Awakening Your Original Consciousness by Lord Maitreya – Natalie Glasson

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Awakening Your Original Consciousness

by Lord Maitreya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 18th November 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I honour the golden Christ light within your being; the energy of pure active love of the Creator which exists within you and within every soul. I am Lord Maitreya, the higher aspect of Master Sananda. I am known as the Christ upon the inner planes because it is my purpose and mission to ensure the continued flow of the Christ Consciousness from the heart of the Creator through the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe to support a continued connection with all souls. I oversee and protect the Christ Consciousness ensuring that the purest vibration is available to all, that the energy is constantly present upon the Earth and that all expansions of this sacred energy are synthesised with the entire Universe of the Creator.

The Christ Consciousness is a label for the purest vibration of love that flows from the Creator’s heart chakra. It has nothing to do with any form of religion or experience upon the Earth. The Christ Consciousness is the purest vibration of love in action. It represents that love has a consciousness, that it is ever evolving, it is active, flows and transforms into greater sources of love. The Christ Consciousness creates a bridge that connects humanity and all aspects of the Creator with the core of the Creator. It is a consciousness, state of mind, state of being which is aligned with the Creator. When you accept, remember and embody the Christ Consciousness you are seeing, sensing, feeling, speaking, listening and experiencing yourself, reality and the world as if through the Creator. The Christ Consciousness creates liberation, remembrance, and empowerment within your being . When you accept the Christ Consciousness within your being, you are experiencing a unique state of being where you perceive from a space of love within you, while existing in harmony with the love the Creator is sharing with you, as well as experiencing the manifestations of love before you. In this unique moment, you are in the divine flow, vibrating as one with the Creator, allowing truth to emerge as well as surrendering all forms of illusions which you may have been holding onto. In this space, it is very difficult to connect with the drama, pain, and suffering of the ego. Instead, you view all aspects of yourself with compassion. You begin to realise that you do not wish to reject or separate yourself from any aspect of your being whether through thought, emotion or because of old energetic patterns. Instead there is a wish to experience a unity and harmony with all aspects of your being which means that with courage, compassion and trust in your own healing power you are able to observe every aspect of your being whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual with the view of creating love; love being a remembrance of your unity with the Creator.

The Christ Consciousness is not only energy to be embodied to aid your ascension process, it is a loving consciousness, a way of thinking, feeling, seeing and speaking which is natural to you, more natural than your current existence. Yet there are many who fear love, who fear remembering their truth because they feel they will be harmed, there are many who fear the Christ Consciousness because they feel they will be controlled or that they are accepting a consciousness which they do not believe in, like a religion or faith which dictates or is outdated. The Christ Consciousness I, Lord Maitreya, speak of in truth cannot be defined by a label; its energy cannot be described, and it cannot demand anything from you. Instead, it is an energy within you which is your essence, which feels similar to you in this very moment. This energy is a natural part of your being; it is the most benevolent, compassionate, life-giving, generous, deeply love and magnificent aspect of yourself. An aspect that you may feel you are unable to contemplate and yet you know it exists within you. When you allow this aspect of yourself to be present if only for a moment, similar to a glimmer of light emerging from within, then you will give yourself the freedom and free will to surrender, expand and accept this natural aspect of yourself into your everyday life.

‘Lord Maitreya, I invite you to surround me in your deeply loving, accepting, forgiving, healing and inspiring energy. Lord Maitreya, please work with my soul and entire being to connect me with conscious awareness to the essence of my being where the Christ Consciousness resides within me. Please help me to connect with the most benevolent, compassionate, life-giving, generous, deeply loving and magnificent aspect of my essence, bringing these beautiful energies into manifestation within my mind, emotions, physical body, energetic bodies, and reality. Lord Maitreya, please support me in easily releasing all blockages, limitations, false ideas and perceptions connected to my essence, the Christ Consciousness and love, so I may surrender myself to the truth within my being experiencing it in every moment of my reality. Let a healing take place that is so deep it erases all resistance and fear connected to me accepting and returning to my original consciousness of love. I am present with the love that is within me now. Thank you, Lord Maitreya.’

