What a Dance Leadership Is – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Dorina Costras


Everywhere I go, I feel a “take charge” attitude arising in me.This mood is not entirely foreign but I’ve never felt it so strongly. I’m sure someone is turning up the element, the stove, the gasfire.

I notice that the attitude comes first and then I fulfill it.

If my attitude is that I don’t like this person, my behavior mirrors it. If he challenges me, I have to go where dislike takes me or retreat into deception or flight.

In this case, my attitude is “take charge.”

I was at a busy bus stop earlier. People were trying to get off the bus while some were already trying to get on.

So I said, in a voice that could be heard, “Let them get off the bus first, folks, please.” Some people stiffened.

When three more people tried to get on the bus and we needed more room, I squeezed myself to the extreme back of the bus to let them on, hoping others will respond, and people in the aisles were looking at me as if I was crazy.

I take charge in a situation when I feel the way I do at the moment.  If I don’t find a channel for this attitude, I’ll be right back being a pain in the rear again.

I can’t escape the responsibility for doing what’s needed to channel my own energy. It’s not like the people on the bus “made me mad.”  They didn’t “choose my attitude for me,” as Dale Carnegie called it.

The days are gone when I can hide out like that.

And I did find a channel.

I began to make a list of all the things I’ll need to do to get the Michaelangelo Fund, Lightworker Congress, and Gender Equality Project, etc., up and running.

I’m simply listing everything that needs to be done and prioritizing it later.

I’m a naif at finances so don’t ask me to advise you. I’m encountering things just as you are.  I share about it, but that doesn’t indicate knowledge. Knowledge hopefully results from it however, via the school of experience.

Taking my new take-charge attitude and channeling it into activities like planning and envisioning seems to work well. It wouldn’t work overly well in dealing with people – except on the battlefield perhaps, where soldiers want an officer to take charge.

Even there one has to “take charge” from a place of balance and neutrality. What a dance leadership is!

And I know all this. I know what it’ll take to lead a large organization, liaising with other large organizations.  I see it. I’m just not there yet.

One of the benefits of waiting this long (since 2011) for abundance to happen is that I’ve had time to prepare.

And there’s more to go.

I haven’t seen yet how a monk, who values lots and lots of cave time, will manage being so “out there” in the world.

I don’t know how a lone male on an all-female project will fare.

I don’t know how I’ll hold up under disappointment and delays or dealing with people who might be motivated by lower impulses.

All of this lies before me. And either I have to compensate for years spent alone (as a hermit), not having cultivated any of the finer ways of being, learned socially, or else I suddenly find many, many lightworker friends in large humanitarian/philanthropic organizations, all of whom have equally been hiding from a society they felt out of synch with.

By the law of attraction, I think the latter. You’ll probably find me playing in the lightworker community.

OK, back to making lists and expressing some of this fast-flowing take-charge energy.



Art : Dorina Costras

What a Dance Leadership Is


“Your Divine Spark of Light” — December 2016 – Message from Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson


Art : Our Lady of The Divine Spark – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


“Your Divine Spark of Light” — December 2016

Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson


Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, along with a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light, and we welcome you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss your Divine Spark of Light.

You are a beautiful Being of Light. You are a reflection of Creator / Universal Light, and you are part of a vast network of Divine Sparks of Light. You hold a unique place in this network because you have a special set of qualities and attributes that you have developed over the aeons of time, and you have a unique mission in this incarnation. Therefore, remaining attuned to your Divine Spark is especially important in this time of increasing Light.

Your Divine Spark of Light is that part of you that connects you to the Creator. It is that part of you that burst forth during creation. It is that part of you that is your individualized self and your individual expression of The Light.

Your Divine Spark resides in your heart center. It appears etherically as a brilliant, clear crystal of glowing Light that is radiating Love. It is calling you to remember who you are as a Being of Light.

When you focus on your own Divine Spark, you are connecting with Universal Light. You have lifted your focus, and you are in a higher state of consciousness. You realize that you are part of All That Is.

With this realization, you can rise to higher levels and move farther on your ascension path.

When you realize, at a Soul level, that you are part of something much greater than yourself, you let go of what no longer serves you. You release anything that is not vibrating with Love.

You move to a point of wanting the highest and best for everyone.

When you reach this apex of focusing on the highest and the best, you become part of a greater Universal focus of Love. Every breath, thought, or action that you perform is imbued with Love. You radiate a great force field of Love around you. Everyone with whom you come in contact reaps the benefit of this Love. It can soften the hardest heart or comfort those who need it most. Your mere presence can be a positive force for good when you remain connected to your Divine Spark and are aware of your role in the greater scheme of Creator Light.

A continued awareness of your Divine Spark can strengthen this process. The more you focus on your Divine Spark, the more brightly it shines.

We would encourage you to focus on your Divine Spark several times during your day. Take a few moments to pause, turn your attention to your heart center, and focus on your Divine Spark. Feel the beautiful vibrations of Love that it contains. Let your awareness realize the connection of your Divine Spark with Creator Light. As you do this, the awareness becomes part of your consciousness, and it can guide your intentions, thoughts, and actions. It becomes part of your default pattern of being, just as a default setting functions on a computer. Living and acting from a higher perspective are automatic. You do not have to think about it. You just live and move from a higher state of being.

When your awareness of your Divine Spark and the Creator are uppermost in your consciousness, you are centered in Divine Light. You move through your daily life with a sense of ease and grace because you know who you are. You know that you are a great Being of Light and that you are part of the Universal Network of Light.

This allows you to carry out your daily work with a sense of peace and compassion because you are less likely to be disturbed by outside influences. You are functioning from a point of Love and Light.

Beloveds, you are more powerful than you can imagine when you focus on your Divine Spark and the Love it contains. When you focus on your Divine Spark and allow it to grow, through constant awareness and attention, it expands to permeate your entire Being. Love is the greatest force there is. The Light you carry and the Love you share are positive forces to benefit all of humanity, your planet, and the Universe. The more you focus on your Divine Spark and its Divine Love and Light, the greater your Light will shine in the vast network of Divine Light.

We in the Higher Realms of Light applaud you and celebrate you for the powerful Being of Light that you are, as you continue to focus on your Divine Spark of Light. We rejoice as we work together to increase the Light for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson, www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com.

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email: Linda@PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

Website: www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

A Message From Zadkiel, Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love @Awakening with Suzanne Lie


A Message From Zadkiel, Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love-through Sue Lie


A Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Through Suzanne Lie

Opening your Spirit to Unconditional Love

Blessings, I am Archangel Zadkiel,

I come to you today through your Third Eye and High Heart to remind you all that your Third Eye and High Heart can identify and see through EVERY third dimensional “false flag” and “projected illusion.”

As the Dark Ones become increasingly desperate, they will stop at nothing to maintain the Power Over Others that they have gained through the fear that they have created through the power of fearful illusions that they have created.

However, what the Dark Ones cannot realize is that many of those who were once within the clutches of their fearful illusions have expanded their consciousness enough to be able to differentiate between an illusion from an actual reality.

I, Zadkiel, will NOW share how your expanded consciousness allows you to differentiate between that which is a holographic projection and that which is third or fourth and/or fifth dimensional reality that has been created by the unified, collective consciousness of the members of each of the frequencies of reality.

First I will remind you there are actually two versions of Earth. One is the 3D Matrix to which the “Power Over Others” groups are limited, and the other version of Earth is the actual planetary body of Gaia, which can only be perceived by those who live by the laws of “Power Within One’s SELF.”

Power within one’s SELF is a higher fourth and fifth dimensional concept that those who live via “power over others” think of as a foolish idea. “How could we control those who have found their power within?” asks the Power Over Others group.

The answer to that question is that they cannot control those who have found their innate power within. It is for that reason that the “lost ones/ the Illuminati” have created many holographic projections that appear to be totally real to the vision of those still limited to their third dimensional perceptions.

Those who have maintained and/or remembered their fourth dimensional consciousness will be able to “remember dreams in which the dark is trying to dominate the light.” They may also gain information during their meditative experiences that reminds that, even though the third/fourth dimensional versions of “life on Earth” are still running, there is another reality flickering at the edge of their awareness. Within this “other” reality, Earth is transmuting into Her fifth dimensional expression.

Those who are still bound to the 3D Matrix, which has served as a frequency net to limit Gaia’s planetary consciousness to the third/fourth dimensions, are incapable of even conceiving that any reality can resonate to the fifth dimension in which space/time is obsolete and all life resonates to the consciousness of HERE and NOW.

Fortunately, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness, and hence their perceptual field, to encompass the ability to differentiate the difference between a holographic projection and an actual, living reality in which the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water have merged to create life-forms that can accept the Light of Spirit.

The main difference between a true reality and a holographic reality is Spirit. A hologram is much like a puppet. A puppet appears to be real, but if you observe that puppet through your Third Eye and/or High Heart, you will know that that “puppet” has NO spirit.

In the same manner, a holographic projection has no spirit. Much like a puppet, a holographic projection has a “puppet master” that tells the puppet what to say or do. In the same manner, the Dark Ones are guided by their invisible “puppet master” that tells them what to do and when to do it.

One of the things that the Dark Ones have done has been to create holographic projections that intermingle with the third dimensional physical reality. Some components of the disaster of 9-11 are an example of this type of intermingling.

The lost ones, or some may call them the dark ones, cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and an actual reality because they have denied themselves the integration of their own spirit.

Hence, they have no idea that there are humans who can use their innate spiritual powers to differentiate between a holographic and a true, reality. Since these lost ones have no spirit within themselves, they cannot perceive spirit in other beings, or even in other realities.

On the other hand, our volunteers to Earth, meaning those of you who volunteered to leave your higher dimensional Starship or Homeworld in order to take a physical earth vessel on third, fourth dimensional Earth, can easily perceive the frequency of people and situations by observing the percentage of spirit that flows into and through each person, place or thing.

I, Zadkiel, invite you to use your ever-expanding memory to recall a time when you perceived an airplane flying when it was filled with humans. Remember “spirit” in this case does not mean “spiritual.” The “spirit” that I AM speaking of here is the “life force of spirit” that was every human’s first breath when you were born.

Many of you, our grounded ones, have been able to maintain that feeling of spiritual guidance throughout your life. Now, use your imagination, which is fifth dimensional thought, to perceive the “false flag” incidents that have been occurring within your last few decades.

Many of you have wondered why you have doubted that these events were “real.” However, you dared not talk to too many people about your doubts for fear they would think you are “weird.”

However, it is the fact that you are weird, strange, bizarre, and/or peculiar, that allows you to differentiate between real situations that are filled with the spirit of the humans who experienced them and “false flag” holographic projection situations” that are devoid of any “feeling of spirit.”

The dark ones, who created these fearful holographic projections, have lost their own spiritbecause of lives of “power over others” and “service to self.” Therefore, they cannot differentiate between a holographic projection and a true reality that have been given life via the “first breath of spirit.”

I, Archangel Zadkiel, have been chosen to inform you that the Lost Ones are planning to create more holographic projections with the intention of creating more fear. The Lost Ones, also known as the Illuminati, are very concerned because they are losing control over the very 3D Matrix, the third dimension frequency net, that they created.

They created a 3D Matrix, which serves as a frequency net to assist them to project their fearful illusions into the third and lower fourth dimensions of the humanity’s Earth reality. Unfortunately for the Lost Ones, more and more humans are “logging out” of the 3D Matrix and expanding their consciousness to embrace the fifth dimensional “Spirit” of Gaia.

“How are we logging out?” I hear you ask. The answer is that YOU, the ascending humans, are consciously, or unconsciously, choosing to merge your consciousness with Gaia to better share your spiritual essence with Mother Earth.

You can best share your human spirit with Gaia by sending Her Unconditional Love. Gaia will and does embrace your human spirit and thankfully uses the power of your spirit to heal Her extremely, wounded planet.

Because of your commitment to share your ever-expanding Spirit with Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, you are logging out of the 3D Matrix and sharing your spiritual life force with the physical body of Gaia’s Earth.

Because of your great contribution, not only is Gaia able to heal many of the wounds that humanity has inflicted onto Her planetary body, but She is also growing strong enough to eject the 3D Matrix from Her planetary body.

Then, just as a dry leaf cannot survive the flame of a fire; the 3D Matrix cannot survive the frequency of Gaia’s expanding spirit. Therefore, the 3D Matrix is being released from Gaia’s Earth and being moved to a lower dimensional location to house those who still resonate to the frequency of the third dimension.

The Lost Ones are beginning to realize that if they wish to have a format on which they can attach their wilting life force, they will need to “lift off” with the 3D Matrix. The Matrix is lifting off from the body of Gaia and being transported to encircle another, lower frequency, planet, moon, or asteroid.

This information may seem very unusual to many of you, but more and more of Gaia’s human inhabitants are realizing that something is very different. The animals, birds, insects, fish and other members of Gaia’s Earth, are well aware of the great change that is occurring.

Communicating via separate words being strung together to create a communication does not encumber these non-human members of Earth. Instead, the non-human beings on Earth never conceived themselves as being “separate” from Earth. Therefore, their animal “spirit” is in constant communication with Gaia’s planetary spirit.

Fortunately, more and more humans are “returning to the land” and living from what they grow on the land. This expanding trend is occurring because the 3D Operating System, which was largely created and ruled by the Laggards, Dark Ones and/or Illuminati who had made their own homeworld uninhabitable and came to Earth long ago.

For eons, these lost ones ruled Gaia’s Earth, but NOW the Spirit of the Higher Light is flowing into Gaia’s planet. This Higher Light is awakening humanity to the extent that more and more humans are remembering their true, Multidimensional SELF.

As humans remember that their essence is NOT limited to their third dimensional earth vessel, they regain the inner-power of their Spirit that had become lost to them during their many incarnations of “looking UP” to communicate with Spirit.

As you, our dear volunteers to take an earth vessel within this NOW, remember to “look IN” to communicate with Spirit, you will discover your innate Wisdom, Power, and Love.

Your innate Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love will guide you to easily differentiate between the illusions of the 3D Matrix and the Truth that is stored within the Core of Gaia. As you remember to look IN, rather than UP for your personal, higher guidance, you will also remember to look IN to the Core of the planet to communicate with Gaia.

The Dark Ones created “religions” in which “GOD” was far away UP in the sky. People had to “go to a church” and talk to a trained human in order to communicate with this separate God that was far away. Then, humanity began to believe that GOD was UP above them, rather than deep with IN them.

Therefore, they served a superior God rather work with the ONE Spiritual Force that was the Core of ALL life. When God was far away in Heaven, humans could “get away with power-over-others.” In fact, most of the leaders were based on power-over-others.

Since people believed that “God” was far above them and had power over them,” they accepted that they were weak and needed a “bigger person” to guide them. However, it is the NOW for humanity to remember that their connection to the higher dimensions and spiritual guidance is not UP.

It is the NOW for humans to remember that ALL life is ONE. Therefore, humanity is ONE with GOD and ONE with EARTH. Consequently, to communicate with Spirit and/or to communicate with Earth, you will go with IN your SELF.

I, Zadkiel, am the Archangel of the Seventh Ray of Ascension. This ascension guides you beyond the illusions of the physical reality. The Seventh Ray is the Violet Ray of Transmutation. The difference between transmutation and change is that “change” can occur within the same frequency of reality as that which you are changing from.

On the other hand, transmutation is not just change. Transmutation is the ‘stepping up in frequency” of any person, place, situation or thing. One can change from one third/fourth dimensional house, job, desire, and/or communication, to another third dimensional situation and remain within the same time/space format.

However, when one transmutes a situation, place, or their self, they can remain in the same situation, but they will experience it from a higher frequency of perception.

Just as you have a better “lay of the land” from a mountain top than from a deep valley, you have a better perception of all the possible realities that YOU can create when your consciousness resonates with the fifth dimension and beyond, then when your consciousness is limited to the third dimension.

The “state of your consciousness” determines the frequency of your spirit to which you can attend, and the frequency of your spirit determines the frequency of reality to which you attend. Then, the reality that you perceive is the frequency of reality that you will experience.

Please remember that we are your Angelic and Galactic friends, family and guides, who resonate beyond your third dimensional time and space. Therefore, we are always available within the NOW of our ONE to assist you.

All you need “do” to call us is to open your spirit to our unconditional love,

Blessings from Archangel Zadkiel

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Grounding The Higher Light – By Mother Gaia @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Grounding The Higher Light–By Mother Gaia through Suzanne Lie


Grounding the Higher Light

Part Two of Creating A Reality of Light

Beloved Humans, I am your Earth Mother Gaia,Mother Gaia-Through Suzanne Lie

I will continue from where I left off in my last message to humanity. I will begin by reminding you that as you more deeply understand, commune and assist with creating a physical foundation within my planetary body, you better understand why you took a physical incarnation during this NOW.

Your “physical foundation” assists you to remember that you are here “on assignment.” It is then that you remember that you are already ascended beings who chose to take an earth vessel to assist me, Gaia, with my planetary ascension.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your personal ascension, as you are already visiting your Ships at night and having dreams about your true Multidimensional SELF. I, Gaia, wish to thank you so for remembering that you have taken this incarnation to assist me, your Earth Mother, with my ascension.

In fact, your multidimensional, Spiritual Body is already beginning to merge with your Mental Body, your Emotional Body, and your Physical Body. This merging of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies directs you to look through the portals of light that you are increasingly able to perceive.

These portals are opened by your perceptions and recognition of them. You will not perceive these portals with your third or even fourth dimensional consciousness. These portals can only be perceived by your ever-expanding fifth dimensional consciousness.

The reason why we, the Galactics and my planetary self, have shielded these portals to from third/fourth dimensional perception is to protect them from any interference of the Dark Ones.

In fact, as a protection for these portals of light, only those with fifth dimensional intentions can open them. These light portals appear to your fifth dimensional vision as circles through which you can see a higher frequency of light entering your reality.

What you will perceive through your higher vision is a lovely, flowing golden light, which you will feel on your body as a caress of unconditional love. Also, if you listen closely, you will hear the “Music of the Spheres” as it washes over your body like a warm shower of light.

As the higher light moves through these portals, you may hear what seems to be a song. This song is similar to the sound you would get if you lined up glasses and put different amounts of water in each glass. Then when you tap the glasses with spoon, each glass has a different tone.

You could actually play a song by tapping different glasses because the amount of water determines the frequency to which each glass will resonate. When you resonate to your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will hear these sounds flowing through the opening portals. The higher your state of consciousness, the more clearly you will hear this “Music of the Spheres.”

Your combined thoughts and emotions will determine your state of consciousness, and your state of consciousness will determine the frequency of “music” that you are able to perceive. Your thoughts represent the frequency of the light that you can maintain.

When you can merge your Spiritual Body with your physical body, you can pull that light all the way down from your Spiritual Body and down, down in frequency into your physical body. It is then that you will create a strong foundation to ground this Higher Light within my planetary body and physical life.

This grounded Higher Light will guide you into your new life, which is based on the format of Unity with ALL Life. As you look into these portals with your multidimensional perceptions, you will see that there are many circles, which are actually smaller portals within the larger portal.

As first you may only perceive these smaller portals as vaguely differing frequencies of lights. However, as you relax into your inter-dimensional perceptions, you will see how all these “different” smaller, portals within the larger portal intermingle to create a beautiful light message.

Initially, there will be four different frequencies of light, which represent the light flow of my dear Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This intermingling of my Elementals with my ever-expanding planetary Spirit opens these portals of multidimensional light.

Dear human ones, I, your planetary Mother, wish to thank you for expanding your consciousness enough to perceive these portals, for now you can assist me to ground the multidimensional light that is flowing through these portals and into my planetary body.

Many of my human inhabitants perceive these portals, and I know that there will be more and more who will eventually perceive them. On the other hand, some humans may not see the portal of light at all.

