Drawn Inwards Again – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Deep Contemplation by Gung Gus @ Novica


Drawn Inwards Again

Iโ€™m quite drawn to cocooning these days.

My thanks to various friends whoโ€™ve allowed me to withdraw from organizational connections right now and just go inward.

Itโ€™s confronting to me to go inwards because I may lose touch with the baseline of events Iโ€™ve agreed with myself to stay in touch with. My writing will change, I lament. You may not like it.

But there is no resisting the inward pull. I make a mess of things when I do resist it.

The thread in everything Iโ€™m doing now is the maintenance of self-awareness. Thatโ€™s the ante in this pot, the stake in this game. And the reach of my awareness just keeps going deeper and deeper, while at the same time I maintain a normal life. Thatโ€™s a balancing act.

On some occasions, Iโ€™m pushing through to something. On other occasions, Iโ€™m maintaining neutral but unbroken awareness of it. And so on.

Strategies to reduce my mechanicalness and deepen my experiencing vary. But through it all I maintain conscious awareness of myself โ€“ my thoughts, my feelings, my behavior.

A lot of things are coming together. Informationally, several scenarios are beginning to make sense to me and Iโ€™m able to construct a reasonable narrative of events (the Historian in me).

Emotionally Iโ€™m beginning to feel comfortable defending my boundaries if Iโ€™m pressed or opening in transparency if Iโ€™m invited.

At deeper levels of consciousness than that, I feel an intuitive comfortableness with myself, a sense that I do indeed go deep (as we all do) and that in time all will unfold. Then or now, the task remains the same: To serve the Motherโ€™s Plan. Weโ€™ll just feel a little more confidence and competence in playing our roles.

For me that task is building Nova Earth โ€“ Ending hunger on the planet, drought, homelessness, disease, infirmity, and every other unworkable condition.

And somehow I sense that thereโ€™s a connection between the work I do plunging into myself with my awareness, into my center, into my heart and ending unworkability in the world. You may see the connection right away. But I donโ€™t see it yet. I only believe and intuit that there is.



ART : Deep Contemplation by Gung Gus @ Novica

Drawn Inwards Again

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