Activating Human Evolution @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Activating Human Evolution –THe Arcturians through Sue Lie


Activating Human Evolution

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

We the Arcturians are happy to communicate with our Ascending Ones within your time of initiation. Yes, you have all been undergoing very important initiations because reality as you know it, will continue it’s ever-accelerating transmutation in the year of 2017.

We say transmutation—shifting into a higher frequency of expression—rather than transformation—third dimensional change. Transmutation creates change, but it also includes a steady expansion into higher and higher frequencies/dimensions of reality.

In the same manner as humanity is transmuting, Gaia is also transmuting. In fact, people and planet will be called on to move into a deeper relationship than ever before. We know that more and more humans are realizing that Gaia, and Her planetary body, are transmuting into a higher frequency of expression in the same manner that humans, and their human earth vessels, are transmuting into a higher frequency of expression.

Those who have opened their hearts and minds to this information are the same ones who have been able to merge their human, energy field with Gaia’s planetary, energy field. With this merging, these humans are taking their first steps towards their ascension into Multidimensional Beings.

We use the word “ascension” because that word means: rise, ascent, mounting, climbing, scaling, surmounting, and moving UP. In this case, we speak of ascension as expanding your innate, frequency of resonance from your third dimensional Earth Vessel self, to include your fourth dimensional Astral Body self, and into your fifth dimensional Lightbody self.

Your vessel of fifth dimensional light will be able to perceive, experience and live within the fifth dimensional aspect of Gaia’s aura. You may also choose to return to your fifth dimensional Starship and/or your fifth dimensional Homeworld.

What you will be pleased to remember about your Lightbody is that it is free of time and physical space. Therefore, you will be able to consciously experience more than one time and/or place within the same instant of the NOW.

We realize that this experience will likely take what you still believe is “time” for your total transcendence and ascension, into your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF. Of course, once you are your Lightbody SELF the perception of “time” will only be a “left over habit.” An example of a left over habit would be if you always drove a stick shift car and suddenly changed to an automatic car, your left foot would constantly reach out for the clutch.

In the same manner, when you have your first experience “catching a glimpse” of the fifth dimension, your mind will think you are imagining it. However, as you feel the unconditional love, total unity with all life and complete safety of the fifth dimension, you will search for that feeling in your daily life.

The good part about “searching for” is that “what you want, or expect, to perceive is what youwill perceive.” One might think that human perception is most about seeing or hearing. However, that is not the case. The greatest influence on human perception is the state of consciousness of that human within the NOW of that perception.

This “state of consciousness” is greatly influence by your thoughts and emotions. As an example, if your thoughts are focused on driving, you will primarily perceive the road, the cars around you, the traffic ahead of you, and the steering wheel, accelerator and breaks of the car.

When you drive a lot, you do not even think about the steering wheel, accelerator, and breaks, as that becomes automatic. Therefore, you can focus on what is occurring outside of the car as well as what is occurring inside of the car.

As you increasingly accustomed to your ascension into Lightbody process, you will remember to perceive the changes “outside” of your earth vessel within the NOW that you are also experiences the changes “inside” of your earth vessel.

Hence, you move beyond specific components of your driving experience and focus more on the collective components of driving. Therefore, you can hear the radio and your friend talking inside the car, while you are still staying attentive to the traffic, the traffic signals, pedestrians, and what is occurring outside the car.

We wish to inform you that more and more of you are remembering to focus, not just on the many changes outside your body, but you are simultaneously focusing on what is occurring inside your body.

Just as a toddler may not be able to talk or carry something while learning to walk, you are learning to perceive both your third/fourth dimensional reality, as well as your fifth dimensional reality. Therefore, you are learning how your inner perspectives of reality affect your daily perceptions of your outer reality.

You are “learning to remind you that you are a “being fifth dimensional” who volunteered to wear a third dimensional body in order to assist with Planetary Ascension. Hence, you are called on to fully remember your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF and the fifth dimensional operating system of that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.

Simultaneously, you are moving from your 3D reality that was based on separation from all life. Within your “old operating system,” every person, place, situation, and thing appeared to be separate from you. Therefore, you defined your “self” as YOU and every other person, place and thing as “NOT YOU.” Even in a crowd YOU were separate from all the others in the crowd because they were NOT you.

The members of your family were not you; your friends were not you. YOU were the only one who is wearing your earth vessel—unless you are pregnant. However, even when you are pregnant, you perceived the “other person inside you” as not yet born. Hence, he or she was not yet a person, but would eventually be born into being an individual person.

Animals perceive their “herd, flock, school, or pod” as “their self.” Also, some “primitive tribes” perceive themselves as a being deeply connected with the other members of the “tribe.” On the other hand, modern, civilized humanity, often believe that they are better than animals or primitive tribes because they can “stand alone.”

These third dimensional beliefs will need to be discarded and/or expanded in order for you to expand into a being of light. A being of light does not have any boundaries or edges. A being of light can have the wavering form of a small spec or a huge projection of their light that flows from their core into ALL directions simultaneously.

But most of modern humanity does know even know that they have a core. This core is their Kundalini, which waits at the base of their spine like a “Sleeping Serpent.” As your inner, fifth dimensional energy field moves up your spine, your Sacred Marriage of Spirit and Matter slowly, or quickly, raises the resonance of your body, as well as your frequency of consciousness.

It is then, that your experience of reality will steadily expand beyond the limitations of your third dimensional perceptions. Your third dimensional self will primarily attend to your physical body and the physical body of your family or friends.

But as your “Sense of SELF” includes your higher dimensional perceptions, you will expand further and further beyond the limitations of the earth vessel you have been wearing, and will begin to feel an innate connection with ALL life. As you seek out these connections, your consciousness will expand even more.

As your expanded version of SELF moves through your life, you become more and more aware that you are invisibly and constantly preparing to expand your Sense of SELF to include your Fifth Dimensional SELF.

Then, you will remember how to deeply experience the manner in which your aura intermingles with the auras of what you once called “other” people, places, and things. As you allow yourperceptions of reality to flow through and be enhanced by your multidimensional aura, you will perceive that every person, place, situation, and thing also have an aura.

This perception assists you to remember that you are NOT separate from any person, place, situation, or thing! It is within that Unity with ALL Life that you can remember to “look at life through your own aura.”

When you perceive reality through your own aura, you remember to intermingle your fourth dimensional astral self, with your third dimensional physical self, as well as your fifth dimensional lightbody self. With this conscious merging of the multidimensional aspects of your SELF, you will realize that what you CHOOSE to perceive, greatly affects how you think, what you feel, and how you perceive reality.

When your thoughts and feelings are positive and loving, you see the clear sky, the warm breeze, the friendly dog, and a sense of well being within your body. On the other hand, when your thoughts and emotions are negative and fearful, you feel a sense of fear and a lack of safety.

Some people never realize how their outer reality mimics their inner self. On the other hand, some people realized this fact as children, but forget it as they “worked hard” as an adult. We, the Arcturians, are with you in this NOW to remind you that it is to you greatest benefit that you take full responsibility for the life that YOU created.

Please remember that some of your creation process occurred in other lifetimes and realities. With this expanded perspective, you can look back to remember other incarnations in which you took a life in order to prepare yourself for the wonderful gift of transmuting into a fifth dimensional body.

Your third/fourth dimensional body is your present earth vessel through which you can combine all that that you have learned in all your incarnations on Earth. In this manner you can prepare for your “final initiation” into Lightbody.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel is the vehicle through which you can experience your third dimensional waking, working self, and your fourth dimensional sleeping self is your creative self, your fifth dimensional Lightbody is the vessel through which you can perceive and interact with light of the fifth dimensional and beyond. In the fifth dimension, light is no longer separate from any person, place, situation, or thing.

The fifth dimensional light calls you to include your fifth dimensional Lightbody in your overall “Sense of Self.” Then, because your fifth dimensional Lightbody is beyond the physical constraints of time or space, your consciousness, perceptions, and thus your experience of reality, expands far beyond the confines of third/fourth dimensional realities based on time and space.

As your fifth dimensional perceptions expand your consciousness beyond the separation, fear and darkness of the third and lower fourth dimensional realities, you will feel a sense of Unconditional Love and Freedom from ALL the boundaries of separation that YOU created within the limitations of your third/fourth dimensional thoughts and emotions.

As you slowly, or quickly, recalibrate your thoughts and emotions to frequency range of the fifth dimension, you will feel a sense of comfort and camaraderie that was unknown in your physical world. At first, you may feel the 3D reality as strongly as ever, but as you allow yourself to FLOW into and MERGE with the fifth dimensional energy fields, you will experience something that was impossible within your third/fourth dimensional consciousness.

For one thing, you will be more able to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Forgive, and Unconditionally Accept your third/fourth dimensional self. Sometimes you will perceive your physical self as “having a bad day and really needing help.” You may also perceive your physical self as “having a great day” and really wanting to merge with the higher dimensional versions of SELF that you have deeply missed and are ready to rejoin.

These higher versions of YOU are the “you” that remembers your Multidimensional SELF, that your third dimensional self may have lost contact with somewhere in the tangles of the 3D Matrix. Fortunately, as you remember your true, Multidimensional SELF, your fifth dimensional consciousness becomes fully activated.

It is then that you can remember to send Unconditional Love to Gaia. By this simple act, you are giving GREAT service to Gaia and to all Her inhabitants. In fact, if the only thing you do for planetary ascension is to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire into any darkness and/or fear, you are giving a vital service to Earth and all her human, animal, plant, insect, and elemental kingdoms.

You are also greatly assisting your Galactic Family, as well as your entire Multidimensional Family, that is serving to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. Please remember, dear humans, that if you assist your planet, you also assist all the beings on the planet, as well as all the humans.

Also, by your actions, you are assisting your Galactic SELF who has volunteered to wear an earth vessel on the third/fourth dimensional Gaia to assist Her Planetary SELF to ascend beyond the frequency net of the 3D Matrix. Those who follow the rules of “Power Over Others” are implanted in that Matrix.

These “rules” only resonate to the frequency of the third and lower fourth dimensional inhabitants. In fact, the first and second dimensional beings cannot perceive that Matrix. Therefore, they cannot be influenced by it. Hence, the elementals of Gaia’s planetary body, as well as your personal bodies, are free of the Matrix.

It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, remind you to listen to your physical body. Your body appears to be “just third dimensional,” but it is created by the vast collection of first and second dimensional molecules of blood, bones, muscles, and oxygen.

These small molecules of “life” are so small that they easily slip through the 3D Matrix unnoticed. Individually, their information cannot be shared with your earth vessel. However, during your physical incarnations, your inner elemental, molecular beings have been bonding with body.

Your brain may not have “translated their messages,” but your physical body is an expert of this “language.” Furthermore, the language of the elementals is much like Light Language because the elementals all carry a photonic “light” that constantly communicated with the “electronic” ports of your physical Earth Vessel.

Therefore, your body is, indeed, an inter-dimensional vessel that is fully connected to “Light Language.” As you deeply connect with your physical vessel, you simultaneously connect with your own, innate Light Language. No one needs to translate these Light Language messages, as your own physical body will do that for you.

In closing, we remind you again that your third dimensional Earth Vessel is a “well oiled” communication device. If you listen to your fourth/fifth dimensional dreams and meditations, your Earth Vessel will assist you to learn to understand, share, and use these light messages towards the service of Gaia’s Ascension.

Please remember that “Service to Others” is a vital component of human ascension. Every Ascended Master went through great sacrifice and service to others before they purified their essence enough to “flash into Lightbody and ascend.” It is the same within your NOW!

However, you are NEVER ALONE as WE, your Galactic Family is ALWAYS with you.

In closing we wish to share that 2017 will be filled with Higher Light, which will serve to greatly accelerate your process of personal and planetary ascension.

Blessings from the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

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Ascension Tools for 2017 and Beyond by the Celestial White Beings – Natalie Glasson

unknown artist


Ascension Tools for 2017 and Beyond

by the Celestial White Beings


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th December 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Transitions of any form require the embodiment and acceptance of love; the purest vibration of love from the Creator. The Creator’s love awakens your entire being, increasing the flow of the Creator’s universe through your being, releasing illusions and allowing true remembrance of the Creator to dawn. Love of the purest vibration and intention is a tool to assisting you in aligning your entire being to all that is the Creator. It is, therefore, valuable at this time of ascension to encourage yourself to recognise the wealth of unconditional Creator love that exists within your being, emanating from your soul through your higher heart chakra and heart chakra, in truth every aspect of your being. Recognising the love present within your being now will support you in realising that throughout 2016 you have been consciously or unconsciously absorbing love and aligning yourself with your inner love and Creator love. You will then be able to honour the love within your being and use it to aid the next stage of your ascension.

It is essential to take the time to consciously share your love energetically with your body, surroundings, loved ones, career and all you wish to manifest into your reality. In truth, everything within and around you. Consciously focus upon breathing love from your heart chakra into all aspects of your being and surroundings, let this love be so nourishing, illuminating and enlightening. Let it cleanse all illusions, pain, suffering, and anything that is no longer needed. This is a simple and yet empowering practice to achieve at least once a day as we enter 2017 as well as throughout the year. It is a method of self-recognition and alignment with your soul, encouraging your soul and new aspects of your soul to ground more fully into your being and reality.

This simple practice will assist you in three ways; firstly it will allow your entire being and reality to be aligned with your soul. Secondly, it will assist you in accepting the love of the Creator, and thirdly it will support you in creating the necessary shifts and experiences to aid your ascension throughout the year.

What Do You Choose to Align With?

At this stage of ascension, it is important to recognise what you are choosing to align with energetically, mentally and emotionally. Your alignment is your connection, what you choose to embody and what you believe in. Throughout 2017 it will be important to observe your thoughts, emotions, experiences and creations inviting yourself to examine what you are aligning with and how this alignment is of service to your spiritual evolution, wellbeing, and happiness. It is valuable to ensure that your thoughts, emotions, experiences and what you choose to create in your reality are aligned with the love, wisdom, and power of the Creator which exists within your being. If your thoughts are negative, your emotions are harmful, and your experiences are limiting you, this shows there is an aspect of your being which is aligned with unhelpful energies or habits which require to be cleansed and healed. Observing whether you choose to align yourself with the loving aspects of the Creator or the limiting aspects of your ego will allow you to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery. If your focus in 2016 was of absorbing love, then you may discover that this brings forth to you experiences of fulfilment because you have already aligned yourself with the love of the Creator and your being, so your experiences will manifest from these pure, abundant loving vibrations.

Tools to Aid Your Ascension

You may wish to meditate to ask your guides or your soul to share with you energies for you to consciously align with, to support and accelerate your ascension at this time.

 In addition to your discoveries, we, the Celestial White Beings, wish to share with you energies we believe will be of service to you. You may wish to ask for your entire being to be aligned with:

  • Archangel Metatron, as he is anchoring and supporting the shifts or releasing of old energies, creations, and alignments which are no longer required within your being.
  • The Venus Beings, as they are bringing forth the second phase of their loving download of light and consciousness to the Earth and her humanity. The Venus love is supporting your acceptance of the power and presence of love, especially at a mental level as well as encouraging a greater majority of your actions in your reality to be born from the love within your being.
  • The golden Christ Consciousness continues to awaken more fully upon the Earth and within humanity, sharing its pure original consciousness; the consciousness intended for humanity to embody and experience upon the Earth. The energy of the Christ Consciousness is important to support your remembrance of the Creator and aid the integration of your soul with your entire being at a physical level.
  • Higher Aspects of your Soul, wishing to synthesise with your physical being, therefore you can align with the wisdom, pure consciousness, love, peace, happiness, expansion, power and truth of your soul, enjoying the energies brought forth into your being because of your alignment.
  • The sacred union, integration and balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you and within the Creator to assist this sacred balance and blend of the Creator’s energies in manifesting upon the Earth. With the purpose of recognising the sacred balance of love, wisdom and power within each person’s soul, as well as realising the presence of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within all, (the power of intention and embodiment to manifest creation.)
  • Your Soul Group, (even if you do not understand anything about your Soul Group.) As your soul merges with your being so the wisdom and abilities of your Soul Group become available to you. With alignment, this opportunity can be enhanced and experienced more fully.

Take time to connect with these energies individually or together with a simple intention, following your inner guidance.

Ground Your Truth

Allow yourself to hold the intention of grounding in order to further assist and support the downloading of new aspects of your soul in merging with your personality. Grounding at this time of ascension can be a tool to aid your deeper connection, observation, welcoming and acceptance of your soul as well as allowing the new perspective of your soul to form fully within your being, especially your mental body. Grounding can be used to accelerate the integration and embodiment of your soul.

Imagine first your soul star chakra above your head as a beacon of your soul light, holding the perspectives, consciousness, and energy of your soul. Let the light of your soul star chakra beam down upon you. Then imagine your earth star chakra below your feet, it is like a magnet drawing the light of your soul through your being. Observe as your earth star chakra fills with the light of your soul becoming a beacon of light which equals your soul star chakra.

Observe Your Perspective and Relationships

You are entering into a stage of transformation as you merge more fully with your soul, this will encourage transitions within your relationships and perspectives. You will be invited to question what you believe in, what is the truth of the Creator and what is an illusion. This will enhance your connection with your intuition as well as inviting you to let go of habits, limitations and illusions which hinder the expansion of your soul. It is time to allow new perspectives, beliefs, opinions to form from the space of love and truth within you, which will mean that old perspectives, beliefs and opinions will need to fall away. Create intentions now that this will occur with ease and perfection for you and that you are able to make the transition into alignment with the perspectives of your soul joyfully.

Observe your relationships with yourself and others, recognise that each relationship allows you to enhance your relationship with the Creator. It is time to connect with those around you and yourself with greater truth, to ensure that all of your relationships are connections of unconditional Creator love. This process can begin by imagining that you send a beam of love from your heart to every person you meet or connect with. It also requires you to feel comfortable in your truth, self and to love yourself unconditionally, realising that your love ensures you are safe, protected and healed at all times. When you develop your connection with yourself and those around you from a space of love you instantly feel a deeper bond and embodiment of the Creator in every moment of your reality.

Manifest Your Love Through Your Actions

Recognise now and throughout 2017 that it is through your actions on the Earth that you can experience the wealth of love within you, create and anchor love into the Earth, as well as support the manifestation of the Era of Love. Create an intention to ensure that you create at least three actions daily which are born from the Creator’s unconditional love within you. They can be small and simple actions that support yourself and others in connecting with the ever-growing presence of love within.

Celestial Support

We, the Celestial White Beings, are present to be of service to you and to anchor our vibrations of bliss into your being, spiritual evolution, and reality. Please call upon us to support any healing transitions or processes you wish to take place within you. Our healing vibrations are always available to you, simply call upon our energies, and we will assist you in a deep inner transformation which will emanate into your entire being and reality. Our wisdom is always available to you as is our assistance for your soul integration. To connect with our energies simply repeat the affirmation, ‘I Am Bliss,’ while focusing on our pure white light surrounding you and melting into your being.

It is time to create, embody and experience the love within you in creative, blissful and soul inspired ways.

‘I am the Creation, Embodiment, and Experience of the Creator.’

With eternal bliss,

Celestial White Beings

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Monthly Energies January 2017 – Jamye Price

January Ascension Energies – 2017


December began with an emotional intensity that moved into an emotional detachment for many. This is a precursor to the 2017 energy.

December initiated some deep patterns beginning a new layer of shift within humanity, though that is not visible on the outer experience. I saw patterns of abuse resolving to new levels as inner change continues to rise to the surface and dissipate.

This is the flow of these times—as humanity ascends, the discord shakes out and shapes into new form. A new you, a new union.

The energy of December offered practice in self-nurturing. Learning to be your own well-spring of support, even while it is appropriate and necessary at times to give and receive support. Humanity has generally interacted from dominate/subservient positioning, so this is a necessary step into more Empowered Sovereignty (2017 energy).

This is why Ascension is about being consciously and actively focused on the Light, the quantum information, your inner world—because that is where real change begins. The focus on your thoughts and emotions is about utilizing your power to reshape Life from within, within the quantum realm. Peace and patience are key to creating the (k)new within the chaos of the current human condition.

December heralds a trajectory of choice that diverges the path of connection. ;o) A quiet within the chaos.


Areon is calling 2017 The Year of The Empowered Sovereign. Within the human experience duality, separation, and physical conditionality are obvious. But they’re not the whole story. The Divine Human experience also includes the unification with the subtle realm of Oneness, connection, and unconditionality. 2017 will call Lightworkers to honor their inner uniqueness and power more boldly. It’s an inside job.

The Empowered Sovereign.

THE honors your uniqueness. In all of timespace, you are unique. With all of your parallel lives, your timelessness, your infinite nature—your unique perspective adds to the totality of perfection that Life is. Do you honor your uniqueness and all of the beautiful uniqueness around you? That which stirs you to compassion, to courage, to a new direction, to a new connection?

EMPOWERED honors your work. In this realm of time and space, your unique perspective leads you to unique choice, which leads you to unique action. It is always available to you on the inner realm. The past tense of empowered is a clue to this timelessness. You already own it. Pro-claim it!

SOVEREIGN honors your divinity. You are the supreme ruler of your inner domain, the realm within which you connect with the Oneness, potential, God, unconditionality, and Love—no matter what the external circumstance presents. You hold court within, the ultimate judge, ruler, and decider of your inner realm. Does the outside dominate you, or do you choose your inner action (interaction)? It’s your response-ability.

Lightworkers Loving Boldly by Jamye Price


Because there is an increased focus on inner empowerment and honoring your sovereignty in 2017, we can expect to continue to see humanity polarizing more. For many this will look like strife, divisiveness, and chaos, but for others it will be a more subtle realm experience. Like an understanding of a differences and potentials before an actualization of choice.

There is likely going to be quite a bit of surprising experiences in the mainstream. Your Light work will be to look for the potentials that are forming. I’m shown this polarization as cell mitosis—division is life continuing, expanding, a new “generation.”  But there is a connection to the whole and what is being created on a larger level that is the broader truth. You are creating the future. Don’t let the outside world confuse your vibration. Areon says this polarization will feel like “bigger gaps,” so be the bridge of connection.

In 2017 look for more emotional detachment at times, more ah-ha moments, and yes, more discord releasing (likely stronger in the first 4 months of the year). At times this may feel like bigger waves that pass more quickly, so in the midst of change keep your eye on the prize of more freedom and empowerment with each shift. For others (or at other times), 2017 will feel more neutral, like you’ve “been there done that.” It may surprise you that you aren’t getting more upset at circumstances. Mark your progress and create from this more empowered stance rather than a fear response.

Look for clearer vision within, that your focus can bring you clarity, with less fear about “am I doing it right?” There is a simple yet powerful exercise offered in the January video.

2017 will offer some tests of personal responsibility, so observe your integrity, your intentions, and your motivations. This ability to honestly self-observe and assess change is a powerful, powerful, powerful part of Ascension. Can you do that without negative judgment or fear? A weak ego will avoid (go subservient) or distract (go dominant), so as you can observe both challenge and triumph with more ease, you will find more rapid and easier change. And change is constant.

I also feel some exciting support in 2017 that in many ways feels like much of the clean slate/reset energy that kept surfacing in 2016 (not the easiest of years!). I especially feel a powerful wave of this coming in February.

All of this is creating a more empowered you that is more “in the moment” rather than reacting from fear of the past or future. Which brings us right into January energies…


There is a pattern of dominance/subservience releasing that is a deep wave. Most can’t see the movement of it yet. 2016 brought a lot of release as you refined and clarified (the Year of Clarity) yourself. It created a momentum of humanity standing up in ways that aren’t always pretty or easy. This wave will continue to grow.

There is a pattern of “enabling” that is changing. It begins with a release of past traumas that set up a disempowerment or fracture within that can keep one interacting from past fear. The past, no matter what occurred, offers the potential of empowered support for the present, which builds the future.

Many sensitive people, Lightworkers, empaths, etc. were overwhelmed by the pain and circumstances of the past and are unconsciously reacting rather than choosing in the present. Again, that ability to self-observe, self-nurture, and support yourself into change (even when you receive support from others) is a vital part of humanity changing.

Releasing Trauma, Realizing Empowerment

As you release trauma, work toward forgiveness and neutrality, and seek more peace and ease in your internal realm, you are simultaneously building your strength and clarity. As you release, you activate; as you activate you release. As you release trauma, your “real eyes” become clearer and you can see the truth of your divinity. Here we come full circle. Your wholeness. Your Empowered Sovereignty moves up to a new level in 2017, the energetics of Ascension are compelling humanity into more empowerment. You are a forerunner of this because you are actively focused on your Loving evolution. With great power, comes great responsibility. ;o)

In general January may feel a bit distracting with activity, but it will begin a catalyst of movement that may feel a little removed as well as deep. Your work is always the same, maintain a positive healthy focus of Love while being boldly “grounded” in reality. This anchors the new energies and your inherent divinity into your life and on Earth rather than creating patterns of avoidance.

Your power is immense and now you may notice more internal progression (after the workout of 2016!) and more external energetic support. Enjoy the quiet moments of January. They will be silent reminders that you are on the right track. This is more natural to us than it sometimes feels. Love and improvement are the natural pull of Life.


2017 is going to be a fast-moving, intense year in many ways. Yet for those on a path of conscious Ascension, you may notice healthy detachment (almost surprisingly after 2016!) helping you to remain more neutral and focused in the midst of intensity. This will benefit you and humanity.

