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Soul Mining

I’m going to repost an article on vasanas and the upset clearing process as a companion to this piece.

The hypothesis behind the Ascension work that I’m doing, which AAM has said that he wants me to do publicly, (1) is that who we are – the soul, the Christ, the Atman – is buried under debris and that all that needs to be done is to shed that debris and the soul is unconcealed.

So the hypothesis is not that we’re being uplifted – although we are.  It isn’t that we’re going somewhere – although we are and we’re not.

The hypothesis I’m working with is rather that we’re soul mining – excavating the overburden that hides the inner gold.

The inner gold mine is unlike a regular gold mine. In a regular gold mine, the gold is everywhere, mixed in with the matrix.

In ours, the overburden (vasanas, conditioned responses, constructed self) lies on top of a layer of pure gold. We simply have to remove it to reveal the spiritual gold underneath, what AAM calls our “spiritual currency.”

If you like to see the situation as a building, then the vasanas or core issues are the concrete foundation, the conditioned responses are the building, and the constructed self is the outer facade.

Now we’re demolishing the whole thing.

I am – you are – in the midst of unconcealing ourselves – the completion of our vasanas, the release of our conditioned responses, and the demolition of our constructed selves.

I use every opportunity to process a vasana that arises. This morning, I awoke and saw that every day I open my eyes with a feeling of depression and dismay. That feeling is not obvious to me because it itself is usually obscured by other, even more traumatic feelings.

But these other situationally-stimulated feelings are subsiding now, leaving only the self-stimulated feelings from the past via my vasanas.

The Arcturian Group said something interesting. The offered this explanation of what happened with most lightworkers’ choices of family:

“Because this is such an important time on Earth, most of you chose birth families that would serve to activate deeply-buried issues, bringing them to a conscious level where they could be finally resolved and released.” (2)

That applied to me. I see my family history as having served to awaken or bring forward my warrior aspect from millennia ago.

I’m reawakening that spirit, AA Michael told me, because I’ll need the warrior’s strength to manage what lies ahead.  So I see the relevance of the Arcturian Group’s explanation.

Back to waking up this morning feeling depression and dismay. I felt that way because I feel shame at being the one (in my own imagination only, of course) who faces into  my Father’s depredations. I feel shame for the hate I feel towards him, shame for what I’ve done to foil him, shame for how long I held onto my hatred of him, shame, shame, shame.

Consequently I feel depressed at the thought of waking up and facing another day in which, in my imagination, I strap on my sword and buckler and go into battle.

And I feel dismayed at the thought that this will be another day colored by feelings shame, fear, and hatred.

I haven’t forgiven myself and the tears come up now. Here I am sitting in my local coffee shop in the early morning hours and crying.

You’ve seen me in the midst of breaking through to transformation. Now you get to see me weeping in a coffee shop because I haven’t forgiven myself. Who needs reality TV?

Nonetheless:  Yippeee! The vasana is up.  The only time it can be handled is when it’s up – in full emotional glory. It’s like landing a huge fish. You can’t land it until it takes the hook.

And now the tears gush up.

(What follows reflects the way I release a vasana. This is a part – not the whole – of the upset clearing process. It’s the “expedited” process.)(3)

First I feel my anger as my victim response goes off – lost childhood, beast of a father (not really), betrayer, on and on I go.

I breathe through that, experiencing it completely.

From underneath that arises sorrow. I hear myself saying I never had a Dad. In later life, I often was attracted to girls for their fathers. The sorrow and the disappointment flows and I stay weeping.

Then that ceases.  Or perhaps “mitigates,” “moderates” would be a better word.  I am, as it were, giving myself a listening.

And then the realization hits: This was the life I constructed for myself so that I’d be able to fulfill the service contract I agreed to. It has fulfilled its purpose and I can now consign it to a faulty memory and let it go.

I actually feel happy for the first time, reflecting on my life. We did it. We succeeded in reawakening the warrior in me that I’d need at this stage of my life to take the next step. Thank you, cast of many, cast of One.

With that realization, I’m complete. I understand the whole scenario now. I experience my choice in its design and outworking.

The truth has set me free from the unwanted condition.

One beneficial outcome of it all, besides reactivating my warrior file, was motivating me to learn the art of cleansing myself of vasanas. That has been of infinite usefulness to me and hopefully of some to others.

