The Reval is for Leveling the Playing Field – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art : Irina Charny


The Reval is for Leveling the Playing Field

Sacred 100The underlying idea of the Reval – and someone correct me if I’m wrong – seems to be to get money out to people who don’t have it and need it.

Getting money out may not be a direct thing. It could mean building hospitals so that the poor have health care. It could mean building sanitation infrastructure.

Any enterprise like ours is going to find itself scammed at some point – money designed to go in one direction ends up going in another, etc.

I don’t intend to focus on what I estimate to be around 15% money that takes a detour, and somehow clamp down on the 85% of money that doesn’t. I intend to simply absorb the 15% without comment and keep going.

We’re not loan companies. We’re not banks. We’re not the morality police. The Company of Heaven, it seems to me, want us to irrigate the field.

That to me means getting money out there – to whatever causes we want to promote (which thereafter hire people, creating jobs), to whatever institutions, branches of research, inventors, artists, veterans groups, etc., we choose.

But, whatever the different ways we express ourselves in philanthropy, the underlying idea of the Reval itself will always remain, for me, to level the playing field.

That’ll mean affirmative action until the point of equality is reached. How else would society get from an un-level playing field to a level one except by affirmative action in the beginning?

Single mothers, senior citizens, the disabled, everyone who has until now been neglected needs to see their requirements taken care of. Their playing field needs leveling.

In terms of institutions, I can think of no reform more beneficial and more necessary than universal medicare in all countries. Once the Lightworker Congress is operating, I’d love to work with lightworkers on a combined effort to promote and ensure universal medicare everywhere.

Governments need to be reformed. Remaining dictatorships will have to yield. Guerrillas, drug lords, and crooked politicians will face a grim choice and/or a grim future if everyone across the board doesn’t lay down their arms.

Lightworkers need to fill the void by having conflict-resolution models ready to handle future disputes peacefully. Gone will be the element of causing wars for private gain.

This is the way I see it.

Remember: You’re the same a day after the Reval as you were a day before. You have the same life contract, the same promises made to the Divine Mother. Have a great time for a while and then come back and play in a much bigger game – a world game – creating a new world.


Art : Irina Charny

The Reval is for Leveling the Playing Field

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