Multi-Dimensional Existence: From Invisible to Visible Evolution: Inside First – Then Outside – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Multi-Dimensional Existence: From Invisible to Visible Evolution: Inside First – Then Outside

Today the energies are “quiet”, very busy, softly working on a cellular level… no blasting, no huge anything…. just there… some may notice deep cellular cleansings occurring, others may notice other things. These act as a reprieve “between” the huge upgrades/re-calibration cycles we’ve been going through. Some may find it’s time to breathe, while others experience something completely different (which is how multi-dimensionality works). Everyone in a different dimension, experiencing completely different realities now.

These are working through the galactic star being/crystalline lightbody structure.

The words this morning were “re-gridding”…..

There have been no “breaks” for awhile, as we’ve been upgrading/anchoring/integrating at the highest pace ever and this shall continue to increase substantially as we go. Yet there are moments, sometimes a couple of days when we are preparing for a HUGE SUPER QUANTUM TIMELINE JUMP where things “settle down”…. this could be one of those phases… We will know as we go.

So, as we prepare to move into the next phase, prepare for the next huge jump, prepare for the next vibrational reality to materialize…. pay attention, observe your focus, observe what distractions you allow/participate in (virtual or immediate physical reality/with your thought/emotional energy), what it takes to get your attention/get your heart open/get you motivated…. you’ll start to realize what you “require” in your own reality and you’ll start to see how to RE-TRAIN physical realities all-together and create the ones you DO DESIRE vibrationally to receive/experience now.

This is all about “where you function from”……… Which dimensional aspect of you in most prominant all of the time? Which aspects do you hold within you AS A WAY OF BEING all of the time? Which aspects make your decisions, which ones dictate your reality, your vibrations…. which aspects do you EMBODY and HOLD THE VIBRATION OF …. do you HOLD the ABILITY to maneuver/oscillate between them simultaneously…. all of them… with balance, grace and ease?

Total presence with yourself, within your physical reality, total awareness and total command…..Each aspect of you serves a different purpose, holds different gifts/capabilities, has different “powers”, and exists in a different dimension, with it’s own realities. The more aspects you embody, the more realities you get to choose from, the more physical realities you get to experience here. For awhile it will be confusing, for you activate/birth these aspects, to “learn” (remember) how to BE this aspect fully, in your every moment. Each aspect that you BECOME FULLY provides you this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G opportUNITY to actually EXPERIENCE that physical reality here. First holographically/virtually, for your mind has to S-T-R-E-T-C-H and your physical body DNA/Genetic Coding/Template must re-calibrate/reconfigure to this NEW CONSCIOUSNESS. Much is changing FOR YOU as you intentionally hold these higher states of consciousness more. As you embrace this “new way of BEing and existing” OVER your old limited/contracted/fix mentality human one.

Each aspect of you has a different purposes, different talents/skills, different capabilities, different “abundances”…. YOUR JOB is to UNIFY to all of these, continually, ever evolving into higher consciousness states, so that your physical can re-align for you, continually too.

When you work/function/live/exist IN UNISON with ALL again, there is no separation in anything. The illusion of time ceases and the delays between dimensions completely collapse/unify for you too. This continual collapse/convergence/unification continues “faster now” and constantly now. In your sleep state and your waking one, the sleep state offers you many opportunities to do much, as does your waking one. How conscious/super conscious you are determines how you intentionally utilize these states.

As a non-linear being you can work linearly with great ease. As your crystalline structure becomes fully operational, streaming light through you, your Crystalline DNA/Particles offer a NEW ENHANCED way of BEing/Functioning now. Your entire existence changes. You become a SUPER Living Breathing Organic Living Bio-Organism with Crystals weaved through you that give you the capability to PROCESS, TRANSMIT, RECEIVE RE-CODE/DE-CODE, AND ACCESS to INTELLIGENCE beyond what your human had the ability to understand. Your ability for all to BE SIMULTANEOUS comes through your CONTINUALLY EVOLVING PHYSICAL BODY FORM.

Your Entire physical make up, both your body and physical world, goes through a complete overhaul process. Deconstruction/Dissolution of the old (unconscious), Re-Calibration/Re-Configuration/Upgrades and Re-Construction with a whole new foundation, Re-Building everything according to HIGHER LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS from within.

This OVERHAUL takes “separation of time”, for it’s a huge process and there was much unconsciousness/density in every way. You awaken to new dimensions, new experiences, new remembrances, as your soul/higher selves/spirit awakens from within you. As you “practice continually” how to not forget/go unconscious again, your body starts to hold the vibrations of your new existence and you start to WALK IN THESE OTHER DIMENSIONS easier. First, everything is off-balance, foggy/groggy/fuzzy, confusing and you’ll question which reality is which. There will be little difference in the open-eyed/sleep state at times. Eventually “they flip & merge”, which is a continual process as well. As you EMERGE on NEW Earth, you anchor your HIGHER SELVES inside and all around you starts to MATCH THESE FREQUENCIES….

