We Can Lever the Earth – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Earth Sculpture by Debra Bernier


We Can Lever the Earth


This article was written before “Lifelong Commitment” and is not in chronological sequence. The same applies to some – not all – of the next few articles. Things are just happening too fast.

In fact, taking a stand and making a commitment put an end to the “disorientation” discussed here.

As we contemplate or assume roles that have global sweep and implications, we may find ourselves nearly swimming with the disorientation that results.

Much of that disorientation will result from vasanas (or core issues) going off triggered by the new responsibilities, new surroundings, new friends, unknown protocols, mistakes we make, etc.

Some of them could be ancient, ancient vasanas connected to the simplest of mistakes. Take losing something. The earliest memory I have of being hit was because I lost something.

So when I lose something now, I’m more rigid than most people. I doggedly go about finding it so I won’t have to report that I lost it and get hit. My reactive behavior pattern is conditioned. It arises out of the vasana.

When our attention is off ourselves, off our feelings, off our thoughts because we’re onstage in a public way, that’s a good time for vasanas to go off.  They arise undetected if our attention is occupied elsewhere, especially on important business.

And we’ll have to manage them now without the leeway we once had.  Without the time. Without the support. On the fly, so to speak. The more portable I can make my life, the better; the simpler, easier, and less complicated – all better – to leave me room for always-needed “personal work.”

Much more will be expected of us. We’ll have to, as Paul said, put aside childish things – or what we do won’t wash.

I’m to continue writing, even while shepherding several projects. According to the Boss, that doesn’t change. And it’s my passion anyways.

For most of us, things will now hinge on how well we work with our vasanas – and our conditioned behavior fashioned out of them. Now a lot rides on how well we perform while reactivated. A great deal. I would say: Critical. (And, believe me, I’d be lucky if I got passing grades here. But it doesn’t change anything.)

The Arcturians through Sue Lie said to me that we’ll need to be masters of every thought and feeling. Another way of putting that is that we’ll have to be bigger than our thoughts and feelings and that takes a lot of clearing.

If we haven’t dropped our masks by now, the constructed self, or the performance that we try to be, things may become chaotic. We’re not meant to bring our masks with us. They were a feature of life in 3D and have no place in 5D, Everyone there is telepathic anyways. There’s no hiding in 5D.

The Illuminati were totally constructed selves. Moreover, the majority of people on the planet seem to be still busy chasing the look, doing the walk, having a  clever retort, etc.

But not us. We’re the mirror opposite. We’re pulling out of that whole way of being as one would pull a sweater over one’s head.

We’ve shed the constructed the self. We’ve dropped the slick lines learned from movies or RAP songs. We’ve let go of the comebacks and putdowns and all the other carefully-staged performances. We’ve dropped them altogether. We’ve stopped. We’re after bigger outcomes.

We speak a neutral language (Perro) when we need to. When it’s appropriate, we speak from the heart (Saedor). Either way, we deal only in the truth, spoken with love.

That’s a high bar, but we’re standing on the right spot here. If we just pull together, we can lever the Earth.



ART : Earth Sculpture by Debra Bernier

We Can Lever the Earth

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