The Recessional Wave – Steve Rother @ Lightworker


Art : Romina Lerda


The Beacons of Light
December 2016

~ The Recessional Wave ~


Beacons of Light
December 2016
Presented Live 11/19/2016

Greetings Dear Ones,

We join you this day with your game well in progress; you are making astounding leaps forward in your consciousness. We watch with great joy and share this with you because it is our vision from Home. There are harmonies and repetitions throughout your world. In reality, your time that you know as linear time is circular time and you repeat things over and over again. That is how you accomplish advancement and empowerment in your life—pretending to be a human.

A Wide Variety in Ways of Thinking

Now what is taking place is all humans everywhere are starting to align in different ways. We understand that you look at your news and everything that is taking place in your world and you see upheaval, arguments, and probably more division than you have seen in a very long time. Well, we see it too. It is not new, dear ones, for it has always been there. Quite simply, what has happened is with the new technologies and all the forms of communication of which you are now capable of, you are starting to uncover things that you have not seen before. As the Keeper has explained, because of the levels of technology which are now developing with such a wide range of influences, it is very difficult to get an accurate overview. This will continue for a while, but is it a problem? Not from our perspective. In truth, none of these differences and challenges you now see could have been uncovered otherwise.  You are starting to see that there is a wide variety—much wider than what most people thought — no matter where you are in that acclimation. It is fascinating to see how people project a reality and then walk into it, believing that everyone else around them thinks very similarly. This is happening over and over again, which is causing some of the frustration. People are not acting as expected, which creates fear in most humans. It throws an uncertainty about where you are going and how this will actually work.

Humanity Advances in Waves

There are certain things you can do to move past this. Obviously, the most common sense approach is to prepare for the worst and expect the best. That is simple, because your energy is also needed for this to take in a new world. Dear ones, you have been on a path of change, especially in the United States. The door is opening for that change, and in truth it will turn out wonderfully. Now, in the meantime there are difficulties and challenges to go through. However, we tell you there are many beings on edge just waiting to make these moves and to have their voices heard. We ask the same of you, because you have a voice no matter where you are in the process. We do not care which side you are on. Actually, the sides will start diminishing as you begin seeing that this is not the division. As humans you are so accustomed to seeing everything in duality. The moment you have a new concept you immediately decide whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. The duality is what you see now gripping Earth in the most difficult ways. This is what is causing the most fear, and at times creating a backlash effect. To simply see see the opportunities to grow to that next level and to work with it, is the way out. As we told you, dear ones, all of it is accomplished through waves. Even the advancement of humanity itself moves back and forth on this enormous fulcrum. When finally it can no longer take the pressure anymore it jumps to the next level and advances, then starts swinging until it advances again. That is how humanity works, so you can expect the forward and backward movements.

What you are also starting to see is an opening, with new realities starting to shift. As they are new, even unprecedented, is drawing a great deal of attention to them. This is what happened during your elections and there are many things that you can point to regarding what took place. Even though you will discover irregularities in your voting system, as we have predicted before, it will actually not make a difference in the outcome. These are times, dear ones, when you each decide what your vision of the planet looks like. This is going to be incredibly important that you hold that vision in harmony with others, because that is what you brought to Earth. You have that one little piece of the puzzle that nobody else could carry or work with in the same ways as before. Now, dear ones, you are going to find time to work with those.

