Your Developing Crystals In Your Physical Body: Crystalline Light Body Structures – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Your Developing Crystals In Your Physical Body: Crystalline Light Body Structures

For years I have worked with the developing the crystals in my own physical body structure, which DEVELOP ON THEIR OWN for us as we HOLD the HIGHEST VIBRATION OF CHRISTED LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS AS SOURCE within our own BEing….
This is an intricate process and one that will challenge everything you are as a human. The upgrade process is immense and will “rule your world” for awhile, as you RETURN to BEing a Crystal, BEing a CHRISTED/LIGHT BEING, BEing an Avatar BEing here.Your body is constantly in upgrade mode, constantly in purification mode, constantly in cleansing cellular everything move and evolving into something the little/limited human mind cannot comprehend.

The activation and formation of these crystals defies all things logical. This is not a logical process. This is a Galactic, Godlike, Cosmic and Multi-Dimensional process of EVOLUTION BACK into who and what you truly are… not one thing, but all things merging as one, inside your physical body vessel that continually adapts itself, recalibrates itself, restructures itself according to YOUR HIGHER LIGHT ENCODEMENTS, complex (to the human but simple to us) mathematic/geometric codes and sequences, held in your own energy field of super consciousness. This field floats around your entire body and when your heart/mind and all of you is totally open, activates to move into/embed in your physical body for you. This is a long process that has been occurring your entire physical existence here. Human aspects “think” it’s just beginning. This alone is separation that exists within.

Cosmic/planetary/Universal frequencies activate in every moment, yet not outside of you, within. Your perception is “it’s out there”. This too is human separation. It is “out there” and inside of you simultaneously, for your body exists within this whole field. Your human identifies with your body. Your soul is the whole field. Your ability to merge the physical body and the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS within your structure and hold all of this information, gifts/abilities and attributes for your NEW EARTH HUMAN EXISTENCE is a continual process for you to be fully multi-dimensional here.

Your Avatar abilities are determined by your DEVELOPED CRYSTALS that take form inside of you. This occurs as you and your body work together and you become ENERGY AGAIN. Pure Conscious Energy walking in physical form that adapts to your consciousness as you intentionally and continually integrate and embed these codes within you.

This embedding is a huge process, as all of the density in your physical body systems (glands/organs/communication) and structures (bones/teeth/spine) must de-densify and the physical matter in your physical body continually take new form. Your human likes to control the process, which inner-fears, instead of assisting, honoring and supporting it to create ease and “faster” evolution here. As your body clears the density of all things separation/unconscious, your bones will start to contract and expand, your cells, your spine, your brain, your skin, your flesh… as your energy constantly expands and contracts to “do” this process for you. Unconscious humans try to fit what is happening into old belief boxes of doubt or diagnosis, instead of truly opening up to see. This alone creates great suffering that need not be as uncomfortable as humans make it. Intentional participation eases all and is key.

Your crystals are developing, which give you infinite capabilities here. The more developed they are, the easier everything is. Along the way, you will “oscillate” between becoming a receiver, a transmitter, a simultaneous transmitter/receiver, beyond POWERFUL from within. Yet in order to gain this POWER, you must be continually be taken “offline” to tune. Your physical body is continually working harder than your human aspect can understand.

You will become SOURCE and generate your own POWER, regulate your own body, adapt (shape-shift energetically/physically) to conditions present and your crystals/crystalline structure will give you the ability to PROCESS AT A RIDICULOUS RATE…. information that you did not have access to before.

You are BECOMING a natural and organic, living, breathing BEYOND INTELLIGENT bio-organism and eco-system within and throughout. At your highest capabilities, your body processes everything simultaneously. 360 degree range and through BEING a FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, aware of everything in your field. You/Your structure takes all of this information and processes it instantly FOR YOU….. all you do is exist…. It’s beyond beautiful to experience here. Existence is pristine, easy and beyond magnificent here.

The lower density emotions gone, the lower density thoughts gone, these were in the way. Yes there are times that you feel like you don’t feel, yet feeling is different here. You are ALWAYS IN A SPACE OF PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE, pure DIVINE POWER, PURE CREATION as PURE SOURCE LIGHT…. you don’t ever leave this space once you achieve this fully within. You have achieved the ability to shift intentionally into any of your aspects, depending on the situation that calls for this. Your POWER, KNOWLEDGE AND PURITY RETURNED gives you this capability here. You are never again susceptible to anything human. You recognize it, yet it holds no power here. Just like a computer, you process and the more DEVELOPED CRYSTALS the faster you process. The human aspect processes slowly and takes forever. When you are upgrading you will find that processing is virtually impossible and that you must just “BE” in order to honor this process. Each upgrade can take hours, days, months. The more carbon-based, the longer the duration the process. The more light your body holds, the faster the process. Sometimes it only takes a few moments, then you come back online again.

You are also always synchronizing to all things…. inner earth/outer earth, your Crystalline Grid with Earth/Gaia/Terra Nova’s Crystalline Grid and all of the StarGates that are now continually activating and synchronizing too. Your HUman STARGATE System comes online more and more as you do. Your FULLY DEVELOPED CRYSTALS are what give you the capability to travel through StarGates and embody VASTNESS of all of your existences here. It’s beyond beautiful to experience!

I speak this not from a space of “one day” this will occur. I speak this from my own experiences and evolution here. Through my own achievements as an EMBODIED LIGHT BEING who functions from this place/this space all of the time. Our developed crystals/crystalline structures give us capabilities we did not have access to as a carbon-based human. WHO WE ARE NOW is beyond anything comprehensible, yet it is so very simple. We are not doing this, we’ve done it. It’s occurring for everyone who chose (as a StarLight BEing/Soul) to continue through with physical ascension and embodiment here.

WE are the foundation of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS REALITIES. We are working in all dimensions simultaneously, consciously and continually and we anchor those realities here. WE are in “those other dimensions” and DOING IN THIS ONE … WHAT IT TAKES… for all to experience our NEW EARTH realities now. WE are the future in this now. We are the Ancients, the Elders, the Galactics, the Holy & Pure Ones… walking in physical form….to guide, assist and re-educate all who are ready to join us/be a part of this/come along.

WE all have such important roles and our contribution is EQUALLY important to the whole. Not one person here doesn’t have this capability or access. Each does determine HOW they choose to experience this and DO this process that is occurring for all. ♥

I love you all. Get ready. We have moved into the NEXT PHASE and we PREPARE for the next most awesome everything to materialize in physical form for us all! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Key-Code Holder & Guardian of our NEW Earth

A photo with just a few our magnificent Andaras and Crystal Skulls, which have assisted me so beautifully with my own activations & merging at an exponential rate over the years too. The subtleness softens our integration substantially. Becoming an Andarian again a few years ago was pivotal for me here too! When my skull moved into optimization mode as a Crystal Skull, these became prominent for my work with my own Crystalline LightBody and our Crystal Kindom continues to expand as I do too! I’ve slept with and worked continuously with a multitude of crystals, minerals and galactic structures as a part of my own physiological evolution here. ♥ The other is the 200 crystals I slept with for over 2 years upgrading intensly and getting my physical body vibration up as high as possible for physical ascension in 2013, after consciousness ascension in 2012. More andara photos as they are very prominent in our lives! ♦

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