The Truth Shall Make You Free – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Egyptian Scarab – unknown artist


It’s also to assist you, or anyone else, who has the same experience to go through it. And it’s to help me go through it as well – and keep my sanity!

Writing up my experience on an ongoing basis provides me with the motivation and means to go deeper and deeper, in a consistent, forward pattern. And it;s a natural outgrowth of being on the awareness path.

The fundamental tool I use in this is telling the truth. To you. To myself. Not in everything. I don’t share my personal life. I share my inner life.

Why place the accent on telling the truth? Jesus said why: “The truth shall make you free.”

Speaking absolutely, I’m led to believe that we’re here to learn the truth of ourselves because, when we do, God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment. Knowing the truth – Self-knowledge – plays the ultimate role in all our lives. (1)

“Enlightenment is the purpose of life” was the way the matter occurred to me after watching a tableau of the life journey of an individual soul from God to God in a vision in 1987. (2)

Knowing the absolute truth of who we are is why we’re here.


Not only will the absolute truth set us free absolutely, but the relative truth will set us free relatively.

What does that mean?

The relative truth of an upset will cause the upset to lift. My favorite example is a woman from Newfoundland whom I was counselling in my Sociology days. She boldly advanced in relationship and then as boldly ran away. Approach, avoidance, approach, avoidance.

When she described to me how cold the waters were off Newfoundland and how one could only stay in them for a very short time and then you had to run out, I asked her if that’s how she was in relationship.

She had an Aha! moment that took the problem away. Gone. Dissolved.

The truth had set her free.

I used truth to guide me in my counselling work during my Sociology years. “Did sharing that produce a greater sense of relief? No? Then let’s try again.”

I’d be watching for me and my client to be getting lighter and lighter as the sharing session progressed. If not, again, we weren’t getting at the truth.


Hiding anything brings the experience of tensing up. There are secrets I’m hiding that I actually know I have to keep. Some of them are mind-blowing. I pay a price in surrendering a part of my consciousness; a kind of mental safety-deposit box rented out to someone else.

A part of my consciousness becomes pinned down, committed not to leak or reveal those secrets. Whenever we get near one of them, I tense up.

Tensing up invokes a muscular holding pattern – stored in cellular memory, I imagine – which dampens our awareness. In colloquial language, my hiding is a drag on my consciousness, which I don’t want or need.

The fact that the truth sets one free is the underpinning of the work one does on the awareness path and probably in ascending. The riskier the truth, the more the resulting sense of freedom. The deeper the truth, the deeper the freedom.

In Fifth Dimensionality, we’ll have no secrets at all and total freedom.


(1) The yoga path of jnana or wisdom is based on knowing the truth at deeper and deeper levels, until knowing the One Truth sets us free from individuation. In Jesus’s language, we might say that the Son (Atman) has bent the knee to the Father (Brahman), giving him the kingdom all in all (i.e, surrendering his/her individuation).

(2) See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue” at


Egyptian Scarab – unknown artist

The Truth Shall Make You Free


Sagittarius ~ An Atlantean Legacy ~William Meader @ Emergent Light


Sagittarius Art – Villa Farnese Ceiling Fresco painted c. 1573



~ An Atlantean Legacy ~

Over the course of history, various signs of the zodiac have had an amplified effect upon the evolution of human consciousness. Even now we are aware of this as we transition out of the Age of Pisces. Suggested by this is that Pisces has had a primary shaping influence upon human consciousness for the last two millennia. However, when we extend our timescale much further back into the distant past, the Sign of Sagittarius was particularly potent and influential during the Atlantean epoch, and its legacy is still with us today.

The most primeval symbol representing the sign of Sagittarius is that of the Centaur. Indeed, its origin is believed to be traced back to ancient Atlantean times. As a creature depicted as half horse and half man, it symbolizes humanity’s inability to discern its humanness from its animal nature. According to the mythology of Esotericism, such was the case for all but the most advanced initiates living during that distant time.

Yet today the symbol for Sagittarius is increasingly depicted anew, in that the man is now riding the horse and is no longer fused to it. Symbolic of the disciple, the rider is now able to differentiate the animal from the human within his or her nature, and to shoot his arrow toward a lofty spiritual vision. He then gets off the horse to pursue the aspirational arrow which is sent forth. Occultly considered, this symbolizes a profound principle when walking the Path, for when one is truly following a spiritual calling, it requires that he or she dismount the animal within.

Not surprising, therefore, Sagittarius is the sign that rules the entire animal kingdom. Prior to awakening to the soul, the animal instinct of the Sagittarian is usually pronounced, and sometimes even prized. Once the awakening to the soul has occurred, however, the internal contrast between the animal and the human becomes more distinctively discernible. Then it is that the Sagittarian begins to recognize that the animal appetites have a deflecting effect upon his/her spiritual quest. When the animal is dismounted, the Centaur then dies and the one-pointed disciple is given birth.

William Meader



Sagittarius Art – Villa Farnese Ceiling Fresco painted c. 1573