The Question of Divine Deadlines – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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The Question of Divine Deadlines – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1.)

I’d like to introduce two further concepts: (A) that divine deadlines happen in the Mother’s time, not in our time and (B) that the Mother, who is the Source of the deadline, also has the power to change it.

The Mother’s time is one of those subjects that I think the Company of Heaven (CoH) is postponing discussing with us because it’s hard for us to understand. (1)

Archangel Michael told me:

“There are divine deadlines. But you have a tendency to think of deadlines as lines in the sand. The Mother does not always see deadlines in the same way.

“For example, we have had a couple of deadlines that have come and gone because of the desire to allow the human free-will collective to get where they wish to go.

“Now, the cabal is not black or white. It is very gray. And might I suggest to you that the gray is fading daily. That is how deadlines are met. And by the time they are reached, there is no darkness.” (2)

The way a divine deadline works (in the Mother’s time) in the case of the cabal is that the CoH – celestials, galactic and terrestrial ascended masters, and everyone else – works on them until the black of their thoughts, emotions, and conduct becomes gray and the gray disappears – by the divinely-ordained deadline – or not.

Notice that he’s talking about both the outer power of the dark and the inner state of the dark. Usually we don’t – and can’t – comment on the inner state of the dark. Only the celestials and masters can. And so we don’t really take it into consideration – not very deeply. That’s one reason why we turn to channeled messages.

The celestials see right through us and into our cells, particles and light, back to the beginning and forward to the future.


So not only their view of what’s transpiring but their discussions of what they’re doing about it are very much different than ours and can be hard to fathom. Or impossible without further explanation.

We met a similar situation when Sue Lie’s Arcturians told us that all the major events – the Reval, Ascension, etc. – did not depend on calendar timing, but on collective vibration. (And yes, we’ve made the vibrational shift for the Reval.)

But it took some adjustment for us (OK, for me) to accept that factual statement. Notice how gently our mentors break the new truths to us so that we don’t go into tilt.

So divine deadlines don’t proceed according to terrestrial time but according to the Mother’s time. And the Mother’s time follows internal events such as a rise in vibration, light, love, or consciousness (they’re all the same).

Now before some folks ask, “Are you saying that we have to wait years more for the cabal to come around?” no, I’m not. That’s what divine deadlines are there for: To prevent events from going on forever.

I think we can afford to rest assured that everything is going according to (the Mother’s) schedule.

Thus the end to the power of darkness and the deadline were reached simultaneously. When supervised by the celestials, that’s the way divine deadlines work, AAM tells us. They don’t follow the Gregorian Calendar.

When they don’t happen along calendar lines, we feel irritated. But the CoH has never been working along those lines.

To figure out what needs to be taken into consideration would, apparently, take a bigger brain and computer than we have, as Ashtar once suggested to me:

“You do not understand the number of variables. And I do not say that in a dismissive way. It is simply that you do not have the technology or the wherewithal as yet to deal with the number of variables [that] the intervention [in question] might result in.” (3)

We could never, on our own, have mounted as massive an operation against the plans of the cabal as the CoH has mounted, all of it planned to conclude on the divine deadline and driven by the Divine to that conclusion once that deadline approaches.

Freewill ends where a divine deadline intervenes. Or where a terror event, such as the government-planned 9/11, goes against the wishes of a higher-dimensional being (in that case, Gaia).


The second point was that the Mother, who is the Source of the deadline, also has the power to amend it.

Evidence on this matter is scarce.

Keeping in mind that Ag-Agria has told us that it was the Father/Mother God who decreed the Divine Plan, in one of the few passages on the subject I’ve found, Sri Ramakrishna tells us: “He who has made the law can also change it.” (4)

The Mother decreed that the deadline for Ascension be 2012 and later amended it. She allowed the deadline to pass to permit the human collective to expand the reach of Ascension, apparently at its own request.

