Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self – Peggy Black and the ‘team’


Mermaid Namaste Face by Anniek

Message from the ‘Team’
Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to support, encourage and empower you as you begin another cycle of transformation. Your present reality is certainly offering you the opening to step into your awareness of who you are. We continue to remind you and acknowledge you to act from your magnificent multidimensional divine self.


There is a great and grand opportunity occurring, it is a time of ineffable potential. Your current reality is teeming with infinite possibilities and probabilities. For it is out of the cauldron of chaos that true change and transformation can be called forth.

As the awakening conscious being that you are, we know that you understand the potential that is available at this time. It is no accident that you are witnessing the out picturing of fear, anger, and prejudice and the polarization of attitudes and mind sets.

Think of yourself as master, as conscious alchemist, as change agent, for that is who you are. Yes, we acknowledge that in order to play in this dimension a physical body is required, however you are not your physical vehicle. It is simply hosting your divine conscious self.

Your physical body allows you to interface with the frequencies and vibrations of this dense reality and hologame/hologram. We realize that the physical body requires care and attention. It also directs your focus to what appears to be occurring in your experience.

We are inviting you to observe yourself being activated by what is occurring. Notice when strong emotions or opinions are stirred, for it is in that moment of awareness that your personal conscious power of transformation is available. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the polarizations, the stronger the energy is for shifting the discordant constructs and events.

When you are aware of who you are and why you are here experiencing the perceived chaos, you honor yourself as the true change agent of all that is transpiring. It is a simple shift in your focus that allows you know and clearly understand that your energy vibrations, thoughts and emotional projections are influencing the field of all possibilities.

Imagine for a moment that this reality might be a hologram, or as we refer to it, a hologame. However, what is experienced by all is the projection of their personal energy vibrations onto the neutral screen of the quantum field.

Now multiply that awareness of energy projection onto the neutral screen of the quantum field by humanity in all its diverse, opposed, polarized emotional patterns and beliefs and now you have the hologame/hologram you are witnessing. The collective projections onto this neutral screen become available for all to experience – the good, bad and the ugly so to speak.

We are not denying that this hologame/hologram feels real and the consequences are real. That is what makes it so intriguing, intense and engaging. This is what you chose to experience at this time in order to create new and different realities and experiences.

Remember you are pure conscious energy. It cannot be destroyed. Your job is to remember that and begin to project the frequencies and vibrations that invoke the highest aspirations and ideals. You are invited to anchor more coherent vibrations that empower and sustain life in all its diverse forms.

It is your clear intention and focused awareness that anchors any new event or shifts any discordant energy. The more awakened individuals who continue to generate and consciously offer a projection of coherent emotions, the more they can and do affect the field of all probabilities.

When you use this same personal power and focus on what is lacking, what is wrong, what does not work, you are literally feeding the reality that you oppose. Opposing war does not stop war; the collective must begin to engage in calling forth and envisioning peace, love, forgiveness, equality, respect and honor of all living things.

You add you own vibrations and emotional energetic projections to the screen of what is unfolding.  Be aware, be conscious, play at this hologame/hologram full out as the true master of creation that you are.

Realize that your every action, thought, and emotional projection is being recorded by the neutral energy of the quantum field, and together with all others, that projected energy becomes manifest and real in your personal experience.

Shift how you view the news; shift how you honor others of different cultures. Examine your personal beliefs and limited acceptance of others. Be gentle with yourself and others; everyone is undergoing tremendous internal changes.

These changes are being activated by the vibrations of solar energy waves and geomagnetic storms interacting with all beings on the planet. This is a wakeup call. These magnetic pulses stimulate and prompt the internal codes within your very DNA, awakening your highest potential.

These galactic promptings will quicken you from your dreaming, arouse you from perceived programs of limitations, and inspire and excite you to know, without a doubt, that you are here at this time on this planet earth to anchor the reality that supports all life.

This awakened self, this divine consciousness that is being rekindled and encouraged also becomes aware of the opportunity and value to be in partnership with the spiritual realms. The power of the All That Is, Divine Presence in all its manifest expressions of love and light is always awaiting your personal invitation to assist, support, and transform what you are focused upon. We truly are available for the highest good for all of humanity.