And with that, in the kaleidoscope that life is, I move on to the next obstacle to the revelation of the bliss that I am.

What’s the next barrier, Mother?

I acknowledge K’s help in assisting me through this completion.


(1) “There is much to be said for everyman, and that is part of the role you play. Yes, you are a pillar. You are an anchor. You’re an informant but you’re also playing the role of everyman – with curiosity, with exploration, with insight. So our desire is not to separate you from the collective. Let go of the fear.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, , Nov. 11, 2015.)

“I beg of you, do not assume that when you write of what you are calling ‘the inner work,’ that this does not have profound effect because the focus of the leadership movement, right now is on the inner work.”  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 7, 2015.)

(2) Arcturian Group, July 20, 2014, at

(3) For the whole of the upset clearing process, see “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process” at, (reproduced below).


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Soul Mining

The Fifth Dimensional NOW by Sharman @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Preparing For First Contact–The Fifth Dimensional NOW by Sharman-through Sue Lie



By the Arcturians and Sharman—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 28

The Fifth Dimensional NOW

Greetings, I am Sharman, here again to speak with you. I am happy to announce that for this transmission I, Sharman, am combining my Pleiadian energy field with my Arcturian energy field. In the same manner that many of you on Earth have a heritage from different countries, most of us on the Ship have a heritage from different Galaxies.

We have been raised on multidimensional, inter-galactic ships which house many Galactic Representatives who serve. Therefore, we are no longer bound just to our homeworld. Instead, we perceive ourselves as “inter-galactic” beings. Therefore, I will speak, not as my individual “I,” but as my collective “we.”

We realize it has been quite a while in your Earth “time” since we have spoken with you. However, in our dimension, time and space are no longer a component of our “operating system.” Within our fifth dimensional and beyond reality, we live within the NOW of the ONE.

We realize that this concept is difficult for our earth-bound ones to understand, so we were asked to speak with you again to attempt to explain our fifth dimensional operating system in a third dimensional manner.

Just as time and space are the basis of Earth’s third dimensional operating system, and to a lesser degree of Earth’s fourth dimensional operating system, the HERE of the NOW is the basis of our fifth dimensional operating system.

However, all of our Ships are calibrated to also function within your fourth dimensional operating system to accommodate our frequent guests from third/fourth dimensional Earth. When humans are able to expand their consciousness into the fourth dimension, they can perceive our reality on our ships while still maintaining their earth vessels, which are usually sleeping.

We use the word “reality” rather than “lives,” as we have many “lives” that are simultaneously running within our multidimensional consciousness. In fact, we are “here within your NOW” to remind our friends on Earth that you also have many lives.

Those of us who observe your third/fourth dimensional reality from our perspective of the fifth dimension are happy to see how our volunteers to physical Earth have learned to adapt to such a difficult format of reality.

Were are here within your NOW, to remind you that there are many different “formats of reality” that we have observed, as well as volunteered to temporarily experience. We have had these experiences because we have taken an earth vessel on one of your countless realities.

You may be surprised to know that many different realities are actually running simultaneouslyon your dear Gaia, Earth. What most humans do not know is that Earth, known to us as Gaia, is a living being who thinks and feels in the same manner as humans.

However, humans usually know Her thoughts and feelings as “the weather.” There are different weather systems that are innate to the different areas of Gaia’s planet. It is when there is a major shift in that weather that Gaia is speaking.

Even though many humans are totally unaware of the life force of the planet, they are very aware of the weather. There are, of course, different weather systems that are innate to different areas of the planet.

Therefore, it is when there is a sudden, or gradual, change within that “normal weather” that Gaia is speaking. Humans adapt to the weather of their area much more than they realize. Hence, when there is a shift in the “normal weather,” people take a moment of their busy life to notice their environment on Earth.

We say, “environment on Earth,” to differentiate the many inner mental and emotional environments that are constantly influencing them. It is primarily this “inner mental and emotional environment” within the consciousness of each human through which Gaia can be heard.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of humanity is unaware of their own “inner environment.” This lack of awareness is largely because of the “unconscious messages” that are constantly being fed to humanity by the forces of darkness. These “secret leaders” of your reality are masters at mental and emotional manipulation.

