now. Where one comes from, their integrity, their commitment, what they place their own priorities on, where they contribute, where they hold back, when it comes from the purity of their own soul and when it does not yet….

These higher vibrational existence weed all out for us… we just honor and DO that which is in-alignment. We do not hold ourselves to the judgment and lack of others here. That’s their own prison/hell to transcend from within.

The old unconscious realities, the old limited beliefs, the separation… it all increases/amplifies HUGE as distortions are made visible, the physical realities dismantle/collapse… because there is nothing to hold them together anymore….. the glue of separation consciousness is no longer….

All SOULs have awakened, inside of the body…. the host body must upgrade substantially to hold all of the light, to cleanse the impurities of unconsciousness….

Every program is to open the heart, to unify and return all back into love, back into light, back into purity….

A WHOLE NEW VALUE SYSTEM is being reconstructed for all. This is why the unworthiness of so many has exacerbated, for one must value themselves to value their soul in order to value the souls of others…. and return HEAVEN on Earth to this physical plane here.

The old unconscious human didn’t value anything…. the land, the water, the earth, each other, them selves…. they didn’t value their energy, but they will, they didn’t value WHY THEY HAD THINGS, but they will. They did not value the sacred energies of love, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, consideration, contribution, unity…. but they will.
This process requires it… for it is a RETURN to an existence forgotten/lost…. it is a return to each’s soul, fully…. through the activation of higher selves, the reclaiming of fragmented selves, the un-attachment to anything outside and the CREATION of the NEW from inside…..

It is SHARING, supporting, uplifting, empowering and taking full responsibility for every breath, every thought, every word, every action and REALIZING how everything is created from within. It’s the realizing that which you project out, you receive back, that which you wish upon others, you transmit to yourself, that which you contribute creates for you to receive, that which you hold most dear is not anything out there… it is your own SOUL… your divinity, your purity, your infinite self…. and as you do, you call forth the infinite versions of others and all physical realities too.

Every occurrence has a gazillion purposes, all necessary for our NEW Earth existence here. For without the ones that trigger the old lower vibrations, one cannot transcend what they do not know is there. For without the release of the separation/density that kept the heart-soul closed/shut off/hidden/suppressed, without the “not wanting that”, the human will not choose. Human aspects need polarity to move them into the direction of their own soul, until they do not NEED it anymore.

The physical reality is each’s play… designed to wake them up, to get their own heart open, to allow their soul to emerge. The physical reality is ENERGY and a culmination of frequencies that have taken physical matter form….. As each understand this, they take responsibility for their own actions and do all intentionally, through the purity of love.

As each DESIRES to receive more awesome, magical and amazing realities in their every moment, they will MASTER the state of BEing and DOing from inside….. The unconscious human waited until they received… here it is the opposite. Each receives as a response to what each is BEing and DOing with their entire everything….

The physical reality is each’s creation … according to that individual SOUL’S chosen journey here. To understand all, each must open their heart fully again. To MASTER ALL, each must embody their own soul fully………… ♥

The entire physical body and physical reality will be overhauled and transformed into a new existence, built from the inside out. There is nothing in the physical that is not affected by this process. It’s the point. Old Earth was not meant to survive as it was. It was never meant to succeed….. it was meant for each’s chosen human experience to transcend all from within. Each transitions over to NEW EARTH from inside…. When their SOUL say’s “IT IS TIME”.

Reconstruction of your entire reality, occurs from inside. The stability comes AFTER you deconstruct all that is not pure and true…. NEW EARTH GRIDWORK is already in place, realities await you….. you dictate how/when, dependent on what is important to you. If you compromise your spirit/soul, then you experience a REALity to show you something you could not/did not want to see before….

Here, EVERYTHING IS MAGICAL and fully abundant NOW. Nothing will look like what you thought, be like what you thought… it will be more awesome, more amazing… as you fully embrace your own DIVINITY and HOLD the frequency of NEW Earth from inside of you… all of the time. Until the energy of separation is gone, you will shift back and forth. Opening your heart fully, allows you to shift intentionally and experience the REALITIES you DO desire. Now. ♥

Each is going to find that EVERYTHING is on them. No more excuses, stories of how one can’t. These realities prove differently. ∞

Get ready loves, for AS PURE LIGHTS, you are the one that stirs it up more now, the eye of the storm, radiating out in waves of pure love and pure light, we hold NEW Earth realities in place and everything swirls around out there, waking everyone and every thing up. No one came here to be small. The light you transmit strongly will be part of what stirs it all up. This is also the point. You can handle it when you are in-alignment with your own soul. You will not worry about what others say & do, you will not succumb to human lack/separation, you will not take on their realities, their judgment, their lack… you will not need to anymore…. because YOU ARE DONE with all of that. YOU hold your light, you keep your heart open, you transmit intentionally however is appropriate for you, as you will find that these vibrations will move everyone exactly as they “need” now. No one needs you to save them… it’s their job to save themselves. Victim consciousness is gone, unless you keep recreating it and feeding it from within you.

