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The JOY of HOPE – Through Suzanne Lie

The Joy of Hope

Through Suzanne Lie

The higher messages come in like an invisible rain that your body feels but,
you, your consciousness, can’t quite interpret.

You, the human, feels an invisible message is caressing your heart and stimulating your mind.

Then you, the human, realize that you know something that you did not know before. That is, before you thought that maybe something loving, something special, was whispering into your imagination.

This special message feels like a first drop of rain after a long drought,
or a warm fire after being out in the freezing winter.

Yes, the winter has been long, and it threatens to offer another storm.

But, you refuse to participate in a frequency of reality in which that storm will be waged.

You know that “change is afoot,” as Sherlock Holmes would say.

But you do not know how that change will occur.

Will you even recognize it when it is in front of you?

Or will you walk right through the change and never know that an opportunity was missed
because you were “searching” rather than “being.”

A new operating system is being downloaded into the body of Gaia.

This operating system is planetary and is not influenced by mere humans.

In fact, most humans will not notice the soft breeze, the random thoughts,
and the quick moment of euphoria that you feel when there is no apparent reason.

How does it feel to be a bird and to lift off from the ground with the power of your wings?

You do not have wings, but you do have imagination, and imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

If your imagination can assist you to think fifth dimensionally,

your perceptions of reality will follow that thought as it travels

beyond the confines of third dimensional life and into your new reality,

as well as into your heart and mind, to grow those wings.

But your wings are not of feathers.

Your wings are of light and are invisible to those who are blind to the mysteries of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Those humans are too busy seeing, hearing and living within the 3D Matrix that traps their imagination in worry and confines it in the dark fog of doubt.

Yes, there is doubt in your physical life because you are being squeezed into small packages of reality that some one else is creating.

Then, that some one else reminds you that there is something wrong with you.

They say that all you do is daydream and look off into that which is invisible.

But it is only invisible to them.

To you it is visible. To you it is real.

You see it, you hear it, and you wish to hold it in your heart and remember that hope is yours/ours to create!

No one, and no thing, can pry that hope from our heart and mind.

In fact, any one who would try to steal our hope would not be able to even perceive it.

Hope can only live as long as we remember that, “We are not alone”

We are forever guided, protected,

and loved by our own multidimensional expressions of SELF.

The fact that we can remember the difference between doubt and hope

allows us to “read” the energy trails that stream into us, around us, and through us.

We are the hope that we create

We are the hope that we accept

We are the hope of the ONE within the NOW that guides us through the storm.

We are the humans who are wet from the invisible rain of Light and Love.

We are the humans that are brave as a bull and gentle as a lamb.

We are our Multidimensional SELF within every cell and atom of our earth vessel.

WE ARE HERE NOW to follow our Hope

into the love that guides us HOME to our true SELF.

WE ARE HERE NOW to share our Hope with those who need it,

And even with those who dare not ask for it.

The joyous part of HOPE is that:

The more we give Hope to others, the more we give Hope to our SELF.

The joyous part of HOPE is when we give to others!

Hope is the gift that we give away

And it circles back into the Heart and the Mind of the Giver.

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Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment

Reposted from January 2013.

Steve is still in Sedona.

I hear many people say, “Oh, I’m clear of my vasanas.” To the best of my knowledge, very, very few people are free of their vasanas. “As one set of Vasanasis worn away,” Sadhu Arunachala said, “another takes its place.” (1)

Don’t forget that we can and do have vasanas from other lifetimes too. When Sri Ramana helped his dying mother source her vasanas, “the vasanas of the previous births and latent tendencies which are the seeds of future births came out.” (2)

Sri Ramana describes what happened:

“Innate tendencies (vasanas) and the subtle memory of past experiences leading to future possibilities became very active. Scene after scene rolled before her in the subtle consciousness, the outer senses having already gone. The soul was passing through a series of experiences, thus avoiding the need for re-birth and so effecting union with Supreme Spirit. The soul was at last disrobed of the subtle sheaths before it reached the final Destination, the Supreme Peace of Liberation from which there is no return to ignorance.” (3)

I believe that to be a description of Sahaja Samadhi, the culminating event of our Ascension. Or it could be much higher.

I’m tempted to say that, if we had no vasanas, we’d be reunited with God again, but, as far as I’m aware, that isn’t quite true.

What keeps us separate from God are what Vedantists call vrittis, which means waves or movement in the mind. Any movement in the mind keeps us separate from God, who is no movement at all (no physical movement, that is).

Vasanas are one form of vritti, but, as far as I know, any stirring of the mind separates us from God because any stirring keeps the mind alive. That’s why Sri Krishna could say: “‘The light of a lamp does not flicker in a windless place.”(4)

“When, through the practice of yoga, the mind ceases its restless movements, and becomes still, he realizes the Atman. It satisfies him entirely. Then he knows that infinite happiness which can be realized by the purified heart but is beyond the grasp of the senses.” (5)

Thus any movement in the mind – any vritti or wave – prevents the higher forms of enlightenment such as Sahaja.

You remember how the Buddha, after having finished extensively studying under the best Hindu teachers of his day and having reached seventh-chakra enlightenment (Brahmajnana, God-Realization, kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi) left his teachers becausehe still detected movement in his mind.

He began the practice that later became known as Vipassana, designed to observe and cause to disappear the remaining virttis or waves in his mind. And when he succeeded in achieving Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, a higher form of enlightenment (one that we’ll achieve when we’re anchored in the Fifth Dimension), he ceased. He had taken enlightenment to a new level in the society of his time. (6)

Sahaja occurs when the kundalini goes past the seventh chakra and enters the spiritual heart or hridayam, causing a permanent heart opening.

Vasanas are one form of vritti. As I understand it, negative vasanas obstruct certain early stages of enlightenment; positive vasanas do not. Says Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Vasanas which do not obstruct Self-Realization remain [after Self-Realization]. In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanas are distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti [liberation] is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it. Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja [Fifth-Dimensional enlightenment]. (7)

Enlightenment itself is virtually endless. What may not obstruct one level of enlightenment may obstruct another. We tend to think of enlightenment as a singular event, but in fact it stretches on past the human level of existence, past the angelic, and where beyond that it ends, no one knows. We speak of “full enlightenment,” “mergence with God,” and a “return to God,” but usually the level of enlightenment we’re referring to is very far away from the endpoint of the total journey.

Nonetheless, the clearing of all our vasanas would be a wonderful milestone. We would then only have the subtle waves in the mind to release.

But that work too could take vast stretches of what we consider time. It’s a long, long journey. All that we’re doing here and now is freeing ourselves from duality – the view that sees people as separate from each other and distinct in their wants, needs, deservingness, etc. At that point we achieve unitive consciousness – the view that all are one – but that is by no means the end of the road; only a good beginning.


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(6) The Buddha may very well have reached a level of enlightenment that exceeded Fifth Dimensionality.  Buddhists and New-Age philosophers use different names and naming systems, without there being agreement on equivalences.

(7) Ramana Maharshi, Cohen, S.S., Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 89.



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Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment