Pamela Kribbe channels Earth @ The Jeshua Channelings


Mother Earth Painting by Miss Odessa.


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people, I am the voice of Mother Earth. I carry you through the journey of this, your human life. Feel me in your bones, in your flesh, in all the cells of your body. I supply the building blocks of your human body.

However, I am not only present in you on the physical plane, I am also an energetic being that is very old. I have a soul-energy, a spiritual life, and as soon as you are born on the skin of my body, I endow you with my energy, the energy of the Earth. The energy of me, of the Earth, moves along with those who live on me, i.e. all humanity. My energy is receptive to yours; I absorb it, learn from it, and try to give to you what is supportive and good for you.

In my heart, I am free and not subject to duality, which is why I can feel what people need on an energetic level. My heart energy is present in your body and is naturally directed toward balance. Your body and mine are linked energetically and we form a whole. I just said that in my being, in my core, I am not bound to duality. However, earthly life itself – in the plants, the animals, and the humans – is subject to duality. There is birth and death, disease, health, youth, old age; emotions of love and light, and emotions of despair and fear. These are all aspects of life on me; but in myself, in my core, I am free of all that and, so, I allow all that to happen.

Feel who I am in my essence. I am a part of the Cosmos as a whole, but I consented to my role as a carrier of humanity. I accompany you on your path, but I cannot take over for you. That which is specifically your task, that which is to be fulfilled by humanity as a whole and toward which it is to grow, is something for you to do.

You, humankind in its entirety, carry special powers of creation: the ability to create and bring something new into being. I want to give to you the opportunity to do that, even if it means that you sometimes succumb to duality and can no longer feel you are essentially free of it. But know that you, as a soul, are free of birth and death; know that you are eternal, even though you often lose connection with that feeling while living on Earth. But I can give that essential feeling back to you if only you will trust me.

I am not the one who submerges you in duality. It is the veil of fear created by humanity – the ignorance, the loss of self – that makes life on Earth so difficult at times. But this has not always been the case. There have been times on Earth when there were communities of people who lived in total peace and harmony with themselves and with nature. And just now, in the meditation, some of you recognized and felt such a life; a life in which you felt naturally welcome on Earth, both as a child and as a person, and also as the soul who you are.

There is often a kind of “schizophrenia” that immediately happens when you begin earthly life; a split between who you really are and what the people in your environment expect from you, or force onto you, often because of their own fear and uncertainty. And from the beginning, there is that gap between what you feel and what you should feel; between what you are free to do and what is expected of you.

However, you have led lives on Earth in which your entry was much smoother; when you could be more intimate with your soul’s energy while you were growing up and were even encouraged to do so with gentleness and joy. In those lives and communities, there was also a kind of discipline, but it was one of a gentle hand that was in harmony with human nature. Children in those societies were trained to take their inner world seriously. They were taught to listen to their emotions honestly and openly, to listen to the voices they heard inside themselves: their fears and prejudices. That is the sign of a very mature society, a society where the inner world of people is taken very seriously.

Now, at this time, the fixation of society is almost entirely on the outer world, on knowledge that makes it possible to make, build, and organize things, or to analyze and order things with the mind. But all these activities are outwardly focused. The attention on the inner reality, which is actually the creator of the external reality, the outer world, has been lost – but not quite.

There are still traces in me of the ancient communities and societies in which people lived with love for their natural involvement with one another, from knowledge of the soul and an inner reality. The traces of those communities and those societies are still present in my energetic field, the energetic field of the Earth. And even though they are physically gone from the Earth’s surface, they still live on in my memory and in the collective memory of humankind. I would ask you to refresh the memory of humanity by reminding yourself what it was like to be born in such a community surrounded by kindred spirits and, of course, from a connection with your inner being, your core, your soul. Feel how light-hearted life can then be. There are still painful events, such as the death of loved ones, experiences of loss and pain, and also miscommunication, but that all happens against a backdrop of peace, understanding, and security.