Fortunately, the Arcturians are reminding humanity to perceive and open these portals in order to bring that higher light into their energy field, as well as their many thoughts and emotions. The Arcturians, as well as all my Galactic Family, are also assisting humanity to ground that frequency of light so that a majority of humans can perceive.

Fortunately, there are people that are way beyond this point of “just perception” who are learning/remembering how to read the messages within the light, as well as share those messages with others. To these leaders we say, “Blessings be for sharing the information you have gained.

There are actually different frequencies of this light, which form a stairway into a higher state of consciousness:

First, there is the conceptual, Mental Light, in which you can conceive of the possibility of this transmutational light entering Gaia. When you allow yourself to maintain the “conception” of higher frequencies of light moving through portals into my planetary body, many neurons fire within your Multidimensional Mind.

As these neurons fire, your Multidimensional Mind increasingly integrates into your 3D Brain. Your Multidimensional Mind is, indeed multidimensional, in that it allows you to focus your third dimensional intention on the beams of higher light.

Your physical self often perceives this Higher Light as small circles of light. This perception is similar to the small circles of light that you would see if you took a colander out into the dark night and shined a flashlight through it. These circles of light would appear to be symmetrical and circular light on the dark ground.

On the other hand, each of you are going to see something a bit different, as you all have different experiences from your physical life, as well as different state of consciousness when you perceive the light circles. I, Gaia, ask that you assist me by grounding your light perceptions into my planetary body.

I recommend that you begin by focusing your attention on grounding the frequencies of Emotional Light through your emotional body. The higher light is surrounded by an energy field, which goes up and down the frequency scale. As you perceive that frequency of light, your emotional body gradually pulls that light into, and through your earth vessel, and into my planetary body.

When you are focused on the frequency of your emotions, you have a vast range of emotions to assist you to “read” and/or understand the messages that that frequency of light is sending into my planetary body. In the same manner, when you focus on the frequency of your thoughts, you have a vast range of thoughts to assist you to better “read” the light messages.

When you focus your attention on grounding the slightly higher frequency of the Mental Light, you can pull it through your mental body to share that light with my planetary body. As you continue to perceive these light messages, you are more inclined to allow your thoughts to expand into the higher frequencies of reality where the portals are bigger and can hold more light, information, in each portal.

As you dedicate yourself to assist me, Mother Earth, to ground the higher light in my planetary body, your Spiritual Consciousness greatly expands. It is then that you begin to perceive and ground the Spiritual Light with the power of your breath.

This Spiritual Light breathes its life through your body, and enters your thought forms to remind you that you are in the process of grounding multidimensional thought-forms into my third dimensional planet through your third dimensional body.

Your intention to pull the collection of Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Light through your body and into my planetary core greatly expands your consciousness, as well as the resonance of your earth vessel. As the higher light moves into my planetary core, it is captured and amplified by my Central and Core Crystals.

As the Multidimensional Light is grounded within my core, I ask that you share your process with my earthbound ones who can use their imagistic thinking to enter into my core to be infused with the knowing of all my planetary Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Elementals.

When you ground these evolutionary concepts in your personal core, just as you have assisted in grounding them in my planetary core, our relationship of person and planet merges into “OUR expanded perceptions of viewing person and planet as ONE.”

Within the unity of person and planet, “WE” will discover how the concepts of Spirit, Emotion, and Mind blend into the shared experience of planetary ascension. We, person and planet, can transmute back into the multidimensional reality that has always existed in our higher states of human consciousness, as well as within the Core and Cornerstone Crystals of my planetary consciousness.

I, Gaia, then ask that you maintain your conscious connection with the core of my planet, as well as up into the highest dimensions of our shared “Multidimensional Earth.” In the core of these vast personal and planetary energy fields is humanity’s force of Kundalini, which is ready to flash into your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, as well as my planetary Core Crystals which will activate my flash into a fifth dimensional Light Planet.

Then, just as your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF will release the third dimensional earth vessel that once contained it, my fifth dimensional Lightbody PLANET will release the 3D Matrix that has served as a third dimensional frequency fence.

Just as you, my humans, will be able to perceive, return to and interact with your true fifth dimensional SELF, I Gaia will be able to perceive, return to and BE my true fifth dimensional planet.

As we, persons and planet, expand into our Spiritual Light, we will discover that this light is everywhere, within the fifth dimensional NOW. Your third dimensional thinking has told you that some places hold the Spiritual Light, but other places do not. However, everything has spirit. Everything!

Because we, persons and planet, are going through an enormous process of transmuting our third dimensional form into our fifth dimensional form, the 3D Matrix, “frequency net” that has contained both persons and planet within the illusions of third dimensional limitation, is beginning to lose its cohesiveness.

The third/fourth dimensional challenges are quickly transmuting into the HERE and NOW of fifth dimensional all-knowing freedom. Hence, within this NOW, I, Gaia, ask my humans to release the lives-long habit of perceiving my planet as being third dimensional.

I ask that you, my dear humans, look through and beyond the third dimensional frequency net, and focus your attention on the fifth dimensional Light Planet on which your fifth dimensional Light Body is residing within the fifth dimensional NOW. Your ability to expand your perceptions of reality in this manner is vital to my planetary transmutation back into the fifth dimensional planet that I have always been.

Remember, we do not need to create this higher dimensional reality, for the fifth dimension is beyond time. Hence, fifth dimensional Earth has infinitely existed. When you chose to enter time, your consciousness, as well as your perceptions, were bound by the illusion of time. Many of my humans are going through what feels like an “initiation.”

This initiation is not about being a better person. Instead, it is about remembering who we, persons and planet, have ALWAYS been. When you are far away from a tall mountain, you may only see the peak of the mountain as the base of it is blocked from your vision by what is “in between” you and the mountain peak.

In the same manner, the fifth dimensional reality may be perceived as being “above you” in some manner. However, that frequency of reality is actually “within you.” Raising your consciousness does not create your fifth dimensional Lightbody. It is always within you no matter what state of consciousness you are holding.

However, it is difficult to remember that fact while you are living within the many physical challenges of living in the midst of great change. You, the awakening ones and the already awakened leaders are calibrating and re-calibrating your perceptual field into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Now that you know/remember something you may not have know before, or you forgot, you can begin to use the ever-expanding higher light to clear up whatever you are ready to release. You know what you are ready to release because now you’re getting a very clear view of yourself.

There are parts of you that can stand a little transmutation and a lot of Unconditional Love, as well as the parts of you that are pretty clear within this NOW and ready to assist your Mother Gaia.

How can you give to others what you cannot give to your self? How can you teach others, what you have not yet remembered? Therefore, I, Mother Gaia, ask you to love your self and commend your self, for YOU are moving out of the separation of “your personal self” and into the Unity of “OUR planetary SELF.”

Blessings to you all, dear humans, for you are moving out of the 3D/4D where there’s separation and to the HERE and NOW of the fifth dimension. Within that HERE and NOW we, humans and all planetary life, are ONE.

As your Planetary Mother I commend you on your great transmutation and service to OUR planetary being.

Blessings, I AM your Mother Earth.

Please sit on my warm earth under one of trees to remember that

I AM ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with ME

For the ENTIRE 52 minute recording, including the ending which is NOT in this post, 

please click HERE

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Transcending Separation/Human’ness to Avatar Consciousness – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


Transcending Separation/Human’ness to Avatar Consciousness


Your mentality creates your reality. Your energy creates. You are the SOURCE of all realities, for they originate, emanate and radiate from deep inside of you. “That out there” is your own hologram that has become solid so that you have something tangible to show you what you hold inside of you.

Human holds duality & conflicting beliefs. I am love but I hate/blame you. I am light but I have darkness. I am abundant but I don’t have enough. I respect you but none of us are worthy. I am responsible but it’s their fault. I am powerful but I’m waiting for someone to save me. They are sovereign but I pity them. I am happy but I don’t have/am not enough. I don’t judge, but look at them. I am enough but I need something else to be happy….

These conflicting transmissions create each’s world. Human aspects don’t understand that those subconscious hidden programs are beliefs… and each frequency is housed inside the body, the energy is the emotional release of that belief, the thought is the audible transmission of that program/frequency….. If it’s running inside of you, if you believe it, if you ignore it/try not to hear it, it’s still creating your physical reality world. You become conscious to your entire subconscious. After awhile, you become fully conscious to ALL simultaneously that is in your entire field of consciousness.

You can not BE fully abundant and still feel like/believe/continue to allow/do less. You cannot be prosperous if your actions are still of lack. You cannot experience a fully abundant reality if you keep living the old conflicting programs from inside. You have to notice the conflict (distortion) and change your own energy yourself. You cannot keep wasting “all things energy” and “spending” it on the old.

Your field of consciousness, this creates. So if you are holding back, if you are not DOING YOUR WORTH, if you are not SHARING fully that which you DO HAVE ACCESS TO, if you are not utilizing every opportUNITY, seeing EVERYthing as a gift…. then you are the one that is unconscious and asleep still.

As you awaken fully, you start to realize that everything serves a purpose in your world. That roof over your head provides you an opportUNITY every day to make a difference, every moment to check your own energy…..

What is your energy/your field transmitting IN EVERY MOMENT? Are you aware of this? Do you move energy yourself? Do you increase your ROTATIONAL FIELD SPIN sooooo fast and high, that your field spans all dimensions for you…. and you get to chill a bit and have some fun? Are you intentionally working consciously in every dimension, sleep and wake state, or are you still asleep in some of them?

Do you “go human” and slack? Do you disconnect from CREATOR/SOURCE inside of you to forget again? Do you stop “doing” when you get what you want, things are easy… is the only time you open up/step-up is when you want something for you? What happens when you get it, does your rotational field spin start going in the opposite direction again?

Is your heart open when you are desperate and then close/you go unconscious with still stepping up when you don’t have to? How you spend your energy, your time, where your focus is, WHEN YOU KICK IT IN GEAR…. this will tell you what you require in your own reality world.

Are you generous when certain things happen, then the rest of the time not? Are you aware of your energy? All of your aspects? Listening to your own words, observing your own actions, seeing your own habits/go-to’s, seeing when you shift from one dimensional aspect to another and what’s going on with you? Do you see, truly… how you are creating absolutely everything that you experience here? Do you see that things change when you change them and you stop going back to old mindsets and letting the old unconscious programs start running again?

Are you aware that your WORTH is based upon what you contribute, based upon the way you see yourself, how you see others, what you do with what you DO have, how you project/what you project and what you allow from others in your own reality world?

If you don’t appreciate you, respect you, love you… then you settle for less from others who do not love, appreciate, respect too. If you don’t value you or others, then others can’t value you…. If you don’t see that you are Divine and that you have so very much to offer, then you shrink down, you don’t open up, you don’t share… so others only get to see the little you that only becomes visible when it wants something……

Your heart, your soul…. has to be visible ALL OF THE TIME… not your pain, your pity and your lack. This is your human’ness, your unworthiness that you still believe… and when you project this out… this is what you are creating to continually experience here. You can consciously release this energy and not believe it or let it control you anymore… yet you must DO THAT WHICH MAKES YOU FEEL WORTHY in every moment…..

When you open the beauty of who you are, share the magnificence, become the mirror of love, become the mirror of respect, become an ABUNDANT BEING of LIGHT…. you step up, you share, you contribute… you make a difference WITH YOUR ENERGY…. and all things physical are energy manifested/materialized/holding physical matter form……

If you continue to judge, blame, hold lack, give your power away, separate off from that SOURCE part inside of you where you KNOW BETTER…. where you FEEL the purity, FEEL the MAGIC, FEEL the bliss, FEEL beyond abundant all of the time… then this is what radiates out… How do you transform all back into purity, love and abundance in your own physical reality world?

Your energy precedes you, it is what spans other dimensions and activates your realities to materialize here. Your actions from the purity of “doing for no reason, just because it’s why I’m here on this Earth”…. as an angel, archangel, as Creator, as the entire Universe… because all of THIS IS YOUR CREATION……

As each TRULY GETS IT…. truly start to see, truly starts to take responsibility for their own transmissions, their own beliefs, their own mentalities and what they are GENERATING FROM INSIDE and sending out into the atmosphere/ethers to create here…. As each pay attention to their own energy, when it shifts, when they open up to share/be visible, when they shrink down/go small/become human and close down…

That closing down, that reversal of energy, that resistance or pulling energy……. that is lack. That is unconsciousness, that is human, that is separation…. and that creates worlds…..

Not one of you/us…. gets to disconnect from inside, gets to forget/go unconscious anymore, gets to revert back to old programming for “too long”…. for that’s when everything starts collapsing and abundance stops coming forth….. for physical realities are a vibrational match to what each holds…..

Observe yourself, see where you disconnect, see what conflicting programs you have going on….

When your transmission is PURE and without distortion…. then your physical reality can materialize easier and not dissolve anymore….

When your actions are all intentional, when generosity without lack prevails, when you do because of the deep profound love inside of you… then you will exist in a FULLY REMEMBERED state again.

The other side of this is to see all human’ness, yours and others….. see the habit programs, feel the energy of love or lack… feel the purity or the need, feel the kindness or see the underlying motives, see all of the patterns and themes…. yours/theirs…. and not judge any of it…. see it and then decide what you desire to KEEP EXPERIENCING, see what you keep allowing, see where your own transmission changes…. this will show you absolutely everything. What you feel and do…. this will determine how you experience everything……

You cannot give your power away and stand as SOURCE here. You cannot wait for others and be a sovereign being here. You cannot judge and do at the same time. You have to choose. You have to decide…. are you tired enough of the old to step up and change your reality yourself? If not, you’ll keep repeating the same loop cycle until all of that energy breaks….

You can step into a whole new timeline when you get it….. fully. Inside. With every fiber of your being, every particle of you is on-board. When all of your aspects merge back into one and you expand fully again. You will stop separating off into your little human when your higher consciousness heart is fully opened and stays open all of the time…. You are the one that is “in charge” of this. ♥

Us…. WE are love… divinity…. SOURCE… we are ALL again… We are Energy occupying physical form. WE ARE CREATOR, we are RESPONSIBLE for everything that occurs in our reality worlds. We don’t take this lightly, we don’t waste, we don’t judge or sit around waiting for others…. We respect everyone’s choice for a reality…. we also respect our own, our selves and we don’t live in those lack filled spaces anymore…..

Each of us are here to TRANSCEND HUMAN’ness, transcend all of those separated beliefs…. each of us are here to BE and DO fully….. without the barriers of the old. We stop those old programs in our own reality, we don’t entertain them anymore. WE HOLD THE VIBRATION of our NEW EARTH REALITIES all of the time and we do not waver anymore. The difference in the old and the new? Where we come from… in every moment. What we DO, what we contribute, our mindsets….

Your human will be challenged in every moment… this is the point. Your other aspects awaken and come from within and you REMEMBER HOW TO WALK AS THEM as you INTEGRATE and Merge all inside of you and expand fully…. to encompass and BE ALL again.

You will experience every bit of separation that you still hold until every bit of it is gone. As a multi-dimensional, you can observe your aspects and shift from one to another intentionally… until you achieve the ability to maintain balance inside and exist as all of your aspects fully again.

This is Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment…. All of your aspects merged fully into your physical form. Full consciousness, full power, full everything… emanating and radiating out from within you…. your DNA and genetics constantly mutating, your physical form constantly changing, your Crystalline LightBody Structure constantly upgrading, re-configuring, re-calibrating ….

The intelligence we hold is immense, the powers and gifts are too, the purposes, abilities and capacities…. grand and magnificent….

Your evolution back is a vast process….. one that requires that you transcend all from within. It requires your attention, your participating, your intentional actions and assistance… It requires that your heart be fully open, your mind be fully open, your energy be expanded at all times…..

Your “job” is to realize/notice when you are not and to open back up and be very intentional with every action and start choosing what you will/won’t continue to allow into your field of consciousness/reality world. You dictate all from inside… and you cannot stay/continue to play/keep trying to remain unconscious anymore. No more excuses. You are required to awaken fully…. this is not negotiable anymore. ♥

Get ready loves… StarGates are opening… still slowly…. we’ve moved out of the old “subtle” awakenings and further into the “abrupt awakenings” for many…. The higher we go in frequency, the more this will continue to be true. I love you! It is time… always! ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder, Guardian & Crystalline Grid Keeper of NEW Earth ♦

Author, Transformational Speaker, WayShower, Avatar Embodiment


Excerpt from my upcoming book: Avatar Consciousness and OverSoul Embodiment

Monthly Energies – December 2016 @ Jamye Price

November Review

by | Nov 26, 2016 | Monthly Newsletter |

What a rollercoaster! Here in the states we had the shocking election of President-elect Donald Trump. There were protests after the election, mostly peaceful—but tension was high for quite a few days. The Standing Rock protests have continued as well. Certainly, the US is not the only area of chaos by any means, but the tension was palpable for many an empath!

How do you maintain your peace within that? It isn’t as easy to maintain your peace in times of increased chaos. You may find it inaccessible for a time. You may find that you go back and forth. This isn’t a bad thing, it is indicating that you are capable of regaining your power in challenging times, or that you are clearing to a place of more strength. You may find that you are unaffected by certain energies. This is the way of it, that there are certain things that your energy is drawn into or not. You have some sort of resonance to clear, or a resonance to hold that assists, Lightworker.

In November, the energy focus was about Opening to Receive. This seemed counter-intuitive during such an emotionally challenging month. Yet this is a core of the path of Ascension—that as a wayshower, you feel drawn to focus on loving potential in trying times, that you are able to sense information beyond the obvious, that you are learning to navigate the potentials that are building rather than just the obvious “what-is.”

December Energies

Soothing Your Soul. It’s an interesting dichotomy that I feel in December. I feel a softening, a quiet moment. It feels like a time of rest and rejunvenation as we come to the end of the year and prepare for a new one. It feels like a flow of peace and honoring flowing in, that we are being nurtured after a somewhat challenging year. The December solstice is one of my favorite, always a powerful energy that feels like a reset (an energy that came up a lot in 2016).

Heart Mind Coherence and Clarity by Jamye PriceSoothing Your Soul is about taking some time to connect with the sacred breath of life and touch those moments of sweetness. It amplifies a flow of peace and honoring life, keeping you safe in reality and anchoring divinity. This is a culmination of a consistent message from 2016, that it is time to get your energy of Love, your Light into the world. That’s why the starseeds, crystals, indigos, rainbows, and all the other classifications of Lightworkers have incarnated. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Eventually.

At the core of feeling soothed is a feeling of safety to connect with Life. The Light Language transmission had a lot of movement around the heart and the second chakra, opening up the loving, creative flow of connection into the world. This is a great indicator that we are strengthening the lower chakras. It flows right into the energies of 2017.

2017 Overview

The Year of the Empowered Sovereign

I got a little emotional during the monthly energies video, because it has not been the easiest of years from a Lightworker perspective. Yet what I saw in sessions, classes, and communications was a new foundation of courage growing throughout 2016. I have been amazed at what has resolved on an energetic level. I am in awe of the human experience. Areon called 2016 The Year of Clarity, and it has definitely been about clarifying into a purer focus of Light. Whew!

As a brief overview, here is how they’ve defined the recent years:

2013 – The Year of Release (a restructuring after 2012, a lot of brain upgrades that would integrate over a few years)

2014 – The Year of Personal Empowerment (focusing on your foundation before a new wave of awakening in 2015)

2015 – The Year of Creativity (learning to work more directly with the heart/mind complex)

2016 – The Year of Clarity (refining your focus, clearing the foundation for a new strength and courage to begin)

As we move into the Year of the Empowered Sovereign, we will see a lot of focus on the individual strengthening, discerning, and focusing. Through that individual strength, a new unity and connection will begin. It will mark a time of learning to move past tribal fears and into a new paradigm of the beauty of diversity. This is natural to the younger generations and Lightworkers, but many still hold a resonance from past fears. Hence, the wave of racial derision that has been coming up to clear in 2016. Your clarity that you refined in 2016 has been building a strength of compassion so that the new energy of connection can begin to embody. Congratulations on the powerful work you have done. I’m deeply grateful for your effort. It will be worth it!


