Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Olga Vercholamova


Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day

We just had Boxing Day. I’d like to have Step-Out-of-All-Boxes Day.

This is the day to box all our Third-Dimensional conditioned behavior (or Third Dimentia) and leave it at the dumspter.

I know of several ways to step out of all boxes and be in silence and stillness for a while.

  • Letting go of or dropping everything to leave only the default of silence and stillness.
  • Finding oneself in the natural self, the overburden gone.
  • Sending love out to the entire world.

When I let go of everything, the place I find myself in is silence and stillness.  And, as I embrace it, I see everything else as if it were a movie playing on a screen or a desktop. It flies off into oblivion and I’m left in stillness and silence.

Oh, how peaceful things are then.


Several times I’ve found myself in … Hmmmm. I don’t want to exaggerate here. Being precise is important given that there’s no thorough typology I know about of the experiences of transformation and enlightenment. I don’t want to pretend what has happened to me is more than it is.

At the same time, I also know that it isn’t the case that we go from one experience of enlightenment to another that’s totally different. We may simply go deeper and deeper into the experience of, say, love or bliss or light.

That having been said, on occasion I’ve found myself in what seems to me to be my natural self, free of the overburden. I don’t consider it an experience of enlightenment, but of transformation. (1) And, then, there’s such a feeling of innocence and openness, to a degree that I can’t maintain in everyday life.

These are rare events.


Sending love out to the entire world is the area I want to work out in most – and it’s the most challenging. People have been shafted and scammed and fleeced so many times that very few people seem to trust someone who’s beaming.

Nevertheless I know full well (i.e., realizationally) (2) that sending out love to the world immediately puts Third Dimensionality itself in a box. That box can and should be left at the bin.  That would truly fulfill Boxing Day.

I’m feeling an unusual amount of “interdimensional slippage,” to use Linda Dillon and Ashira’s phrase.  I want to burst out in love and joy but I hold myself back. So the higher-dimensional side is almost shimmering and I choose to turn from gazing on it and bend to the socially-acceptable side instead. I’m not yet brave enough yet to let it all shine forth.

Even though this is a week of post-Christmas sales, I’m going to remain very quiet and not set foot in a store. (I’m not saying everyone should.)

I may take a few days off and just integrate all the joy I feel as a result of perhaps the best Christmas I’ve ever had.


(1) Transformation is more of a peak experience than one of enlightenment.

(2) I use the word to mean that I’ve realized the particular piece of knowledge in question; it doesn’t reside as simply informational or experiential knowledge. I’m not meaning to imply that I’m Self-realized, which I’m not.


Art : Olga Vercholamova

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