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Beloved masters, when you are attuned to the mid-Fourth-Dimensional frequencies of Light, you relinquish the idea of being human as you have known it in the past. It is a time of the emergence of your Soul Consciousness as you allow it to become the reigning influence within your life. This means you begin to listen to the wisdom of your Body Elemental, and the signals it sends as to what is appropriate for your physical and emotional well-being. Your DNA and the cells of your body begin to integrate the higher frequencies of Light, and gradually, you begin to vibrate and attune to the refined energy of the New Age.

This period of the transformation process could be likened to a death of your old self-consciousness, which is really the process of removing the veils of illusion. As you integrate each new level of your OverSoul/Higher Self, you absorb the wisdom and illumination of that Facet of your vaster Being. You are in the process of shedding the multiple layers of density, which you have absorbed within your Auric Field down through the many ages of earthly experience. The saying Athe Light shall set you free@ is a true statement, for the Light is dissolving the layers upon layers of negativity that you have carried for such a very long time.

You begin to function within an auric field of refined Light of your own creation, as you turn inward, and learn to stay focused and centered within your Sacred Heart in the power of the NOW moment. Over time you, as Light Transformers, begin to draw forth and integrate the maximum amount of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and you then consciously radiate forth the remainder out to humanity and to the world.

When you achieve a certain level of harmony within, you open the physical body gateways or portals to the higher Dimensions: the Ascension Chakra or the Medulla Oblongata, and the Vagus Nerve at the base of the skull, and also the back portal of your Sacred Heart and your Sacred Mind. These are major steps in the Ascension process. When this process is complete, you are well on your way to gaining access to the first Sub-Level of the Fifth Dimension, where your entry-level Sacred Triad is waiting to welcome you.

THE ADAM/EVE KADMON BODY is your original individualized Seed Atom God-Self in a fully conscious Light Body form, created by the Elohim (Lords of Light/Builders of) as the archetype of humanity. The Adam Kadmon embodies the original complete Divine and spiritual nature of man/woman. It is not the same as your personal OverSoul Body of Light which is itself evolving towards Divine Consciousness. Your Higher Selves, your Spiritual/Oversoul Body, and your Sacred Triads are refracted Facets of your God Self, your original Light Body.

The Kadmon Light Body has the ability to take on any form necessary to create and experience all forms of Creation in your Father/Mother God=s plan for this Universe. The Adam/Eve Kadmon is a spiritual-physical creation, which incarnates in the planetary worlds during all cycles of Divine Creation.

PHYSICAL BODY: In the beginning awakening process there is a desire to turn inward and to listen to the AInner wisdom of the Soul.@ This Soul awareness includes your Body Elemental, the Memory Seed Atom which contains the perfect blueprint for your original Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Form.

EMOTIONAL BODY: First you become aware that your emotions control you through your wants, needs and desires, which in the long run do not bring you a sense of happiness or satisfaction. You begin to turn inward and to question your life choices, asking Awhat have been the results of your actions@? You begin to seek answers for the pain and dissatisfaction in your life. The voice of your Superconscious mind becomes stronger as you gradually take heed and follow your Soul=s guidance. As you become comfortable, and begin to rely on this voice of higher wisdom, the ego-desire body gradually relinquishes control, and the Soul-Self becomes the director and guiding influence in your life. You begin to align your will with the Will of your Higher Self, for you have gradually learned to trust the inspirational and intuitive thoughts from your Sacred Mind.

Eventually, you begin to view all interactive events in your life from a higher vantage point. You develop Emotional Detachment through a more refined view of human interactions. Having experienced most of the important tests of the emotions, you develop a better understanding of the human emotional nature. Again, you learn to go with the flow, and you view your tests and challenges as gifts and opportunities for growth. You have learned to make peace with the past, and to script your future, as you endeavor to live and focus on the NOW moment. Gradually, over time, the vibrational patterns of the Emotional Body are lifted above the magnetic pull of the physical realm.

