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Letting Go of Self-Importance – Part 1/2

We also call it puffery, vanity, an inflated sense of self-worth.

Everything bad starts happening when I feel my ego swelling.  I experience a diminution in people’s good estimation or good regard. Friends drop away. I feel as if I’ve let myself down.

On the other hand, each time I break through to setting self-importance aside, (1) I experience a swelling of loving pride in myself and of love for others as well.

That makes it important for me to look at the topic.  I’d like to consult the masters on it. I’ll be looking at channeled sources here and embodied sages and afterlife commentators in Part 2.

Channeled Sources

I very much agreed with what Albert Einstein said on the topic last year at this time, channeled through Linda Dillon:

“It is peculiar, interesting, that the grandest illusion of your and other planetary systems, especially over what you think of as time, has been the illusion of separation, of isolation. And that, of course, has been fed or triggered by the desire to be unique and special, and thereby found as worthy and loved by the source of which we speak.

“And in that false desire to be unique, you have created the very essence of what you abhor, which is this illusion of separation, of loneliness. All of this has been created by the false gods of ego, of self-importance. Oh, I know a little about self-importance! But I have also learned, and as an old being I share with you, that there is only Love.

“There is no room for puffed-up self-importance because in the kernel, the fabric, the matrix of who you are, carrying that essence of Divine Patterning in your unique expression, you are already extraordinary.” (2)

What a paradox! We’re already extraordinary but can only come to know it when we let go of the desire to be extraordinary.

Our very sense of self-importance hides the real importance of our Self.

Given that our egoic sense of self-importance is an obstacle to love and joy, we end up only feeling emotions of lower density, among them a lack of self-worth. We end up on what Archangel Michael calls a very restricted teeter-totter.

“There is a very peculiar attribute among the human beings. On the one hand — and we are back to the seesaw, teeter-totter [metaphor] — there is the ego and the sense of self importance, and on the other hand, at the other end of the seesaw, there is this sense of false humility and lack of self-worth.” (3)

As high as we can go on this teeter-totter is self-importance on one side and false humility and a lack of self-worth on the other. I am important; I’m not important; I’m not; I am. If you listen to people’s conversations, the theme seems an almost universal preoccupation, at a level below ordinary consciousness.

We play-act. We rehearse our performances, dress for the part, practice our looks and gestures.

We energize ourselves and collaborate to achieve “magic moments” – a trip to Disneyland, a trip to Hawaii, a stay at an ashram. But these peak moments fade away and leave very little long-term trace.  At the most in the normal course of events, we experience only ordinary love – attraction, liking, warmth.

The expansion of the ego prevents the opening of the heart in real or transformative love. Why? Quite honestly, from my point of view? I say it’s because that’s the way God designed it. God designed life so that we achieve knowledge of the One in a moment of our enlightenment. One of the design features of life is that we cannot know ourselves until we let go of the lower-density survival mechanism called the ego. It’s the bottleneck.

The Master Djwhal Khul tells us that the ego may resist our attempts to let it go. But the rising energies ensure that it now must release its grip and allow us to progress.

“The infinite nature your soul will bring forth may be resisted by aspects of your ego or personality. However, it is required to dissolve and release, with greater ease and speed, the illusions humanity are engaging with which are causing harm, chaos and disharmony within the world. As humanity accepts this beautiful aspect of their soul, so they will realize their constant connection with all aspects of the Creator upon the Earth and the inner planes.” (4)

The ego doesn’t disappear completely; it becomes the willing servant it was always meant to be.  We stop looking to it for protection as we progressively realize our eternal nature, experience universal love and bliss, and open to a world that works.

Let me leave the final word to AA Michael, who says that, once we feel elevated, let us take the elevator to the basement:

“As you assume profile – whether it is because of money or notoriety or political power or financial power, it matters not – it gives you a sense of being elevated. We would encourage you to take the elevator to the basement.

“This sense of false importance – there can be no room for this sense of arrogance, entitlement.

“That somehow because you have been blessed, you are above, that is not the purpose. Think of it as putting you below. You are blessed because you are in a position to be of greater service.

“Greater service – and I speak as one, an artist, a musician who serves the Mother and because of that service, goes into the darkest places of chaos and mayhem – does not make me elevated. It makes me more willing to serve.” (5)

It’ll be one of our greatest challenges to do the Mother’s work while staying out of self-servingness, entitlement, and self-importance.

(Concluded in Part 2.)


(1) Listening is excellent practice for putting self-importance aside. Whenever I feel a self-importsnt thought coming up in listening, I make a practice of setting it aside and returning to listening.

(2) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Albert Einstein: The Patterning of The Universe, Part 2,” Jan. 15, 2016, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/01/15/transcript-heavenly-blessings-albert-einstein-the-patterning-of-the-universe-part-2/.

(3) Archangel Michael: You’re Now Ready to Know Who is Here,” April 10, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/04/archangel-michael-youre-now-ready-to-know-who-is-here/.

(4) “Master Djwhal Khul via Natalie Glasson: Synergy of Time,” Jan. 7, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/01/07/master-djwhal-khul-via-natalie-glasson-synergy-time/.

(5) “Archangel Michael on Post-Reval Lightworker Entitlement,” July 30, 2016, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/07/30/archangel-michael-post-reval-lightworker-entitlement/


Art : And We Labor – Nicholas Roerich


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