Planting Positive Energy on the Circular Time

The larger aspect of planet Earth itself is in this wave pattern tilting back and forth consistently, but moving forward at a fairly steady pace. There will be times when things are moving too quickly and you will experience restrictions that are completely unexpected. Re-member, it does not mean that you are going to end the world. You have made a vow to create the new world and you might just get your chance. That is what you have been asking for and where this is going, dear ones. In the times of Lemuria you knew so much about yourselves and each other, and how you interacted in the world around you. There are certain aspects which are strictly human and all of you deal with: reaction, action, feeling threatened, closing your energy off, repelling things and magnetizing things to you. You do these things all the time, often unintentionally, because that is how you interact in the world around you. We are going to ask you to disconnect once in a while. Do not take responsibility for everything that happens in front of you, or you will be exhausted by the time your name is called.  You are needed; you are carrying a very important piece. We ask you to envision the future, because that is where you are all moving. So, if you plant little seeds of yourselves and your feelings in the future, these become magnetic imprints that you are able to place on the timeline in a very specific way. Re-member, with circular time it is only a matter of time before you are dealing with the same issue again. You see this in people on Earth all the time. They deal with a big issue, whatever it may be, then they go through a big expression of that issue. Everything seems to be fine for a number of years, until they find themselves in the same situation again with different people. That is circular time; it is how you deal with issues that you wish to resolve. Re-member, you can also plant positive energy on the circular time.

That is what we are asking you to do today. By placing that energy on the circular timeframe, you not only ensure that you have a future but you even speed up the entire process. If it causes things to move forward, how does one imprint on that circular time? It is done through your passion, dear ones, which is why you have it. It is what you feel when you are carrying out your passion.  Every part of you brightens and starts to glow, carrying a bit more light. Every cell in your body starts to synthesize and store more of the photonic energy, those light particles integral to your make up. You will also witness quite an advancement in the human animal itself, in that your spirit is now able to be more present in your experience on Earth. Your body will adjust to make that happen and you will begin to see changes in many ways, including some of the shifts in consciousness. When you start to come together in new ways and connect with each other, that is truly where the answers are.

The Recessional Wave

Now, we want to share with you the larger aspect of the wave. There are these huge waves and every time a new wave breaks ground, it becomes a headline. You talk about, celebrate, or sometimes even fear it if you are against it in some way. That is what happens and how it moves forward. What you do not always see is the recessional wave that flows backwards, for often it is hidden from view. Many times you choose not to look at it, so you hide it from your own view. What is happening is so beautiful because even though this has many people in fear, it is actually an opportunity to re-examine every particle of what you are building toward the future.

Understanding Other’s Believe System

The new energy is here and you are learning to acclimate into it. This has been growing ever since September 27th. It is moving at an incredible pace and you are also going to see some anomalies taking place that will not easily be explained. However, some of that has to do with a gravitational wave that went through about a year ago. It is unbelievable what that has opened up and we will tell you more about that as time goes forward. Dear ones, expect miracles and even your physics to change a bit as you start to open up your understanding of All That Is. You will be able to use it in your daily life instead of just spiritually. Many times, dear ones, you have had to retreat into a very deep meditation completely blocking off every aspect of your daily life so that you could go in and renew your spirit. What if you could renew it without disconnecting? What if you could walk in full connection of that meditative spirit with every step? That is what is happening and what every one of you is in training for at the moment. All different levels of advancement are coming together with a singular purpose of bringing love to this planet. Yes, that is the job at hand for all of you and the next level of humanity that you are starting to see. The interesting part is that bandwidth of humanity was a bit wider than most people thought. So, this is a time of reflection and understanding. This is a time to take inventory of who you are and discover what aspects you resonate with. Become more aware of cultures, energies which you would not normally not look at as they are not usually your vibration. This is the time to start stretching some of that, becoming aware of how people react on Earth and how they think. Even though we have talked much about belief systems on your planet, we tell you even to understand another’s belief system can be huge. It can make more of a difference than you can imagine, turning planet Earth on a dime. Dear ones, that is exactly what this looks like.

There is much work to do for this energy to settle, no matter where you are on the planet. You have all agreed to make this beautiful heart connection which we see at Home. It is the most beautifully intricate web protecting the Earth, lightening the hearts and carrying energy from Home. Each of you are a part of it and proudly hold that banner of being a Lightworker on planet Earth, carrying that energy from Home and re-minding people who they are. Well done, dear ones.

Now for just a moment, I will retreat and be back momentarily.

