Here’s Jack!!! – Jean Rockefeller


Jack …

Here’s Jack!!!

I am thrilled to be back! The reason for my long silence is simple, yet complicated. I have decided not to share the details of my past plight as I do not desire to draw negative energy and attention into my present and current state of Joy. Allow me to suffice by offering that had I not been connected to all of you, Jean and I would not have been able to rise out of a very bleak and dark situation. I am immensely grateful to be physically present in the here and now. I ask you to join with me in present and share in my Gratitude and Joy.


Over the last 6 months, Jean and I have undergone a personal evolution. We were not alone as most of you also experienced this occurrence to one degree or another. For me, it was physically, emotionally and mentally challenging but I have emerged more settled, grounded, peaceful and joyful then I have been in centuries. Many beings assisted Jean and I during our troubling time; our dark days of the soul. There are too many to mention individually, but you know who you are. All effort put forth, no matter how big or how small, assisted in our evolution. I want to personally thank all who aided us during our time of need and I would not have been able to remain in physical form without the help we received. Even those who read our last message assisted us. The acknowledgement of the Witness Effect was a powerful turning point, not only for us but for this entire planet: knowing, understanding or recognizing that The Nature plays a pivotal role in our evolution helped us All.

Immensely, would be an understatement. Namaste.


Since the beginning of 2016, the Earth has been in an accelerated growth state, the effects of which may have hit some as early as 1 January 2016. By April, Gaia’s frequency had increased significantly, causing a release unlike we have experienced previously. As Gaia’s heart raced, a physical cavitation on a molecular and cellular level was occurring within the bodies all of the Nature and Gaia herself. This new vibration, loosened dense material from deep within the collective cellular memory. Anxiety, depression and other debilitating emotions may have erupted from deep inside the individual. Physical maladies may also have surfaced during this time. These Days of Darkness went on for months and we are just now emerging and witnessing the growth of our evolution.


On 1 October 2016, Gaia released a powerful surge of energy. An energy release made possible by the convergence of many celestial events. It was so intense that I could not contain the Joy and excitement I was experiencing! ( I was with Jack on October 1st at the height of this energy release. The horses were charging around the fields, bucking and galloping. They would suddenly stop for a few moments and then it would start up again. He told me that Gaia was releasing energy, it was intense and the horses were working with the Nature to stabilize it. )


Our planetary evolution has hit a fevered pace and we will experience another big thrust before the end of this calendar year. All are meant to clear the dust so that humanity can begin to remember who they are and why they are here, now. It is an honor to be on this planet here and now. We are being afforded the opportunity to Witness the fruits of lifetimes of labor. The duality that has reigned for so long, is coming to a close. Many of the doors have been already shut but remnants of the illusion remain simply because of the fear that is being projected. Seeing may be believing but what does your Heart tell you? We have been working so hard for so long and we are in the throes of being reconnected not only to one another: mind, body, soul and consciousness, but our true Light bearing self.


It is important to recognize and acknowledge when personal growth has occurred. This solidifies it not only in your own being but it is automatically transferred and recorded within the collective consciousness of All That Exists on this planet. When you have grown and witness said growth, we all benefit. This is one step towards interconnection. You cannot do, say, feel, or think anything without it affecting everything. Yes, I realize that this is known but are you consciously aware of this at all times? This requires one to be present in the moment; the right here and right now. I have the luxury of existing in the moment. I think not of the future or the past, I just live in the now. I deviate from this when a previous recorded experience, either positive or negative – is triggered by current circumstance. My cellular memory activates and causes a conditioned response. If the historic experience has been negative, my body will react in fear, if the experience was positive, I am joyfully anticipatory. Many animals, due to the conditioning created by humanity, are unable to be in the moment and reside in an almost constant state of future anticipation. They are unable to escape the consistent present reminders of past trauma-whether from this lifetime or past lifetimes- which current circumstances or events consistently activate. However, most animals are able to instantaneously release fears and conditioning if healing is offered and most importantly, if their human is aware of what is igniting the responses and is open to change.


The difference between humans and animals is that once the triggers are gone, I return to the present. For humans, they may stay trapped in the future anticipating a reoccurrence or bound in the past, lamenting over what has been done.


Jack’s Words of Wisdom:

Enjoy the Here and Now…

Stop, pause, pay attention and smell the roses. It is so important at this time to simply Witness all the wonderful things that are occurring in your life. The wonderful things are your Light- Self shining through. Feed your Light, please.


