Ascended Earth & Each’s Responsibilities AS a Crystalline Grid Keeper, Light Anchor & Foundation Holder Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ascended Earth & Each’s Responsibilities AS a Crystalline Grid Keeper, Light Anchor & Foundation Holder Here

Your entire physical reality changes as you change, shifts as you shift, tunes as you tune… re-materializing in each moment … in response to you.

When you exist as sacred love, kindness and respect, from this profound place of peace that can’t be measured or described, only deeply and purely felt…. when you’ve worked through resistance, worked through separation, worked through and released all that is not pure and true…. The moment that something in your world does not come from these places too, it’s loud, blatant, intolerable and you choose not to have this is your world anymore. Because you don’t have to. That was the way of the old.

When you awaken, your heart is wide open, your body is happy, your soul is at peace, your eyes are full of wonder, you feel inspiration in every breath and you take great care in everything that you hear/see/feel/allow/do.

When you work, you work because you desire for all to hold and experience this brilliant magic in every moment too. For all to fully remember….

There is a kindness, a purity, a respect in your BEing….. you identify vibrational aspects as they present to decide the role they will play in your immediate world (or not). You see the capacity for love, you also see any human’ness (separation) left, and where others hearts-minds are/are not fully open yet and YOU have to decide how much you want to expose yourself to having to experience old programmed realities still…… for all is TOTALLY A CHOICE NOW.

Your new existence doesn’t include what it used to anymore…. for your existence is a choice, one that you determine, through the vibrations that you hold and transmit out……

Profound peace, profound bliss, profound purpose….

You see the different realities available, you also see what it takes to create intentionally, to experience the magical dream forgotten and you see where all are/not ready to fully experience this yet. You see where many still have stories, excuses and want to continue to blame others, not ready to step into their power because of fear of responsibility, due to ancient existences and human one’s that held distortions, had outcomes that were not awesome, where they still hold onto these stories as an excuse not to step into their own power as a sovereign being…..

For the human aspect it appears easier to stay in “safe” realities, unconscious, for they fear change and “loss” in their own realities…. loss of control, loss of things, loss of attachments, loss of the stories that they still identify with and use as a focal point for their unresolved emotions and beliefs…..

Humans don’t realize that they have been left behind, that the old realities don’t exist anymore, except within them…. they do not understand yet, that their entire physical reality is REFLECTIVE and plays a play that they hold the keys to. They do not understand that every experience is created from their DNA (unconscious and conscious), every other physical thing ENERGY & MATTER that has taken physical form FOR THEM….. so that they can finally see…. when their pure heart finally opens fully………….

As Higher Self BEings, as Light BEings, As Whole Divine Souls…. emotions and fixed beliefs don’t run your reality anymore….

Emotions don’t have the polarity, thoughts don’t blame or hold anyone victim, measure or hold anyone to old unconscious mentality realities anymore…. There is balance, there is peace, there is this amazing kindness that radiates out…. even when you have to stand in your power with a human projecting their unconsciousness out. You ARE respect, you ARE kind, you ARE a BEing that holds the ability to collapse the old by being PURE……

As we go higher, each will be challenged to see WHERE THEY FUNCTION FROM…. whether it is separation (fear/lack/blame/judgment) or unity (love, peace, kindness, integrity, honor, respect). Our NEW Earth Existence is the opposite of the old earth…… instead of shutting down/protecting/surviving, we are wide open/powerful through sacred love, because our CONNECTION AS SOURCE can’t be severed by the separation of others anymore….

Where sacred is missing, realities are chaotic, spin out of control, are emotionally fueled and there is lack of something involved. There is a dividing line that exists between UNIVERSES…. that line is what is acceptable and what is not. Separation is no longer acceptable and each is held accountable and responsible for their own actions, their own projections, their own consciousness and the realities they experience in every moment. Not one BEING doesn’t have the capability to embody their own higher selves/soul….. Yet some are not yet choosing this….

There is a huge difference between ability and choosing, capability and capacity…. and when you can observe another’s actions, you can see what they are projecting and if it’s not pure divine essence love, this is blatantly visible………… Then you have a choice as what to allow….. for every choice, every action emits a frequency that creates a reality to occur…………..

