1111: Portal.Gateway/Passageway: Deep Love for HUmanity Activated for More Souls to REMEMBER – Lisa Transcendence Brown


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1111: Portal.Gateway/Passageway: Deep Love for HUmanity Activated for More Souls to REMEMBER and for Birthing/Evolving Our NEW Earth & Heaven on Earth Here



At the depths of the core of your BEing is your Soul, which is the purity of who you are. It is a deep sacred profound love for all as one. It is a deep sacred connection with all that is and an essence that transcends all things you thought yourself to be. It is soft, subtle and powerful all at the same time. It is your truest you in purest form. Just energy.

This journey is one of awakening your human you to FEEL and CONNECT SO DEEPLY that this is where you exist and live. That the core of your essence is always present, that the depths, the center… is all that you know and nothing else can compare to this.ย  (CLICK READ MORE BELOW) โ†“โ†“โ†“

Every facet of your life will have to align with this. This place, this space, that words cannot describe or even begin to explain the tears of profound connectedness (and gratitude) when you FEEL this again. THIS IS WHAT YOU LOST, forgot, disconnected from. This is why you/we are all here. The moments that this space opens wider, this vast omniverse inside of you emerges from within… this is the moment that all truly and fully makes sense again.

There is not just one moment, as for our human experience we separated everything over what appears to be time. The moment that portal opens, every moment will then be clearing cellular memory distortions until “this” becomes your “new way of being”, where you function from and what drives you in all that you are/do here.

At the core of your being, there is a deep profound love for HUmanity, once that emerges as you resolve your hurt, hate, grief, pain, deaths and disdain from all of your existences, not just this “little one” here. LeMUrian, Atlantean, Galactic, Aquatic, Elemental and human… for here, every existence is rolled up into one. Here, each existence has a PURE EXISTENCE and an impure/tainted/distorted one. You are here to cleanse, purify, dissolve, transcend and merge all inside of you, back into the PURITY of your own HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS of love again.

At your SOLar/Galactic/Universal core is where UNIFICATION OCCURS. This is what is continually activated with these super-mega-quantum cosmic light frequencies that continually increasingly activate now. Unification back into INNER peace, love, integrity, kindness, compassion, respect, consideration, communication, sharing, empowerment, inspiration, upliftment for all of Our HUmanity here. I say “our”, because until you truly become “they”/”WE”, you are still separated as an individual human living in a polarized reality.

Until you open, activate and access this space inside, you will not understand because of the walls around your heart which create the veils of your human mind. Until what DRIVES you is your LOVE FOR HUMANITY, for everyone, you are still operating as a seperated and unconscious human.

There is a SACRED FIRE that burns within you, fuels your passions and your dreams here. This Sacred Fire burns through the old programs for you, igniting a fire to get/bring you on-board this Light Ship you call Earth here. This fire stimulates your SOUL DESIRES, which are nothing like your human ones. This FIRE transmutes, it is the FUEL that ignites what’s pure, burning through/clearing all distortions until you again are PURE. This fire is a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH in your human world. You will rise from the ashes, emerge from beneath the rubble, completely reborn and anew. The metaphors represent your Phoenix, Christ (more) and the sacrifices you will make to leave your old life/realities behind to WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH, which is a higher frequency than NEW EARTH was. (Believe it or not, yes this is true). Yet, eventually they will merge to become one, yet for now they are separate until certain earthly plane lower density frequencies complete a cleansing/clearing phase for this to occur.

As all awaken to NEW EARTH, to learn to play again, to detach/unanchor from the old, ascending into the heavens inside, holding this long enough to realize/understand, each will also go through the stages & cycles of “growing up”. The child without a care in the world, where all is easy and provided for, to the teenager that doesn’t want to be responsible yet or grow up to “go get a job” and take on responsibility, having to “learn” how to get out in the world, what to do, to find themselves in order to evolve into to the fully evolved NEW EARTH HUMAN, a hybrid of all existences with developed crystals and evolved DNA, fully in-service AS SOURCE, CREATOR, GODS, GALACTICS/STAR BEINGS, LEMURIANS, ATLANTEANS, MER-PEOPLE, GAIAN’S, CRYSTAL/CHRISTED LIGHT BEINGS here to HOLD HEAVEN ON EARTH IN PLACE for all to in-JOY fully now. Heaven on Earth is realized through a completion cycle, where WE as Avatars & Oversouls now exist in this physical realm as the Guardians of NEW Earth. As Guardians our roles are very different than they once were. We transcended the need to save, the need to fix, the need to sacrifice, the need to participate, allow and re-create anything of old unconscious in our own physical reality world here. We also hold the “fate of humankind” in our hands through the delivery of encodements, simplicity, peace, unification and love. Each of us as all who come to exist in Heaven on Earth will stand in full-service for all of humanity here. We’ve spent years/eons accomplishing this. Yes, WE are already here.

