This is the Way the World Works – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist – Toni Carmine Salerno


This is the Way the World Works

I was just witness to a large act of generosity and, being with the experience afterwards, I found myself in bliss again.

This is red-hot news to me, not the Presidential race.

We are always-already bliss and just have barriers to seeing or feeling it.

Again, as on past occasions, bliss was there already and simply required me to recognize it. When I recognized it, when I acknowledged its presence, it swirled up in me like a master of the dance, like a cobra winding around my spine.

I surrendered to it and let it fill me up.  Yes, yes, this is the way the world works – in bliss.

I noticed how easy it was to overlook it. It didn’t advertise itself. It didn’t put a stick in my spokes until I recognized it.

And it responded instantly to recognition. Not just a passing glance and thought though, but real recognition and interest, as with a long-lost friend.

Archangel Michael calls this same state “joy.” (1) OK, now that I’m in bliss, I can see that joy and bliss are the same.

I always looked upon joy as me shaking with laughter, but it has an uplifting quality to it that is precisely the same as bliss.

When all the world that chooses to ascend has reached a certain level – whether just inside the Fifth Dimension or a few subplanes in, I don’t know – then all the world will reside in bliss. And when it does, the world will work because no one could imagine things being any other way.

Here it is, a sunny, early evening, and ordinarily I’d be tripping over myself to get out for a walk in the last rays of the sun. But why? All of it – walks in nature, relationships, communication – is simply about achieving a state of … this.


(1) Hour with an Angel, Oct. 20, 2016, at



Archangel Michael on the Journey We’re On


Artist – Toni Carmine Salerno

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