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St. Germaine on the Longing for Liberation

October 15, 2016 by

I’d like to extend what St. Germaine said this past week on what sages call “the longing for liberation.”


He reminds us of what all this incarnating and dying is all about – the purpose of life for us.

“Your deepest, greatest, fullest purpose, inherent, individual and collective, is your journey back to the Mother/Father One.  Everything else is infill.” (1)

“When you truly acknowledge within your sacred self, that your mission and purpose – throughout time, throughout all space – is to return to the One, then everything else truly begins to fall into place.” (2)

What St. Germaine then said could be more or less considered a definition of the longing for liberation:

“Part of your existence, part of how you journey back to the One, is through this cycle of being in form – through this journey of life as you would consider it.  The desire, innate and conscious, to be in that alignment, to be on that expressway back to the heart of One, is within you.  It is part and parcel of who you are – what you can think of as not only your spiritual DNA, but your literal DNA.

“And, I want you to consider what I am saying.  Your literal, biological, elevated, transmuted, lightbody, lightworker, loveholder self, is embedded with this desire to align, to connect, to journey back to the love.  When you acknowledge, connect, anchor, implement and begin to live that desire, then you are truly on your way.” (3) [My emphasis]

Shankara’s definition of it stresses freedom from ignorance, rather than reunion with the One. No difference. All roads lead to Rome. Shankara defines it thus:

“[The] longing for liberation is the will to be free from the fetters forged by ignorance — beginning with the ego-sense and so on, down to the physical body itself — through the realization of one’s true nature.” (4) [My emphasis]

If we want to consult the galactics on the subject, here’s the Arcturian Group, showing agreement among ascended masters, terrestrial sages and galactic masters:

“Every soul is seeking to find and remember Itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is. When an individual incarnates into third-dimensional energy, he comes with a plan for whatever experiences are necessary for his evolutionary process.

“Once in the denser energy of the third dimension he forgets this, but retains that deep yearning for completeness.”  (5) [My emphasis]

The Arcturians confirm that we try to fill this yawning chasm with all manner of physical things and experiences and it doesn’t work.

“Not understanding that what he is feeling is spiritual, he begins to seek outwardly for whatever he believes will bring him happiness according to his attained state of consciousness. …

“Every individual is seeking to experience their innate wholeness, but not yet aware that it lies within, they turn every which way in the outer until in some lifetime at some point they give up and start looking within to where it is.” (6)

Buying cars, houses, yachts, trips, and so on satisfies the yearning for a brief time and then it no longer does because only God can satisfy us permanently and fully.

But coming back to St. Germaine, he places himself in a position that appears contrary to most spiritual teachers. Embrace desire? No, say the sages. Yes, says St. Germaine.  “Embrace your desires as if they were the most precious gold that you could imagine,” he says. “Why they might even be amethyst!” Excuse me? What?

St. Germaine is always playful and often does things to prick egos, explode pet theories, and tempt the resistant to come play. When he incarnated as the Comte de St. Germaine at the Sun King’s court, he left large diamonds on the place cards of his party guests, which was one way he tried to get their attention. Walking through walls, one reign later, was another.

Here he’s exploding the myth that desire itself is counterproductive.

No, not all desires are counterproductive, he intimates. In my words rather than his, we need to make a definite choice between what desires we’ll pursue and what we won’t.  As Ammachi said: “Desire is of different kinds. There is no harm in the desire to know God.” (7)

Krishna said the same thing: “I am all that a man may desire without transgressing the law of his nature.” (8)

So we can desire God without harm and that’s where St. Germaine is going with his discussion.

We both agreed that the desire for the Divine is a good thing. God and the divine (divine qualities, the Divine Plan, love, which God is, etc.) can be desired without any negative or karmic consequences.  Nothing else can.

In fact, it isn’t the possession of the object or enjoying of the experience that satisfies, but the cessation of desire upon possessing it. In that quiet space, too, the desire for God can arise.

My recent experience of “being alone with myself” allowed the space for the longing for liberation to arise and be felt. At those times, I gravitate towards my meditation cushion.

I don’t respond to it by going out and buying a new car or a new coat. Instead, I go as deeply into myself as I can. That’s the heart of my cocooning and the heart of my yearning.

After a while, the desire for possessions and experiences falls away. After the Reval I’ll purchase a 2007 Volvo stationwagon (I like the shape) and a new home and that’s about it.  There isn’t anything I want more than I want enlightenment; i.e., more than God.

It isn’t often that a master comes and initiates a discussion about something like the longing for liberation. Usually it’s assumed; sometimes obliquely referred to; but seldom explicitly stated.

But St. Germaine is always the explorer, innovator, and bringer of new ideas.


(1) From St. Germaine, “Embrace Your Desires,” An Hour with an Angel, Oct. 6, 2016.

(2) Loc. cit. I said on the program:

“If the listeners would like to hear more of the discussion of this desire to return to the Father/Mother which is deeper than our spiritual DNA, as you pointed out, it is a soul-implanted desire, then go to the Wiki, the First Contact, well, any of the Wikis, and enter ‘longing for liberation’ (in quotation marks) into the search box.

“The fact that we have this homing beacon implanted in us and that, in trying to fill it with houses and yachts and trips and various other experiences and possessions, we always fall short.  None of these ever satisfies because that desire is, in fact, for the divine. So, that discussion, if the listeners want to pursue it further and see what the various traditions have said about it, is there.”

More sources on the longing for liberation include: “Ch. 7 The Longing for Liberation” at; “The Longing for Liberation” at; “The Purpose of Life for God and Us – Part 1” at; and “An Integrated, Direct and Unitive Spirituality – Part 2/7” in

(3)Loc. cit.

(4) Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher lsherwood, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1975; c1947, 36.

(5) “The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffele,” March 20, 2016, at

(6) Loc. cit.

(7) Mata Amritanandamayi, Awaken, Children! Vallicakavu, India: Mata Amritanandamayi Mission Trust, I, 27.

(8) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 71.)


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St. Germaine on the Longing for Liberation

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