The Magnetic Wave

Well, there you are! This is Elrah of Rhythmic Service here. I thought I would come and tickle your funny bone a little bit, so I am going to change the rhythm a little bit for most of you. Humans have just been thinking way too much with so much smoke coming out of their heads that you are starting to pollute the air with it. It is just getting ridiculous! You know, you can smile your way Home without a problem. You create your own reality in front of you no matter what country you live in, which government you work with or what you have around you. Each of you have such a beautiful and distinct energy. You can light up the room around you in many different ways, so please stop giving your power away to people and things around you. You are the powerful ones. We made sure of that before you left Home; we charged your battery packs in ways that only we can and we did a pretty good job of it too. You have lots of extra energy there, so re-member that dear ones. We know some of you get really tired of carrying things on your shoulders and sometimes you are carrying too much. We have you, so you could not fall if you tried. You are on a path of greatness, one that has been opened many times before but never completed. You will be the first to do so and we mean that sincerely. You have already passed all the markers of those that have gone before, clearly moving past those from the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. But you are still trying to harmonize it all, bringing that huge bandwidth of humanity a little bit closer until you step into the next levels of it. There is a lot you can work with. Keep in mind you have a rhythm of the heart and that is magical, because each of you are different. So share that unique rhythm. Share what makes your heart sing, and step into it in some way.  Know that there is one key, for you are creator beings and you always have been. You create magic right in front of you, turn, opening your eyes, sending out this beautiful energy. Then you say, “What happened there? I do not know what to do here.” That is because you do not get the idea that you actually created it all in that way. So, we tell you to create something really beautiful and really big.

Give Thanks for What You Have

Creative energy will go a long way right now, because so many people are wrapped up in fear. It is almost as if the creative energy is not being used, so jump over here and create something magical happen while everybody is busy. Watch how much energy is going to be behind you because the magnetic wave, which before has been called the gravitational wave, will open your heart in new ways. You are starting to blend the electrical wave with the magnetic wave, as you learn how to think from the heart and how to feel from the head. Yes, it is tough on you. With the recessional wave on Earth, you have opportunities to see things from an entirely different perspective. We hope you enjoy that and that you will take a moment and do the greatest thing you can do: give thanks for what you have. Give thanks for the beauty you see all around, and give thanks for being one of the participants and help to change this world of yours. Watch as you take it to the next level.

You are magical beings, so take that and give it away. Know that every time you touch something or send your intent, love, or energy out, you are sending this beautiful stream of light capable of reaching another’s heart with your love. You are masters at it, each and every one. Keep up the great work dear ones. The energy has started and now we will see where you take it.v

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect any time you can. Nurture one another at every opportunity and do not forget to play well together. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service and I love ya.

Espavo dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Art : Romina Lerda

CONVERSATIONS WITH THE ARCTURIANS Part 2 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Conversations With The Arcturians Part 2 Through Sue lie



Part TWO

Shawnna Donop and The Arcturians through Sue Lie

SD:  I think that’s an interesting perspective to imagine that the internet allowed this collective unity as well as uniqueness.  And, I’ve always felt that the activity streaming each day – the thoughts, the feelings, the viewpoints – everything that comes into our awareness, which is definitely a broad range of frequency of information.

It is woven to together to create this collective consciousness.  So I think it’s an interesting point that you’ve mentioned because we don’t recognize that this is what it is sometimes.  But, it is.

A:        Yes and before there was the internet and before there was barely television, just a tiny screen with a picture for most of the night with an Indian on it which meant that nothing was going on now, tune in later.

Now there is a constant flow of media 24/7 from more television channels, more radio channels, more YouTube channels, more webinars – more sources than you can begin to count.  So there is almost an overload of information.

Through this overload of information, each one must go inside themselves and find this nugget of self that is within their high heart.  This nugget of their own self that knows exactly why they were born in this lifetime, exactly what they need to learn, exactly who they need to talk to, exactly what they need to bring about in order to fulfill the promise that they made before they took this body.

