Are You BEing your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time? – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Namaste Mermaid Painting by Sonya Ki Tomlinson


Are You BEing your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time?

Okay loves. We had a huge blast of PURE SOURCE LIGHT earlier (not the biggest we’ve ever experienced, yet powerful non-the-less. Seems this huge upgrade lasted 3 days thus far. Anytime we have PURE SOURCE LIGHT it activates dualistic human’s stuff to trigger to come up. There have been reports lately of many going through deep Atlantean cleansings, well…… here comes a huge one…

Where there are ANY UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS (separation from love and unity inside), these will play out in exterior realities. We had a huge collapse of lower density programs earlier as well.We have observed interesting energies going on with many collectives. You shall be surprised at what you see when you just observe.

Pay attention to your own emotions, the words that you speak, that which YOU PROJECT OUT… this will show you anything that you have been oblivious to thus far.

Inner conflict plays out as outer conflict. Many having their ego surface. Let’s face it, this is a huge Atlantean energy and these next few days are a huge collective trigger/activation/cleansing process for anyone still holding ego, judgment, finger pointing and imposing their realities on another. Many will lose their minds (literally) when their inner chaos is triggered to play out.

These upcoming days set the stage for your own realities to play out. Heaven or hell. Still playing/participating/caught up in the old matrix/illusory simulation programs or beyond the matrix living in peace, magic and bliss.

Are your thoughts, actions and emotions of unity, peace and love? Do they unite or tear down/apart? Do they transmit respect for you and all as one? Are they driven by an emotion or a pre-considered observation from within?

Many “spiritual” peeps will get caught up in the chaos, because they have not moved out of “separation spiritual” and into full consciousness yet. There is spiritual ego and hierarchy that has to be resolved by all. It’s a part of the process as well.

There is no battle of dark and light. That is an old program that each hold inside. There is fully conscious of ourselves, total responsibility, total accountability, total awareness and choice. Every word spoken transmits a frequency, just as every emotion and subconscious energy does.

A fully conscious being comes from PURE LOVE AND UNITY INSIDE. There is no separation, there is no “out there” that wasn’t created from within. There is no duality. There are purposes, gifts. opportunities and experiences that teach/show us what is within us/going on with us, so that we can understand. There is Mastery of all realities, not just ourselves, but all in our reality, for higher-heart-mind soul love transcends dualistic realities completely. They no longer exist unless they exist within.

Human plays the “that is against” game. Something was done “against”… which is the separation game. The ego is antagonistic, selfish and with out thought. WE do all FOR all, as one, as love.

Hours ago we had lower density timelines go into collapse mode, collapsing those realities which “push” anything of those vibrations to the surface for un/conscious beings to feel/see. One can clear these, deal with these things consciously and intentionally with greater ease. One must be fully conscious to do this though.

Peace or struggle.. this will show you the dimension your consciousness and body occupies. Love or duality. This will too.

Heighten emotions are a result of timeline collapses… observe YOU and how you re-act/act …. this will determine the physical reality/timeline you exist in. To experience a different timeline, you must tune & shift, you must open your heart, eyes, mind and truly see (become conscious) to accomplish this. ♥

Get ready loves…. WE go higher than ever before. If you exist beyond the old illusory matrix, YOUR REALITIES shall be more amazing than ever before! All that you dream & desire shall activate to come forth. All a vibrational response to the expanded conscious that you continually hold. All that you have worked for, in-service, by continuously raising your vibration higher, including all around you too, by intentionally anchoring light in your physical body vessel and choosing to transcend/leave all of the old behind and go on…..

The frequencies on Earth are higher than ever before. Unconscious physical reality timelines cannot exist in these vibrations anymore. Your experiences will show you which dimension your consciousness & body are in… in every moment. It’s up to you to be fully conscious in order to choose which one you are occupying at any given time.

