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Aloha beautiful love family,

We’ve moved into a most powerful time (vibration), with our NEW Earth going Super Quantum with the transition through this last 11/11 – Solstice – now. Our human lives will never be the same. (Everyone say YAYYYYYYY and feel gratitude fill your every cell!) 

Pivotal, profound, subtle, sacred, magical and free, blissful, inspiring, exquisite… these are just a few of our words as we transcend the old matrix/limited realities from within. In the beginning, it can be tough, as many of us chose tough realities for our human experiment/experience here. (Which is why we re-educate!). Our outside starts to shift for us and it’s beyond beautiful to experience and observe. Each must “do” their own journey inward and the deeper we go into our soul the more amazing the experience becomes. While we are “going through it”, not so fun, yet very necessary and important for us to dissolve/clear/drop the density that our human bodies held… all of those illusory and distorted programs of separation that we had no idea existed within. With higher consciousness MASTERY TOOLS and an open heart-mind, it can be sooo very easy. Yet each must be open to this (or human does it their way). 

Individual realities and collective realities.. these are definitely interesting to observe. This is part of “how we see”…. We step back and just see it all, we study the energy of all and what creates what, what affects what, what activates what… and we CHOOSE how we want to experience our realities now. It’s beyond beautiful for all utilizing this great Universal Gift that we all have access to.  

Many are further awakening from the deep slumber of the blanket of amnesia that all AGREED TO experience here. There is much confusion and dis-illusionment as every bit of separation/lack energy starts to surface for resolving back into love within. Not one of us are a victim (yet unconscious makes the human victim until one realizes this). Many are just now starting to understand. Some not yet, others totally get it. Each exactly where they are meant to be. There is no “wrong way” to do this. That is human judgment, story and perception. 

I’ve been observing the continual timeline collapses/convergences and the increasing cycles of this. Used to be (in lower vibrations), they were further apart and harsher. For those not understanding how to maneuver these, this technically still could be true. For those who live Quantum Existence & Realities already, this is just a small continual adjustment now. In observing a “folding over” of dimensional points, where the space between is now gone, this “fold over” has further created a more substantial “no time” affect, where everything is increasingly instant now. Thus far, we seem to have cycle of about 2 days of Diamond Light Codes/Crystalline Activations that slow us down (our brain doesn’t work and we are slower in processing) and then all collapses/converges, speeding up the physical reality to “deal/get through” (slam as I call it). The “mix” of frequencies, soft crystalline, diamond razors (these cut through the veils strongly) and gamma mixed in (these stimulate the nervous system/LightBody/brain) all running simultaneously on most days mean that all are occurring at some time, so there’s no separation between activations anymore. Other than on 1/1, we’ve not had a massive blast occur… yet I see us moving into this… and feel it with the StarGates activating, the Crystals in our Crystalline Structures activating, Inner Earth and Galactically as well. This morning we awoke to a bit of StarGate alignment again.

It’s interesting to observe mindsets and see how many are being “pushed” to move into their next phase. (This is human). I see many who don’t easily let go of the old to welcome in the new and those who are still holding onto lack mentalities and trying to keep others there too. (Luckily we don’t “play” that here, we let all go play in their own reality however they “need” to). Many are being called to pull out/pull away and be alone to connect within and with nature more. Many have been experiencing the support of the Universe to know that it’s there, yet now it’s time for them to move into BEING SUPPORTIVE and start “giving back/paying it forward”, stepping into learning HOW TO USE ENERGY and RESOURCES to make a difference here, many still waiting for someone/something else while others totally are gone….

Being Quantum means we are continually leaving/releasing old realities, completely. We do not desire to hold on, we do not desire to keep re-experiencing “lessons/experiences” to teach us “not to do that anymore” or to “step-up”. We actually don’t even have to have them anymore. We just see and we do. It is that easy.

Massive timeline collapses/convergences mean that all you desire is ready to now come forth. Yet not your human desires, your Soul’s desires …. and these can be total opposites or the more aligned, exactly the same thing. Realities now “push” to come forth, requiring that all be totally open, ready and doing. As we are, new realities don’t have to “push” the old ones out, for we’ve released them so the new ones can “just come” (Materialize for us). Yes, it is that easy, when we don’t “go human” anymore. We constantly challenge ourselves, we constantly “get it done”, we constantly “do what it takes”, we constantly allow awesome to come forth, from the depths of our Entire Being/Soul. In the beginning, this was a big deal, yet now… it’s just who we are. It is very simple when we allow it to be. 🙂