THE MENTAL BODY: You begin to realize the limitations of your subconscious and conscious minds, and you see how rigid, limited and stuck you have been in the mass consciousness belief structure. You willingly begin a self-analysis process, whereby you reevaluate your attitudes, judgment and programmed concepts. You begin to feel a burning desire to expand your knowledge beyond your physical reality, as you seek to learn why you are here on Earth, and the greater meaning of life. Your instinctive mind gives way to your higher intellectual mind, and gradually you gain access to your Sacred/Intuitive Mind. As your Soul-Self becomes the Director of your destinyCyour life begins to change dramatically for the better; then faith and trust become an inborn certainty that all is happening in Divine order. You also know with certainty that you are on an upward spiraling path to a more refined, harmonious and loving reality. All you have to do is stay in the moment, and take one step at a time as the WAY is opened before you.

A SELF-MASTER IS: SELF-DETERMINED * SELF-CONDITIONED * SELF-AWARE * SOUL-CONSCIOUS. A Self-master is responsive to the surrounding environment, while being the observer of mundane life experiences from a higher vantage point. BEING IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF IT. A most profound event is when you first experience the abounding loving energy and joy radiating forth from within your Sacred Heart and Soul. The SOUL=S NATURE IS LOVE, and while residing within the limitations of the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment, it is through the Soul Self that you connect with the Love Essence of your Mother/Father God.

A Self-master stands firmly centered within the Sacred Heart, within the midst of chaos and change, holding fast to the wisdom of the Sacred Mind, while gathering strength from our Father/Mother God as the illusions of the lower Dimensions slowly fade away.

AN ADEPT: An Adept is a person who is firmly centered upon the Path of Light, and whose point of focus is from within the Sacred Mind and the Sacred Heart. He/she has balanced, harmonized and integrated all the Facets of the Soul Self, from within the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional Planes of consciousness. He/she is now directly connected to his/her OverLighting Sacred Triad, which resides, at least, within the entry level of the Fifth Dimension. In order to reach this stage, an aspirant must have completed the first four STAGES of en-Lighten-ment, and have attained Self-mastery of the first Four Dimensions. THIS IS THE LEVEL OF ASCENSION OPEN TO HUMANITY AT THIS TIME, AND IT CAN, AND WILL BE, ACCOMPLISHED BY MANY BRAVE SOULS WHILE IN THE PHYSICAL VESSEL.

A DISCIPLE: A disciple is a person who has heeded the whisperings of the Soul Self, and who is actively seeking en-Lighten-ment, wisdom, Self-realization, and ultimately Self-mastery.

SACRED MIND / HIGHER MIND: The human Sacred Mind is an etheric, crystalline Seed Atom stored within the upper back portion of your brain. There is a membrane of Light protecting your access to the portal into, and to the contents of your Sacred Mind, until you have raised your frequencies to the appropriate level of the higher Fourth Dimension. Your Sacred Mind contains a condensed version of your ancient past history, and a portion of the wisdom and vital information you have integrated during your many past lives in this Universe. Becoming a Self-master on Earth involves gaining access to and integrating the requisite portion of the attributes, qualities and talents stored within your Sacred Mind.

The mental aspect of your Higher Self, or the wisdom you tap into when you connect with many Facets of your vaster OverSoul, will ultimately connect you with your I Am Presence / God Ray / GOD-SEED ATOM, which has access to the wisdom of your Father/Mother God, or the collective intelligence of this Sub-Universe.

DIVINE MIND: The Divine Mind is the totality of your Divine God-Seed Atom at an ever higher level: ultimately, the Sacred Minds of our Father/Mother God. For better understanding, you could say that the Higher Mind is a refined frequency of your consciousness, and you obtain higher consciousness levels with each download of a Facet of your OverSoul /Higher Self.

As you traverse the Path of Ascension, and move into an accepted spectrum of Light and shadow, your goal is to develop the ability to stay centered within your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. You learn to consciously maintain a higher perspective about what is going on around you, as you express compassion and unconditional love for everyone. That is the goal of a Self-master.

As you become attuned to the higher frequencies of Light, you will become accustomed to the flow of Sacred Fire Breath, which has been called the River of Life/Love/Light or the Antakarana in ancient teachings. There is a hidden, powerful, radiant current of knowledge encoded within this Living River of Life. It is a code of creative genius; however, you must tap into the wisdom of the Sacred Mind and your Soul Self in order to access this inborn power.