She demonstrated to us the truth of what Sri Ramakrishna said: That the Father/Mother One has the power to make and change the law.

We’re in the stage of the outworking of the Divine Plan for Gaia where all the plots of the dark ones fail, nothing works for them, and their gold turns to sand. (5) If this were a Superman movie, I’d see it all clearly happening on the screen. But this is happening in real life. Banks are failing, corruption is being exposed, and all that was hidden is being revealed, thanks to Wikileaks, Edward Snowden et al.

We can sit back and watch events of more than historic importance happen before our eyes. The cabal falls, peace follows, and the galactics arrive. All of them are beyond monumental gains for humanity.

The divine deadline approaches for the dark ones to choose whether to go with the Light or depart to the only world they’ve known.

From that deadline on, I think, peace will reign on Earth.


(1) I was outside of time, for the eight seconds of my vision experience on Feb. 13, 1987.  I didn’t notice I was till I emerged and saw that my car had not moved an inch. Was the torrent of bliss I felt traceable to being outside of time? I have no idea. Only someone like a celestial or an ascended master could explain such an event to us after we pass through it.

(2) Archangel Michael: What Would Love Do?” at

(3) “Ashtar: Acknowledgement of Our Presence Need not Take Months … Only Minutes,” Aug. 14, 2012, at

(4) Paramahansa Ramakrishna in Nikhilananda, Swami, trans. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. New York: Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, 1978; c1942, 817.

(5) There was an alternative-press news story many years ago that the wife of a sitting President went to a middle-eastern oil country to pick up a large cheque for funds being funneled to her husband, only to find that the funds had disappeared. This was cited as an indication of how Illuminati gold was being turned into sand, or being rerouted to the Light.



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The Question of Divine Deadlines – Part 2/2

Manifesting a Love Relationship – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


Artist – Karl Bang @ Tutt’Art


Manifesting a Love Relationship

by Pallas Athena

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  20th October 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Love is one of the core expressions of the Creator. Love is the most truthful feeling and experience which resembles, aligns us to and awakens the Creator’s pure vibrations within. Love is the label for the human and physical reality experience of the Creator. Love represents the purest vibration of the Creator in existence within your being.

The Creator can be expressed in numerous ways, qualities and energies, it is the same for the quality of love. There are experiences and situations which humans label as love although they are not expressions nor do they resemble the pure and truthful love or essence of the Creator. The love of the Creator, I, Pallas Athena, speak of is unconditional, offers constant support, energises the truth of the Creator, shares forgiveness, has the ability to heal, creates happiness and joy, is non-attached, advocates freedom, is at peace and feels empowered while empowering others. The highest frequency of love also creates wisdom and knowledge born from a space of love and Creator essence. When the love of the Creator is present then the ego, fear and suffering cannot be present unless an individual consciously invites or focuses upon these limiting qualities which can generate feelings of separation. Reasons for focusing upon limiting qualities could be for the process of understanding, growth and learning or because of energetic habits which keep manifesting as repetitive patterns. We must also remember that the conditioning humans experience from their birth also encourages a focus upon limiting qualities and experiences rather than on the presence of love. Even those focused upon spiritual awakening can hold onto and energise their ego, fear and suffering without realising. One can embody a certain percentage of the Creator’s love while still following the patterns of their ego. It is only when an individual surrenders to the love of the Creator within them that they can more easily see, sense or acknowledge the presence of their ego, then being able to consciously release themselves from old limiting patterns. When love is present within an individual we know the Creator is being recognised and activated, therefore love is working through the individual with their conscious awareness.

We can recognise the aspects, manifestations and reactions of the ego as born from separation while aspects, manifestations and reactions of love represent a conscious awareness of connection and union with the Creator. Sometimes expressions can appear to be born from love when actually they develop from feelings of being separated from the Creator. It is important to feel love within your own heart born from your recognition of oneness with the Creator; then you will be able to recognise the same love in others and your experiences, releasing all that is not the love of the Creator.