In December, Soothe Your Soul as much as possible and find your rejuvenating peace. Maybe its in nature, with a loved one, or with some beautiful music. As 2016 comes to a close, spend some time looking back at what you’ve created within yourself and in your life. Give yourself some kudos for your focus on improvement. Your smallest act of forgiveness is the butterfly effect that transforms the human experience. Never doubt your power. You are a blessing on Earth.

Have a blessed December.

New Moon in Sagittarius, November 29th, 2016 ~ Dimensional Shift Within – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Benjamin Lacombe


New Moon in Sagittarius, November 29th, 2016 ~ Dimensional Shift Within


A New Beginning a POWERFUL Shift!

November 29th, 2016 at 8:18 am AST. A New Door Opens! A relationship? A Powerful Door. Are you open to receive? This receiving is within you. The Sun and Moon conjunct.

A Dimensional Shift ~ Within. Within YOU, your consciousness.

All New Moons are new beginnings and last until the next New Moon. The most powerful impact is often felt within the first two weeks as the energies build up till the Full Moon.

This New Moon conjunct Juno (which is an Asteroid) relates deeply to how we love. How we love ourselves and love our Beloved ONE. Everything is a reflection of our inner consciousness. Conjunct Antares (a fixed star) how intense will this be for YOU?

Are you wide OPEN for a timeline shift? A Dimensional shift within YOU?

You, your relationships, everything around you is a mirror of the you inside. What you are going through is playing out through your own unique blueprint. The memories of distortion or the Higher frequencies of the Light you are as your Higher Self.

Everything is inside us, and this too, is symbolic of our uniqueness.

New beginnings or endings with this New Moon? Engagements, separations, new partners….it all begins within you.  The Frequency you ARE and what it is, for you to experience. Next, Now. As an inner frequency. That frequency that is you. Your Blueprint, where you are and what you are going through.

Is all now.

At the Highest levels that is.

Attune to the highest level of YOU consciously, through being present and open to receive.

Neptune Square this New Moon. Infinite possibilities of expansion, as you open and release memories (through being present) that have played a role in keeping you in 3D.

Hope to cope with this intense New Moon. The ONLY way through is THROUGH.

Resistance is painful.

The Present moment, through observing, you may ride the waves of intensity and come out TRANSFORMED.


Filled with intense LOVE of the DIVINE Beloved. You.

Listen to this powerful activation included.

It will begin a powerful transformation.

Into the unknown.

The unknown not yet expanded into YOU, the so-called future timeline you.

All accessed in unconditional Love.

All Now.

This New Moon.

I am with you! Even NOW.


Eternal Expansion! Heaven on Earth!




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Still Shaken but Emerging – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Kuan Yin – by Halstenberg Studio @ Etsy


Still Shaken but Emerging

Sacred 333I thought I was through with the shock of seeing myself without my self-serving lens. But evidently not.

And, anyways, the occasion is too rich in learning to pass by so soon. All of life is only about learning anyways. Learning who we really are.

When I really get that, life becomes a sabbatical in the university library – turned loose and on my own – rather than a chore.

The change is similar to what Shankara says takes place when we become dimly aware of the Self or Atman:

“Once we become conscious, even dimly, of the Atman, the Reality within us, the world takes on a very different aspect. It is no longer a court of justice but a kind of gymnasium.

“Good and evil, pain and pleasure, still exist, but they seem more like the ropes and vaulting-horses and parallel bars which can be used to make our bodies strong. Maya [illusion] is no longer an endlessly revolving wheel of pain and pleasure but a ladder which can be climbed to consciousness of the Reality.

“From this standpoint, fortune and misfortune are both ‘mercies’ — that is to say, opportunities. Every experience offers us the chance of making a constructive reaction to it — a reaction which helps to break some chain of our bondage to Maya and bring us that much nearer to spiritual freedom.” (1)

That fits my own experience as well.

Here’s what happened since yesterday.

No sooner I had I written the article yesterday than I went to the supermarket and had a stack attack en route. A stack of vasanas went off. I couldn’t ignore it.

What I saw was: After having been shattered by the experience at age 7 of my Dad shouting at me from point-blank range, I constructed a facade and presented it to others as my real self.

I hid safely behind it, hoping nobody saw me.

I was dissociated, shattered, fragmented. And things seemed to settle into a pattern where I had a relatively-wobbly private and public self. No one knew the private self but me (who is that me? I never asked) and the two sides never met.

An illusionary self constructed another illusionary self and tried to sell it to others as the genuine article.  Hmmmm… What chance does that have in the world of our future?


Having lost touch with my original innocence once already, I multiplied the damage by constructing a totally off-balance, dual image of myself in response. Privately angry and self-isolating; publicly generous and gracious.

I was Mr. Nice Guy at the office and the Old Troll at home.

I’m not concerned with Mr. Nice Guy. He gave at the office.  Time, energy, caring. It’s the Old Troll at home that I’m concerned with.

I was an angry man in my relationships. I was a total pain to a lot of people. They in turn were very gracious in the process of bidding me farewell, I must say.  I knew something was “wrong” with me but I never knew what or what to do about it. I chose to remain confused. (Confusion = Aware of my choices and not liking them.)

All the while of course I continued studying the literature of enlightenment, growth, and spirituality.  My research was everything to me.  Oh, it went well. But it was the only thing in my life that did.

This passed as “a life.” If one needs to get a life, this is not the kind of life to get.

Anything I say by way of explanation would seem self-serving. And rightly so. What was it Jim Carey said? “I find myself in contempt.”


I’m going to be merely descriptive to minimize my excuses.

I used my irritability to force other people around the Monopoly Board and on to the squares I wanted them to go to. I used it to wall myself off when I wanted time alone, which happened a lot.

I resorted to it far sooner than most people and went further than most. I was downright growly when I wanted to be alone (to research). And at other times.

I actually imported my dissociation into my marriage. Where before there were two of me – a public and a private me – my marriage now became the private me and my work life became the public me. I was not the same in both.

I was therefore living a lie, something I swore I’d never do. I lived a lie with my parents: The lie that everything was OK when my Dad was clobbering my Mom.

I vowed I’d never again “keep family secrets.” (Vasana.) I’d never live a lie again. And yet here I’d created a double life – angry at home and nice at the office –  my reputation depending on keeping it hidden.

Gawd, this is painful. After years and years of enlightenment intensives and awareness workshops, I’m only now seeing how things really were. It’d take a ton of garbage lying on top of this to keep it hidden from my awareness through all the workshops I’ve done.

Someone once said that the truth will set you free but, before it does, it’ll piss you off. I’m going through several stages with this core issue (anger, grief, denial) and being pissed off with myself is definitely one of them.

It’s as if all the voices in me are having their say, everyone who wants to take a kick at me is having their turn – inside me – until all is quiet again.

And, if I just be patient enough to hear it all through, it’ll reach its natural conclusion and go on its way.

Resist and it’ll persist.

I regard what I’ve just said as what Sociologist Erving Goffman would have called a “deep, dark secret.” Survival depends upon me not revealing it to you. Taboo. Verboten.

There. I revealed it.


I feel the whole issue, the whole explosion of realization, with its aftermath of assimilation and response, has now passed through me like a wave. I’ve recovered my balance. The storm set off by seeing myself without my self-serving lens has passed.

I hear Werner saying, the truth is what’s so. It’s also so what? Now that I’ve experienced it through to completion, it fades away into memory like yesterday’s news.

I’m best advised to let the memory go and not repeat my error – or conditioned behavior.

My apologies to all I’ve been a total pain with. You were kind enough not to say it to me but I do get it just the same.

The process I just went through shows as clearly as I possibly can how the rising energies are squeezing everything hidden, denied, or misrepresented in us out of us before – as far as I’m aware – setting us free.

If we can only allow it to pass through us without resisting, simply observing everything we can about it, even the most shocking of realizations will pass through us and, in many cases, not return. And we’ll be left with the learning … and humility.


[A day later.]

I feel greatly benefited from having seen the truth of my past.

My knowledge of it went from the intellectual through the experiential to the realizational. Speak of a “bridge to now.”

Seeing the truth of a situation serves as a bridge to now.

I’m now more present. I’m even less attached to … almost anything … than I was before.

I feel humbled. I demonstrated the total banality of the Third Dimension while all along thinking I’d escaped it. I lived an inner life that was totally in opposition to the outer life I led and thought nothing of. As long as no one saw, I was OK.

None of that was what I set out to do in life. I’m sure of it.

But then again, maybe the assignment was to get thoroughly ensconced, screw up royally, and find one’s way out of it.

And write about it.


(1) Shankara in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher lsherwood, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1975; c1947, 24.



Art : Kuan Yin – by Halstenberg Studio @ Etsy

Still Shaken but Emerging


Beautiful art : Kusaba Kazuhisa




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

– ♥ –


The Buddha Mandala with the Syllable OM Mani Padme Hum by Lanjee Chee @ Fine Art America


The ten shaktis or empowerments we discussed in Part 1 have ten symbols, which open ten portals.

They are light language, called seed syllables.

Here is a simple way to practice opening the portals.

I will use as an example, the Fire Shakti empowerment.

Adopt a simple relaxed posture with your spine straight.

As you read this, and sit or lie straight, begin to breathe.

“Breathing in, I am aware of the Light Language within me

Breathing out, I manifest the Light Language in my Heart”

Devote yourself to the Guru within or without, Lama, Angelic Being, Bodhisattva, Elder or whatever you wish to dedicate your path of pathlessness to.

Visualise in front of you a light sphere, like the full moon, about the size of a pea.

On it is written the letter ‘a’ in the colours of the rainbow as finely written as if on a hair.

The symbol for the letter ‘a’ looks like this in sanskrit

(in Siddham – the script of the Siddhas)


or like this in Tibetan


or your heart may reveal its own symbol.

Remember, “You are the Master”.

Focus your mind without distraction on the ‘a’

If a thought arises, recognise it through mindfulness and return to focusing on the ‘a’

If your consciousness becomes drowsy visualise the sphere blazing with light and the ‘a’ as a bright glittering letter

If your consciousness becomes distracted imagine the ‘a’ as very vivid dark blue.

Once you become accustomed to this letter visualise others like OM


or AUM


or any other Light Seed Syllable corresponding to your path.

Light Language is the essence of your True Self’s body, voice, heart and mind.

Once you can visualise this Light Syllable constantly, try visualising a mantra of seed syllables or Light Language circulating around it. This could be a rosary of a mantra, prayer or chant or a visual symbol.

This is OM MANI PADME HUM as an example. 


It can be much simpler, like a visual symbol of this mantra, if you identify with it, like jewels of purity, wisdom and unity circling the Light Syllable OM.

Once you can do that with clarity, embed the seed syllable in your heart and rotate the mantra around your heart.

Once this practice is stabilised, visualise yourself as the deity of your choice, like Guan Yin, or Christ, or Buddha, or Mary Magdalene while focusing your attention on the Light Language in your Heart surrounded by the rotating mantra, prayer or chant, or visual symbol.

When you have a moment after a cup of tea during your busy day do let me know what you experience or discover.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …


Tibetan Mantra -OM Mani Padme Hum



Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.


Gratitude to artists & photographers for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 




Guan Yin – Senju – Kannon



*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

– ♥ –

What I am about to share with you is merely an exploration of your own awareness, your own wisdom of what is.

It is long, so for that I am sorry.

If you get to the end, then I praise you for your perseverance and patience with me. 

I bow humbly to the wisdom of Infinite Being in you.

Christ Krishna Buddha and all Divine Mothers tell us there is a Pure Land, a Kingdom of Heaven, a Home within us, and when we go home to ourselves we are safe.

There in the home of our heart we touch the energy of the Christ and Buddha which shines light on any situation in our lives, the wisdom of Krishna and Divine Mother, allowing us to see near and far and know what to do.

We touch the living Pure Lands within.

We co-create the Pure Lands through our mindful and heartful breathing.

This is the alchemy of the breath, where alchemy is to purify and unify our energy and consciousness.

Our breath is intimately connected to Shakti or Divine Mother’s Breath.

Her Breath flows through our breath.

So Shakti pours through us all the time.

Shakti is Divine Mother’s empowerment, and within Her Shakti is divided into ten goddesses or ten Shaktis like ten daughters.

These are called the ten winds.

They have different qualities.

Because you are masters, gods and goddesses in your own right you can attune yourself to their activity and have deep experience through the doors of perception of the body and breath.


Concept Art by Perla Marina


The ten are very elemental.

Like the dragon.

They are the force of manifestation, making the miracles of manifestation possible, co-creating both the ordinary and extraordinary.

The ordinary, growing a rose in your garden outside your house, or growing the rose of gratitude in the garden of your heart, or the extraordinary, manifesting a rose in your hand, or roses raining down from heaven as they did for St Therese of Lisieux, are all equal in the eyes of God within.

The ten shaktis have ten symbols, which open ten portals.

They are light language, called seed syllables.

The ten shaktis are





Pervasive or all encompassing

Devadatta or faerie

Serpent or dragon

Dhamnajaya or wisdom of unity

Vitalizing or awakening


Most of us tend to experience the upward and downward kundalini flow.

That flow is comprised of two Shaktis or goddesses.

These are very deep feminine energies and easy for you to connect with because you are naturally breathing in this Shakti when you practice love and kindness and compassion to yourself and naturally breathing out this Shakti when you practice love and kindness and compassion to your neighbour.

As the Shaktis in you balance and release their full power you will manifest all you wish. You may well find when you enter the Pure Land of that full power that you have let go of all wishes whatsoever, and what will manifest may be something beyond, way beyond, what you previously had thought you would wish for.

To do this requires practise.

Intense focused aware alert awake practise.

If you look at the lives of the Masters, ALL THEIR LIVES were dedicated to revealing the truth.

You can do the same.

You just need the same intention, dedication and practice.

Explore deeply the stories of the masters and their experiences.

You will find exactly the same mastery potential in you.

You can do the same.

You just need the same intention, dedication and practice.


Japanese Amitabha Wooden Statue at Ebay


I would love to know what you feel when you experience the Shaktis.

To help this dialogue I will start sharing a little below.

They are Divine Gifts.

The Flow of Divine Mother’s Grace.

So it is very important to be open to these Gifts as they shower on each and every one of us in unique ways.

What I describe is just what I experience. It may inform you, it may not.

Your own experience of Shakti is much more important, unique to you, and I honour that in you.

First to Fire.

The Fire Shakti I know well.

It burns, is passionate, and ultimately reveals the light.

In my experiences with manifesting light they have come from deep passion and inspiration which with clarity and awareness brings joy.

This in turn breaks open the heart to reveal light.

The Shakti then seems to descend.

When I watched Tareth work with the light manifesting and how he breathed it reminded me of how so many of my manifestation experiences have involved the breath and then a deep often almost instantaneous period of stillness followed by an inexplicable (logically) manifestation of something that was a miracle.

Most siddhis or powers are byproducts of the main process of alchemy.

In this case it is fire, deep joy, filling the physical system and overwhelming the cells so the atoms themselves rearrange and form something that wasn’t there before.

Turtle Shakti I am exploring.

It is heavy and earthed like a mountain and ultimately allows you to do physical manifestations like moving mountains or rocks or things.

I am not that skilled in telekinetic movement and rearrangement of atoms yet.

I have managed some levitation and movement of objects in groups.

Turtle is also far deeper.

The earth itself begins to sing.

Upward Shakti is what many Shaktis initially feel like, an upliftment, ascension, lightness of being. The upward Shakti is a communicative one and allows direct contact with all manner of beings from humans to dolphins to extra terrestrial beings to interdimensional worlds.

In most cases the Shakti is directional in that you can focus on a particular being or species such as a loved one or a dolphin or another world and through the upward Shakti feel the same energy as that being or species or planet or dimension form in you and then shift and fill you and then resolve, connect and ‘mate’.

It feels like making love across worlds but really it is recognition of the one Self in All, explored a little at a time.


Japanese Pure Land Statue at Ebay

Were you to connect now with all consciousnesses before you were ready your energy system would literally be blown apart by the sheer influx and inflow of energies and rewiring that happens to your brain and body.

The chameleon Shakti is a mutable earth mother goddess energy and extremely powerful. The Shakti enables you to change and match your own energy to that of any being so that your breath becomes their breath.

When you reach deep stillness and presence within and allow blending and merging to occur you actually take on qualities of the goddess or deity you attune to.

It is the essence of deity yoga and the core practice of many visualisations and chants that are activating light and sound initiation codes already embedded in your DNA and cells. The feeling is ferociously changeable and you may feel buffeted by the many energies that pour through you.

It takes great will and focus to calm and nurture these consciousnesses so tread carefully. When you use this Shakti to blend with another human being you literally feel ‘in their skin’ so to speak.

It is a literal transferral and transmission of light Shakti being explored today through the science of interpersonal biology.

Our inner states do affect each other and we do take on and reflect the qualities of others from their emotions and perceptions to their thoughts and beliefs.

Pervasive or all encompassing Shakti I can best relate through an experience I had years ago with a very well known psychic in USA.

She came to me for a session and asked me to give her an experience of this particular Shakti.

I told her I didn’t ‘give’ anybody anything and Divine Mother’s blessings came to them of their own accord and in their own particular time.

At that point the energy in the room built up to the point that light could be seen arcing across the ceilings.

It was phenomenally breathtaking.

The psychic went into a kind of trance and I felt my body and hers blend and merge until I almost lost consciousness as I could feel what she was feeling.

She slumped forward after a period of time with her head bowed.

After a while she regained consciousness and said to me “that was better than a full body orgasm” (her words) and left in a flood of tears.

I knew what she meant.

Devadatta or faerie Shakti.

Many of you can speak to this Shakti better than I.


Art : by Bi22 @ DeviantArt


We have all been part of, are part of and will be part of the powers that link us with the deva and faerie worlds.

Daenkus in the Pleiades that I come from and Avalon of Merlin’s soul group that I was part of and the Lady of the Lake Lineage are accessed through this Shakti.

The mechanics of InterPersonal Biology, InterWorld Travel and InterBeing come into play here.

We can all relate to the simple example of ‘traveling’ in our dreams.

It is not that difficult to connect with the energies we transfer and transmit when we are passionate about sharing something we love with someone.

We affect others and they in turn affect us.

Equally we are affected by what happens around our world.

Who can say they have been unaffected by recent events in the USA?

We also know, on a very simple and small scale, that the supermoon affects the earth through gravitational pull, resulting in earth tremors such as the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

On a larger scale, when we are very sensitive, we are aware that the worlds we are connected to through our Light Family exert their own ‘gravitational pull’ on our consciousness and allow us to connect deeply and physically in some cases with the Deva and Faerie energies of those worlds.

Serpent or Dragon Shakti.

The dragons you are connecting with are Serpents of Wisdom.

This consciousness was brought to Earth from extraterrestrial sources including Venus and Sirius.

Some of you, through this consciousness, are connecting with other dragon energies from other stars, planets and Light Families.

The wisdom of the Kumaras and the Serpent-Dragons was passed down through the lineages of many civilizations.

The dragon and the serpent are One.

The Kundalini Shakti energy field is represented as a serpent, a feminine power that rises upwards to the crown chakra to meet Shiva, the masculine.

The merging is the Sacred Marriage in alchemy.

The Thoth-Hermes Soul Group led the first alchemists to North Africa and Egypt from Atlantis.

They were called Djedhi (Jedi) or Serpent Masters.


Senju Kannon Statue @ Ebay


This lineage included the leader (Thoth/Ta-Ho-Te) who brought the Emerald Tablet.