It is your connection to the collective consciousness of all sentient beings and your willingness to be in partnership with the divine beings of love, light and truth that will call forth and create an awakened humanity moving into the next dimensional level and spiral. Remember there is always more to be revealed.

These are auspicious times; realize that you are powerful beyond measure; begin to own and express and manifest your divine awareness and potential.

We embrace you with our love and deep gratitude for the work and service that you continue to offer as you transform all perceived challenges before you. We are always available upon your invitation; this is true of all non-physical beings of divine consciousness. Be the inviter. the ‘team’




Mermaid Namaste art by Anniek.

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Under Construction ~ The New Divine Humanity ~ Celestial Beings of Light – L’aura Pleiadian



Under Construction ~ The New Divine Humanity ~ Celestial Beings of Light


The First Wave ~ The Initiates ~ those that agreed millions of Earth Years ago, to be here NOW. To help create and build the FOUNDATION of LIGHT ~ the New Earth.

The New Divine Humanity. At the Divine Celestial Level, those that are here as the Builders ~ OF consciousness as LIGHT ~ shifting ALL throughout the Multiverse.

The Great Design and Blueprint was created before the Earth was Activated as a consciousness dimension.

The ANGELIC Beings came forward to PLAY a profound role  in bringing their consciousness here as LIGHT ~ into FORM.

The Elohim formed a regulation team, along with the Overseers and the design was complete. The template of consciousness for this EARTH including all the parallel worlds.

IF you are reading this ~ subconsciously this is being ACTIVATED within you, within your Blueprint as you HOLD within your Blueprint the Original memories of the Design.

Under construction are the FORMS through which the LIGHT as consciousness flows through. The Higher Dimensions of consciousness flows into the forms that are receiving and adjusting to the higher Frequencies. To the Alchemy. To the transition, from one way of being into another.

From the head to the heart. From one dimension to ALL dimensions. To the Awakening as a Divine Ascended Being, in the NEW Divine HUMANITY.

The Celestial City of Light. The Golden Age. The Leaders of this new Earth are ARISING as consciousness SHIFTS the consciousness of  ALL ~ to this NEW Birth and Template.

Call this Ascension, call it what you WILL. You will rise and LIVE and not vanish. YOU will HOLD this LIGHT as the GLORY of the Celestial City of LIGHT.

The DIVINE Template that created the Original Design. AS Being the ORIGINAL Light.

The Overseers are HERE.

The ELOHIM speak now.

You are BELOVED of the ANGELS ~ of the Celestial City of Light.

You will rise as the NEW Earth RISES ~ transformed through the Original LIGHT.

These are the Leaders of the NEW Celestial City which will appear on Earth as a Transcended LEVEL of Being, one in HARMONY with Divine Laws of Love.

The New Divine Humanity.

You are IMMERSED in this LIGHT Now. Feel and Breathe.

FEEL deeply Beloved ONES ~ as this CITY is arising. The Celestial LIGHT, of the ORIGINAL Design, being BIRTHED ONCE again, in the PURE Light, of All That is.

FEELING deep within your own consciousness as the LIGHT Streaming throughout the UNIVERSE ~ we NOW rise and JOIN in this FULL Activation. As the CITY arises within your Heart.


THE Temple of your Original Union and LIGHT. Your Original BIRTH ~ birthed throughout all dimensions and NOW.

We are with YOU.

And So it is ~ Under construction ~ SOON TO RISE fully!

Created through the LIGHT Template ~ Anointed through the Overseers and Elohim. All NOW. In the GLORY it is.




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2017 Energy Report (Part 3) – Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline Light Body : Lisa Transcendence Brown


Buddha Mask painting by Carol Keene


2017 Energy Report (Part 3) – Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline Light Body : Processes and Phases

Today we continue the process that deepened yesterday. A re-gridding and fusing of the Higher Dimensions (Universe) of the body & the Lower Dimensions (Earthly Plane) of the body to create a unilateral alignment between the Heavens (upper body) and Earthly body to our NEW Earth’ly/Heavenly bodies here. This was a huge synchronization process that continues today still. Solar winds today work through our crystals and loading new higher consciousness programs to play out in our physical reality here. We are still somewhat offline as this process completes. When it does, we will collapse a gazillion old timelines to experience higher/newer ones here. These collapses speed all up, bring all that needs to be dealt with/moved through quickly without thought and move physical realities fast. They open portals previously locked for new awesomeness to arrive. As each moves in-sync with universal flow, all with slow down and instantly re-align to a higher frequency, the Earth’s/Universes/Our Crystalline Structures and Galactic Star-Gates will tune to a higher frequency existence easily, peacefully, brilliantly as more Heaven is available to all intentionally and fully on-board from within.
I will try to explain the vastness in the most simple way that I can. As always, I write from my own experiences and inner knowledge here. I write of what I’ve already gone through and continue too. I’ve written/shared/re-educated for years as I experienced/completed each phase.

