InterBeing – Altair Shyam


Buddha and The Bodhi Tree painting by Amulya Jayapal @ Behance



Altair Shyam

Today we celebrated my young daughter Maia’s second birthday.

And my wife Sumire had very serious nausea.

She was lying on the couch.

In my continuing explorations into the nature of consciousness, healing and interBeing, she is my continuing barometer of Presence and connectedness.

As I placed my hand on her nausea she said she felt the nausea suddenly lift out of her stomach and into my hand.

At that same point of time I was being mother to both her and the thoughts and feelings in my head and heart, allowing them the space to rise, be and then dissolve, holding them all in my embrace, until the mind and heart sink into Divine Mother’s Ocean of Being, the silence and stillness where all healing and transformation takes place.


At the exact moment that my wife felt the nausea lift out of her, there was a pulse of electricity like an energy charge that moved out of the heart crystal in my left hand, through my arms, heart and into her. We both connected with the intention of healing the nausea, which in essence, like the thoughts and feelings, rose, was allowed to be and then dissolved.

“That was amazing!” she said at the end.

“I thought I was going to be sick all night, it was so severe!”

“I had so many anxious thoughts…I might have to call the ambulance and go to hospital!”

“While the pain is still living inside my body I can’t really stop the thoughts. I can watch it, I can shift it, but because I’m anxious about what is going on in my body, the thoughts keep coming.”


I considered more deeply what this truly means.

It is a truly remarkable profound insight.

It means we share Presence, connectedness, the Ocean of Being, with each and every living being.

As if they were our mothers.

Or fathers.

The elements, deities, all that arises in creation, is, like thoughts and emotions arising, in our awareness.

So to connect with this awareness we only need to be totally present with the object of our attention. In my case it was my wife and her nausea, in your case it is whatever you bring your attention and awareness to.


Pure Silver Chenrezig Chengrezi Shakyamuni Thangka Thanka Painting @ Nepal Art


Later that evening my wife and I were discussing interBeing.

My wife asked me if I was willing to look at her sciatica which has been giving her trouble for several weeks.

Strangely, just an hour earlier I had been working in the garden and felt a twinge in the same area, like hot burning.

I applied the same intention, attention and awareness to her sciatica and part way into the process the twinge I had been experiencing disappeared and she immediately said “My pain is at 0!” We usually measure awareness of our pain on a scale of 0 to 10.

This was further confirmation to both of us of our interBeing. That the entire cosmos had worked together to bring us to that point of awareness where there could be instantaneous healing for us both at the same time.

To attune ourselves to anything, to connect with aspects of creation, which itself becomes our teacher in the moment, we apply our intention, attention and awareness.

My own experiences with samadhi, sartori, manifestations, of extraterrestrial craft and beings, with communications with dolphins, divine oil, the pearl, sounds and light, healing miracles, inter-dimensional travel, past lives, are really just signs of the power of awareness and presence, which we all have, and the cultivation of simplicity, compassion and love, which is our one true nature.

When we bring intention, attention and awareness to something, whatever manifests, in whatever form, is uniquely us, and can never be compared to anything or anyone else.

To me, being able to bring a smile to my young daughter’s face is the greatest miracle of them all.

That evening Sumire came down with a high fever. She was sweating, coughing and had heavy flu symptoms. I used the same intention, attention and awareness with her head and heart for some time. She fell asleep. When she awoke she said

“I feel fine”

The fever broke at the exact moment I saw two bodhi trees, as clearly as I see you, one silver and one fire-red-gold, either side of her.

As I explore the vast vistas of the Self and Being I realize how little I really know and how all-knowing the wisdom of the Self is.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother


Buddha Red Thangka Painting by stasia14 @ DeviantArt.


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