The Significance of the Bridge to Now for Me – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


A man meditating on the bank of Ganges, Varanasi, India via Flickr – Tlanzhan


The Significance of the Bridge to Now for Me

Birds of a feather love to congregate…. Thank you, Anthony


Let me say a word if I may about the significance for me of seeing you at the Bridge to Now. (This is the last of these gatherings.)

One of the things we don’t speak about, one of the transitions we often hope to make unseen, because we can look so gangly making it, is a process I call “emergence.”

I see people emerging before my eyes and all of us – me included – hope the other person doesn’t see us getting bigger.

One of the reasons is that, in going through this process, we may have to admit that we were wrong up till that moment. And no one finds that an easy thing to do. Well, few of us.

And we don’t know if we’ll get it right. Will we seem insane? Will we lose our friends? Will we be called megalomaniacs because we want to build a new world?

So emerging can be difficult.

Archangel Michael said to me that what I call “emergence” he calls “expansion.” That’s another excellent word for it.

Emerging from the debris of core issues and conditioning; expanding from our limited and limiting viewpoint. Same thing to me.

But now to us. We’re all of us lightworkers emerging and expanding to serve in a global capacity in building Nova Earth. Or in a local capacity. It’s up to us.

That’s just the assignment now. Later on, it could be representing Earth in intergalactic discussions of our Ascension or on space explorations or participating in cultural contacts.  The Reval is just what’s before us at this moment.

We emerge or expand by what we say – our declarations, stands, promises, commitments – and do – committed action.

But we also emerge and expand by congregating, by looking out over the tribe of lightworkers’ faces, by having an opportunity to talk to other people who are as committed as we are to creating a whole new world, a whole new way of doing things. It makes me want to weep when I really get in touch with what we’re up to.

We’ve been handed an artist’s palette and told to dream big and paint in bold strokes.

And having the opportunity to address so many other committed lightworkers, well, it contributes to my emergence or expansion – and emerge I will need to do.

I’ll be working on a global stage. I already know it. I can’t see how it could be otherwise, hermit/monk/introvert though I am.

Apparently I’ve always been a communicator. Others look after healing, technology, you name it; I always gravitate towards patterns in communication. Therefore I’m expanding to address the world.

To dream big and paint with bold colors for a communicator is to communicate his or her vision for the entire world to the entire world.

Where the heck does Mrs. Beckow’s son Stephen get off doing that? You bet I’m frightened. My knees shake. I ask myself what the heck am I doing?

So to be there, at a gathering such as the Bridge to Now, is a time for me … not to talk to bankers couching my real message in sanitized words like my “principals,” “humanitarian” projects, and other “philanthropists,” (1) not to talk to friends who cannot contain their laughter when I mention what I’m up to these days … but to talk to others of my kind, members of my tribe, birds of a feather, who are every bit as much “at work” as I am.

I’ll be there. I’ll be nervous. I’ll be wanting to say so much and feeling confined by the hour I have to speak.  I’ll have lapses of memory and look dumb.

I’ll operate on at least two levels – the intellectual and experiential – but not on the third level – the realizational. I’m not a spiritual teacher. I’m a spiritual adult.

Call me if I get into my head – a simple cough or adjustment of your scarf will do.

Nobody asked me to write this. I’m serious in what I say here. Gatherings like these are few and far between because they take so much work to stage … and they cost attendees and impresarios so much as well (which the Reval will correct).

I hope that, despite all the circumstances that may arise, I’ll see you there.


(1) Rather than Archangel Michael, lightworker projects, and other financial stewards of the Divine Mother.



A man meditating on the bank of Ganges, Varanasi, India via Flickr – Tlanzhan

The Significance of the Bridge to Now for Me

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