Becoming Normal Again – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Eng Tay


Becoming Normal Again

As I write this Ascension ethnography, I’m processing one vasana after another, letting go of one identified conditioned response after another, and dropping any masks I’ve created.

It isn’t lost on me as I go further and further into this work where it’s leading and where it’ll end up.

It’ll end up in me becoming normal again.

What is normal?

Grounded, centered, equanimous, yet inclined towards the highest good of all if inclined at all.

Patient, responsible, and service-oriented.

I knew a world like that for all my growing-up years in the 1950s.

I had it once and I want it again.

Collectively, we were normal then. Everything around us was normal. Our schools were normal. Our community centers were normal. Our banks were normal.

Our personal lives and family lives were not necessarily normal and I grant that. But our social life was normal. And I’m only speaking about my neighborhood.

As I drop one obstacle to awareness after another, one heart blockage after another, I see myself getting less bent out of shape, extreme, and impatient. Less disappointed, despondent, and resigned.

There’s a part of me that’s barely coming alive, realizing that we really can turn our situation around. So many hopes have been crushed in this area. So many gurus and teachers fallen. So much corruption and covering up.

Add to that everything else happening in the world and you have a person here who was seriously despondent about the future of the world.

It isn’t that I have more certainty about the future of our world now. I have compelling evidence that things will get better, but no personal insight.

But it isn’t that anyways. It’s that I’ve seen how the world can be made to work. I’ve had a glimpse and no matter how long it takes, I now see how it will be done.

The rising energies will carry us to a blissful state and in that state we won’t want to harm anyone. All we’ll want to do is help.

That world will work. It will work naturally. Life in it will be normal. At last.

I can now see how something I heard about more than 35 years ago – a world that works for everyone – could come true. I puzzled over that all these years.

For me the rest is just the outworking. My best contribution is simply to resume being normal again.

Because normal is the same as centered, moderate, and balanced.

It doesn’t take long in meditation before normal turns into deep. For me, the center, the heart is a portal, a doorway to the blissful state, but only when my mind becomes normally quiet can I take advantage of it.



Art : Eng Tay

Becoming Normal Again

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