We tell you this, not to frighten you, but to remind you to focus on the “mastery of your mind” and the “conscious awareness of your emotions.” There is a great deal of “brainwashing,” as it is called in your world, that is sent via carrier waves that are unconscious to your daily awareness.

However, if you attend to your emotions and your physical body, you will be able to consciously perceive these messages. Modern humanity, especially in the “developed societies,” has been taught to unconsciously attend to the many messages sent to them via television, especially the commercials on the television, movies, newspaper, and the Internet.

“How can someone be unconsciously taught?” we hear you ask. Our response is that humans have been taught to ignore their inner directives and to attend to their outer directives. It is for this reason that many humans can no longer communicate with Gaia.

Those laggards who have failed their ascension process in many incarnations came to Earth long ago when their own home worlds ascended into the fifth dimension. These dark ones were unable to ascend because they could not release their addiction to “power over others.”

In order to resonate to the frequency of a fifth dimensional reality, one must release ALL desire to have “power over” and focus instead on developing their “power within.” When one focuses on “power over others,” their consciousness greatly lowers because they lose the connection with their innate “power within.”

Every being has an innate Power Within, which is their “personal inner spark of spirit.” This inner spark of spirit allowed them to enliven the earth vessel, which they have chosen to take, in order to experience “life on third-dimensional Earth.”

As one may or may not be aware, there are also many visitors to Earth that have chosen to reside on fourth dimensional Earth, which is known as Earth’s Astral Plane. Many beings ruled by the need to have Power Over Others choose to take an incarnation in the lowest frequencies of the Astral Plane, known as “The Lower Astral Plane.”

It is for this reason that many humans send their Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into the Lower Astral Plane. We thank all of you who do so, as you have made a huge contribution to Gaia’s ascension. Just as humanity can clear their own fears by loving themselves unconditionally, as well as encircling themselves with Violet Fire, Gaia greatly benefits from the Unconditional Love and Violet Fire of Transmutation that is sent into Her planetary body.

Please remember that those who chose to take forms on any given planet, do so because they feel an innate attachment to the energy patterns of that planet. Many of you who have chosen incarnations on Earth, have also incarnated on Venus. In fact, many of those who live in service to Gaia have had many incarnations on Venus.

Venus is where they learned/remembered their true Multidimensional SELF, as well as the reason for their upcoming incarnation on Gaia’s Earth. Gaia and Venus are sister planets and often work as ONE for the healing and advancement their shared Solar System.

One of the important concepts that you learn via your nightly, or meditative, visits to Venus is Unconditional Love. Venus has released Her need for polarity and is assisting her dear sister Gaia to do the same.

The separation of polarities of “good” and “bad” has caused Gaia great difficulties due to myriad wars that have damaged Her body and depleted her resources. The energy fields of Venus teach humanity to love art, beauty, deep human friendship, and inter-dimensional communication.

Inter-dimensional communication is the basis of planetary ascension. As more and more of humanity remembers that they can visit Venus and/or our Starships during sleep or deep meditation, they will no longer feel threatened by the constant propaganda being sent out by the dark ones.

These dark ones have taken over many of your third dimensional communication systems.

Therefore, we ask you to carefully choose what you watch in your leisure time. If what you are watching, or listening to, expands your consciousness, then take the time to relax and enjoy yourself.

However, if that media frightened you, it will lower your consciousness and open you to fear. We fifth dimensional ones can clearly see the “fear markers” that are embedded in horror movies, commercials, as well as other parts of television, radio and/or the Web.

If you feel fear, do NOT expose yourself to that media. However, if you can send that message your Unconditional Love and Violet Fire before you terminate that “entertainment,” you would be greatly assisting the collective consciousness of Earth.

Your Unconditional Love and Violet Fire can also seek out the “fear markers” and transmute them back to empty energy packages that can only absorb messages of higher dimensional intention.

Do you realize how much Gaia needs to transmute the fearful energy patterns that are littering Her atmosphere? It is for this reason that many of our volunteers chose to take an earth vessel. These volunteers to Gaia are often known as, “The Clean Up Crew.”

We, your inter-dimensional family, wish to thank those who have joined our Clean Up Crew again and again for the great assistance that you have given to Gaia to clear Her Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ethers. The service that you are giving to Gaia, you are also giving to the many generations who will be living on an increasingly, over populated planet.

