Shifting the Form on The Pleiades ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness – L’Aura Pleiadian


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Shifting the Form on The Pleiades ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


The energy of the Sphinx. Representing the powers of transfiguration and transformation of frequencies. Changing the form. We do see a statue of the Sphinx in Egypt, yet the original design was feminine and of course with wings.

Wings representing the TRANSCENDENCE of the Earth Form merged with the HIGHER Self. Angelic energies. Divine Energies of TRANSFIGURATION. The power to literally CHANGE the form, to the ASCENDED form.

I would love to share with you one existence in particular, where I practised transforming my form, knowing that one day on Earth, I would be using those same gifts, here. Even this moment.

You may see this as the Sphinx energy or the Dragon energy, or whatever words you choose to name this. One thing is for sure, it is the ability to enter the higher dimensions consciously, and change the FREQUENCIES of the form in the lower dimensions.

The Creators of form, the Elohim, created the Blueprints that are used today, it is all light. And within the human DNA and Blueprint is the LIGHT codes and abilities within the DNA to TRANSFORM itself.

FROM one way, a human being in a form that appears solid, to THE Ascended Being ~ that may still appear here amidst 3D ~ yet not play with the same limitation rules of the third dimension. OF course at the higher levels, this is already occurring.

What you expand into, already exists.

YET the consciousness agreeing to experience itself through the lower dimensions that appears as stretching out through time, experiences a very real experience of existing separately or simultaneously in many or all dimensions.

Every day, dedicating hours of focus on the Pleiades to changing my form, from one way to another, as a practise.

This began with an encounter of a Higher Being of Light. This Being was an aspect of myself, in a future timeline, that appeared to me in Light with wings of Light. As I witnessed and spent time with this Divine Future Being, I awakened this transform within myself.

At that point (of consciousness) on the Pleiades, not everyone was aware that they were there to TRANSFORM also, one day.

After lots of daily practise and meetings with this future DIVINE Self ~ realm (a frequency not yet fully transformed into being conscious of in all moments) I would transform myself and be able to hold this frequency for longer lengths of time. Till I had fully mastered this, at will, consciously.

I knew that ONE day ( a frequency level) on Planet Earth, I would do the same and Transform my form again, that would be part of the Ascension experience ( the transformation of ALL FORM) for those on Earth. And the awakening of what the Sphinx energy. The TRANSFIGURATION energy and frequency.

Again, call it what you like. IT is still the awakening of the DNA that transforms from one way to another.

The awakening of these Codes of Light, within the human form DNA, was part of the entire plan of consciousness, since before the first civilization on Earth. What is held as energy and high frequency at different energy points on Earth. Is simply the energy frequency of this Transfiguration. The Ascension Light Codes.

The ability to transform MATTER.

Matter that appears as solid in one Dimension and transform the matter to MATCH the Higher Dimensions of Light.

Again, it already exists, the transformation and shift in the form, occurs when the HIGHER levels and dimensions (timelines) MERGE with the CURRENT aspect and dimension.

Call it what you will.

IT is the Ascension.

IT is the embodiment of the HIGHER dimensions into the Lower dimension. Creating the ALCHEMY of what appeared as once, different.

NOW ~ Breathe this in.

The ability to change form.

The ability to shift DNA.

Inherent in ALL DNA. PROGRAMMED into all levels and dimensions.

SO that one day they would all consciously MERGE as whole once again.

The ORIGINAL Light and all dimensions LINKED as they are. Consciously completing the journey of Light. As all are consciously united.

Your Ascension.

Receive this NOW ~ awakening more and more of your LIGHT codes held within your cellular consciousness, awakening greater Union within YOU.

As Light that knows itself in the Highest and lowest dimensions. All at once. The master of FORM. To be that on EARTH. ALL now! I love you!




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Full Moon in Cancer ~ January 12th, 2017 ~ Catharsis – L’Aura Pleiadian


Art : Cancer Zodiac Fantasy by Britta Glodde @ Fine Art America


Full Moon in Cancer ~ January 12th, 2017 ~ Catharsis


The Full Moon in Cancer, January 12th at 7:33 am AST in the sign of the crab, with a Cardinal Cross involving Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Sun opposite Moon. A Culmination a release. A Transformation.

