Archangel Michael on Heart Openings – Part 2/2 -Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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Archangel Michael on Heart Openings – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1)

Archangel Michael continues: Let us start with are you in, or out of, the love. Now what makes it a process and an undertaking, almost what you can think of as a sacred agreement for union, is the element of free will.

Human beings and many other species have this belief that they only exercise their free will when they do this or that, when they decide or choose this or that. But in fact, other than some autonomic pre-sets, every element of your existence brings free will into practice.

If you do not make the decision, the choice, the act of will, if you would, the choice to proceed and to be the love (and to use that almost as a constant litmus test) then there is a tendency to simply go on autopilot and unfortunately this is the case for much of the human race.

There is not the balance between the heart and soul, core existence desire for love and the mental emotional autopilot. We aren’t even saying it is choice. It is simply as if you are driving on pre-set.

If you do not work, and by work I mean meditate, be still, receive as well as give the energies and welcome them and then work with them, implement the love, then that sense of expansion either becomes like a closed-door or a revolving door.

And sweet one, what you often have felt, is that it is been a revolving door that, “I’m in. I’m out. I’m in. I’m out.” (1)

So, if we can use the word “heart,” the apertures of the heart have many openings. And you have recently even discussed and talked about some of this.  (2)

But very often what is happening is that again, it becomes a dimensionality wars. It becomes, “Am I using this portion of my aperture? Am I using that portion of my aperture?” And the point is, is that you are using all the activation points.

That is how you enter into the love and stay there. When you are in, and it can be, we can call it, meditation but we simply mean when you allow yourself to be in a state of beingness, of stillness, of oneness, that is the indicator – the flashing red light (or green light) to the entire universe that you are still, that you are ready to align, that your open to receive and become a transmitter, a vessel of nothing but love.

And you have had those moments of full awareness awakening where you have begun, (because it is a beginning, not even a middle) to touch that sense of the all. That is the easiest, most proficient way.

Now I say this and I can hear many of you say, “But I meditate for 20 minutes a day, I meditate for an hour a day. It is not determined necessarily by what humans think of as a time span.

It is going deeper and higher for some and on some days you are able to reach this state of quietude. Yes, the channel’s term is “spaciousness.” You are able to reach this rather rapidly whereas other days it may take hours. It may take days.

But if you remain in it, it will happen.

But what happens for so many, and can you imagine saying this to the Father/Mother One, “Oh I have an appointment, I’ve got to get going, I don’t have time for you. I don’t have time to find the totality of why I’m here, the entire meaning of existence. I’ll have to get back it to you on that.”

So the decision that the autopilot of your life is more important than the love, the expectation that busywork is more important than connecting with all, defeats it.

So there has need to be a willingness, and dare I say, a discipline – a discipline practice of taking the time, the energy, the room to create with all your apertures that sense of connection.

Now you do not need to know, “Now I am connecting this… Now I am connecting that…” It is simply being and it is eliminating the mental chatter. How you know you’ve entered into that space is when the mental chatter ceases.

You say to me, “But, Michael, we all have our lives, our families, our duties to attend to.” And I agree and I understand but where is the priorities of what you are doing with your life?

That is the eternal patience of the Mother.

When you create a ritual and a practice, not only to enter into the love but your real question is to stay in the love.

And you have experienced this, my friend, my brother. When you emerge from that place of silence where everything is, you carry that then into your life and everything you do and say and hence experience is in alignment with the love.

Your acts of will, your acts of creation, your participation in joy, your giving of joy, your receiving of joy. It is all coming from the place of the love.

So there has need to be as an act of will, the decision and the practice, (a decision without implementation is meaningless) to truly pursue and to commit to being in the sacred space of love.

There are many who say, “Well I never feel it. I haven’t been there.” And what I am saying is to get rid of the mental/emotional debris and come back and sit with us. You will know it.

Is this clear? I know it is an abbreviated conversation sweet one, but is it clear?