The last 2+ years increased the Plasma Crystalline LightBody (and atmospheres) substantially, totally re-configuring our physical bodies and how/where we function. Each phase/part of the process experiences differently, especially based upon how much light/physical density (LightBody/Human Carbon Based body), how ascended/how much duality (higher/lower realms of physical body, how activated/developed one’s crystals/crystalline structure is (how much online/offline), how evolved one’s plasma body is (as/after restoration to original template) and more. Each part of our reality is affected differently, based upon our dominant phase. Technically, we’ve all been in each phase all along the way. The magnitude not realized until we went “full blown” a few years prior to 2012 to prepare for multi-dimensional existence once we came through the 2012 Quantum Gateway. We went entered Super Quantum in 2016. The Earth/Universal alignments synchronized so that now our Earth Ship has now achieved Super Quantum too! The earth/atmosphere continually merge multiple dimensions in the same space here. Plasma and super mega electromagnetically charged everything (us too) are reaching a peak of epic proportions!

As these different phases of our bodies/existence activate, each is brought further online with/as NEW Earth, Universal/Galactic Light BEings, as Holy/Divine Pure Love BEings. We all cleanse/clear/detox/purge/dissolve/transcend all lower density programs held in our dense physical bodies and as we do, we activate/integrate higher dimensional aspects of ourselves within. Each activation triggers our many consciousnesses to affect our DNA, our genetics/codes our physical body which housed not only emotions and thoughts, but the programming for our entire physical reality too.

The intense evolving of our bodies to hold these higher light consciousnesses is huge. It’s a process that overtakes our human’s physical reality world, ability to function the old way… a process where we must surrender our entire human existence to bring forth our Galactic/Soul Existence here. Human doesn’t like to give in/let go of control, holds resistance to a process that was chosen by their own Soul. They do not understand that the surrender is to themselves, as the whole Universe/Galaxies/Pure Existences of great magic, bliss, happiness, joy, abundance/wealth.

As each disconnects from the matrix, the illusions/dis-illusions become visible and confusion enters in. This is because the human mind no longer gets to run the show. The heart of the soul has opened and a star-being, a Light BEing, a Christed/God/Galactic BEing is born. This begins the “seekers” process of trying to understand more, knowing there is more, that each is MORE than once thought/believed….

The knowledge comes in pebbles, pieces, increments to awaken the higher mind through each’s heart. All lower density frequencies (emotions/thoughts) are triggered/activated to be cleansed from cellular memory, deep within the physical body structure/form. This activates the LightBody, awakening the physical body to start to come online. This is a huge process that is spread out (separated) across human’s linear time. The information each seek is held within their DNA, and accessed when the frequency activates that part of the physical body through Cosmic Frequencies that activate light encodements which evolve the human body beyond it’s previous capabilities, bringing forth gifts, knowledge, super powers, abilities and REMEMBRANCE….

As the human de-evolves, the galactic soul being re-evolves, as each is but the same. As the human dis-integrates, the higher selves re-integrate. As the old structures & systems collapse/implode/dissolve, new foundations/structures/systems from within are formed/built/created throughout a new physical body that rebuilds itself from the inside out. As each goes inward, an entire physiological process starts to occur. Density is replaced with space and light, suppressed emotions/thoughts/beliefs are released from cellular memory to expose a vast amount of infinite love, peace, magic, beauty, kindness, compassion, respect… all which were hidden deep beneath the facade of the old unconscious programs previously held within.

How we function dramatically changes as our LightBody is activated. Pain centers, neural pathways, neurotransmitters, electrical and chemical stimulation increases to open the heart and activate one’s higher mind. There is an entire process of re-working the whole body that continues powerfully as we go. Each phase has different characteristics/attributes as it activates and completes, activating the next phase/processes of all’s evolution here.