These passageways and initiations are huge, for each must be completed from within and implemented as a new way of existence, completely opposite of, and reversing, the human one. These are necessary, as the human aspect does not understand. It requires polarity to “get it” and to make it desire the opposite, by experiencing what it does not want, in order to realize/know the difference between heaven and hell. The human must often be so desperate, it will beg for change to occur, beg for simple, easy, peace and be willing to do whatever it takes to bring this into it’s world. Where it forgets (goes unconscious/still holds an unconscious program in cellular memory), then an experience is often necessary to exercise this energy out. Where one “sees” and gets it first, they need not “go there”/have the experience “again and again” to figure it out. If one does, then these highest consciousness energies now, shorten the duration of the experience to the moment one comes into consciousness and aligns fully inside, takes the appropriate action to align their own reality so that the physical can re-align just as fast. This can be instant, depending on how “energetic or physical the reality” one created is and now long the human lets that reality drag on before they intentionally re-align all themselves.

We are in the vibrational frequencies of the HUMANITARIAN in YOU STEPPING FORTH and really making a difference now. We are in the vibrations of this is not only possible, we’ve already done it in a higher vibrational reality and it’s actually a reality now. We are in the vibrational frequencies of UNITY, SHARING and PURE LOVE FOR HUMANITY driving each now. We are in the vibrations where others get it and realize this is all on each one of us here, that it all starts, grows/expands and occurs first from within and THEN IT OCCURS out there. WE make it happen with every particle, fiber and cell of our being here. Physical realities forming faster/instantly in response to all of our transmissions. This is why it is so important that each learn/come to understand how to master their own inner/outer world as the same thing here.

HEAVEN ON EARTH occurs as each defines what heaven or hell is for them. Heaven on Earth materializes more & more as each resolves the battle inside, between their head and their heart and starts to LIVE AS UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and CHRISTED and God-like BEINGS in this physical here, as each transcends their self-serving, selfish survival mode, learning to share and support each other here. Really truly, not just with what is comfortable or when they are trying to get something, but with everything one has, for it is this commitment by each, to their own soul and the souls of others as ONE to MAKE IT HAPPEN and BRING THIS TO OUR PHYSICAL EARTH HERE.

UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is a selfless existence where each is an integral, vital and important part of the whole. It is where all come together to BE a part of something, instead of waiting on everyone else. It is where each steps into their own power inside and learns/remembers why we are all here. It is this deep sacred love that permeates and pours from our being to touch all others, so that they can feel this and remember this again too

This GATEWAY that we came through is like no other. It’s the gamechanger that all have been waiting for. Within all of our unconscious existences was great pain and trauma and all of this must emerge to be felt and realized so that each truly gets it and shift into their own higher state of consciousness now. We moved from higher consciousness to highest consciousness, which is HEAVEN ON EARTH being anchored and held here by each one of us. Our Galactic Cities and Civilizations to be realized as we continue, with the actual physical merging of these dimensional timelines here

We continue to merge the physical dimensions of Galactic, LeMUrian, Atlantean, Heaven, Avalon, Elemental & Crystal Kingdom (and many more) all in this Cosmic/Universal Space here. Observe the plasma skies, the birds/elementals, the rainbows, the weather, the clouds. See the fires that burn, the clashing of “heaven” and “hell” (Divine Masculine/Feminine with the human masculine/feminine) as the Divine pushes the human energies to emerge/collapse/dissolve. Observe the birthing of the new, the Divine Child, creation in form from within you/your physical body and “out there too”. See it, really look, really drop those blinders, excuses and discounting “all of this”. Really, open your heart as big as you can and let all of the fear, judgment and procrastination fall away.

We are in Super-Mega-Quantum. Earth is, which means you are too. This requires that you upgrade your physical body structure so that you can live/walk on OUR NEW EARTH. Your human body cannot do this, it has to die many little/big deaths for it to awaken fully and come online for your NEW EXISTENCE here. Your Plasma Crystalline LightBody is how you experience/have the capability to do this, and your human body must evolve substantially and continually for you master/accomplish this process in physical form here. Your physical body vessel will no longer tolerate not being loved, honored, listened to, respected, nurtured, supported, assisted and put first. It is your light ship/your vessel/your conduit …. it’s how you come to walk in a multitude of free, limitless, benevolent, exquisite dimensions of vast royalty & wealth again. This REALity is beyond your human’s wildest dreams for this is incomprehensible to your human aspect you. You must connect to your soul to REMEMBER and EXPERIENCE this fully here.

NOW. Not later. EVERY moment IS THIS. Every moment is you evolving back into all of your aspects and your DNA constantly activating and adapting to accomplish this. Every moment your body is DOING, repairing, re-calibrating, re-configuring to new codes and sequences for you. Every moment there is a DIVINE REALITY that awaits you. One that is PURE and fulfills all of your highest dreams and desires here. You came here for ALL OF IT, not just a little bit of this. To “have it”, you have to give all of you (be all in). We are in these vibrations now. You can experience all of this continually if you are truly ready, if you will stop the stories of fearing your own power, fearing abundance, fearing love, fearing the unknown and trying to live your life the old way. Those rules/stories/beliefs do not apply/work anymore. They are dead and gone. They went with unconsciousness. You came here to fully REALIZE all into your physical now. โ™ฅ