Your ability to hold the highest consciousness at all times, will activate the cellular encodements of your physical matter body to re-structure themselves in order to re-code/re-dial a different reality for you. Your body is intelligent and the more in-tune you are, the more aligned you are inside, the more your outside world can easier align for you as well. There are times that you must align your own physical reality, because you created/allowed a distorted/mis-aligned reality to occur. You can do this as LOVE from that soft powerful place inside. The stronger you react, the more human you have gone. External realities are not unconscious, you are. They are your creation and a thing for you to master & transcend from within. The external occurs to teach you Mastery Skills and bring forth your many gifts. When you maintain full consciousness and full alignment, your physical reality does too.

The physical is simple when you understand, when you pay attention, when you listen/see/honor from within. The physical is a response to your vibrational transmissions of all times. In this moment you get to change that transmission if you so desire or experience the magic created from a previous transmission as it arrives in this moment right here. ♥

Here we go loves. NEW Timelines activating to arrive as the old one’s collapse/unify as fast as you allow. ♥ In every moment you have the capability to raise the vibration of all, transmit intentionally or experience an unconscious one. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Galactic Light BEing in physical form



Namaste Mermaid Painting by Sonya Ki Tomlinson

Many Changes – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Art by Nikole Lowe Paintings – Pink Lotuses @ Etsy


Many Changes

You heard Archangel Michael say it:

AAM: Well, sometimes being protected means that you keep quiet.

Steve: Yes, yes, yes, I have to do my part. And it’s going to be a challenge, Lord, because sometimes I just want to blurt it out.

AAM: I know.

Steve: What can we do?

AAM: I will muffle you.

Steve: Okay, good! That’s what I need. (1)

Given that he broached the subject, I’d like to talk about a few of the other things I don’t write about. It would comfort me to do that because I don’t like withholds or secrets, if I can possibly avoid them. But increasingly I cannot. And it helps to talk about it.

Even just saying I have withholds is better than not saying it at all – for my sanity.  Too many withholds and I trip over things. No withholds, no need for memory, which is helpful at a time when our 3D memories are being unplugged.

As you can see by his words, I’ll soon be launched into transactions that require secrecy – as a matter of safety, he says.

But we’re not there yet. We’re still in ordinary times and what don’t I share in ordinary times?

Well, I don’t share about other people in my life.  That would not be wise or fair. Unwise because it’d be the swiftest way to ruin. Unfair because it’s unfair to address words about other people to hundreds of thousands of people a day – you could ruin them.

Imagine being mated to a writer who talks about you to many, many readers a day? I couldn’t bear it. So I don’t do it. I don’t talk about anyone in my life but me (except the odd veiled compliment).

The awareness path doesn’t require it. Thank heavens for a path that allows us to mind our own business and observe the law of freewill, while growing by leaps and bounds as a result of it.

I’m asked only to be aware of myself. But what a lot of energy is liberated by maintaining the dissolutive light of awareness fixed on the only being I’m tasked, eternally, to know: Me.

Our only task in life – and it’s inescapable – is to know our true identity. How can one do that without becoming aware of oneself?

We’re not the Me Generation, as we were accused of being by those unfriendly to growth and awareness. We’re confirmed spiritual seekers walking a path of truth that’s been on Earth for longer than recorded history. Its object is Self-Knowledge, the exact thing that all living beings are tasked with arriving at.

But I’ve digressed, as I always do when that particular subject comes up. There’s no more important subject than that.

I was saying that, because I don’t talk about others, there are things that you’ll hear about me later where you’ll say, “You’re kidding? He what?” etc., etc. There are plenty of people who know me and can say whatever they wish. I’m fine with that. Warts and all. But I won’t be discussing it.

I’d love to be able to thank some of the gracious people in my life for things done to me, but I could only do so by invading their privacy.


A second area is that I’ve accepted a mission from the Divine Mother through Archangel Michael.  There are more and more requirements to that work, I’m finding out. I find out by watching the ways in which I feel guided or, in some instances, constrained.