As SOULS, we see the many facets of a BEing, we observe them oscillating between aspects, human or higher self to act out/play out whatever vibrations they still hold…. WE decide what to do with this, for in these higher vibrations, we don’t have to tolerate it or allow it in our physical reality world…. We see the different UNIVERSES that exist simultaneously, we see the ones deconstructing, collapsing and dismantling to awaken those who’s hearts are not yet open fully, and we understand WHY they are experiencing what they are…. we also see NEW EARTH REALITIES and this is where we LIVE, coming together, creating intentionally, contributing fully, making a difference through LOVE, HOLDING THE GRIDWORK OF NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH in place. We do not compromise, as this affects all of us…..

As each comes to EXIST FULLY on NEW EARTH, you will have to REQUIRE others to step-up, like you know they can, IF THEY DESIRE the amazing, magical and infinite everything that already exists…… For the human aspects that are unconscious don’t understand yet…. and as a Crystal Grid Keeper, it’s up to you… to choose…. for everything you allow affects your reality world/dimension/universe too………..

The higher we go vibrationally, the more chaotic it’s going to get, the more the human is going to act out/panic because their realities as they once knew them have gone into full collapse. Human aspects do not understand Quantum Timeline Collapses, do not understand that the timeline they live in isn’t the only one, they do not understand that nothing out there is to blame anymore…. and they are stuck in a story….. They also don’t understand vibrations or energy, for they believe what their eyes see or their ears hear or the discomfort feelings that they’ve suppressed, and they don’t know how to listen/see yet……

You DO hold these gifts, as PORTALS to NEW Earth, as Cosmic BEings that already live on/see/experience/understand NEW EARTH and HOW all works…… You DO hold the capability, the capacity to transform all back into sacred love and respect again. YOU hold the capability to hold the gridwork in place and not waver, not go back, not lower your vibration/go unconscious when others do…….

Crystal(line) Grid Keepers have DUTIES that others don’t yet understand. WE ARE NEW EARTH and we hold the NEW REALITIES IN PLACE….. we don’t get the option of going unconscious anymore…. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, every one of us for everything….. and this is what the human aspect fears…. the RESPONSIBILITY for holding this much POWER, because they still have unresolved/uncleared vibrations that hold illusory/holographic memories/imprints of our LeMUrian/Atlantean/Galactic timelines where greed, deceit, manipulation, mis-use of power destroyed our civilizations, not realizing those timelines have collapsed as well…. They now only exist vibrationally in each’s physical body cells… and this is what is being cleansed & purified….. for NEW Earth is all of our existences merged into one, the power of each, the gifts of each, the abilities of each…. PURE…. no longer tainted, no longer corrupt, no longer a threat…..

Human aspects can’t live NEW EARTH REALITIES YET because they still believe those other realities still exist…. they still carry on the story, they still are victim to a vibration/energy held in their bodies and distorted images of realities that their projector transmits out through their own lenses onto their own huge big screen where particles take form so that they can SEE physical representations of their own programming. They look at the outside world, the corruption, the suppression and they don’t yet realize that responsibility is now on them. That their actions, their beliefs, their mentalities support an existence….. and for every breath the are creating realities to experience in every moment here…..

Human carbon based bodies held the separation and density of the old earth in place. As each’s soul awakens, their heart opens a little (or a lot which can be quite dramatic and shake worlds), this Photonic LIGHT ENERGY runs through the body and starts to trigger/activate every fear, every unresolved emotion suppressed, every pain… as the LIGHTBODY ACTIVATES THE PHYSICAL BODY TO AWAKEN/WAKE UP….. It was dormant, it was asleep…. numbness, tingling, pain can be felt in every nerve, body part as latent/dormant codes are activated for everything to change. There was no space between cells, there was density…. and the more light we hold, the more space inside. The physical body goes through a rigorous transformation/overhaul/re-configuration process that challenges/blows the human’s mind…. for the human doesn’t realize what is happening, that they are evolving into HYBRIDS….. the things they feared before…. they become….. and it’s not a thing of fear, for that was of the old belief system too.

Human’s were meant to fear, it was all a part of the design, the agreement that we all made/decided before incarnating here. Human’s were meant to be suppressed, limited and lied to… it’s called the HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT… and no, to the human, it doesn’t make any sense…. It’s a cruel sick joke when we start to awaken….. yet then, we move beyond that, to truly see, that was a part of it too….. EVERYTHING IS TO BE TRANSCENDED from within……….. for each AGREED TO THIS/CHOSE IT…. as a SOUL/Galactic Star Light BEing that incarnated/walk-in to physical form here.