Fortunately, more and more of you will be wearing your Lightbodies, which will greatly assist Gaia with Her planetary recovery. You see, your fifth dimensional lightbody, interacting with Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional Earth, will greatly assist in planetary ascension.

Also, those of you who choose to remain on fifth dimensional Earth after your ascension into Lightbody, will greatly assist to accelerate Gaia’s transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet into a fifth dimensional planet.

Within the NOW of Gaia’s transmutation into  “Fifth Dimensional Light Planet,” Gaia will be experiencing much of what you will be experiencing as you transmute into your Fifth Dimensional Light Body.

Do you now better understand why you chose to take an earth vessel in this important NOW of planetary and solar transmutation?

From our experiences of taking vessels on third dimensional Earth, we Galactics realize how difficult it can be on a planet that is in constant flux from fear to love, then from love to fear. This cycle also has negative consequences on Gaia’s planetary being.

The problem is that most of humanity has no idea how much their emotions influence their environment. If they did, then they would try to acknowledge their fearful emotions and re-center themselves back into their loving emotions.

We are sure that those of you who have dogs, cats, or birds in your home realize how much your “pet” is affected by your emotions. We wish to remind you that trees, flowers, insects, grass, water, and the sky are also influenced by the emotions that you unknowingly send out into your world.

Your difficult challenge is to remain conscious of the energy fields that you are creating and sending out into your environment. Many of your spiritual leaders have been aware of this fact and have meditated for many decades to learn mastery over their thoughts and emotions.

We want you all to know that we, your Galactic Family, can observe the energy fields of Earth via the advanced technology of our Starships. We also want you to know that we can also detect the great, transmutational power of the Violet Fire and Unconditional Love that you send into your reality.

In closing, we wish to remind you that you have the ability to remember the other, past, present and future incarnations in which you have gained a greater mastery of your thoughts and emotions.

Yes, because we Galactics resonate to the fifth dimensional NOW, we can simultaneously observe your past, present and future realties. We can also perceive your possible and probable realities. All these realities are swirling and moving in a huge, cosmic ocean.

As you more consciously return to your innate fifth dimensionality, you too will regain these perceptions. When you regain your conscious ability to perceive energy fields before they become realities, which many of you WILL DO, you will be able to transmute all “power over others” actions BEFORE they can manifest.

Did you realize that YOU have this ability? We can see that many have not yet remembered that innate skill. However, we can also perceive that many of you are VERY close to remembering that innate skill that was “brainwashed” out of you.

Please remember, that the multidimensional abilities that are innate to you, are impossible for the dark ones to ever attain. It is for this reason that they wish to brainwash you and place fear markers through your media.

Therefore, we remind you that YOU are more powerful then those who are lost to the darkness. In fact, you are even more powerful than them before you flash into Lightbody.

Can you imagine how amazingly powerful YOU, our fifth dimensional ones who have taken a third dimensional earth vessel, are? The multidimensional power that you hold is locked within your Lightbody. Therefore, one can only access that power while their consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.

In this manner, the dark ones cannot force a human to use their power in a negative manner. You can only access this immense power by activating your fifth dimensional Lightbody. Then, once you are transmuted into your Lightbody, you are invincible to all third/fourth dimensional negativity and/or weaponry.

In the past history of Earth, when a great human was able to transmute into their Lightbody, they left the third dimensional Earth and resided in the higher dimensions. However, within your new era of Planetary Ascension, your Lightbodies will enter into the Core of Gaia to assist with the re-calibration of the Core and Central Crystals of “Gaia’s brain.”

Then, just as each human Lightbody will burst forth from the core of physical body, Gaia’s Lightbody planet will burst forth from the core of Her planetary body!

We hear you ask, “When will this occur?” Our answer is that this event can only occur within the NOW of the fifth dimensional consciousness, and thus resonance, of the ONE.

“What does that mean?” we hear you ask.

“Go into your fifth dimensional consciousness to find that answer for your self.” we reply.

Blessings, WE are YOU

And YOU are US

If you have more questions, please ask us when you visit our Ship.