If you observe, the weather, the energies, each is now represented physically so you can actually experience and see. Plasma (Galactic), Birds/Nature/Rainforest (LeMUria), Avalon (the Magic/Dragons/Unicorns/Wizards energy), Rainbows (Magic/Other Side/Abundance), Clouds (Heaven), Fire (Brimstone Hell), Crystalline (Christed = Heavens/Crystals = Atlantis), Higher Knowledge/Light Intelligence (Galactic/God/Source), Technology (Atlantean), Love (All). Many of these criss-cross, yet I broke them apart a little, which is not easy, for these are not linear and all are each within the same). The crystalline mist has turned into palpable crystals in the breathable air (still can’t hardly photograph, but keep working on it!)… The crystalline mist fog rolling in when we are ascending into the clouds of heaven further, gravity going, breathing/heart affected… The storms clearing huge dense energies and anchoring Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Source/Creator (Love, Power, Knowledge) Energies here. The extremes of all present when there are conflicting energies in the same physical space. Collectively, in denser vibrational areas, this is becoming visible more and more to bring large areas into higher density/vibrational existence here. Extremes are the fastest way to resolve energies stronger & faster to create a faster collapse so that a higher vibrational density/physical matter reality can arrive/take it’s place. These are the vibrations we increasingly continue in for any timelines still resolving this. Yet in other timelines none of this exists. Real physical timelines of bliss, magic, awesomeness and full abundance. Now. If you still see/believe/experience less, then this is a program still begging to be released/cleared so a magnificent one can take it’s place.

Old timelines energetically build to the point of a peak in order to dissolve/collapse/break. Emotional, physical, mental, energetic. The more discordant frequencies, the bigger the build/blowing/breaking/overwhelm/exhaustion and nuclear this process is. The less discord, the simpler this is. It’s just energetic tuning/tweaking a bit, as we honor in every moment the body’s upgrade process, so it’s much easier and natural now. The cellular body held these immense programs and clear easier when one sleeps. Activate, Anchor, integrate, upgrade, clear, come further online. It’s a continual cycle that increases in power, yet decreases in discomfort as we go through the intensity of re-structuring and new system building within our bodies, bones, teeth, blood, muscles, skin, flesh, organs, glands…. everything. These high quantum cosmic soul light encodements activate inside the body and in the energy field. They merge, infuse, unify easiest during sleep, clearing the body’s cellular memory/template/old timelines during sleep and/or an during an emotional release. Unification occurs easiest in nature, sleep and alone time. All three are required for this to occur. The human will allow/create distractions which prolong/delay this process until the physical body has to shut down/take over. Jobs, relationships, busi-ness, drama, not slowing down, a lot of external influences are all a part of what the human uses to avoid their own inevitable process of awakening fully here. When the vibration is reached where holding on, avoiding, not listening, not caring, not honoring are no longer an option, then that timeline will collapse, “taking the human with it”, until all of that energy is gone.

StargGate Activity & Crystalline Grid System is currently still on a 2-3 day cycle that are increasing Super Quantum Timeline Collapses/Mergings daily now. We have 1-2 slow days of raising frequencies, activating, anchoring, clearing & integrating in the physical body/reality, then all energetically collapses into one space, which creates a “speeding up effect” for all to align fast (strongly for those not aware of this, which creates great discomfort to the human aspect) so that all can be re-aligned fast & with power/force, then all slows back down to a halt, just as instantly as the alignment process is completed, the body will raise it’s frequency, go into expansion/tuning and our Crystalline Grid/Unified Field will come back online at a much higher frequency than before. This used to be over a greater vaster separation of time index. Those vibrations are gone.

Realizations are fast now. Actions must be as fast too. The human has a delay, sits and waits. As Quantum Light Beings (WE) do not. Sometimes we just “be” and allow all to naturally to occur/materialize, because we have the ability to maintain an expanded state of consciousness that gives us access to the other dimensions where all has already occurred. Sometimes we have to do something to auto-correct/align and other times we choose to, to cause (or make) higher consciousness realities come forth faster. Yes, it is that easy. This is one of our many natural SUPER POWERS here.

Delay creates/stems from separation, which is a “dimensional gap” between one’s higher mind and heart. This delay/gap creates suffering and struggle and keeps one in survival/safety/”it’s about me/mine” mode. Each must come to realize that all is self-created, so as to stop CREATING the old unconscious realities of “less” to occur in their own physical reality/inner world. These highest frequencies collapse “delay time” for each to physically move into a higher vibrational existence powered by the light intelligence of each’s higher-heart-mind consciousness through the purity of Love that emanates from each’s Divine Essence Soul. โ™ฅ

We are here loves. Bask in the Glory and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Connect from deep inside and to never disconnect ever again. Your existence depends on it. Seriously, really, truly. It can be Heaven or it can be Hell. It can be both simultaneously. When you get done with hell, you won’t choose, create or allow this anymore. Then Heaven will be where you live all of the time. Again. Literally. Now. โ™ฅ

Lisa Transcendence Brown โ˜ผ

Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Diamond Light Key Code Holder & Galactic GateKeeper for Heaven on Earth for us all