Growing up among like-minded people gives one a deep sense of security, of acceptance, and the ability to develop freely. Feel again how that was; maybe you see images of the community of which you were a part at another time. And concentrate equally on who you were then, on the energy that you radiated and the obvious sense of well being that you had. You could be open to other people and to your surroundings, because you were based in yourself. You felt good about yourself. You never doubted that there was a space especially for you; that you had something to contribute to the whole. That was simply a given, and everyone knew that. Feel how you received exactly what you needed: the empowerment from your environment. There were people around you who understood you and who gave you valuable advice. And above all, they projected an atmosphere of harmony and wisdom. See this now as a very special gift that you received in the past.

You are the founders of this energy, this form of community and being together; the creators of that energy in this time. However, it is now no longer taken for granted to be growing up from such a foundation of safety, yet you carry the memory of it in your heart. You carry the memory of a life full of harmony in which you can develop your spiritual gifts naturally: your love, your sense of beauty, your creativity, your warmth. You are meant to plant that light as a seed on the Earth, that experience you know from the past and to carry it forward.

In a way, it was intended, as lightworkers, that you are now thrown back upon yourself; that you can no longer be part of a natural web of security and belonging to a peer group. Your soul knew you would inherit a difficult task and, because of that, it was intended for you to have received this energy of warmth and encouragement in the past so you can give it to places where that energy is now not present. That is the essence of lightwork: for you to ignite the light where light does not now shine – but first of all within yourself. Because only if you know how to be secure within yourself can you safely create the situation that once existed naturally; then you can also be a light for others and that happens naturally of itself.

The important thing is to create that space of nurturance, first and foremost, by being true to yourself. And I ask you to do so now. I ask you to truly look with respect at yourself – right now. Feel how old you really are and how often you have already lived on Earth as a human being. You have digested and integrated all those experiences: experiences of light and experiences of deep darkness. Take yourself seriously; respect your maturity.

You sometimes find that you are just like small children who no longer know what to do, who see no way out. But the time has passed that there might appear a teacher who is going to tell you what you should do. Now is the time to dare to stand by yourself; the time to truly look within and to see what treasures lie there that you have already accumulated through all those lives. There is now no longer that nurturing presence of a community that understands and protects you. In that sense, you stand alone. But that is part of your path and your evolution. You can now do it alone – you truly can. It is about believing in yourself.

Connect with my core, with my heart that is independent of time, of birth and death. I was there in all those lives when you lived on me. Feel your timeless core as well. You already know so much; you already are so rich inside. Connect with your own light and feel it flow through you. Feel it flow throughout your body from your toes to your fingertips. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. You are a powerful human being, and we need you. You can refresh the memory of humankind; you can recall a vibration of harmony and love that is now so necessary, that is now missed by so many. You have knowledge of the inner world of people and of yourself. You are familiar with the depth of feelings and you can accept what is in people’s lives. And in so doing, you bring your love and security into this world of fear and doubt, and that is your calling.

I will work with you. The energy of the ancient communities of light can now be spread all over the world. It is no longer the intention that small islands of harmony and peace be formed. The intention now is that everything be included, which is why you are spread out all over the world. First, through standing alone, but then through connections and networks that have emerged will you gradually again begin to live as kindred spirits, but now all-encompassing and including all. At this time, there is so much change going on that islands are no longer enough; it is now time for a global awakening. And even though it sometimes seems an impossible task, believe in yourself. You have seeds within you, germs of light. Dare to sow them and make them visible. That is your task; that is who you are – believe in it.

Thank you for your attention.


Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe



Mother Earth Painting by Miss Odessa.

You Must Vibrate INTO The Reality You Desire – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Chita21 @ DeviantArt


You Must Vibrate INTO The Reality You Desire, You BElieve It Into Reality, You Make It Happen From Inside of You 

PictureAloha beautiful Master Family,

To awaken to the exquisiteness every day, to see the magic, the beauty and to revel in the brilliance…

To hear the birds singing the song of peaceful magical love, to FEEL these higher frequencies, the softness, the profoundness and the bliss that never leaves….

All of the eons and years of deep inner work, of returning to my own true self, to live and exist beyond the distortions of the old, to hold this deep sacred connection as my own soul…. and to allow it to play out in my own physical reality world…..

It’s a lot of work to understand how realities work, how holograms work, how dematerialization/re-materialization works, see the multitude of aspects that we hold, see all of the realities available and to bring them here in the physical to fully in-joy.