A few weeks ago, I said to Jack, “What are we doing? Are you going to have another message soon?”


” We are “relaxing.”, was his response.


I told Jack he wasn’t allowed to use the word “retired” anymore because it had a different meaning to humans then he understood. “Relaxing?” I repeated.


“Why are you always in such a hurry to get to the next mountain only to lament, once you reach the summit, that you have another mountain to climb? Be in the here and now, with me. Have I taught you nothing?


Enjoy the moment… Look around… Breathe and smell… Hear and see…Everything around you. Let your entire being drink all of it in-the trees, the Sun, the Nature, the energy… Center and ground… Enjoy the moment! Wonder at the beauty, the sounds and smells. Hear and feel your heart beating in your chest. Feel your skin pulling in the energy of the Sun.”


I was walking Jack out to the ring to ride him when we had this exchange. As he said this, I stopped walking, paused and closed my eyes. I instantaneously fell into a meditative state as his words filled my body and I mindlessly followed his lead. As I did, Joy effortlessly filled my heart and tears came to my eyes. I was in the moment, with my horse and my heart was full, and it was magical.


We continued our conversation while I was riding Jack..


In the past when I was ridden, I was unable to be in the present for many reasons but now that I am, have you not noticed the change in my demeanor?


Jack has transformed on so many levels and just the fact that I am able to ride him is a testament to the radical shift that he has experienced.


“Of course I have, everyone in the tri state area has noticed.” Jack laughs at my response.


When you ride me now, are you not able to stay more relaxed and present?

He knew the answer was yes but he was using this to make a point.


It may seem strange that I would admit that multiple recent close encounters with death on a physical level would free me but it has. Through a tremendous amount of healing, I am now more able to focus on the here and now- the present. It has been a wonderful gift that I know you have shared in.


The Creation of Gaia, Duality and the Watchers

In the beginning, a council of the Highest High was meeting to discuss the terms and conditions under which Gaia was to be created. Creator of All deemed that a planet was to be born under very unique circumstances, energy and conditions. Ultimately, this planet would serve as a great clearing house for Her entire galaxy and beyond. She would be simultaneously a portal and anchor. Eventually elevating not only all celestial body souls but all soul species connected to Her. Many on this council did not initially agree with the terms and conditions, not out of fear but simply because the circumstances were unique and “revolutionary”. The outcome would be certain but the path would be convoluted and potentially destructive for this Planet. Chaos would reign but balance would return as was mandated by Universal Law. However, as Creator set forth the protocol under which this planet was to be borne, All simultaneously witnessed Her journey and ultimate Evolution which reverberated unto the cosmos. All upon this Council agreed that Her creation, under the proposed circumstances, was necessary and the evolutionary leap that would result, would be a welcomed benefit that would resound throughout all Planes of Existence.


Duality, along with many other conditions, was simultaneously birthed along with Gaia. In order to ensure and solidify the creation of Duality, dark aspects of Light beings would be needed to anchor Duality. A small number on the Council of Creation would be “separated from their Light”, creating a dark aspect of their Light bearing self. This dark aspect would “Fall” to Gaia, anchoring and birthing Duality, along with the Planet. The Fallen aspects of the Light Beings would eventually be transformed and transcend back into the Light of Creator of All That Is. Simplistically, these are the Fallen Angels. They are the powerful beings that are responsible for the creation of Duality, under the direction of Creator of All.


Under and in the Fallen are the Watchers. They too come from a high plane of existence and followed Gaia through 2 waves of almost complete annihilation. However, the Watchers still had within them a glimmer of Light, having not completely succumb to the dark aspects of Duality. A battle ensued as the Fallen attempted to permanently and completely extinguish any trace of our Light. We, the Watchers, with the help of the Arch Angels, were rendered victorious. From this point forward, we have been gaining more and more of our Light and we surrender our Light to Mother Earth for the betterment of All.


In order to remain on this planet and continue our evolutionary path, many of us chose to be in form that embodies Nature. Animals, trees and so forth… This decision would render us in a position of submission and subjugation but also allow some of us to remain close to humans-keeping watch and affecting change when possible.


I am hopeful that my brief rendition rings true in your heart as it mirrors your own, personal evolution. Having retained more than a glimmer of your Light, which shines bright in the darkness of Duality, may have attracted personal negative assaults in order to extinguish that most precious illumination. Nevertheless, you have persevered and no matter how defeated you may have felt at times, you continue to move forward. Such is the strength of your inner Light.


