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The Principle of Mission

Central to living a spiritual life is the question of oneโ€™s purpose and soulful destiny. It is a yearning for understanding that naturally arises once an individual has inwardly discovered the soul and its higher promptings. Every human being has a spiritual purpose to ultimately fulfill, for the soul within each of us is guided by the Principle of Mission.

When pondering the mission of the soul, it is wise to see it as a directional process, rather than a goal or an end point. The reason for this is that the soulโ€™s purpose is not something that is fully achievable within an individualโ€™s lifetime, but instead must be understood as a multi-incarnational endeavor. It is always, therefore, a work in progress. In truth, one can never fully sense the soulโ€™s destiny, but only a piece of it.

Having stated this, there are many clues that can help us to recognize that aspect of the soulโ€™s purpose to be unfolded in this incarnation. One of the most obvious is indicated by oneโ€™s gifts, talents and skills, and their synthesis into an effectively expressed working whole. ย These are normally rooted in the soul itself. Their expression within oneโ€™s life has tremendous uplifting value, which is ever the underlying motive of soulful expression. For the soulโ€™s purpose invariably will leave the Mark of Betterment in its wake.

The soulโ€™s mission can also be recognized by examining of the trend of oneโ€™s lofty thoughts. You will recall that the causal body (the vehicle of soul consciousness) resides on the higher mental plane. As such, the soul will have a tendency to launch trends of lofty ideations. It is therefore well to constantly examine the general themes of our spiritual thoughts and interests, for at their core can be found a golden thread of soulful purpose.

An authentic sense of the soulโ€™s destiny opens up within the mind when there is a convergence of the spiritual and secular aspects of life.ย  The individual begins to truly live for the sake of the greater whole, realizing that all aspects of life are spiritual. Indeed, the spiritual and secular worlds fuse as one. In the light of this understanding, the disciple gradually and surely becomes the destiny that he or she has long sought.

William Meader

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