September Gateway ~ Bye to the old, welcome the new! Reviewing your programs – Meline Lafont


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September Gateway ~ Bye to the old, welcome the new! Reviewing your programs

September 20, 2016

Méline Lafont

Beloved Tribe of Beings,

We continue to focus on centering, on balance and on the inner journey as we enter this September Gateway. MAJOR things are shifting in each one of us and this means that your limitations may disappear but simultaneously the setting of your boundaries may exceed. With a firm “NO” to things you are no longer resonating with, that you are no more choosing to participate in.. and a clear standing up for yourself as a Being.

This acceleration in Light frequency brings you pass the borders of Illusion and what is illusion? Well that is something that will be different for each one of you as you come to find yourself and find out. You are fast standing up, awakening out of many sleep forms and stepping out of old layers. This does not mean everything is clear and shiny, happy and cozy instantly… This acceleration awakens you out of a deep sleep or state of consciousness that may rock your confidence, your world and all of your perceptions of SELF. It asks for a plain and deep Review of ALL of yourself. To review and question is not a bad thing, it allows you to open and receive, see what has not been able to show itself before.

Please hold yourself centered when it comes to reactions. Every soul on this planet is going through what you are going through, only in a whole different way because of perceptions and your own frequency. Be compassionate, gentle and understanding with each other. Respect each way and Being and follow yours only. Listen to your heart and feeling only. You are your own Master of creation thus if you want to make a change, make it.

Moving through a new portal of time and space. A new adventure, a moment of expansion and exploration. Each wave brings new awarenes and a new journey to dive deeper within. The eye is like a deeper knowing, holding so much knowledge. Moving through the eye is a portal of knowledge. Allowing yourself to be guided through it brings forth a greater knowing. Welcome to the portal of knowledge this month! The separation of worlds is starting.

I am in a major shift like many are, and it is the deepest and longest ever. I experienced a total changeover in the area of my work which leaves me at no longer being able to perform some spiritual work. It’s simply over and done with and the energy is used up. There is a “time” when you stop being what you are and this is the case for me. Since I work in the “spiritual” area, this reflects in my work as well. It is a deep review on all levels and a serious roller coaster it has been! I could not move forward or in any direction, this energy just kept me in my empty space of silence and inner retreat.

I have experienced much in the physical on the physical realm, and many experiences were emotional things. But it brought me closer to myself and this is where I started to stand up for myself and Love myself even deeper and stronger. I questioned everything, even my life here on Earth, my work, my spirituality, my task… Everything but my children and family life. I cried to stop being here and wanted to go off planet. I’m done and it’s done. Familiar to many, I know from your emails to me. My soul trembles within the body and wants to leave, my heart aches physically. I went very deep.

Now I see and feel I’m doing a tremendous profound shift. I jumped from a 5D- to 12D level to a 8D to 15D level on this Earth. Suddenly when I do my grounding I can no longer ground in the dimensions under the 8th Dimension. It is gone, erased. I feel my Spirit starting embodying and meeting matter. ME meeting matter. Wow, now it makes sense as to why I felt so physical lately. But this shift brings along that I discontinue some tasks and move on as I see fit.

So I came to the knowing and the conclusion that I can no longer perform readings/channelings and as soon as I made this decision all these new things suddenly came about very quickly in 1 day. It is as if a heavy weight fell off of me. New ideas came in abruptly and so am I investigating and working on new ways of doing sessions that will no longer be channeling Masters or Angels. See it more as a Solar way of working, it is more Galactic and Universal. I can’t say much about it now as first I need to investigate some things to be able to perform this. It will be based on frequencies.

This is a note I put up to some of my clients:

“As you know I have been taking some time to retreat as to where my inner guidance brought me to this momentum of staying where I AM. Where I AM at this time is in a space of huge review and transformation for 4 weeks now and this has triggered a lot of things concerning my spiritual work and how to proceed. I have been explaining in my newsletters over the past year that I had a feeling that soon readings would stop and no longer be present in the current form I am performing these. Well now being in this huge transition I have reached a point where I cannot perform these any longer at this time. To explain it as simple as possible there are 2 major reasons for it: words/communication and the mental aspect is something I cannot perform at this time as it feels outgrown and difficult to do. It does no longer feel natural to me. The second reason is that you all are ready now to find it within yourselves as well and retrieve the information from your Being as a Source and no longer from outside realities or Sources.

