October Ascension Energies – Jamye Price

October Ascension Energies – 2016


Brain Upgrades Ascension Energies by Jamye PriceThe general flow in September dealt with “balanced choice” as we received an influx of Light that was resonant with the frontal lobe of the brain—our higher reasoning. This inflow of Light offers an upgrade in how we access choice, how we perceive, how we interact with Life. As always, first from within, then with our external actions.

This change in the higher reasoning is important along the path of Ascension, our rapid evolution; as humanity steps out from under mind-controlled behavior and into more empowered choice. Change is constant. We are changing in positive ways that aren’t obvious on the news. These changes are a progress, not a huge difference in the human experience all at once.

Some symptoms of September were a more peaceful mind or detachment, more ah-ha moments, less psychic ability, physical feelings in the brain or headaches. You may or may not have noticed anything, but the influx of Light will still have an effect that will become activated in a natural progression for you. After the equinox, things seemed to balance back out and feel more normalized.


Change Change Change! In September there was an unexplainable excitement brewing (which also felt a little calmer after the equinox). The feeling of excitement was running along in the background and now that October is here and the energy of change feels prevalent, it makes sense.

Clearly there is a lot going on in the world that seems so negative. Of course, much of it is. Yet it is a catalyst if you are empowered enough to maintain your balance and choose actions that build a new world, even in the midst of chaos.

Internal Change

Power of Word by Jamye PriceAs you observe the life experiences that are occurring around you, you are being called to interact with it. First within, as you perceive the potentials and possibilities that any situation can create. Some things are not within your scope of physical interaction. Maybe it’s in another country or occurring locally, but not something that is available for your participation. Maybe it’s something you want to create, but the steps aren’t clear yet. That’s perfectly fine.

If it’s in your awareness, you are interacting. Your first actions are always internal.Prayer work is so important! You are proclaiming your internal choice—your first action.Imagining, feeling, and refining your desires is natural to a creative human. It’s innate. Something comes into your awareness because Life is calling you to interaction, to creativity, to allow change through you. For many things, that will be through your prayer. For many other things, that will also be through your external actions. Both are important. Our path of Ascension is about consciously utilizing the subtle energies more (thoughts, feelings, potentials) within the physical human experience.

Prayer Work Your First Action Step by Jamye Price

Some of your most important internal change is how easily you flow with Life. Forgiveness and healthy boundaries change you. They may seem very opposite (do I forgive or do I hold healthy boundaries?), but they are two sides of the same coin. They affect your feeling of safety and freedom in your life. When you forgive easily, you feel less tension because you are no longer holding subtle (thoughts, feelings, potentials) energy within you. You stop taking things so personally. You begin to open to clearer information of the intent behind words and actions.

When you hold healthy boundaries, you (slowly) feel more comfortable choosing from a desire rather than obligation. At first saying no or holding boundaries feels so mean! It becomes more comfortable as you start to realize that you are still a compassionate and giving person, but you are no longer depleting yourself for others in ways that aren’t even truly helpful. Your healthy boundaries are an internal process first as you come to terms with your own energy of sacrifice versus sharing. We all have times of healthy compromise. But finding that line of “healthy” is a personal, moment-by-moment discovery.

External Change

Cosmic Eye Nebula by Jamye PriceSome information that you are observing is calling you to interact externally. To take a creative risk, to maintain your integrity as you create, to let go of control, to perceive someone differently and stay present in the moment, to say nothing or to speak up for yourself, to give or receive—how are you being called to change?

These times are about radical changes. You’ll see a lot of detail with this information in the LightBlasts this month. You know changes must occur within. Many others assume change must occur outside first. You are balancing the external interactions as you are making internal changes, creating inspired actions that are coming more and more from choice. You realize that creating your reality doesn’t mean controlling your reality. You realize that the human experience is a divine experience, and you are living the change!


Get ready for change! It is more natural to us than we tend to believe. You can’t make a mistake because Life will always be calling you to movement. Change is constant, and change is always good, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Throughout the month, observe how you are feeling about what you want to change, what you don’t want to change, what change you want to see in the world…and be that change!

As An Ascended BEing: Capability & Capacity – Lisa Transcendence Brown

unknown artist


AS An Ascended BEing: Capability & Capacity

AS an Ascended BEing….. you will hold a vibration of all things “higher realms” within your being….. You will have cap-abilities and the capacity for things that you did not, as a separated human….

As a human, perceptions were distorted and skewed. There were beliefs that kept all separated, in competition, living in survival, lack, powerless and blaming others. Those times are gone. It’s time to take your power back. As love. As light. Through Sacred Purity.

The human body goes through a process as one physically ascends. This process is a powerful one, one that removes/overrides the human’s ability to hold this separation anymore.

The embodiment of Christed (Crystalline/Crystal) Consciousness is the dissolution of fear and lack programs. It brings forth abilities through your memories of your existences, which come through profound feeling, energetically and holographically, as your heart opens to release all that it once held. There will be deep emotions surfacing as your cells purify and cleanse and your heart opens fully again.

Meanwhile, this is a very physiological process, as it messes with your mind. This is the point, for your human cannot understand this part. What goes on with your body as it activates in light. Where there is fear and lack of power, the assumptions of what all of this is will also be attributed to everything other than “I’m detoxing, cleansing, upgrading, re-configuring, de-densifying, re-calibrating according to higher-light consciousness, according to my soul/star codes, I’m evolving in light, I’m expanding my consciousness, my body is going through a huge transformation process and THIS IS NORMAL………………”.

This phase we all have already entered, it’s going to be a beyond POWERFUL one for all. This is going to challenge many mindsets, remove many’s ability to maintain control. The human won’t slow down, won’t let go, won’t sleep. “This” is an inconvenience in their schedule and the things they “think” are more important…..