Remind yourself of the amazing work you did in 2016 and know that 2017 will be a wonderfully transformative year of new beginnings (it’s a “1” year numerologically – a new beginning) that are calling you to open to receive the support of Life flowing through you. You are Life in human form and cherished beyond measure. See that in yourself and in All Life and keep enhancing Life with your blessed presence. Happy 2017!


Intentions for Your New Timeline ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Sabrina Espinet


Intentions for Your New Timeline ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


You want to experience a change a deep transformation.

You understand the changes take place deep within yourself. Then manifest as your external reality.

Your thoughts, words and feelings, DEEP within your subconscious mind, play out the program through which you experience your life.

You have practised loving yourself. As things arise, you STAY Present with them, and take time for yourself for this internal process.

You live in greater harmony, one moment at a time and you do NOT look back, if the previous moment was not as harmonious as you would have wanted it to be.

You have stopped beating yourself up and when that old habit flares up, you NOW stay present with it, as if the PAIN itself was a child. That only wanted the tenderness and compassion ONLY you can give it. As it is a part of you. The part of you that has waited to be loved.

As you loved yourself more and more, the inner child becomes your sacred companion and the magic becomes the EFFORTLESS way, you go through the FLOW of life.

Through the moments, whether they are bliss or still show up as some disharmony.

You know the new timeline exists and it is part of your expanded state of consciousness that you are stretching INTO.

When you have STRETCHED your HEART enough and the pain is all gone, you merge with that new consciousness.

That is, the Future Timeline, the ONE that exists but seems separate and not one with your current reality.

The MORE you love yourself the more you realize you are more present now. It is very magical.

NOW that new timeline that LOVE you feel is there, that abundance, that magic.

HOW to expand consciously and feel the conviction within yourself that YES, I am staying true to this, this is my path and as I stay true I WILL ARRIVE.

The Conviction is a momentum that increases through your focus and Intentions.

That is, the intentions that you sincerely HOLD within yourself, within your Heart. Set your INTENTIONS through your Heart IN ALIGNMENT with your TRUE Higher Self.

Then allow and surrender as the ever DEEPENING processes increase in momentum. AS you are NOW being activated on ALL levels and all timelines, for this YOUR Beatific Life and Glory, ALL NOW.

I Intend to live a FULL life of Abundance, of Joy and of Living through my heart, NOW.

I Intend to pay attention to all that arises and to not resist what is up next that may not always feel comfortable, but that IS THERE for me to LOVE. 

I Intend to LOVE myself SO MUCH, that I feel so deeply LOVED, that I live my life knowing FROM this moment ON that all relationships MATCH that LOVE, that lives within me. 

I intend to trust MY SOUL and LIVE as though each MOMENT was the MOMENT that changes everything. Even if I do not see proof externally right away. 

I Intend to receive ALL activations that clear the memories stored in my subconscious mind to recognize all that arises is part of that process and that the process includes OLD patterns being released. 

I Intend to LIVE as My Higher Self and Live in my New Timeline, NOW. 

I Intend to be OPEN and RECEIVE MIRACLES and complete Transformation, my ASCENSION ~ and I TRUST my Soul and the timing as the PERFECT PROCESS that I have already agreed to and that already exists. NOW. 

I Intend to BE the ONE that Loves myself NO MATTER what. No matter where I have been, what I have done, no matter how bad I have felt about myself in the so-called past. And I understand that it was only those memories deep within me WAITING for this LOVE. 

And so Here we ARE, say these Intentions powerfully through your heart, know them as WHAT lives deep within you that is waiting to join with you. The truth of your Heart. Your True HIGHER Self. Your Ascended Self. The ONE that knows that LOVE is the ONLY Way. The ONLY thing that is eternal. That is the YOU that is the Glory and JOY and Abundance that YOU have always desired.

It is YOU. It has always been about YOU.

You waiting for you.

You Loving you.

And in this THE Anointing of the GLORY of the DIVINE is known through its perfection of Love. The ONLY one true Love, unconditional. 5th Dimensional. The eternal LOVE that you Are.

Activated and Blessed beyond your wildest imagination. NOW and only NOW receive, IN the Purest Love, the Divine Council of Overseers, And so it is! NOW!


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COCREATING A NEW PARADIGM FOR 2017 – Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace




by Patricia Cota-Robles

January 1, 2017 = 1-1-1 to January 11, 2017 = 1-11-1 or 11:11


As we birth the New Year 2017, Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven have set the stage for a paradigm shift that will allow the masses of Humanity to transcend the negativity that has been pushed to the surface for purification during the shocking and tumultuous events that occurred in 2016. I know that may sound too good to be true, but that is only because we have forgotten the Truth of who we are and why we are on Earth during this auspicious time. Please read this entire newsletter with an open heart and mind and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you YOUR vitally important part in this facet of the Divine Plan for 2017. You are powerful beyond your knowing and the time for you to express your Divine Potential is NOW!

When we make the mistake of judging reality by just looking at outer appearances things can seem overwhelming and sometimes even hopeless, but nothing could be farther from the Truth. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are working tenaciously to help all of us remember that we are multidimensional Beings functioning on many levels of consciousness simultaneously. They want us to KNOW that the physical plane of Earth that we think of as being so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in, and this physical plane is the very last dimension to reflect the changes that Awakening Humanity has God Victoriously cocreated in the Realms of Cause where everything begins.

The New Earth was birthed in the Realms of Cause on Dec. 21-22, 2012. In 2016 we reached a critical mass of energy, vibration and consciousness that allowed the Portal of God’s First Cause of Perfection to be opened to full breadth. This means that now the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are flowing unimpeded into the mental and emotional strata of this planet. These patterns reverberate with the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance. But in order for these patterns to tangibly manifest in our daily lives you and I and the rest of Humanity need to invoke the Light of God to Transmute the surfacing negativity. Then we must empower the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God by deliberately focusing on them with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs.

The first eleven days of 2017 are providing us with an opportunity that will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her forward in the Light. This Gift of Light from On High is designed to help not only Awakened Humanity, but Humanity en masse to be the Open Door for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have affirmed that the greatest need of the hour for 2017 is for the patterns of perfection from the New Earth that are associated with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to become a tangible reality for every person on Earth. To assist with this urgent need of the hour the Beings of Light have given us an Activity of Light which I have included in this newsletter. These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God said that they will empower our invocations a thousand times a thousand fold every time we participate in this Activity of Light. PLEASE listen to your Heart and be the powerful Peace Commanding Presence and the Open Door for the Light of God that is your Divine Destiny during this Cosmic Moment.


According to the Company of Heaven, an unprecedented influx of Light will be anchored on Earth through the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame by his or her I AM Presence during the first eleven days of 2017. Then each person’s I AM Presence will be able to use this Light to assist with his or her greatly accelerated transformation throughout the rest of the year.

We were informed by the Beings of Light that this new frequency of Light will be instrumental in bringing the Truth of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth into the hearts and conscious minds of the masses of Humanity. The realization of this Truth will be a critical factor in lifting Humanity out of fear and completing the purification of the human miscreations that have been pushed to the surface all over the planet during the events of 2016. It will also be a life-transforming factor in manifesting the patterns of perfection for the New Earth associated with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

Numerically 2017 is a ONE year, 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1. One is the number that reflects rebirth, transformation and new beginnings. New Years Day, January 1, 2017, will be 1 (month) 1 (day) 1 (year) = 1-1-1. Eleven days later, January 11, 2017, will be a 1 (month) 11 (day) 1 (year) = 1-11-1 or 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. 11:11 is the sacred geometric coding within Humanity’s DNA that began initiating Humanity’s Awakening several decades ago. Many people have been oblivious of this subtle motivator for our Awakening, but with the new frequency of Light we will receive in January we are being told that will no longer be the case.

The first step in this Activity of Light is for us to Transmute the surfacing negativity.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection that Cosmic Law will allow.

Saint Germain and your Legions of 5th-Dimensional Violet Fire Archangels, we ask that you blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through and around every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief that Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that is reflecting anything less than Heaven on Earth.

Transmute this energy cause, core, effect, record and memory back into its original perfection and seal it in an invincible forcefield of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished even as we Call. We also accept and KNOW that this powerful Violet Flame is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath we take until this Sweet Earth and ALL her Life have Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light on the New Earth where Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are a tangible reality.


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. What I invoke for myself this Sacred and Holy Day I invoke on behalf of every man, woman and child on Earth in perfect alignment with each person’s Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. This is possible because WE ARE ONE and there is no separation.

As One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice, and One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love, we invoke our Father-Mother God and the entire Company of Heaven to assist the I AM Presence of every person on Earth to God Victoriously accomplish this facet of the Divine Plan.

Beloved Legions of Light throughout Infinity, we ask that you gather up every electron of precious Life energy being expended by Humanity in any way during this sacred time. Purify this energy with the power and might of a thousand Suns using the New Solar Frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Weave this purified energy into the collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness, so that every single electron of precious Life energy being released by the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth at this time will be used to cocreate and tangibly manifest Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance for every person belonging to or serving the Earth at this time.

Beloved Father-Mother God, we ask that you expand your Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love which is pulsating within the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame forming the foundation upon which Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance will manifest.  Create from this Sacred Fire a Heart of Love. Allow this Heart of Love to expand and expand through each person’s Heart until it envelops the entire Planet Earth blessing every man, woman and child. As this Gift of Divine Love bathes the Earth, every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on this Planet is being lifted out of the chaos into a Higher Order of Being.         (pause)

This unprecedented influx of God’s Divine Light now flows into the mental body, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the superconscious mind and the physical brain structure of every man, woman and child on Earth.

This Gift of Light from our Father-Mother God is balancing the right and left hemispheres of each person’s brain, and activating his or her spiritual brain centers. Through this Activity of Light each person’s pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands and the ganglionic centers at the base of their brain are being restored to their full Divine Potential.

Now utilizing this powerful Gift of Light, each person’s I AM Presence recalibrates the circuitry within their physical brain structure enabling them to withstand a higher frequency of Divine Consciousness than ever before. This Activity of Light heals the fragmented circuitry that has prevented Humanity from communicating with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.

The I AM Presence pulsating within each person’s Heart Flame now creates the sacred space that enables that person to open their 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra of Enlightenment to full breadth. This allows each one to communicate with their I AM Presence and with the Company of Heaven on a conscious level while reaching, day by day, ever higher into Christ Consciousness.

As I hold the focus of my attention on the Light of God that is flowing through every person’s physical brain structure, I clearly see Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies being flooded with the resplendent Light of God.

This multidimensional, multifaceted, free-flowing 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light expands into every cell of Humanity’s Earthly Bodies allowing the I AM Presence of each person to take full dominion of this experience.

Now, all is in readiness. Through their I AM Presence, every person on Earth will participate at both inner and outer levels in this Activity of Light, which will raise the consciousness of the masses and assist every recalcitrant soul to shift from a consciousness of separation and duality to a consciousness of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance.

Within the embrace of Divine Consciousness, Humanity now experiences an endless ocean of Light that flows from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God into our Crown Chakra to be anchored in our Heart Flame. With this influx of Light each person KNOWS, “I AM That I AM. I AM the Open Door for this celestial ocean of Light. I AM the Light of the World, and my time for higher service to Humanity and ALL Life is NOW.”

This cosmic ocean of Light now intensifies, flowing unimpeded through Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. As each person assimilates this Gift from On High, they release into the Light all thoughts, feelings, words, actions, beliefs and memories that are based in the consciousness of separation or duality from ALL time frames and dimensions both known and unknown.

The I AM Presence of each person now affirms, “All that I AM, all of the God Perfection that flows into my Crown Chakra of Enlightenment is manifesting through me now AS the New Earth. I AM resting in supreme God Confidence. I AM opening the 5th-Dimensional Stargate of my Heart to full breadth. I AM One with my Father-Mother God and all of the Powers of Light throughout Infinity. I AM ready now to magnetize the NEW and previously unknown patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the New Earth tangibly into my life.”


Now new and unfathomable Golden Rays of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance from the very Heart of our Father-Mother God are flowing through the  newly opened Portal of Divine Cause into the cup of my consciousness. This Golden Light is pulsating with frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light beyond anything Humanity has ever experienced. Contained within the essence of this Golden Flame of Eternal Peace is God’s Infinite Abundance, and contained within the essence of God’s Infinite Abundance is the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace.

I breathe in deeply, and I become One with this Golden Light as I enter the secret place of the Most High Living God within my heart. As I enter this sacred space on the Holy Breath, I AM open and receptive to the impulses pouring forth from the Heart and Mind of God. My I AM Presence reveals to me that the hour has at last arrived, and the Divine Fiat has been issued by my Father-Mother God for the Divinity pulsating within my Heart Flame and the Heart Flame of ALL Humanity to be given full Liberty and Freedom of expression. My I AM Presence rejoices in this Divine Edict and will now give me every possible assistance in manifesting the patterns of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance tangibly in my life.

I AM this very moment becoming a Keeper of the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in accordance with my Divine Destiny. My Earthly bodies are being brought into perfect balance, and the latent powers encoded within my Heart Flame are being released. The abilities I have developed over aeons of time that will assist me in cocreating Heaven on Earth are being brought into a balanced state of true mastery within me.

The Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame within my heart now expands and expands. The Blue Flame of my Father God’s Divine Power and Will is empowering the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in the hearts of ALL Humanity. The Yellow-Gold Flame of Wisdom and Illumination associated with Christ Consciousness and the Sons and Daughters of God, is enlightening every person’s mind to the Divine Truth that Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance are inseparable aspects of our Father-Mother God’s perfection. Our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, is now directing the Pink Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love and Adoration to Breathe the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance through every person’s Heart Flame, thus flooding the Earth with this Divine Essence to lift up and bless all Life. And all is well.         (pause)

I realize these are days of great acceleration due to the influx of Divine Consciousness that has been flooding the Earth since the birth of the New Earth in 2012. The vibratory action of every facet of Life is being stepped up the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow in every 24-hour period. The NEW frequencies of the Golden Flame of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance that are now flowing through my Heart Flame will assist me in maintaining balance through Earth’s Ascension process. This will allow me to experience the bliss and joy of this glorious Activity of Light in new and profound ways.

I AM now experiencing a higher octave of my Godhood, and my Father-Mother God are able to easily move through me. My eyes are becoming blazing Rays of Light through which the Light of God will now flow to bless all Life. My hands are becoming mighty conductors of God’s Healing Power. My lips are becoming the instruments through which God’s words are formed and directed into the physical plane of Earth. My feet are walking the Path of Light. My Lifeforce is NOW the vehicle through which God enters the world to Love and serve all Life.

I now realize and accept my unlimited ability to do whatever is necessary in order to establish and expand Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance in my world and the worlds of all Humanity. Through my thoughts, words, actions, feelings, beliefs and memories I AM a mighty, balancing Activity of Light pulsating in, through and around every electron of Life on Earth.

In the name of the Infinite Presence of God, I AM, I call to my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of all Humanity. As One Voice, One Heartbeat, One Breath, One Energy, Vibration and Consciousness of pure Divine Love I affirm:

Beloved I AM Presence enfold me now in Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance as I become a Golden Sun of this Divine Light.      (pause)

I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.

I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.

I AM a Golden Sun of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance now made manifest and permanently sustained by Divine Grace.  And so it is.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM That I AM.

Patricia Cota-Robles

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©2017 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles



The need for divine feminine leadership – A new year’s message from Mary Magdalen – Linda Grace



The need for divine feminine leadership – A new year’s message from Mary Magdalen

Posted on December 30, 2016 by Linda Grace

Greetings and blessings this is Mary Magdalen, I am here now to bring forth to you a message of great urgency and importance. Beloveds we are standing on the threshold to a new year, a beginning…. to a new era. An era of divine balance and harmony and it is indeed a moment of time, that heralds the return of the divine feminine to this planet, a time where the energy of the divine feminine is urgently needed on the planet to create balance for Gaia and all her children, a shifting from linear thinking into heart aligned feeling. And it is also a beginning of a time where each of you is called into leadership, meaning, that you will no longer act as puppets, but step into the supreme authortity of your heart, which is lead by the divine feminine in you in perfect balance with the divine masculine in you. So when I speak about the importance of feminine leadership, I speak about the necessity to embrace the qualities of the divine feminine and applying them in your life… understanding alone is not enough. There are many misunderstandings of the principles of the divine feminine. The divine feminine doesn´t imply a passive way of being, surrendering YES, but that doesn´t mean that you fall into passivity. Being in the flow of the present moment, trusting in the benevolence of life, following the signs that are given to you from your soul and guides and from the cosmic forces… they all communicate with you, it means being in alignment with the divine feminine tapestry of life, being in tune and online with the power of the goddess. And this energy of the goddess that I speak of is indeed very powerful, so powerful that it has caused a lot of fear in both men and women, because it is thru this power, that you can truly be touched by the omnipresence of God/Goddess, the source of which all life derives.. it is true and authentic and when fully embraced, it has huge impact on that which it touches, which is why, it wasn´t desired on this planet for thousands of years. Anyone that embodied it were seen as a threat to those in power… not without reason. But the time has come, that you reclaim the power of the goddess and to let her take the lead in your life from within your heart, and so you will be enabled access to your divine gifts of intuition and clear-feeling, that is imperative to being in alignment with your soul and divine truth, because truth can only be accessed thru feeling, any attempt to understand spiritual concepts intellectually will fail, as they will only offer a “diminished” understanding of its pure essence and meaning. Truth can only be felt and experienced thru the heart. And so you are asked everyone of you to dare connect with this divine force in you, to let the divine feminine rise in you, to give her voice and freedom to express herself in whatever way she deems right. Trust her, because she will always know what serves your higher good, she will always bring you back on track, if you get lost in the abyss of your thoughts. So when I say female leadership, I don´t suggest, that the divine feminine is superior to the divine masculine, as this will lead to imbalance too. Both the divine feminine and masculine aspect of creation are needed, those are two different expressions, that must be given equal rights and freedom to express themselves to ensure divine balance in the universe, as well as the universe within you. However the divine masculine is connected to the left side of your brain´s hemispheres and so to say works in colloboration with your mind (intellect), whereas the divine feminine is connected with the right hemisphere of your brain, which again is aligned with your heart. The brain’s right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body including your heart. The seat of your soul is based in your high heart chakra, but your high heart chakra cannot fully operate, until you have created divine balance within your heart chakra. When this is done however, your high heart chakra will start to vibrate in alignment with your divine christ blueprint and connect you to your Adam Kadmon body and all axiatonal lines in your body will re-connect and be configurated to the galactic grid. You will be connected to the divine intellegence of cosmos, Akasha. Needless to say it is paramount and specifically for men to give space for the divine feminine to express itself, because they have more than women been conditioned to follow their mind and to distrust their heart, they have been taught not to trust and give validation to their feelings, not to show and even be ashamed of showing their feelings and so men were “bred” to be the extented arm of the patriachy, the masculine energy in its distorted form. A form that disgraced the divine feminine, that saw the divine feminine as inferior and hence saw women as inferior beings. Men were taught to be leaders as their female counterpart, where seen as incapable of leading, untrustworthy and unable to rationalize and therefore take correct decisions. And women adapted this way of seeing themselves over centuries loosing more and more touch with the divine feminine… feeling incapable to lead, incapable of taking responsability for themselves and in need of a man, that could lead them and sustain them. And those who rebelled and refused to fit into that role, were condemned and bent to their knees, disgraced and killed thru the hand of man.

But as we are entering a new era, the era of the golden age of divine unity, the divine feminine cannot and will not accept to be repressed any longer. She is rissing from the depth of the unconsciouss of the heart of humanity, like a powerful fiery volcanic commitment to take back territory, to find space again in every human heart. The goddess is rising from the womb of Gaia erupting and causing a new consciousness to be born from within the human heart. And this is only the beginning. Because rise she will and she will demand to be heard, she will claim to take the lead thru every human heart, as that is her true nature… executing divine will in service of all-that-is… hand in hand with the divine masculine in its healed form, that is.

So those of you who is still having issues with men, issues of feeling inferior, insecure or disempowered in the company of men, if you hold anger, blame or any negative emotions towards men, I invite you to bring them into the divine feminine flame of iridiscent pink purple light.. make peace with all men, that have betrayed you, that have repressed, abused and condemned you in this life time and all other lifetimes in this realm and beyond. Take this invitation to bring them into the sacred alchemical fire in the womb of the divine goddess, they will find rest and peace in their heart and so will you. And to all the men that have experienced the resentment and anger projected to them by women, who have been afraid and threatened by the power of women and the divine feminine power, bring all these women from this life time and all other timelines in this realm and beyond into the sacred fire, let them resurrect in the flame of the divine feminine, make peace with them and make peace with your inner divine feminine, the goddess in you, that you have turned your back on for lifetime after lifetime because of fear of being looked down on, fear of being persecuted as an accomplice of the goddess. And I ask the women amongst you to also embrace the divine masculine aspect of you, to honor and respect him, especially those who have disowned and turned their back at their masculine aspect. Invite the divine masculine into your life.  Having cleansed yourself hold a ceremony (both men and women) for your divine masculine and your divine feminine to unite and make peace with each other, in whatever way feels beautiful and poweful to you. Bring flowers to the altar of divine union, exchange peace treaties, rings of friendship and the sacred matrimony… being creative and colourful adds flavour and power to the ceremony.  Create a space for them where they can live in harmony in mutual respect in unconditional love and unity in service to each other, only so can they be in service to all-that-is.

Step up beloveds, stand tall in the true power of who you are. Do no longer question your ability, your divine inheritance, but follow the middle path of divine balance in acceptance of all that you are, let all polarities meet in the embrace of your heart.

And dear sisters, let go of the fear of being powerful, of being spotted as a sovereign being in your own right. Don´t let yourself be silenced, don´t dim your light or give your power away to others to lead your life. Your goddess within is there for you, she has your back at all times and you need not be frightened. And if you dare to let her take command of your body, mind and spirit, she will be listened to, she will be honored and respected and taken seriously as a voice of truth, of intellegence and compassion. She will even be asked for her opionion, for her colloboration and decision-making in matters of importance. So it is imperative, that each of you will honor her calling, as frightening as it can be to be touched by her immense power. Trust her, give her back her scepter, because she is required for humanity to make the needed shift and brake-thru to a new consciousness on the planet, as the old world is collapsing. New structures and social values will need to be build up from the ground based on the principles of unity, of all beings as equals, as co-creator gods, each and everyone sovereign beings with unique gifts and talents… a creative expression of God, which will be the force, that will create a sustainable new heaven-on-earth with respect to all life. And the men amongst you are asked to let the divine feminine in you take the lead, to start trusting your feelings and your intuition and let yourself be inspired and guided by the divine intellegence of divine feminine expression of God. The Goddess in you is not going to allow you to suppress her anymore, because you have signed up, beloveds, all of you, men and women, who are currently present on this planet, have signed up to bringing back the divine feminine and restore divine balance on this planet. Balanced female leaders and men lead by their divine feminine are needed to create balance on all levels of society, starting from within your heart. So if you feel the calling, take your postions in leadership whereever you are drawn to, to reinstall a fundament and platform from which the new heaven-on-earth will emerge. This is the year, the year 2017, a year 1 of new beginnings is the year of the rising of the goddess, of the return of the goddess to this planet and she is not going to give in, until the promise is fullfilled and her mission completed to bring back harmony and unity in the heart of humanity. So devote this new year to the goddess within. Devote yourself to serve her, to listen to her and give her expression and voice… to lead your life with passion and purpose in accordance with divine will.  If you honor, respect and celebrate her, so will others. If you accept her and embrace her fully, she will not be ignored by others, but shine in her true power from within your heart in full authority united in christ. Each one of you are carrying different expressions of the divine feminine… I Mary Magdalen as many other female deities and masters of light, that once walked the earth, have sent emanations of ourself onto this earth to those capable of embodying our energy, so we walk beside you and within you. We thank you with our deepest compassion for your courage to step up as true ones, as fearless ones and end the dark ages of patriachal rule. The sisterhood is becoming alive again, feel the immense powerful kinship of the divine feminine rising within you, you are not alone, but supported by the goddess herself in myriad expressions. May you serve her, sister and brother, with a humble heart with respect to all life. You are infinitely loved, you are infinitely powerful. You are a true gift of love to humanity. Keep this truth alive in your heart at all times. Be blessed. I walk amongst you beloveds, always, I am Mary Magdalen.

Transmission received by Linda Grace Antara Ma, Dec. the 30th 2016.



unknown artist

Pure Divine Soul Love – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : She Opens To Love – Shiloh Sophia


Pure Divine Soul Love

There is a place deep inside of you, where the purity of love exists, where the purity of your soul resides and waits for to you “awaken this”. There is a knowing that connects you to all that is again. There is this simple and profound exquisiteness that comes through when your mind is quiet and you EXIST as PURE ENERGY again.

This place that you access is the depths of your own soul. The more you function from this place, the more that it expands and grows. Eventually, this place is all that you know. And you realize that your humanness is no longer… and that it dissolved back into the purity, beauty and amazingness that you forgot when you went unconscious long ago…

Once you get a taste of this, once you feel this feeling again, once you realize WHO YOU ARE, nothing is ever the same. You have new purpose, what matters dramatically changes for you, what you desire intrinsically changes too….

Allow yourself to BE, to bring forth all of your dreams. Allow yourself all that you denied yourself when you didn’t understand before. Allow yourself to open up fully, to receive the gift that you are, allow yourself to REMEMBER FULLY, let all separation go… you do not need it any more. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


The New Year/Timeline ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


unknown artist

The New Year/Timeline ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Love ~ Romance, those experiences you have desired to have. That LIFE you always wanted.