Sharman and your Galactic Family

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The Elders November Transmission – The 11:11 Gateway and the Petal of the Passionate Heart – Anrita Melchizedek

The Elders November Transmission

The 11:11 Gateway and the Petal of the Passionate Heart

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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of November as you deepen into the knowing of your magnificence and Light, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light. And in this magical month of November, sweet ones, you activate and integrate a deeper level of the beautiful Christed Heart’s Petal of Passion, deeper into the Heart’s Dreaming and Joy, amplified through the 11:11 Gateway and the 11:22 Gateway of Light.


As you are aware sweet ones, you are experiencing increased levels of cosmic conscious awareness activating through and within the body and energy field in the creation of your multi-dimensional Light Bodies through the merging and integration of your Beloved I AM Presence and the knowing of yourselves in service in Love. Additionally this increased Light frequency activates more deeply through the original Divine eight-cell blueprint holding the memories of your highest potential that have accumulated through many lifetimes of experience and self-mastery. As the energy of your Beloved I AM Presence activates more deeply through your body and energy field in integration and alignment to the Divine, the interpretation of the old matrix dissolves into a deeper sense of unity and collective Christ Consciousness, This brings with it too a deeper sense of your soul’s true destiny, releasing old false beliefs and judgments, patterns of self-sabotage, and patterns of mis-creations along the karmic timelines that have been experienced both individually and collectively for eons of time. And in this alignment of Light sweet ones, there is a deeper sense of synchronicity and purpose, a deeper sense of inspiration and how you can birth your creations of Light in full abundance, in joy, in delight and passion upon this sacred Earth.


We understand, sweet ones, as star seeds and way showers that you have often experienced a perceived sense of alienation and of course we chuckle at this for you are indeed all aliens. This perceived sense of alienation is a gift too, sweet ones, for through this perceived sense of difference, which brings with it the resonance of home, you have deepened into alignment with the Divine and into a deeper sense of your purpose and place upon this sacred Earth. In the culmination of your Heart’s Joy and Dreaming it is also looking at your choices, looking at grounding and rooting and centering yourselves, as well as experiencing a deeper recalibration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine frequencies.


There is a time when many of you have questioned “What is my purpose? What am I here to do? Why is it that I am still struggling on different levels of my beingness?” whether this is energetic ascension symptoms, and oscillating emotions or low energy or disillusionment, or the need to rebalance the emotional or mental bodies ~ all of this sweet ones now activates into an inner and outer balance through the 11:11 Gateway, and into a deeper level of balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. Additionally sweet ones, the energy of the 11:11 Gateway allows you to truly ground the magnificent gifts that each of you bring individually to the collective in your uniqueness, immeasurable and incomparable to others.


You have experienced, sweet ones, in this sacred year of 2016, a deeper activation of the Diamond Light Codes of Creation, numerous planetary activities of Light, a deepening sense of your multi-dimensional selves and your Pleiadian, Sirian, and Arcturian Master Guides and other E.T guides, and for many of you sweet ones, a deeper connection to the Star Councils of Light that you are working with on the inner planes. This culminates now in this sacred month of November, into golden opportunities that present themselves to take your service work to the next level, and to bring in, magnetize and manifest all that you need sweet ones, within the Unity Grid of Divine Love to take your service work to the next level and to step into the next level of your soul’s magnificence and blossoming.


In all Golden Ages, sweet ones, you have experienced the harmonic resonance through the Unity Grids of Divine Love into Unity Consciousness. These alignments through the planets and the stars and the Lightbody of Mother Earth attuned you deeper into the harmonic resonance of God’s Divine Love and the dimensions of Light from On High. You are all attuned, sweet ones, into the higher dimensional fields of Light, activating your own unique extra-sensory perception gifts ~ of telepathy, of empathy, clairsentience, of healing, of clairvoyance, or hearing, insight, wisdom and understanding; and you can be sure sweet ones, that this Golden Age of Light is upon you now even if from an outward appearance it appears to be very confusing upon this plane of polarity. It is a choice first and foremost in choosing to walk the path of Divine Love, to remain within the Christed Heart, to choose Love at each stage or challenge you may experience in your journey back home. So we say to you sweet ones, to deepen the Heart’s Dreaming and Joy requires first and foremost the ability to align your will to the will of God; and to listen to the intuitive guidance of your Beloved I AM Presence who guides you ever deeper along the path of Divine Love, as the Legions of Light walk in front of you, next to you, and behind you. You are greatly celebrated, appreciated and Divinely Loved and it is simply to draw upon the templatings that you may be needing at this time, whether it is greater levels of support, greater levels of energy, greater levels of abundance, greater levels of inspiration, or synchronicity within your daily life.