Treating your evolution process as an inconvenience will only cause you great di-stress. This resistance alone, causes the muscles in the body to tighten down. It causes your mind to close and you stop listening to your body, until your body SCREAMS at you, starts to fight back and completely overrides your ability to maintain control over a process that your human does not understand.

YOUR SOUL DOES though. It totally knows, it totally gets it… yet if you don’t open up to listen and honor, you are the one who suffers through the intensity…….

This is a REVERSAL of all that was done as a separated, disconnected, lost, shut off, stubborn and lack-filled human. This is a REVERSAL, which means that your whole life must come to a halt (zero point) and everything must be reversed. Everything you did from a disconnected state you will have to re-do/do from a connected one.

You do not exist on NEW EARTH and stay disconnected from your SOUL/SOURCE….. You do not get to run the show as a human anymore. You do not get to say that THIS IS NOT AS IMPORTANT ANYMORE….. you do not get to choose unconsciousness over consciousness anymore…..

ASCENDED EARTH now requires that your physical body upgrade to match these higher light frequencies now. In order to physically exist in your body, FULL INTEGRATION must occur. This process is rigorous as it moves through every body part, every cell…. This light stimulates, triggers distortions, activates your new realities and collapses your old ones….. Your human will resist, hold on, try to fight…. this will cause you and everyone in your reality world to suffer or to have to deal with the reality that had to occur to wake you up, get your heart open, so that your soul could emerge……..

SOUL AWAKENINGS……. wreak havoc on the human reality, yet are the most profound experiences when you allow yourself to FULLY EXPERIENCE them, with every fiber and particle of your being…..

SOUL AWAKENINGS … will challenge everything you believed as true. They will show you how “off” you were, how distorted that was and how you were asleep and didn’t understand…..

SOUL EMBODIMENT….. this is the hugest undertaking you will ever experience here. This is where you BECOME MULTI-DIMENSIONAL again….. You actually walk in multiple dimensions and bizarre is an understatement as you sleep to wake up, as you anchor light in your physical body and it goes haywire trying to re-wire everything, re-do everything, re-code everything, re-calibrate everything….

HOLDING ALL OF THIS IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY VESSEL and expanding it out, holding all of the new realities in place, living a whole new existence that transcends all that you could imagine or believe…. will challenge everything within you.

YOU will HOLD THE CAPACITY for more than all around you do. You will hold this sacredness, this profound love, integrity and respect, no matter what others do or say…. this is not about them, this is about you and your CAPABILITY to maintain the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS – at all times……….

Just because others are unconscious, doesn’t mean you get to be. You don’t get to shut your heart down, give your power away, go small, forget, try to protect, live in fear…. you don’t get to hold any lack ever again………

As an Ascended BEing, you hold all in place. You are an anchor point of NEW EARTH and it’s up to you REMEMBER fully, through your heart and not listen to old mentalities and judgments of others…. for when you do, you disconnected again.

You do not get to disconnect from SOURCE anymore. You ARE SOURCE, and the amount of power is immense. The amount of love is too. The amount of wisdom and knowledge comes forth, this is for you to share…. You do not get to keep things for yourself anymore, for a UNIFIED BEING does not hold themselves separate from anything…..

AFTER you have pulled away and built your power from inside, connected with this profound love, floated in the higher realms long enough to disconnect from the matrix and to truly understand, you will start to see/know HOW you are to contribute, what you are here to be and do. This is the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and it’s very different than human feminine and masculine. One comes from distortion and separation, the other comes from purity and all things powerful again. First, you must go through this phase of BEing, pulling away, feeling this sacred love, SEEING the purity in all things, then it’s time to apply this knowledge to your every day life. As you anchor your higher selves inside of you, there is a process where you have to BE HIGHER SELVES at all times, without the separation ego mindsets in control…..

BEING A HIGHER SELF is different than consulting or channeling one. It means you don’t have anyone to ask what to do anymore…. It means you are the one that has to always come from integrity, respect, love, kindness and stand in your power, without the distortions anymore.

You no longer get to blame, point the finger or be a victim to anything outside…. you are RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for everything……

You have to HONOR your feelings at all times and the feelings of others, you have to DO in balance and until you can DO this, you’ll go back & forth between aspects, many of them… you’ll play out every role, you’ll feel like you’ve lost it many times until you get the hang of how all of this goes…..

Now, honor is different here. Standing in honor to all as one is very different than honoring others, for the human did not honor itself equally/first too. Some never honored others, only cared about themselves, some had honor, but forgot about themselves…. this is HONOR TO ALL….. according to what is always “right” inside….. Which is often harder than just going small and being quiet…. Sometimes you have to STAND UP and speak from love for yourself to re-balance all of the imbalances of all of your existences where you did not.

Transcendence is a re-balancing, a unification of all back into sacred peace and love. It is transcending all things human to EXIST AS A HIGHER SELF BEING in physical form here. It is this understanding that does not require anything outside to occur. For TRANSCENDENCE occurs inside when you’ve MASTERED all AS PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE AND POWER AGAIN.

POWER is different here. It’s not being loud or over powering others. It is taking your power back and holding it…. through the POWER OF LOVE that you HOLD for yourself and all others as one. POWER is not allowing the old unconscious programs to continue to play. POWER is DIVINE and subtle, soft and silent often. The only time POWER isn’t, is when you must pull your power from within and expand it out huge to hold a reality in place and to break a human program/resistance that imposes out of lack of respect.

