Quantum Timeline Jumps, Crash Landings, Abrupt Awakenings, Massive Expansions & Contraction – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Flower of The Stars – by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at Eye Within


Quantum Timeline Jumps, Crash Landings, Abrupt Awakenings, Massive Expansions & Contraction, StarGate Activations & “Time” (Timeline) Travel


“Crash Landings” are rocking many physical reality worlds for collectives who are awakening fast/expanding huge, staying expanded (we are supposed to) and then “unexpectedly” contracting back down into the physical where it’s “real” and not knowing/realizing how to navigate with ease.

Everyone has to do this… repetition and understanding are key.

This is just a small part of how StarGates and Multi-Dimensional Existence/Quantum Light “travel” works….

Expand into bliss & magic, seeee how exquisite all is, experience it, love it, play in it and then contract back down into an old physical reality to DEAL WITH IT…. Align it yourself… move through it AS YOUR HIGHER SELF/SOURCE aspects…. Every physical reality that you need to resolve/work through… you’ll go through each one of these cleansing/clearing and raising your overall vibration higher, then it’s “time” to do another bigger jump… Each jump gets bigger than the ones before.

Eventually you don’t contract back down anymore… you just constantly shift in & out of timelines/physical realities and you constantly and intentionally/naturally tune/re-tune… you and your whole physical reality too.

When a StarGate Activation/Alignment occurs, which is all of the time now, you/we all shift, into a different reality. Constantly. Your awareness of these means you are doing this with great ease.

Human aspects don’t understand this and it’s the hanging on or the disconnecting from NEW EARTH GRIDWORK that wreaks havoc…

Many are in the dis-mantling/de-construction phase, many in the expanded/floating phase… while others are in the re-construction phase, where foundations have already been built IN ACCORDANCE TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS EXISTENCE…..

As an Embody’er… we jump intentionally and huge… We can shift in & out of timelines with great ease…

Each Wave now goes through different phases…. everything occurring is to move everyone into higher consciousness existence….

Separation, resistance, fear… these keep humans in struggle mode and the loop cycle of “trying” to hold on and do all the same old way as before…

That’s not how this works…. When you contract back down/end up in an old timeline/reality, you can’t try to do your realities from your head anymore, from the same unconscious program/energy. These realities collapse faster/harsher/instantly now.

You have to DO your realities AS your higher selves, AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT, as your Ascended Master Aspects selves….

These “new” timelines re-shape your priorities, re-structure your realities… with or without you on-board….

The huger the jump that more you have to DO…. in full-alignment… fully conscious…

The BEing phase is so that YOU CAN REMEMBER and then “bring that back to Earth/NEW Earth” and DO it….

Those who have MASTERED the BEing and DOing phase, WE are Busy… and we don’t stop… we transcend all things human, all things lack and we don’t get caught up in the judgmental/lack games like humans do. We have much work to do and we don’t play in the old realities anymore/feed that energy or slow down to wait until everyone is ready to come along. We honor all choices for “how to experience this”….

When timelines collapse/unify in the same space… you are going to feel pushed…. this is because multiple dimensions are trying to merge into THAT SPACE simultaneously and the old unconscious ones have to dissolve…

If you “try” to re-enter an old timeline/reality according to old mentalities and lack energy, you won’t be able to. That reality will collapse…

You have to elevate all yourself, you have to hold the new realities in place so that they can materialize in response, you have to maintain the highest vibrational realities at all times if you desire to experience them as physical realities here.

You will have to overcome your own human limits, not see/believe obstacles and pay attention to your own emotions/beliefs/actions so that you can re-program your own realities yourself, using your ‘NEW POWERS’ and simple/natural gifts for what you are here to be/do/share/contribute……

These HUGE Quantum Timeline Shifts & Jumps are affecting everyone now, touching all lives and enhancing everything through the PURITY OF LOVE again.

Your whole reality will dismantle in stages and have to be rebuilt from the “ground up” from inside of you…. If you are present, aware and honoring fully, this will be easy. If you are not, chaos, confusion and being a victim to it all will be the stance you take until you open up to hear/see/realize/understand/listen as your SOUL/Galactic Self here.

To make it “easy”, all of this was broken down across the human’s “separation of time”. Yet, for human’s that still exist in the Separation of Time, those dimensions though are continually collapsing as time ceases to exist… easy goes out the window for all to try to remain unconscious.

Choose HOW YOU DESIRE TO EXPERIENCE your own Awakening to Remembering, Ascension/Descention, Embodiment process of Returning to Full Consciousness again. Leaving the old programmed matrix realities is “hard” enough, even for those who get it and are embracing… harsh does not have to be the chosen way.