I am thus sorry to say that I find it very difficult and even impossible at this time to perform something I am not resonating with any longer and this being the readings (words, mental, information). This is how it presents itself NOW, I do not know for how long my feeling and decision concerning this will last and if it is definite. But for now I am unable to and that makes it even more difficult. After 4 years reading work and channeling work I have hit a huge changeover in this area and for sure will the readings no longer continue to be like they are now in this format.

I strongly suggest to take the “Channeling course” or “connecting to self course” which lays the foundation for a good “get to know yourself deeper” experience and which brings in balance as well. http://www.melinelafont. com/#!courses/xqfn0

Now that the third wave is awakening, you are all ready to do it on yourself without exterior help or dependency. This course will help you with this and has more value that information given to you in a reading. It brings you the gift of finding your own answers by yourself and within yourself at all times for free. This is priceless to me. You can take this course at your own pace if you like as each module is available separately too

With Love and care
Méline “

I emphasize the part of you all being Master in your own right to do it yourself and to get it out of you very strongly! It’s been said for a while now by many, not only me. You are ready and graduated now in that sense to do it on your own now. Please know this. You do not need me nor anyone else, be your own teacher and learn from yourself. Explore your beautiful energy and Being, and enjoy those moments. You learn best by being inside of you and the best teacher is your own world/self.

The time of letting someone else do the work for you is over and done with. It is part of the outer reality perception and exactly this outer reality/world is no longer present nor existing any time soon. I prefer to use the word NOW because you are already seeing and feeling it happening. Once you have read the book, all that is left is to do it from then on.

So back to this “doing it yourself”. During the final eclipse season of this month I offer a discount of -50 Euro on the course. It stays available for 1 week! This offer is limited to 10 courses; when those 10 courses are booked the discount code will be disactivated.

To use the discount code, insert it in the “add coupon code” in my webshop when choosing for the Channeling course.:

Typed readings and Merlin readings are no longer available on the website but I do perform 1 hour one on one skype sessions for guidance/energy work (not a channeling) and energy healings, Oracle card readings, chakra reading + the channeling course or “connect to Self course” guidance. During healing sessions there is short information given as well of what comes in as vision, intuition and message.

Blessings and love,


Let the Truth Grow and Flow – Jennifer Hoffman @ Enlightening Life


The truth is the foundation of your reality, the collection of beliefs, thoughts, and actions that allow your reality to take form. As you grow in your understanding of yourself as a divine being this truth grows and a new truth flows in. It is the action of growing and flowing which ignites the process of be-coming divine, whole, joyful, and congruent. There is no single truth which is true for each of you, individually and collectively, all the time. The truth is a living being which grows and flows to support your ascension path, as you allow new truths to become true for you and you expand into a greater awareness of your divinity, your energetic awareness expands and grows and you rise to new levels of wholeness, enlightenment, divinity.

The truth you believe in any moment is what allows you to be aligned and in a state of wholeness in that moment. What is true for you in one moment may no longer be true in the next moment, as truth expands awareness. The ascension path acceleration ushers in new truths about your potential, possibilities, and light that you can align with and integrate, once your can allow your truth foundation to grow enough to accept these new truths as ‘true’ for you. Can you envision your own divinity?

Are you able to see yourself as empowered in your energy? Are you ready to release the burden of the Martyred Healer and embrace the new role of Christed joy-is-your-purposeAwareness and Empowered Mastery? This is part of the growing truth and new energies that flow to the earth.

Do not seek to find the truth; instead, be open to receiving the flow of new truths that support your power, divinity, joy, peace, love, and abundance. Let the truth of your divine connection lead you to the possibility of a truth you never considered before – that your purpose is a joyful one and divinity is your destiny. The sadness and trauma of the past is released with each new expanded truth you allow to flow to you.