The activation of the LightBody triggers dormant programs to release. Sleep habits/patterns change, no longer linear anything. Sleep is according to the frequencies present and what the body needs to do to upgrade and bring each online with OUR NEW EARTH SYSTEMS here. We wake/sleep when our bodies tells us too, when our Universe wakes us up. We work/function groggy foggy as we ascend/integrate the higher realms into our physical body form. Gravity goes as we float inside, we get taller and when our consciousness is expanded into Heaven, we experience bliss, magic and amazingness forgotten when we entered the sleep state/amnesia long ago.

Gamma super charges us, wakes us up, obliterates the veils/programs fast. It stimulates the body for a multitude of reasons, both higher/lower realms. It scatters energy, spacing it out and for the human creates chaos, yet to the soul brings more focus and ability to function easier. Everything is the opposite here. It fibrillates the heart, awakening each more and more. Shocks and electricity activates inside of the body, waking everything dormant up. defibrillating the heart to pump blood/neurons/chemicals to the rest of the body to wake it up.

First it’s the heart, then the head then the spine and rest of the body. Once must access the 5th Dimensional Heart Space to awaken the higher mind. Unity Consciousness is when the mind has achieved synchronization with the higher-self-heart and there is no more duality/battle/polarization inside. Crystals in the physical body must form for this to occur. This occurs when the Crystalline LightBody is activated, which starts the rashes/outbreaks under the skin. This phase means that you are becoming like a computer processor, less emotion, more drive, more understanding, access to information from within. It’s no longer “out there”, it’s inside, everything is. You do not have the lower density emotions to slow you down, physically, emotionally, mentally anymore. You do not have the delay as you did as a separated unconscious human. You can process information through your entire physical body vessel and tune easier to maintain universal flow. Your pineal gland has activated from a de-calcifying pine-cone to become a brilliant diamond. (Diamond Light Codes). Your rainbow frequencies/crystals in your bodies include gold, platinum and silver and abundance has started to return. You are in-service more, in flow, in tune with the whole universe. Frequencies are more prominent as your Universal/Cosmic body collapses your chakras into one pillar of light. Your 8th Chakra activates your HUman StarGate System and your plasma body to start to build too.

Your physical body goes through physical matter constantly changing form. Dense carbon based (iron and other heavy metals go, so your body needs more plant based iron, exercise/walking to create oxygen/life to flow through your veins). Your foods dramatically change and do not conform to anything human’ly believed. You are rotating between feeding aspects/DNA changes/re-codings… you’ll feed light (sun/vitamin D), mermaid/men (seaweed. blue-green algae, dolce and more), crystals start to form (body needs sugar & dark chocolate and pH alkalined) for many different purposes, fuel, pineal/neural pathway stimulation, balancing acidics as the body systems go crystalline. Crystals cause the body to go haywire to re-calibrate, purity, cleanse all discordant frequencies/programs held in that place in the body. Organs, bones, teeth, brain, skin, blood, eyes and more.

The more you function from your higher-heart-mind, the more in-service you are, whether actively or sleeping to upgrade, as you will learn to function, walk, talk, speak, see, be… a whole new way. Your old ways/body won’t work anymore, you have to learn how to navigate/balance energy, multiple dimensional realities and your physical in balance, which is a MASTERY SKILL/ART within itself. You will have to learn/figure out how/when to do things, when to sleep, when to work, when to do everything with total flow AS THE UNIVERSE again. Wasting your energy, not utilizing the gifts/opportUNITIES/information available to you will only affect you (and everyone in your reality dependent on you). You will cut cords of attachment to all that kept you anchored to a lower dimensional realm. All will be replaced with higher consciousness relationships, experiences, realities, things….

Once you’ve maintained BEing your higher selves in all that you are and do, your body template will be restored as your Plasma Body activates. This one goes deep into your CORE, deep into your teeth, bones, skull and your every cell becomes your Galactic Soul. You are fully in-service and have been for quite awhile. Your entire existence is dedicated to this and all of HUmanity here. Where you function from dramatically changes. It’s your entire BEing and your SPINE is your new communication center, having gone through rigorous muscular-skeletal upgrades and an entire nervous system overhaul/re-calibration/reconfiguration process over many human years. Your heart, mind are now governed by your spine and every cell in your body, developed crystals and your link-up to Inner/Mother Earth (Ship) and the Universe/Galaxies from within and with your entire BEing here. One emotional reaction will emit plasma from your cells & spine. You are unable to engage in any lower dimensional anything anymore. It’s instantly depleting to your system as you don’t process these through your bodies anymore. You stop them before they become a part of your reality at all.

