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~ A Force to be Overcome ~

Within the Hindu philosophy, maya is a term that is synonymous with “illusion.”  Essentially, it is believed that the phenomenal universe that we see and know is illusory, and is therefore a manifestation of maya.  It is also believed that beyond this universal maya is found Reality—an unchanging and eternal dimension that underlies the entirety of Creation. As a broad principle, esotericism finds much agreement with this notion. Yet within the nomenclature of Esotericism, this term is more narrowly applied. For maya represents the distortions arising from the ungoverned cravings of the physical body, as well as impetuous reactions to outer life events.

It must be remembered that there are countless environmental influences that seem to force us into activities that seem inconsistent with the soul’s higher calling. These forces invariably affect the etheric centers (chakras), often generating a reactive response. Whether considering a rash reaction to anger directed toward us, the power of societal laws that unduly create conformity, or the unregulated appetites of the physical body, these are just a few of the countless examples of maya playing out in one’s life. Behaviorally speaking, maya is the matrix from which instinctive and reactive consciousness arises.

When the disciple discovers how maya has been adversely influencing his or her life, a growing commitment to countering it eventually takes hold, initially through enforced disciplines of the body. Such things as diet, exercise, and hygiene become a preoccupation in one’s life. Through this effort, the disciple begins to consciously control his or her reactiveness toward bodily cravings. A more detached attitude toward various environmental forces (either alluring or distressing) is cultivated as well. These efforts represent attempts at overcoming maya and its restrictive influence in one’s spiritual life.

The complete elimination of maya is not afforded the disciple until enlightenment has been achieved. Indeed, where one stands upon the Path directly corresponds to the amount of maya still operative within one’s consciousness. Each step forward is facilitated when some aspect of maya has been eliminated.

William Meader



Humming Bird Owl Feather Full Moon Goddess Art by Isabel Bryna @ Etsy


November 11:11 Gateway ~ Space for Sacred codes and the inner journey – Meline Lafont


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November 11:11 Gateway ~ Space for Sacred codes and the inner journey.

Beloveds, we are in the midst of processing our November ride and journey into the inner planes. What November entails for you is that you will become more sophisticated in your sphere as your elemental awareness, your senses, your intuition and your morphogenetic phase will now start to enhance as you are exhaling your breaths of sophisticated SELF.

ALWAYS remember that on the journey there are many different layers and vibrations to travel through so we all experience this in phases, in momentums and in waves.

What we are experiencing through in this 11:11 portal is our refined self to be recalibrated, sophisticated and expanded. So is the journey of breath, a contraction and an expansion. We are to dive even deeper within now, to the core of our Divine Blueprint. As during this 11:11 Gateway High Sacred codes from the Supreme Source of Light intelligence are to be blazed our way and to be found within our DNA to activate our Divine Blueprint in this Human Temple of Light.

Whether this be a potent time or a living fractal of recalibration – it is ours to claim and work with in this now as we are in grand times of changeover. What you believe is and becomes your reality, thus are you to finally see what is beyond this veil of self image. And this brings you to the Divine Blueprint, the truest vibration and consciousness of your forms and intelligence within this body and elsewhere.

You all need this portal and these Sacred codes in order to fulfill the desired life and creation of unity consciousness and this new Light Being and world. It starts from within and emerges from your Divine Blueprint as it serves you throughout your lives with all that you need.

Thus to explore your gifts and SELF to exponential levels of Light you are needed to address your gifts within and this through the inner journey and the access to your Divine Blueprint. Time is here for this next phase of expansion, thus are these 11:11 portal codes just right for you to enable all of this momentum.

As your world around you comes to change through chaotic events, this resembles the inner shifts of many. You are trembling all within because there is a GRAND changeover occurring in your bodies on the Solar level as well as on the soul level. This trembling signifies the release of old tones and energies while integrating the new tones of your sound experience.

Remember that all is energy converted into sound, light and frequency. You will all have to become stronger through your gifts and your own potential in order to be able and work more accurately with sound, light and frequency. It will become as natural as it once was in the Lemurian timeline, only will you now have the enhanced ability to go further than this as your gifts and the new mergings of energies are exponential to begin with.

You are in the midst of the final purging and release in this 3 phase cycle and 9 year timeline. Accessing the Divine Blueprint promises you the full access of all your Divine gifts and the enhancement of your power in the field of Divine Presence.

You will spend your time with reviewing all of you within and without to make place for this new world inside of you and around you. As ALL are marching together in this review and release, you ALL are making space for this new world to birth. Things are becoming ever more explicit to you and so you decide for yourself what to clear, what is clear and what has cleared

The inner journey will be like a shamanic retreat. It is one of devotion and enhanced by the will of Spirit to be embodied into the body. That is the access of your Divine Blueprint! The enlarged state of consciousness through the Beingness. First you expand your potential and then you all co-create and create in Unity. This makes all of the processes of change go easier, faster and smoother as there is far less resistance on this path.

Aim your face to the sun when you meditate during this portal and connect your Solar Plexus to the inner Sun of your Solar Christ consciousness. This is the Christed light on the Solar level. Let them merge together and be as one. The access to these Codes will be given through the Solar Christ vibration and the Sun energies. The word and energy “Sun” will become an intrinsic part of your journey for it will become very important as you will see later on…

Blessed BE you all in this now and journey well within the heart.

In Love and with dedication,


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