Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of the 2nd Flame of Love and Wisdom brings forth his essence on the present Moon cycle of Pisces in the Sun Sign of Virgo with a Lunar Eclipse.

Integrative Divine Light Language Codes(sm)
by Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden. 

This cycle represents great beginnings that allows for the old energies to be released to make room for the new essence that we are becoming to be within ONENESS.

Specifically, it is time for more of the Spiritual Self (Higher Essence) to become more involved in the Physical Self (Lower Mind). As Pisces brings forth the water sign of movement it is a flowing energy that can come within us with grace and gentleness to allow the Physical Mind to accept the changes that have been brewing within the subconscious to occur. Sounds easy, right?

Well, as each of you know, it can be a huge challenge especially if the Lower Ego wants to stay intact and not move with the tides of change that are being shown with this cycle of the moon.

First of all, we have to consider the Lunar Eclipse which represents relationships changing. When you couple that energy within Mercury Retrograde, it is a very intense period of adjustment. Looking at how you are trying to change the way you do things as the Earth is changing within these elements you can be in a state of not knowing how to get through the process. You want change to happen but yet it can be a block that occurs within your subconscious mind.

This is where the energy presently is assisting so greatly, because the Piscean energies bring forth the ecstatic movement of light with love like feeling a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. It is a movement that allows an individual to move into a new part of themselves. So the only element that is important is to fully step within that flow, allow the change to happen, and trust that you will arrive at the destination you desire.

Your lower ego is not your friend; it will give you the parts that you don’t like, it will make you dysfunctional, it will give you pleasure but only of the Physical Self and not the Spiritual Self. This part of you is dying during this cycle. You can go through it kicking and screaming, but that will deter you from your truest purpose.

As the Piscean energy becomes more powerful, it allows the Lower Ego to drop the control so that the true Self can fully be revealed.

Through this cycle the Feminine Divine of your Emotional Body is being ignited. There will be a charge of electrons running through your Heart Center as you become more involved within your own feelings than anything else. This is really important to play close attention to what is occurring for you. As the Feminine Self becomes more involved in the process, she goes through stages of wanting to show her true essence. Your intuition will become more acute, nature will speak to you as you become more aware of your senses and allowing your energies to flow instead of being stuck in having to know each moment what you are supposed to be thinking or doing in your life.

The Lunar Eclipse is allowing the Feminine essence to become more involved in the process as it represents the relationship you have had with yourself.

The most important element I can share is that the connection you have within your four body system represents your map of how to navigate through the changes upon the earth.

When you become healthy within your physical – etheric – emotional- and mental bodies then you will relate differently in your existence upon the earth. The reason you are affected by certain elements coming into your life is that one of your body parts is rejecting the essence of Love that is you.

This is a perfect time to accept that allowance of all parts of yourself to become One but it has to start first and foremost with in the Emotional Body. Every person must feel the energies to become part of the process. The Masculine essence has been too much a part of this earth; it causes other elements to take control and then the Feminine is lost in the process.

Now it is time to allow your Feminine Essence, your Emotional Body to ignite the power of love. She is the INITIATOR within you – are you going to take heed and allow this part of you to be in the driver’s seat. She then asks the Masculine Divine to ground all the energies that she is initiating.

This is when the true growth occurs.

So then the Lower Mental Mind becomes an integration of the Higher Mind. The challenges that you will experience will be different as then your full body system is working in conjunction with all the others.

The Feminine Self is now ready to assist all parts of yourself, but you have to surrender to the process. You must allow your Emotional Body to heal from the deepest part of your Etheric Self igniting all the past elements that have held you in bondage.

It is a time of great releasement as there is an opportunity to have a deeper healing process within yourself, but you have to be ready to look at all aspects that is impeding your psychological process to be a Divine Being of Light.

My Mantra For This Month Is:


This statement represents that you are a child of God, your raw beginnings come from the essence of Divine/Mother Father God. You have come into the body to reflect this essence. So now the adult human you have become must pull upon that energy of Love that comes from the Heart of God to be ignited into your four-body system to allow it to heal in so many ways.