We all chose some heavy duty human existences to transcend. Cool part is once we actually DO it, it’s just a blip, without the visual, just an awareness, for the akash has cleared…..

To fully realize how all is created, our roles in creation, with our every breath, with our thoughts, with our feelings, with our actions…. the “sad part” (not really, because we do truly get it), is that others can’t always see it fully yet.

So many still try so hard to fight their own multi-dimensional existence now, still trying to hold onto the old, still insisting on believing that they are less, have less than full abundance…. because they are not yet ready to experience the magical amazingness of higher consciousness existence.

Another is to observe those who see the higher realms, know they are other aspects, but keep trying to be humans. They have not “learned” (REMEMBERED) how to apply this/how this correlates to their own physical reality world.

So many still believe the old programmed stories, still listen to the untruths…. because it is their own path to figure it out for themselves. By whatever means necessary to show them what they think they believe.

Truth is sooooo far beyond what all think they know, beyond what the outside shows us, beyond the words that are spoken. Truth is in the ENERGY of all…..

When your consciousness expands BEYOND the physical and INTO the other dimensions, then you get to see, feel, experience the bliss, magic and infinite everything that just waits for you.

So many “sit around waiting” for things to change, without realizing that they actually have to do the inner work, they actually have to do many things in the physical reality world. Just because there is a realization and a memory of “being that”, doesn’t make it a reality in the current physical reality world, because you have to FULLY BE THAT in every breath, in all that you are/do, in all that you transmit out into the world….

You don’t get to play human and pretend to be less. You don’t get to DO any less either.

Anchoring your dreams and desires, your higher self aspects you, your higher existence realities means that you are BEING THESE ASPECTS FULLY in every moment….. you do not get to pretend to be higher selves for a moment and then stop when you want to “go human”. You either are or you are not…. because the moment you forget/go unconscious/stop, then you disconnect from that dimensional reality and you don’t get to experience the abundance of gifts, the miraculousness, the amazingness fully, until you fully LIVE IT, WALK IT AND fully EMBODY it in everything that you are and do LONG ENOUGH for the physical to align vibrationally for you, for the particle matter in your physical reality to have enough time to take new form and to deliver to you the match to your new vibration that you always hold….

Vibrating into another reality physically, means you expanded your consciousness enough to know it as real, but then you contracted back down into the old dimension to work through everything that was not of your new vibrational reality… in your physical body and physical reality….

We, as humans, were the ones that were not committed enough before, made excuses, didn’t take all of this weird stuff serious, judged our way out of the bizarre awesome, held back because of some lack, believed the old untruths… because it was our own experience to live in less, to have less, to believe less that PURE DIVINE EVERYTHING….

Seeing it is only part of the process. Living it, affecting PHYSICAL MATTER form, by holding it fully…. this is the other part of the process that all will MASTER through full consciousness again. If you are embarrassed, ashamed, judging, holding back and still playing in the old, you cannot “have this” HEAVEN ON EARTH, because you are still holding onto vibrations that keep you from this…..

Seeing it is only part of the process. Living it, affecting PHYSICAL MATTER form, by holding it fully…. this is the other part of the process that all will MASTER through full consciousness again. If you are embarrassed, ashamed, judging and playing in the old, you cannot “have this” HEAVEN ON EARTH, because you are still holding onto vibrations that keep you from this…..r new. Lack or deep profoundness, separation or unity…. because every nano-second, your body transmits this information out to affect the physical matter in your own reality world.

Every decision you make, every one you avoid, everywhere you do not commit, this transmits out. All that you could have and could experience… that’s just waiting… it gets stopped. Because you transmitted “no I’m not ready yet” OUT to reverberate a physical reality back to you that reflects what you do not even realize already exists…..

When you allow yourself to fully expand, you see it all, you know it all, you feel it all… then what you DO as your physical body aspect dictates your physical reality experience here.

As you come to realize all of this, you will stop playing in the old, stop shrinking down to small, stop accepting less in your own physical reality world. You will speak the language of ENERGY to affect realities intentionally, to trigger that which you are ready to experience, to call it forth and the “biggest human mistake” is to stop believing it, stop holding that vibration and stop doing what it takes to make it all happen…..