The floating will eventually balance out, as you acclimate to these higher frequencies. YOUR NEW EARTH will be “more real” more often, as you EMBODY ALL OF THESE DIFFERENT ASPECTS INSIDE OF YOU………. in everything you BREATHE and DO. Your new way of BEing is peaceful, beautiful, magnificent, magical, amazing, brilliant, full of joy, appreciation, gratitude and deep SACRED RESPECT.

Your NEW EXISTENCE is one you “forgot” as you walked as an unconscious human in an old matrix of fixed limitations that you once believed, participated in, supported, kept going with your own energy, until you were ready to leave it all behind and move on

To your human, this will be wondrous…. to your SOUL, you already know all of this, it’s easy and heart-expanding beyond. You find that you have absolutely NO DESIRE for the old anymore…. and it’s very easy to let anything unconscious go/dissolved….. so that the next amazing reality can materialize in your physical reality now. You realize that you just keep anchoring/holding light, keep upping your vibration, sleeping to integrate, keep BEING-DOING IN-SERVICE fully and it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo easy!

You see how your human resistance kept you from IN-JOYING BLISS, MAGIC, ABUNDANCE AND RAINBOWS all of the time. You finally get it! Wow…… and it’s sooooooooooooo simple.

Human complicated it all… convinced itself this was hard, fought the process, tried to control, needed to know first, held on to separation, identities, beliefs … out of fear of the unknown because it was not VISIBLE yet. Visibility is through MASSIVE CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANSION and holding that all of the time. Visibility is energetic at first, then it materializes. The ability to SEE HOLOGRAPHICALLY comes through going within, through opening your heart fully, through the activation of your multi-faceted diamond Pineal Gland and all of those crystals in your body (Christed Consciousness/God Consciousness/Galactic Consciousness/Soul Consciousness)….

First you must REMEMBER HOW TO (Lucid) DREAM……….. first you must sleep, relax, chill out, get out in nature, slow down, drift, imagine, desire, aspire and expect awesome… Then you must dedicate/commit/make it happen/do what it takes…. Then you can do these simultaneously too…. It becomes a natural process without “thinking”…….. It’s “just the way it is”. Magical and awesome all of the time.

This is not the “fluffy” way … for it takes alot of “work” on our part to bust through/obliterate those old programs. Sometimes “work” is just BEing and doing nothing but expanding and staying expanded until we can move around and function from that expanded space. Mastering BEing & DOing is an art in itself… a continual one, as we are always moving into higher vibrations, so we continually have to re-calibrate to BE/DO more…… it’s a part of our Evolution as THE NEW EARTH HUMAN…. a hybrid, part human flesh/form, part crystals, part star particles, part Atlantean/LeMUrian/Galactic, part Holy/Sacred, part Angels/Elohim/Arch Angels, part God, Goddess, Christed, and sooooooooooooooo very much more. Each part has it’s own DNA/Genetic Encodements and this is what goes on inside your body on a continual basic…. BECOMING more of your true you, many exquisite PURE ASPECTS merging in your physical body form.

Your human fights this process, tries to control it, “thinks” there is something wrong/to fix. It doesn’t yet understand the process fully that is occurring, it cannot accept this is mega-important and must occur to bring everyone into an EVOLVED EXISTENCE. Your Higher Self/Soul will embrace, honor, assist, support, allow…. it does already know/understand. Which experience you have will be dependent on which version you are functioning as IN EVERY MOMENT.

Get ready loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a whole lot of awesomeness to BE/DO/Share. Honor your process and you. Observe and decide how it is you desire to experience everything now. ♥

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Guardian of NEW Earth & Re-Educator through Higher Consciousness Existence NOW

The Lightworkers Pledge – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Shelly Penko


The Lightworkers Pledge

Sacred 333Folks, what follows is a Pledge that lightworkers can take privately and by choice, that can be used to set a context for their financial wayshowing.

Taking it is meant to support those people who might feel confused about what to do after the Reval or may need a vision to keep them focused (I know I do).

I’ve said on occasion that taking a stand and committing ourselves galvanizes the will and organizes the space. This Pledge offers folks a chance to take a stand, activate the will, and accelerate action.

There’s no record of it. “Signing it” is strictly a private matter. No one is watching you to see that you keep your word.

The document was vetted by 30 lightworkers, whose changes were in most cases incorporated. Thanks to you all.

The Lightworkers Pledge

by Lars Fjällbäck with Steve Beckow and Micki Mercurio.