Now do you get all that information at once?  No, you couldn’t begin to.  If you could your 3D brain couldn’t remember it anyway.  But, what you each and all of you can do is that you can tune in.

Now, there are two places – your multi-dimensional mind which is actually hovers above your physical body.  And, your multi-dimensional mind stores all of this information and sends it down into your physical body whenever your resonance of consciousness is high enough to accept this new information about who you are and this is the ‘now’.  It is the ‘now’ for you to do this.  It is the ‘now’ for you to do that.  It is the ‘now’ for you to go into an initiation.

Now let’s talk a little bit about initiations.  Just as if someone is going to jump up high the first thing they do is to bend their knees down.  Then with their knees bent, they jump up.  Much like a kangaroo – they have big long feet, and big back legs and little tiny front legs – their hands.  They scrunch down and with their huge feet they jump off and push off.

So, it is the ‘now’ for all of you to jump up and push off.  So before it was just – jump up to get the information.  But, now you advanced to kangaroos.  Now when you jump up you are going to push off into – what are you going to do? What are you going to say?  Where are you going to go?  How are you going to document this?  How are you going to share it?

SD:     That’s the perfect analogy.  I think you’ve mentioned before going deep within and gathering the momentum to propel you forward and catapult you in to the next experience and frequency.

The energy is supportive right now.  And, it’s conducive to allowing that flow of information that we’ve never received before.  I think I’ve seen it in many instances where people are starting get really informative, direct and intense messages that it is the ‘now’ for you to actively step into the role that you signed up for in this incarnation.

A:        Yes and it’s everywhere.  You can see it everywhere.  And it can be conversed and you can overhear other people talking about it.  And so that process that Suzille first heard from us – back on the very first webinar that she ever did in person – the theme is to ‘make Ascension normal.”

When Ascension becomes a normal part of life – now people have been able to embrace, not too happy about it, but, able to embrace the fact that death is normal.  And, you are going to be born and have a life and then at some time in that life you will die.

But, what was not normal is that when you die, you did not have to go ‘poof.’ When you died, you just went back to the higher frequency that you came from when you first stepped in.

So instead of your being created solely by your Mother and Father, and your being supported and trained solely by your parents, you are now realizing that your parents created the Earth vessel that you were going to wear while you were on that third-dimensional planet.

But you are not that third-dimensional vessel.  You are a higher dimensional being, likely on your home world or on a star ship.  And, just as you would get into a private shuttle and fly through space.  When you are ‘born to earth’, you move into your private shuttle of your physical body.

Now, for many, many generations, people were completely unable to even imagine such a concept.  But, now people are much more awakened then they think, because people can imagine that concept.  And imagination is fifth-dimensional thought.  So what is occurring is that people are using their fifth-dimensional thought, which is not bound by time, not bound by space, it’s not bound by old rules that have been a part of the 3D world.  It is not limited by those that have chosen to live their lives by power over others.

It is that power within yourself that you ‘are’.  Not that you gained or remembered – you are that power.  And it is that power that is you that stepped in to the physical body that you are now wearing throughout your multi-dimensional life.

So, just as you leave your Mother Ship by stepping into your personal ship and flying to wherever you wanted to go, you left your Mother Ship and stepped into your Mother who created a physical body for you, which was your Earth Ship, and then you were able to eventually to move out of the Mother’s body,  much as you moved out of the major ship and travel within your own personal Earth vessel throughout your multi-dimensional life.

Now, when Suzille first received that we wanted her to speak about multi-dimensionality there was no concept of that.  This was in the early 1990’s.  There was no concept.  If you looked up multi-dimensional, you would find multi-media.  And the internet was new.  There were very few websites. So within this time from 1990 to 2006 there have been many changes in your reality.  Think about the changes that people have undergone in their ability to perceive; whereas before, they could only perceive exactly who they were, exactly where they were going.

After World War II there was a television set that had two or three shows a day. And you would have to change your system so that you could be in front of the television when it was ready.

Now everyone can watch anything anytime that they want to.  They save it on their computer and pull it up whenever they want to watch it.