Huge jumps Huge landings…. chaos & confusion is a part of this as your physical matter adapts, as the physical matter of the external re-organizes itself too…. It takes much practice to MASTER THIS PROCESS….. We’ve been doing this for eons…. do YOU REMEMBER how to maneuver as a Galactic Star BEing here?

Christed/Crystalline/Unity/God/Galactic/Source Consciousness. Now. I. love. you. β™₯

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼




Art : Flower of The Stars – by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at Eye Within

Soul Ascension: Emotional and Mental Maturity by the Celestial White Beings – Natalie Glasson

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Soul Ascension: Emotional and Mental Maturity

by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 2nd December 2016 –Β  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We are the Celestial White Beings, labelled so due to the pure celestial white light we emanate from the core of our being and source. We have been overseeing and supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity since its creation. We add our energy to every transition taking place upon the Earth and within each soul. It is our purpose to create and reactivate the vibration and perspective of bliss within each soul. When the vibration of bliss manifests, with no outer reason, from the depths of your being it symbolises your remembrance of your connectivity and constant union with the Creator. Bliss is a state beyond love, it is the energy created and experienced when you recognise yourself as an embodiment of the Creator’s pure love. It is our purpose to support your realignment with the Creator through awakening your remembrance of the Creator.

Call Upon Healing

During this time of ascension currently dawning upon the Earth there is a need to ask for a download of healing light into your entire being and reality as often as you can. A powerful transition is taking place which requires great volumes of supportive healing energies. Your soul is merging, synthesising and being embodied more fully at a physical level. Your soul requires additional healing energy to support its synthesis with your physical being and personality. Your body, personality and auric body requires assistance to ensure that all aspects of your soul are embodied successful with ease and perfection. Sometimes when a higher aspect of yourself is merging more fully into the physical reality some aspects of your being can reject the energy because they are not fully aligned with the new energies anchoring. This is when trauma within the mind, body or emotions can take place. With additional healing energy all aspects of your being will be prepared and aligned with the new vibrations of yourself and truth wishing to be embodied. We, the Celestial White Beings wish to offer to you our healing energies to support the current transition taking place within your being.

β€˜Celestial White Beings, I call upon your pure and powerful healing energies, light and consciousness to download into all aspects of my being. May your healing energy support my entire being in aligning with the new aspect of my soul dawning within my being. Please dissolve all forms of rejection or anything that may be hindering the synthesis of my soul with my entire being now. Thank you.’

The Purpose of Soul Embodiment Now

The ascension process you are experiencing now has a purpose of developing your spiritual maturity within your mental and emotional body. Your soul is merging specifically with these two aspects of yourself and existence upon the Earth to encourage you to think and feel from your divinity. If your thought process is born from the truth of your soul and your feelings are born from the compassion of your soul then it will be easier for you to act, react, experience and create from a space of love, from the truth of the Creator. Your soul is supporting you in accessing and unifying yourself with a higher, pure and true consciousness. With the support of your soul these transitions may appear subtle and yet you will notice a deep-seated peace, love and joy emerging and radiating from every aspect of your being. This will be due to your emotional and mental bodies aligning with, healing, e mbodying and expressing the love of your soul. New wisdom may anchor into your conscious awareness from your soul, however this is not the original purpose of this ascension transition. The purpose is to gain understanding, love, compassion and freedom within your emotional and mental bodies, therefore feelings and thoughts.

Why Emotional and Mental Maturity is Necessary

Many people upon the Earth are now accessing greater volumes of light, wisdom, consciousness and enlightenment. They are achieving their spiritual initiations at great speed due to their devotion and dedication to experiencing unification with the Creator. The constant quickening of the Earth’s vibration is also enhancing the speed at which many people access different levels of light dimensions, ascension and enlightenment. Even with light pulsating throughout their being some people have yet to master the lessons that the mental body and emotional body bring forth. Every transition and ascension level accessed, first synthesises with the soul and spiritual body, then the same energies or understanding must merge with the mental body, emotional body and physical body in order for completion of a transition to fully take place and be grounded eternally into your physical reality and consciousness. There is a need to download and create the same spiritual maturity which is being obtained and remembered in the spiritual body within the emotional and mental bodies as well, otherwise there is a lack of completion of each level of ascension.

