Buying the Field – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Buying the Field

Sacred 101I’m getting something at a deeper level than I have before and it’s as if a mystery is unravelling.

I used to think of enlightenment as going from something like love to bliss to ecstacy to exaltation to transcendence, where each of those was a separate and distinct state.

But recently I changed my mind. It’s now my hypothesis that the higher states of enlightenment result from us going, not from one distinct state to another higher one, but  deeper and deeper into our chosen divine quality.

In my case, I prefer bliss as the goal of my path. I guide myself to go deeper and deeper into bliss. What I would be aiming for is perfect bliss.

Another might be aiming for perfect truth; another, perfect love; perfect compassion; perfect charity; etc. All roads lead to Perfection.

Maybe it’s only me but this makes things very much simpler than before. Seeing things in this new way, all I have to do is surrender more and more to the experience of bliss.

Whatever one surrenders to – love, bliss, truth, etc. – it’s the complete surrender that’s constant and the complete surrender to the divine that’s instrumental.

To succeed in surrendering, Archangel Michael requested me to let go of worry, in my Sept. 23 reading with him.

Archangel Michael: What I suggest to you is you stop worrying about anything.  … What do you have to worry about? (1)

Nothing, really. I could afford to be happy and not worry; the cost of not doing so is the loss of bliss.

Turn over our worries to the Divine, in return for which we receive bliss. I don’t think things work quite as easily as that, but dropping our worries at least places us at the bus stop.

Then, once we taste our chosen quality, go deeper and deeper into it. Don’t stop until our experience of that state or quality is perfect.

A man found a treasure buried in a field. He hid the treasure, sold all he had, and bought the field.  For some that treasure is bliss; for others, love; for others, truth. Don’t stop until we’ve “bought the field.”


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23, 2016.


unknown artist

Buying the Field

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