The Abundance, the JOY deep within, that is not dependent on any of those things. YET ~ is there and is the very force of consciousness that materializes your reality. That is, your thoughts your emotions. The patterns behind your thoughts and emotions. Your subconscious mind.

Let us begin with where we are NOW. Going deeper into those feelings that when overlooked (avoided) lead to a subconscious projection of desires that are not in harmony with your conscious desires.

Your New Timeline, the expanded you where you concretely manifest and MATCH your inner subconscious world and your conscious world is the alignment, with the very Source of You. Your Higher Self, You. 

The Harmony of you. 

Igniting the eternal fire within, through the Heart. Aligns the original Soul Star Matrix with the cellular consciousness of the form. 

This takes place through the alchemy of this harmony through the heart. 

The state of consciousness consisting of no discrepancies, is that expanded YOU in Union with all aspects of your Being. Inner and outer. Not as a projection, but as a way of being.

Energetically there is a world of difference. IN manifesting through this true alignment. Or manifesting through attempts at manipulating things based on an outer grasping of that which is not present within you as a harmony state of consciousness.

Back to those feelings and thoughts that run through your program of consciousness.

Are they in alignment with your desires?

Do you say you want this and that, yet think and feel unworthy are your core? So you manipulate situations for your gain? This may work some of the time, yet, what you get, is temporary as it is not a TRUE alignment, in harmony with the core of your being.

NOW, activating this greater alignment of truth. Dissolving the relentless stories of a consciousness that no longer serves us as being of the 5th Dimension of consciousness.

LET us not BYPASS  what is present now.

That is the WAY of the Union.

Facing and dealing with NOW, how you truly feel deep within yourself. Observing those thoughts, going deep into the core of you. Feeling those feelings, that pain, those fears. Results in the alchemy, through harmony and union, of the true manifesting of the ALIGNMENT with your PURE state of consciousness. The Alignment with that timeline, where ALL shifts for YOU.

Inner transformation manifesting in your reality.

The subconscious and conscious minds, uniting as the LIVING, BREATHING, concretely here, COMPLETELY fulfilled on all levels ~ Higher Self YOU.

This is where the true magic of living begins. In this true core alignment. The Subconscious in harmony with the conscious desires. That live through you as a Unified Being that lives through the Heart.

The very act of neglecting what is truly going on within you at a deeper levels, is the heart not yet activated fully to LOVE oneself. 5th Dimensional consciousness is about YOU and YOU loving you.

That is the foundation. The way of Being.

We do not neglect ourselves or neglect what is truly going on within ourselves. We Embrace it. WE give compassion to it. We Listen to it. We become the ONE that loves us, like no one else every did or possibly could. Because they also needed to embrace loving themselves. It is an evolutionary process.

We must begin with what this is all about.

This is about YOU and has always been.

The characters and players are there revealing what is lacking the self-love within ourselves. It is a highly orchestrated PLAN of consciousness, that orchestrates all aspects and levels of awareness. So as to align the people, places, where, when and how, with the STATE of consciousness and the levels of awareness you have attained within your consciousness.

The levels are your levels of inner awareness.

There is NO BYPASSING on the route to inner awareness, there is nothing out there that will do this for you. YOU look at YOU the truth of what is going on within you.

As you do so, the alchemy works its magic.

It cleans up what needs greater alignment, so that you may materialize the Divine Aspects of Consciousness.

Abundance, Love, Fulfillment are all part of the Divine Plan.

The Alignment with your purity at the very core level, activates you to be the YOU that is the fulfilled you. The Blissful you. The Loving you. The ONE that you have waited for YOU. To Be. This always has existed.

Feel your heart and breathe as the very core of you now is being activated at the subconscious levels, to awaken more of this within you. To transform your consciousness  ever so gently, so that the manifestation of it, becomes your reality and all you know.

Blessings you, activating YOU. Knowing this is about YOU. Deep within. The Light shines eternally, through your Heart. This great new timeline. This great New Year. 

All NOW. In the Glory of All That is, here we Are. 


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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos, December 15, 2016

[Thanks to Jo Anne for the transcript]

Hour with an Angel, December 15, 2016

Link to the show audio.

Linda Dillon                Channel for Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, I am Mi-ki-el, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news, and a thousand other titles throughout the universe. Welcome my beloveds, my family, my allies, and, might I say, my peaceful warriors. Welcome to this time of further, greater, deeper, higher expansion of the assumption of your creator selves, of the anchoring of those creations in physicality upon your beloved planet of Gaia.

While I speak to the hearts and the minds and the bodies of those of you who tune in tonight – and I thank you for doing so – I also use this venue to speak to every being upon this planet. And, I ask that my voice, my energy, my message, and the divine instruction of the Mother go forth and be heard on every level across this wondrous place you call Gaia.

The time of excitement, of awe, of wonder, of understanding the truth of your role is truly upon you. And, some of you scoff and you say, “But, Michael, I have understood my role for a long time.” Might I suggest to you, beloved ones, that this comes in layers. That in your role, in your life, in your journey, up close and personal and global and universal, there is always more. Just as there is always more to the plan and the infinite wonder of our Mother, Father, One.

Sweet angels of light, it is time for celebration. No, not only because in your various calendars and traditions it is that season. What I am talking about is that it is time for celebration that you are embodying the fullness of who you are. You are not only acknowledging or accepting the fact of your creator self, you are stepping in, you are anchoring and you are bringing forth this Garden of Eden of various creations. And no, let me be very clear, it is not fully dependent upon any kind of situation, whether you call it politics or RV’s or world peace, because you are the creators, the anchors, and the implementers of so many of these variables, these elements, these aspects of Nova Earth.

I do not deny – the Mother, most certainly, does not deny – that you need your tools of the trade, your equipment, your wherewithal to proceed. That is a given. But, before that comes, what the channel has talked about, and that is the flexible steel, the malleable titanium of will, that depth of determination to go forth and to do your bidding no matter what. Now, I would like to veer away for a moment, because you have asked me, well, you have strongly suggested, that you would like to know or to review briefly this understanding of dimensionality.

Steve Beckow: Lord, if I can just intervene for a moment. I think the precise question, if I am correct, was that there just seems to be so much chaos around us. Is this an indication that we are in the sixth dimension of creative chaos?

AAM: It is absolutely correct. You have ascended! Now, while we suggest that it is not a hierarchy of dimensions, in fact it is a progression, so let us use this terminology. You have moved and you are on the cusp of the fifth dimension and the sixth dimension. The fifth dimension, as you know, is where you have been learning and mastering the management of change. And, I would suggest to you that you have been in radical change, both internally as individuals and externally as human beings for some time in this expansion of your energy field and in the bleed-through, or the taste, of what it means to be fully in the love, to be the love.

As you are moving into the sixth dimension, this is the dimension [where] the qualities [are] of creative chaos. Now, many of you, and you have just said, dear Steve, that this feels like chaos. Now, one of the first choices I am placing before you is, do you want it to be chaos or do you want it to be creative chaos? What looks to you like mayhem and chaos is this grand opportunity, out of this mix, to bring forth the birth and the aspects, the experience, the tangible, physical reality of the beauty of Nova Earth, of Nova beings, of ascension into the seventh dimension of Christ consciousness and love.

Think of the examples of chaos. Let us move slightly away, and then we will return, from your politics and your financial systems and the war that is waging, all over your planet, really. Think of the death of a star, or the birth of a planet.

Even the birth of the child, of an infant, in those hours or moments when the mother is in labor, if you were to ask her, through the varying emotional stages and the physical reality of pain, that would be the very definition of chaos, of pushing and feeling that you must escape, that you want this over and done with, and yet at the same time, this deep abiding wonder and awe and excitement. And, the result is the birth of the child. Out of that chaos comes new life, new existence, new reality. And, it will never be the same.

Once that child, that creation is brought into the world, not only is the planet never the same, the family is never the same. There is new life, new existence, new script. So, what you are experiencing now is the birth of what looks like, and I will address this – entire mayhem. It has been messy and painful and really not making a lot of sense.

So, let us go back. There are those, and I have said this elsewhere and I will say it repeatedly until all of you understand; there are those upon your planet who would like to reinvent, rebuild, reconstruct the old third dimension. Now, that is chaos at its finest. Let us also be clear that the vigor, the commitment to that rebuilding of the old third, is as strong as it was at the initial stages of that construction.

That level of desire to bring back the old is extraordinarily strong. Because what they are doing in many ways, your terminology might be, they want to bring back the good old days. But, in fact they were not good old days. It was some of the darkest periods of humanity. The last, especially, hundred years of human history has been violent and aggressive, and cruel and controlling.

The chaos with which this small group wishes to reconstruct humanity into the old paradigm will not be permitted. We need to be very clear about that. It is not that we interfere or intervene – well, we do intervene – but we do not interfere or override human free will or anybody’s free will for that matter. But, we do place variables, situations, people in place that redirect energies.

The old third is gone. It is but a memory and what you are seeing and witnessing is twofold: there are those who are finishing up, playing out those memories, and then there are those who wish to reconstruct the old. While the memories of the old third and the nature of those disasters need to be kept in place – vague, but clear enough that they are not repeated – the physical reconstruction of that old third dimension, which was never the Mother’s third, of the expression of physicality, form, space, etc., it will not happen.

So, there is this churning energy. And, you can think of it as a pot on a stove that is boiling over with water or foam, or whatever is in the pot. It matters not. What is happening, you are the creators, but we are helping you as well. It is important that this pot overflow and make a terrible mess on your stove, your counter, your kitchen. Because, then you are very clear about what the mess is and everybody who comes into the kitchen or into the house can see, “Oh, you’ve had a real mess here. What happened?”

But, make no mistake about it. You aren’t going to leave that mess on your stove, in the pot on the counter indefinitely. It is going to be cleared up, and the heat is going to be turned off. But, this is a lesson, an experience that the third dimension is presenting through the various players. But, it is not creation. It is not of love. It is not sustainable. It is entirely illusion.

Now, why am I spending time emphasizing this? Because you, my beloved brothers and sisters are pivotal, are critical in looking at this illusion, at this mess, and simply seeing it for what it is. It is another situation to be observed, to send love and light into, but not to engage in, because that is not the reality.

So, what you are doing in the sixth dimension of creative chaos is you are taking what looks like fundamental disruption and molding it, carving it, sculpting it into that which you desire. It is yet another opportunity, not merely for light workers and love holders, but for all of you. That is why I address the entire planet. It is the opportunity for all of you to say, “This is not where we choose to place our energies. This is not what we choose to create. This is not where we choose to live. This is not acceptable. We are doing something entirely different.”

And you are using your creator selves, in tandem with your star family, in tandem with the angelic realm, in tandem with the masters and the archangels, to step forth as the true implementers of the Mother’s plan. This apparent chaos is nothing but a distraction. And does it have some malign intent? Yes, by those who do not know better? Yes.

But it is not your distraction. It is not your chaos. You can observe it, move the pot off the stove, turn off the heat. But, you aren’t going to jump into that boiling water and join. So, there is chaos on several fronts and you only know about a few of them. And, they are showing you, again, might we say some of the worst of human behavior. The slaughter, and I do not mince words, the slaughter that has been taking place in Aleppo is criminal. And, I use that word very specifically in terms of human history, legalities, treaties, understandings. It is the killing of the innocent.

Now, that is chaos and the opportunity is to say ‘No.’ Now, dearest Steve, you would say to me, “But we as light workers have been saying ‘No.’ And yet the slaughter has continued.” Do not think – because it is a mental process you are undergoing – do not think that your ‘No’ is not resounding across the planet. Do not think that your heartfelt love and horror of what is going on is not felt across the planet.

And, many of you, an enormous number of you, are in fact holding the hands of those who are departing, holding the hands and protecting many. Many of you are working with me there and various places. So, do not think that your work and your undertakings are not recognized and having effect. They are.

Are they apparent to you? No, because right now what you are doing is cleaning up the mess. But, when you step back, and I mean very shortly, when you step back and you look, you will say, “Oh that’s what that’s about. That was about us saying the genocide is not acceptable, that murder is not acceptable. That lying and hatred in your political scenarios is not acceptable.

So, these are choices that are being made very clear to you. But, the idea and the guidance from our side – and when I say from our side, I mean from all of us – do not engage in the chaos. Look at it and use it to create what you desire. Now, where do you wish to begin, my friend?

SB: Well, I’m very much torn, Lord, because on the one hand I do know what you’re saying and I do know what the clarion call is and my desire would be to respond to it. But, on the other hand, I feel a tremendous tug from my projection of what the listeners might be saying or thinking. Whereas I would respond to your call and talk about emergence and expansion and these necessary processes that we now need to take in hand, I think that the listeners would like to know what is actually going on in the world.

Again, is abundance in the offing? And, I’m sure everybody wants me to ask about that. The American election, it’s like chaos. What is going to happen in America, if it’s known? It may not be known. But disclosure, are we closer? Are we still in a standoff? Ascension, of course, it’s a process, but any news about what’s next in Ascension?

So, do you know what I’m saying? I leave it up to you which you want to address. How about if I scurry away and try to get away from this responsibility?

AAM: May I scurry away with you, my friend?

SB: Yes! Let’s go play! Exactly! You can tell me about something you told me in 2014, the family secrets of the Archangels.

AAM: Oh, it is much easier to explain the current chaos.

SB: (Laughter) Okay, I’ll leave you to it.

AAM: Let us back up again and say this is the time as a light worker, as a creator, as a love being, where you are being asked to bring the highest, most refined part of yourself to the forefront, to be the observer and the participant. Now, hold that thought and hold that energy in your heart. Let us start with the American elections and then we can move on to grander things, things that truly matter such as abundance and disclosure and ascension.

But, using the American election is a good example of the chaos that people are feeling, chaos, not creative chaos and there has need to be a very fine distinction here. What you have seen is upheaval of a magnitude that, shall we say, most beings, human beings upon the planet did not anticipate. And, that is putting it mildly. The expression of the American people has been one of disgust, disdain, disappointment, disenchantment, all the disses you can think of. With the system, as it has been, they have felt disenfranchised.

Now, as an aside, I will say to you that they have felt this sense of disenfranchisement at a time when you have had a very strong leadership of star brother at the helm. So, dissatisfaction and the sense of disconnection have not necessarily been rooted in factuality. This sense of disconnection, of dissatisfaction, has come from the sense, a human yearning – which is a good thing, for more – for more engagement, more access, more equality, the elimination of the disparity and inequality.

Now, how it has expressed has not been in the best way, shall we put it that way. But, you even saw the roots of that dissatisfaction and feelings of disenchantment with Bernie Sanders. From our perspective, it is very unfortunate that this one was not brought forward as the viable candidate. But these are human choices and we stand back and we only comment now and then.

The choice was for radical change or for status quo. And, again, based on much information and disinformation, many lies, many fantasies – it matters not because this is now ancient history – the people of this country have basically been equally divided. We’re not talking about who is the final victor, but basically, the opinions, the votes, have been pretty equally divided for those who wish radical change no matter what, and those who are willing to live with the status quo regardless and no matter what. Neither is truly a viable choice.

Neither, well, we’ll leave it at that. Let us say it this way. Neither choice, without some adjustments – and we’re talking divine adjustments here – is a viable vehicle for the creation of Nova Earth. And, let me be clear when I speak of Nova Earth, I am speaking of this planet of love, this planet of joy, of equality, of fairness, of gentleness and of strength. It is not about divisiveness. It is about unity and cooperation and co-creation, not merely co-creation with us, but co-creation with one another.

So, this microcosm of the United States of America is a good place to look at. So, now, you have someone, yes, Donald Trump, who steps forth as the apparent presidential candidate or president elect. What this declaration on both sides indicates to all of you in this microcosm of the U.S. is that there has been a human choice to learn some very difficult lessons and to walk through the chaos, not creative chaos, but to create chaos because even that is preferable to what is in existence. So, this has been a collective human decision. Not one that we necessarily feel was the wisest choice, but nevertheless, the one that is being respected.

Now will there be some tough lessons to be learned and you are only seeing the surface? Yes. But it isn’t about the lies or the sexism or the disregard for whatever, there are many disregards. It is about the human light workers’ reaction to how the light is going to infuse this chaotic situation and bring re-creation of the new – not of the old third – out of that into the light of the planet that is welcoming of your star family, that is welcoming of reorganization, of financial freedom.

Now, having said that, there is also simultaneously – and I do not mean to create cognitive dissonance – but this is where you are holding two rather opposing ideas at the same time. At the same time as you are inserting light into that chaos, what you are also doing is going on to your own pathways that do not necessarily engage that chaos but creates the new. And, when you speak of abundance, that has always been why I have suggested to you, that your spiritual currency is what anchors and prepares you for the ability to go forth with the responsibility, the stewardship of creating Nova Earth.

So, as implementers of Nova Earth, while you will be sending light and love and creative energy into that melee, you will also be going on a separate track and creating a world that works for everyone so that you are not dependent upon those who wish to engage in the chaos, that you are going forward in the creation of alternate routes. And, what happens in those, what we will call alternate routes, is that they gain such credibility and power in the true meaning of the word, that they become the status quo. In that alternate route, your star family, the cities of light, the completion of ascension, all of that is present. And it, as it gains momentum, it overrides that pettiness of that other situation.

Now, I know that I have given you food for a million questions, my friend.

SB: Well, actually, Lord, I was going to say you just laid out the plan, didn’t you?

AAM: Yes. I did.

SB: That is the plan. Okay. So, let’s savor that for a moment. You’ve said that – I imagine that you, the mighty ones, all the angelic orders and the galactics and the ascended masters are managing the worst aspects of the chaos. They are preventing it from getting out of hand. And we are exercising our choices and coming to realizations. And, then, on the other hand, the wherewithal to build Nova Earth is going to be introduced and we will march forward in that area, keeping an eye on the other area over here, but building the new, which will attract people who are currently watching the chaos, into the building. Then this other side [Team Dark] will shrink.

AAM: That is correct. It will supplant the old. Think of it, what we have said, is that all this confusion about this American election came from the internal disenchantment, the feeling of disenfranchisement the people were feeling with the external structures and infrastructures and power structures. So, I say see this alternative path that is very ethical, full of integrity, stalwart, but also strong, vibrant, vivacious, attractive…a better way of being. They will migrate.

SB: Is that necessarily a good thing? We’ll have to work with them.

AAM: You are working with them, my friend. You already are. Do not think – and we would never encourage you to think or feel – that you as light workers are operating within a, what you would think of as a closed system. Quite the contrary, and that is why you get so upset at times.

Let us go back to 2012. Collectively, humanity decided to ascend as one. So, that system, the system of your Earth, of Gaia, is the system within which – and it is actually beyond that – that you are operating. So, the light workers have been working with the recalcitrant, the dissonant, the disinterested for a very long time. And, there is part of you that has felt that you have been banging your head against a brick wall.

Well, let us tell you, the Mother has a million tricks up her sleeve, literally. There is not a single minute variable that cannot and is not adjusted. So, if you have thought, and I know many of you have felt and cried out in the night that you are a voice crying in the wilderness, what we are saying is come with us on this alternate route, continuing to send love and light into that melee, but come with us on this alternate route. Walk with us, walk with Jesus, and, in that, those who have not been listening will say, “Look over there. That looks far more attractive. I guess what they were saying makes sense after all.” And they will follow.

SB: Sounds like a trip with the ‘Spirit of Christmas Present,’ Lord.

AAM: Does it not?

SB: What you’re giving us right now is a view of the big picture, a view of what’s actually happening. Are we going to be here a year from now still talking about something called abundance? And, I’m not extending that to disclosure, but, how about ascension? Are we still going to be here a year from now?

AAM: We will be here, well, I was about to say a thousand years, and a hundred years, you know, talking about this. But, it will not be in the same context. That is really your question. It is the eternal question of when that you are sneaking in, are you not?

SB: (Laughter) That’s right! They pay me to dress it up, you know.

AAM: The answer is we will not be here next year, or even next month, talking about this in the same context.

SB: Because, you do know we are all very tired, very tired of waiting. I feel obliged to express that from my view of the emails that I receive.

AAM: Well, do you not know that we know what tired feels like?

SB: (Laughter.) Yes, but, you are all sitting there in bliss with the divine equivalent of the tequila sunrise in your hands…

AAM: Except while we have to deal with the human chaos.

SB: (Laughter.) That is exactly so. How are we doing with disclosure and how are we doing with ascension, Lord?

AAM: Everything, in terms of your galactic and intergalactic friends, family is in place. Many, oh, well, that is putting it mildly, many are positioned upon the planet and you are all running into the new day awake, whether you realize it or not. Most of you have your “ET” sensors on, and, so you are acknowledging them. So, from the side of your star family, all is in order and waiting in readiness.

Now, having said that, you are in, as we have just discussed, a tumultuous time. The plan had been that there would be disclosure, through Obama, by year end. Given the instability in China, Russia, Korea and the United States, and their tendency to engage missiles which we have been intercepting along with your star family – no, not all of them unfortunately – but that is, we are waiting for a quieter moment because your political environment, might I say, not your armed forces, let us be clear about that, your military – and I speak for all these nations – is in fact, at this moment, quite peace loving.

But your political environments are very volatile and very aggressive and willing to use missiles. And, so we do not want, in any way, to allow any form of perceived aggression to take place. So, what I am suggesting to you is some roller coasters ahead in the next couple of months that will seek the transfer of power of what you think of as leadership in several countries.

When that has taken place and completed, and it is already begun, what you will see is that there will be full disclosure.

SB: Thank you. That’s exciting.

AAM: It is very exciting! Can you imagine the difference just with star technology? How much easier human life will be in terms of healing, and living, and communications and travel. There is so much that your star friends are eager to share. The most excitement simply comes with the promise of reunion. You know, there are many of you who visit the ships regularly, as you know, some of you consciously, some of you not. Many of you not. But there is the same process that is taking place with your star family. And they are as eager and as excited to visit you. Yes, there are the treaties. There are the shifts in structure and technology. But, the being-to-being, the unity and community is what they are most excited and anticipating. They can’t wait. And, they, in terms of the patient quotient that you were speaking of, have been waiting a very long time. So, yes, patience is a stellar virtue.

SB: (Chuckling.) Stellar virtue. Well, I might add another dimension of it too, Lord, and that’s the arrival of another. All of a sudden there is going to be another. And, I know that’s going to change my dynamics.

AAM: It will absolutely change the dynamics of your societies. When I have spoken of chaos and the birthing of the child, the creative chaos that comes forth in those various moments and how that family is never the same, when you are having the introduction and the presence – not merely the knowing, because you’ve had the knowing for some time – but the actual presence of your star family in your house and your community, it will change everything. And, that is why they have been so careful. They want to be welcome. They don’t want to be excluded from the family reunion.

SB: Right. If somebody from the outside, so to speak, came into the house, one would be on one’s best behavior. That would be an example of the kind of change that might happen. And, I can imagine that when we’ve gotten over our major military and other violent kinds of responses, that the introduction of the star family would have that effect on us as well. We would all drop whatever the petty bickering was that was going on and come together rather quickly.

AAM: Everyone will want to put on their best face. To be seen, not in a way that is false, because, sweet angels your best face really is who you are. You are kind. You are compassionate. You are welcoming. This is the truth of who you are and this is the truth of the sixth dimension. It is not tearing apart, it is creating. It is gathering the molecules and bringing together what you desire from that best and highest divine part of who you are.

SB: Wow. I don’t think we realize. We think of disclosure as some event that’s happening out there. Spaceships are going around and we’re watching all this and cities are springing up. But, it’s the events that are going to be happening inside.

AAM: The major event is inside. And, you are quite correct. Everyone thinks of disclosure as an event. And, in fact, they have been showing themselves increasingly, over the, especially, over the past year. But, you tend to think of it in terms of an event when, in fact, what it is is an essential shift in the paradigm of what it means to be Gaians.

SB: What it means to be humans, too. After all, it’s humans meeting humans, so, that is again going to give us some paradigm jarring moments.

AAM: It will give many pause.

SB: Yes! Lord, I think we’re close to running out of time. Why don’t we just spend a couple minutes with any news about Ascension that you’d like to bring us and then we will have to end our show today.

AAM: We will have to fly away, will we not?

SB: You and I, yes. We have a date. We are going to be at Club Sirius, are we not?

AAM: It is a date. You are doing well in terms of your ascension process. Yes, some of you are further along than others. But, let me be clear on this, there is not one of you listening, there is not one of you who will listen after the fact and in this night, that is not about 80 percent farther along than you were even several months ago. You are almost there. The tipping point has been crossed. And, when we have what you would call that critical mass, we will have that, shall we say, that snap. You are almost there.

What is the hold up? The holdup is what we have talked about in terms of the collective and that collective decision. So, we are…many of you are carrying millions with you. So, they may or may not be aware. They may or may not be interested or recalcitrant. You are bringing them along. If you have thought that it is a heavy load, you are absolutely correct. But my dear friends it is one worth carrying. So, you are almost home.

SB: That’s spectacular. Thank you very much for that. Is there anything you want to say in closing, Lord?