Meditation to Awaken the Christ Consciousness Within

I, Lord Maitreya, wish to invite you to achieve a meditation practice with me to support you in connecting with this natural essence/ love consciousness/ Christ Consciousness within you.

Begin by repeating my name, ‘Lord Maitreya,’ three times silently with the focus of your third eye chakra within your heart chakra. Imagine a soft pink light within your heart chakra, sense your heart chakra relaxing, softening and expanding as you focus for a few moments while breathing deeply in this area.

Imagine a golden sphere spinning gently above your head. See, sense or acknowledge a golden light radiating in all directions from the sphere.

Imagine that golden droplets flow from the base of the golden sphere, one by one into your crown chakra at the top of your head. The golden droplets seep into your mind, brain, and consciousness, filling your head with golden light which awakens a space and state of love within this area.

When you feel that your head is filled with golden light, let droplets begin to flow into your heart chakra.  One by one they begin to fill your heart chakra with golden light to awaken your true consciousness within you which is a state of love.

As your heart expands with golden light, let droplets of golden light flow through your lower chakras and into your earth star chakra below your feet, anchoring and awakening your true consciousness, your Creator love consciousness, bringing it into true manifestation within your being and reality.

Allow yourself to then meditate upon yourself as a complete golden being of light, connected to all remembrance and truth which is essential for you to understand and embody now as well as existing in unison with the entire universe of the Creator. Encourage yourself to melt into this space of pure consciousness, energy and truth allowing new perspectives, feelings and experiences of yourself and reality to dawn from within your being.

When you allow yourself to connect with the consciousness and well of love within your being you are transforming your cells, the way you perceive yourself and reality, you are expanding yourself beyond limitations and therefore your abilities to make a positive, loving difference upon the Earth. You are allowing yourself to move into a space of empowerment, accessing the power within your being. This is a positive transformation which will support your experience of your reality upon the Earth as well as allowing you to assist others in ways you could never have previously imagined.

When we think from the limitations of the mind the Earth’s reality can seem harsh, painful and challenging. When we think from a state of love within everything opens up, and we are able to see solutions which seemed beyond our reach before, and yet now we can access them, experience them and create positive transformation for all upon the Earth, not only ourselves and loved ones.

Your ascension is for the purpose of supporting all upon the Earth in moving into a space of love which means healing, remembering, experiencing liberation and happiness. I, Lord Maitreya and all of your guides are present to support you, we cannot achieve your ascension for you, however when you open yourself up to receive the abundance of love we have to share with you, then you will recognise how your inner power synthesise with our light creating all that is necessary for healing, fulfilment, and happiness for you and all.

An awakening is occurring upon the Earth; it is an awakening of love from the essence of each person’s soul. Many people are unwilling to recognise the power of love or the original consciousness that is now emerging, and yet it is a power beyond measures which can create transformations beyond your imagination for the Earth and humanity. This gentle energy will rise within many, being ridiculed by others and yet gradually it will be recognised as a deep-seated power which all will be inspired to access and bring into manifestation on the Earth. The Christ Consciousness describes love in action; it is love in action which will empower each person, creating millions of actions born from love supporting transformation and alignment with the Creator for all.

With Christ Consciousness Blessings,

Lord Maitreya

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On Losing One’s Memory and Enjoying it – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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On Losing One’s Memory and Enjoying it

Sacred 333Back in 1995, I had an outbreak of colitis and was put on a really deadly regimen of Prednizone.  If the colitis didn’t kill me, I thought the Prednizone would.

I lost my memory as a side effect. And, as a configuration-management administrator in a large software firm, I was the collective memory of the production side of our company – the keeper of hardware and software baselines for the different product “builds.”  I was paid to remember.

Now, flash forward to these present times, when I again have lost my memory (many others at the Sedona gathering have also lost theirs, we all discovered), I’m in an entirely-different situation.