This human experiment is yours…. you created it and chose it before incarnating into your physical body form and breathing that first breath with your star/soul light that began it all. You “think” you are in the same dimension, the same physical reality every moment, each day… when in fact you are in a multitude of them and your vibration dictates which one you are anchored in, which one you actually physically experience here.

Each moment you are given an opportUNITY to shift to another timeline, a different dimension and new reality and to expand. Each moment you are offered a multitude a gifts, so very much freedom, beyond infinite everything… if you are truly ready…. to fully embrace it with all that you are….

Realities are a response to vibrations…. what you transmit out. If you transmit mixed signals, sure but not sure enough, committed but not committed enough, worth it but not worth it enough, important but not important enough, then this is what your UNIVERSE sends back to you… it hears…. not yet, not totally ready, not completely sure, not really…. and the moment that every particle of you is…. THEN all will start to align fully for you to actually experience as your NEW EARTH REALITY here. ♥

Your judgment and non-belief, non-committed heart… this is your own barrier between the dimensions… you must get past this yourself. ♥

I love you. Open up everything that you’ve got … it’s SUPER QUANTUM JUMP TIME in every moment here. This is a lifestyle, a way of being… we don’t do small in anything that we do. That was our human reality… that went out the window when we realized how all truly works here. ♥

Have a most magical day! You make it happen…. from inside, from the depths of your soul, from the core of your being, as the entire EVERYTHING again. ♥ Get out of your head if you really really really are ready….. It’s BEYOND anything you could ever dream, yet you do DREAM IT INTO REALITY here. ♦ ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Self Love and The Illusion of Separation – Linda Grace Antara Ma @ Grace Elohim

unknown artist


Are you willing to invest in profound and genuine wellbeing and discover the vast potential in you that lies dormant beneath the superficiality, the “facade” of who you are NOT. Are you willing to give up your story and surrender to being stripped to the core and realise the truth of who you are. Are you willing to grant yourself the gift of self love and do you value yourself enough to commit fully to go beneath that surface, the illusion of separation and transcend distrust, fear, doubt and the complacency of being run by egoic patterns, that have kept you trapped in fear and suffering for many life times.

When you take a decision to step into your power and realise your true potential, you make a step towards acceptance of all shades of self and hence the moment you commit, you can rest assured, that the issues in you that seeks attention and light will come to the surface and be mirrored back to you. I witness this time and again, when people ask me to work with them.The moment they commit, even days or weeks before the session transformation is ignited and sometimes buttons are pushed and I witness how I become the projection screen for their lacks and fears.

Some are unaware when this happens, because they have triggered it themselves unconsciously. They do not take responsability and take the “run” and in some cases cancel their sessions with all sorts of excuses, which I usually know, read, feel in advance. This is a waste of my time and their time and a valuable opportunity for self growth. This is by no means a judgement, but simply a statement of how unresolved issues surface, when we take a step towards clearing them.

I love to work and support my family (in truth we are One tribe), but I expect to be honored not only a person, but as a divine instrument of love, that is fully commited to serve you. And as such I expect that you too are commited to value yourself enough to co-create this shapeshifting in you, that is needed for you to discover your fullest potential and live the life you yearn for. You cannot run away from your shadows. Better to commit and get it “over with”. And so I welcome you with all my heart, but not until you are truly commited to face your shadows and surrender in divine trust and take responsability instead of projecting your stuff on me, because you are unwilling to face your inner “demons”, which in the first place motivated you to come here.

It is about acceptance, being with what is and if you are commited to get on with it and show up, those “demons” shall surely be transformed into divine particles of love permeating your every BE-ing. If you are in to playing around the bush with your ego, I am not the right person for you. There is no being half commited. If you really want change, you need to take full responsability and commit 100% and I am all there for you. All births are passages of rites,that involves profound challenges and takes guts. But when you look into the face of the “newborn” it is worth it all. I see myself as a spiritual midwife. I am not here to heal or fix you, but to hold the mirror to you and show you, where you are withholding love to self and limiting yourself from being your truest divine human self in acceptance and peace with all that that involves, which will enable you to live a passionate joyfilled life of purpose.

Value yourself enough to commit with all your heart. You are worth it. It is an investment for life and beyond. ~ Linda Grace –

unknown artist