When you access the love of the Creator, it becomes a constant part of your being and reality. You find yourself detaching and feeling less inclined to judge, be fearful or even sad because you know and feel you are supported and loved by the Creator, this is an amazing experience. Limiting habits can still rise from within your being. However, the love emanating from your being allows you to recognise their false nature and continue to remain in a space of love. At times you may find yourself feeling low, upset or negative and yet when you compare this to your past you will notice that your experiences and feelings are of a higher vibration than before. You will notice that even if you feel sad or angry, the love of the Creator never leaves you, it becomes more like acting in a play rather than being consumed by your experiences completely.

Patterns of separation can also be constant and addictive; often individuals can experience a power in experiencing separation with the Creator. It is a false power because they believe they have control of their being and life if they remain as they are, however, their soul is always trying to guide them back to union with the Creator causing an inner battle to commence. Love can exist alongside beliefs of separation within an individual. However, the more love is fully embraced the easier it will be to let go of separation of all forms. It is appropriate to wonder that if love can exist within a person alongside separation, then maybe the love recognised by the individual is not at its purest state or has not yet fully been experienced and surrendered to. When we surrender to love, even if only for a moment, we enter into a beautiful state of mind, being and existence where we recognise ourselves as love, all around us as love and most importantly we see the power of love. A realisation dawns that everything can be healed with the pure love of the Creator because it is not simply a feeling, it is a connection to higher consciousness, a powerful wave of life force and giving energy; it is a state that allows us to be in our power.

Many partnerships or romantic relationships can be created from a love that exists alongside separation within each individual. This does not mean the love of the relationship is false; it simply signifies that there are greater levels of love to explore. Imagine a love between two people where there are limiting beliefs, insecurities or feels of being unworthy, each limiting thought, emotion or reaction creates a block so that the two people cannot see each other clearly or as their truth, while also creating an element of separation within the relationship experience. Now imagine a relationship where both individuals have surrendered to the love of the Creator, they emanate love and even when limiting thoughts, emotions or reactions arise they treat their inner experience with love releasing each to remain in a space of love. Both people in the relationship will be able to support each other in accessing a deeper love within their own beings as well as creating their relationship as a truthful Creator love. The result will be a more meaning full relationship for each person with the Creator.

When separation is present within individuals, they have the ability to be fearful, hateful, judgmental and even hurtful while also experiencing deep feelings of love. Such qualities and experiences are born from a space of believing in a lack of their own personal power. It is a mistake to believe that power is control or controlling. When you embody the love of the Creator, you are in your power because you are functioning from your strength rather than from a space of weakness such as pain, old wounds and suffering. The only way you can exist from a space of unconditional love and power within your being is to be consciously focusing on emanating love while being aware of but not attached to the separation energies you experience and how they manifest within your reality. Hate, fear, judgment and so forth are simply old wounds of pain. When you heal and release these old wounds you give yourself more space to focus upon love, and it can be very challenging to hate, fear or even judge because the wounds that created the reactions which manifested as these qualities are no longer present. Therefore, the reaction has been erased, and the only reaction which remains is of love.

Frequently any negative, limiting or disempowering reaction towards yourself or another has nothing to do with your present situation; it is simply an old wound reacting or coming to the surface. When you begin to recognise your reactions as representatives of the energies you hold onto within your being then it is far easier to create the necessary shifts within your being to dissolve separation and move into a space of love.

There is a promise within your soul which has been made by the Creator to you; this is a promise of fulfilment and constant care for you. This is the divine will of the Creator for your reality. Many people are unaware of the Creator’s promise to them which exists within their souls. It is only a belief in and focus upon separation which shadows this promise from manifesting fully in your reality. During meditation or quiet time if you ask within your being to connect with, observe and experience the promise of the Creator to you then you will be made aware of this promise and its energy with divine timing. You can then allow the energy vibration of the promise to pulsate throughout your being, body and reality for your experience upon the Earth.

