PTAH – Oracle – Divine Guidance

Ptah, from the Anubis Oracle, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Ptah, from the Anubis Oracle, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr

Ptah: “The New Aeon~ Imagination, Visionary Prophet”

“The great creator god Ptah has the power to imagine a new world and opens the mouth of creation to issue it forth. A lover of this world, this existence, and all things manifest, he is also a prophet and a seer of the future aeons. He holds the potential of a Golden Age in his mind’s eye. We humans are entrusted with his imaginings and have the potential to embody, enact, and create them. When we can tap into his vision, he helps his ability to speak things into being.

His dominion reaches down through the earth, into the Underworld, or Innerworld, and all the way up into the cosmos and the Akashic realms, including all spaces in between. Ptah was revered by the ancient craftsmen, artists, and builders of the monuments of Egypt, for the assisted the in manifesting their co-created dreams, providing ideas and tools.

If you have drawn this card, you are connecting with Ptah and being asked to open your mouth, to speak your truth as you have seen if from your highest visions, and to help to co-create a new era with your right speech and right actions. This applies to you personally and to whatever situation or question you bring to the oracle; it also applies to the greater collective vision of the future of our world. You are being asked to see clearly with your heart and into your heart, and to bring forth all creations through the channel of your heart and mind.

Close your eyes, focus on the image of Ptah, and use your heart to see and listen. Then, imagine in your mind’s eye what it is that you will create. remember, your thoughts and words influence reality, as do your actions. You, too, can manifest your dreams.”*

~ By Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf

Now we take our manifestation efforts to a new level of creation. We are going to speak them into existence. Affirmations are extremely valuable tools for this process. We can use affirmations to teach our brains to think differently; it quite literally helps us to build new neural pathways. When we change the chemistry of our brains in this way, for the positive, we change our personality for the better. We can expand our belief systems, embrace more possibility and release the blockages that have been holding us back. We can form a new lens in which to see our reality, one that is not based on past pain and mistakes, but instead based on infinite possibility and success.

Where are you struggling in your life with your manifestation? We have talked about this several times lately, but as it has come up again,  I believe it is important to address it again. Do you use the power of your voice to assist you in bringing your dreams to reality? Or do you use your voice to complain, state your worries, or berate yourself for previous mistakes? Stating aloud what you intend to manifest tells the Universe that you are serious about your dreams and desires. Using your voice to state affirmations aloud helps to expedite the process by boosting confidence and self-worth.

In a journal or notebook, write out your top three intentions, and read them out loud (in front of a mirror works really well too!) every morning and every night for 30 days. Also say them aloud during the day whenever you get the chance, you can’t do it too often! Each evening write anything in your journal that pertains to the achieving of your goals. Note any synchronicities, opportunities or chance encounters which have lead you closer to your dreams. At the end of the month, read over your journal and celebrate your victories; see how much closer you are to what you wish to create.

Rewrite or add more intentions as needed, and continue to manifest your dreams.



~Archangel Oracle

*Anubis Oracle, by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, illustrated by Kris Waldherr


Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity by Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel – Natalie Glasson


Mother Mary by Lily Moses.


Shifts in the Consciousness of Humanity

by Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 16th September 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel share our love with you which cascades as beautiful bubbles of love over and through your being. We come forth with the gentleness, grace and compassion of our energy gifting this to you now so you may gift the same to yourself and others. We ask you to accept us with an open heart as we accept you into the depths of our beings knowing our oneness and eternal connection with you.

In this time of powerful ascension shifts and awakening, many beings of light upon the inner planes are sharing, downloading and gifting their energy to those upon the Earth, to encourage all to move through ascension with ease and perfection. There are times in the ascension journey when it becomes immensely powerful, impactful and transformational while other times simply offer gentle shifts which continue a calm awakening of your Creator awareness. We are now entering into and existing in the period of powerful transformation which signifies there is a need for your mind, thoughts and intentions to be profoundly clear as this will allow you to navigate your ascension transformation with ease and perfection. A wonderful statement to affirm is:

‘My mind is clear, filled with clarity and a deep understanding of my ascension process. My intentions remain pure and aligned with my truth in every moment.’

We, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, are present to offer our support and assistance to all. However we also wish to focus on the children of this ascension period. Souls born upon the Earth in 2017 will be born without numerous illusions which have previously been embedded into their consciousness from the consciousness of humanity. Many souls will choose to be born with a new perspective of clarity and understanding of the truth of the Creator. This will remain with them throughout their lifetime supporting them in creating and instigating powerful changes upon the Earth which many have been waiting to experience. As many upon the Earth now prepare to adopt a new perspective of truth through the process of their soul and physical aspect or personality merging, those born in 2017 will naturally already embody this new perspective. This is not because the beings born 2017 and beyond are more evolved spiritually, it is due to the transformation of the consciousness of humanity. When you were born upon the Earth, you anchored as if from a well or source a download of information which was created by previous generations and had been stored within the energy field of all of humanity. Powerful spiritual information was downloaded into your being as well as negative, limiting and fear creating programming.

