A Little About Relationship Shifts – Lisa Transcendence Brown

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Β A Little About Relationship Shifts

Humans “think” that when we go “separate ways” that it’s because of a failure or an emotional thing…. when it is quite in fact the opposite. We go separate ways because we are meant to and if we totally “get it”, we see all of the purposes, all of the gifts, all of the roles we played out and how we complimented each other’s lives and we go “apart” out of RESPECT for each other, being in different places/spaces and to DO the next part of our own phases, connecting with those that will awaken us more and the experiences “next on our list”…..

On a SOUL LEVEL, (inside), we LOVE each other deeply and infinitely. We are always connected and a part of each other’s lives. We don’t have to be together in the same physical space, as “proximity” sometimes is too close, especially if we need to be apart to work through things, realize, see, experience and evolve in our own…

Once we truly connect, on a SOUL LEVEL, we are FAMILY. This doesn’t change. Just our location and purposes/roles together do. Sometimes we realize that we are not meant to be together in the same physical space and we respect this…. because WE LOVE AND RESPECT OURSELVES and we love and respect them too…..

In the old days (lower vibrational realities of unconsciousness), we stayed together out of need, lack, safe and played out distortions unconsciously. Here we don’t do that, as it actually “protects” each from expanding/growing/learning (if you will).

As STAR Light BEings and Soul Families here, we are always connected and ONE from within us…. WE don’t separate off as we once did. We do not live in “miss” or “need”, as those were human created relationships. WE come together to inspire, uplift, empower and support each other…. The flip side is that if one is not ready, this is EXTREMELY VISIBLE HERE…. and we respect this too. This just means that their heart is not fully open and they “for their reasons” don’t trust to open them with us. We often become the “bad guys” to “fear” because we can go straight to the DEPTH OF THEIR SOUL and see what they are not ready to see. This is okay, honor this… it’s beyond important for us all.

Our relationships are very different and each must come to open up fully, learn to come together, learn to trust each other, learn to support each other and share…. (Humans don’t do well with this one, as there are many mis-perceptions and old programs deeply ingrained within). It’s okay, they will… Trust… as these higher light filaments and encodements awaken them too, in their way, exactly as they as a SOUL CHOSE to experience everything here.

Trust, honor, love and respect…. yourself and each other. This is key. Where you have not accessed the deepest part of your soul existence, then someone/something will assist you with this. An experience is what this is called….Β β™₯

Many do not realize that we do deeply love and respect each other. We don’t all want to be together all of the time, live together in the same space. Actually it’s quite the opposite. Everything is!Β β™₯

Have compassion for you, respect and love for you, kindness towards you and you open the door for all of your relationships to RETURN this for you as you do.

Trust…. open up… communicate… share…. let the old ways go (and those who are determined to still “live there”). This opens doorways/portals/gateways anew for us all and the most amazing and brilliant experiences here!Β β™₯

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