With this promise of fulfilment and care from the Creator in mind, we realise that this also means that every soul holds the same promise, meaning each person’s purpose is to create and experience fulfilment, as well as to lovingly care for themselves and others in the most appropriate and guided way. Therefore, every soul upon the Earth has the opportunity to experience a deeply loving relationship, if this is what their soul wishes to experience in their current lifetime. Most souls wish to experience a genuinely loving relationship with another because the union of their pure Creator love removes further boundaries of separation, creating greater love and experiences of unification with the Creator. The relationship itself can support inner cleansing, empowerment, and development with great intensity and potency.

It is important to remember that your relationship with yourself and the Creator is of great importance, creating and remembering your true relationship of love with yourself and the Creator allows everything else to fall into place within your reality born from pure love to manifest divine experiences of love.

Many factors can hinder the manifestation of a loving relationship or union manifesting in your reality. Past lifetime patterns, lessons and wounds that continue to imprint into your current reality, feeling unworthy or undeserving of such a relationship. It could be too much focus upon your inner pain, fears, suffering or any form of separation which hinders you from expressing your love and encourages you to be self-absorbed. Feelings or beliefs of loneliness can hinder a relationship manifesting. Moving through, healing and releasing all these limitations may feel as if you are wasting your life and time when it would be far more beneficial to experience a deep and meaningful relationship as this would be a union with the Creator. However, everything has a purpose and whatever you are experiencing in your life, whatever limitations you are moving through your soul is growing, expanding and becoming empowered, so it is truly perfect for you now.

A limitation to creating the manifestation of a deeply loving relationship is the yearning for such a relationship in your life. When you yearn for a romantic or spiritual, loving relationship, you may feel you are yearning for companionship or someone to share deeply and intimately with, yet the truth is that you are actually yearning for a deeper connection with the Creator. It is the same whether you are yearning for a relationship or something else in your reality such as excitement, a material object, friends or even money. Every soul yearns to be loved by the Creator whatever their circumstances. This means you are not aware of or have forgotten the promise made to you by the Creator to fulfil and care for you, which means to love you deeply. It is not that the Creator has neglected to deliver this promise to you it is that you have not fully opened yourself to receive the gift. It also symbolises that an aspect of yourself may not be willing to allow you to love yourself. Without your self-love, you cannot recognise the pure and truthful love of the Creator and others. Remember that self-love has nothing to do with the ego, it is to offer to yourself unconditional love, support, truth, forgiveness, healing, happiness and joy. When you love yourself unconditionally you make time and space in your reality for others to love you, meaning that you welcome the support of others and do not feel that everything has to be achieved by you alone. The belief in the inability of others to serve you can also hinder a deeply loving relationship, it can be born from a belief that the Creator is unable to help you. Holding onto wounds, you discover spiritually as your beliefs, such as believing you do not have a loving relationship because of your past experiences and your inability to love yourself can also limit you. This is to create a belief from a realisation or expression of enlightenment because the ego is not willing to let go of separation and enter into peace and love.

When you dissolve all forms of separation, then the Creator flows through you and will co-create with you to manifest whatever you wish to experience. Remember that all manifestations first come from within you. If you do not feel your reality represents the truth of your being, then ask yourself in what area are you believing in and holding onto separation? The greatest truth is that you are loved unconditionally by the Creator with the purpose of experiencing fulfilment and loving support. It is now time for you to open and receive all the Creator wishes to share with. Let go of all blame, anger or resentment; these are simply old wounds which can be valuable for your self-discovery and healing. Know that you are in the most perfect and appropriate period of your reality whatever you are experiencing. Let go of all judgment of your past and present, allow yourself to step into love.

You may also be interested to know that the more the masculine and feminine energies of the Creator become harmonised upon the Earth and within humanity, this will also support many in experiencing deeply loving relationships.

I am in love with you,

Lady Pallas Athena

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Artist – Karl Bang @ Tutt’Art