WE get BIG, we expand huge, we need not be loud… for there is no human that is a threat anymore…. Human is weak, therefor it camouflages this weakness with other things. When you can see the fear, the hurt, the judgment… you just deal with those… instead of what is being projected out. You call it like it is… Pure and simple. From a place of non-judgment, yet from a place of acknowledging the others feelings and holding them accountable for their actions… for human’s don’t like this part… and it’s up to us to hold the new realities in place….

YOU CAN BE LOVE and POWERFUL all at the same time, without being disrespectful or lashing out. Those are reactions of the human aspect. You can HOLD higher consciousness realities in place, yet you are the one that must BE higher consciousness in order to do this, for when other’s vibrations drop, you must expand…. When others shift to an unconscious vibration, you shift into a higher one….. THIS IS PART OF MASTERY…. You don’t hold the triggers anymore……

AS your Ascended Aspects, your human just dissolves… you unify it inside as well and it holds no power anymore. When your human holdsno power, then other humans cease to hold this too. You will find that your power is silent and your love…. this emits from your energy field. Your peace emits. Your kindness emits in tones and frequencies that can be felt. You need not speak at all. This is OUR TELEPATHY….

You will find that through the simplicity of your soul, your gifts return organically, naturally and you DO them as a natural way of existing… They are just a part of who you are and how you function….

You have INFINITE GIFTS as a SOUL… that you will share as a part of BEING in all that you DO. Infinite is an existence….. As a Fully Ascended BEing here.

As your body ascends, your higher selves de-scend into you…. all of your aspects returned and unify within you, and your SOUL IS WHOLE AGAIN…. This wholeness repairs your physical body, heals all that was less... Healing a human word for something broken or needing to be fixed. Ours is is “whole again”, no more separation….. for Disconnection is what caused the body to shut down, the depletion of PURE SOURCE LIGHT, the body can no longer function without the LIGHT OF SOURCE to run through it and it is this light that now weaves through the body, through the bones, through the blood and purifies, awakens, stimulates and activates everything that was asleep.

Your body is evolving into an organic, intelligent, bio-living organism, activating Crystals/Chrystalline in your DNA and every part of your body. These crystals hold encodements, knowledge, information, they also re-work how your whole body works/functions, every system in your body taken offline and then brought back online repeatedly …..

Your entire body structure/infra-structure will be re-worked for you. Unless you are present, listening, honoring…. you are not going to get it… Your body speaks to you when you are in-tune, when you care to listen, when you just allow…. let go of the need to control and you actually LOVE YOUR BODY as a living being here to support you and bring you through to these other dimensions that you did not have access to before.

First in your sleep, then your waking one….. Your mind has to adapt, be stretched, challenged in order to expand to encapsulate the vastness of all of all of these different processes that occur as you evolve back and into an Avatar Light BEing here.

There is a difference between the moment you activate that consciousness, you expand into it, contract again, embody and hold that whole vibration. There is the separation of human time, how long it takes you to become that aspect being in everything that you do/are/breathe. Each aspect has different characteristics, different feelings and you are here to activate everyone of them and hold them fully…………..

This is a process, that every moment determines how much you embody in all that you are….. Your initiations are continual until you complete that process. BEing multi-dimensional is more than claiming words of that… it is you BEING IT… fully…. there is a huge difference. One is human ego the other is your true and pure you. One claims it, the other could not care less, for that is ego too. To our human this is mind-blowing, to us it is simple and how it has always been. The only need to speak/write the words are to empower others to understanding and doing this too.

Human’s have judgments that keep them from these experiences, these existences…. there are old mis-perceptions…. all of those have to go if you desire to re-claim your existences an WALK ON NEW EARTH FULLY NOW.

You must embrace and let all of that separation go. You don’t get both. Human will run dualistic programs. It will run more than one belief not realizing that you cannot hold separation and be unified too. You cannot say you believe in one thing and do the opposite. You cannot speak unlimited and live in lack…. Those are polar opposites, yet the human does do this. You must FEEL everything you speak to see if it is actually true for you now. You must listen to your words, when you justify, when you try to convince…. for anytime you do this, you are the one that doesn’t believe/trust fully yet.

Your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE requires your presence, you to observe from another dimension so that you can see the illusions and distortions. At first you float higher and you look down, then you just expand and through consciousness exist outside looking in. Eventually you are in all spaces observing from multiple dimensions, seeing the multitude of parallels, universes, realities and you are realizing how untrue everything was and how no one had a clue…. Yet it’s not up to you to prove to others, to try to convince or impose…. It’s up to you to honor your new truth and share it openly so that others can feel it and be activated through this powerful love too.

Human’s are push and impose, even become bully’s…. and you will find more of this occurring as their realities dissolve…. They will try hard to hold onto the old/fixed/safe…. for they do not like surprises from the unknown. They do not like not being able to control the outcome, they want to know first, “get theirs first” before they commit or do…. Everything is backwards here…This is not how any of this works….

Controlling an outcome means that you take care BEFORE YOU TRANSMIT OUT…. and that what you transmit out will deliver a RETURN that is only awesome, magical, amazing and abundant…. When you transmit sacred love, power, respect, when you support, share, contribute…. then these are the vibrations you RECEIVE…. when you are generous without lack or need, this is what you receive….

There are ratios and equations for receiving too and it’s dependent on how much/what you transmit out. If you are only doing enough to get by, this is what you receive. The KEY (ancient key code) is to do MORE from LOVE for humanity, MORE without constraints or expectations, MORE because you really truly desire to contribute and make a difference and you realize that where you put your energy, this is what triggers you to receive……

EVERYTHING COUNTS HERE…. every little bit, yet the more you DESIRE to FULLY EXIST ON NEW EARTH…. you more you have to contribute and support freely, generously, abundantly… without needing anything in return. You do not do for you, you do for ALL and you receive proportionately ….. you receive when you vibrate into that reality where “that” already exists…………..