As you embrace these truths you become integrated with them and they become the foundation for your expanded reality. The truth is not what frees you, allowing the truth to grow and flow creates the freedom to expand your awareness so you become free to explore new potentials and possibilities. You are the divine ones, the promise of the Christed paradigm, and the bringers of heaven on earth. Ascension is a path of truth that grows and flows to the truth of your divinity and that is the only truth you need to embrace now.

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

Copyright (c) 2016 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

~ Riding the Wave into 2017 ~ A New Place for Humans to Go @ Beacons of Light


ART : Carol Heyer.


The Beacons of Light
September 2016

~ Riding the Wave into 2017 ~
A New Place for Humans to Go

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
transcribed and posted here each month.

Riding the Wave into 2017

A New Place for Humans to Go

Greetings Dear Ones.

With your game well in progress, we join you this day to share more about a wave of energy coming in. It is actually more than one wave but you have so many energetics arriving from different parts of the universe. We find it fascinating that recently you have discovered another Earth-like planet in the star nearest you, right in the Goldilocks Zone. It is perfect for supporting life and almost about the same size as your Earth. Exploring the night sky and looking for all this information, people are actually looking for a new place for humans to go and you will, trust us. At some point you will also go to Mars, which is one of the new pieces. We tell you, dear ones, that you will find your own footsteps in some way as you have been there before. Mars used to have life, a thriving life, and you were there. That is why we find it so fascinating when you come up with these ideas about Martians with the two little antennae coming out of the head and always green for some reason. We find it wonderful!

Multiple Perspectives on Your Life

Dear ones, the energetics you have experienced on planet Earth, especially during this current year, have felt on the edge for quite some time now. This has been somewhat of a challenge, because it resets a lot of energies and that is exactly what this is. As you move to higher vibrations, all of those things that you have set up for yourself and done—whether it is a belief system, family or relationship—all of them have to withstand the scrutiny of a higher vibration. Now why is that? Well, because when you change your perspective, you change your vision. It is that simple. Take a look at something from here, but the moment you view it from over here, you have a different perspective. Basically, that is what is taking place for all of you now, which allows you to see events from multiple perspectives of your own life.

Quite honestly, you have had so many waves of energy coming in that you are learning to swim in these energetics and move from different levels very rapidly. Frustration is being experienced by so many on planet Earth, and a few are actually trying to  harness it. The frustration comes from not being able to see your own creations, as well as from being a conscious creator who sometimes cannot create or witness their effect on the world. This creates a great deal of internal frustration, which will eventually work its way to the outside in some way.

What is this? What is taking place?  Let us explain, dear ones.

Watch the Wave of Energy Arrive

When you have a wave of energy or light coming in,, you also have its direction. The wave only goes from one direction to the other. However, if you have another wave of energy coming in from a different direction entirely then it affects the harmonics of the wave. Dear ones, do not become overly concerned if you are not following all of this. Toward the end of September of this year, there is a wave arriving that will join up with another one very quickly. The wave that is coming in is actually from a Quasar, which is a total collapse of a star that has exploded. When that happens, the energy goes out in the universe and sometimes travels eons before landing upon its intended target. Earth is the intended target in this one and when that energy reveals itself, the wave will be combining with this energy to quickly move the evolution of humanity forward. Well, normally you would think this is wonderful. We are evolving to our next stage of evolution and do not have to take much time to do it, right? That is excellent! It also means that all those things that you set up with the perfect imperfections will now suddenly be revealed. Because of the rapid movement and escalation some of those systems, such as the economic ones, will have challenges. There are many places where this can actually create challenges, and since the United States has been teetering on the edge for quite some time it may very well start there. The critical part of this, dear ones, is that you do not have to go through any of that difficulty. That is what we would like all of you to hold in your hearts, as you go through this wave.