You are called AStarSeeds@ for a reason, for as you return to Self-mastery, you will initiate the process of creating crystalline, Life Code Seed Atoms C a new, advanced evolutionary process, which will eventually be used by life forms within the next, forthcoming Golden Galaxy.

We ask you to study what we have revealed, and endeavor to get the Universal schematic we have created firmly within your mind, so that you will understand the next phase of the wondrous cosmic events, which are unfolding before your eyes. As a Bearer of Light, you promised to be our representatives on Earth. Within, you have all that you need to complete your earthly journey through the remainder of the Fourth-Dimensional realms. As doubts arise, remember, all of your experiences of the past, whether they were successful or seemingly failures, have given you a wealth of experience to draw upon. Beloveds shine your Light for all to see. Call on us, and we will assist you in every way possible. Know that I am with you always, and you are loved most profoundly. I AM Archangel Michael


Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael.  Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from : RonnaStar@earthlink.net




Art : Mantle – by Anna Dittmann Illustration

Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn – The Art of Creative Living @ Earth-Keeper


Tranquility – Painting by Caroline Young


 Archangel Metatron Channel

The Art of Creative Living – Believe It or NOT !

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service and we greet you heartily, individually, in a vector of unconditional love.
It has oft been said that humans learn how to work, but not how to live. And in the New Earth of 2016 and Beyond, it is essential to learn how to live, and live abundantly. Life is not meant to be a mundane existance of mundane labor, in which ‘we work and then we die’. Indeed life is a precious gift, and there is an afforded opportunity , indeed an ‘Art’ to learning to manifest a joyful and abundant life.  But learning the balance of artful life, requires effort. For you are here to learn responsible creation … and to create in joy.
 Much has been written about the ‘Law of Attraction’. We will address this topic herewith, but our sharing separates the Law of Attraction from the Law of Conscious Creation. Indeed there is a great need to understand the difference.
An essential truth of the Law of Attraction applies to thought. Accordingly it is imperative that you realize each thought you have has a magnetic frequency. Such resonant ‘thought-frequency’ will attract similar thoughts of like Vibration. The more energy, attention & focus you give a specific thought, the more powerful it becomes. If you have a fear or worry and dwell on it, a snowball effect can occur, in which one fear, one worry draws in another. Likewise if you think on the positive, the joyful, those thoughts indeed attract more benevolent vibrations to you. Thoughts evoke feelings of a similar nature, thoughts attract like thoughts. And indeed, the human etheric energy, the human Auric field will vibrate according to your thoughts.

You attract to yourself that you fear, and that you love. You must then become the dutiful gatekeeper of thought. Each of you must discern & govern where you place your focus. This is the Law of Attraction. But it is not the end product that allows conscious creation. You are here to learn how to consciously create, but there is much more to the process.


And so we discuss herewith the Law of Attraction, how it works, and why it sometimes does not. For it is imperative to understand that there is a difference between unconscious attraction and conscious attraction. There are exceptions, in a manner of speaking, to ‘ask and it shall be given’. First there must be belief followed by action.



Each of you are Multidimensional Beings. In truth you operate Cosmically & Terrestrially in many different formats of reality within the eternal ‘Now’. Time is a purposed illusion. All of your ‘lifetimes’ not only occur simultaneously, there is also a constant subconscious communication between your multi-selves. Each lifetime is cocooned in a hologram of the Omni-Earth. Each succinct hologram is a dynamic of chosen realities among infinite probabilities. And accordingly each ‘lifetime’ effects the other, and this is an aspect of the Law of Attraction that will be reviewed in this discussion.


The Law of Attraction & Conscious Creation


Dear Ones, you create your reality, period. There is no other rule. You are here in the University of Duality, to learn how to responsibly create. Now, there are many texts that speak about the concept of how human beings create their perspective realities. We offer this caveat: it is not thought that on its own is optimally creative, rather it is BELIEF…. belief expressed in thought through conscious ‘clear’ mind, followed by action.

Let us be clear, there is a very real science behind the Law of Attraction, and that science is the Law of Belief. The Law of Belief governs what you create in your lives. Within the Law of Belief are the addendums of the life ‘set ups’ you plan and contract to yourself for growth. But the lessons you arrange are met through your confrontation and disciplined effort.