This then brings forth the Love that you are into Humanity just by being in your own presence.

It is as simple as that.

Endings are happening as they are part of the process of Re-Birth; your body will adjust as your emotions heal from the pain. This will then bring forth the Divine Love that You Are.

The Piscean Moon with the Virgo Sun is assisting in this transition that is occurring. The Lunar Eclipse is helping you to heal all parts of your relationships to the self and then, in turn, allows you to see your truth. The outer relationships then are adjusting to this element.

We also have to pull upon the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon which represents the Rebirth Experience. Please remember these cycles last for six months.

I know you have been coupled with a lot of change through August and now September, but isn’t it time that you fully accept your new self to be born?

It is a process and can only occur in small increments. This does not mean that you will be completely healed but you are on your way to the next stage in your journey. Embrace it as it is a beautiful time to fully become more than you were yesterday.

My blessings and love to each of you,

I AM Master Djwhal Khul


To better learn about how to incorporate these energy shifts, our monthly classes on the Universal Laws are available via MP3 recording. Please check out our last class on The Art of Perpetual Transmutation – with Master Thoth and Lord Saint Germain.

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NEW Earth Support System Overhaul: Non-Linear Receiving Realities and Reciprocal Realities Are a Vibrational Response – Lisa Transcendence Brown

PictureMany are going to be going through huge re-calibrations regarding “support”…. 

As our souls awaken, our realities start to change. One of the areas that continually gets re-worked is “support”. How we support ourselves, what support means, how we support each other, where we lack support, where we try to over-support, where we do/don’t support, where we don’t realize what support truly is, how our gifts are to support us as we move into service fully…. where others do/don’t…. and it’s a continual process of understanding and changing how we function in these multi-faceted capacities of support….Judgment, separation, fear, lack of faith/trust, lack of intentional focus/commitment, non-belief, lack of connection inside, survival mode… with our own SOUL/the Entire Universe/Source….

All of this is overhauled as inner/higher connections are opened back up. At first we have to learn to DO freely, without needing anything in return. This moves us out of linear receiving and into a non-linear receiving world. This non-linear is vibrational and proportionate through energetic ratios & equations. Non-Linear receiving is a responsive reality. Eventually, all come to understand how human aspects do not hold the capacity for these things yet…. it’s up to us…. every bit of it… AS higher selves, AS Souls in physical form, as the entire Universe again.

The physical body and physical reality are continually upgraded, re-configured, re-calibrated, re-coded, re-constructed according to CHRISTED/UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… so where all is not yet in alignment with this, it will be….

Each starts to understand as they “need” something, as they CROSS THAT BRIDGE, as it affects/touches their own world/reality, where it means something to them. Up until then…. it’s just not important… Now, everyone’s lives are to be “touched”…

These vibrations completely affect/touch every aspect of all’s realities now. Everything being brought into alignment AS SOULS, all things of human lack/separation… this becomes visible for being resolved… As all open up their grip, their hard-fast-hold on separation, and allow UNITY, coming together, REMEMBERING why we are all here, what we are here to BE/DO… everything changes…

Many do not realize where they hold back on being supportive, on contributing, on not stepping-up…. It takes something to show each…

There is a part of this journey, where you have given/done, freely, unconditionally and from your own heart/soul, contributed endlessly, as love… and you look around you at all of those who keep asking for more, taking more … yet do not reciprocate…. and you will have to resolve this within you… I had to do this years ago too, and continually, based upon each individual experience/observation….

You will have to decide what is balanced, what you desire to keep feeding your energy into… especially when you move into larger roles to work with many/groups/thousands/hundreds of thousands/billions… you will have to decide where you focus your precious energy and you will have to allow/require certain things, in order to fulfill your own purposes/missions here….. and let the lack mentality realities go…

Many will go through huge anger phases, as you start to see where others don’t yet understand/appreciate/do what it takes yet… You will have to let all of that go and move on, by focusing your own attention/energy on what is important, what is in-alignment with your own higher consciousness existence… and you will have to transcend the judgment of all of those still holding others to their own limited judgments…. for this is their limit, not yours, unless you allow it to be.