The Lightworkers Congress

The Lightworkers Congress (LC) is in the process of formation. It will work to combine lightworker resources to enable addressing global problems such as hunger, homelessness, sanitation, disease, etc.

It encourages lightworkers of the world to work as a team, committed to the Divine Plan of Earth’s restoration and Ascension.

It asks lightworkers to focus on helping Mother Gaia and all her inhabitants turn this planet into a Fifth-Dimensional paradise, a world that works for everyone.

The LC will open a few months after the Reval and be announced on the Golden Age of Gaia blogsite (

Please do not write me with questions, if you’d be so kind, but wait for the organization to be set up and announced.

The LC will be birthed by the Michaelangelo Fund and then released as an independent entity. The purpose of the Michaelangelo Fund is to start projects such as this and then release them to independence.

The Michaelangelo Fund will pay all operating costs of the LC so that 100% of all donations can go directly to their end purpose.

The Pledge

We lightworker stewards and financial wayshowers:

1. Pledge to remember that these funds have come from and belong to the Divine Mother, whose stewards we are and to whom we’re grateful; i.e., the money comes through us but not from us.

2.  Pledge to take care of ourselves and our loved ones first so as to permanently lift us out of need and fear of lack and place our service to Gaia on a firm and stable financial foundation.

3.   Pledge to save enough for taxes and contingencies and, after that, at our discretion, to use a part of our funds which we consider “disposable income” to help transform our competitive world into a world that works for everyone (including Gaia).

4.  Pledge to think and act as conduits for this and any future prosperity that flows through us rather than acting as owners of wealth that we hoard.

5.  Pledge to use these funds to uplift, build and strengthen others; never to diminish them or cause intentional harm.

6.  Pledge to guard against ostentatious display, bragging, one-upmanship, etc.

7. Pledge to invest only in the new green economy and the development and dispersal of the galactic gifts of technology such as free-energy machines, anti-gravity devices, replicators, and new modalities of healing, teaching and expanding human consciousness, in preference to the old economy based on depletion of Gaia’s resources, the continuation of wars, and the exploitation of her people.

8. Pledge to listen to and collaborate with other lightworkers and the galactics in a conscious and spiritual manner, settling disputes amicably, and letting go of the demands of the ego for exposure and profile.

9. Pledge to sincerely and honestly reflect on and look into any allegation of us being in misalignment with the tenets of this pledge while sidestepping attempts to derail our efforts and attending to attempts to corrupt a project.

10. Pledge to proceed with the understanding that local people generally know best what their community needs; they usually have the most culturally-relevant and acceptable ideas regarding how to approach the problem in question and implement a solution once the financial wherewithal is available.

11. Pledge to remain committed to continuing our work until our originally-intended result has been achieved, unless altering course becomes necessary.



ART : Shelly Penko

The Lightworkers Pledge

We Are NOT Alone! – Suzanne Lie and Archangel Zadkiel @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie



We Are NOT Alone! by Suzanne Lie and Archangel Zadkiel


Hello, dear readers,
I am being faced with some life changes that are not really of my choice. I imagine that many of you are having that same experience. It is the NOW for us to look our life in the face and say,

“I AM ready to see the TRUTH, even if I do not like it.”
The other night I was falling asleep, as well as falling into depression, when suddenly my dear, beloved Archangel Zadkiel sweept me up in his magnificent wings and comforted me with unconditional love as I fell off to sleep.

I have felt his presence every since, that is when I am not too busy with my drama. This experience reminded me of my roots when I first learned about “The Seven Rays and OUR powers of creation.
Therefore, I retrieved the below information from my website and put this information together to remind me (and hopefully you) that:

There is a Spiritual Structure that is a “safety net” to use in this time of great change.


You will find that article on my website HERE  and you can download it HERE



Blessings to you ALL

The Seven Rays and OUR Power of Creation

Within the Source, all is One and there is no separation. Just as light divides into seven colors when it travels through a prism, the Source divides into Seven Rays when it travels through the prism of separation and down into the fourth, and then the third, dimensions. These Seven Rays represent the Seven Divine Qualities of the Source.

The First Ray, which continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Father and His Divine Will manifested into the quality of Power.

Therefore, The First Ray is the Quality of Power.

The Second Ray, which continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Mother and Her Form manifested in the quality of Wisdom.

Therefore, The Second Ray is the Quality of Wisdom.

The Third Ray, which separates out from the union of the First Ray/Divine Father and the Second Ray/Divine Mother, is the essence of the Divine Child and his or her Consciousness, manifested in the quality of Love.

Therefore, The Third Ray is the Quality of Love.

Just as the Third Ray separates out from the union of the first two rays, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, rays four through seven separate out from the Third Ray, the Divine Child.