It is therefore essential that you fully realize that you are never at the mercy of events, you are not helplessly fated to face the unexplainable like a ship lost at sea. Masters, neither psychological events nor physical events have control over you.

When you humans fully comprehend the vast capacity of mind to hold a diversity of conclusive beliefs, all associated with your experiences, you will see that you have an infinite array of choices.

But for those of you stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs, you are mired in a repetitive cycle of predetermined responses, including the propensity to block new solutions through denial of better thinking. In that sense if you do not learn from past errors, you are self- fated to repeat them. Indeed you will repeat the cycle until you learn how the process of achieving Divine Mind functions. That is true for all humans.

You must challenge yourself to break free. 

Three Laws


There are three separately governed processes under the Law of Attraction. The three have succinctly different criteria for achievement. Let us define the primary aspect of each Law:


** The Law of Attraction – Thoughts have a frequency and attract like frequencies

** The Law of Belief: Knowing beyond doubt. You can only manifest what you believe is possible

** The Law of Conscious Creation: The conscious ability to focally manifest objectives & events via multidimensional mind in Mer-Ka-Na.


Soul Contract Set-Ups


And so we again stress emphatically that it is your beliefs that are projected to form your individual and group reality. As we have discussed in the previous messages on this topic, there are scenarios planned by your higher self, your Divine Mind aspect, which may be termed ‘set-ups’ or soul-contracts that you yourself have chosen as growth lessons to assist you in moving into greater wisdom. With that reminder in hand, we also tell you that ‘karma’ in your terms, is not a debt owed to one from another, in the higher sense. Rather it is ever to the Self, it is balancing the Divine Self.


Let us also assert that if you have a goal or objective in 3d that would conflict with higher self, it will not in most cases be manifest, unless it is chosen as a growth lesson. For example if a human desires wealth, and that wealth would either be misused or stop the growth process, the higher self may reject such a desire from manifesting. In some cases, humans who have all of their 3d material ‘needs’ met, are less compelled to search for expansion.

Dear Ones, when you find yourself in the confines of any experience that is uncomfortable or not to your liking, you must understand that YOU created that seeming conundrum. Within this axiom, there are indeed, within duality, scenarios in linear time that you must face. Whether one accepts it or not, every circumstance and every resulting action, however dire, was absolutely self-created.


If, for example, in an extreme circumstance a crime is actually committed, and an individual is duly sentenced to prison, those actions will be faced and experienced. The sentenced prisoner cannot, in most duality circumstances, simply wish it away. Rather they must face the duality they have themselves created in linear time. There are Laws of Cause and Effect in 3d that will play themselves out. Responsibility for not only your actions, but indeed for your beliefs is a key part of your growing process on the planet of lesson. Owning both is essential. But by facing them, you can change the landscape around you.


Dear Human, you must understand whenever you seek to avoid the responsibility for your own actions, you generally do so by attempting to give that responsibility, the ‘blame’, to some other individual, group or cause. But in that process of shifting blame, you unconsciously give away your power, and take away the ownership that allows you to ‘re-create’. In kind, as we have already explained in the second segment of this discussion, the difficulty most of you have in accepting self-responsibility for your behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain and guilt of the consequences of the very actions that resulted. You don’t like to admit your errors.

But in less obvious circumstances of abundance lack and untoward relationships, you must not only change the nature of your conscious thoughts, but also the belief in those very expectations….and then act on those beliefs.


Unconscious Programming


You create our own reality from what you choose to believe about yourselves, and the world around you. Period. If you do not deliberately & consciously choose your own beliefs, you are unconsciously programmed. You will mindlessly absorb them from your 3d culture, schooling and surroundings. If you are accountable and responsible for your actions, how can you afford NOT to question your beliefs? How you define yourself, and the world around you, forms your belief, which, in turn, forms your reality. Once you fully comprehend that your beliefs form reality, then and only then are you no longer a captive of the events you experience. You simply have to learn the mechanics & methods. It is only when you believe, and program that belief to fully override and replace previous erroneous beliefs, that the integral field of the triad of the 3 step function of own, change, action is completed. In the process, thoughts must harmonize with beliefs and be followed by ACTION! So we devote the remainder of this discourse to conscious creation. Keeping in mind that you are advanced on the path in order to consciously create.