AS HIGHER SELVES/Embodied Souls…. we see human’ness, often blatantly and loud…. these amplification frequencies do this… the difference is WE ARE NOT HUMAN anymore….. WE are SOULS… here to reach/affect/trigger/activate/inspire/assist/guide… all through light, back into PURE DIVINE LOVE and POWER again. We are not here to feed the old programs, we are here to transcend them… we are here to make a difference, BE THE WAYSHOWERS…. moving completely out of lack, out of limits, out of separation, out of need…..

As all move further INTO FULL SERVICE, you will come to realize how much of this is totally in response to you…. what you DO, what you HOLD, what you allow/require and what you believe/create to exist in your own reality/world. If your life lacks, then you are not open, you are not sharing what’s important, you are not stepping up and you’ve disconnected inside from the PURITY/SOURCE of who you truly are….

Physical world abundance…. all that you desire and DESERVE, not as an entitlement, but because of what you CONTRIBUTE with all that you are…. Everyone moves into INFINITE ABUNDANCE… as they step up and become all that they ask of others to be… It’s a deserving because you have come to find your own worth, through trans-versing through your own judgment/unworthiness beliefs/energy… It’s a part of the Value System Overhaul that we all go through…

As humans, we put everything on someone else, we waited for others…. as WayShowers… it’s all the opposite… we do not wait for others, they do not affect what we are here to be/do…. We release the judgment, we don’t care about separated limits, we step up and we stay OPEN to RECEIVE all as it comes TO US…. in response to this….

This is just one way we JUMP QUANTUM STYLE, as we upgrade in light… WE become the Light Houses, the Light Keepers, the Light Bringers, the Light Anchors… WE HOLD realities/the NEW Earth Gridwork in place… from inside and with our whole body structures…..

Each will be challenged, because challenges show us what we could not see before. They help us clear the energy we held… to move on…. The challenges diminish as you move through them, deal with them, release them, transcend them from within. As you become Energy, all becomes energy too… Everything is easy again… as we do. ♥

Limits are abound… words, beliefs, thoughts, actions… Limitless is too….. The reality we exist in, is the one we create, believe, choose…

WE have moved on…. we continually do…. pay attention, observe, see what really goes on with you… and what you are allowing/choosing/committed to…. More than committing your energy, you actually have to DO… as you MASTER BEing (Divine Feminine), you will come to MASTER DO’ing too (Divine Masculine, as you MASTER Creation (Divine Birth/Child/Creator)… all comes fully into balance, everything sacred, pure, exquisite, amazing, awesome, blissful, magical, peaceful, supportive… this returns for you.  ♥

Conscious Anger is important… it shows you what you could not see before. It moves your energy in a different direction, more in-alignment with your own soul….. for it releases all of the compromise that was suppressed and held inside. It assist you with stepping up and moving on…. in a new direction… to do/be more of who you truly are….As you stop compromising your own soul, you won’t get angry anymore, because you won’t be creating the vibration to experience anymore.

Sacred honor, sacred respect, sacred love, sacred integrity, sacred contribution…. deep profound everything … this is your soul speaking, feeling, being…. PURITY RETURNED. ♥

I love you! Keep shining, sharing, supporting…. open up, step up… for this is what you are creating to experience. Your entire reality is a response to what you are transmitting/doing fully now. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Keeper, Oracle, Sage, Scribe, Author, Transformational Speaker. Coach/Teacher/Guide

InterBeing – Altair Shyam


Buddha and The Bodhi Tree painting by Amulya Jayapal @ Behance



Altair Shyam

Today we celebrated my young daughter Maia’s second birthday.

And my wife Sumire had very serious nausea.

She was lying on the couch.