And, it’s about the information.  In order to get the information in the past, you had to go to a certain place and somehow find a book, if you could even find a book as there were very few. and find a teacher, which there were very few. Then maybe once in a while you would have contact content.  In this ‘now’ all of you can communicate and get information about Ascension 24 hours a day from the entire globe.

So take a moment and go inside of yourself and realize that you have a gift of knowledge that has never ever existed on this planet – ever before.  Even within the times of Lemuria and of Atlantis, their world was not the Planet.  Their Lemurian world was on the Lemurian Planet, their Atlantean world was on the Atlantean Planet.  Both of those islands sunk.  Their world ended.  It disappeared.

Now, this world is not going to end.  The entire Planet is not going to disappear. The entire planet, on the other hand, is going to transmute into a higher frequency.  So to those who can only calibrate their perceptions to the third-dimension and to the lower fourth dimension, they might think that the Earth has disappeared, because they don’t have that channel in their brain.  So they cannot perceive it.

However, there are so many opportunities for every single person to gain all the information they want.  It’s right there in front of everyone.

Shawnna, did you want to add to what we’ve been speaking of?

SD:     Yes that’s a lot of information to integrate, and, many valid points to reflect upon.  I think it’s quite important when we stop and take a step back and look at the importance of the time in which we find ourselves and the uniqueness of it where we are connected to everyone and everything and how discernment is always important.

And when we connect to our multi-dimensional mind and our high heart that’s a wonderful navigation system to allow us to continue to accept the truths that we feel within ourselves.  And that will become continually important.  And, how beautiful is it that we have this information and we have the knowledge and wisdom that you are bringing forth within us, this awareness and remembrance we’re able to live that fact that Ascension is normal.  This is a normal part of human evolution and what a gift it is to be here at this time to be a part of this process.

A:    Yes, and thank you so much Shawnna for joining the Arcturians within this communication and thank you Suzille for allowing your vocal cords to be used. And we are happy to share this with all of you.  So stay tuned and it will be available to each and every one of you for free.

Blessings be

The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 7:44 AM

Winter Soulstice 2016 – Kara Schallock @ Soulstice Rising


Art : In The Arms of The Mother – Meganne Forbes


Winter Soulstice 2016 – 17-Dec-2016

As we head into the Soulstice, realize it is big and will affect everyone. We are ending much duality and separation and preparing to fully embrace Unity and our sovereignty. Every year we have taken a step forward and are more than ready to fully step into our mastery. It is a sacred and powerful time. Step by step we have seen what does not serve us and have released it; thereby integrating more Light and Love into our being. We will continue to refine, continue to release and continue to evolve. We have an opportunity to ground our New Selves, leaving behind much disorientation, confusion and physical rearranging. So continue to keep your thoughts and feelings high and focused on being Love. We will also see a resurgence of creating anew our visions and purpose.

2016 has done a lot for us; even when it felt as if we were in such darkness and chaos. We now have an opportunity to bring to completion all that we have been working on. Still, it is important not to have wishes, expectations or attachments as to how it should look. Instead, stay in the Moment while you continue to take just one step at a time. In this way, you are guided. Do not project your desires onto the future, but allow it to unfold by itself. Besides, anything you project is based on past experiences or from your intellect and is always limited. Divine Order knows what it’s doing. This may feel so different from the past, where we controlled, made things happen and did not trust ourselves to be carried forward (as in advertising or marketing). As each of us commits and trusts Divine Order, we allow the miracles to occur. This is true Faith. This is Surrender to what is, which always heightens our consciousness and creates our life. Observe and take a step toward that which is joyful and easy. Continue to release the past, so the New can take its place in your life. Release your comfort zone and allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Discomfort is because we are trying to hold onto the past or project our past into our future instead of trusting the process. If you feel unmotivated, discouraged or tired, realize that this is preparing you for what’s ahead. What’s ahead is what you create.