Vibrational existence cannot be controlled by human limitations. Those shut down all ability to receive. When you remove the limits yourself, you become unlimited….

Vibrational existence cannot be controlled by human limitations. Those shut down all ability to receive. When you remove the limits yourself, you become unlimited…. s too. As SOULS WE SPEAK completely different than the human aspect does. We need not words, for those are limited as well. That’s why it takes so many words to speak to the human, for we must incite a feeling that resonates, we must paint a picture so that they can see, we must describe in a way that makes sense, for realities are not linear here.

They must feel our soul through our words, we must explain what does not make logical sense to the heart…..

Quantum Mechanics, Logistics, Algorithms, Equations, Ratios, Chemical Compounds, Atoms, Physical Matter and Universal Laws of Physics, Energy, Vibration…. all become simple here….

Intelligence streams through the light and crystals throughout your enhanced body, through your cells…. This we bring forth to share for all of our evolution here. Each one of us with knowledge to contribute, far beyond our human capabilities before. All held within you, activated every time you exist from your pure heart. The neural pathways open, your pineal gland continually activated….

This dimension is a culmination of all dimensions merged into one. Your continually expanded state gives you access to all simultaneously, yet not every once in a while, all of the time, for you do not contract back down anymore. Your body continually upgrades and integrates at a ridiculous rate and you are able to function in every state, optimally…. slowing down when huge upgrades/integrations need to occur… Then you come back online stronger, more vibrant, with more abilities, more knowledge, more everything than before.

Honor your EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS…. honor you. As your value system is overhauled, dismantling the old and reconstructing a whole new one, according to higher light consciousness, what you value will change. You will have value, you will value you, you will value sacred above all. As a SOUL it’s all about honor, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion, generosity, support, contribution, connection… yet it all has to start from and emanate from you… for you to receive these attributes in every part of your physical reality here. YOU must HOLD THESE…. and allow others to do the same, then you REQUIRE IT, otherwise you are compromising and not being honorable, respectful, loving to you if you keep allowing less…

Your entire existence will be transformed…. and your human doesn’t get to enter-fear ….

Understanding how all of this works are in your own ancient key-codes in your dormant DNA and float around in your own energy field. It’s up to you to unlock these. This is done vibrationally and as you achieve all from within. Each must go inward to unlock everything…. It’s a requirement …. and the human avoids going in because it has judgment and fear….. it fears freedom, it fears bliss, it fears magic and amazingness…… It avoids the beauty and surprises of our new existence…. all because it wants to control and cannot honor a process that is going to occur no matter what…..

How each experiences is based upon the amount of resistance, need to know, avoidance and and fear energy held. For the moment the heart opens fully, all of this falls away and the soul emerges and everything can re-align again. ♥

Stargates are active loves. Get your Quantum Timeline Jumping Boots on…. We are doing super jumps daily now! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Transformational Speaker, Embodied Light BEing, The Pure Ones, Ancient Key-Code Holder


Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

unknown artist


Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation

DjwhalKhul2Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love, Saturday Conference Call, 10-01-16

I am Djwhal Khul. I am DK. Yes, you have seen me with my friend SG. [St. Germaine?] It is seldom that he steps aside and invites me to speak on all of our behalf. So welcome my beloved friends, my beloved allies, my brothers and sisters of this planet called Gaia – Earth, Terra Gaia, and many other names that perhaps you are not so familiar with.

And, yes, it has been and is the intent of St. Germaine, with his beautiful Violet Flame, to eliminate all doubt, all need, all want, all neediness, all lack, all limitation, all this silliness within your hearts and upon the planet, and that has been for, oh, a few thousand eons. So, even we are getting a little impatient.

And yes, I want you to know I am walking the earth, not fully or permanently as yet, but enough to make my presence known and felt. And we can talk about the elimination of lack and limitation and we can talk about the creation of balance in the exact same breath; we can share that space because they are one in the same.

And I am not just talking about money, although money is part of it…money is one of those things that as human beings you have a great deal of interest in and fear of. It is a curious phenomenon, is it not, that you desperately at times want what you most fear and you fear what you most want. And of course money is simply an idea, it is an illusion; in fact, one of the strongest illusions upon your planet at this time. And it is illusion because it is simply…what has happened that some magician has come along – I’m sure he was from the Far East – and he had a wonderful mechanism where he would take a plain piece of paper or a plain piece of metal and turn it into something called currency that was worth…valued at various rates…very strange! But this has been an illusion that most of your planet has, in fact, engaged in.

Now, it is not a harmful trick or illusion or a piece of magic unless, of course, you have come to fear it and lust after it…and I use this word ‘lust’ because it is a very different sensation and experience than simply enjoying. All of the riches of this planet, the one that the Mother created…I don’t know if you remember that so clearly at times…all of the riches of this planet were intended to be enjoyed, whether it was the lush fruit or the many varieties of vegetation, of vegetables, of the various sources of food, of sunlight and air and even water and rain and snow. All of this, the diversity, the beauty, was intended to be enjoyed.

And then what occurred was that some individuals and groups came along and said, “No, no, no! We want you to measure out your enjoyment. We want you to remember that you are not entitled to really enjoy the luxuries and the bounty, the riches of this planet.” And in your naiveté and in your false belief of arrogant authority, you agreed. But the desire…and I use this word ‘desire’… to enjoy and to access and to participate in the bounty of the planet, never disappeared.

And so then you came to yearn for these riches, this diversity, the access – and access also became a desire. But there was fear attached to it because there were penalties if, in fact, you broke the rules or the laws, the false laws of those that you had granted authority to.