In my continuing explorations into the nature of consciousness, healing and interBeing, she is my continuing barometer of Presence and connectedness.

As I placed my hand on her nausea she said she felt the nausea suddenly lift out of her stomach and into my hand.

At that same point of time I was being mother to both her and the thoughts and feelings in my head and heart, allowing them the space to rise, be and then dissolve, holding them all in my embrace, until the mind and heart sink into Divine Mother’s Ocean of Being, the silence and stillness where all healing and transformation takes place.


At the exact moment that my wife felt the nausea lift out of her, there was a pulse of electricity like an energy charge that moved out of the heart crystal in my left hand, through my arms, heart and into her. We both connected with the intention of healing the nausea, which in essence, like the thoughts and feelings, rose, was allowed to be and then dissolved.

“That was amazing!” she said at the end.

“I thought I was going to be sick all night, it was so severe!”

“I had so many anxious thoughts…I might have to call the ambulance and go to hospital!”

“While the pain is still living inside my body I can’t really stop the thoughts. I can watch it, I can shift it, but because I’m anxious about what is going on in my body, the thoughts keep coming.”


I considered more deeply what this truly means.

It is a truly remarkable profound insight.

It means we share Presence, connectedness, the Ocean of Being, with each and every living being.

As if they were our mothers.

Or fathers.

The elements, deities, all that arises in creation, is, like thoughts and emotions arising, in our awareness.

So to connect with this awareness we only need to be totally present with the object of our attention. In my case it was my wife and her nausea, in your case it is whatever you bring your attention and awareness to.


Pure Silver Chenrezig Chengrezi Shakyamuni Thangka Thanka Painting @ Nepal Art


Later that evening my wife and I were discussing interBeing.

My wife asked me if I was willing to look at her sciatica which has been giving her trouble for several weeks.

Strangely, just an hour earlier I had been working in the garden and felt a twinge in the same area, like hot burning.

I applied the same intention, attention and awareness to her sciatica and part way into the process the twinge I had been experiencing disappeared and she immediately said “My pain is at 0!” We usually measure awareness of our pain on a scale of 0 to 10.

This was further confirmation to both of us of our interBeing. That the entire cosmos had worked together to bring us to that point of awareness where there could be instantaneous healing for us both at the same time.

To attune ourselves to anything, to connect with aspects of creation, which itself becomes our teacher in the moment, we apply our intention, attention and awareness.

My own experiences with samadhi, sartori, manifestations, of extraterrestrial craft and beings, with communications with dolphins, divine oil, the pearl, sounds and light, healing miracles, inter-dimensional travel, past lives, are really just signs of the power of awareness and presence, which we all have, and the cultivation of simplicity, compassion and love, which is our one true nature.

When we bring intention, attention and awareness to something, whatever manifests, in whatever form, is uniquely us, and can never be compared to anything or anyone else.

To me, being able to bring a smile to my young daughter’s face is the greatest miracle of them all.

That evening Sumire came down with a high fever. She was sweating, coughing and had heavy flu symptoms. I used the same intention, attention and awareness with her head and heart for some time. She fell asleep. When she awoke she said

“I feel fine”

The fever broke at the exact moment I saw two bodhi trees, as clearly as I see you, one silver and one fire-red-gold, either side of her.

As I explore the vast vistas of the Self and Being I realize how little I really know and how all-knowing the wisdom of the Self is.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother


Buddha Red Thangka Painting by stasia14 @ DeviantArt.


The Annointing – Rachel @ Living Light – Stirring The Deep


ART : Engel – by Escume @ DeviantArt.


The Anointing

Anointing = the possession of the subconsciousness by the divine consciousness (Christ consciousness). 

Our anointing is the inner work of our Creator. He is pouring himself into and through us, and into creation in order to manifest himself. Our anointing follows the preparatory work of our soul that creates a deep awareness of the nature of divine love that in turn creates an all-consuming desire to give this love to all always. This desire is authenticated within our soul by situations in which we previously withdrew our love but now we desire to be an outlet of divine love.