THIS may start to be FELT and experienced DEEP within ~ NOW.

You may experience a deep Catharsis. A death and rebirth.  The release of emotions may feel turbulent, sudden and very powerful. Crying, letting go, releasing.

The home, the Fourth house, the world of the INNER Sanctum, may suddenly feel as though it is all falling apart. This is part of the death and rebirth process. The cleansing. The renewal.

EVERYTHING that is not in harmony, not in alignment with your Higher Self, that still exists within your Blueprint as a reactive emotional response mechanism. Fears, deeply hidden within your subconscious mind. Pain, sadness, depression, is there to be released.

The Powerful Full Moon in Cancer, is a very emotional Full Moon. For those INNER hidden deep emotions and feelings TO RISE. To arise. To be felt, experienced, acknowledged, so that they no longer stay in the hidden depths, as reactive impulses.

Till the masks that cover the INNER You (your inner home within) are all removed.

And all that is left, is the Glorious YOU. The Higher Self you.

The One who lives as if a child. In Pureness of Being. Living in the MOMENT. With all that arises, deep within you.

You as The ONE who feels, lives and loves ~ with COMPLETE compassion. For all that you have been through. For all that you feel. For every moment. Every breath. As the ONE who is here, to be that love. Deep within.

Cleansing the emotional body. Cleansing the inner sanctum. The Home. The true home within. So that the harmony as your pure Original state of consciousness, becomes the ONE that you experience in all moments, within.

The Power of this Full Moon may feel at times overwhelming. YET as in all moments, going with what is. ALLOWING and not pushing under behind even more masks, the EXPERIENCE of the moment ~ is the FLOW. The water, the moon, the cycles, that live within.

Embracing this Divine State ~  creates the metamorphosis  through the catharsis,  going ever deeper within. Revealing more and more in all moments, the Divine Presence self. The Higher Self. Your Original PURE LIGHT.

This is your Ascension.

Your Transformation.

Your Death and Rebirth.

Your Catharsis.

Your Metamorphosis.

Into that which you Originally were created AS.

Your Soul Star Matrix, as the radiation of YOUR Divine Presence.

The Alchemy of disharmony into Pure Harmony.

The inner Home ~ The SACRED eternal Divine Holy Temple of the Glory of Divinity. IS all within.


Feel it now ~ as YOU FLOW. With it.

In All Moments ~ And So it is! In the Love and Glory of ALL that is ~ that knows no limits and no end. I love you!




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2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


2017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence

Quantum Collapse/Unify/Converge: Cycles Increase Substantially

These higher light consciousness frequencies collapse and merge all. The higher we go, the more this “speeds up” and increases in strength. Quantum Timeline Collapses shall increase substantially for UNIFICATION to occur continually now. We complete this transition phase for anchoring new higher light filaments and codes cultivated through the “9” (completion phases) that converged 12/21/16, initiating a whole new exciting cycle on our New Year that began on 12/26. We are still anchoring strongly through 1/11, which is the culmination of our 11/11 gateway that opened. Powerful is an understatement for us all!

2016 was the year for all to experience many things, since the December 2015 total dissolution of the energetic gridwork that acted as the “glue” to hold the old Matrix Program in place.