In this transmission with you sweet ones we invoke and call upon the Overlighting of the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light in particular, who hold and activate the beautiful Petal of the Passionate Heart. The Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light not only lead you into greater levels of expansion through your own ability sweet ones to move beyond the Veils of Illusion into the higher dimensions of Light, but they bring for each one of you a deeper balancing of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. From a cosmic perspective sweet ones, the Divine Masculine archetypal field of Light that is experienced through the Andromedan galaxy merges with your Milky Way galaxy and the Divine Feminine archetypal field of Light creating the Golden Rose Galaxy ~ the perfect balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Codes of Light.


We often talk, sweet ones, about the Divine Feminine as the key to fully experiencing this Golden Age of Light, for it is the Divine Feminine that activates the flame of Divine Love within your sacred Christed hearts, that allows you to let go of blame, to come into forgiveness, to come into a deeper sense of compassion and Love and joy and beingness, sweet ones ~ to greater levels of appreciation of each Now moment. It is the Divine Masculine though, sweet ones, that allows you to ground these beautiful co-creations of Light in inspirations that each one of you are now receiving simply as we speak to you now in the transmitting of these downloads of Light. The ability to ground your beautiful co-creations and Heart’s Dreaming is an aspect of the doing energy sweet ones ~ of the choices that you make that take you deeper into alignment with Spirit, deeper into alignment with your Heart’s Dreaming.


So let us now set our sacred space as we move into a beautiful Heart’s Dreaming Re-calibration Chamber of Light, brought in by the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light in this dance of inner balance and outer balance. In this dance of being able to draw to you all that you need to not only experience a deeper sense of your Heart’s Dreaming and your Joy, but in your co-creations of Light, to experience the unlimited possibilities of your highest potential in self-mastery as these magnificent Master Beings of Light.




Let us start now by simply breathing deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. Just having a sense now of this stillness within the physical body and conscious awareness as you experience a deeper level of alignment now to your Beloved I AM Presence, and the Overlighting of Mother/Father God. You visualize this beautiful diamond golden and white flame of Love activating now within your Christed Heart and moving though each one of the chakras. This beautiful flame carries the diamond Light Codes of Creation and a deeper level of your purity, your innocence and your Divinity. The golden flame of One Unity Consciousness, sweet ones, activates within the refraction of these golden rays, and the beautiful white Light of the Christed One takes you deeper into self-mastery, deeper into the templates of Divine Love.


You call in now the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, and the Arcturians, all of the Light ~ Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek ~ the Archangels and Divine Feminine Counterparts and Legions of Light ~ the Mighty Elohim, the Ascended Masters and Ray Masters, Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, Helios and Vesta the Solar Logoi, Melchior the Galactic Logos, and all other Beings of Light that you personally acknowledge and that wish to join you now in this sacred space. As you deepen now into the collective consciousness of the I AM Avatar race, through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, drawing upon the diamond Light Grid, drawing upon your purity and innocence; and now the templates of the New Earth Frequencies and patterns of perfection, the sacred geometries, numerologies, fractal geometries, sound and color frequencies. Good sweet ones.


Taking a moment sweet ones, in this alignment to the Divine, as you continue to breathe deeply through the body, have a sense of the antakarana activating, this fluorescent tube of Light that links you through all dimensions of Light and that activates from the crown chakra now through the body down the spine and out the perineum center into the earth star chakra. Linking you now into the higher dimensional fields of Light, to your Master Guides, to your multi-dimensional Selves, to the merging Christed timelines that are activating in this Now, and to your many gifts experienced in these parallel realities and dimensions of Light. Having a sense of a deeper level of activation of your extra-sensory perception gifts ~ telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and your creative gifts. All these beautiful gifts are amplifying now sweet ones as you feel and experience this deep sense of hope, as you feel and experience this deep sense of knowing how you are so greatly celebrated, appreciated and loved.