Each has ASCENDED ASPECTS, that at first “float around outside/up there”…. each must first awaken to higher self/higher power existence to learn to open up/listen/take direction. Each time raises the vibration of the physical body (and triggers a release of the old) so that the higher selves can “move in”/emerge from within. Each starts to walk as a Higher Self, with a connection to/as SOURCE and power returns again. So does responsibility for everything you DO and create…. for this is no longer only about you, as an individual, this is about all of HUman-KIND…. this is about all of us…. and everything you DO/Breathe… this affects everyone…. so whether you realize it or not, you are always affecting others, but mostly yourself….. for yes, there are entire collectives for everything…. the only difference is that those who exist on NEW EARTH are not affected by the unconscious anymore. We left, went on…… Now, you live on an old earth in your mind or our NEW EARTH in your heart/soul…. Where YOU function from dictates the physical reality/dimensional reality you actually physically experience.

You embrace your ASCENDED ASPECTS and you challenge yourself, you-step up and you leave the old behind……

YOU, every one of us…. have to choose, in every moment…. your physical reality…. the one you transmit…. every bit of what you experience is now all on you. You can raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, open your heart and shift… you can shift dimensions and timelines from within you or you can keep playing in the old ones until they collapse. NOW, collapse is faster and bigger, more substantial….

Humans are fighting and in chaos, because it’s time for their SOULS to awaken fully. WE live in peace as Fully Conscious Embodied Souls.

The reality WE experience is the one that WE believe, dictate, allow vibrationally….

Amplification of REFLECTIVE REALITIES, amplification of distortions, amplification of consciousness/unconsciousness, amplification of whatever one is transmitting continually……

Until December 2015, we all worked to achieve a light quotient for Earth to Ascend. Earth Ascended. Now it re-shapes/re-structures vibrationally continually. Ascended Earth shifted dimensionally into Galactic Frequencies and every BEING is now experiencing these mega-high frequencies/upgrades/re-calibrations on a daily basis, activating inside their bodies, tuning continually. The gridwork for all unconscious realities dissolved/collapsed, which is why there is such chaos. A dismantling/de-construction of the old, transformation and re-construction of the NEW, according to SOUL SUPER- CONSCIOUSNESS….

WE all, as Crystal Grid Keepers and the Ascended Light BEings of NEW Earth, are the anchor points for HEAVEN ON EARTH and our Galactic Civilizations materializing now. WE create the foundations, we hold them in place. Together, we unity, we connect, we share, we support, we create, we anchor, we HOLD it all in place. This is not taken lightly. This is a great RESPONSIBILITY that all have now. How much each is FULFILLING is dependent on the evolution of their own PHYSICAL CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY FORM now.

Your form is being upgraded, huge….. for you… as you evolve in pure light. The crystals in your bodies activating as you HOLD HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in every facet of your reality now. We’ve past the point of “no return”. You do not get to go unconscious anymore. This will yield more dramatic experiences every time you try. We are in the vibrations of intolerance…. which is of the human’s need to control, hold on, keep re-creating the old to try to subject everyone else to…. We left those realities…. they are not supported in any way anymore……

NEW Earth’s vibrations do not allow anything of the old to exist. All unconscious programs will surface to be purified, detoxed and cleansed from your physical body vessel now….. all constantly re-aligns/re-configures to the highest vibration of your PURE YOU, your SOUL encodements…. which now EMBED IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY STRUCTURE, your muscles, spine, bones, teeth, organs, brain, flesh, skin…. every particle of you will be pure again. As will the earth… and it’s re-aligning everything to accomplish this for all now.Β β™₯

With the utmost sacred respect and love. Get ready. You/WE ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always going to be more powerful, more substantial, more awesome, more mind-blowing, more everything…. we don’t do small anything here. ∞ Nothing is in the future. All is NOW, for vibrationally all has already occurred. We continually physically move into these higher vibrational realities which consistently and substantially increase in every moment for all to return to REMEMBERED EXISTENCES here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Crystal Grid Keeper & Guardian of NEW Earth, Ascended Master, Author, Speaker, Teacher/Coach/Guide & Re-educator according to Higher Existence Evolution & Multi-Dimensional Mastery

Exquisite photo/artwork by beloved Light, Ellen Vaman.

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