As humanity evolves and generations move beyond fear recognising the Creator more fully as a truth within their being, the consciousness of humanity evolves transforming, and the information imparted to newly born souls upon the Earth changes as well. Therefore, souls are able to enter into a physical body without adopting shrouds of illusion, which means that generations can develop an understanding of the truth of the Creator enhancing peace, love and divine wisdom within all. It is the dedication of previous generations and lifetimes, each individuals focus, which shifts the consciousness of humanity from illusion into love and allows souls to be born with a greater sense of freedom to explore the Creator within and around them.

In the coming months and as we move into 2017 you will adopt a greater perspective of your soul. This will mean you will be able to see, sense and acknowledge yourself, your life and others in new and inspiring ways with a deep-seated sense of knowingness. As you accept your new conscious awareness and deliver the high vibrations of your soul into your being and reality, you will be synthesising the same with the consciousness of humanity. As more people achieve this all over the world, each person’s soul energy will become more physically present. Then each person’s soul energy will begin to merge within the consciousness of humanity.

This source or well which holds and retains energy and information will transform from holding illusions to holding the purpose, light, wisdom and truth of each soul. Souls will be able to merge within the consciousness of humanity, grounding and anchoring the consciousness of soul groups due to the synthesis of souls. Great power and light will flow into the consciousness of humanity filtering into the energetic fields or auras of humans and into those newly born upon the Earth. This will instigate experiences of deep oneness, unity and connection between people. Focus on separation will gradually dissolve allowing many to feel aligned with the Creator, being of service and moving through spiritual evolution with greater awareness and ease. This shift in the consciousness of humanity will make it so much easier for souls upon the Earth to achieve their goals, accelerate their ascension, embody their purpose and recognise their peace within because each person will be supported by and able to access the divine wisdom of all souls through the consciousness of humanity. Souls will be able to work together with perfection to manifest necessary divine experiences; there will be an advanced experience of synchronicity which will expand your awareness and develop further evolved perspectives born from truth.

Everything that you are, experience, achieve, the way you act and react, think and even feel will manifest with a greater percentage from your soul into all that you are and your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind will gradually shift to hold the beliefs of your soul, your conscious mind will be influenced by the wisdom of your soul, and so you will experience yourself as a greater embodiment of your soul. Thus, everything around you will be perceived by you with a new awareness and understanding. You will be able to see beyond the earthly habits, emotions and limiting thoughts which support numerous creations upon the Earth and in your own reality. Souls entering the Earth as newborn babies will already experience the synthesis of their soul with their human being, actions and reactions, therefore, they will be able to bring new wisdom, love and insights forth grounding new energ y into the consciousness of humanity for all to benefit from. It is for this reason that there is a need to honour souls being born upon the Earth because it is as if they are bringing missing puzzle pieces of the divine to humanity for all to benefit from. It does not mean that souls being born in 2017 will be spiritually evolved and act in this way in their realities. Their simple birth allows them to impart sacred and necessary wisdom, codes and light which need to synthesis with energies already present within the consciousness of humanity, thus creating a merging of the Creator to bring forth heightened states of awareness. This is also why some souls are choosing to be born into the earthly reality but pass over after a short time or even in the womb. They were simply going through the process as much as was necessary so that energy, light, love, codes and wisdom could be grounded from their soul into the consciousness of humanity and will, therefore, exist within the energetic fields of humanity as a whole and individuals.

We, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, are supporting souls being born into the Earth in delivering their light to the consciousness of humanity while also receiving the high vibrations and wisdom beyond illusion which is already anchored into the consciousness of humanity. We are supporting the synthesis of souls within the consciousness of humanity and even the downloading of essential soul group energy to aid further transformation. We are supporting, as are many, those already upon the Earth whatever age they may be, in accessing a new perspective born from their soul, living with greater embodiment as their soul upon the Earth. We are creating powerful and beautiful bubbles of love for each person to exist within which will almost act as incubators enhancing the love you have already downloaded from your soul and the Creator into your being while surrounding you in supreme love s o the love of your soul is drawn into your entire being to allow a new perspective to dawn. Please accept our bubbles of love created from our love as guided by the Creator.

‘Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, I accept with an open heart, mind and being your love bubbles as guided by the Creator. I allow myself to exist within your love bubble as if I am surrounded in a cocoon or incubator that nurtures and nourishes my soul and love. May your bubble of love enhance and magnify the profound and deep love I already recognise within my being as my truth and essence. May your bubble of love support me in creating a safe, beautiful and loving space to draw and download my soul into every aspect of my being, synthesising with my current embodiment to aid the dawning of a new perspective which is harmoniously aligned with the truth-grounding from the current ascension energies.

Thank you, Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel, please be with me supporting me in becoming the truth of my being and the Creator so I may live this upon the Earth. Please support all upon the Earth especially new born babies and children by surrounding them in your bubbles of love. Please continue your sacred work with the consciousness of humanity. Let me feel the benefits of the positive and enlightening shifts occurring within the consciousness of humanity now. Alert me to any service I can provide to aid the ascension pathway which is unfolding now for all to see and understand. I am one with you, we are one with the Creator, this is my reality now. Thank you.’

In eternal love and support,

Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel

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Mother Mary by Lily Moses.