These tablets contain the secrets of transmutation both of base materials into ‘gold’ as well as the secrets of transforming humans into gods and goddesses through unity consciousness, just as you are experiencing now in your various groups, a process which Tibetans call Deity Yoga.

Dhamnajaya Shakti or wisdom of unity Shakti is the consciousness of oneness within you.

We all share a common humanity.

Our common bond is love and compassion.

On the simplest level this Shakti brings health to our body mind and heart soul through our loving compassionate breathing.

Our world needs the loving affection of our divine mother within who feeds the child in everyone’s hearts.

Vitalizing or awakening Shakti is the Mother of All Buddhas within you, alert and awake, with full clarity of all sensory perceptions, at peace with all aspects of yourself.

From the Beginning of Time Divine Mother is within us.

She kindly, gently reminds us, especially in the innocence of our childhood, that She brings us the gift of bliss and emptiness, without which we cannot awaken our heart to Her Wisdom.

She tells us of our own path of pathlessness, unique and like no other, and that if we honor it, we will reap all the rewards of heaven that the great Masters, angels and saints, gurus and Bodhisattvas have promised, because they are in us as we are in them.

She tells us to look around at each other and wake up, to see the Beloved in each one of us, these apparently separate forms, that are all Christ and Buddha lights flowing from the one single Source.

Downward is the Shakti of manifestation.

When you breathe out you co-create the Pure Lands that lie within you and blend and merge this consciousness with the world you perceive around you.

We touch our own living teachings or Dharma within ourselves by mindful breathing, the alchemy of breath.

Mindful breathing and heartfulness or gratitude generate energies of manifestation, protecting our bodies, hearts and minds.

And just as you have a light community around you and on all the worlds so you can experience Sangha or community within, through the body, the feelings, perceptions, thoughts and consciousness.

Through presence and being in the moment all these elements come together to work in harmony in you.

All fear is transformed into love and harmony.

When we touch the energy of Christ Krishna Buddha and Divine Mother we are safely in the Pure Lands.

This is a treasure.

It is so simple you can practice anywhere and practice until you can do it while you are driving, making breakfast or having lunch.

When you do this with presence you are arriving home, being constantly in the Pure Lands.

You are surrounded by the light community on this world and all worlds and are absorbing its energies and consciousness.

You are producing the energy and consciousness of the Buddha Christ Krishna Divine Mother and offering it to all worlds at the same time.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …


Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.



Gratitude to artists & photographers for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

When Your Subconscious Shifts ~ You Shift Dimensions – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


When Your Subconscious Shifts ~ You Shift Dimensions


The Attachments to 3D consciousness which exist as memory within your subconscious mind, shift first, at that deep inner subconscious level.

If existing through these memories (till cleared) and attachments, the conscious mind will constantly seek answers to problems. As 3D consciousness does NOT exist in the present moment.

Problems, things needing to be resolved, situations that appear as needing to be changed, are ALL aspects of 3D Consciousness.

Which exist only IN CONFLICT.

That is to say, conflict with the PRESENT.


Now speaking directly to your subconscious mind, bypasses the need for the mind to desperately seek the answers, it feels it needs to know. In order to solve its apparent problems. Which exist ONLY as a state of consciousness connected to either attachments to past (memories) or desires for a future, that is ALSO in that consciousness NOW.

Needing to fix NOW ~ is ego consciousness. 3D consciousness WHATEVER you want to call it. That is what it is.

Resistance to NOW.

Resistance to what is.

Resistance to how your life plan is unfolding.

Resistance to letting go of your attachments.

That is what suffering is.

It is clear.

It is precise.

YOU suffer when you have attachments. When you resist. When you live in a way, that resists NOW.

When the little you, PLAYS God, you suffer.

You resists you want everything BUT what is in front of you.

That is 3D consciousness.

Now to reprogram your subconscious mind, we BYPASS the thinking mind.

This is what the audio Activations also do. Your subconscious understands the frequency the meaning and begins to resonate with it. Which shifts your frequency.

The 3D mind with its attachments cannot FIGURE its way out of its seemingly endless problems.

Whether that is society at large. Conditions in the world. Resistance to now, NOT being present NOW is suffering.

The GREAT Part about being present is you SEE things differently than when in 3D. You do not see the same WORLD.

YOU live in a world that is completely different from the world of consciousness based on attachments to past memories.

Those memories are not your enemy. When pushed aside for lifetimes THEY become aspects of consciousness to be listened to.

To be acknowledged. To then be held in the tender arms of love. A Love that is gentle. A love that is unconditional. TRUE love does not judge.

True Love is a state of consciousness.

Just like 3D is a state of consciousness.

Being in Heaven here on Earth is also a state of consciousness.

Many live in different worlds here on Planet Earth.

IT is all a state of consciousness.

IT is not a race to get there.

The 3D mind though, thinks it is. Like making more money, getting that better house, ALWAYS got to get there first. Or get THERE.

OF course that THERE is anywhere but HERE.

That tricky 3D Ego mind of Attachments.

IT never sleeps also. It is a state of consciousness.

Now your subconscious mind, is the deeper level of you where your Blueprint and life plan, exist. It holds the memories of all lifetimes.

IT is like the inner school YOU that is SET on a program that RUNS YOU.

That is right, your subconscious mind is the program that you are LIVING through.

NOW bypassing the conscious mind, through getting deep into the subconscious is a little like playing.

It makes no sense to the conscious mind. It doesn’t have all the answers.

The great part is it doesn’t need to.

IT Only follows the program.

This program within you, that is present even though you are not aware of it as you are reading this, UNDERSTANDS this language.

This language is the truth of how you live through your Blueprint.

This programming has never been against you. Although to the ego, (that never lives in the present moment) it believes this.

We do not need to fix that.

It is taken care of because it truly does not run the show.

The Subconscious program holding your blueprint DOES.

YOU are a SOUL that had a life plan that EXISTS in many forms, in many worlds, simultaneously. In the present moment you know this. Your subconscious mind knows this.

This Soul YOU consists of LIGHT. Light as consciousness.

PICTURE A HUGE program of LIGHT that is the master computer of it all.

YOU are your own unique program held in the field of this master computer.

THE YOU that is aware, knows all of this already. I am speaking to that part now.

NOW to know if something is shifting within you.

YOU will need to be present.

The easiest way to be present IS STAY in constant connection with INSIDE your body.

Your Heartbeat, YOUR inner vibrations. The FEELINGS that you sense that you can tune into. Inside your body.

YOU may feel this even now, suddenly attuned to a vibration, that then creates a feeling in your heart. A truth, a connection. A release. Tears. Whatever you experience. FEEL even more deeply NOW.

This is part of the FEMININE Aspect that seems as though it has been lost to many. Females and Males a like.

After ALL at the Soul level, you are both masculine and feminine. That is why you desire your Twin Flame. The other you.

Of course you know that deep within your subconscious mind.

The ONE YOU that is the ONE unique YOU.

The Frequency that you are as a WHOLE Being OF LIGHT that you are eternally.

YES you never die. The Vehicle body you walk around is not YOU. YOU are the LIGHT that animates it.

And YES you may take this form and it may transform into the LIGHT that you are eternally. That is Ascension.

SO here we are, an activation. A bypass of the what ifs and hows.

A simply little ACTIVATION of Light and VOILA ~ A Transformation.

NOT painful, not long.

DEEP into the area of your consciousness that knows this language.

This language is love and truth. IT is eternal, You are it. And it is you.

The unique YOU.

The ONLY one of you.

The You that is eternal.

That is Light.

That exists AMONG the 3D world and sees the world I see now.

IT is love. It only knows love. That is all it sees and knows.

That is freedom. That is the return to the original LIGHT you.

That my Dear Angels and friends IS ALL NOW.

Attune, FEEL and embrace the feminine principle.

The FEELING part of you that longs to be loved and acknowledged and heard.

Now and forever MORE I am with YOU, in TRUE Endless Love.



Heavenly Love and Bliss!



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Harnessing the Power and Essence Within You by Mother Earth – Natalie Glasson

Art : Earth Witness by Sabina Espinet @ Fine Art America


Harnessing the Power and Essence Within You

by Mother Earth

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 25th November 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Beloved soul incarnate upon my body, I send my energy, love and truth to you, I am Mother Earth. It is a great honour to connect with your heart chakra from the space of my profound love for you. We are one, we are reflections of each other, I am you, and you are me. When you were born into the earthly reality, and onto my body, you merged an aspect of yourself/ your essence with me, our energy became united. I supported you in grounding into the earthly reality, supported you in embodying a physical body and connecting your consciousness with mine and those already present. In return you shared with me your light, you allowed yourself to hold the essence of my truth and to exist on the Earth as an example of my essence. You hold within you the essence of my soul, Mother Earth, as well as the essence of the Creator, we both merge with your soul essence to create who you are in this very moment as well as whom you can become when you allow yourself to awaken further remembering your truth. I deeply honour you for the light and essence of pure truth that you hold within your being; it is a power and wisdom which is unique to the earthly reality. A synthesis accepted by only those who are born onto the Earth.

As you exist upon the Earth, you have many purposes to embody, accept and manifest. A purpose is an opportunity that creates truth, inspiration and enlightenment, it is not something which is compulsory for you to achieve, it is simply an opportunity which is available to you to aid your spiritual evolution. When you believe that you have a purpose which is vital for you to achieve and yet you do not understand your purpose, then you are hindering the creative flow of the Creator as well as encouraging yourself to be blind to your essence within your being. When you believe that you have many purposes upon the Earth, that each is opportunity and is not compulsory for you to achieve you begin to tap into the magical creative flow of the Earth which will guide you through your journey of incarnation.

Some aspects of the Earth can seem restraining, confining and restrictive, this is not the true essence of the Earth, it is of liberation, freedom and expansion. The energies of my being, Mother Earth, have numerous levels, you might say dimensions of energy which connect with the levels and dimensions of your being. If you are recognising the Earth as a negative place which limits and restricts you, then you are not viewing the essence, truth and jewels of my being and energy. You are not allowing yourself to look and connect deeply within my being to see the truth. This is when you will realise the magical energies, wisdom and sacred vibrations which are available within my being. Although I, Mother Earth, am one with all upon the Earth many have yet to look within at their own essence and into the depths of my essence to recognise the truth of this earthly reality, to discover the magic which is available. It is when you begin to appreciate, love and allow yourself to be fascinated with nature, realising that the Creator, myself and your essence exists within all things upon the Earth that you begin to connect with the magic of the Earth.  It is also when you begin to recognise within your being that love is present, compassion, peace and truth, realising that everything within you is the same as outside of you, especially in nature. The magic of the Earth appears to you when you remember the connection which is strong and true like a bridge of light between the truth within your being and the truth within my body; the Earth. The connection made with yourself, and all that I manifest allows you to access the magical high vibrational energies and wisdom that is unique to the Earth. It exists within my being and yourself because during your incarnating upon the Earth we are synthesising our energy to work as one, co-creating the Creator in manifestation.

My body is a well of energy, a synthesis of aspects of the Creator. I represent the power and possibility to be expansive and free, to manifest using your inner power and to be an expression of the Creator in action. The energies, essence and wisdom I hold supports you in experiencing yourself in this way with the freedom to discover your inner essence, who you really are and to remember all that is the Creator within you and around you. You may not feel that you have time to simply contemplate the beautiful synthesis of my energy, your energy and the Creator within your being, my being and your surroundings. However, when you begin to notice this most sacred, magical, and in truth, essential energy for existing upon the Earth within your being then time becomes expansive, synchronicities flow, and the creative essence of the Earth, your being and the Creator manifest to support and g uide you. It is important for you to realise that your incarnation upon the Earth encapsulates and expresses the well of energy and Creator’s aspects that I embody.

During your incarnation upon the Earth, you are an extension of Mother Earth and the Creator, this means you have access to all the power we hold. You may perceive that you are powerless as a human being upon the Earth and yet this is your opportunity to access your power drawing it from within through your being and into manifestation for you and all to recognise. Your power as an incarnate upon the Earth is immense. This is why so many Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Extra-terrestrial Beings and Light Beings are so interested in observing and assisting those incarnate upon the Earth. They all know that each soul has an opportunity to access and co-create with the synthesised essence and truth of Mother Earth and Creator. They wish to see whether humanity will realise the power they have been given and how humanity will choose to use it, to create love or to create chaos. It is as if all eyes of the Universe are upon you as well as wishing to support you to harness the power that is available to you. If you only realised the power available to you and the beauty you could create in every moment of your reality you would never again think of yourself as a victim, unworthy or unloved. Instead, you would experience yourself as an interconnected and valuable part of the co-creation of myself and the Creator. You would recognise yourself as a representative and an expression of the power and truth that we are within you. You would recognise the magic of the Earth and the magic that can be experienced bringing fulfilment, love and joy. Suffering, pain and chaos would be erased because you would not recognise it within your being. Suffering, pain and chaos are born from separation or the belief in separation. Many souls upon the Earth are experiencing separation from the power that is available to them from the Earth and Creator, known as their inner pow er. Many people know on some level that they were not born on the Earth to experience negativity. Instead they were born to remember from within the fulfilment, love and peace of the Creator manifesting it in every moment.

The easiest way to heal and erase separation is to practice and explore appreciation, acceptance and gratitude with yourself and with nature or any manifestation of my body. Recognise that there is a beautiful synthesis of the Creator, Mother Earth and your soul within your being and everything around you. Honour this energy, the more you recognise this synthesis, the easier it will be for you to remember and recognise the power, treasure and truth within your being which has yet to be known to you. Allow yourself to recognise the love, peace and creative force within everything within and around you, by doing so you will allow your conscious awareness to move into new dimensions of understanding where you can familiarise yourself with your power realising it as a magical energy of fulfilment for you to co-create and manifest anything you wish.

Visiting Mother Earth’s Chamber of Transformation and Full Realisation

I wish to invite you to visit my Chamber of Transformation and Full Realisation within my heart centre. Simply state this intention and I, Mother Earth, will come to you transporting you to my chamber. When inside the chamber you may feel immensely peaceful or like a whirlwind is building, each person will have a different experience. The energy of peace will carry you into the power within you while the whirlwind sensation will be the chamber supporting illusions and limitations in dissolving. I, Mother Earth, will work with you to support your remembrance of your inner truth; the synthesis of my energy, the Creator and your own energy which flows from your being creating a reality of fulfilment for you and all.

I, Mother Earth, am ever present to support you,

Mother Earth

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Art : Earth Witness by Sabina Espinet @ Fine Art America

Vibrating In & Out of Different Realities – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Vibrating In & Out of Different Realities

As you become more light/more energy, more multi-dimensional, you will have to “learn” (Remember) how to merge your holographic realities with your physical ones. You will have to accommodate your new energetic existence, your new LightBody with forming crystals in it, constantly shifting from tuning modes, transmitting modes, receiving modes…as your new body vibrates in and out of dimensions. Challenging and confusing is an understatement for awhile.

You will have to limit external stimuli more to avoid overload, as you won’t be able to subject yourself to the density of the old like before. You are not the old carbon-based human like before. You are learning a whole new existence and it’s nothing like it was before.

You will start to realize that you cannot do the old things anymore, that the energy of everything complete affects you now, yet in a different way than before. It’s not an emotional experience, it’s a “that inspires me, that depletes me, that contributes, that takes, that is open, that is closed, that is resistant, that is imposition, that is selfish/needy, that is awesome, that’s not….”

You will start to realize that where you focus your energy, that’s what materializes in your physical reality…. you will start to realize that you are vibrating in and out of different realities and each one has a different outcome…. you will start to see that all of this IS YOUR CREATION and you are the one that is RESPONSIBLE for all. You will start to see with new eyes/vision… THE ENERGY OF ALL.

You will hear/see/feel love, purity, truth in a very different way. It’s not with the words anymore, it’s the vibration that others transmit out… not what they actually say. This will be confusing for awhile, for it takes you awhile to understand they they are not conscious of themselves yet, they do not realize they are lying to themselves, being disrespectful, living by old programs that are not true… You can hear/see/feel their subconscious… they may or may not be in-tune/be aware….. This is just one of your gifts as a multitude of gifts return, subtly at first… stronger as you exist from purity within your own self.

You will see their human’ness, you will be provided an opportUNITY to become a higher self guide, to step beyond your own human’ness… you will see how inner-mingled human realities are, how much lack there still is…. You will see the patterns/themes, you will realize how selfish humans are and how they cannot share, do not step up to support and still try to live in lack/fear…… You will see how much humans project out unconsciously…..

When you finally leave the matrix realities that all awaken to, you will see the unconscious dimensional realms, yet you will no longer live there. You will have capabilities you did not have before. You will be provided with opportunities you did not have before. You will step fully into service in a whole new way. It will no longer be about you anymore… it will be about what you came here to BE and DO and you’ll “learn” (remember) how to BE and DO simultaneously… as you MASTER ALL REALITIES…. and merge your holographic existence with the physical one.

The POWER you hold is immense, yet it’s through the PURITY OF LOVE and you realize how much you signed up for before incarnating/walking in here. You also can tell when all is pure and when it is not. You won’t have any desire for anything less anymore in your own physical reality world.

Your relationships have to be PURE for you connect from the depths of your soul and others that don’t have this capability, you won’t have anything in common with them anymore. You won’t desire to pretend or have shallow exchanges and you’ll let all go easier, for you do not “need” anyone or anything to fill your space anymore.

Deep profound purity, deep profound love, deep profound respect and honor… these are not as “deep” anymore… They are our natural and organic existence here. Our core is our entire BEing, fully exposed, fully visible, fully present… and anything less a whole different dimension that we don’t vibrate into anymore…

Vibrational existence will change your whole world. You will learn to function all over again…. a whole new way… in every moment of every day…. Nothing will be the same as you integrate/merge/embody all of your aspects in your physical here. ♥

So very much love as Pure Divine Souls holding Heaven in place on NEW Earth all in one physical space now. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Posted originally on FB on 11/21/16

Start ~ Removing the Training Wheels – Paul Backes @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Judit Laboria


Start ~ Removing the Training Wheels

How do we start something new? How do we begin?

We get a feeling, an idea, a nudge that says, “Maybe I can do that.” But so often, conditioning kicks in or a distraction takes our focus away long enough for that ‘what if’ to end up on the back burner.

That’s the way I’m approaching this article. I have been working on this blog for a while and have been nudged and encouraged by others to write and contribute. It’s time to bypass conditioning and distractions, and start.

As we begin thinking about how to do our part to build a world that works for everyone, many are wondering, “Where do I begin?” There are so many things that need to be done in our world. If we don’t already have a specific technology to bring to the world or haven’t figured out our unique gift that we can contribute, it can be overwhelming to find what part of the dart board to aim for. So how about starting by picking up a dart and throwing it somewhere? Anywhere. Start.

So, here I am starting this article, not knowing where it will lead, yet the first word leads to the next, and the next sentence pours after the previous one. Now, it’s got some teeth, some bite, and I’m getting the picture that it will lead to something complete.

It’s a good metaphor for how to create anew with the potential of energy that is around us now. The shackles are coming off and humanity is ready to breath free again, and we’re in a position with our awakened state to apply ourselves toward making the world work.

But where does one start? May I suggest that it is by starting. Something. Anything. What is your talent, your desire, your passion? What is your biggest idea? What is your smallest idea? What can you do right now to begin fleshing out an idea and getting it out of your mind and heart, and into some tangibility?

Ok, now doubt is creeping into my mind. Who am I to dream big, to see myself as a writer, or one of those pay it forward types. I’m reminded of a classic quote from Marianne Williamson. I’m even hesitant to add it, thinking it might have been used many times in previous articles, but I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t matter.