Many of us cannot relate to who we used to be. This is an indication that we have stepped more securely into the New Now and have let go of much of the old. We may still have more to release and transform, so continue to be patient and observe. Observing helps us detach from the old and trust in the New as it unfolds uniquely for each of us. Release all judgment (and there is plenty to judge) and fill the empty space with Love. Know that within everyone and in every circumstance, there is Love.

So much is occurring in this month alone. There are continual downloads of Light pouring into us, activating dormant codes of Light, bringing forth new DNA and activating our New blueprints, which helps us to eventually see and experience new ways of being and new pathways for expressing our Soul. If we are willing, we can more fully release the old stories that have anchored us to the old. We can release old traumas and we can choose to only embrace possibilities, depending on if you desire that or not. What essence do you choose to feel? How we feel is what dictates how our new experiences are created. If you stay focused on how you choose to feel, you cannot create anything that is not aligned with that feeling/essence. You can review your beliefs; yet do not create new beliefs, for they will only create another stopping point. Instead, realize that all shifts. Perceptions shift as consciousness shifts. So it is best to choose how you want to feel. If you want to feel free, focus on Freedom. If you want to feel joyous, focus on Joy. If you want to experience more love, focus on Love. This is Soul/Source living as us. This is the purpose of ascension…to be fully immersed in Soul and Soul in us; as us. To receive these downloads, you need not do anything; simply intend to receive.

In this entire year much has unfolded very quickly. Much is coming to light, for Truth cannot be hidden in the New. Those fully anchored in the New see through others and circumstances. They do this dispassionately, often simply nodding their head. Much remains below the surface and yet, if you go beneath anyone or any circumstance you can see the Truth or un-truth of it. This helps to free you. One cannot be held in slavery if one sees the Truth.

There is a strong desire to change things in one’s life. Ignore nothing. As one stays in the Moment, they can clearly see what illusions there are and what choices they are guided to make. Some will see the truth of something and yet choose not to take any action, and this is, of course, just fine. They still see the Truth and remain strong in their own Truth, while honoring others who still play in the old game. An example of this could be how folks celebrate Christmas or other religious holidays. One may know the Truth and still stay in the game. The important thing is to see the Truth beneath the illusion. And some are choosing not to partake in these old traditions at all. It is all one’s choice. Just stay awake no matter what you choose. Whatever you choose, each has their own path as guided by Soul.

As we become more Love, we become more inclusive and compassionate. We see the duality of governments, religions, races and all those institutions that separate, rather than join as one voice and one Heart. We see the divisiveness of politics and choose not to take part in anything that perpetuates division and duality. In Oneness, there are no enemies; there is no-one to fear, for the Truth is Love and Love has no division. This is true also for the animals, plants and insects. Each one has a gift; nothing is better or less than the other. As we integrate Love into our every choice, we honor all of life. We honor the ant, the spider, the bee, the bird, the tree, the flower and the weed. We honor the rock, the dirt and the mountain. We honor the sea, the stream and the waters that run beneath the Earth. We are all One. We each are unique, yet connected through Love. As Souls, we honor all diversity and uniqueness. As Love, we give thanks for all of life.

Traditionally, the Winter Soulstice (for those of us living in the northern hemisphere) is the return of Light. I would say it is the further Empowerment of Light. As we open up to being more Light and therefore, more Love, we further anchor the New in our lives. As we end 2016 (in Truth, there is no beginning or end), we continue to evolve seamlessly. We continue to transform the old into the New and the only way to do this is to pay attention in each Moment. Then you can see clearly where you are sleeping and what step you can take to be more. Allow yourself to be simple and flow, rather than get caught up in the flurry of busy-ness that so many seem to be absorbed by. Remember that the New is about ease and flow. Gone is the old way of being swallowed up by expectations, “supposed-to’s” and going to sleep, allowing old ways to drag you along in your slumber. When awake, you choose. You choose by detaching from what others say you must do and be and from all the hype. By staying awake, you not only see things as they truly are, but you choose your pathway through the illusion.