Now, I understand that it’s being done to release me from Third Dimentia.

Third Dimentia includes things like my conditioned patterns of behavior, the masks I wear, the lines in my scripts, the facial expressions designed to win the day for me, that special way of walking, all that nonsense.  (I’m 70. I now have my own permission to walk any way I want.)

What gives me ultimate confidence in letting go of all this? Ramana Maharshi did some time ago. He said words to the effect that whatever is real cannot be let go of, try as we might, and whatever is unreal never existed.

Whatever is real cannot be let go of; whatever is unreal falls way.  Only that which is real survives.

What did exist, exists now, and always will exist? Only God. Nothing else.

So, knowing that only the divine continues to exist no matter what, I drop things with careless abandon.  Remember Mary Magdalene telling us to love with abandon? I’m willing, in short bursts, to let go with abandon.

In fact today I watched myself, having gone on a walk, drop everything. Absolutely everything in that moment. What a feeling of peace that created.

AND my willingness to drop it all is helped along the way by the love and bliss that rush in to replace what I let go of, a product of the ever-rising energies. Mother Nature abhors a vacuum and is filling the space of whatever we vacate with increasing amounts of love.

The galactics are said to have a device on their ships where, when you walk through a doorway, everything about you is instantly sanitized and freshened.  It’s as if we’re walking through such a device in very slow motion.

To get back to memory loss: I’m now feeling comfortable with the idea of having lost my memory, after going through my initial shock and fear around the subject (stemming from 1995).

I’m feeling comfortable enough to begin experimenting with it. I allow myself an hour a day to be blissfully without memory and not require myself to do anything about it or apologize for it. I want to see where that’ll take me.

Fortunately I can make it a part of my job (awareness writing). This road seems to lead to blissful ignorance. I what to see what’s really around that next bend.

I’m still living in the afterglow from the Bridge to Now in Sedona. Not ready to return to the real or unreal world but I still haven’t woken up yet either.   You’ll be the first to know if and when I do.



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On Losing One’s Memory and Enjoying it

We are YOU, You Are US, and I Am WE @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Preparing For First Contact–by Your Galactic Family through Sue Lie



By Your Galactic Family

Chapter 29

We are YOU, You Are US, and I Am WE

Greetings, we are your galactic family that is encircling dear Gaia to assist with Her planetary ascension. We speak to the brave members of Gaia’s Earth, as well as the many members of our galactic ships who have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

We have come to you today to tell you that we are ready to assist you to leap forward, up, out, and beyond, as there are ever expanding inter-dimensional energy fields that are caressing our dear Gaia within this NOW.

But, please remember that those who can move into these energy fields of transmutation will find themselves in the chaos that precedes all change.

Those of you who embrace this journey into the unknown, which is also the journey back to your/our fifth dimensional Home, are now returning to where they first began.

Those who embrace this unknown will soon know more than they have ever remembered in any of their incarnations in any of their third / fourth dimensional realities.

All of your/our Earth vessels are shifting in to and out of different realities, while your primary consciousness is still conscious of your daily life. At first we only know, or remember, bits and pieces of the “other realities” that we have accumulated in our consciousness to create the “multidimensional history of our many incarnations.”

Then, as we begin to perceive our inner path, we start to make radical adjustments to the perceptual field, which we have known as “our reality.” It is then that we can glimpse the higher light that is beginning to integrate deeper and deeper into our elemental and cellular body.

From the perspective of our cellular self, it is impossible to ignore that we are ONE, as each cell in our body is a working community. Every component of our body is much like a “town,” and WE are the Mayor.

Which ‘me’ is the mayor?” we ask.

The answer is that the Mayor is the one that we must elect for our self. Therefore which you do you elect to be the Mayor of your reality?

YOU are among the WE who are the creators of OUR personal lives, and each and every one of you, which is also every one of us, are needed to assist with planetary ascension. Therefore, there are many “collective conscious” choices to be made.

