What a Dance Leadership Is – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Dorina Costras


Everywhere I go, I feel a “take charge” attitude arising in me.This mood is not entirely foreign but I’ve never felt it so strongly. I’m sure someone is turning up the element, the stove, the gasfire.

I notice that the attitude comes first and then I fulfill it.

If my attitude is that I don’t like this person, my behavior mirrors it. If he challenges me, I have to go where dislike takes me or retreat into deception or flight.

In this case, my attitude is “take charge.”

I was at a busy bus stop earlier. People were trying to get off the bus while some were already trying to get on.

So I said, in a voice that could be heard, “Let them get off the bus first, folks, please.” Some people stiffened.

When three more people tried to get on the bus and we needed more room, I squeezed myself to the extreme back of the bus to let them on, hoping others will respond, and people in the aisles were looking at me as if I was crazy.

I take charge in a situation when I feel the way I do at the moment.  If I don’t find a channel for this attitude, I’ll be right back being a pain in the rear again.

I can’t escape the responsibility for doing what’s needed to channel my own energy. It’s not like the people on the bus “made me mad.”  They didn’t “choose my attitude for me,” as Dale Carnegie called it.

The days are gone when I can hide out like that.

And I did find a channel.

I began to make a list of all the things I’ll need to do to get the Michaelangelo Fund, Lightworker Congress, and Gender Equality Project, etc., up and running.

I’m simply listing everything that needs to be done and prioritizing it later.

I’m a naif at finances so don’t ask me to advise you. I’m encountering things just as you are.  I share about it, but that doesn’t indicate knowledge. Knowledge hopefully results from it however, via the school of experience.

Taking my new take-charge attitude and channeling it into activities like planning and envisioning seems to work well. It wouldn’t work overly well in dealing with people – except on the battlefield perhaps, where soldiers want an officer to take charge.

Even there one has to “take charge” from a place of balance and neutrality. What a dance leadership is!

And I know all this. I know what it’ll take to lead a large organization, liaising with other large organizations.  I see it. I’m just not there yet.

One of the benefits of waiting this long (since 2011) for abundance to happen is that I’ve had time to prepare.

And there’s more to go.

I haven’t seen yet how a monk, who values lots and lots of cave time, will manage being so “out there” in the world.

I don’t know how a lone male on an all-female project will fare.

I don’t know how I’ll hold up under disappointment and delays or dealing with people who might be motivated by lower impulses.

All of this lies before me. And either I have to compensate for years spent alone (as a hermit), not having cultivated any of the finer ways of being, learned socially, or else I suddenly find many, many lightworker friends in large humanitarian/philanthropic organizations, all of whom have equally been hiding from a society they felt out of synch with.

By the law of attraction, I think the latter. You’ll probably find me playing in the lightworker community.

OK, back to making lists and expressing some of this fast-flowing take-charge energy.



Art : Dorina Costras

What a Dance Leadership Is


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