All of this is ancient history and current reality to which I say, “So what! It does not serve you, it is but an illusion that you have attached to and that many upon the planet have attached to.”

It is time my friends, as Gaians, as Nova Beings, yes, even as New You’s, to say good-bye to such illusions. The bounty of Gaia is equally available to all, and as that becomes righted, yes righted, as this becomes corrected, what will happen is also Gaia, in her cooperation with you will also rebalance so that there will not be the disparities…and what I am referring to is disparities of feast or famine, of drought or overabundance of moisture. The planet herself is an archangel and has infinite capacity to adjust. What she has been waiting for is you and you, my friends, are at that doorway.

Lack and limitation does not only indicate or connect to what you think of as this magical money or currency. Archangel Michael has been very clear with you, that what he has been talking about is spiritual currency and it is very important that not a one of you upon this entire planet forget that. This is a spiritual journey. You have access to the riches of the planet equally, equal access. But it is not about a material journey, it is about a spiritual journey, it is about being an angel in form or a master in form…not ‘in the making’ any longer, but in form.

And with this comes responsibility and with that responsibility comes the creation, the action that stems, not from a neediness or a wanting to control a need, but a true desire that is in alignment and the clarity of your being and your soul purpose. And that means everything… “Oh, I can’t get married…I’m not good at relationships…I don’t know where to meet someone…I failed before.” What is this ridiculous limitation. “Oh, I do not travel interdimensionally…I do not know what ascension feels like…I do not know the true expansion of my heart.” What is this ridiculousness? My friends, stop it and stop it right now!

I say this, yes, as your teacher but also as your beloved friend. There is no need, there is no reason, there is no payoff in limiting yourself. You have this expression, and I really like it, that ‘the world is your oyster’. Well, then start harvesting the pearls…especially the pearls of pink that are given to you from Quan Yin, with a grain of sand inside to remind you from whence you have come. But be your lustrous, beautiful self, whether it is a shade of amber or a shade of pink or a beautiful amethyst, it matters not. That is the beauty of diversity; that is the beauty of who you are.

And yes, I travel the planet to invite you, in balance, in truth, in clarity of your being, to be who you are, not because that is who I love, but because that is your freedom, that is your birthright, that is your promise to the Mother.

So, let us begin this day and every day by saying good-bye to lack and limitation, to this illusion, and truly being magicians. Go with my peace, my balance, my clarity. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


Djwhal Khul: Eliminate Lack and Limitation

Ascended Earth & Each’s Responsibilities AS a Crystalline Grid Keeper, Light Anchor & Foundation Holder Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ascended Earth & Each’s Responsibilities AS a Crystalline Grid Keeper, Light Anchor & Foundation Holder Here

Your entire physical reality changes as you change, shifts as you shift, tunes as you tune… re-materializing in each moment … in response to you.

When you exist as sacred love, kindness and respect, from this profound place of peace that can’t be measured or described, only deeply and purely felt…. when you’ve worked through resistance, worked through separation, worked through and released all that is not pure and true…. The moment that something in your world does not come from these places too, it’s loud, blatant, intolerable and you choose not to have this is your world anymore. Because you don’t have to. That was the way of the old.

When you awaken, your heart is wide open, your body is happy, your soul is at peace, your eyes are full of wonder, you feel inspiration in every breath and you take great care in everything that you hear/see/feel/allow/do.

When you work, you work because you desire for all to hold and experience this brilliant magic in every moment too. For all to fully remember….

There is a kindness, a purity, a respect in your BEing….. you identify vibrational aspects as they present to decide the role they will play in your immediate world (or not). You see the capacity for love, you also see any human’ness (separation) left, and where others hearts-minds are/are not fully open yet and YOU have to decide how much you want to expose yourself to having to experience old programmed realities still…… for all is TOTALLY A CHOICE NOW.

Your new existence doesn’t include what it used to anymore…. for your existence is a choice, one that you determine, through the vibrations that you hold and transmit out……

Profound peace, profound bliss, profound purpose….

You see the different realities available, you also see what it takes to create intentionally, to experience the magical dream forgotten and you see where all are/not ready to fully experience this yet. You see where many still have stories, excuses and want to continue to blame others, not ready to step into their power because of fear of responsibility, due to ancient existences and human one’s that held distortions, had outcomes that were not awesome, where they still hold onto these stories as an excuse not to step into their own power as a sovereign being…..

For the human aspect it appears easier to stay in “safe” realities, unconscious, for they fear change and “loss” in their own realities…. loss of control, loss of things, loss of attachments, loss of the stories that they still identify with and use as a focal point for their unresolved emotions and beliefs…..

Humans don’t realize that they have been left behind, that the old realities don’t exist anymore, except within them…. they do not understand yet, that their entire physical reality is REFLECTIVE and plays a play that they hold the keys to. They do not understand that every experience is created from their DNA (unconscious and conscious), every other physical thing ENERGY & MATTER that has taken physical form FOR THEM….. so that they can finally see…. when their pure heart finally opens fully………….

As Higher Self BEings, as Light BEings, As Whole Divine Souls…. emotions and fixed beliefs don’t run your reality anymore….

Emotions don’t have the polarity, thoughts don’t blame or hold anyone victim, measure or hold anyone to old unconscious mentality realities anymore…. There is balance, there is peace, there is this amazing kindness that radiates out…. even when you have to stand in your power with a human projecting their unconsciousness out. You ARE respect, you ARE kind, you ARE a BEing that holds the ability to collapse the old by being PURE……

As we go higher, each will be challenged to see WHERE THEY FUNCTION FROM…. whether it is separation (fear/lack/blame/judgment) or unity (love, peace, kindness, integrity, honor, respect). Our NEW Earth Existence is the opposite of the old earth…… instead of shutting down/protecting/surviving, we are wide open/powerful through sacred love, because our CONNECTION AS SOURCE can’t be severed by the separation of others anymore….