You Are Not at the Mercy of Circumstance


You are NOT at the mercy of your circumstances, but this belief is, interestingly, the reason you erroneously think you are. Take a moment to consider that. It is the Law of Belief.

If you believe that circumstances have you trapped, then they do, and will until you change that core belief. You are creators learning how to co-create. You are here to learn that you can and do create. One of your key reasons for being in duality Earth is to learn how to create responsibly, and consciously. The principle professor is often Doctor ‘Cause & Effect’, and this doctor makes house calls!


You reap what you sow and however uncomfortable, the untoward harvest is the very means for consideration of what got you there. To break out of circumstances that are caused by our psychology, requires conscious disciplined effort for change to occur. The key again is your belief. There is little difference if you believe that your present life is caused by incidents in your early childhood or by past lives over which you equally feel you have no control. Your events, your lives, your experiences, are caused by your present beliefs. Change the present beliefs and your life changes, not only in the present, but in the past and future in kind. That is the creative power of belief. Masters, regardless of your level of Light Quotient, whether you are unconsciously creating or consciously manifesting, you cannot escape your beliefs. They are the enzymes through which you create your experience.



I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service….and we share with you these Truths. You Are Beloved.   And so it is…And it is So…



End of Part One – The Second Portion of this Fascinating & Timely Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn Channel on the ‘Art of Living – ‘Believe It, or Not ! Will be Shared Very Soon. Stay Tuned 




Tranquility – Painting by Caroline Young


The above channel is Copyright Protected  © All Rights Duly Reserved 2016 


From My Journal – How 2016 Began @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


From My Journal – How 2016 Began


2016 Journal Part 1

Messages for January/February 2016

For the Recording, Please click HERE

The Arcturians have been telling me for quite a while that I’m supposed to share what I have written in my journal since the beginning of 2016. Some of the things have been published in my blog, but many of them were not. I think what they want me to do is to put the messages together in sequence to better understand the total message.

Hence, that is what I’m doing now. They also said to just read it, as well as transcribe it. I am happy to share this with those of you who are interested. Thank you, and I hope all of you have been writing in your journals for 2016 to document what is going on in this very important year. I will write the date for each entry. This year’s entries began on:

January 18, 2016

Wow – 2016. Where did all the “whens” go? It is interesting because my process feels like I have been through it many times, but it also feels like this is the first time. Now I ask myself, “What is this the First for? I’m not sure, but I know it is the first time for something.

For all I know this may be the first time, at least on this planet, where masses of people will ascend. Now, we are beginning to begin, but we don’t know exactly what will occur or how or when. However, we feel pretty confident that something will occur soon.

January 24, 2016

This entry was titled, ‘The waves of higher light.’ My life is eternally guided within the NOW. All I need to do is to relax into the knowing to see what that NOW is revealing. I do recognize that, as I clear my lower chakras I feel my wings invisibly spread out from the back of my heart.

These wings are invisible to my third/fourth dimensional perceptions. However, they are natural extensions of my fifth dimensional light body. These wings are created by the outflow of the inflow that has come into the front of my heart. This inflow comes from the higher dimensional waves of light that are now caressing dear Gaia.

While my heart is calibrated to the fifth dimensional flow of light, my invisible wings balance the energy in and project that energy out through my wings of light.

January 25, 2016

80% of our DNA holds the lost memories of all that we have forgotten. Fortunately, we are regaining our memories NOW. The regaining of these memories is helping us to regain the full potential of our DNA memory. Our recovered memory also assists us to transmute all the timelines of all the lifetimes that we have had on this Earth.

It is through our DNA that we will find all of our incarnations that we have ever taken on this planet. Furthermore, as we clear ourselves we attract into our reality that which we want to create within our world. We are all like Johnny Appleseed, because we are spreading seeds of HOPE within our every thought and our every emotion. As we share our energy field of inter-dimensional light, this light moves faster and faster into higher and higher frequencies.