Starting, then fleshing out what’s in my heart and mind is what’s important. Not worrying that I’m not unique or that I’m a hack. That is old conditioning, and I’m putting it aside.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’

“Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

So as I stumble through writing this article, I ask of you, what can you risk stumbling through to get something started? What idea can you plow through and flesh out and turn into a next step?

You might find, as I am now, that doubt and fear are beckoning in your mind. But as you continue to plod along, you start to realize that those doubts are now withering on the sideline, unable to effect you.

To me it feels like taking off the training wheels and feeling the exhilaration of riding a bike solo for the first time. Do I care at this point if the article isn’t good enough to post? No. I’ll risk skinning my knee. Starting to ride my own bike enables me to join others in the joy of feeling the wind in my hair while going someplace. To the next level.

Should I stop and go back and read what I’ve written so far? Why? To see if it’s good enough? To see if I can tweek it so I sound better? No, I want to see what comes out next. I wouldn’t stop my bike and analyze the first 10 minutes of riding without training wheels. I’m too curious to see where the front wheel of the bike will go next!

When I’ve exhausted myself, I may think back and consider what I could have done differently, but not for the sake of criticizing myself or letting old conditioning run rampant. I’d do it to see how I can do it better on the next trip. And because I remember the joy and thrill of plowing through something new, despite my vulnerability, I’ll be more confident and excited to start the next thing.

Wow, starting is fun. I’m glad I sat down to write this short article. No need for a dramatic ending, the goal was just to start.

What else can I start?

What can you start?


Art : Judit Laboria


Paul Backes, “Start ~ Removing the Training Wheels,” Nov. 25, 2016, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=284399

Mega-Diamond Razor Frequencies Cutting Through the Veils of Amnesia at an Unbelievable Rate Daily Now – Lisa Transcendence Brown



Mega-Diamond Razor Frequencies Cutting Through the Veils of Amnesia at an Unbelievable Rate Daily Now M


These quantum timeline collapses/jumps are huge lately loves. A collapse PUSHES you…. to step it up… these are bigger/huger than ever before, so the push is bigger…. you don’t get to keep playing in the old, you don’t get to slack and live from that safe place of unconsciousness anymore.

YOU will be challenged and you’ll have to deal with anything not in-alignment with your higher consciousness existence.

Realities are collapsing in every way for those who are at the point of “getting the point”…. Where do you let other’s chaos become yours? Where do you go unconscious or do you become more conscious, aware and deal with appropriately?

We’ve had 2 days of Diamond Razor Frequencies (the day before yesterday and today). These cut through the chit. Literally. They put everything in your face, trigger anything that’s not okay, got to be resolved, dealt with… yesterday we had super mega high solar winds, kicked our linear butts to where we could not hardly work/function and just had to get through it by shifting how we function…..

Today, super strong razors again. These go for the jugular, make that which was not visible before visible and they bring frenetic/chaotic/scattered energies…. panic for those who are now faced with dealing.

These are BEYOND POWERFUL frequencies loves. You are going to be challenged to HOLD THE NEW IN PLACE, check yourselves to see where you are coming from, as the higher we go, the deeper we go and these “cut to the core” and bring all human’ness/separation/lack to the forefront… make all visible. They also require YOU to hold your higher realities in place, as the human aspect will go ballistic in these…..

YOU have to see which aspect you are, for if you have any human’ness left, it’s gonna get triggered…. it’s the point. HOW you maneuver, how you deal, where you come from, what you still allow… this is key here. These are “stop the bullshit” frequencies… not “others out there”…. you. When others bring their chaos, lack and disrespect to you, you will have to deal with it… as love and power… simultaneously. This is MASTERING the PHYSICAL…

Yesterday was PURE HEART OPENING… deeply profound, deeply beautiful, deeply sacred. These are the opposite. More love & more triggers, all in less than 24 hours…. These frequencies basically “will throw you about”… if you are not present, centered and functioning from the depth of your own inner power and purity…..

We are having to STOP OLD PROGRAMS in their tracks with these. No more playtime in the old human games.

Pay attention… check your own emotions and mindsets and see what is going on with you. Human is obnoxious, impositional, pushy, doesn’t get it yet. Often, it will be up to you to RE-EDUCATE according to your own higher understandings through your inner wisdom heart-soul. Human aspects just waking up don’t realize or understand… they also don’t want to hear it or deal with it. Those times (vibrations) are over. This is WHY those physical realities are collapsing. They were built on separation consciousness (unconsciousness).

Here we go. More profound, more love, more magic, more awesome and more chit being triggered so it can be visible for you to choose…. This is how it is ….

Do you get sucked into other’s collapses while they work their own stuff out? Do you take their own inner/outer battle and fight on as your own? Do you try to take their experience away from them or do you require that they come from love and respect too? Do you hold the new in place or do you go back to old earth realities to try to play again/still?

WE are always in “Choice Point” now loves….. Peace, bliss and magic are a result of holding higher consciousness realities in place. You can’t have both. Or you are not done yet. ♥

I love you. These powerful Diamond Light Activation are huge. Physical realities will be rocked when they are not built on the foundation of purity and love as a soul here. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Posted to FB originally on 11/21/16

The Reval is for Leveling the Playing Field – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art : Irina Charny


The Reval is for Leveling the Playing Field

Sacred 100The underlying idea of the Reval – and someone correct me if I’m wrong – seems to be to get money out to people who don’t have it and need it.

Getting money out may not be a direct thing. It could mean building hospitals so that the poor have health care. It could mean building sanitation infrastructure.

Any enterprise like ours is going to find itself scammed at some point – money designed to go in one direction ends up going in another, etc.

I don’t intend to focus on what I estimate to be around 15% money that takes a detour, and somehow clamp down on the 85% of money that doesn’t. I intend to simply absorb the 15% without comment and keep going.

We’re not loan companies. We’re not banks. We’re not the morality police. The Company of Heaven, it seems to me, want us to irrigate the field.

That to me means getting money out there – to whatever causes we want to promote (which thereafter hire people, creating jobs), to whatever institutions, branches of research, inventors, artists, veterans groups, etc., we choose.

But, whatever the different ways we express ourselves in philanthropy, the underlying idea of the Reval itself will always remain, for me, to level the playing field.

That’ll mean affirmative action until the point of equality is reached. How else would society get from an un-level playing field to a level one except by affirmative action in the beginning?

Single mothers, senior citizens, the disabled, everyone who has until now been neglected needs to see their requirements taken care of. Their playing field needs leveling.

In terms of institutions, I can think of no reform more beneficial and more necessary than universal medicare in all countries. Once the Lightworker Congress is operating, I’d love to work with lightworkers on a combined effort to promote and ensure universal medicare everywhere.

Governments need to be reformed. Remaining dictatorships will have to yield. Guerrillas, drug lords, and crooked politicians will face a grim choice and/or a grim future if everyone across the board doesn’t lay down their arms.

Lightworkers need to fill the void by having conflict-resolution models ready to handle future disputes peacefully. Gone will be the element of causing wars for private gain.

This is the way I see it.

Remember: You’re the same a day after the Reval as you were a day before. You have the same life contract, the same promises made to the Divine Mother. Have a great time for a while and then come back and play in a much bigger game – a world game – creating a new world.


Art : Irina Charny

The Reval is for Leveling the Playing Field

We are Light and Love – Kara Schallock @ Solstice Rising


Art : R.C. Gorman


We are Light and Love22-Nov-2016

We are carrying more and more Light. When this happens, old deep core issues, patterns and beliefs surface to be let go of so that more Light and Love may take their place. Anything within that usurps your True Self and your Power is brought into the Light. This includes fear, anxiety and all that does not belong in you. Relationships that are of the old that have not yet been released show you the toxicity of those relationships. This has occurred with my relationship with my mother especially (although it has occurred with other relationships to a lesser degree). The most powerful relationship you have is where you are most attached to keeping it the same. My mother had mentioned that everything must have rules. That hit a deep chord in me, as I know that the New has no place for rules. Rules are based on old control patterns. It was another great aha! for me, as my relationships with all of my birth family has been slowly shifting. We evolve in gentle waves, so it can seem slow. I had noticed that no-one in my family resonates with me. Had they ever? This all was a celebration for me, as I have evolved so much that literally no-one who clings to the old matrix can stand to be around me and it is extremely difficult for me to be around them (although in a higher Truth, we are One). I know that many of you relate to this. Yet, Love remains. Even within the chasms of the old and New, Love is forever present.

Receiving more Light will bring up anything you have been avoiding. This can be your “inner critic” and all ways you do not love and accept yourself. It brings up where you judge yourself to be “less than.” This includes old unworthiness, lack, perceived failures and any way you do not completely love yourself. Now is the time to honor yourself in all ways by making choices that upgrade your self-love. You see, if you feel “less than,” how can you possibly share your gifts; for you would second-guess yourself and denigrate your own worth, which robs everyone of the gift of you. So amp up your Love and trust your guidance, for you are always guided to being more Love. Do not ever settle for being less than the Truth of you. You are not meant to settle for mediocrity for the sake of belonging in the old way of being. You are meant to shine brightly with no exceptions.

Notice the difference between who you used to be and who you are now. Are you diminishing yourself in order to keep the same friends or are you willing to be more? Do your friends support and love you or do they balk at the new you? Most who do not want to change will want to hold you back and yet, that is not your purpose. You need not please others to receive their approval and acceptance, for this does nothing for you or for them. By shining brightly and authentically, you touch others deeply in their place of knowing that they are more than what they allow themselves to be. Be willing to let go and be who you truly are. Trust that those who do resonate with your vibration and consciousness will knock on your door. Anything that is not Love will arise within you and you can look at it for as long as you choose; in the end, you will decide to be all that you are or choose to stay safely in the smaller version of you.

If things seem to fall apart, rejoice! Surely, all disintegration leads to an upgrade of who you are. It is exhausting to hold yourself back and freeing when you authentically expose your True Self; your Soul; the being you essentially are. What fear do you still cling to that keeps you small? Where do you feel stifled? Where do you feel free? Move toward Freedom and let go of the old rules, whether they are self-imposed our outer-imposed.

If it feels as though you can’t move forward, perhaps you have not learned what you need to learn in your perceived stagnation. We do not move forward until we are ready and until we have transformed the little self. In your Stillness, keep asking “What more is there to let go of or what more is there to learn?” While you do this, also know that more and more Light/Love flows into you and when it is time (Divine Time) for you to take a step forward, you will automatically find yourself doing so. It doesn’t take figuring something out or pushing yourself; it happens spontaneously; and when that step is taken, you may wonder, “How is it that I am here in this new space?” No need to try and figure it out; simply give thanks.

Do you wonder why you feel so whole when in Nature? Nature gives to us; we become One with it. Gaia and we are One. We are made of the same energy; the cells and DNA that are within Her are within us. When in Nature, we receive and we resonate as One. When in Nature, we give our Love and Appreciation to Gaia and She gives Love and Appreciation to us. This balances us and matches our vibration to Hers. All is uplifted. Gaia is uplifted as we are. She is the great Wholer and She shares Her gift with us so that we may share it with all others. She does not hold back; She shares all that She is with all of life. When in Nature, give thanks for all you give and all you receive.

Have you noticed that when you are dwelling in a lower energy, it doesn’t overtake you? You can feel fear and at the same time, know of your Love and Light. It is not an “all this” or “all that,” for that is duality. We do not forget who we are just because one of our shadows emerges. We can use this Light to transcend and transform our shadows when they surface. We are powerful and this Balance continues till we are nothing but Light and Love. Being all Light does not negate our physicality, for our purpose is to share Light and Love through all our bodies (mental, emotional and physical) on Earth. Ascension is not leaving Earth; it is demonstrating Light and Love in all that we are. This is the Transformation of the separate ego to the ascending ego, which is its natural place.

While we transform, we experience different phenomena. These can be pains in different parts of our body, as well as feeling the grief of moving beyond expected patterns. There are many changes we experience, which includes careers and jobs leaving or blocking us from them in order to have more meaningful work. We may experience withdrawal from family, friends and things we once enjoyed, because they simply are not aligned with our new consciousness. We continue to calibrate higher, which can affect how we sleep and eat. We may feel dizzy at times and off-balance as our DNA and cells calibrate higher. This can lead to feeling very ungrounded, so be in Nature, for that truly helps. If you feel you want to leave Earth and go Home, realize your Home is right where you are. Everywhere you are is sacred ground. Observe, allow and trust that whatever you experience is for your unique evolution.

Remember that where you place your focus is what is empowered. Do not dwell on what you don’thave; be thankful for what you do have. Do not dwell on what is not working or flowing; focus on where you do flow, for that guides you. Don’t worry that you’re missing something, for you aren’t missing a thing. All is revealed to you in the Moment and then you may choose what to do with it. There are no rules, shoulds or shouldn’ts and all is ordained for you. Simply commit to being all that you are. As you do, you are guided based on how something feels. Go with those things that uplift and inspire you; let go of those things that close your Heart and feel restrictive.

Life is so different now as you see the illusions clearly and move beyond them. It can be fun to watch the dramas unfold as things continue to transform. If these dramas frighten you, remind yourself of the higher Truth and release the fear of not knowing what’s next. Trust that all is in Divine Order, even when the separate ego and outer world try to intimidate and seduce you into going back to sleep. The Truth is that all is Love.

If you are interested, I post every few days on my Facebook page: Ascension: The New. Feel free to join us there, if it resonates with you.



Art : R.C. Gorman


Creating a Reality of Light – Part ONE @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Creating a Reality of light-Part ONE–Gaia, through Suzanne Lie

Creating a Reality of Light11-23-16

by Suzanne Lie and Gaia

Part ONE

I found something that I wrote in was my journal. It was a way I was given many years ago to release guilt. This process was one in which I used a small square, not round, table on which I placed a symbol for each of the four elements.

For example,

Earth was represented as a pottery cup,

Air was represented as a smoking incense stick,

Fire was represented as a burning candle,

Water was represented as a glass of water,

Each of the elements represented would be in the North, East, South, and West corners

I lit the candle, used the lit candle to start the incense, put water in the glass, and arrange the clay pot in one of the four corners.

I then, sat in front of the table and wrote a short sentence about what I wanted to release. In my case, I wanted to release guilt.

After I had meditated on releasing guilt for about five or ten minutes.

I then, blew out the candle, snuffed out the incense, poured out the water, and gently tapped the clay pot. I also took a moment to write down my process. Then, I went about my day.

The next day, I came back around the same time, and changed the positions of the representatives of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to a different corner of the North, East, South, and West. Lite the candle/fire with a match, lite the incense/air with the candle, arranged the clay pot/earth and put fresh into the container/water.

I then, sat in front of the table and wrote a short sentence to release my guilt.

I did this ritual for 7 days. Then I cleared every thing off and put it away. I was surprised how profound that simple ceremony was.

Since then, I have given that “releasing ceremony” to many people, and they all agreed that the process worked on some very deep subconscious level.

I feel that I am guided to share this clearing ceremony now because we are moving in and out of our third dimensional consciousness, as our physical bodies are going through a major transmutation. This transmutation is occurring on an elemental level. In fact, dear Gaia is also going through this transmutation at an elemental level.

Since we are all going through a major transition in our physical life, it is helpful to honor each of the four main elements that have joined together to create both our personal and planetary bodies. In fact, Gaia wishes to speak with you within the NOW…

Gaia Speaks:

My dear humans,

I am your Earth Mother. I am made of the same elements as you, my human children. Therefore, since this is the NOW of transition that many of you do not remember not asking for, you may perceive the changes within your earth vessel and earth life as some kind of third dimensional failure, mistake, or as something that you should have done differently.

Fortunately, your fourth dimensional bodies are reminding you that this experience has the feel of initiation. An initiation often “feels” as though you have made a mistake, or there was some kind of accident. However, your baseline, elemental self reminds you that what is occurring within your body and your consciousness is NOT a mistake. It is NOT an accident.

You may have to go through a certain, uncomfortable experience several times before you can realize, “Oh This an Initiation.” Initiations are not fun. Initiations often feel as if there is something that you MUST do. You do not want to do this “initiation,” but your Higher Self has sent it to you because I, your Mother Gaia, need YOU to consciously perceive, experience and interact with the higher dimensional beings that are calling you into active duty.

Every Ascended Master went through their “final initiation” before they could fully and innately expand their perceptions into the fifth dimensional NOW, as well as transmute their expectations from third dimensional expectations to multidimensional expectation.

Congratulations dear ascending humans, you have all gone through, will go through, and/or are going through an initiation within the NOW of my Planetary, inter-dimensional transition. Your initiation is actually that you are ready to call in any person, place, situation, and/or element that you have ever damaged, harmed, or hurt in any manner, and to send them Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

I offer the above “elemental blessing” as an example of how you can clear assist me to clear my planetary body from the baseline of my Elemental Kingdom. You were given the above ritual so that you can begin and/or expand your process by honoring the elements of my Earth body.

I, your Mother Gaia, wish to speak a little bit about initiations in Ancient Egypt. What occurred during the Ancient Egyptian Initiations is that when one was ready for their high initiation, first they went into one of the catacombs underneath the great Pyramid of Giza. They would have only water for the seven days and seven nights that they would meditate within that catacomb.

Some of them go insane; some drink would drink all the water and die of thirst. Some would pace their drinking out and did not die of thirst, some never drank the water and don’t need it because they went into such a state of consciousness that they could go deeply grounded in my planetary core, that they were supported by all my planetary energy fields that they were no longer one individual.

Within my Core, they asked to be my “Representative for Earth.” Once they saw themselves as a representative for Planet Earth, they were no longer individuals. They were definitely still a human because they were wearing a human vessel, but once they started really remembering how they were a representative for Gaia’s Earth, their third dimensional self began to connect with their higher expressions of Self.

This is when they began their ongoing communication with the higher dimensional beings. At first, they communicated with what was would call their guides, their higher guides, and their higher self. Whatever they called these “guides,” eventually they began to merge with them by filling in the in-between of the Guide and the human.

More and more of the humans on the surface of my planet, as well as those who reside within my planetary body, are now merging their human self with their fifth dimension and beyond “Higher Self.” Their process begins by recognizing that the being before them is, in deed, a higher expression of themselves.

Then they start filling “gap” between their physical self and our fifth dimensional self with Unconditional Love. More and more of my “surface bound” humans are beginning to spend their “time and energy in the pursuit of remembering their higher dimensional experiences with their fifth dimensional self.

The more my earth-bound ones spend their “time” with their fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, the less they care about the third-dimensional time, and the more they care about filling the “illusion of separation” between their physical self and their Meta-physical (meaning beyond) and their physical SELF.

From my planetary perception there is NO separation. Hence, in between the right and the wrong, the good and bad, and all the 3D polarities of the third dimension, there is no in-between. All life, all reality, is constant intermingling like the ocean or the sky. However, one can only realize that fact when they have chosen to leave all human time and enter into my Planetary NOW.

As a Planet, I am all times within the NOW. I am all oceans, all skies, and all weather within the NOW. I am ALL of time within the NOW. Therefore, I am NO time. As more and more of my beloved humans remember their fifth dimensional expressions of SELF, they will remember how to fill in the spaces in between with Unity of ALL life. If there is NO in between, there is NO separation.

Many of my humans have heard that their fifth dimensional states of consciousness are beyond time. In other words, their third/fourth dimensional states of consciousness are part of my, Gaia’s “Time-Space Operating System,” which is a third dimensional/fourth dimensional operating system.

However, many of you are aware that time is longer and slower in the third dimensional consciousness and faster and more imagistic in the fourth dimensional consciousness. Then, the further up you move in sub-planes of the fourth dimension, the more they move into an experience of it all occurring NOW.

When they cross into the fifth dimension they leave time. And when they leave time, they leave separation, for if each minute is not separated from the next, how can one measure “one minute?” When they leave separation, they leave competition, for there is no “separate person” with whom they can be worse than or better than.