The anointing at this deep creative level of our being is experienced on the conscious level as stages of movement into a higher consciousness. We advance through these levels by A) receiving their instruction from the Spirit within, B) desiring to follow the instruction with all our being (desire creates an open door for the Spirit of God to work freely in us), and C) our circumstances providing a means to integrate the instructions into our consciousness.

Conscious Examples of the Anointing:

We become aware that every occurrence in our life serves the purpose of manifesting divine love by presenting us opportunities to give this love. Thus where we perceive a lack of divine love, we consciously exude it.

We exalt ALL in equanimity and as do we lift all into this higher consciousness and exalt the Creator who is all in all.

We experience the methodical dissolution of the shadow self (become self-less) and all it has manifested (i.e., personalities, past and future imaginations, current reality, purposes, desires, expectations, limitations, etc.) as it is supplanted by the one Divine Self, which was hidden beneath our lower self. We desire to manifest the Divine Self and no longer a contrived separate self.

We cease to perceive life in separation and begin to see oneness in all things. Thus, we no longer consider our Creator as separate from us (or anything else), but an integral part of us as there is only one Divine consciousness that fills all in all.

We perceive that the creative power moves from within us out; thus all transformation and regeneration comes through our soul, which when self-less is an open door to the divine consciousness.

We perceive that through our connection to the divine consciousness we have access to all knowledge and wisdom. These flow into our awareness through the mechanisms of remembrance and intuition.

We constantly experience alternations in our thoughts as our mind now serves the Christ consciousness and no longer the self-directed consciousness of the lower self.  Thus, our decisions and actions are altered by it.

We creatively rise above the limitations of time and space into the realm of the eternal present.

These and many others are transitions we experience on a consciousness level during our sacred anointing of the Spirit. As this eternal presence expands in our soul, we are delivered into the kingdom of the Christ consciousness and we become living expressions of divine truth and love.

Because the transition is happening in our consciousness (which is a creative mechanism), as we shift from one created reality to another we are constantly experiencing the sensational exchange from the land of illusions to the kingdom of the Christ consciousness. Thus we go through the mental gyrations of letting go of one and engaging of the other, which create struggles or battles in our mind and soul. Our lower self “fights” against this transition. During the initial manifestation of the divine consciousness, we are surrounded by the residual creation of the lower self. As we are changing inwardly in our awareness, these outward manifestations counter what we are experiencing inwardly, thus a battle is felt within our soul between what is within and what we perceive without.

To facilitate our transition, the Spirit instructs us to focus on the transformative nature of divine love and not on the world of senses. As we do, the creations of the lower self subside and the manifestations of the Divine Self find creative space to take form. During this transition, we are called to greater times of A) meditation, B) prayer in which the desires of our Creator are made manifest through his consciousness in us, C) reflective thought that opens up our conscious understanding to facilitate our transformation, and D) listening to the Spirit for instruction and counsel which guide us into the manifestation of the divine consciousness.

Though we experience these disruptions, the work is the Creator’s, for we are his perfect workmanship from beginning to end. However, as we’ve experienced the challenges of transformation, we also will experience the ever-expanding glories of eternal growth, and the latter far outweighs the former.

Divine gratitude (gratitude for the divine truth as known through the lens of divine love) is a significant tool in this transformation. Because this is the work of consciousness, what we focus on expands. When we are sincerely grateful for the elements of divinity that we perceive in truth and spirit, then those elements expand and become manifest in our reality; as the outer is a reflection of the inner. When this creative act is consistently done it facilitates the manifestation of the divine consciousness into our expressed reality.

This anointing is the manifestation of our soul as an eternal outlet to the Spirit of God. It creates an ever-expanding beauty, abundance, harmony, sublime oneness, divine love and joy that touches every part of creation from within us. It is the freedom and victory in all things for us and for all.



ART : Engel – by Escume @ DeviantArt.

The Anointing