Activating now the petals of the Christed Heart ~ your Peaceful Heart, your Loving Heart, your Healing Heart, your Joyful and Happy Heart, your Innocent and Open Heart, your Powerful Heart, your Knowing Heart, your Passionate Heart, your Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, your Trusting Heart, your Heart of Integrity and Truth, and now your Intimate Heart. As these petals of the Christed Heart activate now to the maximum cosmic law can allow, you bring a focus back to the Passionate Heart sweet ones. You have a sense now of the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light coming forward and bringing in this beautiful Heart’s Dreaming and Passionate Chamber of Light, as you are wrapped in a golden white flame of Light. This multi-dimensional multi-colored rectangular grid of Light activates around the body and energy field, as you deepen now into a greater sense of joy, of passion, and infinite possibilities of service in Love.


We are going to start with the bringing in of particular Light Frequency codes sweet ones. So just experience this beautiful connection to all the Illumined Beings and the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings. Breathing gently through the body, fully relaxed and open to receiving within your beautiful sacred space.



The first sense we want to give to you in these sonic frequency vibrations, sweet ones, is a deeper sense of grounding your Heart’s Dreaming and Heart’s Joy. Being centered within the heart’s passionate resonance field of Light requires sweet ones for you to have a deeper sense of what it is that you would truly like to share through your soul purpose. As this energy activates through the original Divine eight-cell blueprint within the perineum center, and as you root and ground now into Mother Earth, you will experience the visions, the knowing, the insight and wisdom of your beautiful gifts sweet ones. These gifts are not an outward focus but are in a large part that which brings the most joy to you within your everyday life. These could be initially simply meditating, going for a walk in nature, or walking on Mother Earth’s beaches or in her forests, doing some exercise that you love, cooking, baking, writing, painting, or sounding, to name a few.


Whatever it is sweet ones that brings great joy into your life is what you will focus on now, in a deeper sense now of the merging Christed timelines of your highest potential, accumulated upon lifetimes and lifetimes of experience and self-mastery and amplified within this Now.


As you ground now into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, you can visualize a grounding cord of any color of your choosing coming from the sacral chakra, taking this into the energy of the Earth, through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, into the crystal heart of Mother Earth where you wrap this grounding cord around a beautiful diamond cluster drawing more deeply upon the diamond Light Codes of Creation. Breathing this energy more deeply through your body as Mother Earth sends you her Love back up your body and into your energy field. You can visualize roots growing from the feet into the energy of the earth. You can visualize twelve connecting lines activating from the perineum center, almost in the shape of a vee coming out from the perineum center and taking this just below the knees, these golden lines of Light. There are many ways to ground and center, so just do that which feels most comfortable for you, sweet ones.


As you take a moment now to experience the Christed timelines of your highest potential you have a sense of how you are connected into the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, into the Higher Light of every man, woman and child on this Sacred Earth choosing the path of Divine Love. And it is within this collective field of Divine Love sweet ones, that you can draw upon the inspiration too as you come together with the core groups that have the most similar resonance, understanding and frequency to yourself, these soul and star family and friends of the Light. For this is what amplifies the energy of joy and support and co-creation and we let you know very clearly sweet ones that you are not alone. We are always with you, and this support is not only on the inner planes but on the outer planes too, so open your heart deeper to receiving, open your heart deeper to the knowledge of the wisdom that you hold, of the passion and joy that you are worthy of, and have experienced in numerous lifetimes. Through the original Divine eight-cell blueprint now the DNA codes of Light of your highest potential in self-mastery activate to experience these Golden Ages of yourselves as the healers, and teachers, and way showers, amplifying your many gifts and Divine inspirations through Spirit and your Beloved I AM Presence. Just allow these Divine inspirations of Light to activate more deeply for you now sweet ones, as you further experience this recalibration between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, between the pituitary and the pineal, and the hypothalamus glands. Wonderful.




