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Welcome to the New Era

emerald-lakeThe New Era has arrived and it is real. It is the home of all those who dreamt of it and helped to create it. They are the Masters and if you are reading this, you are one too. The New Era did not manifest as expected, which was the beauty of the process, but in retrospect, nothing could have been more perfect. The simplicity and grace of the Ascension Process, which turned out to be a multidimensional shift that had no linear direction, was in keeping with the essence of beauty and magic that is the foundation of the New Era. Thanks to the efforts, desires, and intentions of those that are now the Masters, the dream has been realized, so pat yourself on the back for being part of it.

Before continuing, acknowledgment and extreme gratitude should certainly be expressed to the indigenous cultures that held the light through the last Era. It was an agreement they made and kept so that humanity did not sink into total darkness, which would have made the current journey exceedingly more difficult. Now their burden is lightened, for Masters have agreed to share it.

There is great joy as each individual becomes conscious of their new home There is assistance from the Higher Realms, but those  living in the New Era know that they have the tools to not only survive, but to flourish. They have connected to the Divine energy that lives in the DNA. Therefore, there is an impeccable and infinite source of information, guidance, and wisdom available. Once the process of accessing information is perfected, all answers exist simultaneously. A streamlined environment, with a foundation of moderation and balance, is becoming the default template for life on Earth. This will happen, dear ones, for it is why you have arrived, so capable, willing and eager. You are the Masters, come to ready the New Era for those who will follow.

Now you may ask, Ok, you have made some very lovely statements, but what exactly is the next step in this process? That is a very good and valid question. There are several things of which to be conscious, during this transitional time. Firstly, understand that multi-dimensionality is becoming more discernible in the New Era, which IS another dimension, one that exists in tandem with the Third Dimension. When you walk down the street, you are passing individuals from both, or even many dimensions. How do you know which is which? It is not necessary to define, for when you attempt to categorize, it can only be done in linear terms and this does not apply to the new Quantum reality. When you feel the energy of another individual, you get the sense of where their energy body resides. You will be naturally drawn to your energetic neighbors, so to speak. Pay attention. Every so often, during your day, take time to focus clearly and fully on the moment, draw back into the New Era and then continue. This will help you anchor in the higher vibration, for it is there that you are truly living.

Be Present…

Remember, spirituality is not so serious as all that. Without laughter, all is lost. If you have forgotten how to laugh, giggle, be silly…learn again. You were born silly, remember how to become that again. Learn to laugh at inappropriate moments, even if only to yourself. The only seriousness in the New Era, should be Sirius-ness…or Pleiadean-ness, if you prefer. After all, laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh uncontrollably, you are healing and, more importantly, connecting with the Divine.

The New Era exists within view of the older Third Dimension. The problems of the old hologram are visible, like a reality program, and that is how they should be treated. This is what being an observer means. Watch, listen, if you must, but do not resonate with the lower vibrations of the old energy. You are the one holding the light and if you let it flicker, those who unconsciously depend upon you, will be in darkness.

Shine your Light, so that others can see there is a Light.

Holding the Light is your responsibility as a Master in the New Era. That is what you are able to do. It is why you are here at this time, for it is the New Era that will be the saving grace of humanity. In any given situation with another person, you cannot change them. Your power lies in the ability to change how YOU act, what you do, or say. This implies impeccability, which  is the new standard.

The universe is infinite, there is more than enough for everyone; therefore, in the New Era there is no competitiveness for more than one’s share, Masters know that abundance is a birthright. All that is required will arrive in good and perfect time. It is understood, expected, and appreciated. Energy is not spent on manifestation, for it occurs naturally, as a result of the actions and intentions of each individual. There is integrity and each person does the best they can, with what they have to work with…at the time.

Surround yourself with beauty…

The primary goal for one’s life in the New Era is to surround yourself with beauty. When doing so, and applying this principle to every aspect of life, you will find yourself living in an environment based on the sublime, for beauty is another aspect of the true nature of life. The goal now is to live a Divine life here on Earth. It is all about Love.

The New Era is not contained by a geographical boundary, other than the planet Earth, instead it is defined by its inhabitants, who are connected, both etherically and electronically. For you see, in every reality, all who vibrate at a particular level, are part of a whole, which itself is a vibrational entity. Therefore, at any moment, one can communicate with all others with whom they resonate. A beautiful, loving, and graceful connection is created, producing a gentle wave of energy, when sent with the intent to communicate with one’s Soul Family. Anything not of this caliber is lovingly pushed aside, thereby maintaining the integrity of the energy of Love In addition, the internet has allowed for instant communication and sharing of information, which exponentially accelerates the Conscious Human Evolutionary Process.

The key to unlocking the entry way, is having the intention to be part of it.

There is only purity in the New Era, lovingly maintained by all who live in its vibration. Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light are intimately involved with the journey of Masters. They are eager to honor requests for assistance from their Earth bound beings. There is a paradise on Earth. It is real and it is flourishing, thanks to the number of Masters that have devoted their efforts, so that the New Era could exist. That is exactly what happened, the dream was born and became a hologramic reality, a state of consciousness, and a place for Masters to experience the fruits of their efforts in the process of Ascension.

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