AAM: It is good to be back. And, it is good to see, even in what appears to be chaos, that the forward thrust is not lost. It is well underway, my friend. Take heart. Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2016 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael Explains How the Plan Unfolds in the Midst of Creative Chaos,” December 15, 2016, Channeled by Linda Dillon, An Hour With an Angel, at



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A VISION FOR THE FUTURE – Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman @ Star Quest



Thousand Arm Buddha – by Aaron Rutten @ DeviantArt






Beloved masters, through our many past messages, we have endeavored to help you remember your wondrous past, and to accept the truth that you have within you all that is needed to create a grand new world. We were not just talking about your past lives on Earth, but we have tried to give you some insight as to how truly magnificent you all are. Please accept the fact that you left the vaster part of your Beingness in the higher realms, and now it is time to begin the process of reclaiming those many Facets of God-expression that make up the totality of the real YOU. We have told you that this is a Universe of great diversity, and as part of your training, you have experienced many wondrous adventures in very specific and complex places. You now understand why the Earth is so important, because your planet is where all the diversity of this Universe was brought together. You have had a grand time playing the game of duality and polarity, as you created great wealth, and then painful scarcity. In other lifetimes you brought forth wondrous talents and accomplished great deeds of valor, just as you have also experienced many simple-minded lives in a narrowly focused way. You have all experienced every situation imaginable, from the lowest to the highest, within each Realm of self-expression.

Now it is time to step through the veil of illusion and reclaim your Divinity. As you move more deeply into God-consciousness, and tap into the higher dimensions of Creation, you are beginning to flex your spiritual muscles, and you are amazed at how quickly you are able to manifest what you envision. The small miracles are turning into great and complex miracles as you become more proficient, and we tell you, it is nothing compared to what is in store for you in the near future.

As the multidimensional expressions of change swirl around you, and time compresses and expands at an ever-accelerating rate, you must learn to go with the flow in order to exist in a state of ease and grace. As all of you have experienced to one degree or another, life on Earth has changed drastically in the last fifty years. What was the norm in a Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment no longer applies as you move into the more refined levels of Creator Light. We will address some of the major issues of the times to give you a greater understanding as to how the newly emerging collective consciousness of humanity compares with the old mass consciousness beliefs that have prevailed for thousands of past years.

It is your Divine Birthright to live in abundance: The process of redistribution of the wealth of the Earth is now fully in progress. Be aware that more corporations and organizations will fall into disgrace and oblivion. All that is based on a foundation of fear, greed, and control of others is crumbling. In the past, it often took several lifetimes for a wrong to be rectified, and you had no way of knowing when or how justice was served. Now, for those stuck in the illusion of the game of cause and effect, ill deeds are returning almost instantaneously in a boomerang effect. No longer will those who are self-serving, and who abuse the trust and power allotted to them, be able to hide their misdeeds. Whether it be religious organizations, corporations and businesses, or governments, the time of reckoning is at hand.

The Light is penetrating into the deepest shadows as the Earth incorporates more and more of the higher vibrational frequencies of Spirit. Mind and Spirit are the builders, and you are the cocreators of the new paradise on Earth. All that you will ever need will be supplied, but you must hold fast to your vision, for the greatest good of all, and then dare to tap into the Cosmic Pyramid storehouses of pure Adamantine Particles of Creator Light and mold them into anything you can envision. Beloveds, seek an abundance of love, joyful loving relationships, good health, youthful vitality, and creativity as you learn that it is not just things that bring you happiness and contentment, but a “State of Being and a quality of life.”

Earth changes and shifting weather patterns: The Earth is undergoing a cleansing process, a catharsis whereby lands that have been abused by over-cultivation, infused with deep-seated painful memories of wars and acts of violence and where humanity has suffered centuries of atrocities are, in a seemingly haphazard way, being ravished by floods, fires, earth movement, and destructive winds. All is not as it appears, dear hearts, for the process is necessary in order to clear the air, cleanse the land, and purify the waters that humanity has so heedlessly polluted.

During these radically changing times, many sweet Souls who are struggling for existence around the world are leaving the Earth, and we ask you to see the transition process in a new Light. Can you not see that they are leaving a suffering and hopeless existence by choice, as they step through the doorway into a world of love, peace, joy, and abundance − where they will be prepared to return to a more refined earthly existence? There will be no broad spectrum of imbalanced Third-Dimensional Density to return to, for when they choose to return, it will be a world where they will be given an opportunity to learn, expand in consciousness, and move quickly through their earthly lessons. That is what you, as Wayshowers, are preparing for them. Soon will come the time when no Soul will be born into the quagmire of pain and illusion that now exists in many discordant frequency areas around the world.

Many of you are being led to move to different parts of the world—you are not sure why, but there is a deep-seated yearning to journey forth into uncharted territory. You are being called to that place on Earth where you can be of greatest service − where those with like vibrations and missions will be led to join you. It is a time of “Teaming Up” or reuniting with your Soul families and task companions. You are becoming more intuitive as you tap into increasingly inspired thought from the realm of all possibilities. Your instinctual nature of the past is being refined as it joins your multi-faceted Self of the future.

Fine-tuning your physical vessel: Your needs and desires will change as you integrate more Light into your physical vessels. Life-threatening diseases and viruses will have a difficult time finding a home in your evolving, more resilient bodies of Light. You will not see a great change in the physical bodily structure for awhile, but the internal and etheric changes are happening very rapidly. As the membranes of Light around your DNA gradually dissolve, and you access more and more of the wisdom stored within your brain structure, your physical vessel will become stronger and healthier.

There will be wondrous new breakthroughs and techniques in healing, and natural products and medicinals will replace most of your synthetic drugs, which have so many toxic side effects. Many of you are already learning that your body will not tolerate many of the popular prescribed substances touted by the pharmaceutical companies, which  are only interested in their profit margins. The focus will be more in preventative maintenance, whole life care, fitness, and wellness, as well as natural cures and how important your positive, loving thoughts are in staying healthy. No longer will you ignore the signals your Body Elemental sends to you as it tries to get your attention. Pain is a way in which your body lets you know that something is amiss. In the past, you took pain killers to mask the symptoms until it was too late, and radical measures had to be taken to correct the imbalances.

As you attune to the multiple levels of awareness within your body as well as without, you learn to pay heed to the signals you receive. You then make the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible so that the least amount of discomfort is experienced, and therefore, you will quickly return to harmony and a sense of well-being.

Finally, you will also come to terms with your uniqueness in bodily structure, attributes, talents, and ways of expressing and creating. You chose your parents and the genetic structure of your ancestral lineage for a reason. Your uniqueness is what makes you so special — there is no one else on Earth exactly like you — not even those Souls born as so called “identical twins.”

One of the major hurdles you are facing during these next few years is to accept yourself the way you are, and to realize that you are beautiful and precious, no matter what outer garment of flesh you chose to wear in order to experience this most important of all lifetimes. It is your shining Souls and great warm hearts that we see radiating forth, beloveds; we pay no heed to the fleshly disguise you wear.

Your Sacred relationship with your OverSoul/Higher Self: In the past, your ego-desire body was primarily in control of your daily existence, and your Soul Self was the small voice of consciousness that most often you ignored. Tradition, religious beliefs, obligations, and duty were instilled at an early age, and you were taught to believe what other people thought of you was of greater importance than what you thought of yourself. You were always looking outside of yourself for validation as to your worthiness. You were constantly seeking someone, something, or some event to bring you happiness, but it was usually fleeting, often disappointing, and left you searching for something beyond yourself to bring you some measure of self-content.

Now you have learned to turn inward for validation, inspiration, and guidance, because you have had what has been termed a Soul-Merge, and you are connecting to the multi-facets of your Higher Self. In the process, you are integrating greater amounts of pure Cosmic Light Consciousness, which assists you to release all outmoded concepts without guilt as you integrate the new higher truths that are coming to you at an astounding rate.

You now realize that God is not in some lofty, distant Celestial Kingdom pulling strings and meting out rewards and punishment. You are accepting the fact that you have ALL that is needed within you, as a part of your Divine Birthright, to manifest a loving, joyous, peaceful, and abundant existence. Old traditions and habits are losing their hold on you as you seek freedom of expression: you create new ways to celebrate holy days and special events; and to honor our Father/Mother God, and the Supreme Creator.

Worship is not reserved for one day, for you live your spirituality each and every moment of every day. You live each day as a master by monitoring your thoughts and actions. You know that your intentions must be pure, for you are responsible for each and every minuscule Atom of energy that you send forth. You practice discernment, and are constantly monitoring the beliefs that you allow to take up residency within your Being, for you know that within the truths you claim as your own are the rules you must live by. You know you must always make the highest choices so that as you walk the middle path in peace and harmony, you will gradually move beyond the laws of Karma and into a state of grace.

Your relationship with others: You are learning that as you gain a sense of Self-love and worthiness within, you draw more and more Love/Light from the Creator—it is a never-ending source of spiritual sustenance. As you fill yourself to overflowing, this wondrous elixir radiates forth from you in an ever-expanding circle of Light. You are beginning to seek relationships that bring satisfaction at all levels — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. There will be no sense of self-sacrifice in the relationships of the future; there will be a fundamental trust, and you will seek and support full expression of individual interests, talents, and spiritual truth. Committed partners will complement the strengths of each other, and with non-judgment and patience, they will assist each other to work through their weaknesses and fears. It is important that you share a common vision with those whom you are closely associated with, and that there is no tolerance for power and control games. You are beginning to intuitively recognize a member of your Soul family, and those that you have a deep spiritual bond with. Therefore, you will find more comfort and joy in your relationships than you ever thought possible. No longer will you seek relationships based on “need,” but through a desire to mutually share your journey and your knowledge as you go forward into a new and exciting Age.

How do you envision the future? It is your choice as to how you experience the coming years of great change. You can move higher in consciousness to the vantage point of a master, and know that all is unfolding as planned. You recognize that no matter how bleak the world looks, there is Creator Light shining down upon and penetrating the darkest shadows − the hidden places on the Earth − and into the hearts of humanity. The majority of human beings on Earth want only to live in peace, comfort, and plenty, to express their godliness in their own unique way, and they are willing to allow others the same right. Even though it may not seem so, those who wish to dominate, conquer, and control are in the minority, and their power stranglehold on the Earth and humanity is growing weaker every day. As more of you step into your mastery, and claim your Divine Birthright, the weaker and more ineffectual they will become.

There will be skirmishes and rumors of wars in many places on the Earth for some time to come. But those who are battling the darkness of ignorance within will fail − they cannot destroy that which is right and of the Light. Armageddon has already visited the Earth, beloveds, and the worst has come to pass. Henceforth, every act of violence and destruction will be met head on by the forces of Heaven, for you, as Warriors of Peace, are winning the battle with your weapons of Light, compassion, and forgiveness.

You are molding the future each and every moment, with every thought and action, and so it behooves you to focus on what is right in your world instead of what is wrong. Make it a practice to see the good in those around you, and be sure to offer words of encouragement and loving support in any way possible. You are the ones who will lead humanity into the shining new world of tomorrow. You have weathered the wildest storms and walked through many dark nights of the Soul, and you have emerged triumphant. Do not become discouraged or faint of heart at this late date, my brave friends. By stating “Thy will be done for the greatest good of all,” you give us permission to intercede in your behalf, and to assist you through these tumultuous times of great change.

We relay to you the love of our Father/Mother God and a rarified infusion of Light from the heart of the Supreme Creator. You are loved and cherished beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.  Transmitted through Ronna Vezane *



Thousand Arm Buddha – by Aaron Rutten @ DeviantArt



Art : The Japanese Goddess Amaterasu – Shining the Light of Your Beauty – by Kimberly F. Moore




To truly activate this deity yoga of the Christ, Krishna or Buddha within us, we explore this freedom through both the experience of compassion and the experience of emptiness or surrender on our paths, for ourselves and all beings, on this world and all worlds.

We dive into compassion for all worlds.

The Thirty Seven Practices of Compassion for a Bodhisattva are mentioned here, as a guide to cultivating the compassion necessary to embrace all worlds with the love of a Divine Mother.

Guan Yin is the Protector of All Worlds as the Mother of Compassion both here on earth, and in all physical, astral and causal realms.

In the Lotus Sutra, She is described as the

one of the true gaze

the one of the pure gaze

the one of the gaze of broad and great wisdom

the one of the compassionate gaze

and the one of the gaze of goodwill.

The true gaze is the one capable of contemplating the true nature of all things, satya, on all the worlds.

How are we to know the true nature of all things, on all the worlds?

Truly, when we contemplate inter-being, that all nature is in this body, and this body is of the earth, and this earth is of the stars, we see that every world is in our body and every body is a star. When we are calm and clear we have the capacity to gaze upon all worlds and all dimensions because we know that the stars are also the light that is within us. This is satya.

The pure gaze is the one capable of self-purification, visuddhi vimala, who can become the light for the sake of the world, just as the cloud can become rain for the sake of the world. This is visuddhi vimala.

The gaze of great wisdom, mahaprajna, is the realisation of Divine Mother in every body’s heart, mahaprajnaparamita, the great wisdom that has the power to bring us to the other shore, the shore of safety, the shore of non-fear, the shore of liberation, by surrendering to the Grace of Divine Mother, by emptying ourself of all but Her.

The compassionate gaze, karuna, is the establishment within us of loving-kindness for ourselves and others, a nectar that falls like rain on the fires of suffering and afflictions.

The gaze of good will, loving kindness, maitri, is the capacity to transform ourself into a Bodhisattva, an archangel, an elder, who regards all beings with the eyes of love.

This transformation is something we can do, today, starting with ourself.

“Breathing in this breath of love, I breathe in peace.

Breathing out this breath of love, I give my peace to you.”

In that moment of presence and awareness, of the movement and stillness in our breathing, we are that Bodhisattva.

The mind and heart can go in a thousand directions

But on this beautiful path in life I have chosen I walk in peace

With each step a gentle wind blows

With each step a flower blooms

I often mindfully and heartfully walk watching the flowers bloom under my feet.

A very simple beautiful practice to try at any time of your day.

Be the Christ, Krishna, the Buddha Within.

You carry this threefold flame of enlightenment within you.

Let it shine.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother


Beautiful Art – Kazuhisa Kusaba



Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”


Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Olga Vercholamova


Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day

We just had Boxing Day. I’d like to have Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day.

This is the day to box all our Third-Dimensional conditioned behavior (or Third Dimentia) and leave it at the dumspter.

I know of several ways to step out of all boxes and be in silence and stillness for a while.

  • Letting go of or dropping everything to leave only the default of silence and stillness.
  • Finding oneself in the natural self, the overburden gone.
  • Sending love out to the entire world.

When I let go of everything, the place I find myself in is silence and stillness.  And, as I embrace it, I see everything else as if it were a movie playing on a screen or a desktop. It flies off into oblivion and I’m left in stillness and silence.

Oh, how peaceful things are then.


Several times I’ve found myself in … Hmmmm. I don’t want to exaggerate here. Being precise is important given that there’s no thorough typology I know about of the experiences of transformation and enlightenment. I don’t want to pretend what has happened to me is more than it is.

At the same time, I also know that it isn’t the case that we go from one experience of enlightenment to another that’s totally different. We may simply go deeper and deeper into the experience of, say, love or bliss or light.

That having been said, on occasion I’ve found myself in what seems to me to be my natural self, free of the overburden. I don’t consider it an experience of enlightenment, but of transformation. (1) And, then, there’s such a feeling of innocence and openness, to a degree that I can’t maintain in everyday life.

These are rare events.


Sending love out to the entire world is the area I want to work out in most – and it’s the most challenging. People have been shafted and scammed and fleeced so many times that very few people seem to trust someone who’s beaming.

Nevertheless I know full well (i.e., realizationally) (2) that sending out love to the world immediately puts Third Dimensionality itself in a box. That box can and should be left at the bin.  That would truly fulfill Boxing Day.

I’m feeling an unusual amount of “interdimensional slippage,” to use Linda Dillon and Ashira’s phrase.  I want to burst out in love and joy but I hold myself back. So the higher-dimensional side is almost shimmering and I choose to turn from gazing on it and bend to the socially-acceptable side instead. I’m not yet brave enough yet to let it all shine forth.

Even though this is a week of post-Christmas sales, I’m going to remain very quiet and not set foot in a store. (I’m not saying everyone should.)

I may take a few days off and just integrate all the joy I feel as a result of perhaps the best Christmas I’ve ever had.


(1) Transformation is more of a peak experience than one of enlightenment.

(2) I use the word to mean that I’ve realized the particular piece of knowledge in question; it doesn’t reside as simply informational or experiential knowledge. I’m not meaning to imply that I’m Self-realized, which I’m not.


Art : Olga Vercholamova

2017 Energy Reports: Releasing These in a Segmented Series – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Raphsody On An Iris – Pamela McCabe


2017 Energy Reports: Releasing These in a Segmented Series


Aloha love family,

I am working on the 2017 Energy Report(s) in many different segments, because of how much information there is, the different dimensions and collectives there are, and how each dimension will experience is vastly different. Those who have been doing this process intentionally will understand this….

I will be typing these up in segments and am not sure if it will be 2 segments or 10… we will find out… They will all be titled: 2017 Energy Report: (Then followed by the primary focus of each report.) I hope to voice record them as well at some point, yet vibrationally all has to align for me to accomplish everything here.

What is coming, like in the previous linear years, when we “see”, we have to take great care in how we share the information, because each perceives this information differently. When I gained “prophetic abilities” a years ago, a whole new level of responsibility also came forth. There is much that we do not share, because it is so vastly mis-understood and for many, we choose not to project such things “creating a belief, fear or conceptualized reality”. We present in a way that this information can be utilized as a tool to work with in order to experience this huge process much easier.  We do realize that experience is necessary to give one a “reference point to understand all of this”, until experience is no longer required in order to “get it” fully from within. Those who are totally open and ready, it’s a very different experience than those who are not. Other times, it’s totally appropriate to say certain things to stir all up, to challenge fixed/limited human mindsets, to create confusion so that clarity can be achieved. Confusion is the human stretching/challenging the “boxes” of realities created and believed as “real”. Challenging realities is what often opens the door for others realities not previously perceived to become visible. One’s heart has to open FULLY for this to occur. Fear becomes a motivator instead of being “frozen” in time. We “work” to move those ready beyond the space of “needing” fear (perceived as loss or threats) as a tool to open up/step-up/do what it takes to shift realities intentionally and as love here. Fear creates one experience, love creates another. Each are always available. The parallel created/timeline activated is determined by either unconscious or conscious actions…

What’s coming is all-over-the place if we lump it all into one box. We have to separate it out by dimensions to explain it, so that each vibrating in and out of different dimensional experiences can identify with which dimension they are currently creating/experiencing, so as to choose to shift intentionally, therefore changing dimensions. It is that easy. The “hard part” is the achieving of the physical body’s OVERALL vibrating at that highest frequency all of the time, to actually physically gain the ability to not vibrate physically back into (old) unconscious one again and the ability to ACHIEVE YOUR HIGHEST ONE in the physical here.

Because absolutely everything is a part of this, every reality, every occurrence, every part of your body, your mental constructs, your emotions, your physical body density (physical matter/space/mass), the Light Quotient integrated into your physical body (LightBody), the amount of evolved/formed crystals (Crystalline/Christed Consciousness) formed within your physical body structure, the amount of embedded higher light codes, the amount of density that has been released, the amount of SPACE held in your body (yes, as a Galactic), the evolution of your physical body occurs as you open your heart fully, bring the walls down, open/stretch your mind continually (Higher/Universal Mind), the more your entire neural network has been re-wired, your organs/glands (systems) have been re-worked, the less your human controls the process out of fear and you honor the process as a multi-dimensional here.

The 12/20/16 showings of “The Extreme of Extremes” now begins as we have CROSSED THE THRESHOLD into the next phase that continaully begins, today being a marker point for our “new year”. Nothing is linear and all occurs vibrationally. We have now reached that vibration. This is occurring “faster” and “faster”, as the cycling process has been increased substantially now.

Over the last two days, we began a HUGE TEMPLATE WIPING and Operating System Upgrade process, with new light encodements/filaments being embedded into our’s & Earth Gaia’s Physical Bodies to bring our Crystalline LightBody Structures further online here. Deep cellular cleansings and deep core SOUL “work” is occurring on a multi-dimensionally/on an energetic level. Every cell in our body going through deep CORE re-sequencing right now.

These intricate re-coding & re-calibration processes are as complicated or as simple as we require/allow them to be. Honoring the process and being totally present and aware, as it can be quite uncomfortable for our human, yet very easy for us as Galactics here. This discomfort is also cellular cleansing that needs to occur. Discomfort is often the energy that presents as we transcend our own human’ness and deep cellular programming held within. Breaking points are necessary for the really super big shifts. These can be extremely physical, emotional or just energetic. How physically dense (matter) or light (energy) we are will dictate HOW we experience this.

Today we continue deep cellular cleansings and template re-writes, so be kind to yourself and honor what your body speaks to you. If you feel to sleep, sleep. The integration process will occur easier, yet your human will have issues. Early years, “Deal with it”, were my higher selve’s words along the way…. Our human minds don’t work when huge operating system upgrades are occurring (which are continual now). Linear work is a great struggle for those of us that have this as a part of how we provide here. It takes every moment of “forward movement” for us to accomplish all vibrationally to adhere to linear parameters, yet not being bound by these. Once the process is complete, all will “speed up” for you to re-align/to re-align for you, with all functioning at a “higher processing rate” than ever before. Be patient, for when this occurs, portals/gateways open huge “releasing” everything that was “on the other side” to arrive/materialize that was not physically available/accessable before.

StarGate alignments now increase beyond anything before. These BRING ALL INTO ALIGNMENT FOR US and create the “convergence” of a multitude of dimensions in this “space” here. It’s also when Inner Earth “vibrations” amp up/increase and Galactic Portals open in order to vibrationally converge multiple dimensions/galaxies/timelines in our physical one here.

I will write more on this in other segments and post links back to my website to read these soon. So very much love to you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



Art : Raphsody On An Iris – Pamela McCabe

A Little About Relationship Shifts – Lisa Transcendence Brown

unknown artist


 A Little About Relationship Shifts

Humans “think” that when we go “separate ways” that it’s because of a failure or an emotional thing…. when it is quite in fact the opposite. We go separate ways because we are meant to and if we totally “get it”, we see all of the purposes, all of the gifts, all of the roles we played out and how we complimented each other’s lives and we go “apart” out of RESPECT for each other, being in different places/spaces and to DO the next part of our own phases, connecting with those that will awaken us more and the experiences “next on our list”…..

On a SOUL LEVEL, (inside), we LOVE each other deeply and infinitely. We are always connected and a part of each other’s lives. We don’t have to be together in the same physical space, as “proximity” sometimes is too close, especially if we need to be apart to work through things, realize, see, experience and evolve in our own…

Once we truly connect, on a SOUL LEVEL, we are FAMILY. This doesn’t change. Just our location and purposes/roles together do. Sometimes we realize that we are not meant to be together in the same physical space and we respect this…. because WE LOVE AND RESPECT OURSELVES and we love and respect them too…..

In the old days (lower vibrational realities of unconsciousness), we stayed together out of need, lack, safe and played out distortions unconsciously. Here we don’t do that, as it actually “protects” each from expanding/growing/learning (if you will).

As STAR Light BEings and Soul Families here, we are always connected and ONE from within us…. WE don’t separate off as we once did. We do not live in “miss” or “need”, as those were human created relationships. WE come together to inspire, uplift, empower and support each other…. The flip side is that if one is not ready, this is EXTREMELY VISIBLE HERE…. and we respect this too. This just means that their heart is not fully open and they “for their reasons” don’t trust to open them with us. We often become the “bad guys” to “fear” because we can go straight to the DEPTH OF THEIR SOUL and see what they are not ready to see. This is okay, honor this… it’s beyond important for us all.

Our relationships are very different and each must come to open up fully, learn to come together, learn to trust each other, learn to support each other and share…. (Humans don’t do well with this one, as there are many mis-perceptions and old programs deeply ingrained within). It’s okay, they will… Trust… as these higher light filaments and encodements awaken them too, in their way, exactly as they as a SOUL CHOSE to experience everything here.

Trust, honor, love and respect…. yourself and each other. This is key. Where you have not accessed the deepest part of your soul existence, then someone/something will assist you with this. An experience is what this is called…. ♥

Many do not realize that we do deeply love and respect each other. We don’t all want to be together all of the time, live together in the same space. Actually it’s quite the opposite. Everything is! ♥

Have compassion for you, respect and love for you, kindness towards you and you open the door for all of your relationships to RETURN this for you as you do.

Trust…. open up… communicate… share…. let the old ways go (and those who are determined to still “live there”). This opens doorways/portals/gateways anew for us all and the most amazing and brilliant experiences here! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Good Cheer: The Gift of Joy; the Joy of Gifting – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Santa’s Coming! New Paintings for the Holiday’s … Santa Watchin’ the Clock by Barb Ross @ Oceanview Gallery


Good Cheer: The Gift of Joy; the Joy of Gifting

I’ve been watching one miracle after another being worked offstage. They can’t be talked about yet. They will one day.

Gifting someone is like setting a feast on the table. Everyone gets to partake. The joy that’s created is the main dish. The love is the dressing.

That’s what’s meant by “good cheer,” is it not? Sharing joy with each other?

And now I know that joy is a constituent of the Fifth Dimension so we get to spend a little time in a higher vibration.

I’ve watched this gifting happening and I see that the giver giving and the recipient giving heartfelt thanks in return is a complete exchange.

If there is any accrued benefit, heavens, pay it forward.

Joy, bliss, love – these are the Divine. They aren’t just qualities. They’re far more substantially God than that – in my opinion.

I can tell you one miracle. As background to this one, please know that some years ago when I thought Pre-NESARA funds were near, I went shopping for an apartment and Archangel Michael, in a reading with Linda Dillon, said it would be easy. I ended up choosing the very first one I saw.

Of course Pre-NESARA never came and I didn’t buy the apartment. But he still had me find it on the very first go. And I never forgot that.

So hold onto that image.