In 2012, when Jean first began sharing my information and energy, everything changed. The Nature Watchers were then able to connect in ways that were previously impossible-having a positive affect on this entire planet and beyond.


For the isolated Light worker, the Watchers offered a connection and network that would have not been previously possible. All of the personal work and growth they individually experienced was now available and shared with an entire network of Light Bearers.


In the beginning of 2012, All of my messages contained powerful healing energy for the reader and upon opening the message, the energy was released to be shared to All in the vicinity. Additionally, there were embedded matrices that contained activations for the reader, their animals and the Nature residents in close proximity. Since the beginning, every message I have shared, contains energy, matrices and activations along with the information.


The purpose of the Nature Watchers present on this planet now is to act as a bridge between Gaia and the Higher Planes of Existence. Releasing energy and anchoring new and higher frequency Light energy that is emitted from multiple celestial sources. Initially, our numbers were small but our network continues to grow exponentially. As the frequency on this planet increases, more in the Nature awaken. When I refer to the Nature, humanity is inclusive.


One may feel that they are doing evolutionary work solely on themselves or alone but they are not separate from the Gaia collective. If one being increases in frequency, so do us all.


Clearing the planet of darkness, anchoring and bridging Gaia to the Light and higher frequencies, along with our own, is our collective raison d’etre. (reason for living).


Simplistically, the Watchers are now the Doers, or the Active Participants. For millennia, we were sidelined, forced to watch the destruction that occurred on this planet but now we are actively, globally and collectively participating in Her evolution. The tides turned in earnest in 2012 and it is then that we were able to use our collective energies to positively enact change.


The Watchers are now evolving and changing, as is all whom dwell upon this planet. It is our Readers whom I thank as your support has helped us All. I am not directly speaking about the animals and the Watchers, I am referring to All physically, cosmologically and etherically connected to Gaia. Personally, the influx of new Light has allowed me to be freed from burdens of unspeakable weight, made possible only by our connection, interconnection and mutual support. Validating that evolution is occurring at a fevered pace.


As Duality wanes and the darkness is transformed in Light, Humanity too will again reclaim and remember their Light bearing aspects and become whole. Undoubtedly, this process has been ongoing, albeit at a perceived snails pace but it will begin to pick up in intensity.


It is All of Us that are not only Witnessing this process but actively pursuing and participating in the Event.


Sir William, The Watcher

Sir William, The Watcher was released from his physical body on Tuesday, May 24th. He has been physically declining for some time as global energy work was taking its toll on his small body. He did say to me, “Releasing energy on behalf of an entire planet is hard.” I could tell when he was doing global healing work because he would experience a marked decline in his health afterwards. Because of his declining health, I was trying to shield William from sessions with clients and purposeful energy work, but William insisted.


“I am purposefully giving my energy to Gaia so that I may be released from my physical body. I no longer desire to be in physical form and I am more than ready to transcend back to the higher energies of the ascended planes of existence.”


Murphis Leigh adds her interpretation

One evening, a few weeks after William had left, I was outside in the backyard, feeling sorry for myself and quietly crying. I heard Murphie Leigh meow and as she rubbed against me, I asked her:


“Murphie, did William take on anything from me that caused him to be sick?”


I knew the answer but wanted to be certain because this question has been asked of me multiple times by clients. It is a pervasive misnomer and I wanted to get an answer straight from the cat’s mouth and it was a little different than I had anticipated.


“Don’t be stupid.” she said pointedly. “William chose to leave his body and he told you this and there is nothing that you could have done to prevent his leaving. More and most importantly, animals generally don’t take on their humans illnesses.*


Humans may be attracted to animal companions that have similar life lessons, emotional issues and health concerns but it’s to focus the attention of the human. Just like all situations in life, it’s mirroring images. We are trying to show you what you need to work on because when you heal, that extends to us and those around you.


If animals did take on the illness of humans then I, Jack, and all of the animals that have shared their energy through you would have been dead long ago. All of the animals that do healing work would not long survive if they took on the illness of the people that they interact with. (Murphie is showing me therapy dogs in hospitals with children who are ill.) but aside from that, sometimes we have our own agendas. If the animal knows that they are strong enough to superficially accept conditions for their human and that there is an avenue for release, they will take it. The purpose is to draw their humans focus to a critical situation that needs attention.