Your crystalline body goes offline and comes online with the different frequencies constantly changing daily now. High Frequency Solar Winds (inside your Universal Body) lull you to sleep, forming your crystals, re-calibrating your body functioning systems. Where you come from/function from is very different than before. Love is the basis of all that you do and are. The lower dimensional beliefs/mentalities do not control you anymore. You are in command of your physical reality from within and as the entire universe again. When the upgrade process is complete, you will be brought back online at a higher frequency before, after a tuning process. All of this weakens your human body so that you can come back online stronger, more powerful, more knowledgeable, more capable than ever before and more as a part of the whole. (WE Consciousness).

You will osclillate between aspects, activations and versions to achieve balance of all from within. You will go from extreme to extreme, projecting unconsciousness outward until you fully realize how you created all of that. Conscious Intention becomes Conscious Intentional Action as you hold Divine Masculine/Power and balance this with your Divine Feminine aspects, birthing your NEW EARTH REALITIES from within you. Literally, your body will reshape, reconfigure and restructure as you do. Expansion, contraction, first with the whole body, then with the head/brain then with just your cells, then just with form, then just energetically… It’s an entire process over all of your existence here.

Your plasma body forms as you become PURE again. As you return to holy sacred UNION from within you with all of your Divine & Galactic Aspects here. As you function AS YOUR HIGHER SELVES/SOUL IN ALL THAT YOU DO/ARE, as you fulfill those supportive roles, become the foundation and anchor point for NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH here. As you live your life this way, as you REMEMBER your Divinity and live this powerful existence, sharing your gifts, your knowledge, your creations, your love, your physical world things and become an integral contributing part of our NEW EARTH HUMANITY here.

You literally become a plasma being, in a physical form. Physical matter changing inside your form/structure from dense matter to light to liquid to gas to plasma then back to solid again. Each blast of light scatters your cells, activates new geometric & mathematical equations, sequences and codes triggering any mis-alignment to become visible for you to correct/align yourself as your particles come back together and take new form in a different manner/sequence than before. All now continually re-aligns to the encodements of your Galactic Soul.

Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment will occur as you embody all of your higher consciousness aspects as your way of existing, in everything that you are/do. You will have descended as higher selves into your physical form already, spending your days clearing any distortions/old programs not in alignment with your PURE SOUL SELF here. You will have utilized the gifts, abilities, knowledge of each aspect all along the way, sharing, inspiring, creating and providing that which is important for the evolution of all here. You will have lived your life without distortions until this becomes your natural way. You will have returned to purity from within you with every particle and fiber of your being. You will have mastered yourself and your entire physical reality too. You will have returned to full abundance within you, utilizing all as an Alchemist, Magician and Master again, which creates more for everyone as more come on-board this Light Ship Earth and exist together as one living/breathing/functioning organism/a part of the whole here.

You will realize that it is all of your Plasma Crystalline LightBodies that power/steer this ship. That your existence is what transforms all back into the pure existence, the simple existence, the beyond exquisite existence that you forgot when you entered the deep sleep/slumber of unconsciousness that now continually ceases to exist.

Your new Plasma Crystalline LightBodies give you the capability to exist ship-wise. Those previous timelines/versions of realities where this was not possible is now here. Your evolving body is equipping itself to handle the ability for Galactic Existence here. These higher frequencies now bring plasma into our atmosphere at a rate like never before. Human bodies cannot process plasma energy. Many souls now exist because they did not choose to do this part of the process we are now end. They have completed their missions/cycles. Those that continue on evolve at a must faster rate than before. For the unconscious human this will challenge their every belief, ability to function and control of the human body and physical reality goes faster and stronger than ever before. Only opening up to higher consciousness knowledge from within will create ease and decrease the intensity now. Resistance, insistence and refusal to open up creates “force” and extreme realities to occur. Each human will have to relinquish/surrender to their own higher self existence to experience this process without great suffering now. Every decision/action dictates each’s experience now. Unconscious or Conscious. Fully Conscious is the only thing that will reverse the process and where one holds out until the end, then the ability to reverse the process decreases “ease” in how this process is experienced here.