A friend had to find a new apartment and had only a few days – over Christmas!!! – to do it. I already know Michael watches over her so I said to her to start in the section of town that was best for her. When we got there, I said that the building to the left is one I’d always wanted to live in.  We went over to it.

Two people were standing outside the building. We asked them about it and they enthused and then said, as a matter of fact, they were leaving their apartment. Would we like to have a look? Oh, yes.

We went up and their apartment had THE BEST VIEW of Vancouver, bar none, anywhere. The epicenter of the city. The view I’d die for.

Looking out over English Bay, nestled in the arms of two promontories, opening onto Vancouver Island and the sea beyond. Unimpeded view because there’s a park in front of her building – and then the ocean. Six hundred yards to beaches and the sea.

Of course she took it.  But the point I want to make is that it was the very first apartment in the very first building that we looked at AND it had the very best view of Vancouver, which to her was worth … lots.

Thank you, Michael. You do one heckuva job with real estate.

Oh, oh … one more joke before I go and get ready for Christmas Eve?

At one point my relationship was looking to move to an apartment on my floor. Michael said when does she want to move? And I jokingly said how about the end of the month? And he said, alright.

And I said how can that be, Lord? I haven’t heard my neighbor Theresa say that she’s moving. And he said, they never know until right before they go.

I roared. We never needed to test him out, but he sure delivers on new shelter.

Michael told me in a reading that we’d be seeing miracles occurring at a faster and faster rate from now on.

I believe it. It’s due to the privileges accorded me by sitting in this seat that I’m able to watch gracious and uplifting experiments in giving going on at this moment.

And by people who all but wish to remain nameless.

Keep it up, those who know whom I’m speaking to. You’re setting a wonderful example and building the new template in humanitarian philanthropy. This is the time that was foretold when exactly these things would begin happening.

Joy to everyone as they prepare for Christmas Eve and Christmas.



Santa’s Coming! New Paintings for the Holiday’s … Santa Watchin’ the Clock by Barb Ross @ Oceanview Gallery

It IS the NOW The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


It IS the NOW The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie



Dear Ascending Ones,The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

We, the Arcturians, are with you as always, and we want you all to know that you that you can contact us whenever you need assistance. Many of you have asked us about the survival of your money. Many of you will live to see the end of money. Money was, and still is, the creation of the dark ones, who are often known as the Illuminati.

Money in your reality is merely numbers or pieces of paper, and very little of the “money” that the people receive have any value at all. It has no value because the gold that is supposed to “back up the money,” is not at all affiliated with the holders of the money.

The gold only has power because your present day humans have decided to believe that money has power. It is not the “money” that has power, but the ones who hold the money, and “somewhere” within the realm of the Illuminati, gold supposedly backs th money.

The ancient Incans had so much gold in their reality that it had no power at all. It was just a shinny rock. They weaved beautiful objects, which they used as money. These weavings had true value, as they carried the love of the ones who created them.

However, within your NOW, money primarily has “power over others,” and “a means to manipulate.” Very often, in fact, more often than not, those who give the greatest contributions to your world have much less money than the very rich who horde their money or use it to havepower over others.

Money has been a means of control for many cycles of your reality. It is for this reason that fifth dimensional Earth will NOT have any money. Instead, fifth dimensional Earth has instant manifestation.

Since all fifth dimensional beings have the ability to instantly manifest whatever is necessary, there is no need to buy or sell. Instead, you simply go to your replicator and create it. Your Star Trek shows were correct about the “replicators.”

In fact, you have them now, but the Illuminati have taken and hidden them. If everyone could simply replicate what they needed, how could the Dark Ones make you spend your “money” to get what you need?

In fact, once the replicators are released to ALL of humanity, the Dark Ones will have NO power over, except through whatever violent acts they create to gain “power over” humanity. However, because of the Illuminati’s need to have power over others, their consciousness is so low that they will not be joining you in the fifth dimension.

The Illuminati will finally have to live within Gaia’s Operating System in which “energy out is energy back.” As Gaia steadily enters the higher fourth and fifth dimension, time will fade and finally disappear.

Then, the “time” between when the Illuminati puts out their negative control, and the time it takes for that darkness return to those senders, will end. Therefore, when the Illuminati send out fear and darkness, they will instantly receive fear and darkness.

Simultaneously, all those who have sent out love and light, will instantly receive love and light. Blessings to our ascending ones! The days of hiding and suffering will end.

When there is “NO” time between what one sends out and what one receives, Love and Light will instantly return to those who send it. Conversely, those who send out fear and darkness will instantly receive the very fear and darkness that they have sent out.

It is within that NOW that Gaia will ascend.

Within that NOW, those who have lived via power over others will no longer be able to attach their consciousness, and thus their form, to Gaia’s increasingly higher dimensional planet. Furthermore, the fear and lack of control of one’s life that the Illuminate has sent out will instantly return to the them.

This event is not a punishment. Instead, it is a gift. When Gaia resonated to a lower frequency, the Illuminati did not get the return experience of their selfish ways within the lifetime that they sent it out. Therefore, they did not learn.

In the same manner, those who put out love and light for many years, and have often suffered because of the unfairness of their world, will be able to receive the return blessing of all the love and light that they have shared with others.

In this manner, humanity will easily learn that sending love and light to others creates an ongoing cycle of love and light, and love and light. Within this energetic cycle, humanity will more easily remember their Multidimensional Self, as well as their higher dimensional Starship and Homeworld.

They will also remember that the carefulness and protection that had been so necessary in all past third dimensional incarnations can be released within the safety and unity consciousness of fifth dimensional realities.

Because fifth dimensional realities are based on Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light, every ONE lives within the safety of Love and Light. We realize that this concept is almost beyond belief for many of our ones who are living on third dimensional Earth.

However, Gaia’s frequency will begin to logarithmically progress into the higher frequencies as She enters into the realms of fifth dimensional reality. Just as a flower releases the leaves that surrounded and protected the “bud” of the flower until it was ready to bloom, the third dimensional shell that has been surrounding Gaia will also be released.

As Gaia’s fifth dimensional Flower of Life blooms into its true glory, the “bud” of physical Earth that once surrounded it, will soon be forgotten. In the same manner, the darkness that now holds your world in fear will also be soon forgotten. Already, the rays of higher light are moving more and more deeply into the core of Gaia.

The core of Gaia’s Earth has remained fifth dimensional, even though the entire surface of the planet was greatly damaged by the pillaging and wars that were created by those who sought “power over” others.

Since their lives were spend in the pursuit of “power over others,” their consciousness has become so low that they will not be able to perceive the glorious NOW in which Gaia completes Her third dimensional expression blossoms into Her true multidimensional, planetary SELF.

We remind you again that since the energy that has been sent out over your many incarnations on Gaia will return to the senders. Because the cause and the effect will be within the same incarnation, it will be easier for the un-awakened ones to remember their true Multidimensional SELF.

They will also remember the victories, failures, loves and sorrows of other incarnations, so that they will no longer need to repeat the same situations in life, after life, after life. As the evolution of humanity accelerates, and eventually moves into the fifth dimensional NOW, humans will be able to heal the many wounds they have inflicted on their Mother Planet.

As Gaia returns to Her pristine, Planetary SELF, Her planetary ascension into the fifth dimension and beyond will greatly accelerate. Simultaneously, those who have given their light, love and dedication to assist Gaia and her inhabitants, will also experience an acceleration of their ascension process.

It was always meant that Earth was to be a “Learning Planet,” where the residents could learn mastery of their own energy fields. However, the Illuminati were able to temporarily disrupt that “learning program,” by creating such fear and domination that the inhabitants of Earth were reduced to mere survival.

As the informed humans know, more and more non-human species of Earth are “dying off.” However, they are not actually dying. Instead, they are being relocated to fifth dimensional Earth. This relocation is a form of ascension in that the frequency of their resonance dictates the frequency of Earth to which their form will adhere.

Because the animal kingdom lives in unity consciousness with the planet, cares for their families, and is free of greed, they live as members of the planet, as well as the higher astral realms. Therefore, they will naturally expand into the higher, fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

On the other hand, the Illuminati wearing human bodies do NOT live as members of the planet. Instead, they live as “power over others” invaders of the planet. Thus, as the cycle of third dimensional Earth moves into its completion, they will not be able to adhere their consciousness or their form to the higher dimensions of Gaia’s planetary self.

Because of their power-over-others choices, their consciousness resonates to such a low frequency that they will not be able to perceive the transition of reality into the fifth dimension. Hence, they will remain with that which is ending, as opposed to being able to join that which is beginning.

This situation is not meant as a punishment. However, as Gaia’s third dimensional cycle come into its completion, and Her resonance moves into the higher frequencies of reality, those who trapped themselves in the third and lower fourth dimensions of Gaia, will not be able to perceive and/or experience Gaia’s victorious ascension.

On the other hand, those who have sent out the love and light, as well as service to others and to Gaia, will be able to perceive the fifth dimensional frequencies of love that will usher Gaia and her ascending inhabitants back into their innate frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

This process will be assured by the higher frequencies of light that are flowing into Gaia’s planet, as well as into all of Her life forms. However, only those who have learned Gaia’s lesson of “energy out equals energy back” will enjoy that experience.

Those who have sent out fear and control will receive back the very fear and control that they have forced ont other people, as well as animals, elementals and the body of Gaia. They will notenjoy the process.

Some of them will realize what they have done to others, and will have the opportunity to adapt to the higher light by giving loving assistance to others. It is through giving “service to others” that one remembers that Gaia’s operating system includes “energy out equal energy back.’

Meanwhile, the higher Gamma and Delta Waves of light will continually enter dear Gaia’s planetary aura. These frequencies carry the frequency of transmutation of all reality from the third/fourth dimension into the fourth/fifth dimension.

As humanity is ready to embrace the same operating system that much of the plant and animal kingdom have always lived, which is living within the HERE of the NOW, humans will begin to awaken to the fact that Earth is a living orb within a cosmic network of various frequencies, which make up many versions of reality.

In fact, within your NOW, higher and higher frequency waves are entering your atmosphere, your planet, and all life, included humanity, who are living on Earth. Please see the below illustration of how these energy waves are flowing around and through Gaia’s Planetary body.

For more information about these waves of light, please see: HERE

Just as these waves of higher frequency light are entering Gaia’s Earth body, they are also entering your human body to activate neural networks within your brain, as well as your physical vessel, in a manner that they have NEVER been activated during ANY of our incarnations on Earth.

As new areas of your brain and overall nervous system are “calibrated” to the higher frequencies of light, your “junk DNA” will be triggered. Please see: HERE

As your 97% “junk DNA” is “switched ON” by these higher frequencies of light, your right and left hemisphere will unite to activate your “whole brain thinking.” This whole brain thinking (see above link) will facilitate the activation of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

This activation “back into your innate fifth dimensional consciousness,” will allow you full access to your true, Multidimensional SELF, as well as to the many versions of reality that your fifth dimensional SELF is able to incorporate into your daily thoughts and emotions.

In other words, you will return to your SELF, to your Starship, to your Homeworld and to the higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF from whom you were separated by your limited third dimensional thoughts and emotions.

Is it the “NOW” for YOU to accept this activation? Think about it, for soon, you may be called on to make that choice.

Blessings from the Arcturians

HERE  Is the link to a great article from James Gilliland’s Article in which he states he gives his permission to, “send this article far and wide.”

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:54 PM

Increase in FREQUENCIES ~ A Powerful Realignment – L’Aura Pleiadian

unknown artist


Increase in FREQUENCIES ~ A Powerful Realignment


Now you know deep within you, the transformations that are taking place, as you are beginning to see things differently.

All has always been, the level of your consciousness.

There is a MOMENTUM which is and has always been regulated through the LIGHT Codes and Transmissions, you receive. 

When you are ready the full alignment will be your full Transformation, through which you call your Ascension experience. 

To the degree of your Frequency expansion, is the degree through which you witness the changes, within, and through the reality you perceive.

I am speaking to you through the Council meeting now.

We Are Aligning and Realigning your Light Body, in Holy Preparation for your full integration and realignment with your Original Light. This knowing is not NEW to you. Yet the experiences will FEEL very new.

This is your integration and Alignment with all levels of your Light Body.

We are the Overseers, the regulations team, throughout the Universe. You know us at the cellular level of your Consciousness.

We are the Council of Overseers and we disperse the Light Codes and the INCREASE in frequencies that function to SHIFT your awareness and the levels through which you as Light, flow through.

You are NOW entering into the New Horizon of Light.

This New Horizon of Light is the Realignment with your Light Body at the levels of your Pure Light that exist throughout all Dimensions and Parallel Worlds.

ALL consciousness transforms and receives this, NOW.

Each Being according to their Blueprint and Original Light.

Your Uniqueness will become apparent to you. HOW you receive this.

The Integration process is very profound as you realize the changes that begin to take place at a very ACCELERATED Level now.

The shifts in your body ARE regulated.

The physical form through which you function through is transforming into this Pure Light State. It is the Light projection through which you experience life on Earth.

Your Alignment and Realignment will shift your physical body. You will feel this realignment even NOW.

Your body will adjust to this ACTIVATION.

As things shift, your body will shift and feel different. It will function in new levels and the thought process will adjust as well. You will think differently when the alignment is complete.

Receive these Light Codes, your UPGRADE now.

This frequency transmission is a deep CELLULAR transmutation, as the levels of your consciousness are aligning and realigning, with your Light Body, throughout all dimensions, NOW.

Transmission received.

ALL Glory to the Divine Light, throughout All Universes, NOW.

The GRACE through which this is Transmitted.

We ARE Present, as the Light of All That is.

Arrangement of human feature lines and symbolic elements on the subject of human mind consciousness imagination science and creativity



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A Glimpse into the Past by Maryham – A Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus – Natalie Glasson


Art : Magdalene by Katia Honour @ Deviant Art


A Glimpse into the Past by Maryham

A Gathering with Mary Magdalene and Jesus


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 23rd December 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

As I viewed the scene before me, my heart glowed with such delight; I felt as if a golden well of light had awoken within the core of my soul overflowing into my entire being. My body shimmered and pulsated in rhythm with the light unfolding. As if reflecting the truth emerging within my being a blazing fire had been created in the centre of our gathering. Friends, family, and members of the Essene community sat in a large circle around the fire. Everyone was busy talking, sharing, laughing and expressing their truth, the atmosphere was lively as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon surrounding us in a darkness which seemed to only enhance the love present within our community.

Jesus sat opposite me, tonight he was dressed in pale blue robes, every inch of his body and face emanated love, a love that seemed to touch my heart and seep into the depths of my soul without him even looking at you. He always had this wonderful ability, that even when it seemed he was not focused upon you, that his attention was elsewhere discussing an important matter with the person beside him, it still felt as if he was giving you his complete attention as if he was completely present with you and no other. I found his ability to be breathtakingly astonishing. It healed the wounds of separation in my heart each time I was in his presence.

Tonight, Jesus was sitting close to Mary Magdalene; his face was lit with amusement as words passed his mouth that I could not hear. Mary Magdalene dressed in the same coloured pale blue robes, threw her head back expressing a laugh which seemed to emanate the magnetic femininity of her essence. There were always children surrounding Mary Magdalene and Jesus wherever they went and tonight was no exception. Children of all ages were attracted to the innocent nature of these two sacred beings who appeared to exist in complete oneness and harmony when they were together. Jesus lent forward, his left hand resting on the shoulder of a young boy knelt beside him. His eyes glimmered as he shared his words with the children sitting at their feet. Before long they too laughed loudly with great amusement.

I felt prompted within to step forward, the golden chalice given to Jesus at his birth by his grandmother, Anna, held in my hands. Anna had come to me earlier that day to deliver the golden chalice into my hands describing to me my purpose for this evening. Now with the golden chalice held in front of my heart, I began to meditatively walk around the fire, slowly and thoughtfully, drawing the energy of Mother Earth up through my feet, into my heart chakra and entire being. As I completed my third circle around the fire the attention of the community was now upon me. I stood with the fire warming my back and my heart emanating to Jesus and Mary Magdalene before me. My eyes first met Grandmother Anna, sitting on the left side of Jesus, her eyes carried her energy to me and reminded me of all the wisdom she had imparted to me before the ceremony. My actions at this moment were guided by her, I was barely 14 years old, with my confidence waning slightly at the honour and responsibility of my role in the ceremony, Grandmother Anna’s energy enthused me with such strength. Next, I gazed at Mother Mary dressed in deep blue robes, she almost seemed to be invisible against the night sky as she sat next to Mary Magdalene. She was holding Mary Magdalene’s hand as it rested upon her knee. Grace filled my being as Mother Mary, so familiar to me, smiled and nodded gently for me to begin.

Inhaling deeply, I centred my focus upon my heart chakra. I allowed all the joy that my soul embodied to fill my heart chakra flowing upwards into my throat chakra. I opened my mouth and allowed my soul to sing, my voice gentle yet strong, soothing yet alive filled the space between us all. We became one; each person was one with my voice, and I was experiencing complete unity with our community. My soul sang through my voice without the intervention of my mind, a song we were all familiar with, a song that spoke of the love of the Angelic Kingdom for each man, women, and child upon the Earth. There was a moment of silence before another familiar song was expressed which spoke in a language unknown to us. All I knew was that the song spoke of the eternal and infinite connection that all can experience with the Creator.

The tone, rhythm, and speed of my voice changed as a new song echoed in my ears. A language we all understood describing the dance of the divine feminine and divine masculine as they intertwine and merge together. The sacred being channeling through me spoke of the presence of the divine feminine and divine masculine on the inner planes and how this existed in unison and harmony within each of us. An energy and aspect of each being upon the Earth that required to be honoured, nurtured and embodied. While the song did not speak of the physical union between the divine masculine and divine feminine upon the Earth, instead the unison of two aspects of the Creator, intention, and embodiment, present within every being. It did speak of an energy of creation being born from the synthesis of the Creator’s intention and embodiment or nurturing energies, which we label the divine masculine and divine feminine. The song began to focus upon the creation born from the Creator’s intention and nurturing energies. As the last words left my lips in almost a whisper, an image of a beautiful baby girl was left in the minds of all. With this vision pulsating in the third eye of our community, we all experienced a deep-seated familiarity and connection to this soul, as if she was already a part of our being, community and family. We recognised the energy she held; it was that of Mary Magdalene, and Jesus synthesised with their beauty emanating, and yet there was an innocence likened to that of the Christ Consciousness our original consciousness gifted to humanity long before my current existence. The essence of this soul seemed to dance with joy and happiness in our inner and outer silence.

I walked slowly towards Mary Magdalene, her eyes alive with excitement and gratitude. ‘This is for you, beloved one. As you know, it was given to Jesus at his birth by Grandmother Anna as a recognition of his truth and purpose upon the Earth. While we all know, his earthly days are becoming few, this golden chalice is gifted to you by Grandmother Anna, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Creator in recognition and celebration of the soul incarnating, forming and developing within your womb now. The presence of this soul is entering the world to carry forth and continue to anchor the fusion of the divine masculine and divine feminine, which you have both connected with and embodied within your being. She will reflect and emanate the essence of your sacred union with Jesus, the union of your souls as one soul, twin flames in full realisation of each other.’

‘Thank you Maryham,’ Grandmother Anna spoke, ‘Mary Magdalene, you are aware of this we know, we simply felt guided to honour the child that will bless our family and to gift you with the golden chalice which will always remind you of her truth. One day Mary Magdalene, you will gift this golden chalice to your daughter when she conceives continuing to anchor the pure consciousness that you and Jesus have awoken within many upon the Earth. Please accept our gift and the love that flows with it.’

‘Thank you all, I feel truly blessed, I gratefully receive your love, blessings, and the golden chalice, which I will safeguard for Sar’h,’ Mary Magdalene stood to receive the golden chalice, then wrapping her arms around me as tears rolled down her cheeks.

‘Sar’h!’ exclaimed Mother Mary, ‘What a beautiful and perfect name.’

‘Yes, we both received her name directly from her soul, it is her choosing, and it is most appropriate,’ shared Jesus.

Our community rose to their feet beginning to discuss the exciting news of a new baby being born into our community. I was congratulated many times for my expression of truth and the grace in which the essence of the child was anchored into all present. It meant that when Sar’h was born all would feel such a strong and meaningful connection with her. Our celebrations continued into the evening as we danced and sang until we could no longer, honouring and enjoying our divine connection with the Creator as it interweaved through our beings and lives with such perfection.


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Art : Magdalene by Katia Honour @ Deviant Art

Your Developing Crystals In Your Physical Body: Crystalline Light Body Structures – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Your Developing Crystals In Your Physical Body: Crystalline Light Body Structures

For years I have worked with the developing the crystals in my own physical body structure, which DEVELOP ON THEIR OWN for us as we HOLD the HIGHEST VIBRATION OF CHRISTED LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS AS SOURCE within our own BEing….
This is an intricate process and one that will challenge everything you are as a human. The upgrade process is immense and will “rule your world” for awhile, as you RETURN to BEing a Crystal, BEing a CHRISTED/LIGHT BEING, BEing an Avatar BEing here.Your body is constantly in upgrade mode, constantly in purification mode, constantly in cleansing cellular everything move and evolving into something the little/limited human mind cannot comprehend.

The activation and formation of these crystals defies all things logical. This is not a logical process. This is a Galactic, Godlike, Cosmic and Multi-Dimensional process of EVOLUTION BACK into who and what you truly are… not one thing, but all things merging as one, inside your physical body vessel that continually adapts itself, recalibrates itself, restructures itself according to YOUR HIGHER LIGHT ENCODEMENTS, complex (to the human but simple to us) mathematic/geometric codes and sequences, held in your own energy field of super consciousness. This field floats around your entire body and when your heart/mind and all of you is totally open, activates to move into/embed in your physical body for you. This is a long process that has been occurring your entire physical existence here. Human aspects “think” it’s just beginning. This alone is separation that exists within.

Cosmic/planetary/Universal frequencies activate in every moment, yet not outside of you, within. Your perception is “it’s out there”. This too is human separation. It is “out there” and inside of you simultaneously, for your body exists within this whole field. Your human identifies with your body. Your soul is the whole field. Your ability to merge the physical body and the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS within your structure and hold all of this information, gifts/abilities and attributes for your NEW EARTH HUMAN EXISTENCE is a continual process for you to be fully multi-dimensional here.

Your Avatar abilities are determined by your DEVELOPED CRYSTALS that take form inside of you. This occurs as you and your body work together and you become ENERGY AGAIN. Pure Conscious Energy walking in physical form that adapts to your consciousness as you intentionally and continually integrate and embed these codes within you.

This embedding is a huge process, as all of the density in your physical body systems (glands/organs/communication) and structures (bones/teeth/spine) must de-densify and the physical matter in your physical body continually take new form. Your human likes to control the process, which inner-fears, instead of assisting, honoring and supporting it to create ease and “faster” evolution here. As your body clears the density of all things separation/unconscious, your bones will start to contract and expand, your cells, your spine, your brain, your skin, your flesh… as your energy constantly expands and contracts to “do” this process for you. Unconscious humans try to fit what is happening into old belief boxes of doubt or diagnosis, instead of truly opening up to see. This alone creates great suffering that need not be as uncomfortable as humans make it. Intentional participation eases all and is key.

Your crystals are developing, which give you infinite capabilities here. The more developed they are, the easier everything is. Along the way, you will “oscillate” between becoming a receiver, a transmitter, a simultaneous transmitter/receiver, beyond POWERFUL from within. Yet in order to gain this POWER, you must be continually be taken “offline” to tune. Your physical body is continually working harder than your human aspect can understand.

You will become SOURCE and generate your own POWER, regulate your own body, adapt (shape-shift energetically/physically) to conditions present and your crystals/crystalline structure will give you the ability to PROCESS AT A RIDICULOUS RATE…. information that you did not have access to before.

You are BECOMING a natural and organic, living, breathing BEYOND INTELLIGENT bio-organism and eco-system within and throughout. At your highest capabilities, your body processes everything simultaneously. 360 degree range and through BEING a FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, aware of everything in your field. You/Your structure takes all of this information and processes it instantly FOR YOU….. all you do is exist…. It’s beyond beautiful to experience here. Existence is pristine, easy and beyond magnificent here.

The lower density emotions gone, the lower density thoughts gone, these were in the way. Yes there are times that you feel like you don’t feel, yet feeling is different here. You are ALWAYS IN A SPACE OF PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE, pure DIVINE POWER, PURE CREATION as PURE SOURCE LIGHT…. you don’t ever leave this space once you achieve this fully within. You have achieved the ability to shift intentionally into any of your aspects, depending on the situation that calls for this. Your POWER, KNOWLEDGE AND PURITY RETURNED gives you this capability here. You are never again susceptible to anything human. You recognize it, yet it holds no power here. Just like a computer, you process and the more DEVELOPED CRYSTALS the faster you process. The human aspect processes slowly and takes forever. When you are upgrading you will find that processing is virtually impossible and that you must just “BE” in order to honor this process. Each upgrade can take hours, days, months. The more carbon-based, the longer the duration the process. The more light your body holds, the faster the process. Sometimes it only takes a few moments, then you come back online again.

You are also always synchronizing to all things…. inner earth/outer earth, your Crystalline Grid with Earth/Gaia/Terra Nova’s Crystalline Grid and all of the StarGates that are now continually activating and synchronizing too. Your HUman STARGATE System comes online more and more as you do. Your FULLY DEVELOPED CRYSTALS are what give you the capability to travel through StarGates and embody VASTNESS of all of your existences here. It’s beyond beautiful to experience!