These are game-changing frequencies that continue to increase, amplify and sort it all out. When you are conscious, you’ll be choosing what you desire to experience more of as a higher consciousness light being soul. ♥

The human will panic as realities start to collapse, not understanding that every bit of this is necessary to get their attention and open their heart to more than their own separated existence. Trying to “save them” from their experience that they required/asked for, so that they can finally see…. is your need, not theirs….

Our role is to empower others to choose their own soul first, so that they do not continue to wait until there is no other choice left. We create awareness, we share the knowledge, we provide the opportUNITY for each to do this for themselves…. for this to be the most important thing to them too…. for this is what it takes… for everyone to experience NEW EARTH FULLY….
I love you all. Keep being awesome and honoring you, for you honor all when you do. ♥

Lisa Transcendence  Brown ☼


Credibility – Jamye Price

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Weekly LightBlast |

Blessed Beings, as you observe your world, you are creating a structure of interpretation and interaction. It is important for your internal structures to be fluid, adaptable, and trusted.

All humans begin by an influence of those around them. This is appropriate. It initiates an understanding of external points of view and connection. It blends the inner self and the external others. As you develop and age, you shift your focus of external influence. That may be from family to peers, from peers to colleagues, or any combination of external groups.

Without effort to individualize, you would maintain a semblance of your internal structure, though with much influence from those around you. The skills of discernment will mainly be based on past influence rather than the moment of interaction. This lack of internal trust and discernment creates a need to dominate in some and a need to follow in others.

With effort, you are able to hone your own discernment in the moment of interaction and utilize your full senses of interpretation. You may not have outer proof, but you have a trust in the self to discern clearly and continue to react in each moment as new information is presented. Your interactions stem less from obligation, and more from personal choice. You feel less of a need to dominate others or to defer to others, appreciating the perfection of your choice in the moment—whether it is enjoyable and easy or not.

You may have observed an influx of children that you have termed Indigos that seem less malleable to outside influence unless their internal structure agrees. That “Indigo” potential is strong in some (even adults) and less in others. These incarnations have not occurred because humanity needed them, they have occurred in response to humanity because your point of evolution was ready for them. Even those you term “Crystals,” “Rainbows,” or “Starseeds” have incarnated in response to the point of evolution humanity has created. Perhaps you know these characteristics within yourself.

Evolution Requires Inner Trust by Jamye Price

This exciting time is about your evolution into such internal empowerment as an individual that the collective is changing to match your resonance. Here, yourCredibility becomes paramount, not for others, but for yourself.

One is Credible when their actions match their words, when intent comes from a balance of inner knowing and the joy of discovering the unknown. One is Credible as the ease of not knowing is opens them to connection, discernment, and inner trust—the path of expansion.

It would seem that it is important that others are Credible. Yet this journey of evolution into empowered connection truly requires the trust of the internal structure in order to interact from a balance that does not seek power over or under. As you hone your Credibility within yourself, you are enhancing your internal structure of interpretation and interaction through a nurturance that fosters easy growth. As this internal resonance increases for humanity, the external response will evolve as well.

To determine your internal Credibility, your trust in yourself; slowly repeat these phrases and notice your subtle feelings with them.

I trust my discernment.

I trust my wisdom.

I trust my choices.

If you feel strong and free with them, your Credibility is at a wonderful point for your adaptability. If you feel any doubt or lack, repeat them slowly each day until they feel consistently strong. Just the mere interaction with these intents helps you release energy that is not resonant, and helps you initiate your inner Credibility.

As we sit to Blast Credibility, we are enhancing our connection with All Life as we trust the Self to interact with empowerment. We are feeling freer within, for the outer world does not dominate or manipulate the inner world. We are instilling a sense of self-respect that teaches through choice, changing the fabric of interaction for humanity. We are strong and wise, trusting the self to choose and react based on the present moment, feeling enhanced by the past and ready for the future. We are the inner strength that nurtures Life through the joy of choice, seeing the sacred in All we encounter. Blast on!