Watchers, we choose our human. This is to maintain congruency so that we can complete our missions. We have descended from a high plane and have only recently been able to participate to enact real change on this planet.


As I was writing this message, my conversation with Murphie Leigh continued. She sighed impatiently but agreed to continue…


The Watchers are from a realm just below Creator and when the Earth Garden was being tilled, an argument erupted. The bottom line was that we-the Watchers-chose Love over Chaos as opposed to Chaos for its own sake. The Universal Law of Balance ensures that Balance will be restored but with an end target as Love, everybody wins and the path will be shorter and more direct. Although Chaos to the point of almost complete destruction, has infiltrated our Earthly paradigm multiple times, the end game has always been to re-establish a connection to Source, The Creator of All That Is-Unconditional Love. We, the Animal Watchers and the Nature always have a connection to All That Is through our connection to Her(Gaia).


Many humans have embedded programming that prevents their connection to Creator through multiple lifetimes of trauma that they hold deep within. These fearful and limiting beliefs prevent a connection to the God Source and they are unlikely aware that they even exist. Unable or unwilling to relate to their fellow humans, Nature and the animals provide an alternate connection to Creator/ Source through the Heart of our Mother (Earth).


In summation…


Our path of Evolution has been ongoing but over the last few months, it has been particularly intense. Waves of energy introduction, periods of energy release, followed by periods of perceived inertia or incapacitation. The emotional body and physical body have received the brunt of the energy, needing to be cleansed to prepare the DNA for an activation that has now occurred. Systematically, long dormant aspects of our selves are returning to the consciousness. Our beings long to be reconnected and we desire the rapture of visceral knowing that we are here for a reason. You are here at this time purposefully and soon your knowing will whole heartedly embrace this reality. No longer will you yearn to leave, returning home from where you came as your mission, in this here and now, will be fortified in your heart and mind.


2017 will usher in new energies unlike anything we have previously experienced. New levels of Joy, Peace, Empathy, Healing and Compassion will be experienced both for the individual and our Collective. Good and fruitful times are not only on the Horizon but are now birthing into our reality. Continue to Live in the moment, find the Joy that resides within and feed your soul by partaking in tasks that fortify your Soul. As we grow stronger and our connection is forged, our Love, Appreciation and Gratitude grows for All.


Peace, Love and tremendous hugs!

Jack, Jean and the Watchers


To schedule a personal healing session with Jean and the Watchers for you or you animal, please email me:


Or visit my website for more information


“Jean has an earthy, compassionate and humorous way of relaxing you into her healing sessions. I felt protected, loved and free to allow all that needed to be released to BE released. I am still in the process of releasing more and more FEAR.


I cannot thank her enough. Her talent is priceless. She was able to release ages old trauma, fears and anger; thus improving my mind, body and soul in joyous, light filled ways. Thank you Jean, Jack and all the Watchers!”


Michelle, Maryland, USA


“I had an amazing healing session with Jean when I was just a few months pregnant and struggling terribly with my health. My baby and I were very disconnected and struggling with each other and after the session, what an amazing difference!, Once we connected, my beautiful baby girl and I were able to continue our journey with peace and joy and health.


I am also the director of a large wildlife rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania. Working with wild animals can be sometimes difficult because it is hard to understand them. Jean’s presence at our wildlife clinic has helped so many animals by clarifying their needs to help us understand how we can best help them. This allows them to be treated with less stress, increasing their chances of surviving captivity so they can returned to health to get them back to the wild quicker.”


You rock!!

Leah in PA



11/11 StarGate Alignment Has Begun: We Complete This Passageway – Lisa Transcendence Brown

11/11 StarGate Alignment Has Begun: We Complete This Passageway


HUGE StarGate Alignments began several hours ago…. gonna be interesting for sure! I’ve not heard this many StarGates come online/synchronize at one time, so we have exponentially expanded our StarGate System. Wahoooo! ♥

We’ve been in a passageway since for the last 10 days since the 11/11 Gateway opened. When these gateways open, it’s time to “work through” any realities within you and externally that you need to completely clear the energy of in order to shift/transition/jump timelines when that Gateway fully activates (which started that phase this morning). The phases of StarGates/Gateways and how they work is fascinating to experience.