I speak this not from a space of “one day” this will occur. I speak this from my own experiences and evolution here. Through my own achievements as an EMBODIED LIGHT BEING who functions from this place/this space all of the time. Our developed crystals/crystalline structures give us capabilities we did not have access to as a carbon-based human. WHO WE ARE NOW is beyond anything comprehensible, yet it is so very simple. We are not doing this, we’ve done it. It’s occurring for everyone who chose (as a StarLight BEing/Soul) to continue through with physical ascension and embodiment here.

WE are the foundation of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS REALITIES. We are working in all dimensions simultaneously, consciously and continually and we anchor those realities here. WE are in “those other dimensions” and DOING IN THIS ONE … WHAT IT TAKES… for all to experience our NEW EARTH realities now. WE are the future in this now. We are the Ancients, the Elders, the Galactics, the Holy & Pure Ones… walking in physical form….to guide, assist and re-educate all who are ready to join us/be a part of this/come along.

WE all have such important roles and our contribution is EQUALLY important to the whole. Not one person here doesn’t have this capability or access. Each does determine HOW they choose to experience this and DO this process that is occurring for all. ♥

I love you all. Get ready. We have moved into the NEXT PHASE and we PREPARE for the next most awesome everything to materialize in physical form for us all! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Key-Code Holder & Guardian of our NEW Earth

A photo with just a few our magnificent Andaras and Crystal Skulls, which have assisted me so beautifully with my own activations & merging at an exponential rate over the years too. The subtleness softens our integration substantially. Becoming an Andarian again a few years ago was pivotal for me here too! When my skull moved into optimization mode as a Crystal Skull, these became prominent for my work with my own Crystalline LightBody and our Crystal Kindom continues to expand as I do too! I’ve slept with and worked continuously with a multitude of crystals, minerals and galactic structures as a part of my own physiological evolution here. ♥ The other is the 200 crystals I slept with for over 2 years upgrading intensly and getting my physical body vibration up as high as possible for physical ascension in 2013, after consciousness ascension in 2012. More andara photos as they are very prominent in our lives! ♦

Do You Hear What I Hear? Receiving the Gifts of This Holy Season – Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel


Do You Hear What I Hear?

 Receiving the Gifts of This Holy Season

Please listen to the gift of our special free Christmas meditation here.

Dear Ones,

Hark! The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? The Angels are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during this special time called Christmas.

Can you hear the Angels whispering to you? Listen with your heart. Allow your whole being to be receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you throughout your soul’s existence. They are here now with one voice singing the idea of Unity within all beings. Making a joyful noise, they offer you the gifts of Divine Light, Grace and a Love beyond your understanding. Receive it into your heart and shine this blessed Light out into the world.

As you are receptive now, it allows the gift of Divine Grace to fill your being. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to bring greater coherence, respect and an honoring of the gifts the Earth supplies freely in abundance. When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves that make up the Earth.

Your Birthright

In fact, it is your birthright to live in harmony with the Earth, to feel Divine Love in your being and the power of Life Force surging through you in ever-increasing waves. Allow it to spark every cell in your body and increase love within your being. As you do this, you glow as a radiant light. It shines forth from you and you become the Light to the World that the earth needs right now.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries conscious awareness of a greater Truth, it is a part of your Soul Purpose. While the apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, what could you need more than Light? At this holy time the Light of the Christed energy is more available than ever before. This blessing carries Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you that holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and Love, and share it with others. Radiate Light to your government and the world leaders. Send it to areas of chaos in the world, and to those who work hard to ease the suffering in those places. Transmit Divine Light to the environment, and to all the living beings on this beautiful planet.

Shine the healing Light onto yourself and your families. This energy activates the power that inspires you into Divine Right Action. It is a powerful way to bring harmony and overcome hopelessness within yourself and the world.

And then there were Angels

As you celebrate the gifts of this Christmas season, there are many who remember the presence of Angels during this time more than at any other time of the year.

Legions of Angels are gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people during the Christmas season. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your mind to receive a greater level of Divine Grace.

It is a good time to take a moment to honor and connect with your Angelic guides. Ask for personal assistance in all areas of your life and listen – really listen, as the Angels whisper in your heart. They want you to follow your heart’s message and feel the guidance available to you from the spiritual realms.

Archangel Gabriel and the Realm of Archangels

At this holy time of the year, there is also more awareness of the Archangels.

Archangel Gabriel holds the empowerment for the winter season, and stories abound of his intervention throughout the ages during the darkest nights. The Archangels are given Divine charge over all communities, nations and seasons.

During the 12 Holy Nights beginning December 24, the Archangels freely erase all boundaries between nations and factions. The Light of True Peace prevails in the Heavenly realms, and is available to be called forth onto the Earth.

Join with the angelic host to spread this Light through your own life and pray for healing of all nations and families. Use this pervasive light from the Archangels to bring greater consciousness through you and all beings on earth. This energy can make a true difference, bringing Peace within all hearts.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

The realms of the Angels are available as never before during this precious window of time. There is a stillness of this season that pervades the northern hemispheres as the earth sleeps in the darkest time of the year. People know the sunlight will return, and it is the same with the spiritual realms. With faith, you Know that in the darkest of times, the Divine Light will prevail.

There are ancient traditions that honor the return of the Light following the Winter Solstice. As you allow your soul to rest in the depth of the darkness, you can symbolically come into the clarity of the Light and receive a much-needed gift by creating a personal ritual for this time that has meaning for you.

Consider the beauty of the symbols within the Twelve Nights of Christmas. You can use the time from December 24 through January 5 as an inner journey to give birth to the sunlight in your being, and illuminate the darkness within and around you. As the Archangels use this powerful time to end separation, they create an opportunity for true Peace on Earth when this empowered energy is focused on peaceful coexistence.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas act as windows to your soul’s purpose and can empower your new year.

More information about the Holy Nights is available here.

Peace on Earth and Good Will Prevails

By creating your personal traditions and meaningful ritual for this Holy Season, you can use the spiritual support that is available to you. With this support and your clear intentions, you can experience transformation within your being and blessings in your life. Do not let the material world overpower the beauty and depth that truly exists during this special time.

Allow Divine Light to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and open-hearted acceptance of Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit. Receive this gift and allow the Light of the Christ to be born within you during this Holy Season.

Let Divine Light shine forth from you now so there may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: December 18, 2016


Our Christmas Gift to You

Please enjoy a beautiful guided meditation from Archangel Gabriel and Shanta that celebrates the birth of the Christ spirit within you.

Listen online at here.

Also, be sure to read our Celebration of the 12 Holy Nights series. Available here.

Solstice healing ritual by Mother Mary: The birthing of divine union and the rebirth of your inner twin – Linda Grace Antara Ma


Mother Mary – unknown artist


Solstice healing ritual by Mother Mary: The birthing of divine union and the rebirth of your inner twin

Greetings beloved lightbearers this is mother Mary coming to you on the ray of divine love of christhood asking you to open your hearts wide open on this glorious solstice day and portal, which is an introduction of a new feminine quality of the golden purple magenta ray of light. It is a divine gift from Creator to accelerate the anchoring of the divine feminine. We applaud you dear ones, so many of you have done much inner work to heal and transform your inner wounds on the divine feminine and to come forward in your vulnerability, which is indeed your greatest strength.. something many of you haven´t dared to do for lifetimes, because of deeply imprinted memories of being silenced, condemned and punished for honoring the goddess in you. It has been said before, and yet it must be said again… to make the shift of consciousness and create divine balance, it is critical that you embrace the divine feminine within in all her aspects. There are some misunderstandings in relation to as how to do so. It is an inner commitment to serve and yes it is no commitment that comes without trials. It is easy to fall back into old patterns, when we are challenged by people or situations that trigger our memory of eons of repression…. patterns of hiding in the background and letting others step forwards and speak up, it is easy to hide behind layers of ego and pretence dressing up in beautiful garments to abstract from your shielded hearts and yet on the inside not giving space for the beauty of the goddess to touch you, not trusting in her guidance, but falling back at what mind is telling you and hence remaining in the comfort zone of what is familiar and what feels safe to you. The divine feminine is about trusting and surrendering in each moment to your feelings and your heart´s divine guidance (intuition). However it is not enough to just trust and listen, but to put it into action, to speak out your truth and express yourself diligently, uncompromisingly and with confidence. Yes this might be frightening, but I assure you, that if you dare to take that leap of faith the blessings bestowed upon you will be infinite, it will strengthen and empower you to express yourself even more. Each time you allow truth to be spoken thru you, each time you follow your heart´s inner promptings you will become more whole, more in alignment with your divine self and overall more balanced. The power of presence of the divine feminine is of outmost importance to create balance and divine union in the heart of humanity and it is urgently needed to stabilize mother earth and the electro magnetic field, as she is going thru very turbulent times shedding thousands of years of patriachal abuse off her skin. Remember dear ones, each one of you are carrying an inner hologram of the planet within your energetical field, and as such you are pillar of lights and anchors for the grid system of the planet, each and every one of you. So when you create divine balance within, you will act as catalysts for mother earth of divine balance and stabilization, which is much needed. As such you are all anchor points.

And how to create this balance beloveds…  first it is necesary to understand that in this universe there is no duality, no higher or lower, there is however divine opposites yin and yang, which the divine feminine and masculine represents in the cosmic hologram. Therefore it is paramount to give both aspects in you due rights to express themselves and co-exist as equals. To understand and discern when which aspect and energy is more appropriate, this however is not complicated, because when the two of them are aligned, the divine feminine in you, will be the aspect in you, which will guide and prompt you how to deal with and act in different situations and interact with others. But there are indeed much contempt towards the divine masculine because of thousands of years of repression, abuse and controle by the patriachal dominion since the fall of Atlantis, which has caused a lot of denial of the divine masculine, especially in the women, but not only in the women, because men equally carry a lot of resentment and shame towards the divine masculine, because of what they have experienced in previous timelines… either being abusers themselves or witnesses to what was exercised by the ruling power, by their fellow brothers, whom they called friends or even family. It is important to face these inner feelings of contempt, pain, of anger and despair. I offer you now the opportunity to heal these wounds and to transform and release the imprint and memories, that you carry in your dna. So you are asked to please connect with the divine ray of golden purple magenta light, connect with you higher self and call on this divine ray of resurrection to cleanse, transmute and consume all energies, that keeps you from honoring and embracing both your divine feminine and divine masculine aspect…. bath in this light, let the pictures and memories wash away…… with the feelings that surface…… of grief, of hopelessness, anger and resentment and disgust… any feelings that may surface, bid them into this light of grace and call upon all aspects of your self, that you have disowned, dishonored and dis-integrated from your being, because they were to hard to bear, to hard to face, to hard to feel. Call them back now to receive the grace, the all-encompassing love, that flows thru this Solstice portal on the golden purple magenta flame from the heart of the divine mother. Make peace with all the people that your wounded divine feminine and masculine aspect attracted on your soul´s journey, with whom you experienced trauma and abuse in whatever form…………..  Now call all fragmented parts of your soul from this timeline, and from all previous timelines and realities and parallel realities to parttake in this healing ceremony. Form a circle with all these beings around you, these fragmented aspects of your self and place yourself in the middle of the circle. Offer each of them your love, send a ray of love from your heart to their heart… one by one…. take your time …… turning to each one of them in the circle offering your gift of love………………………………………….. connect your heart with your higher self, which will create an apex, a pyramid of light, which reaches up to the center of the galaxy, the galactic core and from your heart send the energy downward to the center of earth with divine intent and create a pyramid pointing downwards and anchoring in the earth star core. Now each part, an aspect of self will reconnect with you and anchor in your heart as one. You will see different faces, men and women of different cultures and timelines… all being part of who you are, all carrying memories, experience and imprints, that will now receive divine resurrection thru the divine mother. Express your gratitude to all these aspects of you for having held those energies and memories for such a long time, even for life times, but ask them now to release those energies, so that those lost aspects of you may return home and become one with you and you may return to your innate state of oneness and achieve divine union within and vibrate on the frequency of the 144000 as an embodiment of christ consciousness. Let the energy settle in your heart and expand into your whole being….. breathe it in……… Take as much time as you need to integrate into your totality all those aspects of you.. (make a pause in reading this message if needed)………………… ……………………………

And now let the energy of oneness permeate every cell and atom of your being, let the divine essence of your christ essence take space and command of your sacred vehicle. Now take a seat at the throne of God/dess… your divine feminine as well as your divine masculine side by side as allies and servants of love… as equals with mutual respect and commitment to being of service to each other, to nurture and support the other in any situation. Feel now the frequency of divine balance vibrating thru your every cell, breathe it with every heart beat…. there might still be turbulences or resistance felt in your body, but know that your body is now releasing and cleansing itself and needs time to do so… so be patient with any discordance or resistance that may surface, trust it is leaving your energetic matrix and body and give the needed time for this to happen with trust in your heart. The impact of this light transmission is giving you the needed assistence, so simply be the observer and allow yourself to watch this sacred merging of your divine feminine and divine masculine aspect in your totality… this sacred birthing of your inner twin, the Beloved within, the child that is now born thru the alchemical process of divine union. You will no longer feel the need for external validation and love, when you grant your inner twin the freedom to express its love and honor you as the divine being of love, that in truth you are…. with passion and devotion… and freedom of judgement from your now integrated wounded aspects of you….. you are now free to step up and show up as catalysts of divine union christ consciousness, you are pillars of divine balance to this earth to the frequency of the 144000. Carry this energy into the world with humbled commitment to serve the ONE source from which all life originates, mother/father/god. Thank you beloveds for your devoted hearts to serve your next and this planet on this ascension into Christhood. Blessings from On High. This is Mary, mother divine in all of you. You are immensely loved.

Transmission received by Linda Grace, Dec. 21st 2016

Completion Phase Has Been Completed: WE Did It! – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Susan Seddon Boulet


Completion Phase Has Been Completed: WE Did It!

The last few days is observing the simplicity of our existence and how easy it is. I dare not say it, (but I will), this has been the easiest and absolutely serene initiation for SOULstice, StarGate alignment, physical body upgrades, physical reality everything…. more pristine, more sacred, more beautiful, more everything….

I know we still have a couple weeks of this phase and I know that these alignments rock the human reality, because it has to, that’s how this works. Yet transcending human’ness allows for complete peace, ease and magical amazing abundant everything…. and we all came here to experience THIS PART of the PROCESS FULLY….

Embracing absolutely everything with the fullness that we are, letting go of old mental constructs and everything that represented unconsciousness leaves SPACE for all of our highest consciousness realities to materialize for us here.

Forerunners, WayShowers “suffered” the brunt of it all first. Part of it was to open all of these gateways and keep them open, anchor the light, transcend the human everything and SHOW OTHERS HOW THIS IS DONE, so that others can do this easier than we did. No more succumbing to the old ways anymore and intentionally collapsing (and often obliterating) the old AS POWER THROUGH THE PURITY OF DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE. WE ARE the PROOF. We provide the tools to experience this sooooo much easier than when we were unconscious and didn’t have the capability to fully understand. WE provide the opportUNITY for each to choose easier too, so that all can awaken to the knowledge, gifts and pure abundance that exists inside of them… in order to bring it into this physical, open up to share, open up to make a difference, focus every ounce of energy on what is truly important here. But we had to actually go through it, experience it and share as we did.

The days of sacrifice and suffering ARE OVER for those who’ve already done this part. The days of being persecuted, living from lack (in every way) are over. The days (vibrations) of unworthiness are over for those who truly get it now. The vibrations of separation are gone for those who no longer entertain or play in the old human game that now (continually) moves further into collapse so that higher light consciousness realities can materialize for all…..

Each person does go through a collapse. Inside or outside or both, is determined by how unconscious one fights to remain…..

There is a dismantling, dissolving, de-construction of all old construct realities so each can leave the matrix simulation hold. HOW ONE EXPERIENCES THIS IS DETERMINED BY HOW READY ONE IS TO REALLY TRULY EMBRACE AND JUMP….. or how much one fights and tries to hold on by way of a MISPERCEPTION OF FEAR created belief that awakening & ascension is something to fear…….

As each truly really fully starts to observe their own mentalities, thought programs and beliefs….. everything starts to become very clear….. New realities are created, new foundations start to form, new systems, new everything takes the place of the old.

The mind needs a challenge, and at first the challenge is all of the emotional energy that comes up. As this “goes”, then the higher mind is able to activate… which is where many are now.

The confusion is for those who believed the outside world. Coming to “not believe” those thoughts, what is visible, those feelings and de-code realities to understand how they create, this is a part of the process for each…..

As we move higher in vibrational frequencies to WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH FULLY…. as each is ready, they will arrive/vibrate into this reality too, cross over the RAINBOW BRIDGE, cutting those cords of attachments to everything that kept them anchored in lower frequency dimensional bandwidths of Earth that continually cease to exist.

NO, you do not have to go back…. if you can continually GOVERN YOUR MIND AND YOU…. if you can REMEMBER FULLY and you DO whatever your Universe (YOU) show you to DO. As you pull away and Master the BEING Phase, as you MASTER anchoring your own dreams and desire here, as you MASTER all things energetically/physically from inside… everything CONTINUALLY ALIGNS FOR YOU….. in response to the vibrational consciousness that you HOLD with your whole BEing here.

No, you don’t lose anything…. realities are re-aligning for you to have and be more. More love, more bliss, more magic, more peace, more everything in-alignment with your SOUL.

On this SOLstice marker point…. this is one of accomplishments, milestones and VISION OF OUR NEW…. bringing that KNOWING you have from inside of you forth, bringing those realities you most desire from that UNIFIED PLACE of purity and love forth and doing it for EVERYONE OF US…. for as you transcend human, this is no longer about you as an individual human anymore. This is about you as a part of the WHOLE, the bigger picture, how you are here to make an impact, contribute, share, inspire and THRIVE ABUNDANTLY in all things… not just one area of your life… every area will be beyond exquisite again…. AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO EXPERIENCE THIS FULLY HERE.

Yes, we did it…. and it’s a moment to continually re-JOYce …. and to expand your knowledge, energy, gifts and to start to step up as you are called…. to make a difference too. Everyone here will do this. Everyone has an important and integral part to play now.

When your heart is truly open, you always have something that you can contribute, you always have more than enough… (human looks at lack and not enough in all). As you open up, what you have to share expands too. The human mind will say “I don’t have anything or enough”. This is a story we tell ourselves until we are done believing it…..

The old dimensions of unconsciousness shall continue to increasingly collapse/converge/unify at an exponential rate beyond human comprehension …. this is the point. Everyone that chose physical ascension must physically vibrate at a higher frequency to exist in these higher vibrational realities that are already here and waiting now. ♥

I love you. Get ready. Choose your dimension with every particle and fiber of you. Your entire experience depends on this. ♥ ♦ ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Key-Code Holder & Guardian of NEW Earth ♦

Message From Your Galactic Family @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie



Message From Your Galactic Family
Through Sue Lie
We, your Galactic Family, are joyous to inform you that you, the ascending ones of humanity, as well as Mother Gaia’s planetary body, are moving into a higher dimensional, and thus more challenging, energy field.
This energy field contains many higher fourth dimensional, Delta Waves, which are the predecessors of the fifth dimensional, Gamma Waves. These energy waves are arriving in Gaia’s atmosphere from far beyond the planet, beyond your Solar System, and even beyond this Galaxy. These inter-dimensional waves of light are also multidimensional.
These waves of light will come into your reality much like ocean waves come onto the shore. There are “sets” of the highest frequency Gamma waves, followed by sets of lower frequency Delta Waves. The slightly lower frequency Delta waves give you an opportunity to adapt to the higher frequency Gamma Waves.
The Delta Waves give the receptive ones, which are those who are ready to accept a higher frequency of reality into their body, a chance to adapt to the extremely high frequency Gamma Waves. The Delta frequency waves resonate to what those on Earth might call the “fourth dimension,” whereas the Gamma frequency waves resonate to the “fifth dimension and beyond.”
We say “fifth dimension and beyond,” because once one resonates to the fifth dimension, they are no longer limited the concepts and beliefs of the physical world. Free of those concepts of limitation and being “good enough,” will allow humanity to function with a greater sense of community with each other and with their planet Gaia.
All the other beings on Gaia experience a sense of community with Gaia. Thus they do notquestion Nature. In fact all non-human members of Gaia naturally and innately flow with the cycles of Gaia. When humanity can accept the lessons that the animal kingdom is teaching, they will remember that Nature includes them.
Then, humanity will not try to change Nature, dominate Nature, or avoid Nature. Then humanity will realize that Nature IS the reality in which they have logged onto. Of course, animals do not realize that they have “logged into” a specific frequency of realty because they are NOT separate from that reality in any manner.
On the other hand, “modern man” has developed the belief that not only is humanity separate from Gaia, but they have developed the belief that they are “dominant over” Gaia. It is because of this belief that Gaia has been damaged “almost” to the edge of not being able to repair Her.
Fortunately, more and more of humanity are awakening to the FACT that Gaia is a living being. The reason why humans could be so cruel and destructive to their Mother Earth was because they believed that Earth was “just a thing.”
Humanity is the only kingdom that believes this myth, which was created by the Lost Ones who moved from planet to planet. These Lost Ones were more like renters than owners of their environment. Therefore, they could visit, leave a mess, not clean up the mess, and then move on.
This type of behavior is coming to a close because more and more human residents of Earth are remembering that Gaia is a living being. Therefore, just as they love their human family, they are remembering to love their planetary family.
It is this form of planetary love that accelerates the consciousness of humanity into the threshold of the fifth dimension. The “threshold of the fifth dimension” is not a place. The threshold to the fifth dimension is a frequency.
Living in a third dimensional realty made is possible for humans to look deeply into only onepossible reality. Within your fifth dimensional self, there are many possible realities, but there are no road maps or guidelines. In the fifth dimension, there is only HERE and NOW.
Many of you have been trying to understand the concept of a fifth dimensional HERE and NOW because your third dimensional life is directed by your past, present and future. However, in the fifth dimension, NOW, just IS.
The fifth dimensional NOW, is a collective reality in which individuality is your core, which is connected to the core of all life. You are individuals, meaning all of you have your own body, but you are simultaneously united into ONE.
Also, ONE is not a number such as 1, 2, 3… Being ONE is a state of consciousness, a fifth dimensional state of consciousness. While you are in this fifth dimensional consciousness of a reality, you are ALL ONE.
It can be difficult for one who has forgotten their fifth dimensional, and beyond expressions of SELF, to understand that the fifth dimensional “ONE” means “Unity with ALL,” whereas the third dimensional ONE means, “a singular being,” a “stand alone.”
The transition from the third/fourth dimensional ONE, singular person in search of SELF, intothe fifth dimensional ONE, “WE are ALL One,” can be difficult to describe. When humans think of the term “ONE,” you often think of one singular, specific person, disconnected from any ONE else.
But, in the fifth dimension and beyond, the ONE that includes All That IS. Being ONE is a reminder that you are intertwined with ALL life. Every molecule outside of you is actually ONEwith every other molecule in your body.
Your body is a co-operative. If any part of your body stops interacting efficiently with the rest of your body, then you become “sick.” When all of the elementals, organs, thoughts, and emotions efficiently interact with your ONE human energy field, you are in robust health.
But many of you do not think of your body as a collective. You also do not think of your reality as a collective. You may even ask, “What is a collective?” For the purpose of this message, The Collective means: shared, cooperative, communal, joint, united, mutual and/or group.
When you are ONE with your higher dimensional, telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient Self, you remember how to share your thoughts and feeling with each other in the same manner that your thoughts and feelings intermingle into your one, physical body.
When your human thoughts and feelings remain ONE with the thoughts and feelings of your higher dimensional SELF, these messages easily intertwine with your physical body.
It is through the process of expanding your consciousness UP into your Higher Self that you will remember how to create messages that interacts and becomes ONE with your body, as well as ONE with the body of the receiver of that message.
You are aware that your thoughts greatly affect your emotions, as well as your body. You may even tend to think of your thoughts as something in your brain that may or may not have any effect on your body. However, your human research has proven how your thoughts and emotions greatly affect your body.
In fact, your thoughts affect your emotions, your emotions affect your thoughts, and your thoughts and emotions greatly affect your body, and your body affects your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, your thoughts and emotions are ONE with your body.
As you realize how your body is ONE with your every thought and emotion, you may begin to question how your body affects other people’s bodies? How does the “ONE collective of your personal body” affect the “ONE collective of another person’s body?”
As you become aware of how your thoughts, emotions, and physical body influences others, your concept of ONE begins to expand. If your body is ONE collective being that influences the ONE collective being of another, are you and that other person ONE?
In the fifth dimension, the answer is YES. But in the fourth the dimension, the answer is maybe, and in the third dimension the answer is NO. Does a fifth dimensional reality have the concept of “another, separate person,” or do fifth dimensional beings have such a collective consciousness that they perceive everyone as ONE?
The members “primitive societies” have a level of Oness with their tribe, group, culture, that the “advanced societies” lost long ago in their search of their “individual” success. Sometimes thatindividual success created thoughts, creations, and technology from which every ONE could benefit.
But, what if ONE of those people did not have the money to purchase that invention? Would some ONE else give it to them? There are only a few who are at the top of the third dimensional financial world, and how many of them share?
What if you had a “primitive, tribal” community in which everyone lined up on the beach when the fishermen came in, and every ONE, including the fishermen, got the same amount of fish? There are “primitive” societies that do just that. So are they primitive because they all share, or is the “advanced” world primitive because they don’t share.
You all want to just “wake up” to a fifth dimensional reality, but how will you know that it is fifth dimensional if you have not forged your own way to be fifth dimensional your self? If you did not go through your process of “becoming ONE with your SELF, it would be like going to sleep as a child and waking up the next morning as a fully educated, wise and loving adult.
Therefore, if you “flash into your fifth dimensional Lightbody” are your thoughts and emotions also instantly transmuted? Or, are you like infants who will need to be taken care of until you adapt? Or, will you instantly be ONE with the Higher Beings?
There are so many questions that the ascending ones will ask, such as, “Do we need to take a “being fifth dimensional” class?” “Who would teach that class?” “Would the teacher need to be a fifth dimensional being?” “Would you be able to trust a fifth dimensional being?” and “How would you be able to perceive a fifth dimensional being?
Can you perceive what you cannot conceive? Can you stretch your conceptions into the unknown and have the courage to “stay the course?” Some can, and some do. These people are the “Way-showers,” the pioneers, who are willing to forge a way into the unknown, then return to tell the others what they have discovered.
The ones who “show the way” are very brave, but it often takes even more courage to come back and tell the others. When people get information that they cannot understand, they often become very frightened and angry. Then they become hostile and turn against the Way-shower who was trying to share their adventure.
Hence, the humans of Earth are dividing into “Those who want to know about fifth dimensional realty” and “Those who are resistant to change.” Those that are resistant to change can become very angry because they are being informed of a change that frightens them.
They are frightened because they cannot go into their memory, or thinking, or emotions to find any reason why they should believe such a “silly concept” as having reality resonate to a higher frequency. These people likely have no conception about frequencies of reality.
Therefore, what will happen if a fleet of Starships suddenly arrives in the sky? Will the people with no concept of a higher dimensional reality run for their guns because they are “being invaded?” Or will they peacefully look up into the sky and welcome their higher dimensional family?
Yes, those with whom the Galactics are already communicating will definitely welcome our arrival, but what percentage of the uninformed, or non-believers, will be able to accept that we are fifth dimensional beings?
However, if those who believe in, and have personally experienced communications with fifth dimensional beings, shared their experience with others, the many could work as ONE to welcome the transition into the immense reality beyond the confines of third dimensional Earth.
If more people realized that they are not alone, and that their own higher dimensional expressions of their own Multidimensional SELF serves on these Ships, their concept of ONE would definitely shift.
If you knew that you were one person on Earth wearing a 3D earth vessel, as well as one person serving on an inter-galactic Starship, your concept of ONE would take on an expanded meaning.
If your human earth body is a living vessel that you wear while incarnating on third dimensional Earth, while you are, simultaneously, wearing an Arcturian, Pleiadian, Antarian, Andromeda vessel in the higher dimensions, then you will search to find the definition of “being ONE.”
If you are ONE with a Galactic Being, you can more easily conceive yourselves as being ONE with  the planetary being of Earth. There are many “Beings” that humanity has not experienced because your perception was limited to the third dimensional version of reality.
The third dimension is much like “kindergarten” where you first learn to socialize with other physical people. Then, in the fourth dimension you begin to socialize with other astral people. Eventually, as you return to your SELF in the fifth dimension, you begin your socialization with galactic people.
When you were children, many of you communicated with your “invisible friends.” Then you grew up and many of you stopped communicating with those friends because your adult self told your child self that you were, “talking to their self.”
However, what if your adult self finally grew up, in consciousness, and you realized that the “higher being” that “suddenly” came into your life was the very same “invisible friend” that you had as a child? The only difference was that your child saw these friends through their childhood imagination, because to children, imagination is real.
Then many of you “grew up” and imagination was NOT real. Fortunately, more and more of you finally remembered that “3D imagination” is actually “5D reality.” It is then that your imagination became the passageway into the higher dimensions of realty.
As more and more adults remember what they always knew, but forgot, they will return to their own Multidimensional SELF. Within this Multidimensional SELF they finally remember that ONE means “ONE with all life on all planes and dimensions.”
Must important, once you remember that you are ONE, you are never alone. For one thing, WE, your Galactic Family, are with you always.
Within your NOW, we remind you that YOU are WE are ONE.
Your Galactic Family

