A Merging of Sacred Partners – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

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Before going to bed last night, throughout the night on dreamstate in my higher aspect and this morning when I woke up I was given some detailed insights and infos on a tantric rite of passage. As a gatekeeper and aspect of Mary Magdalen I carry much sacred wisdom (sacred encodings) about this. I will just tell you a little here. It is about the role of the wom(b)an and her purpose to lead a sacred cleansing ritual for a merging of sacred partners (gatekeepers), that will prepare the two for a merging into One (transcending individuation). It is sacred ancient tantric wisdom, that will be activated when we are ready to step into service. The wom(b)an is the gate keeper and must be understood and honored as such by her partner, this is a preequisite for attaining the gift of this sacred rite. Those that are still bound by egoic lust (triggered by ego and operating from lower chakras) will not have the awareness to understand this truth, nor will they be drawn to melting together with another being and shed their layers of ego to embody the divine (which is a “sacrifice” of self I-dentity) (lower self). They will satisfy in having their physical desires stilled by any one, that attract them physically (or not). There is no or little soul coherence or heart and high heart chakra involved in that process.

Those chelas however who are ready to merge with God/Goddess and willing (ready) to give up their self in service to the Most High will feel a burning soul desire within their high heart to do so (and this will indeed trigger their kundalini fire through a single thought). It is an engraved ancient memory and longing to “return to” and merge with Source, while still in human body. Before this merging can be initiated a sacred cleansing ritual must be performed to be able to “hold” extreme high frequencies of light and must be led by the wom(b)an to prepare her sacred partner (and herself in case she hasn´t done the needed cleansing) to enter her sacred portal and impregnate her with his light codes. The wom(b)an must not be seen as superior or dominant in anyways. There must be a complete mutual honoring of the other as being equal and an openess to serve the other. But because of wom(b)an´s inherent connection to the divine feminine, she has the intuitive feeling and insight to be the leading part, also because she is the sacred cauldron for this merging to take place.

There are different stages to this… there are preliminary rites, that are done with no physical touch at all, but solely thru energetical connection and alignment thru the two, which in many cases will be preliminary to the full merging on all levels of being, all subtle bodies including the physical body. I even got some pretty hot details how to prepare the divine masculine for this… but will leave that out here as not to trigger anyone´s “shame-button) in case they still carry such in their un-conscious and body. However those that only seek sexual temporary satisfaction and release, will not be able nor called to engage in and receive this holy gift and serve the divine.

One will feel when one has encountered the divine counterpart with the needed soul coherence and soul essence compatibility paired with deep soul love, (which of course is a sacred contract between two souls), which to the most part will be of the same soul monad (oversoul) or group avatar.

This doesn´t come out of the blue to me. I have been prepared for this over several years, I have already done parts of this, but there are still levels that couldn´t be completed because I hadn´t met my divine counterpart, that I have contrated to do this with. Just to make it clear. Your sacred tantric consort is not necesarily your twin soul. Your twin soul essence is within you eternally and not until you have balanced your inner divine feminine and masculine will you be ready to meet the divine counterpart on the “outside”, who equally embodies his inner twin and have completed the cymnic marriage. I feel that many start to feel called to this level of transpersonal love and divine service, as they have reached the needed level of consciousness, that will trigger their memory of this sacred contract. It is not something that every soul has contracted to, but the souls who have signed up for this, have served as sacred portals and anchor of higher consciousness through many time lines.

You will feel in your heart if you are one of them. This is not one sole act, but more of a journeying together of two souls, because this rite of passage is a commitment to serve source (God/Goddess) and a deepening the connection to anchor ever increasing frequencies of light. So you may say it is an eternal commitment between two souls, which has nothing to do with a “normal” romantic relationship, however it might involve living together as sacred partners or not. I will share more in divine timing and when guided. Some of you will know that Mary Magdalen and Yeshua were initiates of sacred egyptian tantra. It is indeed ancient wisdom, that is originating beyond this earthly realm.

Linda Grace

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