More and more of you/us are becoming aware of the “NOW” in which we/you are resonating to the higher frequencies. More and more of us are becoming aware of our higher dimensional sensations, because we feel them in our physical body and experience them via our ever-expanding perceptions that something is different.

We are beginning to feel that “someone has turned on the lights.” Many are receiving the “feelings” and/or the “thoughts” that they are the creator of their life.

It is very important within this NOW to believe that you are the creator of your life. There so many new things that are happening, will be happening, and are continuing to happen, that if you do not accept yourself as the creator of your reality, you will begin to feel victimized.

Then, that feeling of victimization will lower your consciousness, and you may no longer feel, perceive, and know that YOU are the creator of your reality. Then you could become the one who “responds to” rather than the “one who creates.”

It is very important within this NOW that we live within the belief that, “We are the ONE who creates.” In fact, it is the NOW for us all to be the one who creates, the one who remembers, and the one who returns.

As we create that which we are returning to, which is our higher frequencies of Self, we can gather around us all the others who are doing exactly the same that we are doing. This “unity of purpose” is very important because we are the first brigades of the ascending ones.

We are the first ones to cross this fifth-dimensional territory as the planetary being of Earth has seldom resonated to this fifth dimensional territory for eons and eons. Because of her humanoid inhabitants, and the early dark ones, dear Gaia has had to maintain her status as a third/fourth dimensional planet.

But now, the we who have visited Gaia’s planet myriad times, and then at our “death” have returned to our true Self on our home-worlds or in our starships, we NOW share with all humanity what is happening on/in Earth, as well as Gaia’s needs.

We talk to others about taking another “tour of duty” on ascending Gaia, and they say “Okay, I will volunteer. I will volunteer to take an incarnation on Gaia. It sounds like a pretty exciting time, I think I might enjoy myself.”

Then we, the ones who have already had these incarnations say, “Well, that’s a good attitude, but we want you to know that it’s very challenging down there within Gaia’s NOW.

Gaia has fallen into a greatly polarized reality of good and bad, of right and wrong, of those who love and wish to assist and those who fear and wish to control.”

“But it is your choice,” we add. “Do we wish to be the ones who love and assist? Because when you fall into the great fear that is there, you may wish to control others, because on Earth within this NOW control has become an automatic reaction to fear.

Fear is when they feel out of control and, hence, they want to control. But if we can remember our true SELF that awaits us on the Ship, we can remain in control of ourselves. While you/we are in control of our self, especially if we remain connected to our self on the Ship, we do not fear the fear.

We remind you that if we feel fear while on your mission to assist Earth, what we need to do is go inside yourselves, inside of your Higher Self on the Ship, talk to the Earth’s threshold keepers, the Golden Ones, talk to the Ascended Masters, talk to our guidance and say,

“Dear Inner Guidance,

It is extremely difficult on Earth within this NOW, and I feel myself beginning to fall into feelings of fear. What I would like to do within this NOW, what I would like to have in this NOW is a long communion with you my Higher Self on the Ship.

“I would like to talk with the version of my SELF who lives in constant Unconditional Love, constant security, and within my constant knowing that I AM a multidimensional being.

Instantly, the Golden Ones, your Higher Selves, to whomever you speak will say, “Please join us. We see that you are doing such wonderful service for our dear friend Gaia, and we wish to comfort you.

“We wish to love you and to send you Unconditional Love. We wish to bathe your bodies in Violet Fire so that you will return back to your Earth consciousness feeling replenished by our feeling love, and able to remember that you volunteered to take a body on the form of Gaia within this NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

“We thank each one of our brave volunteers to ascending Earth. We bless each one of you and send you all Unconditional Love as we “Blaze, Blaze, Blaze you, and your current physical reality, with Violet Fire to transmute all shadow into light, light, light.”


Please remember dear ones you are not alone for WE are YOU and YOU are US!