Chapter 31-Preparing 4 First Contact-The Return @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Chapter31-Preparing 4 First Contact–The Return–Through Sue Lie


By The Ascending Ones-Through Suzanne Lie

Chapter 31

The Return


We are the Ascending Ones. We are HERE within your NOW to share how our journey to New Earth has taken us into an unexpected experience.

While we were traveling away from third dimensional Earth within our fifth dimensional consciousness, we met with several Starships from The Ashtar Command. The members of these Starships were able to perceive our consciousness via their fifth dimensional consciousness and welcomed us onboard their Ships.

Since we merged with our fifth dimensional consciousness, we were no longer limited to gauging reality via the third dimensional version of space/time. Hence, we could only share that some “where,” within some “time” of our journey, we found ourselves as guests on beautiful starships from the higher dimensions.

We were aware that our consciousness had greatly expanded, and that our “sense of self” now included our entire group. However, we were not aware that there were many Starships within the highest fourth and fifth dimensional aura of Gaia’s Earth.

In fact, we did not fully understand, yet, how the planet Gaia was a living being. We were a group of people who had meditated together for many years and decided to follow our joint inner directive of taking “a journey in consciousness.”

At first, we had no idea that that journey would be real. We realize NOW that what we thought was a meditation, was actually a reality. If you notice, we speak of ourselves as a collective rather than a group of individuals.

We are not sure when or how we became a collective consciousness, but we now know that we would not have been able to remain within that ever-expanding energy field if we did not feel the comfort and support of each other’s consciousness.

We have diverged from our story, so we will return to our meeting with the Starships. All that we can remember within this NOW is that at first we were “outside” of a fleet of huge starships, then, suddenly, we were all together in a large meeting room within one of the Ships.

The very first thing that we thought with our collective mind, as we could hear each other’s thoughts, was that we had all been on this Ship before. In fact we remembered that we had been on the Ship during our collective dreams. We did not realize that we had had collective dreams until we were on the Ship, and we simultaneously had the identical memories.

One of the reasons why we had decided to have the joint “meditations, which became a reality, was because we all remembered meeting each other onboard what we had called a “flying saucer.” Night after night we had the same dream.

It was for that reason that we decided to have a “group meditation,” to better focus our meetings on what we had finally realized was a Starship. Therefore, we rented a cabin on a mountaintop and stocked it with food and water so that we could be self sufficient for up to a month.

The first week we focused on getting settled and learning about our high altitude environment. By our second week in the cabin we realized that we were all dreaming about being outside of a Starship in outer space.

We knew this had to be a dream because we could breathe and did not feel any particular temperature, or even any bodily form. We knew that we had entered into a great adventure and were very happy that we had decided to take this month in the high mountains to better understand what was happening to us.

Before we left for our “joint vacation,” we all told our friends and family that we were staying in a mountain cabin for a month. We are a group of 12 people, 6 women, and 6 men. We did not plan our group to be this size or to have an equal number of each gender.

Our group relationship evolved because we recognized each other while we were awake in our daily life. At first, none of us knew each other at all, but somehow we kept running into each other at the grocery story, on the street, at friend’s houses.

Finally, we decided that these “chance encounters” were beyond coincidence and decided to meet at my house. I think we chose my house, as I became the “scribe” who documents all of our experiences and shares them with the others.

Then each person would add or change what I had written, and we saved the changes in all of our computers and phones. We all had a copy so that we had less chance of losing the documentation of this very unique experience.

Interestingly, we are all single, self employed, and able to “disappear” for a while without too many questions being asked. We did not think of that “coincidence” until we started “leaving time.”

We did not know what “leaving time” meant until we began to share our “individual experiences” and discovered that they were “unified experiences.” Once we made that discovery, we all took our documentation very serious. Something was happening to us and we wanted to totally understand what it was.

It was from each of us writing how we personally experienced what was occurring, then sharing our experience with the group, that we began to merge into a collective consciousness. None of us had known what a “collective consciousness” was, but that all of us had used that term in our writing.

It was then that we decided that we needed to have regular meetings so that we could all verbally share what we had experienced. We found that writing our experience and, also, talking about our experiences, made it much easier to understand each other and our self.

At first we only met once a month, then every two weeks, then every week, but then we realized that something VERY important was occurring, and we began to meet every other day. On some weeks we meet every day.

One day, we decided to have a group meditation to see if we could imagine that our “collective group” could all have the same meditation. We had written very similar experiences, so we wanted to see if we could all experience them within the same time.

We knew that we would need to focus all of our intention and attention on this process, so we rented the cabin in the mountains. Fortunately, it was late spring, so we could extend our stay if we wanted to.

We did not talk about that possibility at first, but we discovered later that all of us had considered staying longer. However, we all thought it was a ridiculous idea and said nothing. That revelation was very important for us because it was then that we fully realized how dedicated we were to “whatever it was that was happening to us.”

It was then that the “inner voices,” were actually “higher voices.” But we heard them not above, but within. At first that was quite disorienting, as we were used to perceiving only outer communications, but very soon the inner location of the voices became normal.

None of us were very “religious,” and had not thought about “higher voices,” but we all had to agree that the voices we heard felt as though they were coming from a higher place. It was then that Shawn, a member of our group, shared everything he had been studying about higher dimensions of reality.

Once Shawn explained about higher dimensions, we could all feel that he was correct in his assessment that we were actually experiencing what he called, “Inter-dimensional Travel.” At first there were just a few of us who could “see” that other beings were with us in the cabin, but, gradually, we could all perceive that we were not alone.

It was interesting that we perceived these higher beings in different ways. Some of us could onlyfeel when a higher being was near them, others could more easily hear the messages that were coming from these beings, and some of us could see them.

When we blending our “separate” perceptions, we began to perceive the entire experience. We took turns in which each of us share how they had perceived these higher beings and assisted the rest of us to also perceive them. In that manner, we eventually all remembered how to feel, hear, and see the Higher Being, or sometimes Beings.

Gradually we began to experience a unified reality in which all of us could simultaneously perceive when a higher being joined us. At first, we did not recognize their faces, or even their bodies. We recognized their “feel.”

However, as we shared our experience with our group, we discovered that we were all experiencing the same being, but we each had a slightly different perception than the others. But, as we each shared our experience with the group, we discovered that our consciousness was merging into ONE consciousness.

To our surprise, we were able to retain all of our individuality within the same NOW, as we stopped using the word “time.” We stopped using the word “time” because one of our first messages that we received was, “We are HERE within your NOW.”

At first, none of us could understand the NOW part of the message, until we all began to “lose time.” Of course, we did not actually lose time, but we all agreed that “time” was relative to what we were doing.

Because we were leading a simple life, we all had chores to do around the cabin. We found that when we were doing our chores, time progressed rather slowly. On the other hand, when we were communicating with the Higher Beings, as there were now several Higher Beings, we seemed to “lose time.”

What we all thought was a quick 15 minute connection was often two or three hours. On the other hand, when we “did our chores” it seemed like hours, when it was actually only a few minutes.

As one might guess, we could increasingly “feel” our groups “feelings.” We also discovered that we did not need to use our voices, or be in close physical proximity, to share our feelings with each other.

At first, we could only experience this unique feeling with our physical body, which would have a certain “knowing” that that person, whether close to us or far away, was communing with us. We began to use the word “commune” rather “communication” because we “felt” each other as if we were ONE person.

I know that this sensation will be very difficult to understand for people who have not experienced it, but I will try my best to explain it. At first, we had conscious experiences of a higher voice, but it was not above us. As I said before, this higher voice was within us. Having someone communicate with us, especially an invisible someone, from inside of us was disconcerting at first.

However, we came to realize that this inner voice was very comforting and very helpful in our daily life. It was as if someone with a higher perspective was showing us the possible and probable realties that we were entering.

It was as if we all perceived an invisible, which means we only saw it with our imagination, fork in the road of our life. One of our “choices of reality,” symbolized by the fork in the road, would absolutely occur if we did not alter ourselves in some fashion. That was the “probable reality.”

The other choice, the “possible reality,” was an alternate path that we could experience if we chose. In other words, this “possible reality” would only occur if we chose it. At first it was disconcerting to have these myriad choices constantly entering our awareness.

Fortunately, as we grew more and more accustomed to these inner directions we found that our lives began to flow. Together, we discovered that the best way to explain a “flowing life” was when we learned to “just LET GO” of all the myriad choices of our daily life.

Individually, and as a group, we discovered that when we allowed our inner directives to guide us, we were much happier and could actually accomplish more. In other words, instead of having to make myriad choices about our daily life, we only had two choices.

These choices were to follow this inner flow or experience the resistance of daily life. We all learned that when we chose individually, as well as a group, to “follow the flow” we did NOT experience the resistance that was normal before we followed the flow.

Because of our experiences of living in the cabin and communicating with what we discovered was many Higher Beings, we realized that there was an alternative to climbing that steep trail of daily life—alone.

Once we chose to release our many questions and to just follow the flow, we did not realize that there was an alternative way in which we could live our life. Most important, before we chose to follow our collective inner directive, we did not know how very alone we had been.

We could remember how it was to feel alone inside ourselves and even with a good friend or in a crowd of other people. In fact, “other” is a word that began to leave our awareness. As we followed our inner, collective reality, the concept of “other” became extinct.

In fact, each of us came up with the term “inner, collective reality” on our own. When one of us shared that term, we all laughed because it was the exact term that all twelve of us had heard that term inside. By sharing our deepest feelings of our experiences we discovered when we merged into a flow, in which, even though we were still “individuals,” we were not separate.

We were so united within the flow at the most inner levels of our consciousness, that the external package of our bodies were merely the seemingly separate encasement for our ONE Being. At first this situation was a bit disconcerting for us because we had all had myriad lives on third dimensional Earth.

However, as we continued to communicate with the Higher Beings, we began to meet beings who had only had a few incarnations on Earth or had only bi-located onto third dimensional Earth while they kept their primary essence and consciousness on their Starship.

As we, the ones who had primarily identified ourselves as being humans from physical Earth, merged our group consciousness with the ones who knew they had bi-located to Earth, we all began to remember our own higher dimensional lives.

We were not surprised to discover that we had all bi-located to Earth from the same Ship. As we all communed, we realized that some of us would return to our Ship, others would move into the energy patterns of fifth dimensional Earth, and others would expand their essence enough to be both on the Ship and on New Earth.

New Earth is the name that we started to use for the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth. At first, most of us could not remember much about our higher dimensional lives, but we could perceive and communicate with each other quite naturally.

Sometimes one, or a few of us, would “phase out” of our collective perception for a while, but they would usually return. When they returned they had great stories to share with us. Sometimes they would disappear because they had returned to physical or astral Earth to assist in some manner.

It appeared to us that they had only been gone for a short while, but when they returned, they told us how they had been on physical Earth for a long lifetime, or on Astral Earth for a lesser time. It was then that we realized that we were no longer bound by “time.”

When we traveled to our Ship, or to one of the higher frequency levels of New Earth, we realized that “NO Time” had passed for those who had remained in the physical cabin on physical Earth. Therefore, we did not know that one of us had “left time” until the NOW in which they chose their “adventures in the NOW.”

These “return stories,” as we called them, were very interesting. Those of us who visited New Earth told us that fifth dimensional, New Earth simultaneously resonated to many different frequencies within the NOW of the ONE.

Together, we titled each frequency of reality on New Earth according to our collective experiences of each of these versions, which are actually, frequencies of New Earth, so that we could more easily and effectively discuss our experiences with the group.

We decided to title the version of New Earth, “Perceptual New Earth,” “Adaptive New Earth,” and “Threshold New Earth.”

We called our first experience of New Earth, “Perceptual New Earth,” in which we could perceive New Earth as if it was a movie. However, New Earth, as we eventually discovered, is actually an “in-between frequency.” This frequency of New Earth was more like an idea than a place.

However, if a group could combine their consciousness enough to embrace that “idea,” they would find themselves interacting as a group on a reality that was highly adaptive to their thoughts and emotions.

In order to remain in this “Adaptive New Earth” we would have to join into a group consensus that this version of New Earth was real. Hence, even though that reality seemed to waver and change with every thought and emotion, it was a “real” reality.

This Adaptive New Earth is where the group needed to remain in total consciousness calibration with each other or they would “fall out” of the experience. When they “fell out” they returned to Perceptual New Earth.

When one of us “dropped out” and returned to Perceptual New Earth, they could share their experiences with the other members of that frequency of Perceptual Earth. We must add here that Perceptual New Earth was more like the Astral Plane of the fourth dimension in that it looked like a dream or something that we were making up.

However, we were all “making up” the same reality and/or having the same “dream.” It was because of the adventures of some of our friends, that we realized we were moving into some form of a “new” Earth.

We instinctively knew that we were experiencing “New Earth” because there was such a strong Unity Consciousness that constantly assisted us to better understand and accept our very unique experience.

Our collective experience of releasing that which we had always known as “real”, andembracing an entirely different reality, greatly facilitated bonding into a very intimate group. We all knew that some our friends, family and loved ones, who were “just” physical disappear from our life, that is if we ever returned to what we all began to title our “past life.”

We were all realizing that we could not openly share what we were experiencing with many of our friends and family. They were not having our experience, so it would very difficult for them to believe that what we were experiencing was REAL.

Meanwhile, the Higher Beings were communicating with us every day. Therefore, we set up a routine that we all meditated together in the morning to call in our information for the day.

There was so much information that we all decided to document the information our self, then we would work together to pull it into ONE message that we could eventually share with others when it was the NOW to do so.

The first information that we all received and pulled into one message was about the frequency levels of New Earth. The first frequency of New Earth we titled “Perceptual New Earth.” We used that title, as it was the first version of fifth dimensional Earth that we perceived.

As our group experience of perceiving New Earth grew, we bonded so deeply that our joint consciousness led us beyond Perceptual New Earth into the next frequency, which we called “Adaptive New Earth.

We used this term because we all had to “let go” of any previous conceptions about New Earth, and “adapt” to the fact that “we were NOT in control of this experience.” Therefore, we had to adapt to the knowing that we needed to “follow of the flow” and adapt to each new experience as quickly as possible.

We all knew within our Collective Consciousness that we were approaching what we understood to be Threshold New Earth, which seemed to be surrounded by a strong, but invisible, energy field.

Just as we thought we were entering that energy field, we were surprised to see that we were suddenly on a Pleiadian Starship, which seemed very familiar. Just behind us, we heard a voice saying,

“Welcome HOME. I am Commander Sharman. We have beamed you onto our Starship for a much needed Rest and Relaxation.”

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Art : Etheric Flight – Sheranda Ann Kumara @ Sheranda Silks




Because people are of different capacities, interests and dispositions, Christ and Buddha taught many different paths.

Christ and Buddha both taught “You are the Master”

Matthew 23:10 “There is but one Master, the Christ Within”

and the Buddha as he was dying

“Be a Master unto yourself. Be a lamp unto yourself. Look not for a refuge in anyone other than yourself. In this way, if you are keen to learn, you will reach the highest height.”

and Krishnamurti

“You are the Master and the student. Be a light unto yourself.”

The Christ and the Buddha both taught Deity Yoga, that the ideal being, the God and Goddess-Self is within you.

Luke 17:21 “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

and as the Buddha Amitabha promised in the Pratyutpanna Samādhi Sūtra

“If you wish to come and be born in my realm, you must always call me to mind again and again, you must always keep this thought in mind without letting up, and thus you will succeed in coming to be born in my realm”

This is an experiential journey about the Pure Visions of Deity Yoga in which the Master in you arises through your practice. There is an exercise for you to try below called “EXERCISE TO TRY” lol. I suggest you read all the way through to understand the journey a little better, but you are most welcome to skip straight to there if you are in a hurry. Please let me know what you discover after trying the exercise.

NOTE : This is a deep and profound teaching. If you have the patience to read through until the end and have questions about the details or about how you might apply this in your own path and practice please ask in the comments below the post and I will do the best I can to answer from my own experience as a somewhat lazy monk.

So to Deity Yoga and Pure Visions…

Deity Yoga manifests in many forms.

They are one aspect of the many rituals, transmissions initiations and resets we are all receiving.

In Tibet for example these practices are transmitted in three ways

the long lineage of kama

the shorter lineage of terma

the profound direct transmission through pure visions or dak nang which is what I will speak to you now of.

Pure visions, such as you are experiencing are of two types

  • meditative experiences of ephemeral and astral world kinds known as nyam
  • pure visions in which the master within you actually experiences receiving the transmission from a deity in a pure realm

The Fifth Dalai Lama has been my main guide and mentor in this respect. He has guided me in the same way as in his own experience, to actually go to the wisdom realms and be given the transmissions encoded in these empowerments. That is how I received the Kalachakra Tantra Initiation under the tutelage of the current Dalai Lama.

One of the most powerful transmissions was involving Metatron and Guan Yin.

Thich Nhat Hanh says to call the name of or to visualise Quan The Am/Guan Yin/Avalokiteshvara in such a way that your mind becomes perfectly concentrated and pure can give you the power to overcome any kind of suffering.

In Sanskrit this ‘calling’ is nama japa or naming prayer. You can apply this to your Beloved whoever He or She is. Calling the name with power, intention and attention helps your mind to become concentrated, and with concentration you become calm, clear, mindful and heartful.

The seeing’ is rupa japa or invoking form. Calling to mind the image of a great being is done, like the naming, with complete presence and sincerity. Only in that way does your mind and heart become still, silent and present with the object of your love, in order to blend and merge with them.

This is not just bhakti, devotion. it is vipashyana, looking deeply, insight, whose foundation is shamatha, stopping and concentrating the mind. Only with sincerity, humility and faith will you bring about tranquility and equanimity.

From my own personal experience it is best for me to keep this incredibly simple, with the open heart of a child, concentrated with humility and surrender to Guan Yin. Over the twenty years or more since She manifested the rare deep sea ocean pearl out of the heart of Her statue for me, the process of surrender has never failed to yield all the miracles and signs, siddhis and healing She has promised.

So I basically have had one focus, and from that very simple, child-like, heart-centred focus, all other great beings have come.

So Metatron, in a way, has come as a real experience to me through Our Mother Guan Yin.

The Dalai Lama directed me in the following way. It took me about a year to work through the Kalachakra Tantra with Him in the most sincere, humble way, involving emptying and surrendering myself to the Divine Presence within. As the Dalai Lama is an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin/Chenrezig I was very careful to follow His/Her every instruction. As you know I have had both personal contact with the Dalai Lama in the physical and visionary contact to work through these processes with the Fifth Dalai Lama. When I work through an initiation or empowerment I do it very slowly and sincerely, taking a sentence or a paragraph at a time and meditating on it for hours or a day at a time until the wisdom percolates through into my being.

In this particular instance, this is what I was instructed to do. I share it only because this wisdom is already your own so please use it to guide your heart on your path as only you will know how to do. You are not going to use the same wisdom beings in the same way as I do, so please heed their wisdom and guidance and trust your heart and that of the Hearts of Your Light Family. That is always the way of the Master, of whom you all are one.

To understand how I use the wisdom beings you need to understand that in my case my Lama is the Dalai Lama and the path I was initiated in is Avalokiteshvara/Guan Yin through the Dalai Lama and the Dzogchen path through The Fifth Dalai Lama, Padmasambhava, and Sogyal Rinpoche.  My guru is Paramahansa Yogananda and the Kriya path I was initiated in was through Krishna, Babaji, Yeshua, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda and Sri Daya Mata. So I have received these teachings directly. It means everything and nothing. It is not to prove anything, only to bring understanding so whenever I use certain terms or expressions that you are informed where they come from.


Art : Beyond The Stars by Dorina Costras @ Redbubble



Whenever we do exercises, rituals, preparation, resets, initiations, empowerments and so forth the first step is the enhancement of your being, which in simple terms is adjusting your motivation.

This means

  • bringing kindness to yourself and whatever arises through the practice, which ultimately is extended out to all beings and becomes bodhichitta and the Holy Spirit
  • bringing wisdom or prajna into whatever you do. That is why I surrender to the Great Mother Guan Yin or whomever you refer to as the Mother. Be in Her arms throughout this practice.

By this you should understand that even though things seem to exist independently this is not true. Your “inter-being” connects you to each and every thing as soon as you “step into” a practice with deep intention, so you will naturally attract the most powerful energies and support from your Light Family when you feel kindness for yourself and extend this kindness to others. In fact the entire cosmos revolves around kindness, suns extending kindness to planets, planets extending life-giving kindness to their inhabitants and so forth.

You also realise that the illusory nature of this physical earth body is suffering, a veil which you want to be free of, so that you can free others.

Further, things are always changing, impermanent. This is what brings you here. Your many lives, and this one, are constantly changing.

So you have a deep motivation now, the opportunity to accomplish something of great impact throughout the world(s).

Your purpose, your mission, is to bring about all beings’ happiness and bliss, their liberation, and to accomplish this you do so through being a Christ and a Buddha yourself.

This attitude is bodhichitta or the Holy Spirit (ruach) which is cultivating presence, silence and stillness, through the breath, in whatever path you choose to be the Christ and Buddha.

So to whomever the Father and Mother are to you (this could be your Divine masculine and feminine self, or Yeshua and Mary Magdalena or Buddha and Prajnaparamita or Metatron and Guan Yin) you pray “I am requesting initiation to achieve enlightenment for the sake of others”

Kneel on the ground, bring your palms together at the Heart.

Visualise your Lama or mentor or guide or soul guardian in front of you.

As I explained above this is the Dalai Lama/Guan Yin/Avalokiteshvara/ Chenrezig for me,

who will confirm “You who seek to achieve the Secret (Mantra) in this life enter the (mandala)”

Again this can be in your own words with your own intention however simple or complex that may be connecting with your own soul guardian.