I’ve been noticing the difference in each’s Universe and how when all are in different vibrations of flow, it’s more challenging and takes more consciousness to synchronize all to be on the same page (same wavelength…It’s a bandwidth thing). It takes more open respectful communication, it takes total consciousness and consideration on each’s part, it takes everyone being ON-BOARD THIS SHIP…. coming together, working together and supporting each other, contributing fully (not just what is comfortable, convenient for one). If one is in still focused on what they are getting out of everything, then those who are focused on unity, creation, supportive environments and sharing are technically working from different places/spaces inside. Everyone has to get on the same page. We do, contribute, support and THEN WE RECEIVE in proportion to what we do, where we come from inside. Non-linearly. Everything “arrives” however, whenever, if ever… whatever is meant to be. We do not worry of how or when, as these are vibrations. We focus on our overall vibration, output, focus, intention, transmission and this collapses the how/when into the same moment… the moment WE ACHIEVE THAT VIBRATION FROM WITHIN.

Higher Communication (Energetic/Telepathy): The enhancements with this have been huge. Telepathy (the human word), Energetic Communication (mine as a Higher Self) has enhanced our abilities substantially, yet can also create more of a communication gap if we are not totally consciously aware. This is where “getting lost in translation” comes in. If we are not completely clear, totally respectfully and openly communicating what we are meaning, we don’t understand that “others” cannot always (or ever) read our minds. They can’t see what we see or understand, especially for those who live in Holographic Existences. We have to “learn” how to communicate more openly, more precisely and check ourselves for reactions. This is ours. It’s all a part of learning/remembering how to exist with less words and through the communication of our Electromagnetic FIELDS/the Unified Field, yet requiring us all to be fully present, aware and considerate of others and our selves. It’s easy to just say “oh they don’t get it”, yet being able to truly communicate from our hearts & higher minds, without creating confusion or separation is a MASTERY SKILL within itself. We have to have more patience, communicate “better” and realize that we are all operating from different spaces/places even more vastly than ever before. There is a synchronization process that has to occur for all with each huge integration & upgrade that occurs. As we “go crystalline”, we are able to process ridiculous amounts of information simultaneously, while everyone else functions at their own individual processing speeds. We alternate from simultaneously processing multiple data-streams to going “offline” (literally as the crystalline gridwork is light technology (te-knowledg-e) and crystals that oscillate between transmitting, receiving, re-coding, generating and shutdown/reboot mode.

In times of huge anchoring phases, our brains/new bodies don’t function as easily/at all, due to re-vamping/re-calibrating and re-coding of our structures and systems all being upgraded huge to come back online/link up at a much higher-operating-frequency than before. When we do, we obliterate, don’t have the delays (barriers between dimensions), function with greater ease, yet others might be in their “slower” (slow-mo) phase. The more human, the more one has to stop and think (process). This could take days, weeks, years, overnight or a just a few hours. (It’s much faster now for all). The more photonic light anchoring we are doing, the less our brains work, because our processing/operating system is being upgraded huge and our crystals are “offline”. After sleep to integrate, clear timelines/jump, then we awaken with our crystalline structure “bang on” and fully functional with “faster processor speeds” and we don’t have to “think” to accomplish like before. This is when the biggest Super Quantum Timeline Jumps occur. It’s important to be mindful that those around us are operating at their own ‘current processing speed’. This becomes more obvious at various times and when there is a huge dimensional difference going on. Be patient, slow down, open UP communication and let your personal stuff go. Get outside, go walk, exercise, move that energy & where needed, get the energy out. Come together to work/play/create together as “one unit”. The more peeps there are, the more everyone has to constantly synchronize for increased ease and immense awesomeness to occur. The most beautiful experience can unfold when we open up and allow it to ….

For me, these last many years of focusing on inspiring, explaining, sharing the knowledge, working with those who are truly ready has been the most rewarding experience and we are always “just getting started”. So, are you all ready to JUMP HUGE into all new timelines, realities and get all in there? Get your hands all in the awesomeness, come together to create more, share yourself, your resources and your gifts for all of HUmanity now? Are you going all out, honoring you, honoring your beautiful developing conscious plasma crystalline physical LightBody structure for what it speaks/tells you to do? Are you always connected, always listening, always in-tune, always honoring from your highest place of love, integrity and respect from within? This is the “task” we all must accomplish and it’s so much easier the higher we go. Let go/resolve where you are “stuck” in story, re-playing loop cycles and turn to embrace the NEW that awaits to come forth now.