September 27th – January 17th: Waves of Moving Forward, Back, then Forward Again

The wave comes in first on September 27th, but it has been traveling fir quite some time so it is no longer as defined of as a wave as it once was. For this reason only highly sensitive people will feel the early changes.  Shortly after, the wave then combines with another one to bring in the capabilities of evolving very quickly to another level. You have done this before, of course. Now you are just getting past some of the ripples, because humans simply did not know how to move that swiftly into a whole new set of understandings. This time you will, for you have actually done quite well with this already. When we look at the timeline, dear ones, we can tell you that you have already been wildly successful at this. We must put you back into the Now moment, for you still have it in front of you. Know that we are incredibly proud of the work you are about to do, because you will ground a great amount of light. Many of you are on this planet to be here at exactly these moments. Now, let us speak about what typically happens to humans as they jump up very quickly and need to adjust everything that was supporting them. In the past, dear ones, you even adjusted many of your laws, and your collective agreements on your planet that reflect this.

Of course, what takes place is there is always a backlash. Everything is in waves, so as long as it moves forward, back and then forward again, you still continue to make headway. You will still continue to evolve all of humanity in that way, so do not get discouraged when the backlashes come. Toward the end of September this will begin and carry you throughout the entire year; it will put you into a level space about January 17th. The connection and that energy of next year will open the doors for much of what is to come, for the planning stages have been done through your connections, hopes and dreams. Those who came in left your wings at Home and pretended to be a human in this incarnation.

Creating Home

You are doing well, dear ones. Many of you experienced extreme separation anxiety when leaving Home to come play this game of pretending to be a human. You opened your eyes in a physical form, then looked for Home but were not able to find it. Ahh, but you are not going to find it because you will create it and that time is closer than you know.

The wave of energy which is arriving will last for several months; it is coming in by contract and that is unusual. Every human has the opportunity to jump to new levels. We also tell you, dear ones, that there is a bandwidth of your own vibration. If you were to compare the highest vibrational level existing in humanity with your lowest vibrational level, that would be your bandwidth of the collective of humanity. The bandwidth not only moves very rapidly in evolutions of this kind, but it also tends to elongate a little bit. The higher vibrations become a bit deeper, and a little bit further apart than the deep vibrations of the low. That is of great concern and something that we watch here. As you start to separate yourselves on planet Earth it becomes challenging, and that is where many of these restrictions, frustrations, and the general anger occurring on planet Earth right now. The dis-ease, which is present for many people, is because you do not always have that connection for creation. Dear ones, we ask you to prepare for this and get ready to use your dreams. Connect with your channelings and your own spirit to start bringing this together. Why are you here? What did you come to do? Where are your passions? What is the puzzle piece that you brought? Most of you already have a very good idea of what this is, and many are well on the path to claim your magnificence in this game of free choice. The magic is already set into motion, so we ask you now to step forward and carry this light. You can fear or you can love, but you cannot do both at the same time. So, how much love can you bring to this planet? Can you see how much beauty is all around you and share it with those around you? That will be paramount in the times ahead, for humanity has been hoping to raise its level of vibration for quite some time. You have been on a slow, steady course, but now it is jumping ahead quickly almost as if it is on an exponential track. Dear ones, it is perfect for what you have in mind.

There Are More Opportunities than Doors Closing

Most humans do not like to move at these rapid paces. It creates ripples, affecting other people around you, which you must deal with. Start working with it now and begin by opening those possibilities with your friends and family. What would happen if something really big took place? How could we be part of the solution, rather than of part of the problem? Will you slip into fear if something suddenly collapses or does not work right? You can simply look forward and say, “This is part of the most incredible change that is taking place to all of humanity.” Then step into it. We promise you that there are more opportunities than doors closing, by  almost two to one, so enjoy the journey. And as you start moving through it, if you have not found that space before it will become known to you now. As you move into these higher vibrations, your perception changes and you can see on a much wider scale and larger aspect. In that, you will understand that you hold part of the key. By grounding that light and holding the love, you start to change the world one heart at a time. That is the best way that it can be accomplished, dear ones.

We applaud you on your game. Your changes and all the evolutions that have gone before and even those that are just beginning right now. The connections are amazing. Your energy is here right now and we love you more than you know.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Know that you are looking yourself in the eyes and play well together, dear ones.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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ART : Carol Heyer.