Fortunately, once humanity’s consciousness expands beyond third/fourth dimensional, time/space frequency, they will begin to live within a reality based on HERE and NOW. This shift into another reality is similar to if you were a child and you suddenly went into a school were everyone at school spoke a different language than you. You don’t know that language, but the other children can easily communicate with you.

Some how you will need to go through some kind of test (initiation) in order to understand what the others are saying. Because the other children can hear and communicate with you fine, they’re thinking that you can understand them. You want to be a part of this new “school,” so you feel like you must go through some kind of class or initiation to learn their language.

There are many of you who are in the first stages of remembering where you came from, how did you get here, and how can you learn to fit in and learn this “other language.” As I move beyond the story and into the truth, I will share with you that the language that you hear them speaking, and that you cannot understand—yet—is fifth dimensional Light Language.

Now, I Gaia, wish to tell you that the best place to learn/remember light language is from   your own higher dimensional self who always speaks light language. However, you are not consciously recognizing that you are actually translating these Light Messages into your 3D Earth Language.

More and more of you are remembering that your Multidimensional SELF isn’t way up or way over. Your Multidimensional SELF is IN. Your Multidimensional SELF is IN you NOW. When your only concept of reality was based on time and space, your consciousness was based on the separation between you and your Multidimensional SELF. On the other hand, your physical self was way down low in the physical world.

As you all remember to think in a fifth dimensional way, you will get the “proof” that your physical self needed that there is no separation between multidimensional and physical self. As you move into the consciousness of “I Am Now,” everything starts to shift.

Increasingly, in the midst of your third and lower fourth dimensional moments, you are having moments of illumination. Within those moments of illumination you may write something, paint something, do something, or remember something. But you can’t hold onto it because your consciousness has not yet fully adapted to that frequency of reality.

You situation is like little children who are just beginning to walk. They can walk for a little while, but then they get so excited they can walk, that fall down. When you first visit a fifth dimensional reality, you may get so excited that you are actually experiencing the fifth dimension, you can become so excited that you lose your focus.

Then you fall out of that state of consciousness and you are back in the physical world again. One thing that can greatly assist you is to remember to SEE and READ Light. When you are seeing and/or reading light,

Your mental body views the message as mental concepts that may have suddenly flown into your mind.

(In the same manner that your 3D brain create words from what you hear with your 3D hearing, your mental body creates concepts from what is perceived via your fifth dimensional perceptions.)

Your emotional body flows through the light symbols that your mental body received and simultaneously created.

(In the same manner that your 3D brain creates words, your emotional body creates bodily reactions, which are quickly translated to “how your body feels” and/or whatever verbal manner in which you learned to “read your emotions.”

Your spiritual body collects your mental concepts and bodily reactions and deposits them    into your ATMA within your High Heart. Your ATMA is the Three Fold Flame within your High Heart, which represents your Infinite Wisdom,  Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love.

The light language messages are stored within your ATMA to create your own “Light Language Translating Device.” You will also be guided to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with my planetary SELF. The Light Language is to be stored in your Higher Heart in order to develop a deeper understanding of how YOU can assist with my process of planetary ascension.

Blessings from your Mother Gaia

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:14 AM

Lightworker: What’s in a Word? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

aer-freydoon-sea of serenity

Art : Sea of Serenity by Freydoon Rassouli


Lightworker: What’s in a Word?

Lightworker. noun.What’s in a word?

The Arcturian Group recently defined it as:

“Many continue to think of lightworkers as being only those spiritually gifted individuals doing healing work, teaching, or channeling. This belief is a facet of the belief in separation for in truth everyone is a spiritual being and every activity becomes Lightwork when done with awakened eyes and ears.

“Lightwork is the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness, one that without conscious effort can lift the energy of those receptive. Even the most seemingly insignificant of daily interactions are Lightwork when they flow on energy streams of true Love and Light.” (1)

What are other partial or complete synonyms? Women and men of action, karma yogis, sevaks, servants, stewards, boots on the ground, ground crew.

In every age, there have been lightworkers. The difference between then and now is that, then, there was an occasional Saint Francis/St. Clare here and an occasional Mahatma Gandhi/Mother Teresa there. (2) Now, there are lightworkers in every nation, all over the world, pulling the load, lightening it for some.

What distinguishes the lightworker, in my mind, is the impulse or desire to give. It could be a crust of bread. It could be a home. What is given is less important than the impulse to give to, to share with, to care for others.

The Arcturian Group calls it “the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness.” That resonates with me. In the times I’ve been in bliss or transformative love, I’ve just wanted to give, to share with, to care for.

I expect that the higher we go, the more we become founts of love. I can see it in my imagination, my inner eye, creative thought.

Yes, yes, I see it. Higher dimensionally we are fountains of love and bliss.

The only intimations, the only clouds of glory we come trailing are those deep-seated feelings of truth being struck. At some deep-seated place I feel the truth of the assertion that we are, in our higher selves, fountains of love and bliss. It isn’t up to surface consciousness. It’s more a very deep feeling.

As I write, I’m uplifted into a blissful state and forget what I was saying, why I was saying it, everything.

Bliss is a game-changer.

Do I want to interrupt it by trying to remember what it was I was saying? Of course not. There’s nothing I seek beyond bliss.

This is it. I am here. Why would I stray?


(1) Yes, yes, they’re the same. Francis was Gandhi; Clare was Teresa. United again.

Lightworker: What’s in a Word?

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth @ The Jeshua Channelings


Mother Earth Painting by Miss Odessa.


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people, I am the voice of Mother Earth. I carry you through the journey of this, your human life. Feel me in your bones, in your flesh, in all the cells of your body. I supply the building blocks of your human body.

However, I am not only present in you on the physical plane, I am also an energetic being that is very old. I have a soul-energy, a spiritual life, and as soon as you are born on the skin of my body, I endow you with my energy, the energy of the Earth. The energy of me, of the Earth, moves along with those who live on me, i.e. all humanity. My energy is receptive to yours; I absorb it, learn from it, and try to give to you what is supportive and good for you.

In my heart, I am free and not subject to duality, which is why I can feel what people need on an energetic level. My heart energy is present in your body and is naturally directed toward balance. Your body and mine are linked energetically and we form a whole. I just said that in my being, in my core, I am not bound to duality. However, earthly life itself – in the plants, the animals, and the humans – is subject to duality. There is birth and death, disease, health, youth, old age; emotions of love and light, and emotions of despair and fear. These are all aspects of life on me; but in myself, in my core, I am free of all that and, so, I allow all that to happen.

Feel who I am in my essence. I am a part of the Cosmos as a whole, but I consented to my role as a carrier of humanity. I accompany you on your path, but I cannot take over for you. That which is specifically your task, that which is to be fulfilled by humanity as a whole and toward which it is to grow, is something for you to do.

You, humankind in its entirety, carry special powers of creation: the ability to create and bring something new into being. I want to give to you the opportunity to do that, even if it means that you sometimes succumb to duality and can no longer feel you are essentially free of it. But know that you, as a soul, are free of birth and death; know that you are eternal, even though you often lose connection with that feeling while living on Earth. But I can give that essential feeling back to you if only you will trust me.

I am not the one who submerges you in duality. It is the veil of fear created by humanity – the ignorance, the loss of self – that makes life on Earth so difficult at times. But this has not always been the case. There have been times on Earth when there were communities of people who lived in total peace and harmony with themselves and with nature. And just now, in the meditation, some of you recognized and felt such a life; a life in which you felt naturally welcome on Earth, both as a child and as a person, and also as the soul who you are.

There is often a kind of “schizophrenia” that immediately happens when you begin earthly life; a split between who you really are and what the people in your environment expect from you, or force onto you, often because of their own fear and uncertainty. And from the beginning, there is that gap between what you feel and what you should feel; between what you are free to do and what is expected of you.

However, you have led lives on Earth in which your entry was much smoother; when you could be more intimate with your soul’s energy while you were growing up and were even encouraged to do so with gentleness and joy. In those lives and communities, there was also a kind of discipline, but it was one of a gentle hand that was in harmony with human nature. Children in those societies were trained to take their inner world seriously. They were taught to listen to their emotions honestly and openly, to listen to the voices they heard inside themselves: their fears and prejudices. That is the sign of a very mature society, a society where the inner world of people is taken very seriously.

Now, at this time, the fixation of society is almost entirely on the outer world, on knowledge that makes it possible to make, build, and organize things, or to analyze and order things with the mind. But all these activities are outwardly focused. The attention on the inner reality, which is actually the creator of the external reality, the outer world, has been lost – but not quite.

There are still traces in me of the ancient communities and societies in which people lived with love for their natural involvement with one another, from knowledge of the soul and an inner reality. The traces of those communities and those societies are still present in my energetic field, the energetic field of the Earth. And even though they are physically gone from the Earth’s surface, they still live on in my memory and in the collective memory of humankind. I would ask you to refresh the memory of humanity by reminding yourself what it was like to be born in such a community surrounded by kindred spirits and, of course, from a connection with your inner being, your core, your soul. Feel how light-hearted life can then be. There are still painful events, such as the death of loved ones, experiences of loss and pain, and also miscommunication, but that all happens against a backdrop of peace, understanding, and security.

Growing up among like-minded people gives one a deep sense of security, of acceptance, and the ability to develop freely. Feel again how that was; maybe you see images of the community of which you were a part at another time. And concentrate equally on who you were then, on the energy that you radiated and the obvious sense of well being that you had. You could be open to other people and to your surroundings, because you were based in yourself. You felt good about yourself. You never doubted that there was a space especially for you; that you had something to contribute to the whole. That was simply a given, and everyone knew that. Feel how you received exactly what you needed: the empowerment from your environment. There were people around you who understood you and who gave you valuable advice. And above all, they projected an atmosphere of harmony and wisdom. See this now as a very special gift that you received in the past.

You are the founders of this energy, this form of community and being together; the creators of that energy in this time. However, it is now no longer taken for granted to be growing up from such a foundation of safety, yet you carry the memory of it in your heart. You carry the memory of a life full of harmony in which you can develop your spiritual gifts naturally: your love, your sense of beauty, your creativity, your warmth. You are meant to plant that light as a seed on the Earth, that experience you know from the past and to carry it forward.

In a way, it was intended, as lightworkers, that you are now thrown back upon yourself; that you can no longer be part of a natural web of security and belonging to a peer group. Your soul knew you would inherit a difficult task and, because of that, it was intended for you to have received this energy of warmth and encouragement in the past so you can give it to places where that energy is now not present. That is the essence of lightwork: for you to ignite the light where light does not now shine – but first of all within yourself. Because only if you know how to be secure within yourself can you safely create the situation that once existed naturally; then you can also be a light for others and that happens naturally of itself.

The important thing is to create that space of nurturance, first and foremost, by being true to yourself. And I ask you to do so now. I ask you to truly look with respect at yourself – right now. Feel how old you really are and how often you have already lived on Earth as a human being. You have digested and integrated all those experiences: experiences of light and experiences of deep darkness. Take yourself seriously; respect your maturity.

You sometimes find that you are just like small children who no longer know what to do, who see no way out. But the time has passed that there might appear a teacher who is going to tell you what you should do. Now is the time to dare to stand by yourself; the time to truly look within and to see what treasures lie there that you have already accumulated through all those lives. There is now no longer that nurturing presence of a community that understands and protects you. In that sense, you stand alone. But that is part of your path and your evolution. You can now do it alone – you truly can. It is about believing in yourself.

Connect with my core, with my heart that is independent of time, of birth and death. I was there in all those lives when you lived on me. Feel your timeless core as well. You already know so much; you already are so rich inside. Connect with your own light and feel it flow through you. Feel it flow throughout your body from your toes to your fingertips. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. You are a powerful human being, and we need you. You can refresh the memory of humankind; you can recall a vibration of harmony and love that is now so necessary, that is now missed by so many. You have knowledge of the inner world of people and of yourself. You are familiar with the depth of feelings and you can accept what is in people’s lives. And in so doing, you bring your love and security into this world of fear and doubt, and that is your calling.

I will work with you. The energy of the ancient communities of light can now be spread all over the world. It is no longer the intention that small islands of harmony and peace be formed. The intention now is that everything be included, which is why you are spread out all over the world. First, through standing alone, but then through connections and networks that have emerged will you gradually again begin to live as kindred spirits, but now all-encompassing and including all. At this time, there is so much change going on that islands are no longer enough; it is now time for a global awakening. And even though it sometimes seems an impossible task, believe in yourself. You have seeds within you, germs of light. Dare to sow them and make them visible. That is your task; that is who you are – believe in it.

Thank you for your attention.


Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe




Mother Earth Painting by Miss Odessa.

You Must Vibrate INTO The Reality You Desire – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Chita21 @ DeviantArt


You Must Vibrate INTO The Reality You Desire, You BElieve It Into Reality, You Make It Happen From Inside of You 

PictureAloha beautiful Master Family,

To awaken to the exquisiteness every day, to see the magic, the beauty and to revel in the brilliance…

To hear the birds singing the song of peaceful magical love, to FEEL these higher frequencies, the softness, the profoundness and the bliss that never leaves….

All of the eons and years of deep inner work, of returning to my own true self, to live and exist beyond the distortions of the old, to hold this deep sacred connection as my own soul…. and to allow it to play out in my own physical reality world…..

It’s a lot of work to understand how realities work, how holograms work, how dematerialization/re-materialization works, see the multitude of aspects that we hold, see all of the realities available and to bring them here in the physical to fully in-joy.

We all chose some heavy duty human existences to transcend. Cool part is once we actually DO it, it’s just a blip, without the visual, just an awareness, for the akash has cleared…..

To fully realize how all is created, our roles in creation, with our every breath, with our thoughts, with our feelings, with our actions…. the “sad part” (not really, because we do truly get it), is that others can’t always see it fully yet.

So many still try so hard to fight their own multi-dimensional existence now, still trying to hold onto the old, still insisting on believing that they are less, have less than full abundance…. because they are not yet ready to experience the magical amazingness of higher consciousness existence.

Another is to observe those who see the higher realms, know they are other aspects, but keep trying to be humans. They have not “learned” (REMEMBERED) how to apply this/how this correlates to their own physical reality world.

So many still believe the old programmed stories, still listen to the untruths…. because it is their own path to figure it out for themselves. By whatever means necessary to show them what they think they believe.

Truth is sooooo far beyond what all think they know, beyond what the outside shows us, beyond the words that are spoken. Truth is in the ENERGY of all…..

When your consciousness expands BEYOND the physical and INTO the other dimensions, then you get to see, feel, experience the bliss, magic and infinite everything that just waits for you.

So many “sit around waiting” for things to change, without realizing that they actually have to do the inner work, they actually have to do many things in the physical reality world. Just because there is a realization and a memory of “being that”, doesn’t make it a reality in the current physical reality world, because you have to FULLY BE THAT in every breath, in all that you are/do, in all that you transmit out into the world….

You don’t get to play human and pretend to be less. You don’t get to DO any less either.

Anchoring your dreams and desires, your higher self aspects you, your higher existence realities means that you are BEING THESE ASPECTS FULLY in every moment….. you do not get to pretend to be higher selves for a moment and then stop when you want to “go human”. You either are or you are not…. because the moment you forget/go unconscious/stop, then you disconnect from that dimensional reality and you don’t get to experience the abundance of gifts, the miraculousness, the amazingness fully, until you fully LIVE IT, WALK IT AND fully EMBODY it in everything that you are and do LONG ENOUGH for the physical to align vibrationally for you, for the particle matter in your physical reality to have enough time to take new form and to deliver to you the match to your new vibration that you always hold….

Vibrating into another reality physically, means you expanded your consciousness enough to know it as real, but then you contracted back down into the old dimension to work through everything that was not of your new vibrational reality… in your physical body and physical reality….

We, as humans, were the ones that were not committed enough before, made excuses, didn’t take all of this weird stuff serious, judged our way out of the bizarre awesome, held back because of some lack, believed the old untruths… because it was our own experience to live in less, to have less, to believe less that PURE DIVINE EVERYTHING….

Seeing it is only part of the process. Living it, affecting PHYSICAL MATTER form, by holding it fully…. this is the other part of the process that all will MASTER through full consciousness again. If you are embarrassed, ashamed, judging, holding back and still playing in the old, you cannot “have this” HEAVEN ON EARTH, because you are still holding onto vibrations that keep you from this…..

Seeing it is only part of the process. Living it, affecting PHYSICAL MATTER form, by holding it fully…. this is the other part of the process that all will MASTER through full consciousness again. If you are embarrassed, ashamed, judging and playing in the old, you cannot “have this” HEAVEN ON EARTH, because you are still holding onto vibrations that keep you from this…..r new. Lack or deep profoundness, separation or unity…. because every nano-second, your body transmits this information out to affect the physical matter in your own reality world.

Every decision you make, every one you avoid, everywhere you do not commit, this transmits out. All that you could have and could experience… that’s just waiting… it gets stopped. Because you transmitted “no I’m not ready yet” OUT to reverberate a physical reality back to you that reflects what you do not even realize already exists…..

When you allow yourself to fully expand, you see it all, you know it all, you feel it all… then what you DO as your physical body aspect dictates your physical reality experience here.

As you come to realize all of this, you will stop playing in the old, stop shrinking down to small, stop accepting less in your own physical reality world. You will speak the language of ENERGY to affect realities intentionally, to trigger that which you are ready to experience, to call it forth and the “biggest human mistake” is to stop believing it, stop holding that vibration and stop doing what it takes to make it all happen…..

This human experiment is yours…. you created it and chose it before incarnating into your physical body form and breathing that first breath with your star/soul light that began it all. You “think” you are in the same dimension, the same physical reality every moment, each day… when in fact you are in a multitude of them and your vibration dictates which one you are anchored in, which one you actually physically experience here.

Each moment you are given an opportUNITY to shift to another timeline, a different dimension and new reality and to expand. Each moment you are offered a multitude a gifts, so very much freedom, beyond infinite everything… if you are truly ready…. to fully embrace it with all that you are….

Realities are a response to vibrations…. what you transmit out. If you transmit mixed signals, sure but not sure enough, committed but not committed enough, worth it but not worth it enough, important but not important enough, then this is what your UNIVERSE sends back to you… it hears…. not yet, not totally ready, not completely sure, not really…. and the moment that every particle of you is…. THEN all will start to align fully for you to actually experience as your NEW EARTH REALITY here. ♥

Your judgment and non-belief, non-committed heart… this is your own barrier between the dimensions… you must get past this yourself. ♥

I love you. Open up everything that you’ve got … it’s SUPER QUANTUM JUMP TIME in every moment here. This is a lifestyle, a way of being… we don’t do small in anything that we do. That was our human reality… that went out the window when we realized how all truly works here. ♥

Have a most magical day! You make it happen…. from inside, from the depths of your soul, from the core of your being, as the entire EVERYTHING again. ♥ Get out of your head if you really really really are ready….. It’s BEYOND anything you could ever dream, yet you do DREAM IT INTO REALITY here. ♦ ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Self Love and The Illusion of Separation – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

unknown artist


Are you willing to invest in profound and genuine wellbeing and discover the vast potential in you that lies dormant beneath the superficiality, the “facade” of who you are NOT. Are you willing to give up your story and surrender to being stripped to the core and realise the truth of who you are. Are you willing to grant yourself the gift of self love and do you value yourself enough to commit fully to go beneath that surface, the illusion of separation and transcend distrust, fear, doubt and the complacency of being run by egoic patterns, that have kept you trapped in fear and suffering for many life times.

When you take a decision to step into your power and realise your true potential, you make a step towards acceptance of all shades of self and hence the moment you commit, you can rest assured, that the issues in you that seeks attention and light will come to the surface and be mirrored back to you. I witness this time and again, when people ask me to work with them.The moment they commit, even days or weeks before the session transformation is ignited and sometimes buttons are pushed and I witness how I become the projection screen for their lacks and fears.