You are awakening to a deeper sense of your spiritual gifts and your cosmic lineage sweet ones, and what you came here to do collectively, and of the star councils that you are working with, on the inner planes in particular. You just have a sense now of these beautiful star councils that you may be connected to; the Pleiadian Star Council, the Sirian Star Council, the Andromedan Star Council, the Arcturian Star Council, the Lyran Star Council, the Orion Star Council, the Vegan Star Council, the Venusian Star Council, the Niburian Star Council, the Alpha Centaurian Star Council, the Maldekian Star Council, the Antarean Star Council, the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light Star Council, and others that may be familiar to you. As you deepen into this connection sweet ones, you have a sense now of being Overlighted in the ray frequencies of the collective councils that you are working with as they now bring through the particular key codes related to your service work, related to your cosmic lineage and what you came here to do as this ambassador of Light, as this sacred transfiguring flame of Light. And as this occurs sweet ones we express a deeper sense of this activation through the 11:11 Gateway once more in the language of Light.




This connection and alignment into the various star councils has been made for each one of you, sweet ones, and this will deepen now over this sacred month of November as you receive in downloads of Light deeper levels of inspiration and alignment and resonance to your Heart’s Dreaming and service work to Mother Earth and all her life. As you experience now a sense of these beautiful council ray energies, just bring a focus to the physical body for a moment sweet ones.  Bring a focus within the physical body to any areas of discomfort that require healing or that require simply to be acknowledged and loved. Bring a focus too through the emotional and mental body in to what it is that you perceive may still be blocking you from the full abundance and joy of your Heart’s Dreaming and the fruition of your creative gifts. For many of you sweet ones, as sensitive souls, energetically this may be related to issues of self-confidence, empowerment, or there may still be areas of perceived trauma within the body at a cellular level or within the energy field that perpetuate particular addictions. Mentally the thought forms may take you into the wounded soul, the lower mind running around with the head energy of not being enough; not being successful enough, or comparing yourself to others. Whatever these imbalances are, sweet ones, just bring a focus to the greatest area of imbalance within your life because there is a gift within this that will bring balance.


And as you experience that the energy of all these Illumined Beings within this Heart’s Dreaming Chamber of Light, the core groups that you are working with, and which are most resonant to you along with the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, will assist in transmitting to you Divine Light frequencies you need to simply heal, embrace, release and deepen into the knowing of your magnificence and Light and how you, sweet ones, are effecting and creating change upon this sacred Earth for yourself and all life. These frequencies brought in sweet ones, also deepen into the areas of lack-of in your life to bring in energetically the support that you may need, the abundance you may need, the sense of belonging you may need, the networking you may need, and above all, the healing frequencies you may need. So just take yourselves into the Passionate Heart, embracing your grief or your sadness or your anger or your pain or your disillusionment or your ill-health. All of this sweet ones is simply a re-balancing energetically of the inner and outer balance that is being offered to you in this sacred month of November, so you may truly experience the greatest level of joy that you can in this Now.


For the Light Language transmission that we bring in now is to take you deeper into the joy whilst giving insight and understanding to what you may still be embracing and loving and accepting and coming to celebrate within yourselves.



Good, sweet ones. Good.


And lastly now you have a sense of your Divine Feminine Spirit to the left of you and your Divine Masculine Spirit to the right of you. To a greater level of being and doing, in the perfect balance for you ~ the perfect dance of harmony, and peace and Love and joy and passion and inspiration ~ the dance of your Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. You get a sense sweet ones of how this dance is being experienced on a planetary level within the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light and through the hearts and minds of all awakened souls as together you co-create Heaven on Earth. You simply hold the knowing that you have all the tools and gifts and support to deepen into your Heart’s Dreaming, and that the Universe is pouring its abundance down on to you to support you on every level and every step of the way to the manifestation of your co-creations and unique gifts in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. So take this leap of faith, sweet ones, put into action your hearts’ greatest desires, dreams, and joys. These new opportunities are presenting themselves, amplified in this sacred month of November, and each one of you sweet ones, has the possibility to experience a deeper sense of your unique puzzle pieces. Trust and surrender to this process sweet ones, trust and surrender to life.


In your own time now you come back into your sacred space, centered and relaxed and fully in your body. Grounding once more into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, whilst keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, knowing that you are Loved, that you are Love, that you are Love. You place your hands upon your hearts as you say to yourself “I Love you.” Giving your full name now “I Love you”. Wonderful sweet ones. In your own time now, you come back fully present.


We thank you, and we bless you, sweet ones; and with this we bid you a most magical day.



Transcribed by Eadie Miller

Sacred geometric image by Rick Ruggles. Email