The Soulstice is an Opportunity to further empower your Divine Masculine, whether you are male or female. The Divine Masculine is the creator and supporter of your dreams. It supports your Divine Feminine. When you meditate, place your right hand under your left hand with palms up. This is the physical expression of the support the Divine Masculine offers the Divine Feminine. As we awaken more to the Wonder of who we are and all the wondrous gifts of life, we recognize that there is much more than the sensate, physical world. We are the Divine Light and the prime creators of our lives. The Divine Masculine supports the manifestation of our dreams. The song, “The Impossible Dream…to dream the impossible dream, to go where the brave dare to go…to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far” is our quest. We are on our noble quest. Our Light ignites us toward our dreams and we embrace the higher meaning of why we are here on Earth. We shine for others and as we raise our own consciousness, we raise the consciousness of all beings and that of Earth.

We are anchoring the New; therefore, we must live who and what we say we are. This takes as long as we choose. The Light of the Soulstice supports us in our quest.



Art : In The Arms of The Mother – Meganne Forbes

Meet My “Protection” – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


unknown artist


Meet My “Protection”

I don’t know how many times I asked Archangel Michael if I was protected in the financial lightwork that lies ahead.

He’d tell me I was and then I’d ask him again a month or two later. It took me years to get what he said and who I was talking to.

He doesn’t like to repeat himself and yet he’s had to repeat himself to me on that subject often.  Always with patience. Sometimes with bemusement. Sometimes with supreme and sparkling wit.

I wonder if he’d mind if I created a pastiche of his reassurances to me over the years around my safety as a financial wayshower. Because, as I’ll make clear below, I’m sure they apply to you as well. After all, as he’d say, who do you think you’re working with?

To those who say, “Steve, you shouldn’t be talking about this,” yes, I should. It’s time to build a different future than the fearful one we’ve inhabited so far. And knowledge of our protection is one way to do it. So let us forge ahead.

Our first conversation on the subject was on Aug. 6, 2013. It was about what were then called pre-NESARA funds. The topic was mis-steps, rather than a need for protection and he advised me:

“Not that we will allow you to go wrong – let us be very clear.  This plan has been in unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others or for those who will benefit from the abundance programs (plural).” (1)

A few months later, I questioned him again about the worries of the day:

SB: Should we reserve domain names or create trademarks or should we worry about scammers posing as us?

AAM: You do not need to worry about a thing, dear heart. (2)

At that point it wasn’t at all clear to me why he would tell me not to worry. My worry went so deep that I normally lived in it like a fish in water.

On a later occasion I asked him about personal safety and protection:

SB: Am I protected and are my loved ones also protected from such things as being kidnapped and held for ransom?

AAM: Yes.

SB: OK. That’s good to know. (3)

Then on Nov. 19, 2013, I asked him again. This time he used the word “mightily” protected for the first time and emphasized it.

SB: What security precautions should I put in place to protect my currency earnings from theft?

AAM: You do not need to do this. You will put the normal security precautions in place that any institution will provide. But, dear heart, I would suggest that you are mightily protected.

SB: OK, well, that is what I need to know. …

AAM: You are being mightily (and I use that word very specifically) mightily protected and this is a long-term project. (4)

Why would he use that word specifically? Because “the Mighty Ones” is a synonym for the archangels.  So I (and I believe you) are protected by the Mighty Ones. Later he’ll go into more detail on what that entails. But to return to the narrative….

Finally I broke his patience (not really) when I asked him again how I could prevent corruption at the Michaelangelo Fund. He replied in bemusement, as if I did not listen:

AAM: First of all, (laughing) WHO do you think you are working with, dear heart? …

Yes, there will be substantial oversight. Shall we say it that way? There will also be checks and balances and there will be compliance, what you would think of as “officers.”

You have an expression about running a tight ship. Well, this would be a tight ship.

Because the last thing you want, and the last thing that will be permitted by the way … we will shut it down before this is allowed.