Some are unaware when this happens, because they have triggered it themselves unconsciously. They do not take responsability and take the “run” and in some cases cancel their sessions with all sorts of excuses, which I usually know, read, feel in advance. This is a waste of my time and their time and a valuable opportunity for self growth. This is by no means a judgement, but simply a statement of how unresolved issues surface, when we take a step towards clearing them.

I love to work and support my family (in truth we are One tribe), but I expect to be honored not only a person, but as a divine instrument of love, that is fully commited to serve you. And as such I expect that you too are commited to value yourself enough to co-create this shapeshifting in you, that is needed for you to discover your fullest potential and live the life you yearn for. You cannot run away from your shadows. Better to commit and get it “over with”. And so I welcome you with all my heart, but not until you are truly commited to face your shadows and surrender in divine trust and take responsability instead of projecting your stuff on me, because you are unwilling to face your inner “demons”, which in the first place motivated you to come here.

It is about acceptance, being with what is and if you are commited to get on with it and show up, those “demons” shall surely be transformed into divine particles of love permeating your every BE-ing. If you are in to playing around the bush with your ego, I am not the right person for you. There is no being half commited. If you really want change, you need to take full responsability and commit 100% and I am all there for you. All births are passages of rites,that involves profound challenges and takes guts. But when you look into the face of the “newborn” it is worth it all. I see myself as a spiritual midwife. I am not here to heal or fix you, but to hold the mirror to you and show you, where you are withholding love to self and limiting yourself from being your truest divine human self in acceptance and peace with all that that involves, which will enable you to live a passionate joyfilled life of purpose.

Value yourself enough to commit with all your heart. You are worth it. It is an investment for life and beyond. ~ Linda Grace –www.graceelohim.com

unknown artist

The Truth Shall Make You Free – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Egyptian Scarab – unknown artist


It’s also to assist you, or anyone else, who has the same experience to go through it. And it’s to help me go through it as well – and keep my sanity!

Writing up my experience on an ongoing basis provides me with the motivation and means to go deeper and deeper, in a consistent, forward pattern. And it;s a natural outgrowth of being on the awareness path.

The fundamental tool I use in this is telling the truth. To you. To myself. Not in everything. I don’t share my personal life. I share my inner life.

Why place the accent on telling the truth? Jesus said why: “The truth shall make you free.”

Speaking absolutely, I’m led to believe that we’re here to learn the truth of ourselves because, when we do, God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment. Knowing the truth – Self-knowledge – plays the ultimate role in all our lives. (1)

“Enlightenment is the purpose of life” was the way the matter occurred to me after watching a tableau of the life journey of an individual soul from God to God in a vision in 1987. (2)

Knowing the absolute truth of who we are is why we’re here.


Not only will the absolute truth set us free absolutely, but the relative truth will set us free relatively.

What does that mean?

The relative truth of an upset will cause the upset to lift. My favorite example is a woman from Newfoundland whom I was counselling in my Sociology days. She boldly advanced in relationship and then as boldly ran away. Approach, avoidance, approach, avoidance.

When she described to me how cold the waters were off Newfoundland and how one could only stay in them for a very short time and then you had to run out, I asked her if that’s how she was in relationship.

She had an Aha! moment that took the problem away. Gone. Dissolved.

The truth had set her free.

I used truth to guide me in my counselling work during my Sociology years. “Did sharing that produce a greater sense of relief? No? Then let’s try again.”

I’d be watching for me and my client to be getting lighter and lighter as the sharing session progressed. If not, again, we weren’t getting at the truth.


Hiding anything brings the experience of tensing up. There are secrets I’m hiding that I actually know I have to keep. Some of them are mind-blowing. I pay a price in surrendering a part of my consciousness; a kind of mental safety-deposit box rented out to someone else.

A part of my consciousness becomes pinned down, committed not to leak or reveal those secrets. Whenever we get near one of them, I tense up.

Tensing up invokes a muscular holding pattern – stored in cellular memory, I imagine – which dampens our awareness. In colloquial language, my hiding is a drag on my consciousness, which I don’t want or need.

The fact that the truth sets one free is the underpinning of the work one does on the awareness path and probably in ascending. The riskier the truth, the more the resulting sense of freedom. The deeper the truth, the deeper the freedom.

In Fifth Dimensionality, we’ll have no secrets at all and total freedom.


(1) The yoga path of jnana or wisdom is based on knowing the truth at deeper and deeper levels, until knowing the One Truth sets us free from individuation. In Jesus’s language, we might say that the Son (Atman) has bent the knee to the Father (Brahman), giving him the kingdom all in all (i.e, surrendering his/her individuation).

(2) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2011/08/13/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment-ch-13-epilogue/


Egyptian Scarab – unknown artist

The Truth Shall Make You Free


Sagittarius ~ An Atlantean Legacy ~William Meader @ Emergent Light


Sagittarius Art – Villa Farnese Ceiling Fresco painted c. 1573



~ An Atlantean Legacy ~

Over the course of history, various signs of the zodiac have had an amplified effect upon the evolution of human consciousness. Even now we are aware of this as we transition out of the Age of Pisces. Suggested by this is that Pisces has had a primary shaping influence upon human consciousness for the last two millennia. However, when we extend our timescale much further back into the distant past, the Sign of Sagittarius was particularly potent and influential during the Atlantean epoch, and its legacy is still with us today.

The most primeval symbol representing the sign of Sagittarius is that of the Centaur. Indeed, its origin is believed to be traced back to ancient Atlantean times. As a creature depicted as half horse and half man, it symbolizes humanity’s inability to discern its humanness from its animal nature. According to the mythology of Esotericism, such was the case for all but the most advanced initiates living during that distant time.

Yet today the symbol for Sagittarius is increasingly depicted anew, in that the man is now riding the horse and is no longer fused to it. Symbolic of the disciple, the rider is now able to differentiate the animal from the human within his or her nature, and to shoot his arrow toward a lofty spiritual vision. He then gets off the horse to pursue the aspirational arrow which is sent forth. Occultly considered, this symbolizes a profound principle when walking the Path, for when one is truly following a spiritual calling, it requires that he or she dismount the animal within.

Not surprising, therefore, Sagittarius is the sign that rules the entire animal kingdom. Prior to awakening to the soul, the animal instinct of the Sagittarian is usually pronounced, and sometimes even prized. Once the awakening to the soul has occurred, however, the internal contrast between the animal and the human becomes more distinctively discernible. Then it is that the Sagittarian begins to recognize that the animal appetites have a deflecting effect upon his/her spiritual quest. When the animal is dismounted, the Centaur then dies and the one-pointed disciple is given birth.

William Meader



Sagittarius Art – Villa Farnese Ceiling Fresco painted c. 1573



An Ecstatic Merging experience with Master Kuthumi – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim


Master Kuthumi – unknown artist


Back in 2012 I had an awesome experience, which I have never talked publicly about. I will not go into too much detail other than saying, that I went into a merging process with a member from my soul monad/group avatar. It all happened energetically and absolutely telepathically…. we sat on the floor opposite each other 1 and a half to two meters or 6 feet distance… no words spoken and we were guided thru the process by higher beings of light. I was downloaded with a HUGE volume of information relating to our past lives, all our chakras were aligned, soul extensions were retrieved and aligned and we melted together as ONE or rather as the ONE.

It was an ecstatic experience beyond words, that took place outside time and space, so I couldn´t say for sure how much time, how many hours went by… A soul sister of mine was present and felt the whole energies and served as a kind of silent watcher, while the merging took place. My body was trembling and shaking uncontrollably in between, as I was the cauldron for our merging. I was connected to the akashic records and was all-knowing through-out. At a certain point (this happened on two consecutive days) something even more amazing happened on the 2nd night towards the end…. suddenly I saw the person (the man I was merging with) shapeshifting and instead of seeing him I saw what I knew to be ascended master Kuthumi…. my jaw just dropped in awe….. never have I seen such ethereal beauty…. he told me that after our merging the soulmate and I together would embody an aspect of him.

The man I merged with couldn´t do this on his own as Kuthumi´s energy was too powerful neither could I. Well since the merging I feel this soulmate with me at all times, though we have no physical contact whatsoever for years now… I not only feel his energetical presence, but I even feel him in certain parts of my body… for example when I move my hands or my jaw etc. As to Kuthumi it somehow didn´t “click” that I was now embodying an aspect of him.. though I had previously merged with other higher beings of light, amongst others Mary Magdalen and also the Elohim, as each merging is an entirely different experience.

However this summer sitting outside enjoying the starry night I suddenly felt the presence of master Kuthumi soooooo strongly. I sat as I always do in half lotus. He started to telepathically transmit some teachings to me and also showed me or rather moved thru me my hands, so that they went into a mudra and sitting in a certain position similar to how Buddha is sometimes depicted. And I felt how I “slipped” into an energy… into the space of the Absolute. It is a space of pure god consciousness… it is pure stillness… no-thoughts-no mind. He then started to give me some teachings and made clear to me, that there was more to come and that I must share this with others to assist others in connecting with their divinity. I am grateful beyond words for this initiation and divine gift. However I didn´t ask Kuthumi or my guides more about this, as I know the masters and angels always bring us messages and revelations in divine timing, when we are ready for the next stage.

Today I was having a session with a longtime fb friend and dear sister of my heart and I told her about my experience and immediately I felt how I connected with this space and she instantly felt it and went ….. wowwwwwwww and said she got goosebump all over… so I said wonderful if you are able to feel it, so I suggested I keep holding the space and that we dwell in there for some time… well you don´t really want to leave when you are there… lol… but actually the space is within you, so it can never leave you! So I feel it is now time I speak about this and start sharing it. It is the space of the Absolute…. it holds the energy of pure god consciousness or source energy and can connect you to your divinity… This sister was able to feel it, but if one is not able to, the energy will remove all layers (armours) that hinders you from feeling it one by one until you will finally be able to feel it and thus enable you to connect with your divinity.

In deepest gratitude to beloved master Kuthumi. ~ Linda Grace



Art : Pamela Stansberry


A Merging of Sacred Partners – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

unknown artist


Before going to bed last night, throughout the night on dreamstate in my higher aspect and this morning when I woke up I was given some detailed insights and infos on a tantric rite of passage. As a gatekeeper and aspect of Mary Magdalen I carry much sacred wisdom (sacred encodings) about this. I will just tell you a little here. It is about the role of the wom(b)an and her purpose to lead a sacred cleansing ritual for a merging of sacred partners (gatekeepers), that will prepare the two for a merging into One (transcending individuation). It is sacred ancient tantric wisdom, that will be activated when we are ready to step into service. The wom(b)an is the gate keeper and must be understood and honored as such by her partner, this is a preequisite for attaining the gift of this sacred rite. Those that are still bound by egoic lust (triggered by ego and operating from lower chakras) will not have the awareness to understand this truth, nor will they be drawn to melting together with another being and shed their layers of ego to embody the divine (which is a “sacrifice” of self I-dentity) (lower self). They will satisfy in having their physical desires stilled by any one, that attract them physically (or not). There is no or little soul coherence or heart and high heart chakra involved in that process.

Those chelas however who are ready to merge with God/Goddess and willing (ready) to give up their self in service to the Most High will feel a burning soul desire within their high heart to do so (and this will indeed trigger their kundalini fire through a single thought). It is an engraved ancient memory and longing to “return to” and merge with Source, while still in human body. Before this merging can be initiated a sacred cleansing ritual must be performed to be able to “hold” extreme high frequencies of light and must be led by the wom(b)an to prepare her sacred partner (and herself in case she hasn´t done the needed cleansing) to enter her sacred portal and impregnate her with his light codes. The wom(b)an must not be seen as superior or dominant in anyways. There must be a complete mutual honoring of the other as being equal and an openess to serve the other. But because of wom(b)an´s inherent connection to the divine feminine, she has the intuitive feeling and insight to be the leading part, also because she is the sacred cauldron for this merging to take place.

There are different stages to this… there are preliminary rites, that are done with no physical touch at all, but solely thru energetical connection and alignment thru the two, which in many cases will be preliminary to the full merging on all levels of being, all subtle bodies including the physical body. I even got some pretty hot details how to prepare the divine masculine for this… but will leave that out here as not to trigger anyone´s “shame-button) in case they still carry such in their un-conscious and body. However those that only seek sexual temporary satisfaction and release, will not be able nor called to engage in and receive this holy gift and serve the divine.

One will feel when one has encountered the divine counterpart with the needed soul coherence and soul essence compatibility paired with deep soul love, (which of course is a sacred contract between two souls), which to the most part will be of the same soul monad (oversoul) or group avatar.

This doesn´t come out of the blue to me. I have been prepared for this over several years, I have already done parts of this, but there are still levels that couldn´t be completed because I hadn´t met my divine counterpart, that I have contrated to do this with. Just to make it clear. Your sacred tantric consort is not necesarily your twin soul. Your twin soul essence is within you eternally and not until you have balanced your inner divine feminine and masculine will you be ready to meet the divine counterpart on the “outside”, who equally embodies his inner twin and have completed the cymnic marriage. I feel that many start to feel called to this level of transpersonal love and divine service, as they have reached the needed level of consciousness, that will trigger their memory of this sacred contract. It is not something that every soul has contracted to, but the souls who have signed up for this, have served as sacred portals and anchor of higher consciousness through many time lines.

You will feel in your heart if you are one of them. This is not one sole act, but more of a journeying together of two souls, because this rite of passage is a commitment to serve source (God/Goddess) and a deepening the connection to anchor ever increasing frequencies of light. So you may say it is an eternal commitment between two souls, which has nothing to do with a “normal” romantic relationship, however it might involve living together as sacred partners or not. I will share more in divine timing and when guided. Some of you will know that Mary Magdalen and Yeshua were initiates of sacred egyptian tantra. It is indeed ancient wisdom, that is originating beyond this earthly realm.

Linda Grace

unknown artist


‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Quicken, Arouse and Summon a New Reality @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Meditation – by Jiban Biswas


 ‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Quicken, Arouse and Summon a New Reality

Peggy BlackWe are here inviting you to shift your focus from the physical 3D reality which is expressing chaos as well as misqualified energy and emotions. There is certainly a tempting attraction to engage in the drama unfolding. The best and most powerful place for your attention at this time is truly within the sacred space of your heart’s consciousness.

Learn to refocus your energy and direct your mental powers to envision a reality of peace and harmony. Make it your intention that you will anchor these vibrations, these frequencies, within your own energy field which will radiate out to the collective.

With practice, this will become the familiar and most comfortable energetic state in which you dwell. You see, it is within this place of peace that your gifts and true understanding can and will unfold. Your goal is to breathe and continue to reset your thoughts and vibrations. This is where your personal power comes forth.

You are here at this time to anchor a new reality. So remember, if you are emotionally and mentally invested in the out-picturing of the chaos, you are not in your personal power of transformation. The opposite of the drama and chaos is peace which grants understanding and invites the expansion and ownership of your divine self.

We are offering information that can and will trigger your personal awakening and the expansion of your divineness. This information is already stored and coded within your multidimensional field. We are just touching, so to speak, the codes that are ready to be unfolded in their magnificence.

We continue to remind you that you exist in the energy field, the quantum field of all possibilities. This energy field, this quantum field, is influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions and the sound frequencies offered by your very words.

The time is here for you to own this personal power, to recognize that you are a part of this grand unfolding, this shift in consciousness. You truly have the keys and codes to open your personal gifts. These gifts include intuition, empathic abilities, connecting and channeling the energy of love and light from the cosmic realms, the awareness of and ability to influence your very DNA, the ability to understand and share what you call the language of light or star language.

Realize that your words literally cause an energy pulse in the fabric of your reality. You are influencing this fabric of reality at all times. This quantum field, the fabric of energy, is awaiting your imprint. Realize that the key principle and law of quantum physics is that your thoughts determine reality. When you begin to understand and master this powerful wisdom, you will use this ability to anchor life sustaining realities.

Imagine that you are experiencing the hologame/hologram of your consciousness. What if your physical body was a projection of your consciousness? What if this entire 3D reality was the creation of the collective consciousness, totally unaware that it is creating the very struggles, chaos and limitations that it encounters?

It is time for you to know this truth and to begin to stretch into your multidimensional awesomeness. Imagine if your physical body was created by your consciousness. What beliefs and attitudes would you need to have in order to maintain a healthy, vibrant vehicle? What collective beliefs and programs would you need to delete and replace? What misqualified emotional energies would you need to release and transform?

We have shared the energetic tools that allow you to heal and release old stored emotions and patterns that have been imprinted into your mental and emotional field of consciousness. Use these powerful energy tools, especially the incredible tool of sound vibrations, to clear any limitations.

Invite insight, open the doors to this new understanding, claim your abilities and trust that when you ask for guidance you will receive that guidance.

You are here to assist with the activation, awakening and anchoring of awakened human consciousness, a transition and transformation into new levels of thinking and new dimensional ideas and understanding.

You have chosen to incarnate onto your planet as lightworkers, starseeds, empaths or galactic beings to raise the vibrations that influence this quantum hologame. You are adept and skilled at offering energetic shifts to those with whom you come in contact.

Begin to own this truth. Step into your personal awakening. If you are uncertain, ask for your mission and assignment to be revealed. You will receive confirmation and knowing when you trust this process.

Begin to stretch into your unlimited potential. Begin to recognize that you are a big part of the unfolding of your planetary evolution and ascension into the 5th dimension and beyond.

We know that many of you do not and have not ever felt at home here on this planet. We will confirm that this is not your home. You have not felt like you fit in because you are here to quicken, arouse, stimulate, and summon a new reality.

You are here to remember your unlimited abilities. You are here to execute and carry out anchoring in the conscious field the truth that all beings are multidimensional divine cosmic starseeds. Quicken, arouse.

As often as possible, practice observing yourself from a fifth dimensional state of awareness. Just become aware that you are aware. This practice will give you an entirely different perspective on what you are observing or experiencing at that moment. You will begin to notice an expanded clarity. When you add the frequency, the true feelings of gratitude or appreciation, you anchor your connection to this new awareness.

You are here to remind others that they are connected to all. There is one collective consciousness, the quantum field, and you as an awakened being can and will seed as well as shift the consciousness in realizing this oneness.

Allow yourself to envision this reality, allow yourself to drop any illusion of limitation and gently and lovingly embrace who you are in your magnificence.

We see you as perfect, whole and masterful. We trigger this awareness, these abilities and this memory. We celebrate with you as you step into your role as consciousness shifters. We are in gratitude for your willingness to collect the misqualified energies and to transform and uplift them.

Your galactic families support and witness all that you are transforming, embracing you with courage and love. You are seen and dearly loved. We are complete.

the ‘team’


©2016 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available

“‘The Team’: Quicken, Arouse and Summon a New Reality,” Channeled by Peggy Black, November 19, 2016, at www.morningmessages.com



Art : Meditation – by Jiban Biswas

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: Quicken, Arouse and Summon a New Reality

Releasing your Third/Fourth Dimensional Operating System @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Releasing Your Third/Fourth Dimensional Operating System–The Arcturians Through Sue Lie


Releasing your Third/Fourth Dimensional Operating System

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Greetings to our brave and ever-awakening volunteers to Earth,

We, the Arcturians would like to speak with you today from one of our Motherships. We wish to remind you again that your state of consciousness is the “operating system” that directs your brain to determine what frequency of reality that you “consciously” perceive.

Since what you perceive is often what you believe, your state of consciousness, which determines the operating system you are using, also determines which reality you perceive as REAL. Once, your fourth dimensional consciousness/operating system was only thought of as your dreams and daydreams.

But, within your NOW, more and more of you are combining your “third dimensional, physical reality, Operating System” with the Operating System of your fourth-dimensional, dream/meditative consciousness.