At this time in the meditation the Lama and the principal deity and yourself are not different. So for me the Dalai Lama is Guan Yin as I am Guan Yin. I meditate on myself as Guan Yin and the Dalai Lama as Guan Yin. This is a very important part to practice. The awareness is total surrender to Guan Yin in my case for the sake of others.

From now on I will refer to the “Lama” as Guan Yin for simplicity.

_ ♥ _


Sakyamuni Gautam Buddha @ 9999 Buddha Nepal


She says

“It is meditated that Rays of Light from My Heart, where I represent All Deities – the Divine Father and the Divine Mother – draw you in. You enter My Mouth and dissolve in the Mother’s Lotus”

You are now going to take birth as a child of Guan Yin or whichever deity you chose.

In your imagination you visualise Guan Yin as the Ultimate in Father and Mother aspect, so She is in union with Her Divine Consort.

(At this point in my meditation Archangel Metatron appeared in union with Guan Yin. This was entirely unpremeditated by me and somewhat of a shock since Guan Yin has both female and male (Avalokiteshvara) forms as well as guru (Amitabha Buddha) form)

Rays of Light, spreading out from the hum at His Heart as He now appears in His Divine Father and Divine Mother aspect, draw you into His Mouth, passing down through His Body and into the Womb of the Mother. There you turn into emptiness.

(At this point my ‘self’ was extinguished. There was an extraordinary earth-shattering flash of light and ‘I’ disappeared. This was the first time I had experienced such “lightning dissolution” of everything that is, was and will be. I had, for lack of any better explanation, turned literally into emptiness. The energy and consciousness of emptiness took over this bodily form and as my wife will remember rendered me in a state of presence and peace that lasted just over 24 hours. Three days later I had an experience of the Holy Spirit descending through my crown and into my heart.)

It was a very similar experience to St Paul being struck down by light while on the road to Damascus.

From Acts of the Apostles 9

“As Saul neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him… Jesus said to him “Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” Saul got up from the ground, but could see nothing…Three days later Ananias went to the house Saul was staying and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord—Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here—has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptised, and after taking some food, he regained his strength.”

I felt the same sudden light flashing around and within me. It was so astonishing I was “struck to the ground” speechless for around three hours. The deep presence I experienced in my case continued for 24 hours. Three days later I had a deeply profound experience of the Holy Spirit descending like a ball of light through my crown chakra into my Heart.

When you experience the Holy Spirit and the Light entering you, you deeply question all you have ever been told, and observe suffering and the cries of the world in a completely different way. The Source fills you with the energies and consciousness of the invisible world. It is like being filled with the most delicious divine nectar and every part of your being hums and vibrates with purpose and clarity. You realise how much can be accomplished in unity, as one Shared Mind and Heart. You see how important unity consciousness, love, and kindness are for our world. You ask “What is fundamental truth, how do we inquire into that and what would we discover?” “Your own self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world” answers Ramana Maharishi and this helps to inform our inquiry. What do you think and feel? What is ‘universal’ self-realisation? The deepest truth I have discovered is that fundamental truth is revealed in the Heart when the mind ceases to be active and remains still, open and empty, surrendering to Divine Mother’s Grace. The silence, stillness, love and presence that awakens in this pure awareness, this natural effortless state, is self-realisation or samadhi or God-realisation, when the ‘I’ is extinguished. It is wordless, nameless and timeless. The eternal Self. That has been my discovery and experience. That is where the secular meets the spiritual and the religious. From saints to gurus to Masters to Christs and Buddhas, all meet at this point.

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother


unknown artist


I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”



Altair Shyam

Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”



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“Inner Peace During Change” — January 2017 Message from Archangel Zadkiel via Linda Robinson


unknown artist


“Inner Peace During Change” — January 2017

Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Transmitted Through Linda Robinson


Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst, along with a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light, and we greet you in Love. Today, we wish to discuss maintaining inner peace during change.

Many changes are occurring on your planet. These may range from changes in your personal life to changes in the country in which you live to global and planetary changes. Whatever the circumstance, whenever a change occurs, the energy in your own personal energy field can be affected by the vibrational shifts around you. These may be pleasing if you like the change, or they may be more difficult if you did not want the change. Maintaining inner peace during the change will allow you to adjust to the change and flow with it more easily.

Your energy field is composed of many layers. These range from the obvious outer ones that you feel to the inner ones that are composed of personal beliefs, individual contracts, and Soul missions. They may also contain familial beliefs, geographic beliefs, and cultural beliefs. Each layer has its own energetic pattern and guides you throughout your daily routine. These are the layers that prompt you in ways to act whenever you do not have time to process a response to a situation. They are your default pattern.

Each layer of energy also plays a role in your response to change.

The more you are aware of these inner patterns, the less likely they are to surprise you during times of change. The more you practice keeping your energy field clear, the more information you can receive from these various layers of energy. When you are aware of an energetic pattern, you can consciously decide whether to keep the pattern as it is or whether to make a change to it. The more you engage in this process, the more inner peace you will experience. It is a constantly flowing process of moving forward on your ascension path.

One way to be aware of these layers of energy is to remain in the present moment. Receiving information from your energy field is much easier when you practice conscious awareness in the present moment. As you do this, you can detect subtle changes as they occur. You are able to observe your reaction to a situation and think about what aspect of your energy field may have caused the reaction. This can happen whether it is a happy and positive response or whether it is one that you are not comfortable with or are unhappy with. It is important to acknowledge your feelings as they occur. Awareness is the key, and remaining in the present moment can facilitate this process and help you maintain inner peace.

Another process to help you maintain inner peace is to nurture yourself. This is very personal and individual and may range from quiet time to being with others who are special to you. It may involve visiting your local outdoor nature area or doing energy work. The important thing is to be gentle with yourself and do whatever brings you inner peace. It does not have to be what others are doing. This is your special time to be kind to yourself and do what makes your heart sing.

One of the most important ways to remain in a state of inner peace during change is through meditation and tuning in to your Divine Spark of Light. When you still yourself through whatever meditation technique resonates with you, you are tuning out external stimuli that can prevent you from receiving information from your inner guidance. This allows you to view situations and changes from a higher perspective.

In this review, you may find that you are called to release or alter things that are no longer a good fit for you.

When you tune in to your Divine Spark, you may wish to focus on qualities that are important to you. These may be traits such as love, kindness, compassion, and caring. The more you focus on these qualities, the more they will expand and radiate throughout your energy field. This will provide a positive force field that will help to carry you through times of change.

The more often you turn inward during your day and still yourself, the more often you can experience inner peace. When you practice this regularly, it becomes your default pattern. You turn inward for inner peace and guidance to evaluate a change and to move forward for highest good.

As you do this, you are more likely to remain in a peaceful and positive state of mind. Ask for the highest good of all. Practice kindness, compassion, and loving thoughts. Through the Law of Cause and Effect, this sets up the most beneficial outcome for all concerned.

By making a conscious practice of inner calmness and peace, you are able to move forward on your ascension path.

Beloveds, know that we are with you during these times of change. Call on us to be with you and to assist you, for we are just a thought or a whisper away. We applaud you for your bravery during this time, and we are glad you are choosing inner peace during times of change.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Archeia Holy Amethyst
…and We surround you with love

And so it is.

All Rights Reserved Linda M. Robinson,

Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson,

This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ Your Initiation and Rebirth – L’aura Pleiadian


Art : Karl Bang @ Tutt’Art


The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ Your Initiation and Rebirth


The Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2016 ~ at 6:44am AST, an Initiation. A New Beginning.

Immersed in the Darkness, of the Shortest day of Daylight, we celebrate the Darkness and go deeper within. Then we are Initiated into GREATER Light. As the return of Light begins. Culminating with the Summer Solstice, the longest day of daylight of the year.

Every day we experience a Sacred Ritual. The Sun setting, symbolic of Death. The Sun Rising, Symbolic of Rebirth. We die, we are born. Over and over.

Initiated through the darkness, resurrected, through the LIGHT.

These cycles, are held deep within our subconscious mind. We prepare for the night. The initiations. We RISE in the morning with the Sun rising, a new day. A new cycle. A new birth.

As we embrace REBIRTH and the cycles that as Eternal Beings of Light, we go through, as consciousness in form. we embrace the sacredness. The Sacredness of our Light. Of rhythms, the Sun and Moon. Our Breath, inhaling and exhaling. Of being alive.

Many of us may find our life situations, are not as hoped for. Not as desired. Moving slowly. Yet when we have entered an initiatory phase of our consciousness. we know deep within us, it is the preparatory phase. Preparing for our Rebirth. Our beginning. A new cycle.

A New way of Being.

In the Darkness there is light. Though we cannot see clearly what and when and how, all things unfold, through these cycles of consciousness.

In the darkness is the stillness, where we know, ALL Great things within, are born through the LIGHT.

Reflect on each day, the cycle of Night and Day. The seasons. The darkness, and the rebirth into greater Light, as you NOW open, to ALSO receive greater Light.

Celebrating this greater Light, our REBIRTH, the floodgates of HEAVEN now open up and we are Blessed.

The SUN, representing the Spiritual Sun, is the life-giving force of life eternal. We breathe it in. We bathe in it. We celebrate in it. We love through it. Although this Sun feels external, it is deep within us. As well as the darkness, the subconscious.

Uniting the darkness and the Light, we unite Heaven within us.

The subconscious and conscious, all that we are not aware of, that plays out through us and all that we consciously experience. Embracing the unknown, what we do not see, is embracing all aspects of our being. The darkness and the Light.

NOW this Winter Solstice. And NOW.

Breathe in this Light. The Sun. Let it fill your Heart.

Let its presence, be part of your awareness.

On the Winter Solstice, the  shortest night of the year, turn off the Lights.

Light some candles, be present with the Light within the darkness. Reflective of the levels of consciousness, within you. Be aware of the Light within you, through your Heart.

Welcome the GREATER Light.

The Initiations, that are now set, for you to Experience. That are beginning NOW.

Breathe in the NEWNESS, let go of the OLD.

Embrace the darkness within, and the Light within.

And the Glorious Light that is Eternal, will BLESS you through your darkness, through your initiations, through your INCREASE in LIGHT.

Through your REBIRTH.


The Glorious Return of LIGHT. Your emerging LIGHT. The Light of your Original PURE Light. All Miracles, NOW.


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BEcoming Pure SOURCE Light – Lisa Transcendence Brown


unknown artist


BEcoming Pure SOURCE Light

As you become PURE SOURCE LIGHT, your entire body goes through a huge transformation and upgrade/re-evolution process that continues forever…

This is your evolving back, back into all that you forgot yourself to be. This is a process, many of them, continually, and increasing vibrationally substantially.

Your carbon-based human body was not built/constructed originally for this, therefore it will go through many phases to accomplish this. Returning to purity, to BEing a Light BEing, a Creator, an Alchemist, a Christed BEing, with Crystals throughout your body and an intelligent living bio-organism is an intricate process that was separated/broken down over your separation of time. As you hold more light, this process will increase, as you cease to exist within this separation inside. Your abilities enourmous, your love, your gifts and powers are too.

Your body is intelligent, it knows what needs to occur. It knows what to do and it will communicate this to you. As you embody your different higher-consciousness-self aspects, your DNA will become adaptive to each aspect, depending on which one needs to be present at any given time.

You will have to “learn” how to function with your new Crystalline LightBodies, as it was not like before. Your entire body is involved in this process. Every cell coming alive, activating in light. Your brain re-maps itself, opening up neural pathways you didn’t have access to before. Neural transmitters activate in your body, neural receivers too. All of the stored emotions, limiting beliefs, conditioning, and lack programs of separation will be activated to cleanse your physical each time SOURCE LIGHT is activated, which in turn activates your Crystals/Crystalline Structure and NEW Systems to form inside of you. Your whole body will re-route certain processes, will use this light to repair/upgrade your physical body vessel to funtion in ways that your human/any human cannot logically understand. Evolving into a multi-dimensional, the sun, the stars, the moons, entire cosmos, galaxies, many existences (Mermaids, Fairies, Dragons, LeMUrians, Atlanteans, Angels, Arch Angels, Gods, Galactics), does not conform to anything that makes sense to humans, yet to you, as a higher-self-soul-light-being, you will understand. Inside. You will know all that you need to know to honor the process however is appropriate for you.

What is important, what you value, loving yourself fully, deeply and intimately is much different than before. You will have a deeper connection with others, humans and souls alike. The only difference is that the human won’t understand. They are still trying to apply their human perceptions to what must be experienced fully from a deep Soul/Source connection from within. Sleeping humans are still working to awaken their own connection as PURE SOURCE LIGHT inside. You be the example, open your heart fully, show them it is safe to connect, safe to trust, safe to be their Pure Divine Self too, yet honor their “I’m not ready yet” to know that they need other experiences first. This is a very important part of the process for us all. Recognize your human’ness, for if you go into “saving/fix it mode” then you have gone unconscious too.

You can provide the space, hold the space, dependent on the roles you chose to come here to play. We love to make it “easy” for human aspects to awaken, yet not all humans choose the easy way. There is great inner work that must occur by each. Each will do this in their own way, and you will not be able to see how their soul chose to experience ever detail of their journey. Your “job” is to focus on you and your own soul’s path, journey, purposes, missions and what you are here to BE and DO. All is always exactly as it’s meant to be. You align your own reality and allow others to do the same for them. If they are not ready to stand in their POWER FULLY AS LOVE, then there is something they still seek to experience. Honor this while you honor you all.

Now, when you need to BUILD YOUR CONNECTION inside, you will find yourself needing to pull away and be by yourself. Your SOUL needs alone time with you. Your body needs to tune to a higher frequency than before. For awhile, you will utilize the outside world, others/groups, things to help energize your expansion process, yet eventually you won’t “need” those things anymore. All will come from inside and you’ll utilize the occassional external stimulation to motivate, inspire, activate and expand your consciousness even more. Research for your higher mind, nature to feed your Soul and anything else that opens your heart and activates your Light Energy more. The sun is huge part of this process, other awakening souls along the way are too. Sleep is beyond important for you to transcend lower realm/density realities and clear extensive timelines, programs in your cells, template wiping to occur and anchoring the higher lighter density realms in your physical reality here.

Sleep and foggy groggy is an important part of your activating/anchoring the lucid dream to walk in. Things will get fluid, bizarre and fun while this occurs. Realities flipping and merging constantly and every moment anew…. the separation of time will cease to exist inside of you and then every moment becomes one continuous moment that just shifts how the energy flows within it. You will be SO present in the moment that you will SEE across all dimensions simultaneously all at the same “time”. This is a vibrational existence where realities are created by the vibrations you transmit out and allow in your physical reality world. You will start to understand all vibrationally, feeling and utilizing all of your enhanced senses while working through any distortions that you still hold. These frequencies amplify distortions to become energetically loud. This will continue until you clear/resolve the distortion yourself and allow it to cleanse your physical body and your energy field.

Everything you allow in your own Field of Consciousness contributes to your reality here. The more disruptive, out of alignment with your own SOUL, the more you will be affected by this. Every person in your immediate reality world (or extended via internet) every physical world thing… these affect your consciousness, the outcomes you experience, your vibration until you Master all from within. The outside world will become your teacher, it will show you all about you. Anytime you desire to know something, just “look out there” and “look inside of you” and see if these are fully aligned to bring you the most exquisite, awesome and amazing reality here.

As a human, you did not have a choice in the realities that you experienced here. This is because you were not conscious yet. As you embody each/all of your aspects, you regain/reclaim the ability (gifts/abilities/powers) to choose the reality that you experience here. Not only do you have a choice, but you have a great responsibility to become fully conscious again and hold the higher vibrationa realities in place.

What you “put out” (transmit) is important, for this is what creates. Where you come from matters, for if you come from your “little self” (separation), then you will create separation to experience here. Separation from SELF AS SOURCE, this is what you came here to transcend. To return to UNITY/CHRISTED Consciousness and to move into God/Galactic Consciousness too. With each aspect you activate, you will go through a “trial and tribulation” phase, a test if you will, to see if you can always ACT and DO as that higher-self-aspect of you. Where you go unconscious, you shrink down, go small, separate off into your little “I” self, you create a reality to clear this separation energy until it’s all gone. You will do this repeatedly with every aspect of your life, every particle of your being, every thing that you think you are…

Deep inside of you is THE SOURCE of WHO you truly are. This re-connection with you finally, it is subtle, so subtle that others will have no clue, yet it is so profound that it will shake your entire world, from the inside out. Once you re-connect, nothing will be the same. Once you FEEL the profound peace, the purity of LOVE and the POWER of your Light, what matters will dramatically change. You will find that everything must now FEED, FUEL and IGNITE the Light of your Soul. You will realize how asleep you really were. You will see and come to understand how limited, separated and how you forgot. You will go through phases of clearing huge energies about humanity and releasing all that no longer matters anymore. You will have PURPOSE inside of you, a drive and determination that wasn’t there before. This is a part of your Kundalini activations that cycle through your chakra systems activating distortions and old unconscious programs of “lack of self love” to play out. In their place, this DEEP PROFOUND LOVE will come from within. For all things as one, them as you and you as them. You won’t be able to go back to the old ways. Your human will want to, your higher self you will have no desire to ever again.

The Battle of Armageddon will occur inside of you. For those unconscious, this will play out in the outside world too. Purgatory/Bardo, all of these phases are a part of transcending duality from within. “Returning to the Light”, all of these phrases that meant something else, will have new meaning to you. They won’t just be words spoken intellectually anymore, you will FEEL them and understand them throughout your being, which is very different than before.

All of a sudden, fulfilling your SOUL’S dreams and desires means something different too. All is done through Unity, Love and deep sacred respect that humans don’t have access to. You will start to understand/see/realize more in every moment when you go inside and stay there and don’t separate off. You start to know instantly when separation starts to occur. You feel it inside and your ability to shift back and stay there gets easier with each experience, every exchange, every opportUNITY to study yourself, what affects you and when you go unconcious and how to come back into full consciousness again.

To Build Your Light, you must honor you. Above all. To maintain this deep sacred connection, you must not disconnect again. To create your realities intentionally, you must constantly be aware, in-tune and fully conscious of you.

This is never about their consiousness, its about yours. Your abilities, your focus, what you allow and don’t. This is about your ability to Master ALL Realities from within. As Energy. As you Master all things energy you Master the Phyiscal too. You have the capability to bring anything open and ready into consciousness with you. The physical is YOUR CREATION and it responds vibrationally to you.

As you achieve the ABILITY to remain conscious at all times, your purposes will shift to how you are to fulfill your own Soul’s purposes and missions here. You will have concentrated on your light and achieved maintaining expansion to no longer contract back down into limited dimensions again. What you are here to BE and DO will take precedence for your Crystalline LightBody is fully online with the Christed/Christic/Crystalline Grids of NEW Earth and your ability to do and be more will expand dramatically too. You will need more space/time for you to honor your higher vibration and your external will have to support this fully for you to complete these important tasks that you came here to do.

You will also start to understand what sharing means and that it’s how you support each other here. For those who do not share, then they will not have support when it is time for them to step up and try to fulfill these things here. Sharing is a key-code built into Christed Consciousness. Everywhere you hold back is your lack and it plays out in your physical reality world for you to see this. You must DO for no reason other than to activate a higher vibration for all here. You must learn to share and support as a higher consciousness family, team, partnership. Humans play the “that’s mine/just for me”. Here, everything is to support us fully, yet we will not contribute to any human separation. We re-educate and we allow each to come together to support/share. Where they cannot yet, this is understood, not judged, yet seen as “I’m not ready yet”. We understand they need more experiences to open their heart, mind and energy to want to really be a part of our NEW Earth realities here. Human’s do everything they can to hold onto the old until there’s nothing left to hold onto.

AS you embody light, you UNIFY all inside, you resolve all from within and you transcend the limits of physical realities here. As you hold light, you vibrate into a multitude of realities and activate more to come to you (materialization). As you function AS Pure Source Light and all of your Higher Self Aspects, all that you need/desire “arrives” to support you. Fully.

You were your own limit. You believed your realities into truth. You believed the stories that you had going on inside of you and the ones you saw with your eyes, instead of the reality that existed deep inside of you. As we go higher, all of this changes. What was true before is not more, what you desire changes and what makes you happy, as a soul, is much different than it was before. Yet without polarity you would not know what this is. As a human, you require “the opposite” to Light Your Fire/Ignite the Flame, drive you in the other direction. You require money to be a “leash” that you created to keep you on path. For given true abundance you would waste it and not understand why you actually have physcial world things. This whole process is to “teach you” (help you REMEMBER) fully again. So that you understand and actually DO IT DIFFERENTLY this time around. As you truly get it, the constraints are removed/dissolve. As you stay on path (in-alignment AS your Soul), as you utlize everything for the purpose it is meant for and the gift it truly is, then you will receive more. Not before. Your true abundance depends totally on you. It always did. You just forgot, went unconscious and separated off so far, that you needed every one of these experiences to assist you with REMEMBERING fully again.

Open up loves. Fully. See through the purity of your Higher Heart & Mind. See what you were not willing to before. Take the blinders off, let go of that judgment, separation, duality/fight inside. Surrender your human to your higher self. Merge with your Divinity, your Purity, the Love that you truly are and get ready for more aweomeness to come as it’s just “floating” around you preparing to arrive as you are truly ready and achieve the vibration from within. ♥

Love from my soul to yours,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Re-Educator according to Higher Consciousness EXISTENCE, Avatar Embodiment ♦
Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher/Coach/Guide


The Simplicity of Peace, Bliss, Generosity, Kindness and Love – Lisa Transcendence Brown

unknown artist


The Simplicity of Peace, Bliss, Generosity, Kindness and Love


So many simple things bring such joy to experience here. A sweet song, to get lost in the soft pink and purple clouds/skies, a kind gesture, to see a smile of a pure heart, to breathe the breath of love completely through, to feel pure peace in love that emanates from our souls….

There is kindness in all things when kindness is where we exist from. There is always an opportUNITY waiting to be taken, there is always a gift when we truly see all that we do have and when we realize the gift in absolutely everything.

All things hold beauty when this is where we live, all things are love when this is our essence in everything that we are, all things are magical when we see the magical in all. There is generosity in the smallest things because generosity is through our heart. We never run out of things to do, for all things produce when our hearts are wide opens and our energy is fulling involved.

We see the bonus, the gift, the surplus in all. We expect amazing in every moment, we expand our souls far and wide to touch the souls of all.

Everything is simple when this is where we live. Simplicity is of out purest heart. Peace is always present. Bliss is our natural state when we are connected as the entire Universe again. ♥
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Terry Andrews: December Portal and the Secret Chamber of the Heart – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Forgiveness and the Goddess of Compassion – Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts


Terry Andrews: December Portal and the Secret Chamber of the Heart

Terry’s experience of a heart opening accords with mine. The phrase refers to something quite specific and she’s captured that experience in words.

December Portal and the Secret Chamber of the Heart

Terry Andrews, New Earth Experiencs, Dec. 16, 2016

We’re entering a new way of being and connecting. It’s been showing up as occasional days here and there to give us a taste of what’s coming when we move fully into it. These glimpses feel dimensionally expanded, clear and in focus, very calm and peaceful, and infused with heartfelt connection. In the last couple of weeks I’ve experienced two of these dimensionally-expanded days and they’re remarkable. Each time, I’ve known I was in a new space, but not sure how I got there.

What I noticed was the feeling infusing the experience: peacefulness, calmness, and love. The old stuff was simply gone. It had no impact. The interactions I had on those days were based in LOVE. There was an open heart, and the open heart was shining with divine light. Judgment was absent.

All the interactions during these times take place within the space of LOVE. When we align with our truth and move into our divinity, we are able to experience the frequencies that are created from this. This is what we are beginning to get a taste of as we prepare to move fully into this new way of being of the NOW-self. We show up as fully present and open and shining/being the new light.

We can intentionally move into these spaces by releasing our fixed ideas about how things are, and opening to possibility. We can feel our way there. I intend to live with my heart open, to create open-hearted connections with others, and to be in and anchor this space. I am ready for this experience. I am willing to let go of who I have been in order to be who I am now.

As sovereign beings who’ve integrated our divinity, we are ready.

At the beginning of the month, I was out for a walk when I saw a solitary wild rose blooming on a bare branch. It’s almost winter here, and I’ve never seen a wild rose blooming at this time. I was struck by its delicate beauty. It permeated my being on a deep level.

A few hours later I received a message that we have opened the secret chamber of the heart. I saw a key opening a chamber in a dimensional space beyond my physical heart. I didn’t know about this chamber, so I had to look it up. The first thing I found was a photo almost identical to the wild rose. And then I realized what the wild rose represented.

The secret chamber is where our god self resides. This is where the divine spark burns, and the spark is now a flame, burning with the beauty of our divinity. We have connected with our divinity. All of creation emerges from this secret chamber.

Opening this chamber feels like we are home. We are home, because we have brought our highest aspects in, including our god self, and made them a part of us. We have now become our fullest self, our Christed self, our divine self. Each of us is a creator being, in a human body. We have accessed our new template. We are creating everything anew, our bodies, ourselves, our worlds.

This is our cosmic integration, where we bring the part of us that came here to do this work, into physicality. We now know who we are and why we are here. We release the old world, which no longer works for us, and we bring our new worlds online.

All of us, working together, are doing this, even if we are not aware of each other yet. So know that the part you play is important. There is no longer a need to discount it. As creator beings, we now come together to create, each of us, new worlds of peace and love and heartfelt connection. I will see you and connect with you there.



Art : Forgiveness and the Goddess of Compassion – Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts