Never Forgotten – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Buddha – by Chiragkaku @ DeviantArt


Never Forgotten

Will continues to express itself as the dormant capability in me that needs awakening. Always will ruled by love. Counter-intuitive to a male.Will to a male often means force, meanness, knocking your opponent out of the way.  Men do a job. They get rid of the enemy. They see things in black and white, which in the end becomes simply bleak.

So when I say I resuscitating my will, it’s not only calling it back from the Humpty Dumpty days, but also withdrawing it from the matrix of male dominance that will has resided in for any number of millennia.

I feel off-balance, all akilter, full of self-doubt, unsure of my identity.

But at an intellectual level – and at a level beyond conscious reach – I’m convinced of the wisdom of subordinating the recovered will to love.

But just as Archangel Michael was very specific about what he was talking about when he used the word “love” recently, so am I specific about what I mean by “love.” He said:

“When we speak of love, we speak not only of romantic passion. We talk about a depth of perception and connection of balance and sincerity, of trust and the ability to expand, and latitude and permission that goes far further than what many human beings are talking about.” (1)

I call “the romantic passion” ordinary love. It can only go so far and farther is beyond its reach. It’s Third-Dimensional love – usually simply sexual arousal, lust, attraction, chemistry, fondness, etc.

We have to appreciate that the rest of what AA Michael said is said from an archangelic perspective. Boots on the ground would try to describe what transformative love feels like – and would probably fail. I cannot describe what it feels like. I can only say that I almost swoon in the presence of it, want to give it to all and sundry, am overjoyed, etc.

Transformative love is another floor up in the building we’re in and it’s a big divide between the Fourth and Fifth floors.

Anyone who knows what “conscious awareness” is will appreciate my saying that transformative love goes on in the space of conscious awareness. Conscious awareness is the room and transformative love is the action happening in the room.

A more usual attempt at describing has been for me to say that ordinary love retires before harmful emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, etc.

Those harmful emotions cannot get near one who resides in transformative love. It offers them no handhold or foothold.

It’s definitely a cut above what were used to.  And the first step to experiencing it is to acknowledge that you have not experienced it. Bluffing simply keeps us permanently stuck in not-knowing.

So I do know love. Or at least I did. I’m not in that space any longer but still mesmerized by it. I expect that I’m supposed to be visiting, coming back, reporting, longing. This is the territory I’m supposed to be exploring, I’m pretty sure.  Spends time in Shangri-la and comes back, only to pine for Shangri-la.

Transformative love is worth pining for. Bliss is as well. (2) Very few things in life are. I mean, when you really come down to it, when you really look hard, well, what I found was that love and bliss were what I yearned for. And once I felt both, I knew I had found my treasure.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23, 2016.

(2) Different, but both equally rewarding.  Love draws us outwards, to want to be with and hug others. Bliss satisfies all desires, fulfills all promises, writes “paid” to all debts.

One is not inclined to do anything in particular in bliss. And one can if it serves the Mother’s Plan.

But one carries with him or her the utter satisfaction and fulfillment that bliss brings, as long as bliss lasts. I am not in bliss at the moment. I’ve had only the odd fleeting experience of it since a four-month spell ended around January of 2016. But one never forgets it.



Buddha – by Chiragkaku @ DeviantArt

Never Forgotten

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