Steve: Well, I thought it was a very rich conversation, which I will pore over in transcript form. I’m looking forward to it immensely. Thank you for all those leads in there. And I do get the importance of beingness, stillness. Thank you.

AAM: You’re welcome, my friend.

Archangel Michael on Heart Openings – Part 2/2

Archangel Michael on Heart Openings – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Faiza Maghni

Archangel Michael on Heart Openings – Part 1/2

Michael 23In a personal reading I had with him on Nov. 5, 2016 through Linda Dillon, I asked Archangel Michael to discuss heart openings. The topic tends to be misunderstood.

In the course of the discussion, he tells us new things about the heart – that it has several apertures, not just the hridayam that Vedantists describe. That’s entirely new to me.

He tells us that a heart opening is not determined by length of time meditating, but depth of meditation.

Thanks to Linda Dillon for our reading and to Dana for our transcript.

Steve: The precipitate, the big question that presents itself to me and I would hope to others – but I don’t know about that – is how to open the heart because for me, when my heart opened some time ago, life completely changed. It was a total shift. I was, well certainly in a higher state; I don’t know if I was in a higher dimension.

And how can others open their hearts and how can it be discussed because people, when you talk about this they think “I’m close hearted. I’m not compassionate” and of course I’m not saying anything of the sort. So can you help me with that whole question? How does a person open their heart?

AAM: Yes, it is not a matter of being, in your current terminology, “close hearted.” What it is is heart opening and expansion into heart awareness, into the love. Let us make it very simple.

Heart opening is simply an expansion or a shift into the deeper, broader, higher connection with love. It is the connection, and the participation in that connection, to all.

Now, I wish, yes I do wish, that I could give you the two-minute answer. Do A, B, C and D and you will be there. But it is not like that and one of the reasons…

And by the way you are in a higher state of consciousness, higher state of being in yes … in a higher dimensionality as well. They are very interconnected, not completely aligned but interconnected.

But it doesn’t matter because what happens is people become obsessed with both the mechanics, the layers (I am in the Fifth, I am in the Eighth…). It matters not.

(Concluded in Part 2) …

Archangel Michael on Heart Openings – Part 1/2

Our Journey to New Earth Part 2 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Our Journey to New Earth Part 2, by Those Who Are Ascending through Sue lie


Our Journey to New Earth


Those Who Are Ascending

Our Journey Continues

I must admit that most of our journey through the fourth dimension was the process of visiting higher and higher frequencies of what was called “Mystery Schools.” Some of us went into the energetic patterns that we began to call “Mystery Schools,” and some of us stay at the threshold of the energy pattern to let us know if we needed to leave them.

Actually, it was inside of these Mystery School energy patterns that we met more beings that joined our groups. We called them humans because they had a similar form as humans, but their energy patterns were quite different from ours.

We started out as a relatively small group of men and women who had not had any kind of esoteric teachings. We were just regular people who had no idea or even forewarning of what we were about to experience, but our new friends somehow expanded our consciousness.

Now you might think that that would make us frightened, but our new friends gave us a constant feeling of Unconditional Love for ALL life. This feeling was so welcoming and felt so totally safe, that we totally trusted them.

Therefore, we just “let go” into this unknown experience, and wondered if we were having some kind of group illusion. It was not until we crossed the Threshold into what we called “New Earth” that we realized that we had actually left all illusion behind us.

I will try to explain the sensation of “crossing the threshold,” but I am not sure I can put that experience into words. We had left a reality so filled with lies and illusions that the third dimensional energy field had become normal.

Then, when we came to Threshold New Earth, our concepts of time and sequence completely disappeared from our minds. It is for this reason that I document our journey here on Threshold New Earth, as I know we will likely lose all connection to third dimensional thinking once we move beyond this Threshold.

Therefore, please, allow me to go back in sequence to the first sensations of our experiences of the progressive versions of New Earth. I say “progressive” because once we crossed the “energetic threshold, we found ourselves in the next octave of New Earth. As you may see, my manner of thinking and communicating is beginning to change.