In every moment YOU dictate the dimension of your Earth that you occupy. Your fully conscious involvement and (in)vested interest is necessary. This is your entire existence we are talking about. It is all of ours, yet now we get to choose the timeline, choose the reality, choose the physical dimension. Not one person doesn’t have this available in every moment. Only those who are not ready to open up fully to the EXPERIENCE of OUR NEW EARTH keep re-creating Old Earth realities until they decide they are done.

Welcome ABOARD our LIGHT SHIP loves. Get ready. We ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always JUMP TIME NOW. ♥


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Just the Price of Admission – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art : Susan Farell


Just the Price of Admission

Over the holidays, I burrowed deeper and deeper into my Gadfly script (I prefer that name to Complainer). I saw something underneath it that goes (again) back to infancy.

I’d call it “Disagreeable.” I’ve already processed the script called “Unloveable.” In the process of creating my coping mechanisms and adaptive strategies, Disagreeable came first and Unloveable second.

Your script will probably be different. I can illustrate what I do to process a script, but my script itself may not resemble yours.

Every infant can be disagreeable when they’re tired or fed something they don’t want.  But mine was disagreeable as a script, as a career move.

This was the way I won attention from folks who were older and bigger than I, who, as a rule, didn’t pay attention to me.

I’ve seen this script before to the level of of granularity of my putting a stick in the spokes of the wheel. I was famous for bringing a summer vacation to a halt. But I’d never seen it to the level of granularity of perennial disagreeableness.

I’m only using awareness to cause this vasana to lift. I’m not “doing” anything else, forcing anything, resisting anything. I’m simply becoming aware of new elements of my script and allowing bare simple awareness to dissolve them (and asking Archangel Michael to take them away).

What I’ve called a “constructed self,” run by patterns, habits and other forms of conditioning, is probably the most sophisticated and complex construction many of us will build in our lifetimes. It goes on in all of us.

We chose our script from among those available to us on the shelves of our Third-Dementia supermarket.  We practice the lines, the looks, until we get it just right. Then we put a lock on it and present ourselves this way from that moment on.


I watched myself in a bus line on the way to the ferry and there I was, fixing to tell the woman who left a long space between herself and the person ahead of her to close up the space please. Line patrol.

I felt a strong twinge at that moment, as if my guides were saying to me, “You’re doing it again. You’re not the policeman of the world.”

On the bus I nearly wrote a message to someone sending me a second message with nothing more than a smiley on it asking them not to require me to come back on my cellphone loaded down with bags as I was, on the way to the ferry, just for that.

Then I looked up and the bus driver was simply sitting at an exchange when I needed to get to the ferry. I considered telling him I needed to get to the ferry terminal and didn’t.

On and on the ways in which I be disagreeable surfaced and I simply sat with them. “Stand back and observe,” Michael would say.

It isn’t my job to be the policeman of the world.  I get myself into a lot of trouble doing things that work against the real job I came to do – which is to write and serve as a transit point for abundance. (1) More and more I’m having to think of whether an action contributes to my mission or not.

Big Steve (my Seventh-Dimensional “Higher Self”) won’t allow Little Steve to continue being disagreeable. Big Steve has to take charge of the situation because Little Steve doesn’t see, succumbs to the short-term pleasure of being disagreeable, and hasn’t the strength of will to pull himself out of the pattern (or habit).


We’ve all seen movies about people who served vital roles in our society and were rageaholics or inappropriate or sexually loose. Well, like the two recent candidates for the highest office of the land. We needn’t look too far afield.

And their unbridled patterns, their failure to “get a grip on themselves,” exercise self-restraint or control themselves has had devastating consequences for the nation.

The growth movement taught self-expression But this is a new age in which we need to work together on projects that will affect the future of humanity. We can’t afford to place the need to share all withholds and fully express ourselves first in priority. Getting along will need to be first.

We’re the wave after the growth movement.  Lightworkers are karma yogis, followers of the path of action or service. We have different needs and will have to come up with different tools and processes. We can borrow from them whatever in the growth movement works for these times, band leave the rest.

People among us are empaths, whom our mood swings affect. Galactics will be landing and our explosive outbursts can affect them strongly. We cannot afford to antagonize each other any more either.

Conflict-resolution skills will be in hot demand; people who can listen, skillful communicators, diplomats, protocol specialists.

I’m letting go of all patterns that had me hold myself separate from people, disagreeable, aggressive, and forceful.


(1) I’m redefining my role after my recent dry run. It’s painfully obvious that I can only do so much and that many of the things I thought I could do, I can’t (bookkeeping, envisioning the financial process in fine detail, taking account of tax laws, etc.).

Everyone gets to see where they need to refine their participation. I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to see mine before the actual events.



Art : Susan Farell