For some, this was “instant” awakenings to higher truth and many realizations that they had been living in a veiled existence. The unconscious masses entered the chaos and confusion phase, which is necessary for one to challenge what they call REALity. The powerful Root Chakra Kundalini Electrical Energy strongly activated for many, activating old distorted illusory programs (beliefs) of fear, safety and lack were palpable and strong, while other collectives entered the “fog” where the veils amnesia are lifts, which can be an intense process. Much sleep is required and the brain doesn’t work logically when the heart opens, which is all very much an important part of the process of leaving the old matrix and upgrading the Physical Crystalline LightBody to come online with NEW Earth frequencies and realities now. EVERY THING in the physical that is not in alignment with these higher frequencies gets “reworked” on a cellular/molecular/atomic level. The body, the outside world…. ALL must constantly re-align, re-calibrate, and re-construct itself in accordance to each’s SOUL/SOLar & Galactic encodements through the embedding/integration of intricate geometric overlays, codes and sequences activated by increasing bombardment and saturation of PURE cosmic light. Then there were the forerunners, who experienced a very different experience than the collectives did, the polar opposite of what was going on for “Old Earth”, for they “left” Old Earth, vibrating out of those dimensions completely and stepping into Source/Creator Roles to become the anchor points for NEW EARTH, to open the portals & gateways and hold them open for all to walk/vibrate through as they are ready. This is what is happening now and it’s beyond exquisite to experience! Each ONE who is truly ready, can completely shift into a higher vibrational resonance and existence. Technically, everyone already has, they are just not aware of this, because the lower vibrations are still housed in their physical bodies, which is what leads us into the next part of the process….

When Earth Gaia completed her “link up” of the Crystalline LightBody Gridwork for NEW Earth, we then moved into a phase where Earth held the 5th Dimension (and higher) frequencies and began deep Inner Earth Alignments (shaking, eruptions, etc.) to cleanse the earth structurally. Through a constant alignment of StarGates inner earth and also galactically, these StarGate alignments that used to only occur only every year or Equinox/Solstice phase, increased too, so much that now we have continual StarGate alignments on an “every few days” cycle, which now increases too. Galactic Stargates open portals to other dimensions that were not accessible before. Our atmosphere is now merging the other dimensions in this physical one. The weather, the amount of electrical, photonic, plasma energies are profound. This is what is increasing the weather. It’s a “mix” of SOLar & Galactic energies “all in one space”…. Our breathable air changes, especially with the anchoring of increasing Divine Feminine Energies, Christed (Crystalline) Light frequencies and the strength & power of Divine Masculine/God frequencies and more. Our entire atmosphere changes to evolve, our bodies dramatically & subtly change/evolve as each physically move into higher dimensional existence (whether conscious of this or not).

Humans will attribute all of this to everything else, discounting what is occuring and seeking answers that fit into their boxes/mentalities. We’ve left the frequencies where this will work. The physical body will no longer allow for suppression, avoidance and the old ways of lack of love and respect. Basically, the unconscious human doesn’t get to stay unconscious anymore. Every SOUL was awoken in the Grand Awakening in 2015. Everyone has been waking up “slowly” through their entire “human experience/experiment” here. The 2012 Gateway “sped this up”, which has increased substantially since and shall now continue this increase at a rate that is “mind blowing”.

Now we have the linear year of 2017, and wow what a “year” it shall BE!

Awakening is a process, a huge and intricate one that can be simple and easier if one’s heart is truly open, ready and embracing. It is “devastating and catastrophic” to those who CHOSE abrupt/rude/jolting/harsh awakenings. Then there are those who experience both (technically everyone does, it’s just to the “degree”, when and how. This is the part we get to navigate as we “get on board” fully and start “DOing” our awakening intentionally and with everything that we’ve got. This alone eases the effects and can move one from “devastating” to “easy”. Awakening to multi-dimensionality is a confusing process alone. The more human, the harder/harsher, more confusing and chaotic all of this is. The more open, ready, embracing, invested and committed, the easier all of this is. That is one of the polarities. There are many of these.

Now, polarity of Dimensional Experiences is VAST. We have the Unconscious, the Coming into Consciousness and the Fully Conscious operating simultaneously. Each has very different realities and experiences now. While the unconscious dimensional realities (Hell) experience extreme chaos, confusion, collapse and duality, Coming into Consciousness dimensional beings awaken to bliss, magic and amazingness while fluxuating back and forth to work through any old programs still held inside, consciously until their physical body has released enough programming for it to ascend in order to walk-in and actually exist in the higher dimensions. Higher Light BEings, those who have transcended polarity, compromise and lack programs from within, experience realities of HEAVEN ON EARTH continually, while fulfilling SOUL purposes/Galactic Missions and assuming NEW Earth HUman roles, holding the FOUNDATION for NEW EARTH in place and working with others to BUILD OUR NEW here for everyone to in-JOY. They have taken on the RESPONSIBILITY of their roles here and “work” to unify, re-educate, share knoweldge (te-knowleg-e) of higher dimensional everything. There is an entire NETWORK of Light BEings already DOING NEW Earth. All one has to do join us is open up and decide to “do what it takes” to anchor Heaven on Earth in their own physical reality now. Magic, abundance, bliss and profound sacred peace, love and unity exists as each is ready, truly ready to embrace fully and become an integral part of our NEW Earth and “leave” Old Earth behind.

