A Fish on Dry Land; or, Joy to You! – Steve Beckow @Golden Age of Gaia

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Linda Dillon called this experience an example of interdimensional slippage.

Interesting. That would fit with my experience: It was as if I momentarily entered a new domain.

I just had a flash of insight which practically left me reeling.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a differentiation – line, barrier, the metaphor doesn’t matter. On this side of an imaginary line was my presence not adding joy to a situation and on the other side was my presence adding joy.

Speak of “Bah, humbug!”  Scrooge, the night before Christmas and all. This was a “Bah, humbug!” moment.

The contrast in the way I felt here (not adding) and there (adding) was startling.

I chose as a child to make a career of complaining. Oh, what a bad choice that was.

I thought of it then as “telling the truth.” I would not keep the family secret of domestic violence.  I rebeled in every way I could – wow, look at the energy I have on this core issue! You see how gripping they are?

Well, I just had a flash of insight. For one brief instant in my life, I felt that my presence added joy to a situation. Just momentarily!

It was so unlike me that I couldn’t believe I had never seen that side of myself before.

After living a lifetime on the awareness path, there aren’t too many “sides” of myself that I’m not aware of. But this one? Nothing. Where had it been hiding?

This has to be the clearest example I’ve seen of how a vasana can close us down to the existence of different realities. I was not, and probably would never have become, aware of the reality called  bringing joy to a situation, given the blinkers I was wearing as a career complainer.  My slant, my orientation, my leaning was away from bringing joy.

(Interesting timing for bringing joy to come up.)

The most I’ve been able to achieve in this area so far is to refrain from complaining. But inside my head, I’m nattering away. The battle isn’t won. I’m still feeding the wrong wolf.

But even to see, if just for an instant, that there’s another territory, called “my presence adds joy to a situation,” is like a thirsty man seeing an oasis in the distance.

If any readers are perplexed at my “calling myself” on my own numbers, don’t be concerned. First of all, this is what all of us should be doing, as far as I can see.

Secondly, on the path of awareness, life is often a process of unpeeling the onion. The layers of the onion are our core issues and the conditioned behavior they give rise to.

Krishnamurti called what I do, if memory serves me, “becoming aware of the ways of the self” and considered it the one and only thing that we needed to do.

My vasanas determine “the ways of the self.” Becoming aware of those ways is enough to start their dissolution.

“Awareness transforms,” Jesus said. (1) Dissolving and transforming signify the same thing: Eventually the disappearance of the self and the unconcealing of the Self.

When I see one of my numbers and raise it to awareness, I have the opportunity, by the dissolutive action of awareness, to be free of it.

Sharing it fixes it in the memory. The mind tends to make right what we say. I take advantage of that “fixing” power of the mind to hold onto my realizations by sharing them here.


I didn’t occupy the space “my presence adds joy to a situation” for more than a moment.  My script reasserted itself and I assumed the conditioned posture again of one who complains (“Don’t mess with me or mine”).

No wonder my presence doesn’t add joy to a situation.

I am truly a fish on dry land here.

What keeps me going is that I know that, underneath all this overburden of all the issues I’m dragging around, I am my natural self – innocent, pristine, loving. I have seen that with every enlightenment intensive or est event. I don’t need additional confirmation that I’m alive and well under my core issues.

I’m unconcealing that natural self. I call that “emergence.” Archangel Michael calls it “expansion.”

I imagine some kind person in the rafters just assisted me with a brief vision, a flash of insight. Thank you to whoever it was. I now know what I’m working towards.

Our collaboration is so fruitful, rafter guys. (2) I gratefully acknowledge your presence and contribution. Joy to you!


(1) “Jeshua: The Third Way,” through Pamela Kribbe, 2012, at”http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/12/24/jeshua-the-third-way-2/

(2) I included my thanks to my principal guide, my twin, Annastara, and felt a wave of love descend on me.


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HEART WOMAN – Oracle – Divine Guidance

Heart Woman, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Heart Woman, from the Sacred Geometry Oracle For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart

Heart Woman: “Inner knowing, Integrity”

“This ‘Heart Woman’ is filled to bursting with the radiance of universal love and light from within. She holds in her arms three waterlilies, which represent our potential for enlightenment, and she is surrounded by vibrant, feather like geometry borrowed from a 2006 crop formation. She stands firm in heart essence and here represents the highest and best in us all.

This card requests that you, man or woman, connect with this woman of heart and your own inner knowing and core integrity. How might you more fully embrace life’s potential and live wholly from your heart? What must come to the surface in order for you to live your personal truth?

Be not afraid. release feelings of inadequacy and realize that by the original integrity of your soul, you are a powerful being of manifestation. You are the beloved child of God, perfect and whole, nurtured and loved. Resolve today to connect with our inner knowing and the reality of your divinity.

This brilliance is fundamental to all beings. As you let your gifts shine, you also give other people permission to do the same. As you are liberated from the worry of not being good enough, your presence will without doubt liberate others. Allowing your light to be a beacon of support and encouragement in someone’s darkness may aid in liberating them from the shadow and dullness that holds many in doubt.

Stand fully in your own inner knowing and trust the integrity of your heart.”

If This Card Comes To You As Challenger: “Someone you know lacks integrity. Make certain that person is not you.”*

~ By Francene Hart

We are shifting Spiritually, but also mentally and physically. Body, mind and spirit. We must acknowledge that the changes which first affect us on a spiritual level do filter through into our physical bodies, adjusting them as they are integrating the new energies. One of the biggest differences we will experience is the opening of our hearts and higher hearts. This is our portal to Unconditional Love and gives us the ability to fully accept ourselves and others, seeing the Light of the Divine within.

This heart centered awareness will be what changes the world. It will be our bridge to ascension. And it will set us free from the restrictions of the three dimensional consciousness. It will strengthen the connection between us all, the planet and all of her inhabitants, as well as our connection to the Beings of Light and higher dimensions. This will facilitate a higher wisdom and connection between the dimensions. This is ascension, this is higher consciousness.

It will bridge the gap between dreaming and being awake in this dimension. Right now we can switch when we sleep into the fifth dimension and beyond, eventually we can align with both and stay in the higher realms.

Open your heart, Dear One. See your own Divine Light and see it in all of Creation.

This is the key.



~Archangel Oracle

*Sacred Geometry Oracle For The Visionary Path, by Francene Hart