Where sacred is missing, realities are chaotic, spin out of control, are emotionally fueled and there is lack of something involved. There is a dividing line that exists between UNIVERSES…. that line is what is acceptable and what is not. Separation is no longer acceptable and each is held accountable and responsible for their own actions, their own projections, their own consciousness and the realities they experience in every moment. Not one BEING doesn’t have the capability to embody their own higher selves/soul….. Yet some are not yet choosing this….

There is a huge difference between ability and choosing, capability and capacity…. and when you can observe another’s actions, you can see what they are projecting and if it’s not pure divine essence love, this is blatantly visible………… Then you have a choice as what to allow….. for every choice, every action emits a frequency that creates a reality to occur…………..

As SOULS, we see the many facets of a BEing, we observe them oscillating between aspects, human or higher self to act out/play out whatever vibrations they still hold…. WE decide what to do with this, for in these higher vibrations, we don’t have to tolerate it or allow it in our physical reality world…. We see the different UNIVERSES that exist simultaneously, we see the ones deconstructing, collapsing and dismantling to awaken those who’s hearts are not yet open fully, and we understand WHY they are experiencing what they are…. we also see NEW EARTH REALITIES and this is where we LIVE, coming together, creating intentionally, contributing fully, making a difference through LOVE, HOLDING THE GRIDWORK OF NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH in place. We do not compromise, as this affects all of us…..

As each comes to EXIST FULLY on NEW EARTH, you will have to REQUIRE others to step-up, like you know they can, IF THEY DESIRE the amazing, magical and infinite everything that already exists…… For the human aspects that are unconscious don’t understand yet…. and as a Crystal Grid Keeper, it’s up to you… to choose…. for everything you allow affects your reality world/dimension/universe too………..

The higher we go vibrationally, the more chaotic it’s going to get, the more the human is going to act out/panic because their realities as they once knew them have gone into full collapse. Human aspects do not understand Quantum Timeline Collapses, do not understand that the timeline they live in isn’t the only one, they do not understand that nothing out there is to blame anymore…. and they are stuck in a story….. They also don’t understand vibrations or energy, for they believe what their eyes see or their ears hear or the discomfort feelings that they’ve suppressed, and they don’t know how to listen/see yet……

You DO hold these gifts, as PORTALS to NEW Earth, as Cosmic BEings that already live on/see/experience/understand NEW EARTH and HOW all works…… You DO hold the capability, the capacity to transform all back into sacred love and respect again. YOU hold the capability to hold the gridwork in place and not waver, not go back, not lower your vibration/go unconscious when others do…….

Crystal(line) Grid Keepers have DUTIES that others don’t yet understand. WE ARE NEW EARTH and we hold the NEW REALITIES IN PLACE….. we don’t get the option of going unconscious anymore…. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, every one of us for everything….. and this is what the human aspect fears…. the RESPONSIBILITY for holding this much POWER, because they still have unresolved/uncleared vibrations that hold illusory/holographic memories/imprints of our LeMUrian/Atlantean/Galactic timelines where greed, deceit, manipulation, mis-use of power destroyed our civilizations, not realizing those timelines have collapsed as well…. They now only exist vibrationally in each’s physical body cells… and this is what is being cleansed & purified….. for NEW Earth is all of our existences merged into one, the power of each, the gifts of each, the abilities of each…. PURE…. no longer tainted, no longer corrupt, no longer a threat…..

Human aspects can’t live NEW EARTH REALITIES YET because they still believe those other realities still exist…. they still carry on the story, they still are victim to a vibration/energy held in their bodies and distorted images of realities that their projector transmits out through their own lenses onto their own huge big screen where particles take form so that they can SEE physical representations of their own programming. They look at the outside world, the corruption, the suppression and they don’t yet realize that responsibility is now on them. That their actions, their beliefs, their mentalities support an existence….. and for every breath the are creating realities to experience in every moment here…..

Human carbon based bodies held the separation and density of the old earth in place. As each’s soul awakens, their heart opens a little (or a lot which can be quite dramatic and shake worlds), this Photonic LIGHT ENERGY runs through the body and starts to trigger/activate every fear, every unresolved emotion suppressed, every pain… as the LIGHTBODY ACTIVATES THE PHYSICAL BODY TO AWAKEN/WAKE UP….. It was dormant, it was asleep…. numbness, tingling, pain can be felt in every nerve, body part as latent/dormant codes are activated for everything to change. There was no space between cells, there was density…. and the more light we hold, the more space inside. The physical body goes through a rigorous transformation/overhaul/re-configuration process that challenges/blows the human’s mind…. for the human doesn’t realize what is happening, that they are evolving into HYBRIDS….. the things they feared before…. they become….. and it’s not a thing of fear, for that was of the old belief system too.

Human’s were meant to fear, it was all a part of the design, the agreement that we all made/decided before incarnating here. Human’s were meant to be suppressed, limited and lied to… it’s called the HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT… and no, to the human, it doesn’t make any sense…. It’s a cruel sick joke when we start to awaken….. yet then, we move beyond that, to truly see, that was a part of it too….. EVERYTHING IS TO BE TRANSCENDED from within……….. for each AGREED TO THIS/CHOSE IT…. as a SOUL/Galactic Star Light BEing that incarnated/walk-in to physical form here.