Okay, so I shall list out a few things that 2017 brings forth. HOW each experiences will be determined by many things. It’s up to each to assist their physical body in every way, to honor these processes above all and to RE-CONNECT FROM INSIDE and NOT DISCONNECT ever again. For awhile, it’s challenging, so it takes dedication, practice and perseverance on each’s part. Eventually these new patterns and habits replace the old programmed ones. Transcending human’ness is not a natural process and it will challenge everything that you are, yet where each is truly ready, the tools/resources and information is abundantly available to assist each in transitioning from Old Earth to NEW with greater ease (and it can be SOOOO much fun too!).

It is important to understand that each dimension has very different realities now and that there are many different dimensions of Earth, not just the one you think, believe or see. Your perception, your program, your realities. You exist within collectives that hold these same programs within them. As you transcend/resolve and unify to higher light frequencies of love, you literally vibrate out of that dimension and then the only thing that takes you back there is your belief/mentality until you realize this, then you can just shift/tune to a higher frequency and wha’la, different dimension. It is this easy, after awhile. “In the beginning” it’s continually being aware of yourself, what’s going on with you, what you think you believe and then choosing a new belief and re-programming your activated crystals so that you can hold these new realities long enough for them to materialize in your physical reality for you. After awhile, it not only becomes easy, it becomes fun and very natural to shift hologram and watch a new reality “just appear”/materialize all around you.

The cords of attachment to old diminish faster for anyone still trying to maintain “holding onto that” out of safety, survival or fear. The influx of higher light encodements are to awaken all NOW. The PURE and Ultra-Sonic Frequencies mixed with increased Gamma and Diamond Light Codes shall increase substantially, which “wreak havoc” on lower density realm realities. “Shaken & Shocked awake”, putting the “Fear of God” in many is how many will experience being “jolted awake” into a higher consciousness state. The “fear of that” will cause each to get serious really quick and stop allowing/playing/supporting the old ways. For those experiencing great extremes, this is a part too. These extremes bring all into balance faster. The old “let’s take forever/our own sweet time” is gone. That was linear too.

Now, seeing in polarity for this, the densest dimensional realms will experience one extreme, while the lightest dimensional realms will experience the “opposite” extreme. Where one is oscillating back in forth inside, this will occur for each until that density is gone and light fills that space, until the purity of one’s soul emerges and Unity/Christed Consciousness is one’s natural state. There is also the POWER ASPECT of this, which is where each steps into their power here. As each does, new “gifts/powers” are activated too. One’s heart must be fully open for this to occur. The ability to activate holographic abilities is through the pineal gland and the heart must be wide open for this to occur too. This is a very PHYSICAL BODY experience and continual upgrades, re-calibrations, re-configuration occurs. Crystals form in the body, star particles are activated too. Your human body is evolving beyond anything your human understood. Your active participation and allowing is necessary to experience this with greater ease.

In your highest and purest state, you are just energy. Pure Energy. Your Soul is PURE and you have infinite aspects of you. Each aspect has a different tone/frequency/feeling/purpose/gift and physical reality. Activating all of these will get confusing if you do not understand. Functioning as you merge aspects and start to see/feel/hear different realities will make you question your sanity all along the way until you realize “this is all normal and natural and our natural state”. You will have much judgement, because nothing will conform. This is the point. All that judgment has to go. You do not need any of the old stuff anymore. It was your barrier, your program, your protection mechanism, your limit. Open your heart & mind and expand beyond it all. Return to bliss, magic, happy, peace, joy. Everything you desire awaits to come forth as you do.

