Fresh Focus – Jamye Price


Fresh Focus

Blessed Being, your awareness and focus are a powerful catalyst of creation. Your consciousness is a vehicle of Life, and as you perceive life, you conceive it. What expectations do you have that set you on a path of recreating patterns from the past? As you open your heart and mind to a Fresh Focus, you allow a new creation to form more easily.

We want to take you beyond just thinking positively, for as you have observed it is not a complete system of change. It is important to use your mind toward positive focus, but you must find vibrational resonance with it on a foundational level.

Rather than just thinking positively, begin to think in possibilities and potentials.

For some, positive thinking will create a pattern of avoidance as they avoid making internal and behavioral (external) changes. Rather than find forgiveness and peace with a situation, they will avoid change and try to focus the mind on positive thoughts about it. This creates a pattern of internal control that seeks to manipulate an expected outcome with the power of thought. This is a pattern of avoidance of personal change. Life will always call you toward growth.

Potential and possibility are what the future offers. The future responds to your present vibrational resonance, the core and the totality of your vibration. Therefore a vibration of avoidance creates a response to bring balance to what is being avoided. This is Life calling you toward growth.

When you think with possibilities, you are creating a Fresh Focus.

You are allowing a fluidity to the structure or boundaries of creation, and new potentials can form. You are softening the fears that create a survival mechanism of seeking to avoid a challenge. You are opening to the ease of natural law. You are becoming patient with change for there is no fear creating resistance with a moment. You are creating a strength of flow that shapes life to the path of least resistance, creating a cascade of beautiful power flowing forth.

Positive potentials become form through your Fresh Focus.

With effort (internal action) you create new neural pathways that continually support your Fresh Focus, new possibilities in your life. Your openness to potentials creates different chemical cascades within your system. Your physical mechanism creates new reactions within. Your physical system begins to flow with new ideas, new energy, new endurance. It is most often subtle at first, so you must support your own path of change with an openness to your possibilities. Your potential is infinite.

Allow the path of least resistance to show you more ease, even through change. The water does not resist the rock, it merely responds to the change in direction and patiently reshapes the rock as appropriate. That which is fluid and soft can change a rock by mere flow with the possibilities.

Think in Possibilities by Jamye Price

Dear one, Fresh Focus is what you offer to Life. You create a new pathway for Life to flow through. It begins within you more easily as you are less rigid with change.

To enhance your Fresh Focus and flow well with change, you are creating an openness to the challenges of Life. It is easy to flow when things are easy, continue that flow. But when Life seems to resist you, seek the path of least resistance within. It is a strength of knowing your ability to reshape life for the best flow. Not dominating Life into compliance with your will, but enjoying the flow of discovery that Life seeks through your joy, your creation. Your Fresh Focus is the nourishing water that supports growth. What seeds are you nurturing into creation?

As we sit to Blast Fresh Focus, we are healing resistance within by letting go of fears and dramas that that bind us to past patterns. We are flowing easily with our path of Life, knowing that change occurs with our balance of acceptance with the present and focus of the future. We are releasing resistance to opposition and focusing Love on creation, as we shift direction or pause to find a new resonance within. We are boldly Loving Life, emanating a resonance of peace that weaves change into the fabric of the future of humanity. Blast on!

Cultivation of The Light – Altair Shyam


ART : Trilochan @ Trika Yoga Kala Kshetra Ashram Society


Cultivation of The Light


Remember Einstein? He solved the mysteries of the universe by paying careful attention to the light.

I am going to guide you, here and now, into the Universal mystery of the One Light, your Light Body, the Temple of the One Chakra, through loving, kind observation of the light within you, like the genius alchemical scientist you are.

I also need your help because like good scientists I am exploring this with you and would dearly love your feedback on your experience after listening to this.

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Cultivation of the Light means paying attention to something that is within us and all around us that we are constantly distracted from.

We are, in essence, the stuff of stars, the pure Light of Being, yet how often do we give our full attention to the Self, Consciousness, the Light of God within us?

Let us start, together, with the Light meditation.

Take a prism or crystal and place it directly in the path of a light source like the sun or a torch.

Bring your face close to it so you can observe it closely.

Absorb the light in through your eyes as if this is the first time you have ever seen the light.

Let go of what it is called, see it as nameless, in its fullness, so that nothing separates you from the light.