We are having many sensations that are unique to our third dimensional reality, but are normal to our fifth dimensional reality. We are largely in between the inflow of the energy that comes into the front of our being and the outflow of the energy that goes out through our Heart Chakra.

It is the inflow and the outflow merging into the ONE of our consciousness and our recognition of SELF that creates what is known as ‘the seed of hope.’ “But what about love and light, and what about the Violet Fire?” we hear ourselves ask.

If we listen, whatever we own as our own Higher Expression says to us,  “Without hope, none of you, our dear volunteers to Earth, will be able to feel the merging of inflow and outflow within your Heart Chakra.

It is through this merging, as well our consciously owning that we are receiving the inter-dimensional messages, that we regain/remember our “conscious choice” to allow this inflow to enter into our High Heart.

This flow into our High Heart allows and propels our consciousness into the next octave of perception. Therefore we say to you, “Allow the inflow to enter into your High Heart because it will propel your consciousness into the higher dimensional frequency reality of the reality that you seek.”

When you accept more and more higher light, you will move into higher and higher octaves of consciousness. As your consciousness resonates to a higher and higher frequency it will stabilize and expand your innate, but long forgotten, inner ability of:

Accepting the light, Using the light, and Circulating the light to give service to all life.

When you allow yourself to totally and completely live in surrender and acceptance of your feelings, your visions, and your inner messages, these moments of surrendering into the light become multidimensional markers that remind you that everyone is ONE.

Then your ego bristles, your shy one faints, your depressed one has a flash of recognition of your SELF. Or is it a memory? Yes! You finally get it. You finally get that you/we are all ONE.

Once you resonate to the state of consciousness that “WE are all ONE,” YOU can ponder what that statement means in your daily life. What does “We are all ONE” mean?

Does it mean that as you move into the infinite flow of the fifth dimension, your perceptions of self will continually expand beyond the third dimensional illusions of separation, of past, of future, of fourth dimensional dream time?

Is that when you will notice that a shift is occurring within your personal and planetary operating systems?

Will the fifth-dimensional operating system feel like an octave leap beyond the third/fourth dimensional operating system?

Will your “point of perception” of the octave shift your awareness into a fifth dimensional reality?

Will you notice this shift?

Will you understand what this shift means?

Will you be able to believe that this higher dimensional reality is real?

Will you remember that the reality that you believe is the reality that you live?

Are you aware that this shift is starting to separate the “shaft from the wheat?

Do you realize that the “egg of ascension” is beginning to hatch?

Even the Galactics and the Angelics do not know what the majority of humanity will choose. Will you stay on the well-known lower dimensional third/fourth dimensional path of time and space?

Or will you decide to allow yourself to be transmuted into the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension? Will you expand your consciousness beyond the membrane of the third/fourth dimension and move into the fifth dimensional frequency of resonance?

All of these realities, third, fourth, third/fourth combined, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and far, far beyond are coming into the NOW. As you make this shift, your sense of self must change from “I am a victim of my reality” to “I am the creator of my life.”

As “I am the creator of my life” becomes your daily mantra, will you be able to accept the lessons that the energy fields flowing through you have taught you? Will you remember that, “energy out is energy back? Therefore, all energy that comes into you is the return of the energy that you sent out of you?

Will you realize what you have learned by receiving the energy fields that you have been sending out? This shift is NOT about the threshold between the third dimension and the fourth dimensional, where you return to Faerie for a much needed refresher course.

No, this shift is an ascension shift into what YOU are creating. You are creating your own “Ascension Ship!” By Ascension Ship we mean the new earth vessel that YOU are creating. This vessel contains your full consciousness, as well as all the memories of all the incarnations you have ever taken on Earth.

You will need to be able to remember all these lives so that you can Unconditionally Love them and transmute them with the Violet Fire? Then, you transmute your reality from that which you have lived and hoped for during your myriad lifetimes, into all the levels of your own spiritual fulfillment.

In this manner, you can pull together all that you have created and used on all the levels/frequencies of all your incarnations. Then, you can expand your consciousness even further.