Experiencing Sacred Love in your purest form is beyond profound. The divinity, the purity, the exquisiteness of it all. This is what you forgot when you disconnected and “fell” from consciousness/entered the realms of unconsciousness/amnesia. These frequencies obliterate those veils. Confusion is how this correlates to your world. Clarity is what comes out of the confusion and a “new” re-connected from within you that brings you back HOME AGAIN. Everything is inside. The deeper you go into the subtle realms, the more you listen to these subtleties, the easier all becomes. This allows you to maintain expansion and gives you access to all of the other dimensions you didn’t have access to before. When you disconnect, you shrink back down (contract) back into your limited human. It’s up to you to intentionally re-connect and expand again. The more you maintain your ascended state/aspect you, the more your physical reality must re-align to support this new existence of you. You become the one that re-aligns all yourself. This is all part of “growing up” as a higher self. But first, all must go through the “death/re-birth cycle” in a multitude of ways. Mental/emotional/physical/energetic. So that each would not longer “die” (those that chose physical body ascension/embodiment), these processes were broken down over the “separation of time”, as every cell/gland/organ/part of your body must purify and cleanse. As the body completes this cycle, the separation of time will go. All moments will collapse down into one that just flows into the next one and all arrives simultaneously too.

Hell, Purgatory, Heaven… these physical manifestations of each are now very visible if you look out into your world and pay attention to your inner reality world too, for these are the same. When your heart-mind is closed, you will be in literal hell (inside and/or out). When your heart-mind opens, you’ll shift over and when it opens fully then you will experience the magic, the bliss the amazingness of the higher realms/Heaven, inside of you. Your ability to hold this state until it becomes your natural state is what this entire process is. Heaven on Earth is first experienced within or through “short” experiences physically that create/inspire/activate this FEELING so that you know what it is in order for YOU to consciously and intentionally bring it forth and allow it to BE your natural state of functioning here.

The dimension you occupy is the one you allow yourself to vibrate at. Every vibration matters. Every thought is a vibration. Every belief is too. Every physical matter thing is a culmination of vibrations and matter taking physical form. As are you. It’s about the ENERGY of all, where you come from and what you DO with your energy that matters/counts/creates. If you are not conscious, choosing and focusing your energy intentionally, then you are experiencing an unconscious reality. The particles of physical matter, the density, this is all changing molecularly continually now.

You can observe which dimension you are currently in according to the experiences that you have. According to “what you see” when you “look out there”. This tells you everything if you really want to know. Your ability to changed dimensions is by recongnizing this and finding the POWER inside to move beyond the old programs by not keeping them going anymore. You CREATE all of this. REALizing your own mentaliites is how you break/resolve/merge/transcend all from within.

Okay here we go. A “list” of different dimensional experiences to “see”: (Dense is more intense until eventually the intensity is gone and everything is “just energy” and it’s very easy/natural and all flows, fully in-aligment because this is how you live your life all of the time in everything that you are and do.)

Further disolution/dis-illusion of any lower realms (unconscious) programs and physical realities created from these

Faster materialization of higher realm/fully REALized realities in the physical as more anchor Heaven on Earth here

Increased death/re-birth (Phoenix/Christed) cycles, collapse/unification cycles, Unconsciousness being brought into conscious awareness for returning/merging all back into the purity and power of infinite LOVE

More going inside/inward to access/activate inner-dimensional planes to bring these forth in the physical here

Entire Collectives exiting the old matrix simulation program and emeging from the illusory fog/amnesia (blanket of unconsciousness) state

More being challenged to stand in thier own inner integrity, honor and truth

Old Earth Collectives: More judgment, more chaos, more devastation, more shock, more confustion, more physical body chaos/confusion too as the physical body/physical realities move further into INTENSE UPGRADE MODE