I had never thought in terms of “octaves of Earth,” but since we cross the Threshold, that term seems very normal. In fact, it has been the same for our entire group, which somehow keeps getting larger and larger. Sometimes, we feel another human energy field join us, but other times, we just suddenly realize that our group has grown much larger.

I think I might be able to explain the concept of “octaves of New Earth.” After we crossed the Threshold, and after more beings joined us, we began to have a group inner knowing that just as there are octaves of sound, there were also octaves of form and of the space through which those forms may travel.

You might think that one octave is higher or lower than the others, which they were for a while. However, once we crossed the threshold, time and space began to disappear. There was only the NOW in which we were HERE.

The strangest part is that we had no problem with that total shift in our manner of perception. Somehow we were all adapted within the same NOW to an Earth reality that was totally different from any of the incarnations that any of us could remember.

It was within that NOW of realization that our Higher Selves began to merge with our consciousness and with our ever-shifting and gracefully flowing forms. Yes, as I relive that experience I can see how we all flow like cloud beings with vaguely humanoid forms.

I was told by a huge like by a Light being who identified itself as my Higher Self, that I was to be a reporter or a scribe. What that meant was that it is would be my Mission to report our journey to those who are still bound to their experience of physical Earth.

Now, before I go backwards to explain each of the versions of New Earth that our group moved beyond, I want you to know that I was just a “regular person” on 3D Earth. I still have no idea how I was chosen to partake in this marvelous event, but I do live in constant thanksgiving for this great privilege.

Therefore, before I go back to the beginning I want to share the main thing that I learned which is the power of gratitude. I will go into this concept more deeply later, but I want to say now that it was because our groups were able to be thankful for our experience that we could continue past the threshold and on to New Earth.

You see, Gaia is a free will planet. I had no idea what that meant. However, my Higher Self told me that we took a body on 3D Earth to learn how to be the Masters of our free will. I still do not understand how I mastered my free will, but perhaps it occurred when I chose to listen to and follow the directives of my inner voice.

I must admit that the most challenging directive was to “feel” the inner voice. The second greatest challenge was to find the courage to “share” my experience with others. I doubted that I would be able to share our journey with anyone on physical Earth, but I guess that is what I am doing now.

“How am I able to communicate with you?” I hear you asking. The answer is that just as I am to be a scribe in the fifth dimension, I was directed to be a scribe living on the third dimension. I started telling her my story many months ago in her time, but she stopped listening to me.

I could tell that she was thinking that my story was perhaps something she had “made up,” and it was far to “weird” to share with others. However, I finally was able to remind her of our “group’s project,” by reminding her that she too, as well as several of her friends, have joined us on our journey.

Yes, I hear you wondering how she can write what I am sending her when she is with me. The answer to that question is that, since we passed into the fifth dimension, time and space has no meaning. We resonate to the fifth dimension, just as the Galactics do.

Hence, just as the Galactics can communicate with humanity while using a fifth dimensional form, we too can communicate across time and space, because to us there is NO time and No space.

Since we have crossed the threshold into this higher frequency of reality, all the rules of our third dimensional reality are left behind. We have come into a frequency where there is only HERE and NOW.

We, you note that “I” no longer think of me as an individual, but rather as a member of our group consciousness. We know that individuality is very important on third dimensional Earth, and we can choose that experience in the fifth dimension if we desire.

However, the feeling of unity with all life is so safe and embracing, that we seldom make that choice. You see we do not lose anything by returning to our higher dimensional self. In fact, we regain a great deal of what we forget we lost when we entered our third dimensional vessels.

Just as you may have an antique car that you enjoy taking out of the garage for a drive, but use your modern car for daily life, we prefer to function as our fifth dimensional self, but may eventually “take a spin” in our earth vessel.