You may recognise a lack of spiritual maturity, awareness and understanding within the emotional and mental bodies of those around you. You may recognise that some people speak spiritual truths and wisdom and yet act negativity to other with blame, judgment or fear. Others may embody powerful and beautiful vibrations of love in meditation and yet constantly allow their emotions to be triggered by the outside world. They experience feelings of insecurity, anger, heart break, sadness and upset which causes them to swing between love and emotional trauma. You may recognise that some people radiate such generosity and act as a pure example of kindness to others and yet they harass themselves inwardly with destructive thoughts and emotions,, believing they are unworthy of receiving the same for themselves. It is natural when embarking upon your ascension pathway to swing from limiting thin king and feeling to expansive thinking and feeling. Often it is more challenging to recognise areas of lack of spiritual maturity within your own emotions and thoughts. A lack of spiritual maturity within your emotions and thoughts means that they are not yet fully aligned with the truth and love of your soul. A lack of spiritual maturity within your emotions and thoughts can symbolise that there are destructive or limiting pattern within these two bodies which have not yet been addressed, healed and released. When we, the Celestial White Beings, speak of a lack of spiritual maturity in your emotional and mental bodies, this is not a judgment, we simple wish to share that healing emotional wounds and releasing negative mental habits is a part of your ascension process. While you still hold onto emotional wounds and negative thoughts you will not be able to fully experience unification with the Creator, your ascension will in many ways be stunted. Emotional and mental clarity allows you to surrender more fully allowing your entire being to absorb and embody all high vibrations of light you access.

We realise that you may feel that there are numerous wounds and negative habits within your emotional body as well as negative thoughts within your mental body. You may feel that to bring healing to all is an impossible task. This can be especially challenging when you realise that it is most common that you are unconscious of most of the blocks and limitations you have created within your emotional and mental body. The current ascension shift taking place of the transition and synthesis of higher aspects of your soul merging with your entire being, especially your personality holds the answer and can support you immensely in this quest of spiritual maturity. Your personality is composed by your thoughts, beliefs, habits, perspectives, subconscious, viewpoints, feelings, emotions, wounds, conscious mind and soul. Your emotional and mental bodies play a key part. When you allow the hig her aspect and higher consciousness of your soul to merge with your personality, your soul’s healing energy, wisdom, truth and divine knowledge will influence these two bodies creating balance, understanding, divine inspiration and a new perspective. This means that your soul is ready to support the spiritual development of your mind and emotions so you can leave behind illusions, fears and limitations to embrace and experience truth, love, bliss and empowerment.

Synthesising Your Soul with Your Emotional and Mental Bodies

β€˜My beloved soul, I now invite you to merge your energy, light and consciousness with my entire being, especially my personality, emotional and mental bodies. Please heal all emotional and mental wounds, blocks, limitations, habits, fears, negative patterns and perspectives which I am holding onto. Please enthuse my mind and emotions with your love, wisdom, clarity and intuition so that my mental and emotional bodies can achieve spiritual maturity, being aligned with the ascension of my spiritual body and soul. Help me to recognise habits and perspectives within my mind and emotions which require to be healed and released so I may experience unification with the Creator manifesting as a pure bliss within my entire being. Celestial White Beings please assist and oversee this process. Thank you’

How to Achieve Spiritual Maturity

You can achieve emotional and mental maturity by observing the thoughts and feelings you create and experience each day. Recognise that your thoughts and feelings are not random and in most cases, do not activate because of outside influences or experiences.Β  Often they are repetitive. When you observe your feelings and thoughts daily you recognise patterns, cycles and habits. These can reoccur so much that they become boring, tiresome and monotonous to observe. This is when the love and compassion of your heart and soul is essential because of the higher consciousness that love and compassion manifest within your being. You will then be able to access the insights and guidance necessary to create the necessary healing.

When you recognise an aspect of your mind or emotions you wish to heal:

  • First activate love and compassion from your heart radiating these pure vibrations into your entire being.
  • Focus on the emotion or thought you wish to heal and imagine that you place it into your heart chakra where it absorbs all the love it requires to be healed and released.
  • Then allow yourself to be guided or contemplate the required action to further the healing and release this thought or emotion physically. This will allow the healing to ground into the physical level of your being as well as releasing the energy eternally.

For example, if the pattern is of being unworthy, create an action that allows you to honour that you are worthy. If the wound is from an old relationship create a step that allows you to fully release the relationship.

When you take time in your reality to focus on your emotions and thoughts realising they are an essential part of your ascension process then you will allow yourself to attune with the higher, enlightened and sacred consciousness of your soul. You will access a new perspective of yourself, others, reality and the world which may be beyond your imagination at this moment. A perspective which supports and assists you in being your true embodiment of love.

With eternal love and bliss,

Celestial White Beings

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