Dense Physical bodies = More LightBodies & Crystals/Crystalline Structures activating (Quantum Photonic Charging & Stimulating Light) moving through the physical body to awaken the body (tingling/numbness, physical pain, emotional cleansings, sexual energies (clearing distortions to achive soul level intimacy within), skin outbreaks, FLU (Frequency Light Upgrades as upper realms of body clears, increased urination/colon/intestinal clearings (lower realm programs), weight gain/loss as your body mass/density changes and “more space” literally is made for light to move constantly, heart openings (“attacks”, pumping & palpitatings as the Heart of the Gaia beats within us and to breath consicousn life into our physical body structures (This brings those walls down), “panic attacks” (cells super charging and moving faster to activate fear based programs for clearing the cellular body… breathe, get present and slow down), brain (pineal, neural pathways and glands (the heartbeat in the head is the Universe opening/connecting up), spine (Kundalini & Crystalline) becomes the new center for communication and everything for your body as all is awakened to come “online”, skin outbreaks (crystals/star particles, detoxing, swelling, inflamation, cellular cleansings, more), bones, teeth, organs, glands, blood (the structures/systems of which earth you exist on), more electricity inside & out, more eletromagnetism, more plasma, more crystal formation inside for higher light intelligence functioning and processing systems that operate from a pristine state of consciousness, more Lucid Experiences in sleep and waking state for each transitioning to a NEW Earth Existence, more everything at an elevtated and increased rate than before. Diamond Light Frequencies assist with the formation of your crystals, purificaiton of your physical body and evolution “back”. These increase substantially and when crystals are activated (in the beginning and at times all along the way, decreasing in magnitude to being hardly noticable) swelling, heat, freezing, burning in various parts of the body until “that process is complete” and those crystals have formed and broken down, then new ones are activated. This is a continual process until your body has completely re-configured how you function. These crystals give you the ability to process an infinite amount of light encoded information from within your physical body structure, intentionally transmit your reality therefore changing the solid hologram that you vibrationall walk/exist in (in every nano-second), and to hold a massive amount of love, power and purity from within your being without the disortions of the old. You evolve, anchor light within your physical body structure and emerge in a different dimensional reality while you sleep, get out in nature and slow everything down, become present and honor your body FIRST, focusing on your own vibration, what affects it, what creates interference, stopping distractions and re-focusing all of your energy on creation and using your time, resources and every opportUNITY that comes forth to support you and everyone as a whole here.

Increased hearing of frequencies as each’s Universal Heart opens up

NEW Earth is it’s own collective, if you will. A collective of “WE”, us, as we work togehter, support each other, share, inspire, come together (Unify) and step completely out of the old and into the “NEW” (the unknown to our human, yet very natural, easy and “known” to us). Struggling, resistance and separation were the old. Each must choose to leave this behind and shift totally into the new. Action from within is what matters, from that “BE’ing State, from that place of deep sacred profound and respectful love that is the PURITY OF YOUR SOUL, as higher selves. We exist AS the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS and everything is not only possible, it’s already occurred, in the next highest vibration and we “spend” our time/energy/money (all same thing) on achieveing this and holding this for us all here.

More abandoning the old programmed matrix program to intentionally experience Heaven on Earth NOW

More “karmic clearings” through intentional consciousness

More merging of higher frequency physical dimensions (exponentially)

More 3rd/4th Density Programs held in cellular memory manifesting as “Hell on Earth” and “Purgatory/Bardo” for each to choose to open their hearts (or have them opened by these higher frequencies) to transition over/cross over the RAINBOW BRIDGE to the “other side” (NEW Earth)

More expanding beyond their body, floating and barely existing on the earthly plane. This is so each can REMEMBER and FEEL Heaven on Earth to know it’s real, detach from the old matrix completely and then Descend (contract) back down into the physical for intentional expansion, intentional alignment, intentional anchoring from within (pro-active, productive energy).

More physical abundance for all who exist fully on NEW Earth. Many are unaware the the “funds” have been re-allocated over the years to those fully in-service to the light and our higher consciousness evolution here. This will continue as old structures and systems collapse to become conscious and online to move to their own NEW Earth Existence too!

More unity, more love, more support, more bliss, more magic, more awakened aware, more intentional action, more gratitude, more appreciation, more consideration, more stepping up in every way, more INVESTING IN NEW EARTH realities than ever before! More awesome everthing! (and Continual Timeline Convergings speed this up huge!)

More ultra-sonic frequencies creating the pulses/pulsar/re-verberation “effect”. Take great care in EVERYTHING YOU TRANSMIT OUT as these frequencies return everything to you a gazillion fold and instantly now.