SB: … and “this” is?

AAM:  The rebirth of the old patterns and paradigms of the old Third.

If there is corruption, if there is dishonesty, if there is abuse of power, if there is undue control, [any or] all of this, we will simply shut it down! It will not be permitted! (5)

Oooooooo-Kay! That was very good to know. So not only are we protected but we’re being overseen as well.

Let me reinforce that last point from two conversations I had with him. In the first, I asked him if a well-known humanitarian philanthropist was a fake and he replied:

AAM: No. That is not a well-founded fear. Is he under very close scrutiny? Yes he is.

Steve: From you?

AAM: From all of us, above and below. (6)

So this influential lightworker is under close scrutiny – as are we all, apparently.  He revealed this second matter when the subject came up in a conversation in July of this year:

Steve Beckow: Now I have been saying to readers that the Company of Heaven is watching financial wayshowers and stewards…

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

Steve:… And that those who do well – in other words, do the job of hydrating society – will find themselves supported to go forward.

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: … It’s correct. Okay. I don’t want to be saying something to them that is misleading. Thank you for being definite about that. (7)

So they are watching us and they will use those people who prove ready, willing, and able to hydrate society, for more – and presumably greater – work of the same kind.

Let’s return now to his use of the word “mighty.”

The Mighty Ones are our archangelic protection, secret service, and celestial muscle. Those who are with us are definitely stronger than those who are “against” us.

I said I’d offer more on what their protection entails. Here’s what he says of himself as a “Mighty One”:

“I have the capacity—we all do; and when I say we all do, I mean the mighty ones, the archangels—we have the capacity to bring the fullness of our energy to many, many, many, and yes, if you wish, millions—and millions!—of places simultaneously. It is not bilocation. It is not multilocation.

“It is the ability to be present fully and completely where we are called, where we are required, where we wish to be. Because I am always connected – also infinitely – to the heart of One, and I am always infinitely in this moment with you, on the radio, fully connected to you.

“Do I give you the entire full blast, the full presence of my energy? As you know, there are days when I will give you more and I will give you less. I modulate it according to what can be handled.

“But, make no mistake, my beloved brother, and every listener upon the planet, I bring you the fullness of my being the same way I can simultaneously bring it to your brothers and sisters onboard the Neptune, or on Arcturus, or Venus, or how I can bring it to a mother who is trying to protect her child in a war-torn country.

“So, yes, it is beyond human understanding, but nevertheless, it is the gift that we have. It is a beautiful gift that allows us to do the work and the service that we have committed to.” (8)

Well, meet my protection.

Notice that he’s just said that he has the ability to be millions and millions of places at once and bring the fullness of his presence to the higher-dimensional captain on the bridge of the Neptune and a Third/Fourth-Dimensional mother trying to protect her child in a war-torn country.

Surely that widely-spread net can be thrown far enough to include you and me both.  I don’t think he’s talking to just me here.

But you have to let that in.  Words are just words – intellectual knowledge. You have to get them at an experiential and later a realizational level for them to mean something to you – as much as they do to me.

Was that the end of my story? Or did I ask for reassurance again? Yes, I did.

Three more times.

Just to round out the story and not to miss three classic rejoinders, here are his responses:

March 23, 2016: “No [need to hire an executive security company]. You have a much better protection team, dear heart!”

July 22, 2016: “Think of it…. First of all, I am pretty good at protection. I have a few souls that help me out now and then.  So do you think a few rogues are going to beat me at my own game?  Not to worry, dear heart. You are mightily protected.”

Sept. 2, 2016: “Are you mightily protected? Well, my friend, if I cannot protect you, nobody can.”

I love that line. If he cannot protect us, nobody can.

Have you ever worked for a better boss? Stronger to protect, gentler to respect? More patient? More kind?

Well, as you know, it’s only been lately that I’ve even gotten a glimmer of who my “guardian angel” is.

And no, I don’t worry about being tampered with. Why? Obviously. Because…

We’re protected.


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