But, it is the NOW to continue our journey. Unfortunately, we have used all the “time” that you may have to read our entry. Therefore, we will return when you have had enough “time” to read our message so far.

We leave you with the message that if you feel you are drawn to our story, it is likely because you are among our ever-expanding group. (Please note that I am now speaking primarily as “we” rather than my once individual “I.”) Be not concerned that you are also wearing an earth vessel, as your SELF in the fifth dimension is not limited by the third dimensional operating system.

Just as your computer adds a new operating system onto your older operating system, your unity consciousness with all life is simply added to your former programing of individuality and separation for all life.

As you/we continue our journey into the fifth dimension, you will retain all that you have learned in all of your third dimensional realities. You no longer have a “hard drive/physical body” that will become full. Instead, your new operating system is attached to the “cloud/your consciousness” which is multidimensional.

Can you feel how you are already “feeling” your other expressions of SELF who are sharing the illusion of time with you? All your infinite expressions of SELF are free within the Here and Now of your innate fifth dimensional self, to “take a peak” into the time and space of the third dimension.

Please remember that it is YOU who is “taking a peak” at you. In other words, YOU are observing your self from the perspective of your SELF. Once you have remembered to perceive your third dimensional self as the grounding for your multidimensional SELF, you will also perceive your third dimensional reality from a new point of view.

Once you fully embrace that YOU are a component of the WE who took an earth vessel during your third dimensional time, which is our fifth dimensional NOW, your third dimensional concept of time, space and individuality will gradually, or quickly, return to our fifth dimensional concept of WE are HERE in the NOW!

We shall return within the NOW to continue our story.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 2:59 PM

The 11:11 Gateway – A Message from Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel

Art : Sue Halstenberg


The 11:11 Gateway ~
A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

From the beginning of time there have been clear moments when the Portals of Awakening open for individuals to advance. The 11:11 Gateway is a collective, high-vibrational portal opening to assist the evolution of consciousness on the earth at this time.

Stepping through the gateway in a figurative sense, allows you to move into your most Evolved Self, in oneness with All That Is. We will offer suggestions and visualizations so your imagination can help you to create a beautiful scenario to empower this Light-filled ritual. You have been coded within for this awakening moment. It is another step in the evolution of consciousness, one with great power and support. The Archangels stand at the gateway to hold you in strength and courage.

Since digital clocks have come into widespread usage, the image of 11:11 has become more familiar. The representation behind the symbol is less widely known. 11 has long been the number of the Angelic Dimensions offering assistance to those on the Earth. When the 11s are seen together the 11:11 becomes a gateway symbolizing Heaven coming to Earth, just as the peaks of a great mountain reaches from the earth to the sky.

The most important significance of the 11:11 is its availability as a Gateway to higher consciousness, a moment in time where the Angels of Light can take your offered prayers and good intentions to assist their manifestation on the Earth. Whenever the 11:11 presents itself, it acts as a daily reminder to take that one minute to hold your dreams in your heart, acknowledge the support available from the Angelic Realms, and have the courage to affirm your willingness to move into new dimensions of Love. Gathering momentum throughout these past 25 years, a new level of Union with your Angelic Self is available at this time that offers a wondrous moment of ascending liberation from old patterns.

The new opportunities available beyond the 11:11 Gateway are greater awareness and the deeper truth of your choices and possibilities. The choice of many will be opting for the old way, and yet those who are attracted to this time of Grace, can avail themselves of the opportunity to soar, greatly empowered by the Angelic Realms. This act in harmony with Divine Light will accelerate the evolution of consciousness.

Percolation and Perturbation

It is a time of percolation and perturbation. The energy of new perceptions of reality percolates through the energy centers within your body. Perturbation occurs as these new perceptions hit the coding in the imaginal system of your body in ways that stir you to change, like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

The Universe will stop at nothing to get your attention and encourage you to fulfill your Soul’s destiny. Perturbation is uncomfortable in its various demonstrations, making you feel very agitated. But know that all such catalysts are designed by your soul to bring you into a new level of evolution. Because the support of the Angelic Realms is so available, this portal in time offers you a more graceful transition so you can see more clearly the world you are choosing to create on Earth and assist its evolution.

