As Guardians of Our NEW Earth: WE Are Implementing the Galactic Schematics for Higher Evolution Existence Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown


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As the GUARDIANS OF NEW EARTH start to assemble (more), much continues to go on “behind the scenes”. Human aspects cannot yet fully see this, for they are “cut off” from access, due to their own separation/vibrations still. Other words for “behind the scenes” are “other dimensions”, physical and non-physical ones. For us, they are the same. We do not function separately from these anymore.

This is not new, it’s been happening all along. Those with holographic multi-dimensional access not only work in/from these other dimensions consciously, but they work in this physical one too.

There are many mis-perceptions, which are increasingly at an all-time high, this will continue for those without conscious connectivity. Let it be. Keep sharing to awaken, keep showing the way, keep anchoring these higher light frequencies and encodements in your own physical body structures. Yes, it is immense. We’ve crossed the threshold of HEAVEN ON EARTH and the amount of galactic higher light frequencies increase continually and substantially in order for us all to physically accomplish this.

The physical formation of higher dimensional realities and planes of existence only occurs as each individually holds these new encodements here. We’ve moved beyond the vibrations of these floating around outside of each, now all must integrate in the physical body structure for all to continue physical existence here.

We concern ourselves not of what humans are not ready for… we anchor anchor anchor massive high frequency realities for all of us here. We focus not on what is collapsing/dissolving, we focus on what we are creating and bringing forth vibrationally AT ALL TIMES NOW.

The schematics for our new civilizations have activated these last many years and within each ready to uphold this part of their own soul purposes/galactic missions here. As Guardians, WE HOLD the information within us, that unifies all of HUMANITY here and anchors our highest dimensional realities in this physical one. WE SHARE that which is necessary to awaken all to higher existence evolution here. WE are patient, knowing that each experiences exactly what they need/require to in order to fully wake up, that which each agreed to before incarnating/walking in here, for all are now experiencing their pre-programmed realities continually, as they always have been. The only way to change this is to become conscious and intentionally activate desired programs instead of keeping experiencing unconscious programmed ones.

Yes, each has a choice, free-will, in how to experience all now. Not all will utilize this though, as where unconsciousness is chosen, then this technically is each’s free-will, to experience the atrocities, the abrupt awakenings, the devastation to bring all fully conscious now. Those awakened Embodiers are not experiencing such realities now. They already did, as each does in their own reality as it’s meant to occur.

Not all are ready yet, to let go of the ways of the old, the separation energies still held within. This is okay, as those timelines play out on their own for each still caught up in this still. The higher dimensional planes of existence do not require participation in lower dimensional ones, for timelines to occur as they are meant to be. Those embracing their soul’s everything can go on and become a part of a whole new existence not “thought” possible. As each is ready…… The higher we go, the more freedom, happiness and amazingness is available for all fully committed to this.

Those here to anchor and hold Heaven on Earth in the physical now, are busy doing what is necessary to make this happen for all who came here to experience this too.

Humans that cannot see, assume, create presumptions, stories and get caught up in lower timelines that keep them “stuck there”. Technically no one is ‘stuck’, they are just burning off old energy programs until they become fully conscious in order to shift to a different timeline now. Do not tie your energy up in the old or you’ll experience those timelines too. Focus all of your energy and all that you have/are on anchoring the NEW from inside of you and in your own physical too. Support that which is what you DO DESIRE to experience here. Everything is visible and seen by those who are fully conscious, aware and holding the higher vibrations from within.

The only way each becomes a part of our new existence is by way of intentional participation, full support and embodiment… choosing the dimension desired and doing that dimension from inside so that this can materialize in physical form.

As Guardians, the answers are already here. Everything is simple and already done. We are DOing in this vibration what is necessary to make it a physical reality here. Galactic access is granted as all embody all aspects here. Pure existences are required for human’s cannot live in these frequencies here. Each can transcend human’ness/separation fully. It’s not only necessary, it’s required to RETURN to the forgotten and to live/exist fully beyond the veils and in a physical existence of love, purity, peace, bliss and magic…. The amnesia goes as all ascend/descend/unify to also become Guardians here.

PHYSICAL Heaven is ALL AS Guardians, walking on a physical plane of existence, beyond the lower density realities that all descended into for their own human experience here. Our current realities are no longer of struggle, resistance, fight or lack (they are the opposite)… yet to emerge into this existence, one must release all that was from the physical body vessel, dissolve all that was, transcend all that was and merge all that was… back into the frequencies of PURITY now. ♥

We respect each’s choices for physical realities. We all choose the dimensional timelines we experience now. Human or Quantum. WE live Quantum, as a way of existence in every moment now. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder, Guardian of NEW Earth & Galactic Light BEing Embodied in the physical here


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Old Friend Depression Missing – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Old Friend Depression Missing

An old friend is missing these days – as a result of the experiment in non-confrontation.My default – the mood that was always with me – was depression, the thought behind it being that I’m unloveable and unforgiveable. I don’t deserve love.

The character I was then was in many ways unloveable and unforgivable – to those I opposed. And the feedback was that I was always on guard, on the lookout, touchy, scared wolf, etc.

But the feeling was always with me. I always returned to it – the returning to which invalidated everything that just happened.

If I spent a moment in love, that moment was invalidated by returning to the default of depression. If I gave a gift in charity, that good action was also sabotaged.

I just noticed this morning that that feeling of depression is no longer there. In its place is a feeling of upliftment. My emotional floor has risen and I no longer go down into baseline depression.

I attribute that to the Porlana C and photon energies that are blanketing us. But also to the cleansing process. And the immediate cause was the change of direction in the wholesale  switch to inoffensive behavior.


I compared what’s happening in this switch to having a root canal. I need to go right down to the roots if I’m to retire this number from my repertoire.

If I don’t get it at its roots, at the deepest levels of my experience, it still operates. It colors everything. It preselects confrontation from among the range of responses available to me and ignores the rest.

Therefore, those other, non-confrontational responses are not offered me.

That makes the fact that confrontation is still operating almost invisible. In many ways its operation can only be inferred from the range of choices offered me. Unless exceptional circumstances bring it into view, like Archangel Michael’s invitation.


The still mind I’m experiencing, which I just noticed recently, is a joy to be with.

But it’s still susceptible to things like worry, unlike transformative love, which is not subject to them.

Worry shoots through it like a streamer and registers on my body like a jolt of electricity. Fear follows it.

Nevertheless, the more I focus on the still mind, the less worry arises.

Who is the I that focuses on the still mind? Let me contemplate that in stillness.

Obviously I’m intended to focus on the stillness. The Father is stillness.

But this is all new to me and I don’t know what lies ahead. I can only report my own Ascension journey moment-by-moment.