Then, you can share your expanded consciousness with Gaia, as well as with all the incarnations you have ever taken on Her planetary body of Earth. If you share in this manner, you will contribute all your personal experiences and unconditional love to assist with the transmutation of Gaia’s planetary body.

You can all use your present incarnation on Earth to contribute to your own higher dimensional experiences with your Mother Planet, Earth. Please remember that in order to share all your incarnations in which you changed the operating system of your reality with Gaia.

You have incarnated into this reality to assist the consciousness of Gaia, whose form is that of Mother Earth, by expanding your consciousness beyond the one through fourth dimensional operating system of the third dimensional time and space.

By expanding your consciousness into the formless, timeless realm of the fifth dimensional reality, you will find yourself within the NOW of being aware that YOU are the creator of your life. You will then remember that YOU are the thoughts and the emotions that we have bonded together to create YOUR perceptions.

It is then that you will be able to remember if each perception is a redo, if it is something that we have tried again and tried again in different lives and different issues and have yet to resolve. From this process of deep introspection you will be able to differentiate between third/fourth illusion and fifth dimensional reality.

It is then that your SELF will ask you, “Are you ready NOW to, once and for all, release ALL illusion and live within the truth?’

If your answer is “YES,” then, as you release your illusions, your imagination (which is fifth dimensional thought), will take your through the memories of long forgotten inner messages.

Your fifth dimensional thought, as well as insights within the NOW in which you receive a message, could bring together enough love and light to create a NOW in which you are living within fifth dimensional reality.

You knew we had to document this situation because you knew that your third dimensional brain would not be able to contain it. However, even with the documentation, the message slipped from our mind and was released from our memory.

But at least if it is written so that someday, sometime, someone – even ourselves – will be able to go back to return and remember.

Hence we are leaving the door open because we are not sure what is happening yet. We are not sure what is going on inside of us. We do not know if we are finishing or started, if we are resolving or un-resolving. We are in between.

We realize that we are living as our own monk, our own guru, our own healer, and our own highly evolved human. And we are also living as just regular people. So how do we make the leap?

How do we make the leap if we are just regular people of a third/fourth dimensional nature at the same time that we are this higher dimensional being?

In order to answer this question we may have to go back into the dark ages that have long ago past because it was during these dark ages when we first began to experience alchemy. We first began to realize that we could create.

But our consciousness was very low. We were very far from having gamma wave consciousness, and we were very far from being able to even perceive the possibility of a fifth dimensional reality.

So if you think about that, it wasn’t that long ago when we were in the dark ages. So we have actually remembered a lot more than we may give ourselves credit for. Now one of the things that we need to give ourselves credit for is in remembering the key is: “If you do not believe that you are ready to ascend your body, then you are not ready to ascend the Earth.”

Please release the many versions of ascensions that you have learned, that you have been taught, that you feel that you need to deserve, that you need to create and replace them with the word “transmutation.” For transmutation means that you are transmuting yourself and your reality into a higher frequency of reality.

This transmutations it is a form of that alchemical act. However, within this now that alchemically includes Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Therefore we are much more protected than we were back in the dark ages.

If we can allow ourselves to remember our myriad incarnations we can remember how we have made many transmutations via death into our higher dimensional bodies. Sometimes, we just made it into the fourth dimensional astral worlds, and sometimes we have been able to peak into the higher worlds.

Fortunately, we have had dreams and memories of incarnations in which we were able to move beyond that fourth dimensional world and unconditionally love ourselves, unconditionally forgive ourselves, unconditionally accept ourselves and bring all of these memories into our High Heart.

It was in this manner that we have had visions of our Multidimensional Self who has experienced more than one reality within any given time. When we are within delta wave consciousness we have the beginning of those abilities because the rules of the third dimension of delta wave consciousness allow us to peak beyond the limitations of the third dimension.

We need to remember, however, that these waves of creations and/or waves of experiences which we’ve experienced in these third dimensional bodies, which we have forgotten, want to join us. We need to invite them. We need to put out the call for every potion of every reality that we have ever chosen to ever take on Earth.

Then we must send them Unconditional Love, to call them home to us, the sender. Calling in every alternate, parallel, simultaneous reality and asking them to join us within our ascension field is no easy task. Of course, we also need to lovingly accept that because they are us, they are also our Earth vessel.