Rays four through seven represent the qualities that the Child of Father/God and Mother/Goddess should possess in his or her manifested reality if he or she is ever to return to God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.

The Fourth Ray represents the quality of Purity, which will allow the Divine Child to ascend back into God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.

Therefore, The Fourth Ray is the Quality of Purity.

The Fifth Ray represents the quality of Truth, which will allow the Divine Child to heal him- or herself and to progress scientifically.

Therefore, The Fifth Ray is the Quality of Truth.

The Sixth Ray represents the quality of Invocation, which will allow the Divine Child to call upon God/Goddess/All That IS.

Therefore, The Sixth Ray is the Quality of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray represents the quality of Precipitation, which will allow the Divine Child to evolve into God or Goddess through precipitation, or manifestation, on the lower dimensions.

Therefore, The Seventh Ray is the Quality of Precipitation.

Each individual human Soul is an emissary of one of the Seven Rays,

and through many lifetimes, the qualities of that Ray are developed and

refined to contribute to the further evolution of humanity.

Each individual also possess portions of the other six rays as well.

These Seven Rays, which exist in Unity in the higher dimensions,

represent the seven natural divisions of all Source

as It expresses Itself in the fourth and third dimension.

The Seven Rays and their colors are:

The Ascended Masters are:

The Seven Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the

Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our actions

The First Three Rays

The first three rays to separate from the Heart of the One became the three evolutionary groups of our Universe. These three evolutionary groups serve the Heart of the One as:

The Keepers of Flame,

The Keepers of Form, and

The Keepers of Mind


The First Ray: The Keepers of Flame

When the Divine Father separated from the Heart of the One to become The First Ray, the evolutionary group of the Angelic Kingdom sprung forth. The Angels are closest to the Heart of the One of all the Kingdoms and serve to uphold the Divine Will and Power of the Source.

Therefore, they are the Keepers of Flame led by their Archangels who protect

The Flame of Divine Will, which is manifested as:

The Divine Quality of Power.


The Second Ray: The Keepers of Form

When the Divine Mother separated from the Heart of the One to become The Second Ray, the evolutionary group of the Devic Kingdom sprung forth. The elementals and devas, led by the Elohim, serve to uphold the Wisdom that can be gained through taking form in the lower dimensions.

Therefore, they are the Keepers of Form who protect the image of Divine Form

as it manifests on the third and fourth dimensions.


THE SECOND RAY: The Keepers of Mind

When the Divine Child separated from the Divine Father and Mother to become the Third Ray, the evolutionary group of the Human Kingdom sprung forth. Humanity, led by the Ascended Masters, serves to uphold Higher Consciousness and the quality of Love. Therefore, humanity is the Keeper of Mind and serves to ground higher consciousness, which stems from pure love, in the lower dimensions.

These “Keepers”

ARE the evolutionary groups of life in our cosmos, which, through mutual co-operation, are responsible for the fulfillment of the Source’s creation. Life exists independently in each of these life evolutions, but they work in unity towards their service to the Source.

The Angelic Kingdom

serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Flame

to uphold the virtue of Divine Will.

Even though the Angels work to uphold the masculine/Father aspect of Will, they use the feminine, Mother aspect of Love and Emotion to accomplish their service.

The Devic Kingdom

serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Form

to uphold the virtue of Divine Form.

Even though the Devas work to uphold the feminine, Mother aspect of Form, they use the masculine/Father aspect of Will and Thought to accomplish their service.

The Human Kingdom

serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Mind

to uphold the virtue of Divine Consciousness.

It is humanity’s challenge to combine emotions and thoughts to ground the Divine Qualities on the third dimension.

The Four Lower Rays are off-shoots of Third Ray.

These four lower rays are known as the Rays of Attribute, and they serve to further define the Seven Qualities of the Source:

The Fourth Ray represents the dispensation to humanity of the Divine Ideas of the first three rays.

The Fourth Ray is known as the Ascension Ray because the knowledge and workings of these Divine Ideas are the core of humanity’s ascension.

The Fifth Ray represents Divine Ideals connected with scientific discovery and medical research.

This Fifth Ray is known as the Ray of Truth and Healing.

The Sixth Ray represents Inspiration.

This Sixth Ray is known as the Ray of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray represents humanity’s quest to be creators in their own right.

This Seventh Ray is known as the Ray of Precipitation.


The Archangels’ association with the Seven Rays are:

Angels serve from the Emotional Plane to assist humans

to infuse Divine Will into human emotions.


Elohim association with the Seven Rays are:

The Devic Kingdom is ruled from the Mental Plane to infuse Divine Ideals into all physical manifestations.


The Ascended Masters are:

The Seven Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our actions.

Blessings on your Journey HOME

I, Zadkiel, will guide you. Just follow my Violet Light


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:08 AM