More sleeping to wake up, clear old timelines faster, so the phsycial body can anchor/repair/upgrade/come online faster and easier than the waking state allows. This challenges human aspectes, yet is very necessary for those experiencing this. Honor your process. Mega important! This will decrease as the veils thin and your SOURCE LIGHT BUILDS inside of your body for you to step into service roles and anchoring your own dreams/desires here!

More playfulness and fun as the heaviness of the old attached realities unanchor and go. Freedom rocks! InJOY it!!!

More stepping up and into service, becoming visible, contributing, stepping into their supporting roles, getting out there, making a difference. It’s beyond BEAUTIFUL to experience and observe!

More understanding the importance of Re-Education according to Higher Consciousness Existence now

In the next release of the 2017 Energy Report I’ll share more. Keep shining, opening up, sharing, supporting, unifying and BEing the Light and Gift that you are! It matters! Everything does (unless it’s old, then it doesn’t matter anymore. No one cares, seriously. Let it all go.)


Happy Magical NEW Earth Everything!!! Are you ready to rock and roll MORE EXQUISITENESS? WE ARE! Let’s DO this loves!!!!

Infinite love from my soul to yours. Aloha Nui Loa ♥

Lisa Transcencende Brown ☼



What is “Ignition”? – Part 4/4 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Qianshou Guanyin – a statue with 1,000 hands


What is “Ignition”? – Part 4/4

(Concluded from Part 3.)

What changes will ignition, and ascension, usher in? How will we feel?

Sandra Walter discusses some of the changes we can expect to see:

“Most notable will be a tremendous expansion within the heart center. As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies. This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self.” (1)

Jeshua and Wes Annac’s other sources capture the upliftment we’ll feel once the sacred spark that we are – which some call the Self, others the Christ and Atman  – is fully ignited in ascension.

“Oh, the bliss and joy you’ll experience when fully reigniting that sacred spark that can never be put out. Your physical existence is nothing like you’ve been taught to believe, dear souls, and wonders that could only be described as metaphysical will remind you of the existence of what humans have referred to as ‘magic’ for so long.”  (2)

Regaining our previous powers, we’ll be the ones creating “magic,” they say.

“What you’ve seen as magic is really the sacred higher-dimensional power you each carry within, and with your unlocked abilities you are truly infinite and able to do, be and build anything you so desire.”  (3)

As you know, I’m not equating “ignition” with full ascension. Full ascension is Sahaja Samadhi and I believe that lies a ways further down the road.

Remember: Not all experiences happen in their fullness all at once. Our bodies could not take the power surge.  We’re going at once at amazing speed when considered from a cosmic perspective and slow speed when considered from the body’s perspective.

AAM has associated ignition with Brahmajnana or God-Realization. This occurs when the kundalini reaches the crown chakra and is the first sight of the Transcendental.  It doesn’t result in liberation (ascension). In my view, it’s truly what is being referred to as being halfway up the mountain.

Liberation from birth and death or, if you like, Third and Fourth Dimensionality comes with Sahaja Samadhi. Sahaja is a full and permanent heart opening. (4)

Sahaja means “natural.” Sahaja is our natural state, our natural self. Sahaja incinerates our vasanas or core issues. There is then no reason to reincarnate in a lower dimension.

I believe, like Sandra, something is going to happen in 2017 related to ascension.

I don’t think it’s going to be ascension itself – or Sahaja – but I do think it could be ignition – or Brahmajnana. (5)


(1) Sandra Walter, “Mid-September Wave: Comfort in the Unknown,” September 13, 2016, at

(2) “Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: If Things Don’t Seem to Arrive, then Arise,” channeled by Wes Annac, October 1, 2013 at

(3) Loc. cit.

(4) Brahmajnana is a temporary heart opening only.

(5) In olden days, in the Seventies, Brahmajnana was regarded as an exalted state – and it is. I encounter resistance in myself and skepticism when thinking of a whole world attaining Brahmajnana so I still have my work to do with the notion.



Qianshou Guanyin – a statue with 1,000 hands