The Three Bodhisattvas – Sparkle in Your Love – Altair shyam

art-by kusaba-kazuhisa

Beautiful art – Kusaba Kazuhisa


The Three Bodhisattvas – Sparkle in Your Love


Some of my deepest experiences in life have been when I have truly deeply listened to another human being or to an animal or to the beings and energies in nature. I am very grateful for this learning which happens day to day. So in my conversations with my wife I have been practicing deeply listening to her heart. This has been challenging because firstly I have been sick, then she got sick, then our two year old got sick, so our energies have not been at their optimum. Still we practice because that is what we are committed to. Being there for each other. Today was a particularly hard day because our little daughter couldn’t sleep because of coughing so my wife was awake all night and then our daughter decided to get up at 3:30am. “I’ll get up” I said as my wife hadn’t had any sleep so I did and then was somewhat bleary eyed when it was time to make breakfast at 7am with my daughter still coughing and agitated. My wife was pretty grumpy with no sleep and I was less than responsive as my body felt like it was jet lagged. So our dialogues were less than kind. They were more like a set of instructions for what the other person should be doing. At one point my wife had tears in her eyes and said “I need sparkles in my love”. I knew exactly what she meant. So I said to her “Darling, I hear you. I’m really here for you.” She smiled and it was as simple as that. We were listening to each other again.


I live in the country near a beautiful ancient temple of Guan Yin and Amitabha Buddha which I visit every day called ‘The Connection to all Connections’ 

It pretty much sums up who I AM for people, helping them to connect deeply, here in Japan and beyond 

If you met me you would find I am funny, very child-like, with a deep heart of spirituality, light and love which is what I practice every moment 

The ‘teachings’ are very much who I AM 

They come out of my daily experience which fundamentally is pretty simple 

Breathing, walking, eating

I have a family, an ancestral family, a human family, a Light Family 

I believe in unity of all faith, religion and spirituality so have studied and experienced in them all at quite some depth 

As a result I have experienced miracles that seem to cross boundaries and fill my heart and soul.

I swim, bike, hike mountains, watch stars, write books and music, meditate and do yoga morning and night, eat my food mindfully (which is organic, gluten-free, alcohol and smoke-free and so on, although I do eat fish when my body tells me to, ideally freshly caught so I can give thanks and pray to the fish for the blessing) and generally practice the moment to moment awareness of a monk in the Himalayas (where I have been and trained with monks).

I love playing with Maia at home and going out with my wife Sumire to natural wild places and holy sacred places where there are no people

I have so many things I am learning, so feel humble and blessed just to be alive in this moment.

So life is simple for me.

Love, compassion, beauty, devotion, simplicity, wisdom, kindness and understanding.

I always try to understand others in everything I do, to feel their heart, to walk in their shoes.

So I laugh, cry, feel happy, sad, enter joy and bliss when I AM still and present and are developing the awareness to do this or shift this ‘at the snap of a finger’ consciously, through Presence. My birth name is Stephen. 


Beautiful art – Kusaba Kazuhisa


I AM blending with Guan Yin as my Light Family has directed me to do which is why I use Her name, gender and birth-celebration day. As you know She manifested a real rare deep sea ocean pearl out of the Heart of Her Statue in front of my friends when I prayed to Her and so She has been the focal Heart energies for directing me to the wisdom of exalted bliss, the heart of emptiness and the clear light of being in this lifetime.

I was initiated by the Dalai Lama into the Path of Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezig/Guan Yin and the seed syllable that arose in my heart is HRIH also the seed syllable of Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yin’s own teacher.

My name in that incarnation was HRIHDAYA which means the seat of Pure Consciousness, the Seat of God in Us, realized as Existence, Knowledge and Bliss through meditation and compassion.

Love and soul blessings


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