The 11:11 Gateway to the 5th Dimensional shifting of the Ages allows a harmonious flow of Divine Love into your being. This can impact the amygdala in the temporal lobe of your brain in ways that calm this flight or fight center and cause it to resume the dimensions of your original blueprint. Over the years this fear center has been over-stimulated by the pressures, beliefs and electronics of this age. Much of what is called “information” is designed to increase the flow of fear energy to this center of the brain causing it to increase in size. The resulting surge of imbalances, such as panic disorders, PTSD and more serious psychiatric conditions has become obviously rampant.

The flow of Divine Love through each person can create an expansion in perception, as though the veils have parted so that new clarity dawns. This increase in clarity incites a sense of liberation and the freedom of spiritual expression within your being. Prayers for the Earth to receive a positive benefit from this moment in time will be of great benefit. The release of pressure from the 11:11 Gateway is similar to the beginnings of a horse race when the horses are being held within the gate. As the gates are flung open, raw power surges forward and instincts take over. The rawness of this power requires careful training and guidance, so that it moves in directions that allow the goals to be reached and the reaping of rewards. Your prayers assist this process.

The rewards from this time that we speak of are the prevalent desires of a heart seeking Oneness, Peace and Harmony within your being. Access to these exalted states exist beyond the Gateway. The Archangels stand present holding the forces of Light as pillars at the gate. You can claim this empowerment of Divine Love to use within your own life.

The Intention of the 11:11 Empowerment

The greater intention for this 11:11 empowerment has always been to ground Divine Energy into the depths of the Earth so that planetary evolution will prevail. As millions of awakened people access the Divine Light through the Gateways, Unity consciousness is the resulting force pervading the hearts of all humanity. Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility for the fifth dimensional shift on this planet. Asking for miracles at this time is very appropriate.

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to mastery within the self. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness. Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your frequency of energy and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point – the key that fits the doorway to Oneness. The following prayer can be used whenever you see 11:11 on the clock.

Divine Presence, All That is, and the Archangels of Light:

As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 portal of time, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear any disharmony within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burdens of old beliefs so I may stand tall and move freely through the gateways to Unity Consciousness.

Within the spaciousness of my cleared energy field I ask that it be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. I ask to receive and radiate the strength and courage to embody this Divine Light and ground the presence of Love, Peace and Healing into the Earth to assist its evolution.

I join with the Angelic forces and the millions of those who work in the Light of God, as we are led through the 11:11 Gateway. I know that as one is lifted up, all are uplifted. I allow new patterns of exalted Light energy to engage my human structure in the completion of Oneness ~ Union within my being with the Divine.I

trust that loving awareness of new possibilities in my life is being provided in every moment, with every heartbeat. I awaken in your Light and embrace the Divine Gifts being offered to me now with supreme gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I gratefully receive this. I am honored to anchor this Light into the Earth as the presence of Nature awaits my awareness.

Hold me with Love and guide me as I step through this gateway into 5th Dimensional awareness so I may use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being and be a blessing for the Earth.

For this and all your blessings, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So be it, Be it so. Amen

The new levels of 5th Dimensional awareness that are available beyond this gateway can impact all aspects of your being. This occurs whenever you see the 11:11 on a clock. The empowered frequencies of this auspicious 11:11 day will continue throughout the week.

You are being offered a supported and liberating path through these exalted portals to new territory for your Soul’s growth on Earth. The 11:11 Gateway is a supreme moment of time, yet the Divine Light causing evolution within you during this moment, is a gift from a Timeless Reality that is in harmony with All of Life.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: November 11, 2016

For more information and to join the 11:11 Teleconference and receive the empowered recording, click here.