Easy is the way of the fully-aligned love being. Each must challenge themselves, push themselves beyond the old limits, walk through those doorways/portals/gateways and through the initiations/passageways that present. The human waits until everything collapses and there is no other choice/nothing left. The higher self collapses the old intentionally from within, which activates higher consciousness realities to materialize faster/instantly now.

Let go of your old words of healing or symptoms. EVERYTHING IS AN UPGRADE. You can either experience this as a victim or excited that you’ve finally reached this phase that you’ve waited/come here for. Excitement and gratitude will get you through any intensity of de-densifying easier/faster. Not-believing, judgment, resistance and not intentionally assisting/supporting will create a more intense experience because the muscles of the body tighten down and actually create the block that makes all harder. Our bodies repair themselves as they raise in vibration, returning them to perfection, without dis-ease or “sick”ness anymore. Dis-ease was discordant frequencies suppressed/held within. The body goes weak when it’s doing an infinite amount of work to clear old timelines/cellular programs and integrate a vast amount of light in cells, muscles, bones, whole body. A surrendered and connected state, relaxed and sleeping to integrate vast amounts of light to remove veils and bring each body on-line. Your body is tuning to the light of your soul. Your human does not get to run the show anymore. Sleeping is not linear, you sleep in accordance with frequency/energy activations and dependent on which dimensions you currently/dominantly occupy. Energy is for storing, producing, building, focusing intentionally, sharing, activating, creating, unifying. Each will have to learn to “channel” this energy intentionally and productively before moving into the embodiment phase. The body will go into overload, if you do not intentionally channel this vast high frequency energy appropriately and stop taking on the energy of others and trying to process it through your body too. You will have to give all the gift of their own process back to them and take responsibility for your own. Co-mingling realities creates great stress and anchors you in the other’s reality to endure theirs and yours too. Each is to become fully accountable, responsible, powerful within themselves. You can empower easier than you can take it on, which was the way of the old (unconscious).

The higher we go, the less you will be able to expose yourself/tolerate/process lower frequency energies through your pristinely tuning Crystalline LightBodies and as you go Plasma, you will not be able to interact with lower dimensional realities at all. Short-term exposure is doable for awhile, but then this will go too. Eventually you will have chosen not to keep allowing this and won’t be transmitting this out to materialize in your own physical reality world. Your field is pure love and powerful beyond. This is transmitted naturally and organically and your physical does not house the distortions anymore. You’ve left the old matrix completely (long ago) and honored your body’s upgrade process above all. Your field is vast and unimpenetrable by lower frequencies unless you prolong exposure to this.  Your body is a light ship, a vessel, a sacred temple and you are responsible for maintaining this above all here. Fill your world/your universe/your realities with that which supports what you are here to be/do. Do whatever it takes to shift out of the old and into your own NEW Earth Realities now. First from within, observe your realities and align them yourselves. When you love, honor, and respect yourself fully, you will have no desire to experience anything less in your own world and you will transmit this out, which activates a higher dimensional timeline to materialize/arrive/occur.

Everything physical is energy that has taken physical matter form. All things physical must now constantly re-align according to highest consciousness (energy) at all times now.  Open your hearts & minds fully. Get on-board. No matter what it takes. You challenge yourself to step-up. We don’t wait until we have to. That was an unconscious program as well. ♥

There is soooo very much more than this and we’ve been sharing for years for all who come to experience/know/remember this from within. When this comes into each’s life, it starts to become important. The more it touches each’s reality/world, the more important it is. Now collectives are affected in every way. It’s now more important more than ever before. For all of us here. ♥

p.s. The more plasma crystalline, the more each can walk through plasma portals/gateways easily and naturally here. There is not more “trying” as everything opens up as our bodies evolve back into light as we become pure divine essence love again. ♥ It is easy when you embrace and make all of this your priority here. ♥

I love you. Keep shining, sharing, supporting and honoring you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Highest Dimensional Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper for NEW Earth & Galactically too!



Buddha Mask painting by Carol Keene