Each has ASCENDED ASPECTS, that at first “float around outside/up there”…. each must first awaken to higher self/higher power existence to learn to open up/listen/take direction. Each time raises the vibration of the physical body (and triggers a release of the old) so that the higher selves can “move in”/emerge from within. Each starts to walk as a Higher Self, with a connection to/as SOURCE and power returns again. So does responsibility for everything you DO and create…. for this is no longer only about you, as an individual, this is about all of HUman-KIND…. this is about all of us…. and everything you DO/Breathe… this affects everyone…. so whether you realize it or not, you are always affecting others, but mostly yourself….. for yes, there are entire collectives for everything…. the only difference is that those who exist on NEW EARTH are not affected by the unconscious anymore. We left, went on…… Now, you live on an old earth in your mind or our NEW EARTH in your heart/soul…. Where YOU function from dictates the physical reality/dimensional reality you actually physically experience.

You embrace your ASCENDED ASPECTS and you challenge yourself, you-step up and you leave the old behind……

YOU, every one of us…. have to choose, in every moment…. your physical reality…. the one you transmit…. every bit of what you experience is now all on you. You can raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, open your heart and shift… you can shift dimensions and timelines from within you or you can keep playing in the old ones until they collapse. NOW, collapse is faster and bigger, more substantial….

Humans are fighting and in chaos, because it’s time for their SOULS to awaken fully. WE live in peace as Fully Conscious Embodied Souls.

The reality WE experience is the one that WE believe, dictate, allow vibrationally….

Amplification of REFLECTIVE REALITIES, amplification of distortions, amplification of consciousness/unconsciousness, amplification of whatever one is transmitting continually……

Until December 2015, we all worked to achieve a light quotient for Earth to Ascend. Earth Ascended. Now it re-shapes/re-structures vibrationally continually. Ascended Earth shifted dimensionally into Galactic Frequencies and every BEING is now experiencing these mega-high frequencies/upgrades/re-calibrations on a daily basis, activating inside their bodies, tuning continually. The gridwork for all unconscious realities dissolved/collapsed, which is why there is such chaos. A dismantling/de-construction of the old, transformation and re-construction of the NEW, according to SOUL SUPER- CONSCIOUSNESS….

WE all, as Crystal Grid Keepers and the Ascended Light BEings of NEW Earth, are the anchor points for HEAVEN ON EARTH and our Galactic Civilizations materializing now. WE create the foundations, we hold them in place. Together, we unity, we connect, we share, we support, we create, we anchor, we HOLD it all in place. This is not taken lightly. This is a great RESPONSIBILITY that all have now. How much each is FULFILLING is dependent on the evolution of their own PHYSICAL CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY FORM now.

Your form is being upgraded, huge….. for you… as you evolve in pure light. The crystals in your bodies activating as you HOLD HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in every facet of your reality now. We’ve past the point of “no return”. You do not get to go unconscious anymore. This will yield more dramatic experiences every time you try. We are in the vibrations of intolerance…. which is of the human’s need to control, hold on, keep re-creating the old to try to subject everyone else to…. We left those realities…. they are not supported in any way anymore……

NEW Earth’s vibrations do not allow anything of the old to exist. All unconscious programs will surface to be purified, detoxed and cleansed from your physical body vessel now….. all constantly re-aligns/re-configures to the highest vibration of your PURE YOU, your SOUL encodements…. which now EMBED IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY STRUCTURE, your muscles, spine, bones, teeth, organs, brain, flesh, skin…. every particle of you will be pure again. As will the earth… and it’s re-aligning everything to accomplish this for all now. ♥

With the utmost sacred respect and love. Get ready. You/WE ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always going to be more powerful, more substantial, more awesome, more mind-blowing, more everything…. we don’t do small anything here. ∞ Nothing is in the future. All is NOW, for vibrationally all has already occurred. We continually physically move into these higher vibrational realities which consistently and substantially increase in every moment for all to return to REMEMBERED EXISTENCES here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Crystal Grid Keeper & Guardian of NEW Earth, Ascended Master, Author, Speaker, Teacher/Coach/Guide & Re-educator according to Higher Existence Evolution & Multi-Dimensional Mastery
http://www. AwakeningToRemembering.com

Exquisite photo/artwork by beloved Light, Ellen Vaman.

Drawn Inwards Again – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Deep Contemplation by Gung Gus @ Novica


Drawn Inwards Again

I’m quite drawn to cocooning these days.

My thanks to various friends who’ve allowed me to withdraw from organizational connections right now and just go inward.

It’s confronting to me to go inwards because I may lose touch with the baseline of events I’ve agreed with myself to stay in touch with. My writing will change, I lament. You may not like it.

But there is no resisting the inward pull. I make a mess of things when I do resist it.

The thread in everything I’m doing now is the maintenance of self-awareness. That’s the ante in this pot, the stake in this game. And the reach of my awareness just keeps going deeper and deeper, while at the same time I maintain a normal life. That’s a balancing act.

On some occasions, I’m pushing through to something. On other occasions, I’m maintaining neutral but unbroken awareness of it. And so on.

Strategies to reduce my mechanicalness and deepen my experiencing vary. But through it all I maintain conscious awareness of myself – my thoughts, my feelings, my behavior.

A lot of things are coming together. Informationally, several scenarios are beginning to make sense to me and I’m able to construct a reasonable narrative of events (the Historian in me).

Emotionally I’m beginning to feel comfortable defending my boundaries if I’m pressed or opening in transparency if I’m invited.

At deeper levels of consciousness than that, I feel an intuitive comfortableness with myself, a sense that I do indeed go deep (as we all do) and that in time all will unfold. Then or now, the task remains the same: To serve the Mother’s Plan. We’ll just feel a little more confidence and competence in playing our roles.

For me that task is building Nova Earth – Ending hunger on the planet, drought, homelessness, disease, infirmity, and every other unworkable condition.