Notice it’s energy, color, shape.

Perhaps you bisect the path of light with your hand so that you become one with the light.

Bring to mind the origins of the light and that you and the light are connected to a much larger whole.

As you breathe, absorb the light through your eyes as if the breath were also light, and each breath illuminates you, filling your body with light.

Close your eyes and sense the presence of light. The strong, deep inner knowing that you are not separate from all this.

Feel the light. You know that light, like the sun, brings warmth, so feel the inner light of the body bringing warmth to your inner energy body. Feel the light sweep like a wave from head to toe.

Sense the light at the tip of your nose. What would it smell like? Feel the light traveling up the nasal passages and down to fill your lungs.

Sense exactly where it is now. Follow it deeply, surely, confidently, as it traverses the blood and tissues, the organs and skin, the bones and meridian pathways in your body.

Allow the in breath to bring the light in.

Allow the light to enter.

Be deeply aware of the attention you are bringing to the light within and the light around us.

Stay present with seeing the light. Touch the light gently with the fingers of your compassionate heart.

Stay really in the light from moment to moment. If you lose your way or get distracted, simply return to breathing in the light.

Take your attention to your ears. What quality of sound does the light bring? The cosmos itself is conspiring in this very moment to help you remember the Self. Listen closely, gently, with the sweet compassion of your beautiful heart.

Let the light spiral in your consciousness. Turn it around, allow it to open like a flower, a lotus within you, as it reveals the secrets, the radiance, of the universe within.

Whatever happens keep bringing your awareness and attention back to breathing in the light and allowing the light to enter the fullness of your body.

Gradually bring the light in and down into your heart.

Notice how your heart already knows how to do this.


When you were a baby in the womb and in your first days of life, you were intimately connected to the light, the Womb of Being, and you are going there now. Into the Heart of Light, the One Chakra.

Before you touch the light to your heart notice what is going on in your heart.

It may be beating faster or growing warm or humming or glowing.

It is clear that there is a sense of anticipation as if the heart knows already what it is about to receive.

Notice that the light hasn’t fully come into the heart yet so the mind is anticipating eagerly the birth of light, like the Grail, it is wisdom that is already within you, a sacred flame that KNOWS how to be lit when you allow the light to enter.

This is alchemy. The heart is actually emitting a frequency to assist the light to synthesize, blend and merge with you, to come home.

This is the mind heart body soul working together within you to birth the inner light.

You are the light of the world.

Imagine the light entering the heart.

Imagine it entering.

Allow it to enter.

Open your heart.

Allow the light to penetrate deep within your heart.

Allow the light to enter.

With great gentleness and kindness, with the sweet compassionate sensitivity of a lover bring the light into the heart.

Notice how it comes into the heart. Notice how the mind body heart and soul work together to bring the light into the heart.

Notice how the light fills the heart and how the heart embraces the light fully in receiving it.

Hold all this in your awareness.

You are divine mother holding her child, you, in her arms.

Feel the fullness of that embrace.

Feel the wisdom and intelligence in the heart.

Let the light wash over you like waves. Like water from the ocean.

Feel how the heart is so perfect a partner for the light.

Allow yourself to breathe deep in the heart, three light breaths, while you remain open, still, silent, present.

Be open to seeing hearing touching tasting feeling the light in whatever form or formlessness it comes within you.

Be silent now.

Slowly breathe.

Be the light.

In this moment.

And this moment.

Moment by moment by moment by moment.

This is a direct experience of the light.

Beneath all your thoughts here you are.



Light of Being.

Now become aware of the intention to return to the world.

Bringing with you the light of the world.

Rest in the awareness that the light is you.

Allow your eyes gently kindly every so sensitively to open just a little at a time.

Feel how you feel in this moment.

Follow your consciousness as you take in the world to expand, to include your light body and the world around you as a whole.



Open hearted.


Light filled



In this Being

This awareness

Feeling how things are

Right now

In this moment

In the Temple of the One Chakra

The heart

Feeling how it is in the heart and mind

The body and soul

Resting here

Outside of time

In the present moment.

Not needing anything to happen

Being here now

Feel free to go about your daily activities

Being with each moment

In the light

Be the knowing

Be the light

Be the Knower

The Light of the World

As your day reveals itself

In all its magic