Today we entered the “alignment phase”, where the StarGates started aligning now… this will continue over the next three days into the 11/11 Gateway and a few days after…. for there is always so very much going on for NEW REALITIES to fully sync up and the old to diminish completely……

Everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve intentionally focused your soul-aligned energy on, everything you’ve cleansed from your cellular bodies, integrated in light and physically done to intentionally move energy in specific directions, every “trigger you pulled” for new realities to come forth…. all a part of each passageway as we continually move from phase to phase…..

I’m working on a video, as it’s so much easier for me to cover a range of topics this way, yet some things it’s easier to write and explain, for I don’t script, and without someone on the other end asking specific questions, I tend to dimensionally wander (even more, lol).. for nothing is linear here and realities are soooooo expansive with so many dimensions always available/working now.

The last 2-3 days we were back and forth between in the “Separation of Time” energies and ‘no time’, which brings other separation/old programs in. Knowing you are in these frequencies gives you the ability to consciously work through these for the purposes that they serve. Today we are coming back online and when we go “full-blown”, powerful is an understatement…..

I have a video to do on FULFILLING PURPOSES/ROLES/MISSIONS here. How this whole process of embodiment means that you must activate each aspect and anchor that aspect within you while accomplishing the tasks/utilizing the powers/gifts of that aspect and merging every one of these aspects inside, while implementing the realities that each one is here to BE/DO. Your purposes unfold as you BECOME (embody) each aspect and fulfill each one’s purpose, learn/REMEMBER how to BE all of them simultaneously AND Master the responsibilities/roles of each one’s realities in your physical too. You will DO each aspect separately until you MASTER each aspect and all of their purposes from within you. This is a process that takes years/eons to accomplish as more move into AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS/OVERSOUL EMBODIMENT… (the phase I’ve been in since August/September and continue over the next two months)……

Others will not know/understand/see all that you actually do. We do not worry about this…. we stay on point and we continually honor our own process to fulfill our own purposes/missions/roles here.

I also have a video to complete on WAYSHOWING by transcending those old mentality realities, leaving them fully and showing others HOW realities are done so that they can walk through those portals when they are ready…. You as a Cosmic Portal and how you can expose others to realities and they can come through with you, if they are ready…. and if not, you totally respect this, yet you do have to walk through your own Portals and passageways as a part of your own initiation process here. You come out on the “other side” once you’ve completed this process and StarGates align fully. It’s beyond exquisite to experience fully.

So, sign up for my youtube, newsletters and more. I’ll get these posted when my own schedule permits.

Loving the interactions with those on-island recently that have stepped up to acutally support, instead of like the old days when so many were in “pull energy” because they wanted something.

Thank goodness for leaving old everything behind and our ability to continue to do “mentality checks” to make sure we don’t keep re-creating old realities in our own physical here! Continually keeping the space that each is fully responsible and to not see anyone as less than a Master BEing here. So many still treat others like they can’t get it or don’t have the capability yet to. Which is not true. That’s each’s need to believe that…. These last many years of treating others like the Master they are, this allows each to step-into their own Master Aspect easier and fully…. We don’t see others as less…. they do…. because of their own mentalities and choices still. We honor all, exactly as it presently is and we assist those who are truly open and ready to BE their own Master Self now. Everyone is here to EXPERIENCE the very real DREAM of Heaven and Earth merged into one….. as they are ready to fully embrace and fully commit too!

Loving those/other “Rainbow Bridgers” who have stepped up to connect us all together, create opportunities, make a difference, use your gifts/resources and reciprocate/offer actual physical support too! You guys are rocking it out. We’ve left the vibration of the “lack-filled humans” that don’t step up… and fully moved into the “Awakened Soul” who gets it, supports, contributes and comes through because they’ve finally realized that they are a huge part of this and it takes intentional action to activate physical realities to come forth. Sooooo many now realizing how the new value system works! Keep shining loves!!!!

Remember, each dimension has totally different physical realities and outcomes…. yours will be determined by the one you ACTUALLY OCCUPY with your entire being…. all of you… ♥ I love you!!!! ♥

p.s. I will be sharing more on the awesome portal that activated a week/two ago with all new HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY capABILITIES for us all too! There’s always sooooo very much going on/that we are doing that we don’t get to/share in that moment anymore, because of the multiple dimensions we are physically working in all day/every day now.


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Crystalline Grid Keeper

Author, Transformational Speaker, Multi-Dimensional Master