I’m sure you can appreciate that if I was, say, goofy at age twenty, by now I’d be expected to be beyond that. And it’d be a requirement of my work that I be beyond that. So you can imagine that there are requirements to this work, perhaps not like my example (not goofy) but requirements nonetheless.

I’m finding out more and more of those requirements every day through this process of guidance.

Imagine a hippy wearing a business suit and you’d get the magnitude of the changes in and about myself I’m being called upon or guided to make to satisfy these requirements.

Here’s one. Canadian refugee law talks about not bringing the law or justice into disrepute.  I now need to worry – in ways I did not before – about bringing the Company of Heaven into disrepute – and myself – if I’m to complete my mission.

Even this latest round in which AAM found myself and a friend new apartments in the first place we looked at has shown me just what a “co-creative partnership” looks like.

He utterly convinced me that he can influence events extremely well when he wants to. So that has shifted for me. I now see the Company of Heaven as indeed our partners. They showed me what they can do, which is what I’ve always been asking for. (2)

And that calls out a new and tighter level of personal responsibility in me than I’ve generally worked under in the past. I can’t say I know altogether how the new vehicle will run.

All I can say is that I feel daily pressures on me to act with increasing constraint, and I mean right down to a fairly granular level.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have a beer or jaywalk. It doesn’t mean I don’t seek escape or distraction at times. I do. I need some rest from the stress of it all.  Please cut me some slack. I’m human. Well, as much as we all are. (3)

Both as an awareness writer and a child of the Sixties, I find it difficult to look forward to a life of ever-increasing constraint, but that’s part of the agreement.

No flowering career as an awareness writer this lifetime; no meditating in a cave. That’s not the job.

The job for me is to take that awareness and apply it to building Nova Earth, using the tools at my disposal and cooperating with others to extend our global reach.

I’m finished with complaining and there isn’t a bone in my body that doesn’t want to serve the Divine Mother.

I can see that I’ll make many, many changes in this Year of Fulfilment, as you may, as well.

The only way I can get my arms around that and feel comfortable is to repeat over and over again to myself the affirmation that life is a learning experience and I’m here to learn.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 3, 2017.

(2) I’m only able to mention some of the amazing things that happened to secure my friend and I our new apartments.

(3) When we’re not in form, most of us are angels.

“When you are not in form, sometimes you’re angelic; sometimes you are archangelic, seraphic, cherubic ascended ones, enlightened beings, sheer energies, star beings. …

“So many of you say to me, ‘Well, Michael, Me-Kai-El! You’ve got it wrong. Get your legion and get down here because all I am seeing is hatred and greed and anger and fear and envy and chaos.’

“My beloveds, as your brother of peace, I gladly, joyously bring my legions. But do not forget you are part of that legion. And those of you who are not, are of the legion of Gabrielle, or Jophiel, or Raphael. All of you have multiple faces, multiple existences. But you are anchored in where you are by choice, by free will in service to the Mother.” (“Transcript: Archangel Michael Returns to AHWAA: What’s It Like to be an Archangel? March 17, 2016,” at

“Let me also step forward and remind each of you of your angelic heritage, of that seed of the angelic that rests within, around, each of you.

“For you have many faces. You have many aspects. You have had many realms and experiences of existence. And for most of you ― no, not all, but for most of you ― you have had existence as angelic of one kind or another. And you carry within thee this essence to this day.

“Now, why do I bring this forward as we begin yet again this conversation on the principalities, thrones, dominions and so on? Because it is important that you also realize that we do not merely speak about the bureaucracy of heaven, or the Company of Heaven. We speak about you, about who you are, and about this energy, this essence, this spark of light that took this form of angelic being once upon a time. And I would urge each of you to acknowledge, to embrace, and to dig and to bring forth your angelic self.” (“Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You,” June 27, 2014, at



Art by Nikole Lowe Paintings – Pink Lotuses @ Etsy