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Dimensional Overlays of Each Earth Vibrating NOW – Lisa Transcendence Brown



Golden Buddha Lotus Painting by Adeeti Bhagat @ Fine Art America


Dimensional Overlays of Each Earth Vibrating NOW



When you see EARTH and all as a myriad of different dimensions and timelines, with multiple universes within it, you will start to UNDERSTAND and REALIZE that Earth is not just one dimension, it’s a gazillion of them. Your OWN experience on this EARTH is your play that plays out for you. Your own dimension/timeline and you don’t get a higher vibrational one UNTIL YOU CHOOSE IT and EMBODY IT from within you.

Instead of looking at the Earth as a the only reality as true, look at it as your dimensional version that you CREATED and HOLD THE VIBRATION for with every particle of you. Your transmission, your beliefs, your mentalities…. then look out there and see if the physical particles that have taken physical form are all that you DESIRE, fulfill your dreams, inspire you and enhance your soul/life now.

IF NOT, then you are in an old timeline, which is a vibrational MATCH to some sort of separation that you still hold inside. It’s up to you to change your vibration and shift, intentionally, constantly, continually, until you have achieved the vibration you desire to experience ALL OF THE TIME.

Your own CONSCIOUSNESS transmits the frequencies, sequences and codes that tell the physical how to take form. You, your attention, what you allow you to think, allow yourself to participate in, allow to continually occur in your own physical timeline.

You do not get to “just leave”…. your Crystalline LightBody has to EVOLVE, hold light, activate your crystals, Christed Consciousness, so that you can vibrate, literally, your Quantum Cells will vibrate you into different realities FOR YOU….

Yes, that physical reality is YOUR REAL…. your program…. your play….. All yours…. and how you JUMP TIMELINES it totally up to the amount PHOTONIC LIGHT that you hold (Light Quotient)…. in every moment… or the amount of physical matter density that you still hold.

If you want a different reality, YOU have to do this…. for EMBODIMENT of higher light frequencies and the purity of LOVE is what gives you the ability, yes, YOUR ABILITIES, to do all easily, naturally and organically from within. ♥

Your VERSION OF EARTH is the one you hold the vibrations for. Old Earth or NEW. ♥ Your VERSION of your body, dense 3D or LIGHT 5D (and so far beyond 5D now). Your Aspects dictate. Your Super Consciousness or unconscious dictates PHYSICAL MATTER and how it takes form IN RESPONSE TO YOU! ♦

Dimensions overlay, weave in and out. You are standing next to Angels, Christed BEings, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Galactic LIGHT BEINGS (us) all of the time, but if you don’t hold the vibration, you can’t see us, interact with us, until you shift your own vibration to vibrate into OUR REALITY here…. now. When you stop “thinking” it can’t be, you open up to the opportUNITY to actually experience this too. It’s not up there/out there, it’s all around you.

Which physically solid hologram are you tuning in to, tuning your whole body to… in every moment. Tune to a higher frequency to vibrate into a higher frequency existence….♥

3D Earth/Body

4D Earth/Body

5D Earth/Body

6D Earth/Body

7D Earth/Body

8D Earth/Body

9D Earth/Body

10D Earth/Body

11D Earth/Body

12D Earth/Body

13D Earth/Body

14D Earth/Body

15D Earth/Body

16D Earth/Body

17D Earth/Body

18D Earth/Body

19D Earth/Body

(and so much higher)…..

This is an entire EVOLUTION into HIGHER FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS of EXISTENCES… that will continue until all of the lower bandwidths are gone/dissolved/dismantled and re-constructed in a whole new frequency (de-materialization/re-materialization). Yes, right now.

Which vibrational body, Earth, reality are you HOLDING ALL OF THE TIME…. you will oscillate and re-tune constantly as your priority becomes your own existence and which Earth you are on RIGHT NOW. These higher Cosmic Galactic Source Purity Christed frequencies change your vibration, change the density of physical matter on Earth, you, your whole inside/outside world. ♦ ♥☼

Earth is a vibration, the Cosmos is a Vibration, You are Vibrations where matter, stardust, particles… have taken physical form. ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