And somehow I sense that there’s a connection between the work I do plunging into myself with my awareness, into my center, into my heart and ending unworkability in the world. You may see the connection right away. But I don’t see it yet. I only believe and intuit that there is.



ART : Deep Contemplation by Gung Gus @ Novica

Drawn Inwards Again

After Ascension: Health will Improve and Longevity will Increase – Part 1/3 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


After Ascension: Health will Improve and Longevity will Increase – Part 1/3

The “After Ascension” series looks at what we can expect after we gain the Fifth Dimension.

The series will be posted in two-day intervals, except for continuations.

Today we look at what our health and longevity will be like in the Fifth Dimension, using a question-and-answer format.

Q: What happened to our bodies long ago that caused physical weakness, illness, ageing, etc.?

Matthew: Eons back in your time, darkly-inclined souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies. That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness, illness, aging, death, and severely decreased capacity for intelligence and spiritual clarity. Those limitations are being reversed by the ever-increasing intensity of light in bodies that are absorbing it. (1)

Q: How was life in our physical bodies supposed to be?

A: St. Germaine: The form the way it was intended to be [is] ageless, energetic, vigorous, healthy, a vessel for our Light. (2)

Q: Will we have bodies after Ascension?

A: Matthew Ward: Yes, in fifth density you will have bodies. You won’t be “light beings without form.” This is an excellent question as it begs clarification of how your current bodies can function along Earth’s ascension pathway. Souls that absorb the light, which is constantly available to all, are changing at cellular level from carbon-based third density bodies to crystalline-based bodies that can survive in the higher frequencies. (3)

Q: What will we look like?

A: SaLuSa: In the higher realms you regain perfection in your higher vibrating body that will reveal you as you were as a younger soul. There is no place in them for anything less. (4)

Mike Quinsey: You are those who have been chosen to ascend in your physical bodies, and it will be a unique event. Realise that at a certain level the “old” Earth body will change to one that is of a much higher vibration.

A pleasant surprise will be that you cannot in fact carry forward anything less than the perfected version of your body, free of all the blemishes and defects associated with the old Earthly vibrations. (5)

Q: What is life like for the galactics?

A: SaLuSa: We are in a perfect state of health. (6)

SaLuSa: We of the Galactic Federation are made up of units of Beings that often stay together for thousands of years. That is why we can speak from experience where your past history is concerned. Bear in mind that we do not age such as you do. (7)

You will soon be seeing us amongst you, and will note that we are all in our prime. You will find us happy and always in a totally peaceful state. We are not prone to having moods such as humans have, and certainly do not get angry or bad tempered. We do not of course have to suffer your experiences, but even so we are always calm and peaceful. All these positive attributes will also become yours, and as the vibrations continue to increase around you, you too will change for the better and able to eliminate anything that is less. Even between now and the end of the cycle, you will notice quite big changes within yourselves. Harmony and balance in all things is taking place, and it will continue even until after Ascension. (8)

Q: Do you have death? If you do, how is it regarded?

SaLuSa: When you rise up into the higher levels, you have a simple transition from one life to another without going through death. You do it through your own choosing, as you decide when it is your time to move on. You can literally step out of your old body into a new one as you desire. (9)

Ag-Agria:  Your future Self will, when the necessity arises, take a new body, without the need to experience dying again. (10)

Matthew: In the Golden Age all peoples regardless of age will be healed from the effects of emotional stress and environmental and food toxins; anorexia will not exist; and newborns will be perfect.

Yes, life spans will be much longer, but there will not be a specific “drop-dead” age then any more than now – always soul growth is the decisive longevity factor; when Earth has presented all the experiencing a soul needs to move into a greatly different plane, he will leave. The splendid difference is, in the Golden Age there is the spiritual clarity that life is unending learning and growing, there is no excruciating grief and sense of loss that exists now, and all can communicate telepathically with beloved souls elsewhere in the universe. (11)

SaLuSa: Changing from one body to another is … like you putting on a new suit of clothes. (12)

Q: Overall what will our health situation be like after Ascension?

A: Atmos: Your Ascension in a higher physical body puts an end to matters of health that concern you on Earth, as it is of such a vibration that it is not prone to the illnesses or disease that you now experience. (13)

Ag-Agria: With Ascension you will have overcome so many of the frailties that exist now. Eventually the vibrations will be so high that you will be entering a state of near perfection as a Light Being. Then you will be able to be yourself, that is your Higher Self adorned with the Light of many suns, and radiate the love that knows no ending. (14)

SaLuSa: One day in the future your vibrations will have reached such a high level, that the lower energies will have absolutely no effect upon you. Already your body cells are changing and, when they become crystalline, you will untouchable.

That time will come when you ascend, and nothing such as disease will be able to make any difference to you. Come on board our ships and you will find no evidence of doctors or hospitals as such. We have healing chambers, but at our level they are for balancing our energies. (15)

SaLuSa: All of the trials and tribulations you experience now will no longer assail you. You move and exist in the lighter vibrations that respond to the power of thought. You will quickly adjust to them and enjoy the freedom that they give you. (16)

Q: What is it about duality that sees diseases and illnesses arise?

A: SaLuSa: Duality is simply the result of being in the lower vibrations, where matter is so solid and dense that it can attract what you might call the impurities. These are in the form of disease that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. The lower they become the greater the possibility exists of more deadly diseases. Conditions are not helped of course by Man’ s insistence on introducing chemicals into agriculture, and into the food chain. Your body is very resilient and adaptable, but will eventually become poisoned as a result.  (17)


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unknown artist

After Ascension: Health will Improve and Longevity will Increase – Part 1/3