You are in the process of merging your third dimensional operating systems that you have been holding onto for many physical incarnations, with your fourth dimensional operating system, which you once thought of as sleep or creativity.

The third dimensional operating system bound you to your third dimensional state of the Beta-Wave consciousness/operating system. This Third Dimensional Operating System limited your “perception of reality” to the physical plane.

Fortunately, an ever-increasing number of you are merging your Fourth Dimensional Operating System, which represents your conscious perceptions of the fourth dimensional astral world, to “over lay” your perceptions of your third dimensional physical world.

Hence, your perceptions of reality are being directed to include both your 3D beta wave consciousness Operating System, as well as your 4D alpha wave consciousness Operating System. This blending of your 3D and 4D Operating Systems is allowing you to expand your consciousness into  your 5D gamma wave Operating System.

We take a moment of your NOW to explain what we mean by an “operating system.” Most of you are familiar with how your computer has an operating system, but you may not be aware of how much your computer operates in a similar fashion to your brain.

For example, you mental system is similar to your computer’s “word” system that allows you to collect your thoughts and emotions in the same manner that your brain allows you to speak, read, or say your thoughts and emotions.

As you are able to merge your thought and emotions into a unified perception of reality, your consciousness will expand and you will be able to “download” a new Operating System to meet the needs of your ever-expanding consciousness. Hence, as your consciousness expands, so does your Operating System.

Your once “lower state/frequency of consciousness” disallowed you to move forward into the NOW of your innate, Lightbody Gamma-Wave, fifth dimensional consciousness. However, as many of you are now merging your 3D beta-wave consciousness with your 4D alpha-wave consciousness, you are activating the Operating System of your 5D Gamma-Wave Operating System.

The download and integration of your 5D Operating System greatly changes your perception of reality. Before the download of your Fifth Dimensional Operating Systems, you could be “awake” to your physical world and function via your 3D Operating System OR you could be “asleep” to your physical world and function via your 4D Operating System.

Those of you who have expanded your consciousness to be able to simultaneously perceive boththe third and the fourth dimensions are now merging your third/fourth dimensional brain with your 5D and beyond, Multidimensional Mind. Thus, the Third and Fourth Dimensional Operating Systems are integrating into, and merging with, the expanded Operating System of your fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

Those of you who are activating your Fifth Dimensional Operating System are able to simultaneously perceive the 3D physical world, the 4D astral world and the 5D reality that pulls you beyond you former limitations of time and space. Your fifth dimensional consciousness guides you back to your innate, multidimensional perception of the NOW.
Once you have activated your 5D Operating System will be among the leaders of New Earth. However, this transition will not be easy. The leaders are the ones who will be called on to open the portals of light. However, to open these portals you must find them, and many them have been camouflaged with illusion.

Therefore, we remind the leaders that, “The Truth will set you free.” One truth is that, it is the NOW to separate the chaff from the wheat. Another truth is that it is the NOW in which the first leader will be called upon. In fact, our definition of a leader is: the one who goes first.Fortunately, there are many brave ones who have already “gone first.”

Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a group following you. When we say leaders, we mean, “the ones who go first.” It is the NOW for the leaders to open the light portals and say to “the ones who go first, “Dear Leaders, It is the NOW.”

The fifth dimensional NOW doesn’t begin with going forward into the higher dimensions. The fifth dimensional NOW begins with letting go of what you cannot bring forward to your higher dimensional realities.

Hence, the first way to “go forward,” is to look at your life and decide, “What are the first things that I can release to facilitate my expansion into the higher dimensions?” You will find that you cannot “take it all with you” because the path gets narrower and steeper with every step.

If you have chosen to be a leader for ascension, that is if you have chosen to be one of the first ones, then you are walking that Path NOW. Actually, you are “Being” the path, because “the Path” is forefront in your consciousness.

Because you are a leader, you can do so much more.
Because you are a leader, you recognize that there are many people, places, situations, things, animals, and nature beings that are in need of help.
Because you are a leader, you want to help them all.

However, Dear Leaders, do not spread yourselves too thin, or get too tired, before you complete your inner orders. Yes, Dear Leaders, your orders come not from outside of your self, or even from above you. You orders come from within your self, for that is how you receive them. It is from within your SELF, you leaders will guide humanity into the next octave of reality.

We wish to remind you that, IT IS THE NOW to release your third and fourth dimensional operating systems and remember you fifth-dimensional, higher directives. Being a leader does not mean that you leave your life. Being a leader means that you are ready to create your life.

Leaders are needed to train more leaders, which begins by leaders finding leaders, assisting these leaders, and teaching these leaders. Please remember, if leaders in training become too involved with being followers, they will not remember how to be leaders.

Therefore, we ask you to assist others, as assisting is a form of leading. Then, you guide those that you have assisted – to assist others. In this manner, leadership becomes normal, and followers are just those who have not YET become leaders. As you begin your leadership, you will grow to understand how your entire life has prepared you for your leadership of others.

As you leaders are aware, Gaia has accelerated her third dimensional frequency enough that NOW Her fourth dimensional frequency is intertwined with Her third dimensional frequency. In other words, Gaia is returning to Her Multidimensional SELF.

Therefore, your third dimensional lessons are actually fourth dimensional lessons because Gaia is no longer “just third dimensional.” In fact, Gaia has “gone first” to expand Her planetary resonance, to make it much easier for ALL her inhabitants to do the same. This acceleration of planetary frequency is part of the reason why things appear so dark.

This perception of darkness is because Gaia is NOW moving through Her planetary Lower Astral Plane to fully reconnect with her true Multidimensional Planetary Self. In the same manner, all of Gaia’s inhabitants, including humanity, are moving through their own Lower Astral Plane.

Dear ascending leaders, you are within an era when you must remind yourselves that “the darkest night precedes the dawn.” The Lower Astral Plane, which is the Astral Plane’s darkest night, is where all the effluvia of all the darkness, of all of the incarnations, of all of humanity, exist. Yes, we must add that humans, and/or those disguised as humans, have created this darkness.

However, this darkness did not wear human bodies when it first came to Gaia at the fall of Atlantis. These dark ones did not come from Earth! These dark ones came from other planets in which they also served as the force of “power over others.” The invasion of Earth occurred because the Laggards, those who could not ascend with their former planet, needed to inhabit another third dimensional planet.

Many of these Laggards could not learn on their last planet, and cannot learn on Gaia’s planet.These Laggards, the lost ones, need to be blessed and loved free because they cannot change. The leaders must learn to identify those who cannot or will not change.

More and more of the younger “laggards,” the children of the lost ones, wish to release the dark indoctrination that they received as children. Unfortunately, many of their parents are too addicted to “power over others.” Dear Leaders, your challenge is to send the Unconditional Love and Violet Fire whenever the fearful indoctrinations of the dark ones enter your thoughts.

It is the greatest challenge of the Leaders to remember that YOU are the Master of your life. Therefore, if you want something to change or alter your life in any manner, YOU must change your self first. Gaia, as well as all of the ascending ones are sending Unconditionally Love and Violet Fire into the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane.

Because every journey begins with the first step, Gaia’s journey of ascension begins with the transmutation of Her lowest frequency sub-plane—the Lower Astral Plane. In the same manner, Gaia’s leaders will also be called on to clear Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. This “service to Gaia” will assist you to unite with your Multidimensional SELF.

In the same manner, Gaia is beginning Her planetary journey to re-unite with Her Multidimensional Planet. As you can observe, Gaia is traveling through the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension. This personal and the planetary journey through the Lower Astral Plane represent “the darkest night before the dawn.”

As you prepare for your personal and planetary inter-dimensional journey you will may ask, “What do I take with me?” and “What do I release?” These decisions are best made in a calm state of mind when you can connect with your Inner, Higher Guidance.

We Arcturians are happy that you have connected with your Galactic and Celestial Family to aid you with your  inter-dimensional transition. We wish you to share your higher dimensional connection with all the leaders, as well as those who will suddenly discover that they, too, are leaders. We the Arcturians, as well as the myriad other Higher Beings assisting dear Gaia, send you all inter-dimensional comfort and support.

Many secrets have been buried in Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane, just as there are many secrets in humanity’s Lower Astral Plane. For many millennia, the Lower Astral Plane has shown back onto Earth as the lies and illusions that have blocked Gaia and Her inhabitants from moving  forward on their ascension path.

Fortunately, the Lower Astral Plane can be transmuted back into it’s original pristine state, to provide “fertile fields” of Gaia’s expansion back to Her true Multidimensional Planet. Gaia’s 3D operating System says that, “All energy that has been sent OUT must return to the sender to be transmuted before that person can ascend.”

Do you understand now why Ascended Masters had such huge challenges before they could ascend? “But why did so many fall into the darkness?” we hear you ask. Our answer is that often many were unconsciously guided by one of the dark ones, who had mastered the art of unconscious, subliminal messages.

It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, have been telling you to carefully guard what you allow into your consciousness. There are two primary reasons for this “recommendation.” One of the reasons is that YOU, whether you know it or not, are being deeply changed by Gaia’s rising frequency.

The other reason is that the dark ones have stepped up their “fear campaigns” because they know their days are numbered. As long as the Lower Astral Plane shrouded Gaia, the dark ones could hide there and enter the dreams and unconscious of the humans. We say “humans” because the dark ones could not enter the unconscious of plants and animals because they live in Unity Consciousness with Gaia.

Therefore, Gaia’s planetary SELF protected the plants, animals and other nature creatures. Since the dark ones cared only for their own “power over others,” they attempted many times to destroy, or greatly damage, the planet, as well as the nature that lived on the planetary surface as a means to destroy the humans.

Now that the entire planet is moving through the Lower Astral Plane, the best way to protect yourself is to protect your planet. The way to protect your planet is to expand your consciousness into the highest sub-planes of the fourth dimension, and eventually, into the fifth dimension. This expansion will shift your third/fourth dimensional operating system, into a fifth dimensional operating system.

Humanity was meant to be the Keepers of the Land, The Whales were meant to be the Keepers of the Water, the Birds were meant to be the Keepers of the Air, and the Ascended humans were meant to be the Keepers of Spirit. However, many members of humanity fell into the “power over others” which taught them to gain “Power Over” the Earth, “Power Over” the Water and “Power Over” the Air.

They even sought to gain “power over” the higher dimensional worlds of Spirits, but instead they became lost in the Lower Astral Plane. But, by then, humanity was so wounded that they unconsciously sent their wounding into Gaia. Hence, rather than assist Gaia, they sent their personal wounding into the 4D Lower Astral Plane where it eventually fell down into third dimensional Earth, like an invisible rain of darkness and fear.

Remember, part of Gaia’s Operating System is based on “whatever is put out, will return to the sender.” Therefore, even though Gaia did not send out “power over others,” the humans sent out so much “power over others” that that third and lower fourth dimensional energy fields became permeated with the program of “power over others.”

This “side effect” of Gaia’s Operating System of “Energy out equals Energy Back,” so “broke Gaia’s Spirit,” that Earth became trapped by the Lower Astral Plane. With little assistance from Her wounded elementals, or Her selfish humans, Gaia became increasingly entangled in the darkness.

The Lower Astral Plane has been known to humans as their nightmares, their fears, that which was destructed, and their “no way out” situations. Unfortunately, just as humans largely ignored the physical “trash” that littered Gaia’s beautiful planet, they also ignored the dark energy fields that littered Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura.

It is for the above reasons that we wish to remind you that

It is the NOW to master “The Art of Letting GO.”

“What does letting go mean? And, what are we supposed to let go of?” We hear you ask. However, only you can fully find that question for yourselves. But we will add that if you wish to “let go” of your third dimensional programming, trauma, and sorrow, please do not “let go” of it without transmuting and unconditionally loving it.

Hence, the first thing that you will need to “let go of” is your third dimensional thinking. Your third dimensional thinking has lost its Unity with all Life. Therefore, your third dimensional thinking is inclined to think that humans are better than the Earth, the Air, the Fire, and the Water.

The training of the “dark ones” remains in the consciousness of many humans. This training said that “humans” were better than any other life form.


Animals do NOT soil their nest, cave or tree.

Animals live in peace and unity consciousness with their flock, pride, school, herd.

Animals risk their lives every day to care for their young and don’t abandon their mate.

Animals live in unity consciousness with all life and only take what they can use or eat.

Fortunately, more and more humans are on the cusp of expanding their consciousness, awareness, recognition, and acceptance of their third and fourth dimensional mistakes and selfish actions.

Therefore, more and more humans are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension by:

Expanding their consciousness to encompass the fifth dimension

Enhancing their awareness to perceive the fifth dimension

Honing their perceptions to accept the flow of fifth dimensional energy fields

Accepting the process of transmuting their physical world and physical body

As humanity expands their consciousness, enhances their awareness, hones their perceptions, and remembers to use their innate ability to love unconditionally and to transmute their reality with the power of the Violet Fire, they will greatly assist in the anchoring of the many “light portals that are NOW being opened to connect the third, fourth and the fifth dimensions into ONE.”

These portal of light will guide humanity to “Let GO” of the third/fourth dimensional illusions and to live within the fifth dimensional truth that: Person and Planet are ONE.

WE, the members of your Galactic Family are always with you,

The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:36 PM

The Joy of Listening – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

unknown artist


The Joy of Listening

Listen 432

No One to Talk to

One of the costs of being a lightworker, aware of what’s transpiring, is that we want to tell others about it, but we get invalidated right and left when we do.

Either being ignored or ridiculed may cause us to close down.

Listening is like water to the plant

In that event, a good, long listening proves to be like water to the plant.  The plant blossoms – especially among lightworkers who’ve been doing so much clearing work anyways and are open to re-opening.

I watched it happen at the Bridge to Now when people really listened to each other. People unburdened themselves. Their faces changed.

It simply reinforced in me that listening has to be one of the most valuable gifts one person can give to another.

Around and around we go, looking for someone who’ll listen to us. Movies are done ridiculing us as co-dependent, weak-willed, etc.

I personally don’t think wanting to be heard is a neurotic thing. It can be in some people, I suppose.

But real listening is rare in our society so I can imagine people looking around for it.

One Message: Simply Listen

If there was one message I wish got through from all my work, it would be: Don’t talk. Don’t advise. Simply listen. That thread runs through 30 years of my life.

The prevailing habit of our society is to equate “contributing” with breaking in to another person’s share with a real game-changer that usually begins with “you should….”

We listen until we’ve made up our mind onour diagnosis and there our listening stops. We’re now framing our statement of advice and awaiting our opportunity to deliver it. You can see it in our face.

That isn’t listening. Not even close.

And what does the speaker do having been so derailed? Closes down, saying to themselves, “One more time I wasn’t listened to.” The advice usually falls by the wayside. If it was heard at all, it’s usually rejected almost immediately. The speaker is now too downcast to even consider it.

Counselling Experiences

When I was counselling in my Sociology doctoral years, I stopped advising when I saw that people weren’t listening to what I was saying. Not a word of it.

They simply wanted to return to their story and finish. They seemed to want me to shut up.

Under those conditions, problem solving didn’t work. I went with the flow instead, threw my agenda out the window, and simply listened. And, of course, being me, I really went at it, studying listening inside out and outside in.

I dropped all ideas of what I might get out of the exchange. I dropped any agenda that came up. I dropped the need to feel important, as in “I contributed the game-changer” – whatever it took to see what the power of listening was and could be.

Listening proved to me to be among the most powerful therapies, short of those that manipulate energy.

The hardest thing to do when listening is to drop the desire itself to make a difference because, unless we’re free of Third Dimentia, that can become another door leading back to advising.

  • When that red-hot idea comes up of a bright thing to say, consider dropping it and just listen.
  • When you wish you were doing something else, let that thought go too and sink down into listening.

Listening is Foolproof

Listening is foolproof. If we feed back to the other person our understanding of what they’ve just said, they’ll correct us if we’re wrong. Therefore we can’t go wrong.

So little of the seemingly-important things in life are taught in school – relationship, sexuality, parenting, and communication, including listening. (Who will plan the new curriculum?)

That new curriculum needs to have a course on listening.  It’s a learned skill, just as not listening is.

Many people say that they won’t go to a party or event because they have nothing to say. There are two perfectly respectable positions in an interchange: Speaking AND listening.

Everyone who speaks needs someone to listen to them. So there’s no need to excuse ourselves from events because we have nothing to say. If we genuinely have nothing to say, we can listen.

We’re missing out on the joy of listening – the joy of really making a difference in a person’s life by putting aside our needs and simply hearing another. Plain, bare, neutral awareness. Reception without judgment.

This role that truly makes a difference is so inconspicuous and modest that when you and the speaker produce a breakthrough or emergence, the speaker usually doesn’t know what just happened or how it happened.  Very, very seldom did a person I listened to know how the breakthrough occurred. So don’t wait for a comprehending thank-you or acknowledgment. This is a selfless activity. You have to acknowledge yourself here.

Few see that it was the listening itself that allowed them to put all the puzzle pieces on the table and see the big picture. Our society does not consider mere listening a significant contribution.

But never mind that. It is a significant contribution.

The more we understand that we cannot force people, that they have free will, the more we’ll understand the value of listening.

Discover the joy of it. Just sink down. Be present. Be neutral.

And simply listen.


unknown artist

The Joy of Listening



Art of Ancient India – unknown artist





Because I have been very sick recently I have been able to pay deep close attention to my body and its sensations, the very painful and the very calm and I notice I am getting better at accepting the body with all its limitations, which I have been rather averse to in the past. I push myself physically as I have performed in many sports to reasonably high levels and dealing kindly with restrictions this time round has proved a real eye-opener.

So I am learning many things in my exploration of the body.

Love, which has opened my compassionate heart to myself and others.

Humility, which for me is about accepting the limitations of this human form which I have been most reticent to do in the past.

Surrender, which has led to liberation.

Vulnerability which has given me different deepening levels of openness.

Authenticity through revelation, which to me is revealing who I truly am.

Deep listening, which has arisen from my compassionate heart that is opening.

Acceptance of the changes in myself.

Gratitude and appreciation for all of life.

So I think that the fruits of the tree of life are the most delicious of all.


I was fortunate enough to be invited to a talk by the Dalai Lama two days ago and be chosen to have a dialogue with him on stage.

He spoke about the importance of education and universal values.

He explained that secular education in values like mindfulness and heartfulness, love and compassion, are amongst the most important things we can model and teach each other and our children.

Without presence, that internal state of authenticity where we are these values, that the we and our children so easily pick up on, we cannot transmit or transfer what we are teaching to each other or our loved ones.

This is what determines whether each of us and our children learn.

We discussed deep listening.

He said we all need compassion for health, because love and compassion generate a healthy immune system, whereas giving the body angry and conflicting or frustrated emotions and signals without mindfulness will break the body down through stress.

I thought this was very simple advice for us all in our ‘modern’ world with all its pushing-pulling energies in our busy hustle-bustle lives.

He spoke about Oneness.

Our common bond as human beings is love and compassion which brings health to the body mind heart soul while other emotions and thoughts like anger and frustration do not.

I asked him how to practice truly deep listening to each other’s hearts with compassion.

Basically he said to truly listen is a Buddha quality so be thankful firstly for the blessing. Gratitude is step one. Being grateful for each other and the uniqueness we bring.

The Buddha said “You are the Master” so it is important to develop self confidence.

So giving each other and our children confidence to realise their potential and being confident ourselves in what we share and teach is step two.

Once you have confidence in your Buddha abilities then study the Buddha’s sutras from India, since that is the original, the sutras on listening and heartfulness like the Heart Sutra from Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin/Kannon-sama.

The sutras on mindfulness like the Anapanasati Sutra on the full awareness of breathing.

These are not religion, he emphasised, but study.

Then you can truly hear people.

He said “The world needs the affection of the mother who feeds the child in everyone’s hearts”

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Altair Shyam

Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”


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