These realities are a part of our awakening and our transmuting into our higher frequency of self, which will eventually be our Lightbody. However, this body may not feel like a light body. Instead, it may feel normal because all the fifth dimensional reality is an expression of light. Therefore, just as our earth body feels normal on the earth plane, our Lightbody feel normal in the plane/dimension of Light.

Nature’s way of perceiving parallel dimensions is that not one single dimension or universe is separate. All of our expressions of reality exist simultaneously and eternally. Every conceivable version of every being that has ever persistently wished to move forward in their reality, every excursion into our past, through our present and into our future, every experience of time-space within this universe is all merging.

All these expressions of our reality are migrating from the plane of existence of the third/fourth, separation, polarization, third dimensional Earth, back into oneness and the operating systems of the fourth, higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities.

Many of these realities have alternate timelines so that there is a moment of time-space in which we are in one reality, but we are simultaneously experiencing this adjacent reality. Sometimes, for just a millisecond and sometimes for a longer period, we can consciously experience this merging.

It is in these times of transition from the third/fourth dimensions of separation into the fifth and beyond dimensions of HERE and NOW, that we are remembering that there are myriad wormholes through which we can perceive all the possible, probable and simultaneous realities.

February 24th 2016

The physical body is the first resonance receptor. Your brain controls your body, and your body also controls your brain. However, your heart has the last say, especially once your heart is transmuted into your High Heart.

Then, when your physical heart and mind merge with your higher dimensional High Hearth and your Multidimensional Mind, you return to your true, Multidimensional SELF.

With the partnership of your physical brain and your Multidimensional Mind, as well as the partnership of your physical heart and your High Heart, your Multidimensional SELF will serve as your conscious guidance as you move through the many unknowns of planetary ascension. Then your innate ability to perceive, communicate, interact, and enter the higher dimensional realities that will increasingly enter your conscious awareness.

As your heart and the mind work together to fully open your High Heart, you will fully remember how to consciously transmute all the emotional carrier waves into higher frequency carrier waves. In this manner, you will avoid all lower frequency carrier waves and focus your perceptual field on the fifth dimension and beyond.

Once all carrier waves of fear can be identified before you pull them into your personal experiences, you can send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to heal and transmute them before they are able to affect the expanding frequency field of fifth dimensional Earth.

The decree, “I send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire” seals off any possible reality that could threaten to move into your ever-expanding multidimensional experiences. Through your conscious awareness and higher state of consciousness, you will begin to realize that you no longer need to have any unwanted experiences.

Instead of having an unwanted experience, you can surrender into the ONE. By surrendering into the ONE, you realized that you are ready for active duty. “Active duty” means that you are ready to actively transmute your myriad incarnations that you have had on Gaia.

In other words, you are ready to clean up your past incarnations so that they will no longer need to be reflected forward into your present or future. As you release and transmute that which is over, you accept more love and experience more freedom to consciously join Gaia with Her ascension process.

Gaia has been kind enough to offer herself as a planet on which you could play your war games, but you don’t want any more war games. Everyone loses in a war game except for the 2% that pay for both sides of the war. These dark ones are not concerned about the consequences of these wars and other planetary disruptions.

They are playing the game, which they have been playing with humans since before the fall of Atlantis. These dark ones have dominated Earth’s realities for myriad incarnations. The rules for their dark game are, “Whoever makes the most money wins the game.”

However, no one asked who “they” are. No one asked how “they” payroll all that “they” are trying to do. It is only by asking the question that the answers are found. Therefore, we the members of your Higher SELF must ask:

Why is it? Why is it that so many don’t ask?

Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians host a 2-part webinar series in which we gather as leaders and wayshowers to understand the shifts that are occurring within ourselves and our lives as we recognize and release all illusions. Together we will explore what this means for each of us since we are all unique.

We will evolve together into our new operating systems and align our efforts to those in support of planetary ascension. Being Emissaries of Light means that we embody the shifts into the unknown within this NOW so we can serve as role models and guide those who are ready.

Join in these interactive workshop discussions and align to the efforts of planetary ascension as we bravely lead the way into the unknown.

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